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SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs

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SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs
« on: April 08, 2019, 09:08:25 AM »
Episode 3, Chapter 1, Session 42: The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions have received coordinates to intercept a freighter - The Silver Star - that is transporting relics that once belonged to Emperor Palpantine to Nar Shaddaa. Their vacation cut short and traumatizing moments revealed, they are making their way to the spaceport where Captain Riprock awaits them with the Aeon Mallard.
Their new demolition specialist, N1-TR0, is following after Venn, who's apartment he remained behind within while the others gathered their equipment.

Kesvo: After the disconcerting conversation with Switch, Kesvo made her way to the spaceport at doubletime. Having sent the coordinates and updates ahead to Riprock via coms, she was hoping to get a bead on where they were headed before taking off.

Tal: Tal collected his weapons and gear, got dressed, and headed for the spaceport to meet with the others. He hoped that this was an open and shut mission.

Venn: The ride to the spaceport was one with with the Umbaran in the back, quiet enough, smoking a cigarra and glare-shades obscuring her eyes and adding to her mystique. Given that they'd be heading off-world, it would not have made much sense to drive there directly with their own vehicle.

Dice System: Updating Players Destiny Pools

GM: The Hellions reach the spaceport where the Aeon Mallard is held and find it is already online, its engines prepped as the bay is filled with the sounds of the ship preparing to launch.

Venn: Their cover credentials has them through customs checks quickly enough, though they make her toss out her smoke which invokes a grumble.

Rook: Rook armored up, a certain inner tension vanishing once the familiar comfort of her armor was cradled her. She reassured her butler droid that she'd be back soon, patting him gently on the head. After a moment's hesitation, she'd have her two mini droids come along. As well as the box of broken butler droid, and Kesvo's undamaged model. It was a bit odd, and left a curiously baffled delight floating around Rook. Once she got to the space port, she'd head to the Aeon Mallard with delight. Once aboard, her tension would noticbly drop, though she'd make a point of stashing her droids and droid parts in the engine room before facing the Captain.

Kesvo: "What's the spread?" Kesvo asked, once she'd boarded and found Riprock. "Looked like there were multiple stops charted. Any chance of us catching up before the first one?"

Captain Riprock: "Hi." Riprock said dryly to Kes. "It's so nice to see you too, Kes."

Kesvo: "I'll bring the flowers next time."

Tal: Tal arrived and boarded the ship, feeling more at ease when he saw the others. Working with the Hellions meant that things would get done, and done well.

Captain Riprock: Riprock just looks at Kes for a moment.

Kesvo: She drew a breath and relaxed a little. "Alright. Sorry. Hi."

Venn: "Permission to come aboard." she says, rather ostensibly as she does so hefting her travel duffle on her shoulder. At present she wore dark crimson wet-look leggings with a capri cut at the calves, and a racerback tank that said "SECURITY" on the front in block aurebesh font. That did not look regulation.

Rook: Rook, as she has almost every time the Captain has seen her, has a new set of bruises healing up. She's also notably tired. Clearly "resting" is not in her skill set. She studies the Captain closely, checking for strain, injury or distress.

Captain Riprock: "Can get to them in around fourty-eight hours, they have a stop before then but no way to catch them once they get to Hyperspace." He looks up as the others get on board the ship - Tal first, then Venn, then Rook and then...
"What in tarnation?"
He gets up to his feet.

Venn: "Kamcakes got some Naboosian Dark Roast, I brought it along so it could go to good use." she says, showing the container to Riprock.

N1-TR0: "Greetings!"

Kesvo: Kesvo paused. "You didn't know about that?"

Rook: She can't help a grin at Venn's fabulous outfit! Clearly, between the cirgarra and the Glare Shades, the Day Glow Chic space witch is back!

Venn: "Oh yeah, that is going to happen." she says, almost as to an imaginary audience.

Captain Riprock: "What is that?" He points to N1-TR0 then the other droids Rook brought. "And those?"

Ashley: Ashley was a step behind the rest, waiting for the inevitable chaos of ... Well, N1-TR0 and Rook's new friends.

Captain Riprock: "Who the hell said all these tin cans can come on my ship?"

Kesvo: "That's our 'asset' provided by the boss," she said, folding her arms as she leaned back against a bulkhead.
"Thought you would've known before us, sorry."

N1-TR0: "Correction: I am made of durasteel and polycarbonite."
"Addendum: And go-to attitude!"

Venn: She walks on towards the galley and puts the caf beans in a compartment, then heads to the bunks and lockers.

Ashley: Ashley similarly is not getting in on this. Mostly because wow, really, they didn't tell the Captain about N1? Well then! Either way, he had things to put up in the med-bay and to make sure his med-bag was stocked up. He had feeling it was going to he necessary.

Tal: Tal wondered if this would be a major issue for the Captain. Then again, it was his ship. He probably didn't want unknown droids looking around the Mallard. Or any place that he slept.

Rook: Rook watched the Captain rather intently, but when no one else jumped in too explain, she nodded at the DUM droid, "He's along to help me with an analysis of the Butler Droids. I didn't want to waste our transit time by leaving them home, though I can if you'd rather. The "eye in the sky" i built myself. I thought if we have to board an unfamiliar ship, that a reconnaissance platform would be helpful."

Captain Riprock: Riprock turns to Kess, then to Rook. "I. Don't. Like. Droids."
"Keep your little helpers in the cargo bay and out of my way."
Riprock grumbles to himself then turns to go back into the cockpit. "Get strapped in, gonna get us up and outta here."

Kesvo: Kesvo looked to N1TRO. "Why don't you see if you can help Rook with her research, for now?" she told him, before pushing off of the wall to go find a seat to strap into. ((Where's Venn at this point?))

Rook: "If you ...." She stops herself mid comment, startled to the point of utter silence by his acquiescence.
"It's good to see you Captian, and thank you."

N1-TR0: "Compliance: Happily, Three. I am always glad to help!"

Rook: Rook will show the droids out, and locking each into place. Then she straps in, awaiting their launch.

Tal: Tal went to set his weapons down, then strap in for launch.

Kesvo: Cognizant of the fact that Venn often likes to ride shotgun, Kes will leave the cockpit to Riprock and the Umbaran. If Venn remains in the back, though, Kes will strap into the front with the captain for a chat once they were airborne.

Ashley: Satisfied with things in the med-bay, Ashley straps in and readies for launch.

Venn: Venn does indeed stay back, so copilot seat is free.

GM: The Aeon Mallard quickly clears the landing bay, having their paperwork in order they pay for their fees without issue and leave the hectic skies behind. Soon they ascend through the upper atmosphere, then into orbit where they leave behind thousands of ships and trillions of people. The ship jumps into hyperspace.

Captain Riprock: "Ship got a head start on us by the looks, but we'll get there in time."
"So did your buddy say exactly what it was we're trying to get?"

Tal: The stars became starlines and soon they were in hyperspace. Tal wondered what they'd find. Based on Venn's deep concern, it seemed like this would be one of their harder missions.
"You guys ready for this?" he asked Venn and Rook.

Ashley: Once they were in hyperspace, Ashley was moving again. He passes a glance to the empty bacta tank hoping it stays empty before he was heading towards the others. Familiar goggles in hand, he was configuring them as he flicked his fingers in greeting to the others (Venn, Rook, Tal). (As if he hadn't just seen them, you know, a few minutes ago.)

Kesvo: "But we're missing their first stop?" she confirmed, thinking that's what he'd said earlier. At the question about the target cargo, she hesitated.
"Part one is the cargo the ship's carrying: some kind of relics that are supposed to drive people mad. Well--" she pauses, correcting herself. "We don't have to get those, so much as we need to make sure no one else gets them. Venn and Ash say they're pretty bad news, to put it mildly."

Tal: *And Ashley

Rook: Rook unstraps her 'crew', still clearly bemused. this was NOT how she'd planned things to work out, and the unexpected success was baffling. She'd nonetheless smile at Nitro, and then introduce him. "This is Roo, the first droid I ever built, and this is Boo, for surveillance." She looks over at Tal, and shakes her head. "I'm not sure we can be ready, except to trust Ashley and Venn to ward us from things we can't fight. I hate boarding missions; space is such an unforgiving environment."
She'll begin laying out tools and will immediately set to the task of discovering how Stitch or Switch or the Ghost in the machine is hacking into their droids.

Ashley Nasur configures his Data Goggles for this encounter to KNOWLEDGE: Lore. An automatic SUCCESS ✸ should be added to checks made using that skill

Kesvo: "Some kind of contraband that's been smuggled out of the old Jedi temple," she adds.

Captain Riprock: "Mmm. Well, we can go back to their first stop after we intercept them. Seems the priority is making sure they don't get away."

Kesvo: "Mmhmm."

N1-TR0: "Placating Gesture: It is nice to meet you, Roo and Boo! I am certain you will be very helpful additions to our team!"

Kesvo: "Part two's trickier."

Captain Riprock: "So, we get there first, how do we deal with the crew?"

Rook: Rook will look up with a grin as Ashley reappears and greet him a nod. "Heya, Ashley. Want to help?"
Her ready laugh, much less stressed then it was on Coruscant, will greet Nitro's reply. she pats the two simpler Droids affectionately. "they aren't autonomous like you, Nitro. But I'm awfully proud of them."

Kesvo: "Oh, depends, I guess," she said. "Venn seems to think the crew might already be out of their gourds by the time we reach them. We may not have alotta options in how to deal with them. If we do though..." she shrugged. "Take 'em into custody? I'm sure the Republic would have opinions on the fate of people distributing that kinda nonsense."

N1-TR0: "Query: Do either of you believe that Two will be okay? She appeared to have a minor psychotic episode. I can suggest a number of sedatives that may be of use in the upcoming stressful encounter."

Captain Riprock: The Captain gives a slow nod. "Not a bad call. Find out who on Coruscant is involved in that."

Rook: "I didn't think the Captain would let them on board, I just wanted him to get used to the idea. I had been going to send them all home with the Kesvo's intact butler." Her gaze will flicker to Tal and Ashely. At Nitro's query, she went still but left it to Ashley or Tal to speak for their friend.

Kesvo: "Yeah, I think that was Venn's track. Try to plug the leak, so to speak."

Ashley: "Sure, I can help," replies Ash to Rook, pausing to glance over at N1 as he moves towards the butler droids.
"Two will be fine, En One. It's a complicated situation but that sort of thing isn't an option." AKA: no sedation, what the hell. "Without Two we'd potentially be in the dark about a lot of what we're about to walk into. My knowledge of those things is limited."

Kesvo: "Switch is involved because we agreed to owe him a favor in exchange for his help on Skye City. A First Order ship's supposed to intercept the smugglers at the coordinates he gave us. He wants us to take the guy on board back to him. Or at least, disable him so he can be sent to him."

Tal: Tal looked to En One. "I agree with One. Two is solid and she'll remain solid. She's never failed us." he said.

Ashley: Even if he was thinking about the New Republic and the fact that their work with the former Imperial Palace, returned once more to a Jedi Temple (or on it's way) had been compromised in such a way that the Emperor's toys had been stolen.

Captain Riprock: "Mmph."
"That sounds like bad news."

Kesvo: "Yeah, I haven't even told you the hard part yet."

Captain Riprock: "What do you make of this Switch guy? You, Venn, and Tal dealt with him. I don't know much about him."

Kesvo: "He's a former Jedi Knight who was experimented on by Palpatine and is now something else, the least of which is a very advanced cyborg." She looks over to Riprock then, with a light smile. "He goes buy 'Shroud'."

Tal: "Alright, well...that'll have to be that. I'm heading back tot he main area. Need a bit more space to stretch out." he said.

Rook: Rook paused a moment, thinking about how a droid thinks. and about what Tal and Ashley said. She wasn't sure the droid would understand what they said, but Tal left so she let it go.

Captain Riprock: There's a slight shift in the air just then, the way the Captain held himself from calm and cool, slightly grumpy, switched to something more stiff and closed in. "What?"
"You signed us on to fight a cyborg Jedi?"

Kesvo: The sarcastic smile faded, and Kesvo sat up some. "Not... intentionally. This was the favor Switch chose. It's worth our time to go to stop the spread of the artifacts, if nothing else. And if this Shroud character is out there acquiring that sort of stuff for the bad guys, then maybe someone should take a look at him."

Captain Riprock: The Captain looks down at the console for a moment, seeming to think over what she's saying. He doesn't reply for a few moments.

Kesvo: "You're not wrong," she said, despite the silence in which he hadn't said anything. "It's a terrifying ask. I'd pay alotta credits to be looking at something else for a task right now. But if not us, Riprock... then who?"

Captain Riprock: "Must be one hell of a favor." The Cap says slowly, then turns his face back toward the console.

Kesvo: "Venn was more worried about the artifacts, weird as that sounds," she observed.

Captain Riprock: "Venn isn't missing her face."

Rook: it's deeply comforting, to be on the Aeon Mallard, at the work station, hip-deep in mechanical parts and electrical tools, with a kindred spirit. Especially for a task so very fraught. But she spared a glance, every now and again, to Tal. He'd vanished pretty fast. but then he was tired, from helping her and maybe he just needed one of his wide-awake naps

Kesvo: Kesvo looked over at Riprock, silent for a few seconds. She looked back to the console in front of her. After a heavy moment of thought, she said, "You're part of the team too, Riprock. I still think it's a good idea to get rid of the artifacts. If you wanna leave it at that, though, and not go looking for Shroud... We can burn Switch."
"It'll mean complications later, but there isn't much that we do of late that doesn't conjure those."

Captain Riprock: "No."
"I'll see this through."

Kesvo: "We've got some time before we reach them," she said, turning in her seat to face him. "Think on it if you want. You're more important to us than Switch is."

Ashley: Not everyone was comfortable in close quarters, let alone with droids that could be hacked. Ashley wrinkles his nose up, closing his eyes for a moment, before he opens them back up to speak. "Lemme have a look at the one that Venn toasted," says Ashley to Rook, nudging her lightly with his shoulder. "See what's different--aside from it being wrecked--from when I looked earlier."

Kesvo: If he didn't move to extend the conversation, she'd leave him the cockpit.

Captain Riprock: Riprock just gives a slow nod, but doesn't speak more on the matter, obviously focusing his attention to the ship -- even though it would fly on its own at this point.

Rook: Rook will move over just a bit, and show Ashley what she'd found (or more precisely hadn;t found) on the trashed droid.

Kesvo: Kesvo headed into the ship's core. She found Tal there, but no sign of the others. "You see which way Two went?" she asked him

GM: Ashley: 1red, 2 purple, 1 black
Rook: 1 red, 3 purple, 1 black

Venn: Venn is in her bunk, having finished placing her gear in her locker.

Kesvo: When Tal doesn't answer, Kesvo assumes he's sleeping with his eyes open again, and moves past him to check the bunks.


Tal: "Two is in her bunk."
"Sorry. Something on my mind." he said.

Kesvo: Kesvo jumps at the late info.
"Yeah? What kinda somethin?"

GM: Ashley cannot determine what is going on here, what with the damage to the head of the droid - maybe it's the lightsaber's fault!

GM: Rook can tell these droids were not remote hacked in a traditional sense. There isn't any sort of technology inside the droid that should allow for remote access. She gets the idea to check something, however...
Make a Computers check, 2 red, 1 purple. Add a blue.

Tal: "Just...Venn's reaction to this mission. Cyborg Jedi? Cursed artifacts? I mean, I'm ready to get to work but...if the Force-user is worried...."
"We'll get the job done. I know we will."

Rook: Rook looks startled for a second, then gets out her second set of custom tools - the computer gear. "Just a minute here, I think maybe ..."

Kesvo: "Yeah, that's fair. If I was going up against him alone I'd be shitting myself," she said. She laid a hand on his shoulder, and smirked. "But we're five of the most competent beasts I've ever seen assembled. Not sayin' it won't be a challenge. But we'll get it done. We always do, don't we?"

Tal: "We do. We always do." Tal said.
"I just hope that Switch didn't leave out anything critically important when it comes to this Shroud character." Tal said.

Kesvo: Kesvo shook her head, slipping her hands into her pockets. "He wants something from Shroud. It wouldn't benefit him to leave out anything important. The more trouble we have acquiring him, the less likely it is that Switch gets what he wants."

Rook: "Oooh, that's ... that's both very clever and baffling." Rook angles her read outs so Ashley can see her display. "Look at this .. the droid received a holocall from a distant moon in the OUTER RIM around when Kes had said Switch talked to her. Switch can access devices through the Holonet itself! "

Tal: "So if we run into I need to hold back while you or Ashley gets what Switch wants?" Tal asked. No sense in going in hot if there was a way to get what they needed without a fight.

Rook: "I think maybe we should tell the others now, rather than later?"

Ashley: "Of course," says Ashley. "That's brilliant." Though he pauses and rubs his face. "Also not great because that means he can pretty much get a hold of whenever, wherever if he's making use of the holonet."

Kesvo: "Uhh..." she said, eyes lifting as she considered the answer. "We're gonna kinda have to play it by ear," she said, returning her gaze to him where he sat. "Both with the artifacts and with Shroud. Switch would prefer to have Shroud back alive, but I'm not risking the crew any more than what this job already mandates. So just look alive. I have a feeling agility is gonna help us here."

Rook: "Faster than light ...! There's something very unique about him."
Rook will carefully put her tools away and then indicate with a nod of her head that she's headed out to where the others are gathered.

Ashley: "Just ..." Ashley sighs. "I know this is very interesting and exciting but try to remember that some of very unsettled. Especially given what we're going to be going up against here soon. Though at this point anything we can learn about Switch might be helpful in dealing with Shroud. Who knows."

Tal: "Alright. Then I'll stay flexible unless we've absolutely got to put him down. Like you said, no risking the crew for this favor." Tal said.
He didn't think this would be the last time that Switch reached out, but the longer they could go without hearing from him, the better.
"Shroud has ties to the First Order. I hope they don't have a group of Force-users waiting for these artifacts."

Rook: Rook nods, and moves to the common area. Seeing Kesvo and Tal, she'll say, "I'm going to ask the Captain to step in here for a second. Ashley and I found something."

Kesvo: "Won't matter if they do," she said, with a smirk. "They're not gettin' them."
She looked up when Rook returned, but just lifted her brows when the woman left again without explaining.

Ashley: Ashley stays waiting, having followed with Rook. It certainly wasn't going to be good news. Or maybe it was. Knowing more about Switch was always useful since he kept popping up.

Captain Riprock: Riprock walks into the common area, seemingly hearing his name. "What's up?"

Tal: "How did the Captain take the explanation of everything? Including..."
Riprock appeared just then and Tal figured he'd probably get the answer to that question sooner than expected.

Rook: Rook almost crashes into the Captain, as he comes out of his cockpit. "We found something. I think maybe venn should hear this too?" She grins wryly at Ashley, having asusmed Ash would have collected Venn. if no one objects though she'll go tap politely on the cabin door.

Venn: A few seconds pass and the sky-blue haired Umbaran opens the door, just as her chewstim bubblegum pops. "Oi." she says to Rook.

Ashley: Ashley did, indeed, poke his head into the barracks to call Venn to join them. With a rather fun: "So, wanna know how Switch contacted us?"

Venn: Those exasperated youths has her understand there is some kind of group briefing that she should be around for, regardless of how oddly they communicate it. So she meanders out and finds an open seat in the general area.

Rook: Rook nods to Venn, and then gestures to Ashley. "We found no mechanical devices at all. What we found was a holonet call. From an Outerrims world. Switch can access the holonet directly. Faster than light communication, anywhere the holonet reaches."

Captain Riprock: "Anyone with something like the Mallard's got can use the holonet, though, what's the big deal?"

Venn: She chews her gum and just shakes her head. "The modern Holonet is an Imperial construct. Designed to be controlled and maintained by strict authorities. Not exactly a free and happy system that most would lead you to believe... Even with the NR taking it over, who knows what kind of creepy crawly backdoors still exist/"

Rook: Rook paused a moment, trying to break her insight down to a non-technical terms. "Because he used it on a droid, Captain. A droid with no special hardware installed, no hidden programming."

Kesvo: Kesvo listens, one arm folded at her waist and the other one raised, fingers curled to rest in front of her mouth.

Ashley: "Just holo-called it and used that as a means to gain access and take it over to contact us."

Captain Riprock: Riprock doesn't seem to follow for a moment. "Wait... so you're saying he hacked into a droid using the holonet?"

Rook: Rook looked thoughful at Venn's comment, and then asks, "Was he an Imperial design? would he have access to those backdoors?"

Ashley: "Yes."

Venn: "Yes and likely."

Rook: Rook nods to the Captian.

Captain Riprock: Riprock looks to Kes, then.
"This is who you owe a favor?"

Tal: "So...anything that has access to the HoloNet, Switch can infiltrate."

Ashley: Ashley's yes was to Riprock, not Rook.

Kesvo: "He was useful to us on Skye for a reason," she said.

Rook: "it's terrifying, it's brilliant and as far as i know, its new technology."

Captain Riprock: The Cap turns toward Venn, as if gauging her reaction to this.

Ashley: Ashley looks up to the ceiling for a moment. They gave Switch access, so much access ...

Venn: "Don't look at me. This being is a titanic and foolish hypocrite in my view."

Captain Riprock: "Great."
The Captain threw his hands up.
"Just. Great."

Kesvo: "Look, Switch was out there already, before we ever encountered him. If he's going to herald the end of organic life in the universe, he was going to do it with or without us. Yes, it's unnerving. I understand that. But right now, he considers us allies. His goals align with things that we all agree are good things - like dealing with the artifacts rather than letting them go to the bad guys. It's tenuous, yes, but let's not assume the worst, here."

Captain Riprock: "This is all stuff we shoulda told Command about."

Venn: "Remove Holonet connectivity from our sensitive tech. Seems like a good first step." she blows a bubble, which seems to be incongruent with the mood.

Captain Riprock: He points toward Venn. "Good call."

Ashley: "That's my suggestion," says Ashley.

Venn: "All it would take is for us to spill his secret and it's done for."

Ashley: "If we don't want to run the risk of our operation being compromised by Switch."

Venn: "A being like that needs to keep its head down. And it's reaching as it does, will end poorly with many."

Ashley: "... that's my concern, as well. He views us as useful now but if we--for whatever reason--are no longer useful or jeopardize him .."

Venn: "We kept its secret. That is one hell of a bargain in my opinion."

Kesvo: "He's keeping ours as well, bear in mind."

Captain Riprock: "Alright, let's disconnect everything that connects to the holonet for now and we'll figure out what to do with him later."

Tal: "Yeah. He is."

Venn: "We get leaked, we are out of a job. He gets leaked, the combined might of four hundred quadrillion sapient beings crush him with their scrutiny, if they don't annihilate him altogether for their own continued survival."

Rook: Rook listened, watching each person in turn. She forced herself to appear relaxed, and let the Kesvo work her magic upon the team.

Ashley: "We'll get on it," says Ashley, meaning Rook and himself about disconnecting from the holonet. The rest could be dealt with later.

Venn: "Anyway, I am not a dealmaker, you guys are." she would rise and meander to the galley.

Kesvo: "We get leaked, it's potentially not just us. I don't even know what name is on my apartment on Coruscant, but he had a message waiting for me inside. He's got access to the Republic at levels no one but Akbar should."
"Guys," she said, as people started to disperse.

Captain Riprock: The Cap turned to face Kes as he'd been heading toward the cockpit.

Rook: Rook waits, watching Kesvo.

Ashley: Ashley hadn't moved yet, still in the area.

Venn: While she disposes of her gum, she can hear perfectly fine while looking through the stores for some nuts.

Kesvo: She paused, hardly believing what was about to come out of her mouth. "I believe him." She looked to Venn, knowing the Umbaran was going to be perhaps the most disheartened by that news. "I understand that I may be wrong. I understand the consequences will be severe if I am. And I understand that it's still wise to take whatever precautions we can, in case the worst happens. Disconnect the holonet, take his words with a grain of salt, be skeptical," she said, nodding to each point. "But I'm convinced so far that there's more to him that what it seems. I'm taking that risk. You don't have to believe him just because I do. I just... want you to know why I'm approaching this like I am."
"I've spent alot of years learning people, and I've got to trust my gut even if he's made of metal."

Captain Riprock: Riprock looks at Kes for a long moment. "He's a droid, isn't he?"

Kesvo: "At minimum."

Captain Riprock: "Let me tell ya somethin'. A droid ain't ever gonna be more than it was programmed to be. If it was some thing programmed by the Empire? It ain't ever gonna be more than that."
"No matter how much it might look like more, or talk like more."

Venn: "I'm afraid that's incorrect, Skipper."

Kesvo: "Oddly enough, in any other case I'd agree with the Captain."

Captain Riprock: Riprock turned toward Venn at her correction.

Venn: "It's a product of high level experimentation."
"And when I say high level, I mean the highest."

Tal: Tal was quiet when Kes said she believed Switch. While he didn't trust the droid, Kesvo's instincts hadn't failed them. Switch was terrifying in any state, but Tal worried at what he could do when he was fully engaged.

Rook: Rook listens intently to Kesvo's startling comment. Rook bit her lip hard, when the Captian made his flat out statement about droids. Venn contradicted the Captain, and Rook held her peace.

Captain Riprock: "So it's a highly sophisticated droid."
"It's still a machine, made to do something."
"And when it's made to do somethin' it won't get away from that, no matter how much you want it to."

Venn: "You could say the same about us."

Tal: Tal didn't have a lot of experience with droids, so he didn't really know what was what except that they worked when told.

Captain Riprock: "No."
"We're not the same thing."
"Don't matter how many parts of me are made of metal and wiring, I have a choice, I can change my mind, I can do beyond what I'm born with. A droid can't."

Venn: "It could have biological elements in it."

Captain Riprock: "Believe me, I've fought hundreds of these things, had 'em as part of my crew, taken 'em apart, put em back together."
"Then it ain't a droid."

Venn: "Am I calling it that?"
"I call it a being, because it has no definition. Perhaps weapon."

Captain Riprock: "Naw. But that's what I'm askin."

Rook: It seemed to Rook that the Captain was speaking from a place of some great betrayal or hurt. and when he spoke, her own heart ached with what he said.

Captain Riprock: "Ya'll said it was, so I'm suggesting not to believe a damn thing it's saying."
"If it's not.." He exhales heavily through the mask, seeming to release some of the anger that had bubbled into his words. "Then it's not."

Kesvo: "I think it began as a droid. I'm beginning to believe it's something more, now. I don't know what, or how, exactly."

Venn: She doesn't add any more beyond that, turning back to the cabinets.

Captain Riprock: "I'm gonna go work on the holoterminal - we got two days to yammer about it, but I'll feel better after I make sure it can't just pop into my ship and take it over if it feels the need to redirect us."

Ashley: There's not much that Ashley can say. He had never personally interacted. Only seen what Switch had done, what they had been asked to do, and the sum of its actions. For now, much like Rook, he held his tongue. Even if ... Well, he came more down on Venn's side of things than anything else. That and whatever Switch was, it was far more than a droid now. What it began as was immaterial.

Rook: "Want any help, Captain?"

Tal: Tal agreed with the Captain on that one. A ship at the mercy of a droid was not a place where he wanted to be.

Captain Riprock: "No," He says crisply, then turns to head back toward the cockpit.

Venn: Finding her snack, her expression returns to one of aloof neutrality before she returns to her bunk.

Kesvo: "Rook, check with N1," she said, when the captain dismissed her. "See if he's got an uplink that needs disabling until we figure out next steps."

Ashley: Whelp. So much for assisting with the holonet connection. Ashley just pinched the bridge of his nose.

Rook: Rook sent a troubled look after both the Captain and Venn. "yes, Ma'am." she said, retreating behind military courtesy as she headed to find the team droid.

GM: Rook, make either a Mechanics or Computers check, 1 red, 2 purple, 1 black.

Tal: Tal sat back and sighed. That was a series of tense and nervous moments.

GM: Rook is able to safely disable the holonet transceiver inside N1's head. In addition she makes it Daunting to hack into the droid.

Rook: "N1, how about we make sure you stay your own droid?" Rook says, as she sets up her tools. The works is soothing, and he's superbly well made. It comes naturally to her, how to help him be difficult to hack!

GM: Two Days Pass
The Hellions can spend that time speaking to each-other over their various philosophical differences (like whether light roast is better than dark roast) and prepare. They all recover their strain and heal 2 wounds. You're all called to attention as Riprock calls over the com that you're at your destination and you should "take a look at this."

Rook: Rook will make her way to the cockpit.

Tal: Tal believes in Light Roast.
He will take a look.

Ashley: Ashley is not far behind, heading to the summons. (Light Roast, yo.)

Kesvo: In the interim, Kesvo does her best to calm fears and bolster the crew while trying to make it not super obvious that she's doing so. She heads towards the captain with the others when summoned.

Captain Riprock: Outside of the port windows you see a ship that's off the port bow. "Seems we're late, or they're early."

Venn: Venn spends much of the time below deck in one of the gunner seats, for some quiet for meditation and spending a cumulative 8 hours on hilt work. Still 4 hours to go, but the interruption has her join the others.

Captain Riprock: "That's our ship - XS-1200 freighter, but it ain't goin' anywhere. Hyperdrive looks offline."

Venn: "Can you scan it for life signs?" she asks.

Rook: Rook stares at the ship, adrift in space, her expression stoic. She'd been working, over the last two days. "how many folks have vaccum sealed suits or armor for getting over there?" she asked, pretty sure they wil need to search the ship wheather there are life forms or not.

Captain Riprock: "I got faint signs of some but the readings are garbage. Picking up..." Riprock looks over the readings. "Radiation, looks like the ship might have sprung a leak."

Rook: Rook glances at Venn, wondering if their prey were early, or the artifacts in question worked just that fast.

Captain Riprock: "Not super high, though. Should be enough to be able to check out and take a look-see. We got a couple space-suits in the back but they're bulky."
"Still detecting oxygen on board, too."

Kesvo: "Can you tell if the artifacts are there?" she asked, glancing to Venn and Ashley. She didn't know the intricacies of how their Force sensitivity worked, but she'd heard them both speak of sensing things of strong impressions.

Tal: Tal looked at the freighter. He hoped that they were early. He didn't think that they would be.

Rook: Rook nods, and says, "I'll need to borrow a suit, I haven't had time to upgrade my armor yet, or build tal's."

Venn: "Is it not responding to hails?"

GM: "Nope. Tried a couple times now to raise them. Ship looks dead in the water, but it's got atmosphere."

Captain Riprock: "Little radiation by the engines, don't think they've been sitting still long."

Kesvo: "No other ships in the area that you can tell?"

GM: As Kes looks around she can see no stars, planets, asteroids, or other vessels. It's just the two ships alone in space.

Ashley: Ashley flicks a look to Venn, twisting the bracelet around his wrist before he looks towards Kes. It's worth a try, the Pantoran closing his eyes and breathing deep. Could the artifacts be sensed from this distance? That he was not sure of. (The temples he had felt, they had been a pull of sorts, but who knew with the artifacts.)

Venn: "So I won't be the one to say the whole, Lets dock and creep around a ghost ship in the middle of nowhere."

Rook: "I'm willing to suit up and head over on an EVA. I'm not sure I'd trust docking the Mallard to her."

Captain Riprock: "If we're docked ya'll got a quick way in and out. If you take an EVA it'd be a long swim back if things go bad."

Rook: "your call, Captain."

Captain Riprock: "Sides -- I docked this thing and unclamped during the middle of a battle to a moving Star Destroyer."

Kesvo: "And I don't know if we have enough suits," Kes added, though she was still watching AShley for confirmation of whether he could sense anythign from the ship

Captain Riprock: "I'll stay to make sure if things go south we can take off in a hurry."

Venn: "We could just blow it to hell." she says, devil's advocate style.

Kesvo: "You heard the part where there are live people on there still, right?" she asked, dryly.

Captain Riprock: "Could, if that's the call. If the crew's in trouble we'd be killin' em."

Venn: "If they haven't killed each other and we are just in time to see the aftermath."

Captain Riprock: "Well."

Rook: Rook glanced down at the Captain, then back up at the ship. Over to Venn. back to the ship.

Captain Riprock: "You love bein' right."

Venn: "Not always."

Kesvo: "Nothing?" she prompted Ashley
"Can't tell you," says Ashley to Kes. "Whether or not they're there." He couldn't, at least.

Captain Riprock: "No other ships around here - just us."

Venn: "That can change rather quickly."

Captain Riprock: "Well ya'll wanna just sit here all day and hee and haw about it or what?"

Tal: "Well, if we're going to head over there, we might as well get started." Tal said.

Kesvo: "Well, maybe this whole thing will be resolved by the interception time being wrong.," she sighed. "Let's dock. If nothing else, we should see if we can spare the idiots who smuggled that nonsense in the first place."

Rook: Rook nods to Tal, and heads to the boarding ramp.

N1-TR0: "Query: Where can I offer most assistance?"

Kesvo: "I think we're about to have some prisoners. Is there somewhere you'd prefer to stow them? Maybe N1 can work on making a secure place," she said to Riprock.

Venn: Venn slips away, as she'd need to suit up.

N1-TR0: "Suggestion: I can prepare the cargo bay - that way if the prisoners get too unruly I can eject them into space."

Captain Riprock: "Uh." Riprock pauses and looks toward Kesvo. "The cargo hold should be fine, yeah."

Kesvo: Kesvo nods, then looks to N1. "Do it."
"Everyone else gear up and get ready to board the ghost ship. How long will we have over there before the radiation's a problem for us?" she asked, turning back to the captain.

Captain Riprock: "An hour, I reckon'."

Kesvo: Kesvo nods, and goes to grab her guns.

GM: The Aeon Mallard manuevers while the Hellions prepare themselves and in short order it docks with the Silver Star, the ship being about the same size as their own vessel.
The hatch is sealed.

Venn: Suited in her ash colored insulated bodyglove and matching curiass, Venn sets (6) multicolored binders for everyone.

Tal: Tal grabbed his vibro-greatsword and rifle.

Venn: The binders are ...obviously for recreational use, but somehow they are also as strong as normal binders. So now everyone should have a way to subdue someone.

Tal: Tal takes up one set of the binders.

Venn: "For a crew mate or... anyone else acting out of turn."

Rook: Rook stares for a heart beat, then selects red restraints. it matches her armor.

Ashley: Ashley got ready, suited up--it was a dark blue, near black suit, thank you very much--and took one of the binders (a neon blue, fuzzy set) with a raised eyebrow.

Kesvo: "Hatch is sealed," she calls back. "Who's got tricks?"

Ashley: "Yo, Rook, let's have a look," Ashley calls to Rook, moving towards the hatch. "See if we can get this open without problems."

Rook: Rook nods to Ashley, and moves forward. "Do you want to use my data spike yet?"

Rook: it was something of a joke, by now.

Ashley: "Sure, why not," he says with a small chuckle, already having pulled out his slicing kit (guess who was glad he had picked up new gear now).

Rook: Rook hands it over with a soft laugh of her own.

Venn: "Does this freighter have escape pods?" she calls to the Captain.

GM: The hatch opens with a soft hiss, revealing a dark passageway with flickering lights. The air smells acrid here - a slight scent of sulfur is rich. Additionally, you see a body right before you, blood having oozed along the deckplates. A human woman in a black top,and black boots lays grasping toward the door.

Venn: Venn places on her mask and faceplate, the purple lenses coming to life.

Rook: Rook slips on her breath mask. She asses the area for immediate threats.

Kesvo: Kesvo pulls on her breather mask, more as a precaution than anything, and waits for the others to move out of the doorway.

Tal: Tal puts on the breather mask. The body in the doorway is not reassuring.

Ashley: Breath mask already in place, Ashley found that slicing access to the hatch was made just that much easier with the data spike. What he saw when it opened ...

Kesvo: Kesvo kneels by the body and checks for vitals.

Rook: A derelict space ship always, always was a scene from nightmare. it didn't seem to matter if the damage was from a battle, pirates, or an engineering failure. This time, the bloody figure was obscurely threatening, a mute warning of more horrors to come.

Ashley: Ashley was a step behind Kes, crouching down to check the body and looking for any obvious cause of death.
That was a lot of blood, okay.

GM: Kesvo can see that the woman is quite obviously dead - she has several wounds, some seem to be long slashing wounds, as if done by swords and claws. She also sees that she's missing a hand and that it ends in a cauterized stump.

Kesvo: Kesvo swears under her breath.
"Looks like Shroud's already been here," she murmurs softly to the others.

GM: The blood trails up toward the hallway ahead.

Rook: Yep.
Rook hated this kind of mission. Give her a nice planet with a thousand or so stormtroopers attacking any day.

Kesvo: Kesvo draws her weapon just in case, and creeps forward, trying to keep the noise down.

Ashley: Ashley hisses something out under his breath. Though what it was, who knew, because he was definitely pulling that swearing in Pantoran stunt again.

Rook: Rook will gently put her hand on Kesvo's shoulder, and speak quietly. "maybe Tal, or Venn, or Ashley or I should go first?"

Venn: Venn checks if the body has some kind of nametag as she is passing by.

Kesvo: Kesvo looks back to Rook and puts a finger to her lips, then looks around the nearby corner.

GM: Venn make a Hard Perception roll

GM: Venn finds no nametag but she does find a keycard.
Kes moves forward and finds a closed hatch on both to her left and right. The one to the south is marked ENGINEERING, the one to the north is marked HOLD.

Venn: The masked, hooded woman collects the keycard and proceeds onward.

Ashley: Ashley moves quietly, intent upon making sure Kes had someone at her back as back-up.

Rook: Rook is already at Kesvo's back.

Ashley: CONGA LINE. Ashley is behind Rook then.

Kesvo: Having forgotten to do so earlier, Kes sets a quick alarm for 45 minutes, to remind herself about radiation exposure. She then turns to Rook and gestures towards the Engineering hold with a questioning expression.

Rook: Rook nods and heads to engineering

Tal: Tal kept quiet in line with Kes's directive, but he hoped that they spotted Shroud before he spotted them. If he was here.
But then Tal remembers that Shroud might have been a Jedi...and that ruins any chance at surprise that they might have. Or does it?

GM: Rook finds that the door is closed and sealed.

Rook: Rook gets out her tools, and checks the door to engineering.

Ashley: Ash quietly tilts his head towards Rook, signalling to Kes that he was going to follow after Mandalorian.

GM: As Rook touches the door she finds it hot to the touch.

Venn: "That one had a keycard". she says the mask altering her voice with scratch and reverb. She holds the keycard holding it up

GM: Rook finds that she can open the door but she scalds her hands some on it (take 2 strain). She quickly can recognize that the door is sealed because it is stopping the radiation from spreading into the rest of the ship.

Kesvo: At venn's comment, Kesvo looks around for a panel that would accept a keycard to open the doors.

GM: Kes can see one for both doors.

Tal: Tal keeps an eye out to the rear to make sure that no one is falling behind.

GM: Rook recognizes that there was an Administration Lockdown on the ship.

Venn: COM to Riprock: ⌁ Zero, this is Two. Com check, please confirm loud and clear, over. ⌁ .

Rook: Rook leans over to Kes, and quietly whispers. "The radiation is coming from here; it's under an Administration Lockdown. I could force it open, but I think it would severely limit how long we could stay here with out permanent harm." Yet she stood by the door, ready to open if it if became necessary.

Captain Riprock: COM : "Zero in loud and clear."

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded, and turned towards the other door. She gestured to Venn, silently suggesting she try the keycard in the HOLD door's panel.

Venn: COM to Riprock: ⌁ Copy, Two out. ⌁ .
(The door holding back the radiation?)

Rook: Rook fights the ingrained urge to slap a radiation leak sticker on the door. She's too much of an engineer to be comfortable with out warning labels.

Venn: The masked woman tries the keycard.

GM: The door opens with a hiss and fresh blood flows over the steps down to your feet. A deep, dark laugh comes from within the dark chamber.
"Start the music - my performance is about to begin!"
A red lightsaber ignites in the dark.
End Session 42



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Re: SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs
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Episode 3, Chapter 1, Session 43: The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions have intercepted the freighter The Silver Star enroute to providing an illicit deal where they would sell artifacts stolen from the late Emperor Palpantine's vaults. Arriving at the coordinates they have found that the ship is dead in space with minimal power, minimal life signs, and indications of a radiation leak.
Boarding the vessel they have found a dead member of the crew and the power mostly online. Only after the door to the Hold of the ship opened were they met with a menacing laughter, and the sight of an igniting red lightsaber.
Everyone roll a fear a check.

GM: Difficulties are as follow: (Discipline, Venn can roll Cool)
Ashley, and Rook - 2 red, 2 purple
Tal and Kesvo - 2 red, 1 purple
Venn - 1 red, 1 purple, add a boost

Kesvo takes 1 strain to use Intense Focus

GM: Rook : Is Staggered for 1 turn and adds 1 black to ALL her cheeks for the encounter.
Ashley: Is staggered for 1 turn and takes 1 strain.

GM: Tal: Takes 1 strain and adds a black to all his checks for the encounter.

GM: Kesvo: Kesvo is terrified, and INCREASES the difficulty of all her checks for the encounter.

GM: Venn: Is also terrified, however she is able to channel her fuel into action. Fear gives her power her as she will dip into the Dark Side of the Force out of instinct.
She gains conflict.

Kesvo: While boarding the unfamiliar ship, Kesvo had found the body in the corridor an odd thing. Macabre as well, of course, but more odd for its placement. If there'd been a ship docked with this one when the woman had died, it would have belonged to the attacker. No quarter would've been found there, surely, yet the woman seemed to have been heading for the airlock all the same. Why? That question had been usurped in short order by other concerns and promptly forgotten.
But now, in the instant when that singular red beam softly whoomped to life inside the darkened room ahead, Kesvo understood. It didn't matter what lay down that corridor: locked door, enemy ship, or the void of space beyond. All that mattered was that it led away from the terror inside the Hold.

GM: The room is dark, making it difficult to see given the intermittent lighting, everyone adds 2 black to their actions to spot Shroud's form.

Tal: The snap-hiss of the red lightsaber igniting is not the first time that Tal questions the wisdom of this mission. Before now, however, Tal merely believed that they just needed to push through until they made it through to the other side.
Only now does he consider that they won't be able to just bull their way through a Dark Jedi.
Dice System: Updating Players Destiny Pools

Venn: Whatever Venn is feeling or exhibiting is utterly unknown, given her mask and hood. But she does she does use a maneuver to move up, then spends 2 strain to use another maneuver to draw an Ion Grenade.

Ashley: In that moment, the door opening, Ashley's goggles enabled him to see into the dark of the room. It was a sight that he had not thought he would see again--not any time soon, at least--and it left him frozen in the spot, breathless.
It wasn't fear exactly that held him rooted to the spot. Maybe it was the memory of the last time he had seen an Inquisitor, those last seconds that he had seen his family. The flare of the red lightsaber pulled his gaze, his own grip on his tight but unmoving still.
Dice System:

Rook: A wave of nausea and revulsion sweeps over Rook; her eyes glaze, and her hands shake. Her broken, staccato attempt to breathe through her fear instead chokes her, despite the breath mask. half machine, dar'jeti, and utterly mad ... this creature, is a nightmare come to life.

Venn: Running heedless into the gloom filled room, Venn rolls an ion grenade from her belt across the floor to the cyborg's feet.

GM: The ion grenade explodes near Shroud's vicinity, his red lightsaber comes up and he throws his arm out, a wave of something seeming to come from him. Venn and Ashley can both feel it - a tremor in the force - and smoke billows off of his arm and his cape. His mask flickers before her shifting several dozen different patterns.

Venn: Scratchy Vocoder Voice "I brought party favors.

Shroud: "Ah, this first act.." the voice garbles and makes static screeching noises, ending in broken, garbled laughter.

Tal: Tal beelines for Shroud, activating his Vibro-Greatsword. He must be the bulwark for as long as it takes.

Kesvo: While preparing for this mission, Kesvo had contemplated a number of diplomatic approaches she might take if she found herself face to face with Shroud. If she could find common ground or perhaps play on anything Shroud might know about Switch, she thought maybe they could end the altercation without risking violence.
In this moment, however, all of that planning went out the window. She was terrified enough that she considered calling a retreat. She might've done so, if Venn hadn't slipped wordlessly forward to confront the man. Kesvo summoned every ounce of courage she could find, and followed into the hold to fire on the beast.

Venn: "Five!" barks the masked woman as she sees the mandalorian rush past her in the dark.

Tal: Tal does not fully engage the masked man.

Kesvo: Kesvo failed to strike Shroud, and tapped her comm afterwards while crouching behind a crate. "One, Four, you guys have any light sources?"

Tal: He will, however, draw his blaster rifle and fire at Shroud.

Shroud: Tal shoots his blaster rifle at the cyborg wielding a lightsaber. It lifts up its red blade, deflecting the shot, but serrendipitously the attack hits a power juncture and the lights flicker back on.
Unfortunately, Tal's finds a red blinking light on his blaster rifle - it's run out of power.

Tal: While Tal wishes that had been a kill shot, the lights coming on is a good thing!
But seeing that his blaster rifle is out of power causes him to growl in annoyance. "Kriff!"

Shroud: "You've awoken s-s-s-s-something deep ins-s-s-s-ide me." The cyborg says with stuttering words toward Venn and Tal, laughing again as there's the sounds of malfunctioning cybernetics as he leaps forward and slashes at Venn.

Venn Parsa DODGES when she is targeted. She suffers 2 strain to upgrade the difficulty of that attack by +2.

Shroud: Shroud takes the aim free maneuver as he leaps at Venn.
Dice System:
Dice System: Updating Players Destiny Pools

Venn Parsa performs a PARRY when hit by a melee, brawl or lightsaber attack, suffering 3 strain to reduce damage by 3, pre-soak.

Venn: 3


Shroud: Shroud closes the distance and delivers a punishing blow as his saber slashes through Venn's coat. He delivers a follow up robotic punch to her solar plexus, nearly sending her flying before she settles into a three point stance on her feet. Venn has fought opponents of similar caliber in her experience - in sparring matches during her inquisitor training.
"T-th-hiss p-p-p-erformance n-n-n-eeds an ensemble!" Shroud lets out a yell as Ashley and Rook see what's happened to Venn and begin to come out of the throes of their paralyzing fear. He taps a button onto his wrist.
Nothing happens at first, and with a grunt of frustration he reaches his free hand up toward the sparking circuitry. Electricity arcs from the open conduit and the entire lighting of the ship flickers for a moment as he does a power drain of the vessel's energy matrix.

Rook: The aruetti is now horrifically revealed by the flickering lights of the tainted ship. Slowly, painfully slowly, Rook's hand reaches for her COMM. It doesn't matter anymore; but still, she replies to Kesvo's request, her breathing harsh. Ahead of her, purple and red lightsabers snarl and lights score the metal platting of the ship. but still she moves so slowly, as slowly as any hutt'uun.
Dice System:

Kesvo: Seeing the red saber cut into Venn, Kesvo finds her mettle (for a moment) and darts closer. She takes cover again (2 strain for extra maneuver) and from there attempts a Scathing Tirade action.
"Shroud! You're outnumbered!" she calls. "Put down your weapon and we can talk about this! Keep going and you'll leave here in a box!"

Shroud: Sparks arc from the shifting mask.

Venn: Venn will use her maneuver to jab a stimpack into her side, whirling around Shroud, ducking under his arm. In the same movement she pulls with a clawed hand before spinning with her saber at center mass.
⚔ Draw Closer ⚔
Image   “You are unwise to lower your defenses!”
With a gesture, she seizes a target with the Force while simultaneously attacking with her violet lightsaber.
Activation   Action | Sil 1 target | ≤ Medium Range
Check   Combat - Lightsaber(Willpower) + ⎔⎔⎔
Effect   Spend ◐ to move the target one range band closer OR as a Success.

Ashley: There should be fear in him, but Ashley just finds that there's a calm that's settled over him. Even as his finger slides for the comm but there's no point, the lights are on already. Seeing Venn get struck, hearing Kesvo calling Shroud out ... He shifts, taking a step forward but that's it. "Four, did you see the power flicker?"

Shroud: Shroud spends 2 strain to Dodge.
Dice System:

Shroud: Shroud drops his lightsaber, it turns off with a hrsh.

Venn Parsa ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ End Turn ✔

Shroud: Before he does, he manages to deflect most of Venn's attack, causing only a small line of burning fire across his coat.

Venn: "What is your purpose here?" she scratches from behind her mask.

Ashley: Ashley shoots Rook a look but there really isn't time to check on her. He moves forward into the room, eyes locking on Shroud. With his lightsaber on the ground, there was one thing he could try ...
Dice System:

Rook: Rook's expression is hidden behind her helmet; her body language partially shielded by her armor. Yet she's far too still, and her breathing too harsh.

Shroud: "Y-you'll n-not f-ind a-n..." Shroud begins to say as the Force holds him in place from Ashley's reaching arm.
"Oh. Fun, we have ourself a climactic rise to the action!

Venn: She sees this thing is not answering it's questions and begins to presume insanity.

Ashley: Definitely insanity.

Shroud: A giant cargo crate picks up from nearby Venn.
It then flies straight at her.

Venn: Venn is unable to dodge or parry so.

Venn: "Five can you get that weapon?"
Venn gets clocked from behind and staggers.

Shroud: Shroud starts to laugh deeply.

Tal: Tal will pick up the lightsaber.

Ashley: "Get hands on it!" calls out Ashley, holding in place so that he can keep Shroud held.
... for the time being.

Tal: Tal picks up the lightsaber and tosses it outside the room so that Shroud can't see it.

Venn: "I hope you brought some pain with you, Beef Stew."

GM: Rook stabs the lightsaber with an electro-prod to disable the lightsaber.

Ashley: Ashley watches as the lightsaber goes flying by, out of the room past him. He looks back over to Rook, glad to see that she's able to move finally.

Tal: "This Force stuff is way beyond me."

Shroud: "A mere inconvenience. I did not come alone. They're puppets..."

Venn: "You keep talking nonsense. That's my job."
"What do you want here."

Shroud: The corpses suddenly shift and turn as they let out robotic screams as their bodies rise up and rip off their flesh, revealing a bio-organic undershell.

Kesvo: "What the..."

Venn: "Are you bloody serious."

Ashley: "*Are you serious?""

GM: Four biosynthetic monstrosities pull themselves up to the ground.
Fear checks.

Tal: "What in the name of the Mandalore...?"

Rook: Rook still feels like she is still moving in slow motion, each step exhausting, yet she manages to force herself to the fallen Lightsaber. With a cry of triumph, however high pitched, she slams her Electro Mag Force Disruptor into the Lightsaber. Shaking, but triupmant, she picks it up so that it cannot be easily summoned to its master. Just as she regains a semblance of calm, .....

GM: Tal suffers one strain but no other issues.
Tal goes from concerned to pissed off when he sees the dead rising. This monster is attacking his people.

GM: The Husks move toward Venn, Tal, Rook, and Ashley.

Venn: The strange nightmares invoke a vivid memory in the Umbaran about some of the strange freakish things she's encountered, spawned from relics.

Venn: "Someone said just blow this ship to space dust about an hour ago." she delivers acerbically.

Tal: Tal is raked by the claws of the Husk and snarls in fury as the strike takes him by surprise!

Rook: Beyond even stories and tales, into things even Rook would declare shear myth, the poor battered woman from the entry way stands; or more precisely, some sort of metallic skeleton rips from the apparently flesh and blood body. It rakes across her armor,, biting deep into her body. Blood flows freely , making the decking slippery.

Ashley: That strange calm was still holding--even as the dead rose up to attack--and he held his ground. At least until the claws raked against him, forcing him to bring up his lightsaber to block part of the blow. The force of it knocked him back, towards the frame of the door, clocking his head and leaving him staggered as blood dripped down where a claw had caught him across his temple.

GM: Tal's axe cleaves the arm off the former captain of the vessel, though it barely seems to notice.

Tal: Tal watches the creature's arm hit the deck of the vessel, but it doesn't die or retreat.
Next time Venn suggests nuking something from the safety of the Mallard, he's supporting the idea.
Dice System:

⚔ Draw Closer ⚔
Image   “You are unwise to lower your defenses!”
With a gesture, she seizes a target with the Force while simultaneously attacking with her violet lightsaber.
Activation   Action | Sil 1 target | ≤ Medium Range
Check   Combat - Lightsaber(Willpower) + ⎔⎔⎔
Effect   Spend ◐ to move the target one range band closer OR as a Success.

Venn: Venn punches the Shroud in the face... as he reels back, she holds out her hand and makes a claw drawing him back to her onto her saber.

She will round house him, bringing some distance between them and takes a guarded stance.

Venn Parsa takes a GUARDED STANCE as a Maneuver. Her Melee Defense increases by +1 and her combat checks suffer a ◼ until end of next turn.

Venn: And incidental...
✦ Kepler Crystal Trait: Blade Ward
Image   "The heart of the lightsaber, the crystal is."
Focusing on the connection between herself and the kyber crystal within her lightsaber, she allows it to further function as an extension of her defensive skills.
Activation   In combat Incidental to Commit ⎔.
Value   3
Effect   Add Deflection and Defensive properties to the lightsaber. Cumulative affect if more ⎔ are committed this way.

Venn Parsa ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ End Turn ✔

GM: The Husk rattles Rook, its claws piercing through her armor and drawing blood. She's rattled but not out of it yet!

Ashley: Ashley blocks the slash of claws, grateful for all the training that Venn put him through. Even if he's still struggling to clear his head from the first blow.

Venn: Venn will be swung about from the strike and sees Rook being mauled. "Spitfire, steady up!" she calls out loudly.
((And +black to next attack))

Kesvo: "You're alone enough," Kesvo calls out, trying again to wear away at Shroud's resolve. "Your friends aren't gonna make the difference. Last chance, Shroud. Stand down, or be put down!"
((Scathing Tirade, again. +2 strain to downgrade diff 2x))

Rook: Rook hear's Venn's clear, steadying voice and snaps to, slapping a stimpack on and then zapping the hideaous almost-droid wth her ion weapon!

Shroud: The Husk shudders as Rook jams her electronic-warfare weapon into its chest, causing it to jerk and scream as bolts of electricity flow through it.

Venn: "Now we know why Switch wants this thing for spare parts."

Shroud: "It's always sad when a performance ends too soon." He reaches a hand out and there is a hum in the air, the sparking lightsaber that had been at Rook's feet flies into his hand which curls thin gloved fingers around it.
Dice System:

GM: Venn, Tal, and Kes notice at once bright red lights and beeping from behind Kes's back.

GM: Kes sees that there are armed charges planted to the wall.
Dice System:

Venn: "What did you just do?"

Shroud: "Solidifed my exit. Until the next episode!" he exclaims, then dips low for a bow as the wall by Kesvo explodes.

GM: Kes make a Coordination check.

GM: Kes is able to quickly leap and grab onto the nearest rooted thing as the vacuum of space begins to fill the cargo hold, sucking out cargo into space. Shroud simply hops up and 'goes with the flow' as he flies out of the hole constructed by the explosion.
Venn and Tal must make either Athletics or Coordination checks to grab onto something or be sucked into space.

Venn: "Oh mother may I!"

GM: The Husk on Ashley is pulled out into space with a feral scream.

Tal: Tal recognizes what's happening the moment he sees the red blinking on the wall behind Kesvo. He grabs on to something and takes hold of Venn as well to keep her from joining Shroud in the cold vacuum of space.

GM: The Husks grab onto the floor, holding on with their nanite-enhanced claws while the vacuum of space pulls out large sets of cargo.

Ashley: "Four, see if you can help them with hole Shroud blasted open!" As Ashley was going to deal with the husk--or, wait, she was already on it.

Venn: "Unhand me you Brute!" scratches out the masked Venn and gives Tal a hug.

Rook: Rook hearing the explosion, and being painfully aware of what Explosive Decompression looks like, disengages from the horrific not-a-droid, and slides along the wall, using the cargo containers and fire-suppresesion systems of the ship itself to fashion a plug for the ailing vessel.

Tal: "This is the closest I've gotten to you since we met! Not letting go until I have to! I mean, until it's safe!"

Ashley: Ashley shifts forward as Rook heads to take care of the blast hole. Whatever that thing was, he was taking care of it. It was no way to treat the dead. Turning them into ... whatever they were now.

GM: Ashley's lightsaber may miss the wounded husk by inches but it does scorch the crap out of the paneling.

GM: While holding onto dear "life", the husk that's near Tal swings at him with one arm.

GM: The husk rakes its claw across Tal's leg, giving him a hamstring before the floorplate comes up and sends it flying into space with a feral scream of fear and rage.

Rook: Watching first one, and then another of their enemies get sucked out of the portal into the void, Rook's jaw clenches. She has to get the patch into place!

GM: The Husk's claws scrape along Venn's back, sending blood flying from the wound into the hollowed out cargo hold. The pain causes black to fill her vision, but she manages the presence of mind to kick the Husk in the head and sending it flying into the vacuum of space.
She then falls unconscious.

Kesvo: "TWO!!"

Kesvo: "ROOOOOK!" she shouts, into the com while hanging on for dear life. "ASH! NEED A PLUG!" Because she's not just a captain, she's Captain Obvious™.

Ashley: "IT'S ON IT'S WAY," Ash coms back, still contending with the husk, barely able to spare a glance towards Rook.

Rook: Rook prepares her patch, holding it before like some sort of shield. The edges, gooey and yet congeiling, flutter oddly. it's large and ungainly, but then ... she doesn't have to aim it much. Sliding and slipping until lined up, she then cries "Oya!" and lets the force of the vaccum suck her contraption away from her. She slides along after, using her Engineernig Suit's recharge power to send a bolt of power through her jurry rigged patch just as it slams into the hull. The firesupresion chemicals erupt, forming a brief, flaring chemical weld.

Kesvo: While Rook works, Kes hits her comm again. "Zero, target just left via a hole in the starboard side! Can you get a visual?"

Rook: She gives a faint laugh, then spins to face her team.

GM: The patch applies, the vacuum at once sealed as gravity and air return to normal.
The door to the north opens suddenly with a loud hiss.

Kesvo: As the pressure inside the cabin regulates again, Kes gives an approving nod to Rook before turning to assess the remaining scene.

Tal: Tal and Venn hit the floor, the Mandalorian sighs and tries to catch his breath between the surge of adrenaline and the pain of his wounds.

Kesvo: Kesvo stands and takes aim at the opening door.

Drasek Myr: Spacer. Fifties, or maybe forties with a lot of mileage. Green skin with geometrically repeated tattoos on his face. Dark shirt and dark pants. Goofy hat. He was strapped with three holstered blaster pistols. Slung around both shoulders were rifles and in his cybernetic hands he gripped the largest heavy blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech, the DH-X that could drop most targets in a single shot.
He cleared his throat followed with gravel sounding deep voice, "Who the hell are you people?!"

Ashley: With the change, Ashley still holds off the last of the husks. The blue flare of his lightsaber bright, as he holds it back.

GM: The single heavy blast tears off the head of the last husk.

Captain Riprock:   "What the hell is going on there!?" Riprock yells through the com. "I just saw an explosion coming from the ship and..."

GM: There is the loud sound of turblo-laser fire.
The signal breaks up for a moment.

Rook: Rook ignores the small talk. "The admin overdrives are going to blow this vessel up soon, if we can't get into the cock pick and turn them off."

Ashley: The head blasts apart, Ashley blinking in surprise ... but who cares! The thing was dead. He doesn't respond to the question of who they are, his lightsaber flicks off, and he spins on his heel to rush towards Tal and Venn.

Captain Riprock:   "Three come in. Some ship just appeared out of nowhere and shot a couple pot-shots at the Mallard. Ship's fine but it took off in a hurry!"

Kesvo: "That was our cyborg. Stand by," she replies.

Tal: Tal hears the sounds of a blaster rifle firing over his head and look in the direction it came from, trying to pull himself to his feet with his vibro-sword.
"Don't tell me you were in there the whole time and just decided to show up." Tal said, looking at the new arrival.

Kesvo: "Who the hell are you?" Kesvo countered, stepping out from behind the crates.

Rook: Rook flashes a grin at Kesvo, as the Falleen (hey, this guy was green too!) turned the tables on the fellow. Sometimes its just so nice to have a Space Princess on your side. Still, he did just kill the bad guy.

Ashley: Ashley slides to the floor, med bag pulled over his shoulder and opened up as he starts to immediately work on the worst of Venn's injuries.

Drasek Myr: He looked at Tal. "I was handling other matters." He took off his hat, rubbed a long, thin hand across his head, and put the hat back in place and addressed Kesvo. "Name's Drasek. Gun for hire."

Kesvo: "Drasek," Kesvo repeated, eyeing him critically. "How'd you manage to keep your skin when no one else aboard seems to have been as lucky?"
"Pretty nasty passenger you had, 'til a minute ago."

Ashley: Under his breath, Ashley swears in Pantoran. "Not that I'm being rude," he says, already pulling out a stimpak from his bag and applying it, "but I'm getting Two out of here.". He can tell he managed to save her from potentially losing a limb, but there's nothing else he can do without getting her to the Mallard and the bacta tank.

Rook: ""Two i've got a military trauma patch; use it."

Drasek Myr: "Bypassed security and locked myself in on the bridge. Lucky to have the Republic show up." Drasek assumed from the lightsabers.

Rook: "One, use For two, I mean." she sighs in frustration.

Kesvo: "Not quite. We're the Hellions. Here on a job. This your ship?"

Drasek Myr: "Just hired help. Don't know why were of interest."

Ashley: "Cap," he coms, "I'm coming in with Two." A beat, catching the military trauma patch. It wouldn't do much that he hadn't already done but it'd help while he was getting her moved. "... and going straight to the bacta tank."

Kesvo: "Anyone else up there with you?"

Drasek Myr: "Nope."

Rook: "I might be able to save the ship if we can get to the bridge."
She spared a long look after Venn and Ashley, before returning her attention to the newcomer.

Ashley: Ash flashes Rook an uneasy smile, thankful, before he scoops up Venn and heads back towards the Mallard.

Kesvo: "No time," she said to Rook. "That rad leak is gonna be a problem here pretty quick. She looked back to Drasek. "You got a pod or something you can use?"

Tal: "We need to get out of here." Tal said, watching Ashley carry Venn back to the Mallard. He wouldn't be running again until he got checked out, but he could limp his way back to the Mallard.

Drasek Myr: "I figured I'd come aboard. I'll pay for passage to wherever you'll are going."

Rook: Rook nodded acceptance to Kesvo, if with reluctance. it was just so wasteful. and they hadn't even found whatever it was that they needed to find but really didnt want. what if it had the key to the TEmple, and both force users were unavailable?

Kesvo: "You did, huh?" Kesvo replied, eyes narrowed. "Sorry, pal. Not knowing you, that's not a risk we're looking to take at the moment. I'm sure you had time to get acquainted with the escape options on this rig while you were hunkered on the bridge all this time."
"Four, Five, let's get outta here," she says, looking around the hold in a last pass, unhappy with how things had gone.

GM: A klaxon alarm goes off. "Warning." A garbled female voice sounds through the metal halls. "Engine leak. Radiation at 40%."

Tal: "Got it." Tal said, turning to grab his rifle before leaving the area. The klaxon had him hobbling a little faster to move on and get back to the Mallard.

Drasek Myr: "I'm not the one here looking for relics."

Kesvo: Kesvo paused and turned back towards Drasek.
"Where are they?"

Rook: Rook looks around the cargo bay, in case anything small, valuable and portable is lying around. But then she'll go steady Tal, ready to help him to the Mallard. she stops as Tal moves on, and Drasek brings up their objective

Drasek Myr: "Passage on your ship."

Kesvo: "Fine. But your guns go in a locker until we're in port."

GM: Another alarm. "Warning*. Engline leak. Radiation at 45%."

Drasek Myr: "Works for me. I'll go get them."

Kesvo: "Get what?"

Rook: Rook, suspicious, prepares to follow him.

Kesvo: Kesvo stops Rook.

Rook: Rook will pause at Kesvo's look.

Kesvo: "Get back to the ship," she says, conscious of the rising rad levels.

Drasek Myr: Drasek comes back wearing only the big gun and dragging a large secure chest into the hold.

Ashley: Back on the Mallard, Ashley is getting Venn prepped and ready to go into the bacta tank. Because nope, nope, nope, all this damage was a lot of nope.

Captain Riprock:   Riprock comes into the medbay as he hears Ashley moving around. "What in tarnation is going on!? Is Venn alright?"

Drasek Myr: He continues to drag it to the port airlock.

Rook: Rook just looks at Kesvo for a heartbeat, then prepares to follow her off of the ship.

Kesvo: Kesvo nods and goes with Drasek to the airlock.

GM: The Hellions all exit the Shining Star, the door sealing behind them as they return to the Aeon Mallard.

Ashley: Ashley doesn't even freeze as he is getting things ready. "Shroud happened." He spares a look towards Riprock. "He resurrected the dead on the ship somehow. They sliced us up." He moves to the bacta tank, getting it prepared. "She'll be fine once I get her in the bacta tank." Then he finally pauses, looks to Riprock. "Help get her out of her gear?"

Kesvo: "Leave those here," she said, nodding to the crate while they were still in the loading area.
"You know what that is you're carting around?" she asked Drasek, as she headed further into the ship.

Drasek Myr: "No problem. Where can I bunk?"

Kesvo: When he asked where he could bunk, Kesvo held her hand out for his gun.

Rook: Rook continues to shadow the stranger and Kesvo.

Tal: Tal watches the new guy silently, arms crossed.

Rook: Rook wishes she could project that much effortless menace. and he's not even in his armor yet

Drasek Myr: "Jedi artifacts that once belonged to the Emperor." he answered.
"Obviously the crew didn't do good job keeping it a secret."

Kesvo: "Where were you headed with them?"

Captain Riprock:   Riproc nods and helps Ashley do just that, giving assistance to his medical work.

Drasek Myr: "Next stop was Quolas. I know the way there. It's not very well known... would be hard for someone else to take you there." Drasek coughed and scratched his chin. His eyes were fixed on something, like he was reading a screen Kesvo couldn't see.

Kesvo: "Why Quolas?"

Ashley: Ashley gives Riprock a grateful nod, glad for the assistance. It doesn't take long to get the bacta tank prepped and Venn in it. "She'll be okay," he repeats, "but it'll take some time." Ashley would be checking in, doing what he could to speed up the process as well. He rubbed a hand at his own temple, blood still dripping sluggishly. "... and I think the rest came back with an additional passenger."

Kesvo: Kesvo made a gesture with her still-outstretched hand, and added. "Guns."

Captain Riprock:   "Alright. I'll check it out. I'll have the Droid watch him to make sure no funny business. I better detach the Mallard before we get radiation poisoning."

Drasek Myr: "I haven't figured that part of the mystery out yet." He handed over his rifle and blaster.

Kesvo: Once she had the guns in hand, Kesvo nodded towards the door leading further into the ship.

Rook: "Last I heard Quolas was stil in the hands of the Imperials. It's a quiet place, the Sathari are from there. Folks like to go there to hunt some really spectacular predadors."

Kesvo: As she passed Tal, she offered him the newcomer's guns. "You might locking these up before you hit the medbay?" she asked him.

Drasek Myr: "Maybe if I took a look at the relics." He continued onward as he continued talking with Kes.

Kesvo: Kesvo shot Rook an odd look. It was eerily like having a second Ashley around, sometimes.
"Maybe if you took a look at the relics then what?" she prompted

Ashley: Ashley nods at Riprock, moving to poke his head out of the medbay. "So, I know you guys are still sorting things out but ..." A look went to Tal and then to Rook. "Two of you are on my patient list and need to be in here stat."

Drasek Myr: "I tell you what I find, though might be good to have a jedi look with me."

Rook: Rook looked at Tal, who seemed to be having trouble walking. "you first, hmm?"

Kesvo: "You can bunk here for right now," she said, leading Drasek to the passenger lounge.

Drasek Myr: "Much obliged," he tipped his hat.

Kesvo: She ignored his comment about the artifacts for now, and instead folded her arms. "How'd that guy get on the ship? There was no one docked when we got there."

Tal: "Will do." he said to Kesvo, taking Drasek's guns and exiting the hold. He would store them elsewhere in the ship until they determined that this guy wasn't a threat.
"I'll be okay, Four. Gonna talk to One after I take care of this."

Drasek Myr: "Power surge knocked out the lights," he paused recalling the events. "He just seemed to appear on the ship."
End Session 43



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Re: SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs
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Episode 3, Chapter 1, Session 44 - The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions have encountered the cyborg former Jedi known as Shroud aboard the Silver Star. After a harrowing encounter with the psychopath with a lightsaber, the Hellions have retreated back to the Aeon Mallard. Riprock withdrew the vessel to a safe distance while they converse among themselves. With a mysterious new guest - a Mirialan by the name of Drasek - who was on board the Silver Star as hired protection, they recover from their wounds and try to figure out their next move.
For ease of roleplay, assume that Venn is able to interact with the others on ship (albeit injured still) while Ashley and Tal are currently covering in their bunks, fast asleep and unable to be awoken.

Rook: After speaking with Ashley, Rook had returned to the engineering bay to work, emerging when she heard that Venn was awake. Now back in her (repaired) armor, she would flash a smile at Kesvo, but not otherwise interrupt the conversation between Kesvo, the stranger and the Captain before continuing her quest to find Venn.

Kesvo: Kesvo nods to acknowledge Rook, but her attention remains primarily on Riprock and the newcomer.
"Wait, you two know each other?" she asks, caught off guard by the captain's familiarity with Drasek.

Drasek Myr: “Why, Captain Riprock,” Drasek said. “As I live and breathe. Of course, this is the Mallard.”
He laughed. Years before, Riprock and Drasek had coordinated on a particularly ugly case. A smuggler with a cargo of designer euphorics had broken with his supplier. Three people on the Wheel had been caught in the crossfire, and the smuggler had shipped out for Ord Mantell. The traditional competitiveness and insularity of the stations’ respective security forces had almost let the perp slip away. Only Drasek and Riprock had been willing to coordinate outside the corporate channels.
Following up on a lead,” Drasek said. “You bet I was on that ship, just taking care of myself these days.”

Captain Riprock: "Yeah, I know Drasek." Riprock nodded to the man, his voice gruff. "Years back he was one of the best agents of the Alliance to get supplies and track down traitors. I was lookin' for him when I formed up this team, but he dropped off the map."
"What lead are you followin', Drasek?" He turned to the Mirialan then.

Drasek Myr: Drasek leaned back. "I was trying to find who was getting these relics off planet. Don't know all the players in the game at the moment."

Captain Riprock: Riprock turned to Kesvo then, gesturing toward Drasek with his thumb. "Drasek's one of the good guys. We can trust him on this one."
Dice System: Updating Players Destiny Pools

Kesvo: Kesvo kept quiet for a beat, expression reserved while she watched the exchange between the two men. She relaxed some visibly at Riprock's endorsement, but the situation was still a little odd, to her.
"He said they picked the relics up from a fence, a Nikto named Widget. On Coruscant, I assume," she said, glancing to Drasek to confirm with a glance. Her attention lingered on him as she added, "I hope you don't have any plans for the relics themselves, though. The plan is to destroy them."

Drasek Myr: Drasek nodded. "Well we should verify what's actually in there before we destroy it all.”

Kesvo: "Why?" she asked, brow furrowing mildly. "What might be in there that you wouldn't want destroyed?"

Drasek Myr: "Jedi relics," Drasek said.

Captain Riprock: "Ah." Riprock said slowly, nodding. "Right. That makes sense, now."

Ashley: It was only after Venn awakened that Ashley actually slept in his bunk. Before that it was all med-bay, all the time. Thankfully a few hours sleep and he was doing much better. Even if he was on his way to get something to drink.

Kesvo: Kesvo laughed dryly. "That's exactly what we mean to destroy."

Drasek Myr: "Why? That makes no sense."

Kesvo: "One of our crew has some experience with them and believes they're incredibly dangerous for anyone to have hold of."
"In fact, as soon as she wakes up, there's a good chance I'll be out the airlock if she finds out I'm the one who let them be brought onto the Mallard at all," she added, with a smirk.

Drasek Myr: "Who is this crew member of yours?" he asked.

Kesvo: "You'll meet her eventually," she said. "As apparently you're riding with us for a bit."

Captain Riprock: "Well, considerin I run the airlock around here, I'm sure you're safe."

Venn: The Hapes Cluster could have a strange effect on bacta. When the Captain was away on his little soujourn to Hapes, those refueling and maintaining the Mallard at its berth went ahead and refreshed the Bacta fluid in the medbay. Strangely enough, when Venn was submersed in the healing liquid, it surged in potency for a short while, working far quicker than normal bacta.... But after about 45 minutes, the hyper-efficacy became normal. And while this was fascinating to Ashley in particular, he could tell that such an anomaly was a one-time thing.

Kesvo: She looked to Riprock. "Back to Coruscant, then? We can maybe track down this nikto and see if we have any better luck finding a trail."

Captain Riprock: "Maybe, yeah. It's an idea." He stroke his metal chin in thought. "We gonna try to track down Shroud? That was the guy who took off in the ship that had some sort of cloaking device, right?"

Kesvo: "Yeah. I'd love to. But seeing as how we couldn't detect him when he was sitting right beside us, I'm not sure how we'd go about picking up a trail."

Drasek Myr: "All my leads dried up on Coruscant, that was why I was on the ship."

Kesvo: "If you have any ideas, I'm all ears, though."

Ashley: Ashley totally made note of that anomaly because, hey, maybe it could someday be triggered on purpose to speed up the recovery of an individual. Not that he wants to make use of the bacta tank that much but with the Hellions track record being what it is ...

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded at Drasek's comment, but didn't seem to change course.
To Riprock, she added, "After all, he was looking to put on a show. The fact that he fled makes me think Venn kriffed him up further than what showed. I'd rather catch him now than later if it's possible to track him."

Captain Riprock: "I'll do my best to try and figure it out. I can set us up to go to Coruscant, but once I jump us to hyperspace we can't change course."

Venn: After an hour and a half or so in, that strangeness caused her to become alert and seek out of the tank. Climbing out, she said it made her feel nauseous to the Blueberry and promised to get back in after that passed. If Ashley were to check the bacta now, it would be totally normal. Venn just preferred for the moment to take a minute sitting down and breathing her own air to re-calibrate herself. She told him she didn't need to be babysat, either, rather relishing in being alone for a bit in the medbay if he didn't fight her on it.

Drasek Myr: "Well if he knew the hyperlane of the ship, then he probably knows where it was headed."

Kesvo: "It's worth waiting to see if you can figure something out, if you think there's a chance," she said. Drasek's comment about the hyperlanes, caused her brows to lift with a touch of hope and she looked back to Riprock to hear his response.

Captain Riprock: "Yeah. This was on its travel route. It had a couple planets to go before it hit Nar Shaddaa. We can follow the ship's flight path, maybe get a jump on their contacts."
"It's weird the ship was just here."

Ashley: Once conscious, Ashley was fine with leaving Venn on her own. Weakened, yes, but with her vitals back to normal--albeit clearly having been wrecked--it was safe for him to leave her alone to adjust back to breathing air. Thankfully, he was able to recognize that he was hovering and removed himself. Only after pulling Venn's word that if she felt odd or out of sorts, that she'd call him back.

Kesvo: "Can we get any info off of the other ship without going back over there?" she asked, with a glance to Rook on the side. "They might've had more specific contact info."

Captain Riprock: "Probably not. It's filled with radiation. It woulda messed with any computers or comms. We'd have to decontaminate the ship or go there with anti-rad suits to get more info."

Drasek Myr: "I'd sure like to know how you all came to know about the ship."

Rook: passing through once more, Rook would glance around for either jeti and offer, "I tried to short circuit his Light-saber but I've no true notion if what I did would work, or how long."
Her gaze would sweep over those gathered. "Weren't we given several possible interceptions for Shroud? Would any of those coordinates still be viable? Then ... if ?Shroud can't have the artifacts, is it possible he'd go after the people who were buying them, in case this wasn't the first shipment?"
Rook gave a moment's thought to Kesvo's question. "I can try. Send my ... err." a glance at the captian. "Send a remote, or Or maybe I could rig a one-time only suit up for my self and head over?"

Kesvo: "Or we could send Ashley," she pointed out. "His thingy keeps environmental stuff off of him, I think," she said, gesturing to her wrist, where Ashley wore his bracelet. "We can check the back, see if there are any rad suits... if there are, Rook, I wouldn't mind you going to see if you can figure out what disabled their ship. They're not sitting at this point in space for sight-seeing. Shroud might have something on his ship that kriffed up their rad containment and knocked them out of hyper."

Rook: Rook looks thoughtful at the anti-rad suit comment. something she'd seen in the cargo hold when stashing her unwelcome droids there. "I'll go look."
Rook will head to the cargo hold to look for a suit.

Ashley: "Venn's woken up," said Ashley, finally coming through. "Still rough but ..." There was a tired but pleased smile that the other force user was awake.

Kesvo: "That's good news."

Drasek Myr: "I still want to look at the relics for clues. I'll wait until you crew member is ready though."

Kesvo: "Clues to what?"

Captain Riprock: "Why they wanted this so bad to come deep in Republic space and murder a bunch of people for some old relics."

Kesvo: "Venn's description of them didn't answer that for you?" she asked Riprock.

Venn: Blue hair darkened by moisture and sticking slick to her skin, the adept will walk out of the medbay with a towel/blanket over her shoulders. Otherwise she is just in her black short tights and some equivalent of a sports bra beneath. Barefoot steps have her move towards the cargo bay with her features a mask of neutrality. While half dry, she drips a little bit on her journey towards the source of something pulling at her mind.

Captain Riprock: "Weird magic garbage." Riprock shrugs. "The fact that Palpantine had it tells me it's either something good for us or good for them."

Drasek Myr: "Who? Where? About this cyborg sith. Could give me the bigger picture."

GM: Venn walks half unfocused, half out of her element as she enters the cargo bay with the other Hellions. She moves past the others, not even looking at them, as she walks up to the chest that Drasek brought on board.

Kesvo: Kesvo shook her head at Riprock's words. "You didn't see her reaction to the mention of these relics," she warned, her voice lowering to something quieter. "I've never seen her lose her shit like--" she says, only belatedly catching sight of Venn moving towards the cargo bay.

Captain Riprock: "Venn?"

Ashley: "The concern is--" Ashley breaks off, staring at Venn. "... Two?"

Venn: She waves her hand dismissively at people bothering her.

Kesvo: Kesvo moves towards the Umbaran, not liking the unfocused look about her.
"Wait, before you break them down," she said, putting a hand on top of the chest. "There are new concerns."

Venn: Padding towards the chest, she cants her head.
She holds out her hand and closes her eyes once she gets within a closer distance.

Drasek Myr: Drasek watched Venn and folded his arms.

Captain Riprock: "...What's going on?"

Kesvo: "What are you doing?" she asked, more than a little creeped out at how little Venn is saying.

Ashley: There's a frown on Ashley's face, pulling out the scanner that he had from the med-bray to keep an eye on her vitals. Much like Kes, he's not that far away from her or the relics.

Rook: Rook finds the anti-radiation suit and begins to gear up.

GM: The chest rumbles and shakes, then pops open, shoving Kes's hand aside and nearly knock her over. From within, an ambient of immediate light flows open and three objects are inside: A sword, a black metal talisman, and a cube of some sort.
Ashley and Venn immediately sense a conflux of energies - light and dark - come from the objects within the chest.

Kesvo: Kesvo gasps as the opening lid shoves her aside. She rights herself and tries to insert herself bodily between Venn and the chest. "Venn*. Stop."

Venn: "Why did you bring these on board?" she says to almost no one in particular, not caring and using her imperial accent in front of Drasek at the moment.

Captain Riprock: "What are they? They're what Shroud was lookin' for, I reckon'."

Kesvo: "Because leaving them on the other ship left their fate in question. I don't know what it'd take to destroy them and I didn't think you'd want to leave it to chance. Look at me."

Ashley: The mix of light and dark has Ashley taking another step forward, staring at the contents. "These ..." He trailed off, unsure of how to put it into words what he sensed.

Venn: Venn turns her head to look at Kesvo upon her command to do so.

GM: Ashley and Venn instantly recognize what the cube is.

Venn: "The holocron, that cube, isn't dangerous. But it is valuable."

Kesvo: Kesvo looks somewhat relieved just to have Venn acknowledge her. "Thank you. You're creeping me out, Two. Let's put them in the airlock for right now, and we can talk about what to do with them. But you don't seem quite yourself at the moment."

Rook: She isn't as fast as she should be, getting ready. But she banishes the images in her mind and focuses upon the task at hand. Get the mission done. HE wouldn't be there, anyway. Once done she'd head back in time to catch a glimpse of the odd relics.

Venn: "I am creeping you out? I am not the one who brought that sword on board... its dripping with ... with darkness."
"Kid, do not touch that thing." she says to Ashley, indicating the sword.

Kesvo: "Kinda, yeah," she insisted, brow furrowing. "What do you want to do? jettison the chest and have the captain hit it with the guns?"

Venn: "The bloody hell are you?" she says to Drasek out of nowhere, breaking the moment in half.

Ashley: It's been years since Ashley has seen a holocron, not since the one that had helped him find his way to Luke. "Not a chance," he says to Venn. "I don't like it."

Kesvo: The longer Venn talks, the more she seems more like herself to Kesvo, and the more the Falleen relaxes by increments.

Ashley: The holocron, however, does draw his attention and bring him closer to inspect it. He snorts as Venn seems to come back to herself some.

Kesvo: "He's an old alliance buddy of the captain's. He was on the other ship, was after the relics too."

Venn: "Something about you seems familiar." she says, looking the mirialan up and down.

Drasek Myr: "Name's Drasek." he answered, as Kesvo got most the other details.
"I don't recall having previously met."

Venn: She rolls her tongue in her mouth a bit, as if needing to do that to rifle through her chaotic memories. And its certainly easy to take her seriously and think she is normal as she is standing in front of everyone in her underwear.
"Were you wanted? By Imperials?"

Kesvo: Kesvo tries to close the case.

Venn: "And yes, you can try to lie to me."
"But I wouldn't advise it."

Captain Riprock: "How about everyone just calm down."
"We're gettin' a little mixed up at each-other."
The Cap puts a hand on Drasek's shoulder, looking to Venn. "Drasek's an old friend, like I was tellin' Kess. We both fought the Empire together."

Drasek Myr: Drasek thought of six different answers and turned them all aside. "Yeah, I was wanted by them."

Ashley: ... before Kesvo can close the case, Ashley reaches in and picks up the holocron, quick as a flash. This is where that curiousity backfires, yo.

Kesvo: "Ashley!" Kesvo barks, suddenly angry.

Venn: Venn looked to he Captain, then to Kesvo. She then squinted at Drasek at his answer.

Rook: Rook moves a bit closer to look closely at the artifcats. "That round thing could be a key, hmm? or a cypher. the sword ..." She thinks back through the history of her people. she nearly aches to touch it, because of what it is made of. but for now she watches.

GM: As Ashley picks up the Holocron it abruptly hums and rises in his hand. It hovers in the air as it separates along previously invisible gaps and realisngs itself into a diamond shape.

Kesvo: She waves Rook away and forcefully shuts the chest.
And watches to see what in the hell Ashley did to himself.

Venn: "We'll pick this up later." she says to Drasek/Captain/Kesvo, about the bounty hunter....

GM: A blue holographic image appears of a youthful, dark haired Mirialan in the robes of the Jedi.

Venn: Turning to Ashley, Venn does not seem alarmed.

Drasek Myr: "Well will you look at that," he says in wonderment.

Ashley: "It's a holocron, Kes," says Ashley, his face illuminated by the light and grinning when he sees the youthful face in the robes of a Jedi. "It's not like the other relics in the chest."

GM: The hologram nods to Ashley and smiles slightly but sincerely. "Greetings, students. I am Keltim Weswin - well, his memory at least. I am the gatekeeper of this holocron, which Ketlim Weswin created to store his knowledge of the Force and the ways of the Jedi."

Venn: Venn approaches the visual, rather awed by the beauty of the device but also of the familiar visage it presented.

Kesvo: Ashley probably doesn't notice, as absorbed as he is in the holocron, but he soundly failed his calm-mama-bear check.

Ashley: He'll realize later when he has to pass a check against scathing tirade.

Venn: "The irony." she says...

Rook: Rook's eyebrows rise a bit, as Ashley explains he found a ... Holocron. and maybe, the teacher Ashley was hoping for find? Her smile would light for a moment, before fading.

Kesvo: "What the kriff is a holocron? Who is that?"

Venn: "Oh druk... now I recall you." she says to Drasek." But she turns back to the holocron not explaining that at all.
"Its a repository of knowledge."
"Like a ...fancy computer."

Kesvo: She paused to digest that, thinking in silence for a beat. "But not dangerous?" she confirmed with Venn.

Ashley: "They can only be activated by those skilled in the Force," adds Ashley.

GM: "A holocron is a receptacle of Jedi lore and lessons." The gatekeeper says warmly toward Kes. "They are keyed only to the worthy, that Keltim designated who would - and should - inherit his knowledge."

Venn: "A Jedi holocron is benevolent, mostly or just data."

Kesvo: "Did that thing just answer me?"

Rook: A whisper, ".... i think it did. this is so amazing."

Ashley: "... worthy?" says Ashley quietly. Then, to Kes. "It's like a copy of the Jedi who made it. His memory, at least. That exists within the holocron."

GM: "I did. I'm not quite a spirit or a ghost; I'm a force imprinted Artificial Intelligence that inhabits a holocron and allows its users to access the information it contains. I am based on the personality and memories of the one who created me."
"Think of me as.. an echo.. of Keltim Weswin."

Venn: "Imagine recording your life lessons down into a device for others to benefit from. That is what this is." she explained to Kesvo.

Kesvo: Kes falls quiet for a minute, digesting what she's heard.

Venn: "But someone like you or I can't open them. Blueberry here has the right stuff, however."

Rook: Rook nodded slowly, studying the ancient Jedi. "He could teach you ashley! and Jenna, find out if he can help Jenna."

Ashley: "... and you exists--this holocron exists--to pass on Keltin Weswin's knowledge?" Sorry, Ashley's zeroed in right now. Obsession mode triggered.

Rook: Reflexively, Rook types Keltim Weswin into her data pad, wanting to do a holonet search .. only of course, no holonet.

Venn: She makes a face at Rook a moment, wondering what the captain's daughter has to do with matters... or how she even knows her... of course venn is ignorant of their palace trip specifics.

Ashley: One day Ashley will tell Venn. One day.

GM: "In a sense, yes. I am at the moment incomplete. Due to the nature of the rising power of the Dark Side during the Clone Wars and his desire to save me for future generations of Jedi, he had separated parts of his lessons along a journey to reconstruct them."
"Keltim believed - and so do I - that the journey to rebuild the Holocron's full knowledge is vital to understanding the weight of his special talent."

Venn: "Keltim Weswin was a good man, Blue." she says to the kid.

Rook: Rook catches the look, the focus. She steps back, away from the group, with a small ask-me-later-if-you'd-like gesture for Venn.

GM: "Oh you knew him? You speak in the past tense - I trust he fell in battle, then?"

Ashley: "Sounds like it if he was trying to preserve knowledge," says Ashley, glancing to Venn. But then- Well, the holocron beat him to the next question.

Venn: "There is no death." she says plainly to the Holocron.

GM: "There is only The Force." The Gatekeeper responds with a small, but sincere, smile.

Venn: Venn looks to Kesvo. "I wouldn't worry about this, which i can feel coming from you from here."
"But..." she points at the sword. "Worry."

Kesvo: "What about the other two things?" she asked, speaking slowly as though still thinking over whether or not she wants to cease worrying as advised. "Blast them? Or what?"

Venn: She just points at the chest then.

Captain Riprock: "Do you know anything about them, Venn?"

Ashley: That brings a grin to Ashley's face at those words about the Force. In any case ... "You said journey to rebuild? Are you simply a portion of the knowledge then?" Speaking to the Gatekeeper/holocron/memory/THING OF AWESOMENESS, of course.

Rook: "I would like .... a chance to look at the blade. I don't need to touch it, I think. It's just .. so curious in there. Could it be mandalorian? wouldn't sith or jedi have sabers?"

Venn: "No. But if you want, I will try to study them." she says, wrapping the blanket around her self a bit tighter.
"You don't want any part of that blade, Spitfire."

Ashley: "The sword is, ah, bad juju." Was that the phrase? Probably. Which was certainly one way to say steeped in the dark.

Venn: "I was worried the ship was full of occult artifacts." Beat, "The holocron is benevolent and I have no qualms of having Ashley be in charge of it."

Rook: Rook looks at Venn, looks at Kesvo.
"I don't want it hurting you." Rook assures them both. "and I don't want to use or keep it." Another pause. "but it seems liek if it should be studied, having you around to do something if ... it goes bad, would be more help than having me around."

GM: "I contain lessons of the History of the Jedi, many of the initial teachings necessary to serve as foundations for the rest of Keltim's knowledge. In this, I will help guide you along the journey necessary to rebuild the full breadth of his knowledge."

Venn: "Wait... maybe he can tell us what those things are. Or provide clues."

Kesvo: "Having it around is hurtful," she tells Rook. "If I understand correctly," she adds, glancing to Venn for confirmation.
"But just the sword? What about the amulet?"

Ashley: "... but they were together with the holocron." Ashley's nose wrinkled up in thought before his eyes widened at the words from the holocron. Knowledge of the Jedi ... "Ah, Venn is right. Do you know anything about the amulet and the sword? They were in transit together with the holocron." So one had to wonder if there was a connection.

GM: "I do not know what the other objects are. As I am not a living being connected with the Force, I could not interact with them."

Venn: "I've suffered worse." she says to Kesvo, attempting to communicate that she wasn't terribly affected to the point of debilitation.

Kesvo: "But is there any reason to keep it, if it's harmful at all? As long as it exists, there's a chance the bad guys will get their hands on it."

Venn: "If you guys can come up with a way to dispose of it then sure."
"Holo-weswin, do you know any rituals to cleanse objects?"

GM: "Hah. That's the first time I've been called that." The gatekeeper says with a chuckle, lifting a hand to stroke his chin. "Sadly, no. There wasn't much need for that back then. Dark side relics were not very common and left in the hands of Master Windu or Master Yoda."

Venn: His voice, that laughter, struck her harder than she could have expected in that moment and for a brief second that showed on her face.
"Uh.. okay." says Venn. "Blue... you let us know if he has anything important to share? That is obviously best kept in your possession until you can get it to some safekeeping."

Kesvo: "What about the amulet?" she repeated, to Venn, then looking to Ashley. "Is it just the sword that's problematic?"

Venn: "The dynamic between the sword and the holocron are creating... a rather... odd mix of noise. I would have to sit with them for a while to see if I get anything."
"Short of it is I am distracted."

Kesvo: "Do you want to do that, or do you want to write them both off and look for a way to destroy them both?"

Ashley: "Alright, I will," says Ashley. "Though-" He pauses. "What Venn said. We can move the holocron away and see if that helps cut it down. Right now the light and the dark are pushing at each other." Or ... well, that wasn't quite right but close enough.

GM: "I'm patient." The gatekeeper smiled toward Venn. "We'll talk when you're ready."

Venn: "The holocron is fine in the general area. Leave me here for a few and I'll see what I can pick up."

Kesvo: "You don't have to do this right now," she reminded Venn. "You can rest, first."

Venn: "And you tech heads can think of a way to dispose of it or prevent it from being found."
"I do."
"The sooner I do this, the less time something awful can take hold if that is what it does."

Captain Riprock: Riprock steps up slowly and lays a hand gently on Venn's shoulder. "You come hollar if you need somethin, alright?"

Venn: She just gives the captain a nod, brushing back her damp hair before approaching the chest.

Captain Riprock: He'll then nod to the others and move to the cockpit of the ship.

Kesvo: Kesvo eyes Venn, clearly ill at ease, then watches the back of Riprock's head as he bails.

Rook: "I'll head to the airlock..." she says to the captian's back, then simply goes there and prepares for an EVA or to cross over, once the captian has decided how she is getting back there.

Ashley: Ashley watches Venn a moment, clearly at odds with something. Mostly leaving his not fully recovered patient to inspect possible Sith artifacts.

Drasek Myr: He followed Rook. "What exactly are you looking for over there?"

Kesvo: "Are you alright to hang neaby while she's doing her thing?" she asked Ashley quietly.

GM: The gatekeeper, sensing he was not needed at the moment, disappears as the holocron closes.

Venn: Once they all file out, she waves her hand, causing the cargo doors to slide closed. Sitting down before the chest, cross legged she takes a moment.
She will insist on being alone, actually.

Rook: Rook grins over her shoulder at the not-really-a-stranger after all. "Clues. datapads, notes, items ... maybe I can get something useful off of the harddrives. I'll probably remove them intact, to study here. easier to decontaminate a small thing, than a whole ship. Her easy smile can't quite disguiese a flicker of unease. "Shroud needs to be stopped." she said quietly. "I'm worried he's going to go on, to the people you were meeting."

Kesvo: Assuming Ashley doesn't refuse, Kesvo will leave that to the two of them to work out.
She'll then com the captain. "Will you take us back in? I want to see if we can pull anything useful off of their data stores before we take off."
"Rook found rad suits. We won't be long."

Rook: "What did you know, about the crew? What I could tell when I was over there was that the ship was rigged to fail. WE're not sure what stopped it."

Ashley: "... normally I would agree but I can keep an eye on her vitals without being in the room," says Ashley quietly, because scanners are amazing things alright, "which will let me know." What he does is stay nearby--outside of the cargo hold--but ultimately leaves Venn to her space. Sometimes space was a necessity.
Also he kind of owed her space after not letting her have it the last time.

Kesvo: Kesvo will then go and pull on one of the rad suits, then summon N1 out of the engine room (or wherever he was stuck).

Captain Riprock: "Sure. I'll keep an eye out for anything crazy." The Cap maneuvers the Mallard back to dock to the Shining Star.

Drasek Myr: "I got hired on last minute, didn't really talk to the crew much. I was trying to keep a low-profile."

N1-TR0: "Jubilant Greeting: Hello, Three!"

Kesvo: "Hey. Need you to come with."

Captain Riprock: "Suits will keep ya'll safe for a few hours. I'll give ya a hollar when the clock's up."

N1-TR0: "Excitement: Awesome. Whatever you need."

Rook: "Hmm. Did you see where the captian's quarters were? some captains keep separate records."

Kesvo: "Thanks. I'm not staying even that long, if I can help it. I'm already creeped out," she tells Riprock.

Captain Riprock: "Don't blame ya. See what you can get then get out."

Venn: Centering herself comes more difficult than expected, if only from the shock of the personality of the recordings within the holocron. The voice was was from her ancient past, but hearing it again struck long atrophied chords in her mind. Wrangling the emotions she tended to simply suppress was a challenge that made this process far more taxing than she expected.

Kesvo: "Follow me," she tells N1, and then heads to the airlock, outfitted in a rad suit. She waits there for the Mallard to dock with the other ship.

Venn: Venn Parsa bets Kesvo looks hawt in a hazmat suit. like nuclear fire hot.

Rook: Rook stares a moment when kesvo arrives, clearly not expecting her. She slips an anti nausea pill in then fastens her helmet in place.

GM: In short order the Mallard docks with the Silver Star.

N1-TR0: "Assessment: You two both look scared. Perhaps it is best if I lead first?"

Drasek Myr: He told Rook where the captain's quarters were before they all left.

Ashley: Once Ashley's situated for his vigil--outside of the closed cargo hold--he touches the holocron once again to activate it. Did you think you were free? GUESS AGAIN.

GM: The Holocron opens and once more The Gatekeeper appears. He smiles gently up to Ashley. "Hello again."

Drasek Myr: Drasek went back to watch Venn, who had asked if he had any Imperial entanglements.

Venn: Picking up the talisman with telekinesis, she places it right before her on the ground and attempts to open her mind to take in whatever imprint it may have. Allowing the Force to direct her senses, she meditates on the object.

Kesvo: "You ready?" she asks the Mando. She turns so that she can address both Rook and N1 at the same time. "I'd like N1 to try and slice into the other ship's systems to pull any an all data he can get. Four, I'd like you to get a look at the hardware and see if you can figure out a better idea of what happened to make them stop here. Was it just a lucky shot from their guns or something more insidious? The more we know about how Shroud operates, the better we can prepare. Alright?"

Rook: Rook will wave at Drasek before they cross over, and offer him a thumbs up for is information. N1's comment earns a wry grin that no one can see. She nodded to Kesvo, a steady "I should supervise him. He mostly blows stuff up, but we can assist each other. It'll take a little longer." she'd key her datapad to give Kesvo the location of the captian's cabin.

N1-TR0: "Suggestion: I should still blow it up."
Dice System:

Kesvo: "Oh. right," Kesvo says, having been distracted enough to have forgotten N1's specialty. "Strike that, then. I forgot. Take point on slicing, Four. The data's the priority. After we get what we can, if there's still time we can take a look at the structure."
she paused, then nodded. "And when we're done, sure. We can blow it up."

Kesvo: "You know any way of destroying a cortosis blade?" she asked the droid as they moved onto the other ship. "You have any bombs up your sleeve capable of that?"

Ashley: "Hi," says Ashley. "You mentioned knowledge ... " A breath was let out. "What of Weswin's teachings do you know? To put into a holocron it had to be important."

N1-TR0: "Confusion: A what?"

Kesvo: "I'll take that as a no," kes replies. "I'll fill you in back on the ship."

Rook: "It's bitterly rare, Three. I bet that blade is almost pure. I wonder if ..." her eyes narrow, thinking about how to deconstruct it. that stuff was so incredibly tough ...

GM: The gatekeeper smiles up at Ashley. "Keltim was known for many accomplishments and feats both before and during the Clone Wars. His greatest contribution to the Jedi, however, was a unique technique he discovered. Although many Jedi are capable of foreseeing future events, Keltim's ability was different. Rather than focusing on visions of events yet to come, Keltim perceived the future decisions, actions, and intentions of other sentients nearby him. Not only could he see beyond lies and deceptions, he could predict another's decisions long before that person even contemplated the matter."

Rook: "If I knew how it was made, I'd know how to break it. If I knew how the Force worked, I'd know if we had to be wary of it trying to defend the sword. Though it about kills me to say so, Maybe we should just launch it into a star?"

GM: "The secrets of this technique, as well as most sensitive knowledge he possessed, are not contained in this holocron, but in a set of three kyber crystals he created alongside it. The holocron was created merely to be able to read those crystals."

Kesvo: "That has, in fact, been suggested."

N1-TR0: "Suggestion: We build a crossbow to shoot it at our enemies." The droid recommends cheerily as the doors to the starship open. The lighting of the vessel is flickering and now mostly dead thanks to the radiation seeping into the ship's systems. Between the hull-breach and the trauma of the leak, the ship is in bad shape.

Rook: Rook takes a deep, steadying breath as she prepares to face the gory scene of Shrouds insane murder spree.

Kesvo: "Consider the sword in question to be... diseased," Kesvo said, to try and make both the droid and the mando understand her aversion to it. "It's not, but from my understanding it has the potential to affect the force-sensitive among us as though it is. Even just having it around is problematic. We need to figure out what our best shot is of doing something with it that will have the highest chance of keeping it out of the hands of the bad guys, even if it means shooting it into a star."
When Rook pauses to steel herself, Kesvo puts a hand on her shoulder.
"We get in, we get what we can, and we get out," she repeats.

Venn: Opening her eyes, the Umbaran adept picks up the talisman in her hands. She turns it over, rubbing her thumb against the ancient metal finish.

Ashley: "... and you can guide an individual to those kyber crystals?" asks Ashley. "To gain that knowledge." He rests his jaw on an upturned palm. "I can see why he'd want to make sure that the knowledge of such a technique wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. That kind of foresight--knowledge--could change the tide of any situation."

GM: As Three and Four move into the vessel they find it creaks and shudders some, the radiation having started to melt the paint and finish of the interior of the ship.

Rook: Rook nods to Kesvo, in response to the touch to her arm. "I agree it's cursed, Three. I'm just not sure I can give you a accurate account of how to destroy it, without looking at it." She shrugged. "I'm 100 percent convinced it's more dangerous to those two, than us. So yeah ... let's get this done, and get back there. They will need us, I think."
Rook silently curses having neither vacuum sealed her armor not created jet packs for everyone.

GM: The gatekeeper nods at Ashley's understanding. "Indeed. Only through moving through the journey would you understand. Suljo Warde completed the construction of this holocron while on the planet Arbooine. He entrusted one of the crystals to a young Force-sensitive Mirialan named Gel Marcoll. He saw great potential in Gel, whom he hoped to make his Padawan. Keltim kept the other crystals with him and where they are now, I cannot say. If you hope to learn the technique behind his predictive abilities and unlock the full potential of this holocron, you must travel to Arbooine and retrace Keltim's last steps."
What are Rook and Kes looking to retrieve from the Shining Star?

Kesvo: "Where do you want to start? Captain's things or the main computer?" she asked ROok as they boarded.

Rook: "if it's sabotage, that evidence will be ihn the main computer. but I'm betting like most smugglers the Captain had seperate books, one set false, one real. and the real stuff will probaly be either on his body, or in this cabin."
"So I'd suggest you try to find any and all loose data pads; we can take them back with us. and I'll start at the main frame."

Kesvo: "N1, help me search the bodies and rooms. Four, you concentrate on the computer. We're looking for anything that tell us about the contacts these people worked with, their course history and plotted course, or the cargo they were carrying. We're also looking for information about what happened to the ship exactly, though that's a secondary goal."

Venn: Being one most partial to balance, she found an odd comfort in this talisman. Its purity. Its lack of saturation in ideological dogma. It was of the Force itself, and purer that way, at least in how she took it.

N1-TR0: "Exclamation: Right away, Three! I love looting corpses for useful bits of information, equipment, or currency!"

Kesvo: N1 gets an odd look from Kesvo

Venn: Satisfied that it wasn't harmful, she set it aside. She looked at the sword and released a troubled sight that tribbled her bottom lip. "The fun just doesn't stop, Parsa." she says to herself and touches the sword with a pinky finger.

N1-TR0: "Observation: This one.." N1-TR0 points to the body on the ground or rather.. what's left. "Seems to have lost even their skeletal structure. There's only remains of skin and shredded clothing here!"

Rook: Rook couldn't help a snort at N1's inappropriate enthusiasm. it made it crystal clear to rook, at least, the difference between an organic and a silicone person.

GM: Roll Force Dice, Venn.

Kesvo: "I don't need narration, N1," Kesvo groused, as she moved past him. "Grab information or clues if there are any. Work fast."

GM: N1-TR0 nods and gets to work.

Kesvo: Kesvo also begins searching while Rook works.

GM: Kes roll Hard Skullduggery with 1 Black.

GM: Kes is able to locate the Captain's secret compartment in her cabin, but it's trapped! It explodes and does 2 wounds to her, ignoring soak as the suit she wears is nearly compromised.
Rook's luck is a bit easier, she is able to salvage all of the ships files, but she won't be able to really get into the meat of it until they're back on the Mallard.

Venn: Venn has been "out of the game" so to speak, for years. She wasn't particularly prepared for what she felt in the blade with even such a small touch. Cold blasted hr nerves to the point where she bowled over backwards from her seated position awkwardly. The blanket did nothing to suppress the shudder she exhibited, now a couple of meters from the cursed weapon.

GM: Kes gets a warning from her suit that she needs to get back to safety and soon.
But there's a lockbox beneath the blasted panel!

Kesvo: Kesvo gets most of her swearing out before she taps the com to talk to Rook. "Four, how are you on progress? My suit's been compromised and I need to get back soon."

Rook: Rook will rush towards Kesvo when she hears the explosion, keying her comm.

Kesvo: She pulls up the lockbox and takes it with her.

Rook: COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ Are you OK? I'm fine, get gone. I'll catch up; right behind you." ⌁

Venn: She presses to the wall and clicks the com speaker to the cockpit.

Kesvo: Kesvo starts heading for the airlock. "How much time do you need?" she asks Rook.

Venn: COM to Captain: ⌁ Skipper, I need you to start making the calculations on the nearest star that we can send this blasted sword into. If there is some way we can drop it in the hyperspeed tunnel, that works too." ⌁ .

Ashley: "The Sathari call that planet home and I don't think they're really that friendly," Ashley says, thinking about the fact that the Separatists made use of Arbooine at one point. His head tilts. "Is there any insight you can offer? A location on Arbooine that is best to start with? There's a very real chance that others are aware of the existence of your holocron and the kyber crystals." Which was not good, in his opinion, if the likes of Shroud or otherwise were able to learn this particular talent. The thought popped into his head. "Are you able to recall if you've awakened before this day with us?"

Captain Riprock: COM "Uh. I'm not opening my ship in a hyperspace tunnel, you nuts? But I'll check it out and see what I can come up with."

GM: Rook thinks she can get everything she needs off the computers in just a few more minutes...

Venn: COM to Riprock: ⌁ "I think we both know the answer to that question." ⌁ .

Rook: COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ Only a few more minutes. I've got this. ⌁

GM: KLAXON ALARMS sound on the Shining Star. A crackled, garbling female voice calls out over the com. "Warning. Reactor leak. Engine containment failure. Failure."

Venn: Venn will set the talisman aside and leave the sword in the box. She will attempt to lock it again if possible.

Kesvo: "That's our cue, Rook. Move. Now. N1, you too. We're leaving."

GM: "Total containment failure. Please proceed to all Esc--."

GM: Venn tries to close the chest and it stops, the runes upon the sword seeming to glow.

Drasek Myr: He kneeled down beside Venn. "Let it go."

GM: "The rage is in your hands." The sword says, into Venn's mind.
"Use it."

Rook: Rook grimaced; as an engineer she was all to aware of what those damaged, automated announcements implied. She'd grab her files, and then race to the air lock.

GM: N1-TR0 is at the airlock hatch.

Rook: COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ Will Co ⌁

Venn: Venn freezes, mid closing of the chest.

Kesvo: Kesvo boards the Mallard with the other two.

Drasek Myr: "It will only bring pain and darkness, where it is wielded." Drasek said.

GM: The Gatekeeper looks up to Ashley. "The town of Quolas would be the best place to retrace the steps of his journey. When we approach it, I will tell you more." The gatekeeper flickers out of view and the holocron closes.

Ashley: Of course. With the holocron closed, Ashley turns his attention towards the scanner that he was using to keep an eye on Venn's vitals.

Venn: Venn whispers very quietly to Drasek. "..but do you hear that.."
It is barely a whisper, even.
Venn's vitals were elevated a moment ago but now they are almost disturbingly flat, without deviation.

Kesvo: Once everyone's on board, Kes will com the captain. "We're in. At your leisure, you can put some space between us and the other ship and blast it apart. Its containment is fully busted now."

Drasek Myr: "Deception. Lies. Those are the things it speaks to you." The detective took a shot in the dark.

Rook: Rook's attention is on getting Kesvo out of the radiation suit and into med bay to be certain she was not affected by any radiation due to the damage to her suit. So it took her a moment to register the tableau in the cargo bay. She'd go very still, one hand still raised as if to assist Kesvo.

Venn: Barely a whisper. "But it.. understands what I see."

Ashley: Ashley would like it if Venn's vitals would stop doing weird things. Weird, concerning things. He steps back into the cargo hold to get a visual on Venn.

Captain Riprock: "Got it!" Riprock yells out over the com as the airlock door seals and the decontamination begins in the airlock bay - Kes and Rook have to wait for a few minutes before they can proceed to the cargo bay.

Venn: Venn is holding the chest half closed as if someone pressed pause on her own scene.

Kesvo: Kesvo isn't going to the medbay, even when the decontamination cycle finishes..

Ashley: Rook has to rat mama bear out to the blueberry for that to happen.

Drasek Myr: "So did Keltim Weswin, remember the gatekeeper."

Venn: She says quietly. "My friends? Die?"

Drasek Myr: "We should follow the steps of Holo-Weswin, not pick up some instrument of destruction."

Venn: "But... " she cranes her head back some and blinks as if whatever she was hearing triggered something in her mind. "But.. there is no death."
She blinks and shuts the chest and takes several steps back.

Drasek Myr: He stood up and watched Venn. "You alright?"

Ashley: "There's only the Force," says Ashley this time, approaching Venn slowly and shooting a look to Drasek as he stood as well. No need to ask if Venn was alright, he got that out there.

Venn: Venn blinks her eyes a few exaggerated times, as if she took a particularly harsh shot of alcohol or something.
She'd look to Drasek and seemingly out of the blue, she said in a rather sincere fashion. "...Thanks."
She gives Ashley a nod, still trying to recoup her senses.

Drasek Myr: "No problem," Drasek said.

GM: The door to the decontamination room opens.

Venn: "That thing wants to slaughter."

Rook: "Let's get you to the Med Bay."

Venn: "And it wants a champion to do so."

Kesvo: Kesvo pops her hood off as the door opens and she pauses in the cargo hold, eyeing the three gathered there. She shakes her head briefly at Rook, and listens as Venn speaks about the artifacts.

Drasek Myr: "Well, getting rid of it seems to be paramount."

Venn: The adept looks down at her hands and rubs at them some, smearing off some non-existent thing. What was she seeing? Blood?

Ashley: Venn's words confirmed for Ashley that he definitely did not want to be touching the sword any time soon.

Kesvo: "Everything alright?" she asked, eyes switching between all three with a scrutinizing air.

Venn: "Blue, don't you get anywhere near it." she says, with what could only be described as some kind of maternal level concern.

Ashley: "Not going near it," says Ashley. "You've my word on that."

Venn: "In fact, no one should."

Captain Riprock: Riprock walks into the cargo bay at this point. "Got some safe distance away from the Shining Star - looks like it's gonna blow soon. We should probably get out of here too. Where should I set a course to?"

Venn: "Nearest star to feed it that thing."
"Preferably uninhabited system."

Kesvo: Kes looks from Venn to Riprock and nods her agreement.

Captain Riprock: "Alright, got that. And where after that?"

Ashley: "... Arbooine?" offers Ashley.

Captain Riprock: "Arbowhat?"

Kesvo: "Where was the next stop Switch gave us?"

Rook: Rook took a deep breath, and struggled to speak calmly, if quietly to Kesvo. "You're suit took damage in a contaminated zone. SOP is you go to Med Bay, you take a 15 second scan to be certain you did not take a concerning amount of dosage. Me, I'd rather waste 15 seconds when it was unnecessary than die when it was unnecessary. But it's your call."
to the Captain she'll say, "I got the files, but I haven't had time to analyze them."

Venn: Venn rolls her eyes, having come to her normal senses at this point.

Captain Riprock: "The flight path of the ship was heading toward Nar Shaddaa."

Kesvo: "Yeah, well, if I die in the next fifteen minutes you can say you told me so."

GM: Kesvo. Roll a hard resilience check.

Venn: "For the record, the this talisman isn't harmful."

Ashley: "Outer Rim planet." He glances towards Kesvo. "Which is where this holocron leads. To be honest, there's a very real chance that ... Shroud was after this holocron more than the artifacts." He glances towards Venn. "What did you glean about the talisman?"
(From GM (GM)): You suddenly feel a little nauseous - take 2 strain.

Kesvo: But Rook's frustration apparently had some weight behind it, as it magically made Kesvo feel a bit queasy.
"Did you have any luck figuring out a way to follow Shroud?" she asked Riprock

Captain Riprock: "Nothin', nope."

Venn: "It is ancient. Really ancient. Looks Tythonian, so likely predates even the jedi." she says to the pantoran.
"Shouldnt we be asking how these things are being bootlegged from Coruscant?"
"This operation could still be going on back there."

Kesvo: "We could head to Nar Shadaa and try to find the next link in the chain of this operation. Drasek's already taken a stab at Corsuscant leads. We could move forward instead of back."

Captain Riprock: "Let's let Rook take a crack at the files, see what they say was the next stop to try and sell this stuff was."
"Could be Nar Shaddaa, like Switch said, but any smuggler I know worth their salt changes the flight plan."

Venn: "Fine. But.... Star." she says to the captain before pointing at the chest. "And I'd lock this bay until we get there for everyone's protection."

Rook: Rook nods to the Captain, and heads to engineering to look at the files in more depth. She gestures to N1 to go with and assist her.

Captain Riprock: "Got it." Riprock raises his hands in surrender.

Venn: "I am sure you all are tired of seeing me in my sundries so... I'll be going now before my stitches pop." she resolves, patting the Captain on the chest and pointing at the chest one last time to make her point duuumb clear.
She will then pad off to the med bay.

Captain Riprock: The Cap nods toward her and turn to walk back toward the cockpit.

GM: The crew disperses to catch some rest, recuperate, or gather more information.
End Session 44



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Re: SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs
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Episode 3, Chapter 2, Session 45: The Gatekeeper
The Hellions are currently en-route away from the Fondor system toward the nearest star that they can drop off an ancient weapon into a neutron-disposal unit that will (hopefully) destroy it. While Rook gathers information on where the Silver Star was headed, Tal and Kesvo discuss the object in question and Venn and Ashley discuss the nature of the relics they found.

Kesvo: The sudden hostility in Tal's words caught Kesvo off guard, and the narrowing of her eyes that resulted was more a look of confusion than offense. She didn't interrupt him while he went on to reassert the need he saw for the weapon in the chest, but when he turned away she didn't miss the chance to smoothly insert herself in front of the chest. He seemed agitated, to her. Bothered. While she was still considering that, though, he asked her if the team meant to trust him on his choice here.
"If you want that answered, you'll need to ask the team," she pointed out, quietly. "We've got some time yet before we reach the system where Venn wants to dump it. If this is the right path, it'll still be the right path an hour from now, after you've filled the rest of the team in on what you want to do. Alright? It's not going anywhere in the meantime. Let's go round them up and talk."

GM: A voice, deep and gutteral, whispers in Kesvo's mind. She finds it is otherworldly and filled with a powerful rage that seems to almost infuse her skin with energy. *And what if the two you look to for guidance are wrong? What if their arrogance in their own abilities will be their own undoing?
The enemies you face are stronger than you. You are nothing to their might.*

Kesvo: Kesvo turned her head, her breathing stilled as her eyes cut around the room, searching for the newcomer. Upon finding none, her brow furrowed. "Did you hear that?" she asked Tal, just a whisper.

Ashley: Ashley wanted to hope that Venn was right, that things would be resolved. It was all he could do, after all. Beside look into it later, if they headed back to Coruscant.
"... think it can only teach me the basics," admitted Ashley, "he was pretty adamant about the entire journey being part of understanding his teachings." It wasn't really so much a fret as the Pantoran could be dangerously single-minded when there was knowledge involved. Yet there wasn't really anything he could do when everything was leading not that direction. ~~Even if he really, really wanted to go to Arbooine, potentially mean avian race aside.~~
"Next time I activate it, I'll give you a holler," said Ashley with a grin, before he turned his attention to the medical scanner. It was why she was here, after all, as she could've been resting otherwise. "Your vitals have evened back out, by the way, and while you recovered faster than I anticipated ..." There had been that weird blip, after all, while she had been in the Bacta tank. "You're fine," a wry twist of his lips because phrasing, "other than certain objects having adverse effects upon you that I don't like much." Doctor Ashley doesn't like his friends not doing well, okay?

Tal: "You hear him, too?" Tal asked looking back to Kesvo. It's the first real confirmation that he's not insane. It also tells him that it can choose who hears it versus who doesn't.
"He's...been talking to me."

Kesvo: Kesvo looked back to Tal, seeming bewildered by his reply. "Talking to you? Who? Is someone on the ship?"

Tal: "It's the sword, Kes."

GM: *Me.* The voice growls to Kesvo and Tal both at once. As they turn toward the source they see that the runes of the sword glow so brightly that they seem to cascade light off the chest that lays bare and open.

Tal: "I didn't know it could do that." Tal said noting the way that the chest just opened itself.

Kesvo: "The sw--" Kesvo starts to repeat to Tal, her expression tightening as though she meant to argue it. But then it spoke again, and she turned to find the chest not only open, but showing a glowing sword inside. Real fear sprouted in Kesvo's chest, vining out through her insides like weeds. The curse she whispered was a huttese one she'd recently learned, exhaled on an awed breath.

Venn: Venn takes the "You're fine" statement from Ashley as you'd expect. "Oh why thank you very much. Glad you noticed." she remarks in her imperial cadence and an impish expression.

GM: She wants you to destroy me. The voice's anger-laced growl seems a palpable, living thing in the room with them. The forces you face are beyond your comprehension.

Kesvo: Kesvo slapped a hand on the control to open the door to the airlock.
She then attempts to shove the crate inside and shut the door again.

GM: The door opens toward the airlock, giving a little warning as Kes kicks the crate toward the door. When you DIE, in your last moments, know that your failure started at this mo -- the door closes.

Kesvo: Kesvo stands there, staring at the crate through the window in the chamber door, breathing heavy and trembling a little.

GM: The air still has a rich sense of rage and anger, like a living hulking beast were in the room with them.

Kesvo: She turns to find him and reaches a hand to take his wrist.
Searches his face for where his head's at.

Tal: Tal stares at the box in the airlock.

Kesvo: "Riprock, can you lock down the airlock chamber?" she asked, after tapping her comm.

Ashley: When Ashley had first met Venn, that sort of remark might've made him blush a vivid purple. Now it was only a faint coloring across his nose and cheeks. He didn't even say You know what I meant. "Either way, you're free to head back to rest. I need to check on a couple others anyway, see how they're doing after their trip over to rad-infested lands went." He looked to the talisman briefly, before looking back to Venn. "Thanks." It wasn't just for the talisman.

Kesvo: "An override, I mean, so it can't be accessed locally?"

Tal: This was insane. In his head, some part of him said that this was a terrible plan. But the power it offered...

Captain Riprock: "Uh. Sure. It's not locked down now?" Riprock asks, sounding confused.

Venn: (Wouldnt he get some alert that that door was getting messed with...)

Kesvo: "Tal."

Tal: Tal looks at her. "Yeah. I'm here."

Kesvo: "We're leaving the bay. Alright?" she prompted.

Captain Riprock: "Swore I locked it down just a few minutes ago."

Tal: He looks back at the chest.
"Yeah. Yeah, let's go."

Kesvo: "Do it," she tells Riprock.

Captain Riprock: "Ya'll better leave the bay first, then. I'll close 'er up."

Kesvo: She then moves with Tal out of the cargo bay and back into the common area.

GM: "I locked the docking port up and the airlock."
Riprock says.

Kesvo: "Roger. How long 'til we reach where we're dumping this thing?" she asked the captain.
She turns to Tal. "You know that's bad mojo, right?"

Captain Riprock: "Few hours. We weren't really near a star system - out in the middle of nowhere."

Tal: Tal takes a deep breath. Releases it.
"Yeah, it's bad. Real bad." he said, though there's no heat behind the words. It was bad mojo. Terrible mojo. And yet...what if it was right?
"Guess we'd better let the others know what's going on."

Venn: "Back in the tank after we dispose of that hellish druk, though." she says with some assumption of doctors' orders.

Kesvo: Kesvo - whose normally verdant skin was by now a slightly paler, more yellow shade of green - paused to eye Tal as though testing the weight of his words.
But then she nods, and gestures towards the medbay.
"Rook, can you meet us in the medbay?" she calls over the comm.

Rook: Rook, just about to key her own COMM, jumps in place when she gets Kesvo's message.
COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ I'll be there. I was about to find the Captian; I've found something out. ⌁

Kesvo: "I need you for a sec first," she told Rook. "Shouldn't take long.

Rook: Unaware of the evil trying to infiltrate their team, she feels in slightly better spirits as she heads to the Med Bay.
"Keep an eye on things here, N1" Rook gives a casual wave of farewell to the demolitions droid.
COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ On my way. ⌁

GM: The droid nods and keeps up on the computerr bank.

Kesvo: Kesvo feels as though she can still feel that presence warming the air in the room, like a hulking beast just outside of one's peripheral vision. It's a difficult sensation to shake off, even as she steadies her breathing and pulls on her game face to walk into the med bay.

Ashley: "... if you want to recover sooner rather than later, yeah," replied Ashley, "but ..." The Pantoran set down the holocron, moving towards Venn. The Pantoran did not say anything but he did stand closer and reach out for the Umbaran. His hand settled on her shoulder, eyes sliding shut--not realizing they were about to have a party in the med bay.
He's too busy trying to save Venn from not fun sleeps in the bacta tank apparently.

Kesvo: Kesvo holds her tongue, waiting for Rook to get there, and waiting for Ashley to finish his work.

Rook: Rook slips into the Med Bay, offering a small smile to Venn, but not speaking as she sees Ashley is working his more phenomenal magic. healing. Her smile lingers as she silently greets Kesvo and Tal.

Tal: Tal appears to be on edge. He doesn't look at anyone directly and leans against the nearby wall in silence.

Venn: Ashley's medicinal miracles, while they chat on topics, has substantial effect on the marble skinned adept.
"Something's..." she says, sitting up and looking at the people piling in...
"Okay... what did you all do."

Rook: Rook pauses, noticing how on edge Tal is. A furrow of worry creases her brow, stealing the smile from her eyes. She centers herself, ready for bad news. It has to be bad, right?

Ashley: "Try your bed," says Ashley with a small smile, gold eyes opened, "though if you feel achey ..." His attention flicks to the rest gathered, looking from Kes to Tal and then to Rook.
"... what happened?" As clearly something did. There was something hanging in the air very obviously. Especially around tal.

Venn: She squints at Kes in particularly, through the mop of blue hair partially obscuring her eyes.

Kesvo: "The sword is talking to people," she said, in response to Venn's question. "I've locked it in the airlock for the moment, but I want us all to be aware of it," she said, looking to Rook in particular.
She looked back to Venn. "That kind of... stuff... can't affect a droid, correct? Persuasion, mind-control, any of that... Does it need a living mind for that?"

Rook: Rook's eyes widen, and her head snaps around as if to gaze at the sword despite the steal and the distance between all of them and it.

Venn: "... of course it is." she remarked, twisting from and bringing her feet to the floor. While her wounds had been subsided, the aches still had some time before they subsided and it showed on her features.
"Where is ... green guy?"
"No. It can't." she says to Kesvo about droids.

Kesvo: "Drasek is in the crew cabin, as far as I know." She looks to Rook again, "I want to station N1 at the airlock door. We've got a couple of hours yet until we reach the star where we'll dump this thing, and I don't want anyone to be able to get to it if there's further weirdness."

Venn: "Whats it telling you? Murder, slaughter, power, you need it to be a god kind of thing?"

Rook: "... so ... the Holocorn has a good guy in it, and the sword has a bad guy?"
She could still smell the sharp, acrid tang of a red light saber igniting. A brief shudder went through her.

Ashley: Ashley paled, skin a lighter blue, as he swore under his breath in his native tongue. Turning, he moved to pick back up the holocron and the talisman in hand, listening as the others spoke. "Something like that, Rook," said Ashley.

Venn: "That is a good idea." she remarks about having Nitro guard the relic.

Kesvo: Kesvo focuses on Venn once more, sharply. She pauses for a beat, mouth tight. Then, "Does it matter?"

Venn: "Those are the classics."
"Did anyone touch it?"

Kesvo: "I didn't," she said, though she looked over to Tal rather than answering for him.

Rook: Rook moves to the back, out of the way, and uses her COMM to quietly relay Kesvo's orders to N1, asking him to stand guard, and send notice the whole team immediately if anyone tried to get near the sword. (+2 blue die lol)

Tal: "I didn't touch it. But I was going to."

Drasek: Drasek not seeing anyone as he left his bunk made his way up to the cockpit. "How you holding up Dash?" he asked the pilot.

Tal: He saw no reason to lie or hide it.

N1-TR0: COM: "Compliance: Right away, Four! Happy to guard the evil artifact that could scramble your organic brains!"

Captain Riprock: Riprock turns over to Drasek with a nod. "Hey buddy. I'm doin alright. Been a while." He nodded toward the co-pilot seat. "How you been? Been a few years. Where'd you end up at the end of the war?"

Venn: Venn looks once again soured; while her conversation with Ashley was more light, it was back to this thing again.

Kesvo: "Alright. Everyone's on the same page, then. No one goes near the sword alone."

Venn: "I know it is an abstract kind of idea but... lets imagine that sword is coated, infested... with mind altering fungus."
"It wants to propagate and infect you with its spores so you can carry out its functions."

Kesvo: "It didn't matter," she interjected, quietly, to Venn.
Belatedly, she returned her eyes to the Umbaran. "At the time. It almost didn't matter."

Venn: "Maybe we should buddy up."

Drasek: Drasek sat in the chair, smiling a bit at some memories of the past couple of years. "Moving job to job, almost settled down with CorSec as an inspector. Looks like you're still fighting the good fight."

Kesvo: "Rook's setting N1 to guard, and the captain's overridden the local locks on the airlock door. It should be good fora couple of hours."

Venn: "It's influence could be stronger than even I can understand. Lets not be alone until we get rid of it."

Kesvo: After a pause, Kesvo nodded.

Venn: "With the unexplainable, one can never be too safe, Kamcakes."

Kesvo: "You going back in the tank?"

Venn: She shakes her head. "Your boy hooked me up with the good stuff."

Rook: Rook considered Ashley's reply, and Venn's advice about no one being alone and nodded agreement.

Venn: Venn reaches over and pinches Ashley's cheek for a second.

Kesvo: She nodded, turning her head to regard Ashley.

Venn: Then winks at him.

Kesvo: There was something unsaid, and then Kesvo turned to find Rook again.
"You said you found something on the drives form the other ship?"

Captain Riprock: "Yeah, well... couldn't really give it up." The Captain said softly through his rebreather. "What made you decide to do the more freelance gig? Couldn't stand a desk?"

Ashley: Ashley said nothing, though the look on his face was unsettled about the sword. Which immediately turned to another expression entirely (his turning a vivid purple didn't help) when Venn came over and pinched his cheek.

Rook: .

Venn: "You okay big guy?" she says to Tal, who was a tad more quiet than usual.

Tal: "Yeah, I'll be fine. Just gotta sort out some things."

Ashley: "Sometimes," said Ashley, "it's hard to tell if you're the worst or the best, Venn." Even if his tone is fond (and she's clearly the best). "She's cleared to rest in her own bunk for the time being." He glanced towards Kes, then to Rook at the mention of drives from the other ship.

Rook: "I did, Kesvo. A hidden file, with a hyper-route path to Cato Neioidia. the place is pretty crucial to Outer Rim politics. I think this might be a new or secret route, too, which is a huge thing.

Venn: "Well you aren't alone to do that. If something got into your head and screwed with your insecurities or your rage, we can work to identify that and get it sorted."
Venn smirks at Ashley briefly and gives him a waggish shrug before regarding Tal once more.

Tal: "He got into my head a little, but that's on me. Kesvo pointed out that I need to learn to trust the team. Soon as I get that through this..." he said, tapping his temple," I'll be fine."

Drasek: "I could never stand the politics of that kind of work for long," he answered.

Kesvo: "Hidden how? Was it actually part of their flight path?"

Venn: "You are the toughest bloke I know. But everyone's got their fears and that's what the dark can prey on. I know that intimately... so if you ever want to share an ale and give me the deets, I'm not a half bad listener." she offers the Mandalorian.

Captain Riprock: "Same, really. Only reason I signed on was being able to have things on my terms. My ship, my crew, my way of doing things. Picked out pretty much all of 'em myself." he thumbed back toward the rest of the ship. "Minus the Droid."

Rook: "They knew they were meeting their

Captain Riprock: "You hear from the others?"

Rook: contact, 'The Duke.' I think it might refer to Duke Eban Irfan, He's in charge of their reconstruction efforts, and he is a high ranking member of the Blastech Corporation. I wanted to check with the Captain to see if its a new route, or was simply concealed from the folks on the ship itself."

Drasek: "Not since they decided that ditching the cargo was the right move."

Tal: "Alright, Venn. You're on. Once you get better and we get past all this...we can do that." Tal said.

Captain Riprock: "Mmm."
Riprock looked back over his shoulder, then to Drasek. "I don't know how much you want me to say to them. It's not really my business."
"But Skywalker sent these two. They're good guys. Venn may not seem like it sometimes, but.. she is."

Kesvo: Kesvo nods and taps her comm. "This is worth a conversation. Good work, Rook."
She taps her comm to hail the captain. She tells him, "When you have a minute, Rook's found some things we should discuss."

Venn: "Yes, sir." She gives Tal a light punch to the chest in an encouraging gesture, then shakes her hand as if she hit a steel wall. Complete with faux-pained expression to match.

Captain Riprock: Riprock presses the button. "Acknowledged." he then turns it off to turn back to Drasek.

Ashley: "A new route would be something else," said Ashley. "Let me have a look at it?" At this point, knowing what he did about Cato Neimoidia wasn't useful but he did want to see what she found.

Drasek: "Well, you saved my life back there. I owe you one. Even if you just need a gunner like old times."

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded again to Rook, and then slipped out of the medbay.

Tal: Tal actually does laugh at that. He needed that laugh.

Kesvo: ..and goes in search of a drink to help calm down nerves that are still a little jumpy, despite her placid exterior.

Venn: "I think I will go make us all some lunch." she suddenly decides out of nowhere before leaving the medbay to do just that.

Captain Riprock: The Cap lets out a small chuckle through the rebreather. "You were always worth more than that, buddy." he reaches out to pat Drasek's shoulder. "Glad you're coming along for this one. Unless you got somewhere better to be, could use your help on what we're doing. Trying to stop the Remnant from undoing everything we worrked hard to set up in the first place."
"Most of it's shady work, which is right up my alley, but your type..." He gives a sidelong glance through the visor.

Rook: Rook watches Kesvo leave with a thoughtful look. she smiles at Venn's antics, as she shows Ashley the data.

GM: Ashley roll a Hard astrogation check with 1 black.

Tal: "I'll help." Tal said, following Venn.

Ashley: Ashley similarly watches Kesvo leave, recognizing familiar tension in the line of her shoulders before he turned to the data Rook presented.

Tal: He did not want to be alone just now and it would let him ensure that she was, in fact, all right.

Rook: Rook watched Venn leave, then Tal's sudden exit on her heals.

GM: Ashley can't make heads or tails of it. This is what astromechs are for!

Venn: Venn instructs Tal on the fine art of repurposing ship travel galley food into stuffs that actually look borderline appealing. Some seasoned kebabs, steamed vegetables of a sort and some carbs that didn't taste like sand. Because we hate sand. Top it all off with chilled fruit smoothies.

Drasek: Drasek crossed his arms. "You can count me in, Captain."
"Knew I could. I'm gonna go check on what they're yackin about. Come on." he gestured for Drasek to follow as he got to his feet. "We're in a jump that's gonna take a few hours anyway."

Tal: "You're really good at this? You ever think of retiring from the spacer life and opening up a place?" Tal asked, carrying out the tasks set to him.

Drasek: He followed Riprock to join the rest of the crew.

Ashley: "Not an area I'm familiar with," said Ashley, "though I know about the planet." He spent another moment looking over the data. "Can't say anything one way or another, though it'd certainly be something if this is a new path." So they definitely needed to have the Captain look at it. "Was there anything else in the drives?"

Rook: "That's all I found, but I was hoping you'd have a look at them, too, once Venn was feeling better. They took a lot of damage."

Venn: "Just pulling my weight, I guess." she admits, setting the platters out as she commonly did for anyone interested to help themselves. "I don't think people like me get to retire like that." she replied to Tal.

Rook: "They've got some amazing tech there, that's why I know about it."

Captain Riprock: Riprock and Drasek join the pair in the common area. "What's up?"
"Do we know where we're going after we shoot the evil artifact into a star?"

Ashley: "If you think there's still something to be found, I can have a look," said Ashley with a grin. The talisman was slid into a pocket, the holocron into his bag for the time being.

Kesvo: "Silly Venn," KEsvo said, seeming to rouse from the near-stupor she'd fallen into, nursing a drink while the other two chatted over making food. "There are no people like you." She got up, picked up one of the kebabs and started working on it as she moved to lean in the doorway so that she could watch the convo with the captain.

Rook: Rook offered the data to the Captain, some of her sense of anticipation returning. "I found a hidden path on their computer. I can't tell if it was hidden from them, or is a new route to Cato Neimoidia. I'm hoping you can tell us."

Tal: "Why not? If you live long enough to get to that point, that says something." Tal said, helping get everything out.
Then he took up a kebab and ate it thougthfully."

Venn: Venn puts the food and such out in the common area at the pink X.
Like she usually does.

Rook: Rook is one of those who normally is first in line for Venn-food; her culinary skills are horrific at best, and she's a bit tired of Gihaal ration bars.
but this time she's busy, and simply watches the excellent offerings.

Venn: "Heh. That's optimistic of you." is all she says to the Mandalorian, not fighting his reasoning, but not really accepting it either.

Captain Riprock: Riprock looks down at the data that's provided...

Ashley: Ashley slid over to the table to get a kebab, mostly because the last thing he remembered having was a protein drink and that wasn't food. It was torture.

Captain Riprock: "Uh. It's a hyperspace route, alright."

Captain Riprock: "So it takes us to Cato Neimoidia? Huh. I haven't been there since the war."
"...The first war."

Venn: She watches everyone eat, waiting for the poison to... oh wait wrong game. She actually just watches everyone and hopes a decent meal curbs some of their stress from the dark crap they all just encountered.

Captain Riprock: "What's on Cato Neimoidia?"

Kesvo: "Do you feel confident that that's where they were heading next?" she asked Rook, not entirely sure about the specifics of what logs she pulled.

Rook: Rook's eyes lightened a bit, because at least she wasn't the only one baffled. Her gaze settled with interest upon the captain, speculation running through her mind.
"yes. that much I'm sure of."

Kesvo: She looks to Riprock then to speak, but pauses and glances at Drasek.
Then back to the Captain. "Are you bringing him in?"

Captain Riprock: "Yep."

Rook: "Let's see, it's a critical planet to the nemoidian trade barons. The Trade Federation was based there, until they sold themselves to the Intergalactic Banking Clan over a droid factory. That was during the Clone wars. then the Republic attacked to drive back the Seperatists. As far as i know its still an Imperial holding, and its got some amazing tech. Duke Eban Irfan is the governor, in charge of rebuilding a major player in the Blastech Corporation."

Drasek: Drasek's brain spun, but he kept his face impassive. "You giving me a number?" he asked.

Captain Riprock: "It's not an Imp world anymore, but last I heard it wasn't doing so great."

Rook: To Kesvo she added, "I'm certain they were headed there. I'm not sure if the knew that was their destination."

Captain Riprock: "So the smugglers were supposed to see the Duke?"

Kesvo: She just nodded at Riprock's yup, then eyed Drasek thoughtfully.

Venn: "What do you do, over there?" she asks Drasek, having no clue of his skillset.

Rook: She looked to the Captain. "their data referred to him only as 'the duke' so It could be someone else. Ashley is willing to take another look at the drives and see if he can pull out more information."

Venn: Venn pours a dash of brandy into her smoothie and resumes nursing it while trying to follow the proceedings.

Drasek: "Legwork. Bringing perps in to face justice. Can handle a rifle and keep my ear to the streets."

Captain Riprock: "Think 'Seven' is free at the moment."

Kesvo: The look Kesvo shoots Riprock is a little on the sharp side, but quickly averted.

Captain Riprock: "After we drop off our extra passenger, I'll take that route to Cato Neimoidia - we're not going after what the Holocron was talking about, right?"

Ashley: "Since we've got time, yeah." In reference to being willing to look at the drives. Though with the drives being corrupted, what else could be found was not certain. (He would've sooner if, you know, the holocron wasn't burning a proverbial hole in his med-bag.) Speaking of ...

Kesvo: "What was the holocron talking about?"

Captain Riprock: "Something about a Journey. Ionno, I didn't catch all of it. I was working on getting us a route to a star in the middle of nowhere."

Ashley: "Arbooine," said Ashley, with particularly bright eyes. "The rest of the holocron, if it's to be found, is there."

Captain Riprock: "Arbooine's a lot farther than Cato Neimoidia."

Rook: Rook fades back a little, towards Venn, and offers a n awkward, "Thank you, for before." she gave a grave nod.

Kesvo: Kesvo thinks for a moment, idly rubbing a hand at her jaw. She then looks to Venn. "You remember how you found Nam on Kowac?" she asks, eyes narrowing thoughtfully. "Do you think Shroud could do that to the sword?"

Tal: Tal listened to the information being put out. He spared a glance at Drasek, possibly Seven now, before speaking up.
"Cato Neimoidia first and then the Holocron, then? Isn't that thing just a Jedi's holo-message?"

Ashley: "It's more than that," said Ashley. "Way more."

Venn: She cants her head some at Rook, her features displayed some ignorance as to what she deserved the thanks for. Or if she knew, maybe she didn't think she needed to be thanked for it...

Venn: She looks to Kesvo. "I was in the same general area as Nam. I doubt he could do that across millions of kilometers. And the more machine you are, the weaker your connection to the Force."

Kesvo: "That's comforting, at least. Assuming he's millions of kilometers away. Apparently his ship can be right next to us without us knowing."

Ashley: "Think of it as more of a ... living memory, Tal, of what a Jedi knows. Except in this case, Keltim Weswin separated the knowledge out. There's more pieces to this because the journey to finding the knowledge is part of understanding it." The holocron was brought out, Ashley touching it lightly.

Captain Riprock: "There'd been talk of that kind of tech near the end of the war. If the First Order has it then it's bad news for the Republic."

Kesvo: "It would seem they do." She sipped her drink. "We still need to deal with him, one way or another. Though, bereft of any way of tracking him down, I like this Cato Neimoidia lead for now."

Venn: "Whats it matter? When that thing is atomized by a sun, it won't be a concern any longer."

Tal: Tal considered that for a moment. It was a good way to pass along knowledge and information. "But it's separated into pieces? Did this Weswin do that on purpose? Or did people steal pieces of it?"

Captain Riprock: "Alright, sounds good." The Cap turns and heads for the cockpit.

Kesvo: "Just trying to be cautious. As covered-up as he was, we don't actually know how injured he was or wasn't. All we know is that we won't see him coming. I'd hate to find out he's tracking us now because of that thing."

Venn: "Can't do anything until we can, Kamcakes."

Kesvo: "Yep. Just considering options."
"Oh, hey," she said, trying to stop the captain before he was gone.

Venn: "I think what really should be concerning is the animated bio-mechanical corpses."

Captain Riprock: "Coming up on the system now." Riprock calls out over the com. "Telling N1 to get out of the cargo bay. Going to jettison the cargo toward the star."

Kesvo: "If you hear a gnarly voice promising you power beyond end, phone a friend, okay?"

Ashley: "He did it on purpose," said Ashley, turning it over in his hands. For now it wasn't activated. "He actually completed the construction of it on Arbooine and entrusted one of the crystals to a young Force-sensitive named Gel Marcoll, a Mirialan." Just like Drasek, in fact.

Captain Riprock: Kes can find him in the cockpit.

Kesvo: Kesvo goes towards the airlock to watch the thing get spaced.

Venn: COM to
N1-TR0: ⌁ Clear out of the airlock bay. We're jettisoning. ⌁ .

N1-TR0: N1-TR0 stands next to Kes. "Query: Are you excited to be rid of the mystical weapon we were carrying? It seems to have caused the crew distress."

GM: The airlock opens and the case is sucked out into space.

Tal: Tal doesn't go to watch it get sent away.

Venn: Towards a star, right?

Tal: He doesn't trust himself in that moment.

Kesvo: "I wish I could say yes," she whispered, frowning as she watched it go.

GM: It is indeed aiming toward the bright light.

Rook: Rook struggled for words, until the conversation moved on and round her. again people swirled about on their missions. finally she manage, "saving each others lives is the job: Acyk Verda, orgir Cuir Nayc entye. Saving someone's honor is something more."

Ashley: "... admittedly, the kind of power that he's talking about is the sort of thing I wouldn't want to see learned by the likes of Shroud," said Ashley, to Tal. Staying far, far away from the sword even as it was being jettisoned.

Venn: (lol the odds of that are like... I think like 8 destiny would have to be flipped or something lol)

GM: The case flips through space, disappearing toward the bright light of the star, the metal soon begins to erode from the solar radiation. You almost imagine it, it's so distant, but you can hear a scream of rage echo somewhere faraway....

Venn: "We survived." she says, anticlimactically.
Then leaves the door. "Breathe a little easier." she says to the others upon her return to the common space.

Ashley: "I'd like to see the crystals gathered, just to ensure something like that doesn't happen. This sort of skill--knowledge--in the wrong hands could cause a lot of potential harm." Ashley paused for a moment, as if he thought he heard something, before shaking his head.

Kesvo: "You can go back to whatever you were doing, if you want," she tells N1, voice softened by distraction. "Thanks."

Venn: "Hell of a language you have there. Even sounds tough." she says to Rook with a slight amusement to her features.

Kesvo: She then heads back into the common area, brow creased in thought.

Captain Riprock: "Alright heading to Cato Neimoidia, should be there in..."
"About a day and a half."

Tal: Tal will always wonder if he did the right thing. There was no way to know until they beat Shroud...or died trying.

Venn: Venn looks visibly less harrowed and somewhat more herself now that the business of the warblade had concluded. Particularly the concerns of those being mentally influenced truly twisted at her, even if she didn't show it.
Time Passes...

GM: The Aeon Mallard zooms through hyperspace, arriving in the Cato Neimodia system around the advertised time. Those looking up Duke Irban on the holonet find that Rook's information is correct. He is a high-ranking Blastech official who is now the defacto Governor of the planet. The the widespread destruction of the Inner Rim and the Colony Worlds, BLASTECH stepped in to provide support to rebuild the planet. While officially in the control of the Republic, the corporation controls the planet in everything but name.
Irban is based out of the City of Jorra on the northern continent, the site of several battles between the Republic and the Seperatists, though the capital is Zarra, on the other side of the planet.

Ashley: It had taken most of the trip for Ashley to find anything else in the drives. He shot a glance to Rook, who wasn't that far away. "Looks like we found them while they were waiting to meet with a group known as the Cadre. They were going to sell some other relics to them. We just got there a day early before--"
He frowned and reached to comm Kes, as if realizing something. "Hey, Kes, I found some more on the drives. There was another group that crew was meeting with. Called the Cadre. They were meeting up with them before they came here to meet with the Duke."

Kesvo: "So maybe the relics were for them instead of the Duke?"

Ashley: "They were selling another set of relics to the Cadre, it looks like."

Tal: Now that the weapon was gone, Tal's mind felt more like his own. He was glad to get to Cato Nemoidian and leave the weapon's destruction behind.

Kesvo: "These guys got around. Alright. Good work. Anything else of interest?"

Rook: Rook spent the day and a half mostly working on gear, but would periodically show up to check on Tal.

Tal: Tal had scouted a good place to put a punching bag in the Cargo Hold. He'd talk it over with the Captain just to make sure that he was on board with the idea.

Captain Riprock: "Sure. Better a punching bag in the Cargo Hold than you hittin' the walls of the ship."

Kesvo: "How attached are you two to the other two artifacts we recovered?" she asked over the comms, meaning Venn and Ashley.

Tal: "Yeah, for sure. When we get back to Coruscant, I'll look into it."

Ashley: "We got there a day early, before the Cadre." His voice went quiet for a moment, on comm only to Kes still. "... the Cadre are--they're former Empire. Inquisitors. Like the one that killed my parents while after me."

Kesvo: Kesvo went to wherever Ashley was in the ship.
"Then I'm glad we didn't stick around to meet them."

Ashley: "More like," said Ashley--having gone to the med-bay to look over the drives; the engine room was too loud--a rather interesting pale blue, "I am worried that we're going to be followed."

Venn: Venn responds from her napping state in her bunk back to Kesvo. "They are fine under Blue's care." She didn't know why she was being asked about being attached to the relics otherwise.

Kesvo: "Followed how?"

Ashley: "... we're dealing with former Imperials, who are Force users." Ashley rubbed a hand across his face. "So I don't take anything off the table, even if it seems ridiculous or impossible but I might be overly paranoid with the Cadre involved."

Kesvo: "You filled Venn in?"

Ashley: "Venn could know more about them--I told you first," Kes was a captain too, after all, "but I was about to message her."

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded. "Alright." She gave a squeeze to one of the Pantoran's shoulders, gently. "We'll deal with it. Alright?"

Ashley: "Sure," said Ashley, though he did not sound as certain as he might have. He gave Kes a weak smile. "Let's just go talk to Venn and see what she knows."

Kesvo: "Let's bring everyone in, actually. We need to figure out some kind of plan for when we reach Cato Neimoidia."

Captain Riprock: "Comin up on the planet now." Riprock comms through the ship.

Ashley: "Sure, let's get everyone together." Which made more sense, but his brain was a little rattled. It was one thing to see Shroud, with his red lightsaber, but it was another thing entirely to know that the Cadre had basically been lurking about.

Tal: Tal is eating the remains of the food that Venn made. He snacks when he's nervous. But he wonders what Cato Neimodia holds for the Hellions.

Drasek: He walked slowly up to the cockpit and stared out at the planet in silence.

Captain Riprock: "Been a long time, right buddy?" Riprock says over his shoulder toward Drasek.

Drasek: "Yeah, sure." Apprehension in his voice.

GM: The Aeon Mallard descends through the clouds toward the bridge city of Jorra, the lush verdant forests held beneath the huge bridge city that the ship flies towards.

Captain Riprock: "Alright, got some docking procedures to go through, then we'll get settled..."

Kesvo: "We should form a plan of action before we leave the ship," she suggested, on open comms.

GM: The sun shines through the viewports as the Hellions descend toward the spaceport of the bridge city. Jorra stretches between a pair of towering rock arches. Lofty palaces and habitation complexes rise from the sprawling urban architecture that covers every centimeter of the bridge's surface. Bridges, walkways, and platforms connect the buildings at all levels, while speeders zip between buildings and under archways.
As you come closer to the city, the underside of the bridge comes into view. Buildings of all shapes and sizes descend from the bridge, mirroring the city above. Whereas the upper city is alive and vital, however, the hanging city is dark. Its bridges are collapsed and its towers are crumbling - a dark mirror of the upper half.

Rook: Rook's armor is fully charged and ready to go; her gear is immaculate, every spanner, wrench, ion pulse demagnetizer and gun ready to go. She is eager to have an enemy they can just shoot at, or punch out. She shoots a medium-guilty look towards the captain and Drasek, but mostly her gaze is upon this beautiful, deceptively lovely world.

Tal: Tal looks over the Jorra gets a very Coruscant vibe from the place, minus the city that sprawls across a whole planet, thing

Drasek: "I have a bad feeling about this," Drasek told Riprock as he goes to join the rest of Hellions.
End Session 45



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Episode 3, Chapter 2, Session 46 - The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions have arrived on the planet Cato Neimoidia, one of the former purse worlds for the Trade Federation and a key Separatist world. They are currently following the trail left behind of the log of the Silver Star, indicating that Duke Irban, the Blastech Executive and Governor of the planet, would purchase some items from the smugglers. They begin their descent with Captain Riprock proceeding with standard docking procedures as they head to land on the upper-side of the bridge city.

Venn: Venn leaves the fresher with her cerulean colored hair spiked into a fauxhawk of sorts. "So does anyone have a contact here?"

Kesvo: "I got nothin' but the name from the drive," Kesvo replied, though she looked over to the others to see if someone else did.

Drasek: "I was going to contact a neimoidian by the name of Nillia. She's the spaceport administrator, should help us keep a low profile and avoid any unwanted complications."

Venn: "So we are going in blind to do what? Wag a finger at some corp shill for taking illicit gains?"

Ashley: "Not my neck of the woods," said Ashley, as if he actually had one of those. Oh, wait, it was over in the Pantora area. Possibly. A glance went to Venn, back to Kes briefly. "Only know that they were going to be selling to the Cadre." Which was why Ashley was about three shades lighter than his usual blueberry appearance. "Then they were going to meet up with the Duke."

Drasek: Informant: Once per session, may reveal a contact who can shed light on a chosen subject.

Venn: "Wait who?"

Drasek: "An ally, she helped me get escape this planet a long time ago."

Venn: "No, not her. " she says, indicating she meant Ashley's words.

Ashley: "... the Cadre," said Ashley, "former Imperials, Inquisitors ... whatever you want to call them." Death dealers, that's what. He raked a hand through his hair. "They were going to meet with the Silverstar to buy artifacts as well but we got there a day early." So did Shroud, for that matter.

Kesvo: Kesvo arches a brow at Drasek's comment. "Escape? Anything we need to be aware of while we're here?"

Venn: She shakes her head and laughs some, though it is not an expression of anything good.
"The Cadre" The words were both alien and familiar; the concept more the latter. "I suppose that lot would still exist out there, after these years."

Ashley: "... you dealt with them too?" inquired Ashley quietly, as if that laugh didn't imply that Venn had on some level.

Drasek: "The hutt isn't hear anymore. I will let you know if anything comes up," he replied to Kesvo.

Venn: Ex-Imperials, some of which I knew professionally... they even tried to recruit me to this new criminal enterprise of theirs." Mauve colored lips formed a line in a brief pause. "At first, it sounded appeaing honestly... hock the Emperor's priceless treasures for riches and luxury. We all had the responsibility of being custodians to his conservatories in some shape or another so it wasn't like anyone could properly stop us if we banded together to raid them."
"But in the end, that didn't work out and they didn't take kindly to my many concerns." Beat. She shrugs. "Then I died, or all but... and here we are. The broad strokes, if you will." she offers in that refined accent.

Rook: Rook listened intently, watching her team, though she went still and shot a look at Kesvo when Ashley admitted to their being a whole group of Force Wielders. Her full attention settled upon Venn, however, as she gave detailed information on their possible enemies.The news that Venn had all but died was surprising.

Venn: She kits up, gathering things without much knowledge of what they'll encounter while everyone apparently looks at each other meaningfully.

Ashley: Ashley went strangely quiet as Venn explained. It was not as if- Certainly, Venn had a past, knew so much when it came to putting him through his paces. (He wouldn't have learned the the fourth form if not for her.) "... I only dealt with one of them," he said finally, "and that was enough."

Kesvo: "If we can come up with a way to get in front of this Duke, it's possible we can pull out of him any information he has about previous shipments," she suggest, though her words were slowed by thought while she considered the options while speaking. "It's a thin lead; we don't even know for sure that there were earlier shipments, but if there were, this may be a path towards figuring out where they wound up."
"The question is, is that where we want to be focused?"

Venn: She is in and out of spaces, having been the last to pack. "So he's a a Duke and a Governor? A Governor named Duke?"
"This is confusing."
Finally, she puts on her glareshades, one of the many she's since collected that goes with her navy sleeveless bodysuit with metallic accents. Ready to disembark, then she looks back through the doors and wonders if N1 will be staying.

Rook: "I think it's pretty important to find out who is in the smuggling ring, but I don't know how we can get that information from him without revealing we aren't part of that operation at all. Maybe we can hack his computer systems?"

Kesvo: Kesvo drew a breath. "If the intel that's been pulled up is correct, this guy basically runs the planet."
"The odds that he'll be easy to get to seem slim, though if Drasek's spent time here, he may know more," she said, pausing to look at the newcomer.
"If you wanted to part with one of the relics we kept, it'd make a bargaining chip that might get us in the door," she said, with a questioning look to Ashley.

Drasek: "Let me talk to my friend and see what I can find out."

Ashley: "He has an actual name but you know how people are about going by fancy titles," said Ashley, though he was very clearly distracted getting prepped to go down to the planet.
The look Kesvo gets at parting with one of the relics is particularly blank.

Kesvo: Kesvo nods at Drasek, then lifted her brows at Ashley. "Is that a no?"

Rook: "hmm. Could we make a vid of it, and you could present the vid to him, simply syaing we had a lead on it. let him try to hire us to go get it, instead of actually giving it away?"

Captain Riprock: The Cap calls over the intercom. "We're beginning docking procedures, I'm putting in our stuff now. We should be on solid ground in around fifteen minutes."

Drasek: "Probably shouldn't be giving away priceless relics, I knew a jedi that went on for years about losing a holocron. He wouldn't shut up about it," he added.

Rook: "We might be able to mock up an inventory of several items, ranging from the Force-imbued, to historical, to archeological, and see what he has an interest in?"

Venn: "They aren't called priceless artifacts for no reason."

Ashley: "Not a chance," said Ashley, a look went to Drasek. "This holocron is priceless and the talisman ..." He shook his head. "A video might work, but we'd have to be careful."

Venn: "Maybe spitfire here can forge up a duplicate."

Ashley: "We could just as easily bring unwanted attention to us because someone finds out that we have them while we're here."

Kesvo: Kesvo sighed quietly, then added, "I just want us to be clear on why we're here and what we hope to achieve. We--" she started to say, but paused at Ashley's comment. She went quiet for a beat, wheels turning.

Rook: Rook grinned at Venn. "Give some time, a few runs through a junk yard, and I could make us an inventory."

Kesvo: "You don't think he'd have some way to tell if they were fakes?" She said, looking doubtful. "If these are as priceless as you say, it'd be the first thing I'd arrange if someone I didn't know showed up offering them to me."

Rook: "I'm not suggesting actually selling them. just making mock ups, and videoing them so we can get in teh door and he can make us an offer."

Venn: She nods once at Kesvo. "Not that difficult to date a relic, even if just an estimation."

Rook: "He'd never see what I made, just the vids."

Venn: "If you have the proper tools or droids to do so, I mean."

Kesvo: "Why couldn't we make vids of the actual relics, in that case?"
"The guy runs Blastech," she replied to Venn. "I'm betting he has tech."

Rook: "that was my first suggestion; but Ashley seemed concerned about not being known to have the ones we actually have."

Ashley: "... that just means us not being in the video," said Ashley. "Or revealing that we're carting them around."

Venn: "I agree, that we need to control who knows we have these items."

Kesvo: "I don't mean to be the naysayer, but we saw how well that worked on Kowac, when we tried to pretend we didn't have Nam stashed on the Mallard."
"We need to go in understanding that if the Duke is interested enough, he can find out how we got here."
"And where any goodies with us are probably being kept."

Ashley: "Yes, but they were also looking for Nam, expecting that we came back with him."
"The Duke doesn't know us and doesn't know that we intercepted the Silverstar."

Kesvo: "And if we go talk to this Duke and show him a vid of priceless artifacts we claim to be able to acquire for him, there'd be little stopping him from searching the ship."

Venn: "If he has enough pull at that corporation, we haven't the foggiest how broad his resources may be."

Kesvo: She nods to Venn's point.

Captain Riprock: The entire crew feels the Aeon Mallard shift and begin to land. Slowly the engines hum and come to a halt. Riprock steps out from the cockpit, looking around as N1-TR0 comes from the Cargo Bay.

Kesvo: "Did the data from the Silver Star list any other contacts here for the smugglers besides the Duke? If we could find their peers instead of their clients, we might have an easier time figuring out who's involved with raiding the temple."

Rook: "I suggest we disembark, let Drasek talk to his contact, and do a bit of shopping. We can pick up we need to fake up some nice holos of possible items of interest for the Duke. Doesn't mean we have to go the duke, if other avenues present themselves. I happen to think faking up things that have historical and archeological value seems safer than using the real items we have actually have - if nothing else, he may well know what was supposed to be delivered to him."

Ashley: A glance went to Rook, who had looked at the drives before him. "The only additional data I found regarding other buyers was about the Cadre."

Rook: "All I found was the hyperspace route and the information on 'The Duke.'"

Kesvo: "The route that led here, yes?"

Venn: "Maybe this Nilla might have some information on whats going on."
"Recon and factfinding might be the play of the day."

Drasek: "I'll find out."

Kesvo: "Alright. Doesn't hurt to get more information."

Ashley: "Can't say, neither the Captain or myself were able to make sense of the route."

Rook: "Why don't we try the underworld ... like, not start with trying get to the duke. 'just, hey i may be able to get these things, wonder if there's a market here.'?"

Captain Riprock: "Ya'll about to take off?"

Kesvo: "Let's let Drasek talk to his contact," she answered Rook. "You can start gathering what you need for your forgery project. We'll make decisions about next steps when we're a little better informed."
She nodded to the Captain. "Looks like it. You staying here or coming with?"

Captain Riprock: "I'm pretty beat, been flying the ship and was working on somethin' a lot of hours. Plus I wanna keep an eye out in case Shroud shows up. I took a record of everything I could that was weird out by the Silver Star, if he shows up again, I might be able to give you the heads up."
"You can take the Droid, though. Don't need him stompin around here."

Kesvo: "That's good news," she says, pleasantly surrpised.

N1-TR0: "Correction: I do not stomp."

Kesvo: "He'd be extra security for the ship, if you're intending on getting some shut-eye," Kesvo pointed out.

Captain Riprock: "Mmm. You don't think you'll need him?"

N1-TR0: "Observation: I am right here."

Kesvo: Kesvo quietly sighed.

Venn: "Doesn't he just make things explode?"

Kesvo: "N1, do you want to stay or go?"

Venn: "I don't think explosions are on todays menu..."

N1-TR0: "Qualification: Two is correct in that my primary purpose on the squad is demolitions."
"I can assist in any way that you see fit, Captain." N1-TR0 is talking directly to Kes, not toward Riprock.

Captain Riprock: Riprock mutters something and heads toward his cabin.

Venn: Venn just walks right out once the landing ramp is down.

Captain Riprock: He steps out with a draped object and looks around, giving a cursory inspection. He then walks out after Venn and calls out to her. "Venn wait up!"

Rook: Rook sent a look after the captain, and then offered, "N1 could be helpful for us. His scanners could get us precisely the junk we need, and i haven't had time to assess his security protocols yet."

Captain Riprock: Before she can step down the landing ramp he catches her in the cargo bay. He pulls back the cloth and extends an object to her - a double-bladed lightsaber hilt. "Here."

Venn: She lifts her glareshades and turns on a heel.

Captain Riprock: "Worked on it for most of the night. Wore me a bit out but.. I did what you said."

Venn: "This... you are giving this to me?" she says, somewhat flabbergasted.

Kesvo: Kesvo purses her lips, studying Rook, and then shook her head gently. "Alright. You're with us then, N1."

Captain Riprock: "You had said it was important to your past. Well.." The Captain shrugs.

Tal: "So we're collecting junk for a fake holovid?" Tal asked.

Captain Riprock: "I sure as hell ain't gonna use it."

Venn: "Well, Skipper. You've gone and done the impossible." Beat. "I am at a loss for words."

Kesvo: "While Drasek chats up his contact, yeah."

Captain Riprock: The Cap lets out a bit of a laugh. "Well, I'll take that one and put it on a shelf."

Kesvo: Kesvo gears up and heads out.

Captain Riprock: "I'll keep the droid up here, call if you need somethin' blown up or need an extraction."

Venn: She picks it up slowly and examines it, expression softening some with something not quite so simple to describe. "Did it help..? Did you get anything from working on it?"

Ashley: Ashley takes a moment to check over the contents of his med-bag, making sure that he's got everything.

Drasek: "I'll meet whoever isn't coming with me at the nearby cantina to figure out what our next move is," he headed off to ship to handle spaceport security and talk to Nillia.

Captain Riprock: "Yeah." he says gently to her, a nod following. "Yeah, I got a lot."
"Shoulda helped Jenna make hers." he said quieter. "Before I was freaked out by it, but.."
"Now I'll be alright."

Venn: "You also get to see my rarely seen, yet incredibly charming smile." She cants her head and gives him an exaggerated smile. Clearly done to cover some bashfulness.

Captain Riprock: "Missin a Cam to save it for posterity."
"Y'can't see it, but it's there for ya too."

Venn: She stares at him with that weird smile just long enough to make it weird

Captain Riprock: The man with no face just looks at her.

Venn: Then she winks. "We'll talk later, Skip."

Captain Riprock: "Yeah, don't go pokin' anyone's eye out."

Venn: "No promises!"

Captain Riprock: He then turns and heads back into the ship.

Tal: " Drasek at the cantina later? Sounds good." Tal said.
"Might get started early on that."

Venn: "New guy, you all set with comms?" she asks as she takes her first breath of Neimodian air.

Drasek: "I got the frequency from Zero."

Kesvo: "If you don't need to go shopping, you might head straight there," Kesvo suggested to Tal. "Drasek doesn't have an earpiece yet. I'm gonna go along with the others long enough to see if I can find him one, then I'll meet you over there. yeah?"

GM: Everyone departs out of the Mallard at the same time, descending down the landing ramp. Drasek recognizes Nilla waiting below, an aging Neimoidian woman in a security uniform, a blaster pistol holstered at her side.
The woman looks up at Drasek with wide eyes. "Drasek, what are you doing here!?"

Ashley: Prior to leaving, Ashley made a quick trip to the med-bay. The holocron is carefully tucked away--hidden--and the talisman kept on him before he finally steps off the Mallard.

GM: The senior security official looks to those gathered as they descend down the ramp, then back to the man she helped escape the planet.

Ashley: Similarly, Ashley's lightsaber is in his bag.

Kesvo: Kesvo held her tongue, though she was surprised to be greeted at dock. She'd expected an administrator to be a little more removed from the normal bustle of checking in ships.

Rook: Rook snaps her helmet into place before debarking, and sweeps her gaze around the landing pad, to check out the security measures and look for threats, before focusing on Drasek's contact.

Drasek: "Good to see you again, Nillia. Needed to refuel and resupply. Some of the crew wanted to do some shopping, guess they have credits to burn," he said with a smile.

GM: Rook can, currently, just see the one Neimoidian. The bay doesn't have any other ships within it and is spacious enough to hold a ship one silhouette bigger than the Mallard.

Tal: Tal grabbed his gear and descended the ramp, slowing down at the bottom while the new guy talked to his contact.

GM: "Drasek." Nillia whispers as she looks to the others then back to him. "You came back here? I recognized Riprock's ship, but the Drasek..." She leans in and whispers quietly. "Do they know?"

Drasek: "It was a long time ago. No need to bring up the past right now," he answered. "Besides he was killed in that yacht explosion in Bespin."

GM: "I'm not talking about the Hutt." The Niemoidian woman nearly snarls in anger at him. She looks toward the others, gauging their reaction, then back to him. "Maybe you don't remember - the state you were in when you left this place, but this city remembers Weswin and Warde."
"If anyone here recognizes you, there could be a lynch mob."

Kesvo: Kesvo was waiting to see how the conversation played out, her expression neutral. At the last comment from the admin, however, her gaze slid smoothly and pointedly to Drasek from his side.

Drasek: Drasek winced in pain but just grimaced trying to return his face more neutral.

Kesvo: "Maybe this is a conversation the two of you should have inside the ship, then," she suggested to Drasek, coolly.

Ashley: Ashley catches that name, looking to Drasek and then to the Niemoidian woman.

Venn: While seeming distant and aloof behind her glareshades, the hooded adept turns her head slowly to face this Nillia as she drops some names.

GM: The Niemoidian woman turns to Kesvo, then back to Drasek. "What are you doing here?"

Tal: Tal noted that the new guy already had secrets. Not surprising, but Tal hoped that this wasn't about to turn into a fight. It would be their record, yes, but Tal didn't want to start doing that yet.

Ashley: "What happened here?" asked Ashley, since clearly Weswin had been here.

Drasek: "Did things get worse after I left?" he said trying to remember.

GM: The Neimoidian woman frowns, looking concerned at Drasek. "You don't remember."

Drasek: "I was in bad shape. Shadows, dreams, it is rather hazy," he admitted.

GM: She then turns to Ashley's question. "A great deal happened here. Once this city was prosperous and rich. Even toward the end of the Clone Wars, we were thriving."
"The people here blame the Jedi for destroying the city and the cruelties that were done. The lower city is still mostly abandoned."

Tal: Tal keeps his eyes on the woman, though he hopes Venn and Ashley don't have their lightsabers visible.

Kesvo: "Cruelties? By the Jedi?" Kesvo asked, eyes narrowing curiously.

GM: "Yes."
"Weswin and Warde, the two Jedi Leaders, they hurt people. Imprisoned people. Instituted Martial law."
"I know they weren't all evil." She turned to look to Drasek, frowning, sympathetic. "Drasek here saved my life."

Venn: "You sound misguided." she says plainly, in her spacer accent.

GM: "But then a surprise attack came and the Republic and the Separatists bombed most of the lower city."
"All of the Jedi disappeared during the attack. I only found out Drasek was alive when another one came and pulled him out of a Hutt Palace."

Ashley: Ashley was silent, though not altogether sure how to feel about the information being shared. "... what was the reason for the bombing?" Or was there one even given?

Venn: "War brings fog with it. And memories of what was gain a life of their own as decades pass."

GM: "Darga the Hutt's gone but the Whitescar Syndicate is still here and stronger than ever. They run pretty much everything here, now."

Tal: Tal wasn't sure what to make of the information. It didn't sound like something the Jedi would do, but why did this woman have a reason to lie to strangers?
"Whitescar Syndicate." Tal murmurs.

Drasek: "Who runs Whitescar now?" he pressed pass her other revelations.

GM: "Onrein Hasar." The Neimoidian whispers the person's name, her voice obviously lined with terror. "She was a powerful member of the Trade Federation during the Clone Wars."

Drasek: "Any other interesting characters of note land here the last few days?" he asked.

Kesvo: Kesvo's expression towards Drasek as she's listening to this conversation slowly leans towards the incredulous.

GM: "No." Nilla shakes her head.

Venn: "Are these Whitescar monitoring this landing hub?"

GM: "They know pretty much everything that happens in this city, but I can keep it quiet." Nillia says softly. "I can keep your ship off the docking list."

Drasek: "Thank you."

Tal: Tal doesn't like the sound of the Whitescar having as much info about the city as the Duke.

Venn: Venn looks to Kesvo, eyes still obscured but message offered clear in meaning. "No organization that widespread on a planet exists without some legitimate power allowing it to do so."

GM: "Be careful Drasek. I don't know why you're here but things aren't much better from when the Empire was in charge. Most people won't recognize you, but just the same, non-Neimoidians are rare in Jorra."

Kesvo: "We appreciate that," she replied, to Nilla.

GM: She nods and then turns to head toward a nearby console. She swipes her access card and pushes in a few buttons. The door opens.

Kesvo: "Maybe you should stay on the ship," she says to Drasek. "Or at least find something to cover up with. We don't need any trouble because you happen to run into the wrong face."

Ashley: Though this was not Arbooine, the fact that was Weswin had been on the planet was something. Had he come here afterward, perhaps? Ashley was not sure but clearly the small amount of information, the look in Nilla's eyes as she talked about what happened, was enough to be a touch unsettling.

Drasek: "I'll buy a cloak and keep my head down." he gave Kesvo a reassuring nod.

Kesvo: Kesvo eyes him for a beat, unhappy about the situation, but opting - for now - to trust in Riprock's vouching for the guy. "Alright. Let's keep this quiet, people," she said to the rest of them, before heading through the offered door.

Tal: Tal heads for the door and to the local cantina for a drink.

Venn: As they leave Nilla, Venn says to Drasek.. "So you were part of the Jedi here decades ago."
"Explains alot."

Ashley: For one moment Ashley hesitated, wanting to go back on the ship and get the holocron but given what was just revealed ... It was best not on him. He moved to catch up with the others.

Drasek: "Not exactly. I was too old to begin the training," he told Venn as they walked side by side.

Rook: Rook watches Tal take off for the cantina, while they all disembark on a world filled with a crime syndicate that hates Jedi and a public that hates Drasek. Her attention remained on the crowds, expression safely masked behind her helmet. but the listened, carefully, as Venn drew Drasek out.

Venn: "Mmmhmm." she says in a manner that doesn't exactly betray her thoughts. Her attention is drawn to Tal, who probably has more issues than he is disclosing given that fleeing of the group for some hooch.

Rook: "You mentioned having a bad feeling about this. Was that more than a normal intuition?" Rook asked Drasek.

Venn: "Are we following him?" she says to Kesvo, after Tal.

Drasek: "I haven't felt the force since I left this planet." Drasek glanced down at his cybernetics.

Rook: Rook's helm tipped down as she followed his gaze but she wasn't at all clear on the connection between the Force and cybernetics. after all, Shroud had had no problem at all with both.

Kesvo: "Five, keep it low key," Kesvo told Tal over coms, when Venn drew her attention to the fact that he was splitting off. To Venn, she replied, "Up to you. If you've got nothing to shop for you can join him and we'll meet you back there."

Venn: "Shouldn't we lock down a place to work out of, rather than risk compromising the ship."

Ashley: While listening to the conversation, Ashley was also taking in the surroundings as they exited. Trying to get a feel for the overall mood of the people and the area they were about to be in.

Kesvo: "One thing at a time. Let's see what we can find, what the crowd's like, how much we stick out."

Tal: "Will do." Tal replied.

Kesvo: "If we can pick up some intel on the Duke without drawing too much attention to ourselves, it's worth doing."

GM: As the Hellions leave the spaceport they find it is very secure, perhaps with the highest level of security you've seen outside of Coruscant. The spaceport has no Droids, but it does have a number of Republic soldiers and Neimoidians in Blastech Security uniforms. As you make your way into the Upper City you find it is less impoverished than your ally might have made you originally assume. The city is clearly on a road to recovery, but seems to be on the fast-track. It's clean, the city is looking fairly modern, and construction efforts in the distance seem to be raising dozens of new, gleaming spires.
Banners and advertisement spread across the spires for BLASTECH and propaganda indicating how great the Republic and Blastech are on full display. Above you hovercraft and speeders zoom about, the city thriving with commerce and life. While there are clearly a lack of non-Neimoidians in the population, your arrival provokes cursory glances from the street merchants and passerbys, little more.

Venn: Venn will purchase a stimpak and 4x nullcane, and that's kind of it....

Drasek: Drasek will purchase 4x emergency repair patches.

Kesvo: Kesvo will attempt to find a com piece that is on par and compatible with the ones the Hellions use, so that Drasek can be in the loop. She'll then also purchase a couple of stimpaks.

Tal: Tal will go to cantina and attempt to pick up some of the local rumors and info about Jorra.

Ashley: Ashley is absolutely picking up some of that nullcaine too as a IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Since everyone is so predisposed to getting themselves hurt.

GM: Kesvo finds one without issue and can pay regular rack rate!

Kesvo: Kesvo tries to charm her way into a better-than-list-price.

GM: Roll Negotiation 2 purple 1 black, Kes.

Ashley: "Did you want to go looking for some parts?" said Ashley to Rook, slipping beside her as they walked around.

GM: Tal can spend 25 credits to buy drinks around.

Tal: Tal will do so.

GM: Kes pays the regular price. The Neimoidian is not really interested in her CHARMS.

Kesvo: Kesvo will take her regular priced sheeit.

GM: Tal roll Charm versus 2 Purple 1 black. Gain 1 blue from Kes and 1 blue from your efforts.

GM: Tal finds that the Whitescar Syndicate is a "criminal" group, but from what he hears they help the population more than hurt them. They're known to help the survivors of the Clone Wars rebuild and protect small owners from the increasing power of BLASTECH and the Duke's influences.

GM: Tal hears that the Duke is a former Alderaanian noble (thus his title) and that he has been the Governor of Cato Neimoidia since the end of the Imperial Occupation. He rarely interacts with the people and works out of Ducal Palace, seeing few citizens. He has a personal bodyguard atop his regular security named Dalan Oberos that is known to carry some expensive looking armor.

Tal: Tal makes merry and buys a few more drinks for the bar to loosen some lips. Faking it until he makes it distracts him for a bit, though he drinks a bit slower than everyone else while he asks a few questions here and there.

Rook: Rook purchases odds and ends from the junk dealers, those items meant to be turned into things of interest camouflaged among the necessary purchases to add vaccuum sealed. Amongst the debris and cast offs of this war torn, but once very, very wealthy world, she finds an actual archaeological find! It was discovery easily mistaken for merely being a statue of a rare, exotic animal. But as Rook handled it, she realized it was a real creature, bound in Carbonite. it was Krath artwork, from the Empress Teeta system, when carbonite was first used as a way to acquire trophies! Cleaned up, scanned ... it would be worthy of a place in a real, core-worlds quality museum.

GM: Tal recalls that Erick's last name is Oberos and that he, also, was from Alderaan.

Tal: Tal notes the same last name and the profession of said Alderaanian noble. He wonders if they found their way in to see the Duke, though he has another drink in Erick's honor since the other man can't be here right now. He wanted to get this info back to Three and the others...but they were supposed to meet him here.
Better to stay in place and let them come to him.

Rook: Rook will nod at Ashley, "Yeah, I'd like to acquire enough material to at least be able to offer vacuum sealing to everyone on the team. You interested?"
Clearly, watching Kesvo, venn and Tal almost be blasted into outer space had left a mark.

GM: The others can soon find Tal at Dropview Cantina, so named because it sits at the very edge of the bridge-city, its terrace overlooking the long drop to the mists below. The cantina juts from the rim of the bridge itself and is accessible directly from the docks. While most establishments in Jorra are frequented only by Neimoidians, the Dropview attracts spacers, traders, and even corporate-visitors.

Venn: Venn checks if this place has room vacancy.

Kesvo: Kesvo waits for Rook (et al) to finish making their purchases, and then herds them towards the cantina.

Ashley: "Sure," said Ashley, taking a look at the carbonite bound creature. Man, this stuff was weird. "It'd be nice if we all didn't have to worry about radiation or being sucked into space courtesy of ..." His fingers flicked.

GM: The far wall of the Dropview is lined with floor-to-ceiling-windows, providing a view of the open air. The decor of the cantina consists of Clone Wars memorabilia, which some of the residents of the city find highly distasteful. This includes everything from pieces of armor to mounted droid parts, weapons, and propaganda used by both sides.
It does! Rooms go for 50 credits a night and are pretty swank, given that it's used mostly by people visiting the city.

Tal: Tal looks over the memorabilia on the walls while he sips his drink. He wouldn't have decorated the place this way, if it was his, but people do strange things.

Rook: Rook will look over the memorabilia looking for anything Mandalorian related. Would her Clan or those she was familiar with be represented anywhere?

Kesvo: Kesvo slides into an open seat at the table Tal acquired, and let her gaze sweep over the room. "How's the crowd?" she asked him, trying to gauge for herself as well.

Ashley: Once they've gotten what they needed, Ashley helps Rook with all that was purchased (and probably to get it made later as well). (Might as well try and ensure the team was as safe as possible.

GM: Rook sees a Clan Awaud Mandalorian helmet on the wall.

Ashley: Once they were at the cantina, the Pantoran was inspecting the wall as well, looking for anything of potential Jedi origin or things that stood out to him.

Tal: "They're better now. A couple of rounds of free drinks does wonders for morale." he said, grinning.

Kesvo: Kesvo eyed the man's grin for a beat, then smirked gently. "Apparently so."

Venn: Venn will see if there are rooms that are two to a room, or joined with a suite, or at least on the same floor in proximity.

GM: Ashley does not see anything that connects to the Jedi. Probably not a popular subject, given what he's heard.

Rook: Rook will study the helmet, reading the markings carefully to see if she knows who it belonged to.

Tal: "Did a little asking around. Found a couple of things. You want me to start or just wait until everyone's here?"

GM: Venn finds that there's single beds and double beds, but no large suites. She gets a couple hotel recommendations that probably will provide that.

Kesvo: "Oh yeah?" She glanced at the others who were scattered around the room, and shook her head. "I think Two's asking about a room. Let's hold off a minute."

GM: Rook doesn't recognize the name or any other unique indicators, she does, however, see some burn marks around the bottom of the helmet. The indicator that the wearer was decapitated by a lightsaber.

Venn: Only way to be sure.

Tal: Tal nodded, letting his gaze sweep the bar for anyone paying too much attention to their table.

Ashley: Considering the wall was apparently distasteful ... Ashley takes note of some of the droid parts and other weaponry, a cursory glance to make sure nothing was actually dangerous, before he finally goes to join the others.

Rook: Rook's lips thin, and as she regards the damage. Her fingers lightly brush the helmet, and she takes a vid of the helmet. Heading to the bar, she'll ask if anyone knows the story of the single Clan Awaud Helmet.

Venn: Before she confirms the rooms, the Umbaran approaches those most gathered. "I am thinking two to a room, for safety reasons. Anyone have issues with that?"

GM: "Hey!" The bartender yells at Rook. "Get your hands off the decor!"

Kesvo: "Are you planning on staying overnight, or just looking for a place to work?" she clarifies with Venn

Drasek: Drasek joined the others at the table and sits down.

Kesvo: though her attention is quickly diverted to the mandalorian getting yelled at.

Ashley: "On it," said Ashley, moving to follow after Rook. Apparently he should've brought her with him when he went to join the others.

GM: "That one's from when the Jedi assassinated the Neimoidian diplomats that tried to end the war." The Bartender, a burly Neimoidian in his later years, points up at it then turns back to Rook. "The Mandalorian that was protecting the Diplomats was no match for a Jedi Master."

Rook: Rook will head to the bartender. "My apologies. The Helmet is from my Clan. would you know the story of what happened?" She will buy an expensive drink, and tip another 50%.

GM: "Hah!"
"Clan Awaud?" The Barkeep asks, intrigued as he gives Rook a stiff drink and gratefully accepts the tip (he will need it).

Kesvo: "So," she said, turning towards Drasek as he sat. "When you said you'd 'let me know' if something came up that we'd need to be briefed on concerning your history here..."

Venn: "Mother of moons." she murmurs to herself.

Rook: Rook nods slowly. "Indeed. Clan Awaud."

GM: "Ahhh, yeah they're all gone now. There were three of 'em that day, they say, all cut down by the Jedi."

Rook: "Three of them? Would you know their names?"

Drasek: "Yep, quite a mystery isn't it. Once I have the answers, you'll be the first to know," he told Kesvo.

GM: "We've had that here for almost thirty years." He nods to the helmet.

Venn: "If we need to come back to ground, or work, or just have some privacy..." Beat. "And taking three would give us cover as opposed to just taking one... which would be kind of odd for a gaggle of foreigners."

Rook: "Do you know who the Jedi Master was that killed them?"
anyone's guess if she's asking for the information for the team ... or for her Clan.

Kesvo: Kesvo pursed her lips, then leaned a little closer, her voice lowering. "You don't think it was worth mentioning that you don't remember your time here?"

GM: "Naw, I was little more than a kid. Just that the Jedi who were in charge of the city murdered the diplomats and their protectors."

Kesvo: At Venn's answer, Kesvo nods. "Three, then. In pairs."

Venn: With a simple nod, the pale woman would return to secure 3 double bedrooms near each other.

Ashley: Ashley is close, clearly keeping an eye on Rook, as he listens in. His hand rests briefly on the crook of her elbow, however, before falling away.

Rook: "Thank you." Rook will order some salty snacks to go with the drink, again tipping handsomely. then she'll join the team, flipping her helmet back and fastening it to be easily snapped into place in an emergency. She slides into place her expression a little distant, as she considers this odd planet with so many ties to their past.

Drasek: "Didn't realize there were gaps, that I'd filled in the gaps myself over a decade ago."

Kesvo: "Sounded like quite the gap," she murmured, before sitting upright again and looking back towards the bar.

GM: Everyone is gathered at the table, now.

Ashley: Indeed, they are.

Venn: She hands out keycards then.

Kesvo: "Let's head up to a room. Five says he has news."

Tal: Tal nurses his current drink and accepts the keycard from Venn.
"A couple at a time? Or altogether?" Tal asked, knowing that a group of people exiting together could draw some questions, especially in the bar for non-locals.

GM: Notably there are quite a few non-Neimoidians in the bar.

Venn: "I bought them all at once. He'll probably think we are just a regular group."
She'll leave the table and after a brief moment if figuring out the room naming convention, vs location, will proceed.

Tal: Tal will finish his drink and then head for the rooms as well.

Kesvo: Kesvo follows suit.

GM: The small hotel located next to the cantina likewise overlooks the deep plunge down to the mists below. It's set up similar to more of a set of condos rather than a hotel proper, with a number of two story-buildings overlooking the mists. With the sun being out and the breeze coming up from below it's actually quite pleasant and could easily be seen as a vacation locale.

Rook: Rook looks up and manages a half-smile at Ashley, her eyes stormy. She nudges the salty peanuts-pretzel-candy mix to the center of the table ... just in time to find everyone leaving. it could give a girl a complex, the way they all head off the moment she gets there. so she downs her drink ... and those that know of how well she handles liquor might be concerned, dumped her snack into a collection container, left a tip on the table and followed the others.

Venn: Assuming everyone piles into a room to discuss some matters, Venn will give the room a quick check as they speak.

Ashley: Ashley's expression was similarly mixed, though he returned a brief smile at Rook. Snagging one of the snacks from the bowl before it was wasted as they got up to leave, he raised an eyebrow at the quickly downed drink by the mechanic before shrugging. (Unless it was coffee, Ashley wasn't drinking it. No one wants him drunk anyway. It makes him snuggly.) Time to move 'em out and head on up.

GM: Venn finds that it's nicely appointed. The beds look comfy enough and the refresher is clean, the floors neat and regular carpet that's a touch worn. No seeming security concerns or issues with the room.

Venn: "Hit us, Five." she says before leaning against a wall, arms slowly crossing over her chest.

Tal: Tal will head to the room and take off his sword and rifle, then wait for everyone to arrive. Once they're all piled in and the door is closed, he'd clear his throat and speak.
"Decided to buy a couple of rounds of drinks and see what people might say about Whitescar and the Duke."
"Whitescar Syndicate is a criminal group, yeah, but they're sticking up for the little guy around here. They're helping the survivors of the Clone Wars and keeping the smaller businesses from being picked off by BLASTECH or the Duke's interests."
"It could always be a long-con, but it doesn't sound like it."

Venn: "Hmm. Not what I would have guessed, but makes some sense."
"It sounds like we need to look into this Whitescar and see what they are doing..."

Rook: "Drasek's friend seemed afraid of them, to me. though that could have just been her general fear for Drassek." beat. "and of Jedi." Rook lifts her helmet off once again but this time racks it more comfortably on her belt.

Tal: "The bit about the Duke is a little more interesting. He's a Duke because he's an Alderaanian noble. He's been the Governor here since the end of the Imperial Occupation. He doesn't really interact with the people much, though." Tal said. "Works out of the Ducal Palace most of the time. Selective about who he sees."

Kesvo: "An Alderaanian running Blastech here?" she repeated, mulling it over.

Rook: Rook wanders over to settle near to Kesvo, curious what her room assignment was. she'd been trying to talk to Kesvo since ... well. since the Foundry, really. she glances up when she hears the Duke was an Alderaanian survivor.

Tal: "But the part that got my attention was his security. He's got his personal security, but on top of that, he's got a personal bodyguard with expensive looking armor. Goes by the name of Dalan Oberos." he said, looking to Kesvo.

Rook: Rook unobtrusively extends a hand to support Kesvo if she seems about to faint or loose her footing, though she makes no attempt to touch the Falleen Princess.

Kesvo: Kesvo blinked. "Oberos?" she repeated. She shook her head. "What're the odds..."

Venn: "Alderaan was all houses and large family name legacies...."

Tal: "Good chance he's Alderaanian, too, if he's working for the Duke. Did Erick ever mention any family to you?"

Ashley: Ashley glanced over to Tal, raising an eyebrow as Kesvo spoke. What were the odds ...

Kesvo: Kesvo doesn't seem to notice Rook's concern, though neither does she seem on the verge of fainting.
"He never talked about much of anything," she replied, shaking her head.

Ashley: He took all his secrets to the bacta tank with him.

Tal: Tal nodded. His own conversations with Erick hadn't been too deep, but he understood that. The past was usually filled with pain and skeletons best kept in the closet.

Kesvo: "I'd probably hold off on mentioning Erick to try and use it as a way in. If it is a brother, we'd just have to lie to him about how we know Erick and where he is now."

Tal: "Maybe getting in touch with the Duke will be a bit like getting in touch with Molec was. Going through one of his people."
"Yeah, probably not a good start to getting in touch with him."
"That was all I was able to get at the time."

Kesvo: She nodded. "Good work," she told Tal. She then looked to Venn. "Why the interest in Whitescar? You think they're relevant to the relics?"

Tal: Tal is suddenly glad to have the spotlight off of him. He never liked briefing meetings in the old days. Public speaking was not something he enjoyed.
End Session 46
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Episode 4, Chapter 2, Session 47: The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions find themselves on the surface of Cato Neimoidia hunting down a trail of smugglers who are stealing Jedi artifacts from Coruscant. Finding their way to one of the former planets of the Trade Federation, they have come in contact with a figure from Drasek's past who indicates that he has been here before -- though he cannot remember the details of that experience.
As the Hellions have settled into their temporary housing, they discuss among themselves their next move. The bridge city of Jorra is currently in high-levels of reconstruction at the behest of Duke Errion Irban, the governor of the planet and a high ranking member of the BLASTECH corporation - and also the man who was seeking to buy these artifacts.
With little to go on save for a few contact names, the group of mercenaries turned secret operatives must decide on how to track down the information needed to find Shroud, a dangerous former Jedi turned cyborg who is hunting these artifacts for his own purposes.

Kesvo: "I think we should hold on to that," Kesvo said, nodding to the artifact Rook and Ashley spoke of. "Keep it in our back pockets for when and if an opportunity presents itself to follow a lead on the smuggling thing. I think finding a job should be the first step. The rest of it we'll be able to delve into more once we get a feel for how things work here."
"While we're building rep, we can also work on training in downtime, and try to dig up whatever intel we can on our other objectives."

Venn: Venn's eyebrows rose slightly at this strange thing Rook brought out to show and tell. That girl was way peculiar...
"So you people with connects here or who have a grasp on how to connect with unscrupulous types needing merc services... want to take the lead on this?"

Kesvo: Kesvo looked at Drasek and waited.

Venn: "Otherwise, I can just go wander around the dangerous parts until something strikes my fancy. Which is not something most people like me doing."

Rook: Rook nodded, patting the odd find on the head. "Sure thing. Clan Awaud has worked here, off and on. It's possible that could open up some job leads." Her grin flared at Venn's suggestion. It sounded like fun, to her.

Kesvo: "Oh yeah?" she asked, shifting her attention to Rook.
"How would that work?"

Rook: "Best would be I could contact my father or Vera; but ..." She thought for a moment.

Drasek: "I'll dig around and get on comms when I gather enough info," he answered.

GM: Rook remembers vague information about Clan Awaud being hired by the Separatists as protection during the Clone Wars.

Kesvo: "Oh, that reminds me," she said, reaching into her pack. She pulled out a comm piece that was comparable to the ones the Hellions used. "Your own would work, but this one's encrypted like ours," she said, offering the device to Drasek.
"That said, I still think it's a good idea for you to keep a very low profile for the time being. Your friend's reaction to seeing you doesn't bode well for you making friends here if you're recognized."

Rook: "We were hired by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Protection, like the three who died against the Jedi. I don't recall any names, but if we look for people who were in business back then, it might help. especially given how history-focused these folks are. I could cruise some bars or shops and see what I can find."

Tal: Tal agreed with that sentiment.
"Welcome to the team." he said to Drasek.

Drasek: Drasek took the device and nodded to Tal."Thanks."

Rook: "Do you want someone to travel with you?" she asked, looking at Drasek. She didn't use his number because it seemed odd. it made her NOT at all want to ask who had had Four before she did.

Drasek: "Sure, I think an extra set of eyes would be appreciated."

Ashley: "... honestly, I'd like to look into Weswin's time here a bit more," said Ashley after a moment. It was risky to do so, he thought, but still ... The information would be useful. He wasn't thinking that a piece of the holocron could be here, no. Obsession wasn't a fault of his, promise.

Kesvo: "That sounds like a powderkeg to me," Kesvo said.

Tal: "Yeah, even a minor slip on that front would put us in a bad way." Tal said.

Venn: Tapping her navy blue tipped finger against her chin, the pale Umbaran says towards Ashley. "That holocron may be the prize for this collector. Some ability to detect probabilities or read intentions would be a game changer."

Ashley: "... that's honestly part of what I'm thinking," he admitted.

Rook: "Hmm. I can see why you'd want to know. I'd recommend starting with mass media. Given what we've been told, there should be hate-web pages and shrines to those lost. Check old news feeds and things that you can access from a computer. given your skills, that ought to be safe enough?" well, safer than wandering around asking after the (locally) despised Jedi.

Ashley: "Studying it, learning and understanding Weswin's foresight? That could provide us with an advantage we don't currently have." He looked from Venn to the others. "At this point, I don't exactly think its wise to go asking around about him point-blank. That'd blow-up fast." A nod went to Rook. "Checking local data banks would be more beneficial, though it could also trigger the wrong attention."

Rook: Rook turned her attention to repacking her bags, and decided again that she really, really needed one of those nifty FTL holo-transmitters in order to keep in touch with her Clan while off gallivanting around. She stood, and settled her helmet in her hands.

Kesvo: "If that thing's as valuable as you say it is, then I'd rather not give off the impression that we have it. Maybe once we have a better feel for this place, it might be an option to lure out the heavy bidders, but for now it's a liability."
"I feel like focusing on getting a job that's gonna earn us some cred would be a better use of our time up front."

Rook: She sent a reassuring grin towards Ashley, and then nodded at Kesvo. "Yeah, I owe Ashley, and I'd love to pick up some schematics while we are here." which likely didn't require saying ... she was always looking to pick up Schematics.

Venn: "Right, I say we don't put it into play unless we have to, and even then, be extra careful."

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded Rook, then at Venn. "Agreed."
"That said, let's go in teams? Five, wanna tag along with Rook and Drasek in case he runs into any more 'friends' from the old days?"

Venn: "If you need to access, best to do it in the ship... though a constant back and forth could draw attention. Check with the Skipper..." she tells the Pantoran before moving to her pack to handle some thnigs.

Tal: "Sounds good." Tal said, looking to Seven and Four.

Kesvo: "Dunno if it's worth going into the undercity, but we could go one team top and one team bottom."

Ashley: "That's my plan," says Ashley to Venn.
"As that's why I left it there."
"... since I'm fairly certain that if anyone here sees it or figures out I'm a Jedi then I'm probably not going to be welcomed too much."

Kesvo: "Understatement, from the sounds."

Ashley: Which was so very, very ... strange.

Rook: "Groups? Pairs? Singly? the whole team? how did you want to parcel us out?" She asked Kesvo. it would help her know some job parameters going in. it was hard to stop grinning, only because both her father and her sister would likely be amused at Rook going along on the fact-finding mission to dig up jobs. Her grin widened to include Tal. His inclusion left Kesvo and Venn together. AShley and the Captain with the Aeon Mallard. She nodded again, more seriously, and fastened her helmet in place.
*kes already answered the first part

Kesvo: "I'll stick with One and Two," she clarified for Rook. "Keep comms on, be smart, be discrete. First one to get a bite on a decent gig or make contact with this Whiteclaw outfit, let the rest know. Questions? Concerns?" She looked around from face to face, pausing for a moment to allow a chance for anyone to speak.

Drasek: "I'm good," Drasek said.

Tal: "Good to go." Tal said.

Rook: Rook gave a thumbs up. But secretly, she wished Tal had his armor already.

Venn: Off to the side, Venn finishes kitting up and draws up her hood; faceplate not on for now.

Ashley: Ashley nodded, fingers flicking in an affirmative. No questions or concerns from him.

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded and stood to her feet. "Let's move out, then."

GM: The Hellions split up from their temporary housing. The day is pleasant, heading toward late afternoon. Where does each squad head?

Rook: "Be safe," Rook offered in farewell to the rest of her team. In basic, even. though it didn't have the same impact. She headed to doorway, eager to see where Drasek would want to go. Eager for action! (If Drasek has no other ideas, Rook would head towards hangouts that would draw the mercenary/Mandalorian/Bounty Hunter type)

Kesvo: If neither Ashley nor Venn has alternative suggestions, Kesvo will suggest they head back towards the market to try and spot booths and shops with the whiteclaw's protection logo displayed somewhere.

GM: The dropship cantina is the perfect spot by most mercenaries to hang out, from what you can tell.

Venn: "Bloody hell, I didn't send us off with a pre-mission pun." she laments, as if its a terribly serious mistake.

GM: Kesvo make an Underworld Check against Average difficulty

Ashley: "Woe is us," said Ashley. As long as they eventually would head towards the Mallard, the Pantoran had no qualms.

GM: Kes is able to locate a shop that is friendly enough to outsiders; a tea shop that is serving mostly Neimoidians but has a symbol of a white dash on the door.

Venn: "These are the results one gets when I get smacked around by the walking dead."

Tal: Tal checks his weapons and will head out with Drasek and Rook to get started on their mission.

Venn: Venn has no contrary opinion to the course of action being taken.

GM: Drasek, though he doesn't remember much, still feels an intuition about where to go for information. Tal, Drasek, and Rook spend Two Hours going through the seedier parts of the Upper City to gather information. During this time they see that though at first glance Jorra is prospering through a large amount of reconstruction there's poverty and suffering hidden in the shadows of the towering skyscrapers.
Drasek learns that the Duke rarely interacts with the citizenry of Jorra and acts mostly through other officers. Atop that, he is a collector of rare artifacts from a number of different cultures that have had their histories suppressed by the Empire.

Kesvo: Kesvo indicates the tea shop to the other two while eyeing it from across the street.
"Go in and sit a while to watch?" she asked, eyeing the people going in and out of the place, trying to gauge where they ranked on the scale of normal-weekday-business. "Or ask for the owner and ask some frank questions?" She looked to the other two for their opinions.

GM: He learns one more interesting fact: Duke Irban once served as a liaison of the former Imperial Moff that ruled Cato Neimoidia. The local Neimoidians believe political corruption and the influence of BLASTECH's interests allowed for the Duke to not only remain after the war, but gain power.

Venn: "Frank questions usually get you answers, even if they aren't verbal ones."

GM: While Kesvo, Ashley, and Venn enter the shop they notice that there's a few rugged looking men in the corner sipping tea. They don't pay the trio any mind, muttering about a recent job gone awry because of the Veiled Sorority.

Venn: The hooded Umbaran approaches the toughs muttering amongst themselves to listen in.

GM: "They just seemed to come outta nowhere." One thug mutters to the other between sips of tea. "Pirate Queen, from what I hear. Mask and all. Blew a hole through the Hutt's people, grabbed the goods, then took off."
Kes, Venn, and Ashley can hear easy enough.

Kesvo: Kesvo goes through the motions of ordering a tea, then, listening as she does so.

Ashley: Ashley is doing the same (because caffeine yes please).

GM: "Yeah." One of them says with a shake of his head. "Blew open the ceiling and came in guns blazing. One of her people had a giant auto-cannon and just mowed down half of Kathlo's boys."

Tal: Two hours of traversing through the seedy parts of Jorra is an eye-opener for Tal.
"Where should we go next?"

Kesvo: Kesvo nearly facepalms.

GM: "I tell you." The third says with a growl. "Whitescar owns Jorra, but Hasar trying to expand into things more in the Rim is a shark getting into a bigger pond."

Kesvo: "Sorry to butt in, fellas," she says, as she's passing by the table. She gives her best charming smile to hopefully cover the offense. "But I couldn't help but overhear. Did you just say there's a pirate queen of some sort working here?"

GM: The trio look up at Kesvo and growl at her interruption, all three Neimoidians of middle-age, more brawny than thin, and looking unwelcoming toward her.
"Not here." The first one says. "Friend of ours ran into her."
"The only - heh - legitimate businesspeople who work in Jorra is us." The second one says and taps his jacket which shows a ragged white line, same as what was on the door.

Venn: Venn muses and half covers her mouth so that only Ashley, next to her, can see her mouthing 'Kathlo' in a mute expression.

Kesvo: She holds her hands up at the icy reaction, and adds a little Falleen magic to try and ease the tension. "Sorry," she said, still smiling warmly. "Just curious." The guy revealed his marking, and Kesvo's brows lifted as though it'd impressed her. "Well good to meet you, then. I'm Kes. My friends and I are lookin' for some work. We'd heard that you folks were the ones running things here."

Rook: "I would love to go through his collection." Rook murmurs of the Duke. She leans closer to Tal, and adds in a not quite whisper, "Do we want to sell to him at all, though?" She shook her head. "Everything except how he is trying to preserve histories the Empire banned fits into him being a real villain. but that fact ... it feels out of place. I have a feeling the real situation is more complex." but at least they knew that he was interested in artifacts.

Ashley: Ashley raises an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth twitching upward. She's right though, the mention of Kathlo is interesting enough. He shakes his head, moving to actually order something to drink while Kes is doing her thing.

GM: The third one rubs his rubbery chin in thought. They seem to relax a little as Kes uses her pheromones. "What kinda work do you and your.." He looked to the other two then back to her. "friends do?"

Rook: Thinking about Tal's question, she'd indicate the poverty dwelling in the shade of opulence. "We might get someone to talk to us from the shadows. or we could go back to the cantina and speak with the barkeep again. he might know who is hiring."

Kesvo: "We solve problems," she said, smoothly enough to sound entirely confident. Her smile brightened. "We're a creative lot, see," she said, her smile brightening. "You know anybody that has problems that need solving?" She paused, then added a wink. "Someone with enough of a purse to afford the good stuff?"

GM: "Yeah? What problems have you solved?" The first one asks, the second one adding, cheekily, "Yeah, you got a resume on hand?"

Tal: "I'd rather not advertise that we have anything for sale. I don't see a path where advertising those things is a good one. I think we should be looking for Shroud and trying to put him out of commission." Tal said.
"For now, though, I think looking for work is our best option. Back to that cantina...or finding one around here and looking for a some leads." he said.

Rook: Rook shook her head at Tal in frustration. she said very slowly, "the carbonite critter. it's from one of those cultures the Empire doesn't ... didn't much like." Why did everyone and their brother go back to what they weren't doing, instead of what they were doing?
She then led the way back to the spaceport Cantina.

Kesvo: "That depends," she said, taking the snark in stride with a smile. "You doing the hiring, big guy?" She leaned on her hands on the edge of the table. "Cause if you were, then I'd tell you to ask the people of Foundry Four on Xorrn. My team just turned away a Star Destroyer intent on taking over."

GM: The three Neimoidians look toward each-other, then up to Kes, slowly. One of them, seeming to have some comprehension says softly. "You the Hellions, right?"

Kesvo: "Ahhh, so you guys are well informed," Kesvo affirmed with a sly smile. "A good sign."

Tal: "Carbonite's a rough way to go. Or exist." al said.

Rook: "These guys invented carbon freezing. it's possible the critter could be woken up, still. kind of amazing in an ecological disaster waiting to happen kind of way." Still, it would be amazing if it could be done.

GM: "Could take you to the boss." The third says slowly with a nod. "I'd have to check with her. She doesn't like surprises."

Drasek: "Wasn't Erick Oberos a famous hutt ball player?" he asked as they walked.

Kesvo: "Fair enough," she said. "How long do you need?"

GM: "Depends on her. She's the boss, not me. You got a place you're stayin'?"

Tal: "Uhhh...not that I ever heard." Tal said. Erick had the size for it, but why would a Huttball player give up that life to be a mercenary?

Rook: "I didn't know Eric very long. He was soothing in a powerful and friendly way, especially when I was dealing with some very difficult things."

Tal: "He was a good man."
"He is a good man." Tal corrected.

Drasek: He took his hat off to scratch his head for a moment.

Rook: "He is a good warrior," Rook added softly, affirming Tal's correction. "He's strong enough to fight back from this. He charged an AT-ST!"

Kesvo: "We're at the Dropview for the night," she told him.

GM: Number one nodded. "I'll tell her you're here looking for work." The second one lifted his cup toward the counter with a smile. "Try the tea. It's really good here."

Tal: "It didn't go quite like that, Four..."

Rook: Rook just glanced at Tal. she'd been there, but in front of that particular action. yet it sure had seemed like that, to her.

Kesvo: Kesvo lifted her own cup off of the table in mock-salute. "I intend to. You fellas take care, now," she said, nodding towards them before standing upright and giving them back their space.

Venn: "Good?" she says to Kesvo.

Kesvo: Kesvo sips the tea in question and nods for Venn and Ashley to follow her out.

Rook: Before quizzing Tal further as to how he recalled the events, Rook keyed Kesvo on the Comm.

Kesvo: She taps her comm once in the street and away from the door. "Contact made. Whiteclaw will reach out to us at Dropview if they have work."

Venn: She will leave once the business is completed.

Rook: COM to Kesvo: ⌁ "Hey, new-Seven seems to recall that old-Seven was a Hutt-ball player. He wasn't sure though; I am wondering if you know?" ⌁

Kesvo: Her broadcast to the team had no sooner completed than Rook pinged her directly

GM: Venn departs the scene.

Kesvo: She grit her teeth a little at the nomenclature, but simply replied, "He did mention he'd played," she said. "Drasek knows him?"

Ashley: Ashley headed out, following Kes and Venn. with some tea, thank you very much.

Rook: Rook sighed in frustration. she'd never get the hang of when to use names, and when not.

Venn: "I'm going to have a look around. Ping me if the job comes through." she says to Kesvo and Ashley.

Rook: COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ He seems to suddenly recall him. I think ... knowing what is trapped in his head could become important, here. ⌁

Venn: She takes a few steps back and fades into some people, assassin's creed style.

Rook: Rook looks at Drasek, "you remember Eric? Yeah, he was a ball player, uh.. Three said." number? name? argh!

Kesvo: "Two, take one with you," Kesvo said. "Pairs, remember?"

Venn: Venn's vanishing isn't stopped by Kesvo's warning. Kesvo is paired with Ashley!

Kesvo: "I'm gonna head back to the Mallard," she tells the others. "And get some research in."

Venn: Venn doesnt have a conversation. She just says something and leave.

Drasek: "Think I remember he played for Alderaan is all."

Kesvo: Kesvo heads for the Mallard.

Rook: Rook's pace slowed, as she thinks it through. "That would make sense."

Ashley: Ashley, not sure if he's actually equipped to track Venn (what with the disappearing into the crowd move she pulled), heads towards the Mallard with Kesvo.

Kesvo: It takes Kes a second to realize she's being tailed, but after a flash of frustration, she continues with Ashley towards the ship.

GM: As Kes and Ashley return to the spaceport they find that the security which had conveniently not been present before when they'd left has returned.

Drasek: "Dalan has some outer rim rep though as a bounty hunter. If you said Erick charged an AT-ST, I'd hate to see what his brother is capable of."

Kesvo: "Well. That's fantastic," Kesvo said, slowing her approach.

GM: They are checking those who come and go for weapons and contraband.

Kesvo: "Change of plans, then," she says, changing course.

Ashley: "Wonderful," says Ashley.

Tal: "Like I said, I heard that he's got some pretty high-class armor. If he's the Duke's personal security, then he's going to be top-shelf dangerous." Tal said.

Rook: "Why do I feel like he's someone I'd like? Where would he go to drink, do you think? the Cantina?"

GM: Venn shadows the Whitescar boys from the tea shop as they leave and finds that they go through shaking down people up and down the block for protection money.

Tal: "Well, we're supposed to be looking for more information. You two want to stop there and head back to the others?"

Ashley: "I don't think it's an issue for you to go through," said Ashley quietly as they changed course. "But it will be for me."

Rook: "We've got some information, but I don't want to go back until we get a lead on a job offer."

GM: Venn makes the trio feel bad about what they've done and they give back some of their ill-gotten gains, one even saying 'Ya know what, sorry. You're good this week'.

Kesvo: "Yeah. Need to wait until Drasek's friend can clear a path for us again," she agreed. "C'mon. Let's head back."

GM: Venn is able to tail the trio of Whitescar criminals to a large and expensive looking mansion behind a set of new office buildings. As she moves through the streets she sees several signs banning droids.

Rook: Rook has headed to the cantina to chat up the barkeep and see if he has a job for them.

GM: The bartender is just a bartender, and says he's not hiring for the kitchen at this time.

Kesvo: Assuming no resistance from Ashley, Kesvo will return with him to the Dropview.

GM: In the distance, remote from most of the rest of the city on the upper curve of the bridge Venn can see a gleaming near-golden palace that overlooks the city and the countryside beyond.
Everyone rejoins back at dropview besides Venn.

Kesvo: Her path to the room is interrupted when she spots Rook at the bar. She approaches.

Venn: After restoring a minute amount of balance to matters, she continues her surveillance. She cases that building from a hidden location, and makes note of if many Whitescar types enter or leave. She holds her recording remote to take some snapshots. Basically to confirm if its some kind of Headquarters.
After a satisfying while, she will leave as well unless something comes up to cause her to stay.

Rook: Rook is nursing an expensive and explosively flavorful drink, watching the patrons. She smiles at Kesvo, and gestures to a seat beside her.

Kesvo: "Back already?" she asks Rook

Tal: Tal orders a snack when he arrives back at the Cantina.

Rook: "Yeah. We have some general info, no job offers yet. but it seems to me this is the place they'd turn up. How about you?"

Kesvo: Kesvo reminded her of the info she relayed over the comms earlier.

GM: Venn finds that it is obviously the headquarters for the Whitescar. While there's criminal types that take a side entrance and exit, they don't make great efforts to hide themselves. Legitimate business people go to and fro from the office. Venn gets the sense this place is heavily guarded.
Morgan, a washed-up hired-gun and bounty hunter that is hanging out in the corner of the Dropview Cantina, is chatting up with Drasek who had settled down beside him while Rook was getting her drink on and Tal was getting snacks.

Kesvo: "So now it's just a waiting game, unless something walks through the door," she finished.

Drasek: "I mean have to seen this guy in action, what's he packing these days?" he asked Morgan.

Ashley: Ashley snags the seat on the other side of Rook, opposite of Kesvo. "... tried heading back to the Mallard," he said, "but it's a bit too busy there right now." Though the look on his face said that it was not a great idea. Like too much security.

Rook: Rook only nodded, her head angled to the side. She studied kesvo intently, but didn't voice any reservations she might have here in the bar. Rook nodded again. "You want me to wait here, or have everyone rendezvous for the info swap?" she nodded to Tal and Drasek, who knew everything she knew.

GM: After buying him a few rounds, Drasek finds out that Dalan Oberos, who used to work with Morgan, "back in the day" is now the Duke's personal bodyguard. Dalan was a notorious Jedi Hunter who worked with Darth Vader himself to hunt down the remaining Jedi "Terrorists" in the galaxy and was hired at great expense to protect the Duke.
Notably, Dalan is said to carry a cortosis slugthrower and have a sword made of pure cortosis.

Drasek: "Thanks pal, good catching up with you."

Venn: COM to Field Team: ⌁ This is Two. On my way back; I've got the location of the Whitescar Headquarters. Heavily guarded, but they look to be pretty brazen in their operation. ⌁ .

GM: "Thanks buddy." Morgan slurs and goes back to his drink.

Rook: She frowns just a bit at Ashley's news. it wasn't comforting to think of their line of retreat being blocked.

Rook: Rook will offer to buy Ashley, Tal and Kesvo drinks if they are staying.

Kesvo: "Good to know," she told Venn. "Nicely done."

GM: Venn sees on their way back one of the Whitescar guys heading toward Dropview as well.

Venn: The hooded adept navigates a return back towards the Dropview a short while later, appearing seemingly from nowhere. Then she sits down.

Ashley: Ashley will take a drink but, as usual, nothing alcoholic.

Kesvo: Kesvo accepts the drink with a thanks. She then asks the barkeep where the nearest gym or training yard is.

Rook: Rook will offer a drink to Venn, too.

GM: The Dropview Cantina has one on premises, the bartender says with cheer! It's around the back and is free with their purchase of the rooms for the next couple nights.
As the Hellions get settled and start getting their drinks on one of the men that Kes met earlier approaches her, easily spotting her in the crowd.

Venn: Venn takes the drink, though isn't particularly keen to get into it... so just kind of holds it for now.

GM: "Boss says she'll meet you tomorrow afternoon. Be here, we'll have some guys show you where to go."

Kesvo: Kesvo thanks the bartender, then turns in time to catch the Whitescar fellow's approach.
"Got it. Thanks.... uh... sorry, what's your name?"

GM: Notably, everyone in the bar who's a local seems to shut up and watch what's going on. It's clear some people here recognize the Neimoidian who's speaking to Kesvo.
"Len." The man says.

Kesvo: "Len. Thanks for the info. Got time for a drink?" she asks, lifting her glass.

GM: "Naw, thanks though. Gotta get back to work."

Kesvo: "I understand. Tomorrow, then," she says, sending him off with a smile.

GM: "See ya tomorrow." Len says warmly enough then turns and starts to head out. He shoots a look toward the bartender, who nods in familiarity with the man.

Rook: Rook watches the locals, curious what their response to the actual presence of a whitescar representative is. fear? approval? wary respect?

GM: Rook gets the sense that people here know Len and keep quiet - similar to when Vera entered a room and people would stop idle chatter in her presence.
Kesvo gets a bad feeling about the look between Len and the bartender. She can sense that they know each-other and familiar, but instinctively she thinks 'danger'.

Drasek: Drasek sits down with the group. "Looks like Dalan worked personally for Vader and packs cortosis everything."

Kesvo: Kesvo leaves the bar and joins the others at a table

Rook: Rook's attention swings around to focus upon Drasek. Cortosis, again? worked for Darth Vader, personally? She glanced between Drasek and Venn.

Tal: Tal looks to Drasek. "That's definitely expensive."

Venn: After the interaction with the White Scar representative, tense as it kind of was, Venn finally sips her drink.

Kesvo: She lowers her voice to speak discretely to the group. "Something tells me this Whitescar thing is coming with some surprises."

Venn: Her brows knit together at the strange factoiods Drasek brings to the table, seemingly out of nowhere.

Ashley: Settled with the others, the mention of cortosis and Vader certainly made Ashley raise his eyebrows a bit.

Kesvo: She paused to take in the details about Dalan, eyes narrowing skeptically. Not what she'd expect if this guy was a brother of Erick or something. But then again, she knew as well as anyone that one can't choose one's family.

Rook: "I'm not sure we should use the practice yard here. I would expect they vid record everything that happens in there." and given that two of their team were Jedi .... well. that would be bad.
She nodded to Drasek, and would fill the others in on what they'd learned of the duke himself.

Kesvo: "It wouldn't hurt anything for them to see us fight," she said. "We'd have to save the fancy stuff for something more private, but mundane drills would be harmless enough and still useful for us."

Venn: "...Fancy bodyguard matter aside.... from what I saw...this is all their territory. Operating basically out in the open." she says quietly.

Kesvo: "Yeah, seems pretty ubiquitous," she said, eyes sweeping the room briefly.

Tal: "Yeah.And there's still a lot not getting done...for all they're doing." Tal said murmured, loud enough for the group to hear.

Kesvo: "Whatever we wind up doing, I think we should take shifts sleeping. I have a bad feeling about this place, suddenly."

Venn: "Makes sense. We have no reliable place to go to ground if needed."

Kesvo: "Yeah, we tried to go back to the ship, but getting back there with security back in place is going to be an issue for a couple of us," she said, naturally meaning Venn and Ashley, who she was assuming still had their lightsabers on them.
"We could probably force through to take off hot, but I'd rather avoid that."

Venn: "So we play it cool until the meeting then." she offered during the silence.

Rook: Rook, still nursing her drink, "We need more information. it seems like the only way to get that, is to wait."

Kesvo: "Yeah. Guard stays up, though. Since we've got time, we could spread out. Try to chat up the locals some more, see if there's any competition for the Whitescar at all. Would need to be careful, though, and probably not here."

Ashley: "Could go hunt down a proper terminal to connect and do some information gathering," says Ashley. Doing his best here to not feel aggravated about the entire Jedi not welcome thing going on here. What had happened to cause that?

Rook: "I'd like to talk to some of the truly desperate." she suggested to kesvo. "we might get a ... less biased view.

Kesvo: "Yeah I've kinda been curious about the undercity, myself," she said, nodding to Rook.
"We can head down there and look around if you want."

Rook: Rook grinned. "That would be great."

GM: While the Hellions speak among themselves, the locals murmur as well.

GM: Ashley hears the locals mention something about spice problems in the city and the growing issues of crime becoming more widespread and the Whitescar keeping the people down.
One man in particular complains softly. "My son, he's a good kid, but he's mixed in with those Kreehawks and now he's selling spice and collecting protection rackets."
"This city's just gone to hell since Weswin and the Empire." The older man complains to his companion, an elder Neimoidian woman.

Tal: "Yeah, definitely a good idea to keep an eye out around here, now." Tal said.

Ashley: While the rest of the team continues to talk, Ashley finds his focus on the murmurs of the crowd. The mention of Weswin had him focused, more than anything else, but the Kreehawks and spice ... "Hey," says Ashley quietly to the team, turning his attention back towards the table, "Did anyone hear about the Kreehawks? There's talk about them."

Venn: "The... bird things?"

Rook: Rook shakes her head, no, in response to Ashley's question.

Drasek: The Kreehawks are a gang that work with the Whitescar.

Ashley: "Yeah, that's what I think?" About it being a gang. "They take protection money too."

Tal: Tal shakes his head no.

Venn: "I saw some of that first hand." she offers once the protection racket comes up.

Ashley: Not being obvious about it, he glances briefly towards the older man talking to an older woman. "He was talking about it." He scratches an ear. "... about how it's gone to hell since Weswin and the Empire."

Venn: "He didn't work with the Empire. These people are so..." she starts and then just shakes her head.
"Stuck in the past." she finally says.

Rook: Rook glances at Venn. "I hate protection rackets. i feel like they are anti-mercenaries." She sighs and gestures around her. "Some scars last longer than others."

Ashley: "I know," replies Ashley. Clearly, he actually wanted to get up and go talk to the old man about it. Find out more. The way he fidgets with his glass was telling. "They don't have anything to change that opinion either."

Venn: "This 'job' better not be one that puts these misguided folks through more garbage."

Ashley: "... agreed. They're still recovering here."

Kesvo: "There's no saying there's any one way we need to earn a name," Kesvo points out, quietly.
"If these guys are such scumbags..." she shrugs gently.
"Maybe we go about this a different way."

Kesvo: "I still wanna go down below," she said. "There may be something worth learning from those who don't get the fancy reconstruction. Maybe there are already people here who are willing to shake things up," she said, speaking quietly.

Rook: "I agree. We can go now?"

GM: Through the window the sun begins setting, drawing toward evening.

Venn: "I am open to that."

Ashley: "No arguments here."

Kesvo: She glanced towards the window. "In the morning, maybe?" she said, looking back towards Rook, and then Venn for their input. "We don't know how tonight's gonna unfold, yet."
"And that seems a dark place already, even in daytime."

Rook: "I suspect we'd find more truth at night, but its your call."

Kesvo: "Then again, time of day may not matter much, if things down there are as bad as I'm imagining."

Venn: "Don't look at me. I was born in the dark."

Kesvo: Kesvo shook her head. "Alright,then. Fellas?" she prompted, looking to the others. "Staying or going?"

Ashley: "Going," says Ashley.

Tal: "Going." Tal said. He felt better being with the group in case anything happened.

Drasek: "Count me in," he added.

GM: The Hellions get up and head out, making their way toward the lifts that would take them toward the lower city. The signs directing toward them held several Closed signs that had been placed upon the originals, the signs worn and weathered, obviously aged for some time.

Kesvo: Kesvo will suggest moving towards the lifts anyway, to see what the situation was. Were they broken or just secured?

Rook: Rook eyes the closed signs, and automatically inventories her tools. "I might be able to rig something."

GM: They make their way toward the lifts, finding that a small crew of BLASTECH security officers stand guard, four in total, all with blaster pistols and stun batons.
As the afternoon begins to fade toward night and the bright lights of the upper city come alive, covering them in a glow that leaves the drop below seem a never-ending chasm.
End Session 47
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