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Diplomacy, by Four // mid session 45

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Rook Beroya

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Diplomacy, by Four // mid session 45
« on: April 29, 2019, 02:05:12 PM »
Mid session 45, the day and a half travel time from destroying the Sith sword to arriving in Cato Neimoidia. This the morning of the day after destroying the Sith sword and Mandokar, part 2.

Rook’s fingers traced over the engraved symbols in her mediation band. Her gloves were currently clipped to her armor’s belt, so the smooth feel of the leather and cool silence of the engraved gems eased her as much as the runes. Ardently, she yearned for a simple, cleaner fight at this next port of call. For a clear bad guy, and the chance to blow him and a couple dozen buildings into space. Short of being able to talk to someone who truly understood, a really good explosion or running fight would do a lot to improve her mood. But speak to whom, really? Not Vera, Rook didn’t think. Maybe her father; he might understand. But maybe not; did she really want to give either of them a reason to call her home? Kad, maybe? Hard to say; Kyrst would have understood. But he’d already moved beyond any ability to speak back. He wasn’t a Jeti to hide his Manda in a magical blue jewel. A whole universe of knowledge, a person’s skills and wisdom preserved for precisely the sort of students he might one day claim.

Or a cursed blade designed to spread one’s own hunger and evil endlessly. A shudder roiled through her. Rook shook her head, fighting off envy, fear, wonder, regret. She’d studied ancient history; made a personal campaign of knowing all she could learn about her own people, and how to protect them. All of her life she’d been fascinated by the forces that sought to use her people, but she’d never understood them. Now she’d been face-to-face with the very evil that had provoked the Mandalorian’s unique fighting style and their beloved, specialized armor.

Given the chance to confront those ancestral evils, she’d found that she fell short of her own ideals. Tal had not chosen to discuss his own reactions, or what the blade had promised him. Had not even admitted to even the type conversations he’d had with the red blade. Venn had not chosen to insist, Kesvo had not been able to remain with all of them. Things were fracturing, as sometimes happened in a unit stressed in unexpected ways. But Rook wasn’t too worried; they were a strong team, when they chose to work together. This threat was profound in a way that was more than physical; the team had to adjust.

But it wasn’t the same team, was it? They had a new member, one who’d scarcely been introduced or talked to. The problem with the confidence the team felt in their Captain, was that the odd man who looked like a criminal, talked like a cop, and moved like a bounty hunter had scarcely had the chance to say hello.

Rook perked up, chose a selection of her very best card-board tasting ration bars, racked her helmet on the back of her armor, collected her gun, and went looking for Drasek Myr.

Who knew what she might learn?
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Drasek Myr

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Re: Diplomacy, by Four
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 03:41:29 PM »
"Doesn't look like you have much work to do on this ship." Drasek said to Rook as she found him in the passenger lounge. He was sprawled across the sofa at the dejarik table and munching on what looked like a strip of leather.

"Most boring ship I've been on in a while. She don't break, she don't leak, she don't even have an annoying rattle to tighten down," He continued as he sucked down the last of his snack and inputted a move against the computer.

“I’m definitely expecting trouble when we land though. Bad men that won’t want us poking around. Kesvo will try and talk it over with them. Tal will swing that greatsword he carries. Anyway…” He paused and changed subjects, “you aren’t part of the Alliance. What has you signed up with the Hellions?”


Rook Beroya

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Re: Diplomacy, by Four
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2019, 05:26:13 PM »
Sprawled in the passenger lounge, her quarry was facing off against the computer in a game of dejarik. Drasek Myr’s praise of the ship (and keen understanding of an engineer’s mind set) summoned a half smile, along with a rather wistful sigh. Rook’s hand lifted to trace the curve of the hull, her fingers just brushing the ship.

“The Aeon Mallard is a beautiful ship. I do wish the Capitan would let me tinker with her a bit, but ...” Rook gave a sigh, and slid into the seat opposite Drasek. Seeing him finish off his snack, she’d offer the uniquely Mandalorian Gihaan ration bars she’d brought, balancing a few on the table but out of the way of his game.

“Still hungry? These are filled with protein, nutrients, vitamins - perfectly balanced.” They were everything a body needed, in a compact brick so tough you could (literally) wear your teeth down eating too many. Rook adored them, if only because they were nearly indestructible and could double as a weapon when thrown.

When Drasek recited the probable outcome of an encounter between the anticipated bad men and her team, Rook’s smile lightened.

“Indeed, they will. Venn will have a key piece of the perfect advice or insight. Ashley will see what no one else does, and piece us all back together. The Captain will know someone - he always knows someone - and will get us out of there.”

She studied this odd man whom she knew northing about, and in whose hands her own life would soon rest.

The Hellions are a great squad, Drasek. I’m Rook Beroya. Welcome aboard.”

His abrupt change of topics to asking about why she was here earned a short little nod.

Honor,” She told him, challenging him with her gaze. I promised the Hellions my skills in exchange for rescuing my father and my friend from the Zygerrian slavers that torment my Clan and my people.”

Her hand swept around in a perfect parabolic arc, indicating the wider galaxy. I joined the Hellions and accidentally joined the Rebellion Army. Uh, Alliance. Or new Republic.”

A smile flashed, fierce and gently teasing.

Navy, I mean. The Captain assures me it’s the Navy.

A beat.

Why are you here? How did they,” a slight inflection and toss of the head making it clear she meant the wider ‘they’ of the Alliance, win your loyalty?