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Rook Beroya

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Rook Beroya

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Rook Beroya
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Rook was born on Mandalore, but her birth brought with it the death of her mother. It was a dangerous, uncertain time on Mandalore, with the rise of the so-called ‘New Mandalorians’ and  the balancing evil of the Death Watch. Rook’s father, Nam Beroya, took his Clan away from Mandalore in order to keep the old way, being warriors for honor, fortune and glory. For long centuries, Sith, Jedi, the Empire, the Republic, the Rebellion ... anyone with pretensions to rule the galaxy alternately courted and betrayed the Mandalorian Clans. By leaving Mandalore, Nam Beroya put some distance between his Clan and that miasma of betrayal.

Wound: 18    Strain: 14    Soak: 5

Clan Awaud spent a few years working in the Galactic Rim before they were ready build their Clan home at Arumorot.

Vlemoth station’s cold, rough terrain is home to wampas, as well as the Talz. Our allies, are usually gentle, kind hearted beings slow to anger.

Rook grew up on Vlemoth, befriending the Talz of the Gnaaz Clan. She despises the cowardly slavers who prey upon them, even more than she hates the bitter cold so prevalent upon her world. Fighting slavers pushed her early into combat training, and keeps her entire Clan sharp. Coming of age amongst a Clan who deeply values the heritage, courage and honor of their people, Rook deeply believes in the Resol’nare, the Code of Honor, and the traditional Mandalorian way of life.

She loves her Clan, and strives always to honor them and act in their best interests. She would rather die, than betray or harm them. Tied in with her love of Clan, is that deep, personal tie with family enshrined in the Resol’nare. Her father was the center of her world, and no more than her sister can she fully accept that he is gone. Whilst the blast that hit him was sufficient to vaporize him, Rook cannot let go of his helmet remaining behind. Why? How? It should have been locked onto his armor.

Given her strength and agility, had she pushed for it, Rook could have been raised to be a pure warrior. Startlingly intelligent, reckless and addicted to adrenaline as she is, she was carefully guided into a technician’s roll. Droids and Mehcanics are her area of expertise ... though she is still more than willing to handle the physical side of a fight. She prefers proper artillery weapons, but if she can’t have that, a blaster and vibroblade will do nicely. Rook serves her Clan as their chief Mechanic; she is not the oldest or most experienced technician they have, but she has a way with machines (especially Droids) rarely seen. Despite her deep passion for Droids, she has promised herself to learn the secrets of forging Mandalorian Armor. Someday, she will see her entire Clan properly outfitted in the classical gear powerful enough to challenge even a Force user.

She does not hate Force Users; on the whole, they are deeply spiritual creatures even as the Mandalorians are. But the Mandalorian Clans have been used by both Sith and Jedi. They even had a Jedi presume to replace the true Mandalor and his helmet via a Black Lightsaber. To Rook, it is inconceivable that a person could fully follow two religions, two codes of honor, two entire ways of life in equal degree. She hopes to someday help her people find the Helmet, and restore a true Mandalor. Yet she also fears it; having one man to whom all Clans swear fealty has made it so easy for the Clans to be controlled and usurped in the past.

Her sister’s second, Kad Solus, is an amazing and brilliant warrior. Like Rook herself, he is drawn to risk and glory; the two are a dangerous combination if restraint or common sense is desired. Or at the tavern, when visiting Loremaster Terroch. Vera is the necessary balance, the steely-eyed general who keeps both Rook’s wild ideas and Kad’s reckless courage in check. Though privately Rook sometimes chafes at how very level-headed Vera is, Kad is the only one to ever see any sign of it. She can let him see it, because his loyalty to Vera is absolute, as her own is. She suspects, now and again, that he has feelings for her. He’s a brave warrior, and it amuses her a bit that he’s been cautious about approaching her. But then ... He would have Vera to deal with. Her second best friend amongst the Clan is Jerrach. A young warrior, talented, Rook hopes he’ll win Vera’s heart and hand, softening the coldness that has been Vera’s hallmark since their father’s death.

Now, the concerns of the wider galaxy has swept her Clan up with it. She yearns to test herself, both her courage, and her intellect. Whilst she has no particular faith that the current galactic government will be any better than the last, she is finding her father’s careful neutrality hard to maintain in the face of those who have faced the cruelty of the Empire (and it’s remnant) more directly.

Now, the concerns of the wider galaxy has swept her Clan up with it. She yearns to test herself, both her courage, and her intellect. Whilst she has no particular faith that the current galactic government will be any better than the last, she is finding her father’s careful neutrality hard to maintain in the face of those who have faced the cruelty of the Empire (and it’s remnant) more directly.

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Rook Beroya

  • Chief Mechanic and Droid Specialist
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  • I adhere to the Resol’nare.
Re: Rook Beroya
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Hellion Canon Timeline:
Star Wars dates from The Timeline of Galactic History, the Cannon tab.

ABY Year:Location:Events:Rook’s Age:
-32Naboo Invasion of Naboo.(footnote 33)N/A
-25MandaloreKyrt Vizsla born.N/A
-24Galactic RimSeparatist Crisis Thousands of star systems leave the Republic and joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Count Dooku. (footnote 35).N/A
-24Galactic CoreThe Separatist Senate is founded. (footnote 75).N/A
-24CorusocantThe Galactic Senate debates the Military Creation Act to determine whether the Galactic Republic should raise an army.(footnote 35).N/A
-22Galactic CoreJar Jar Binks proposes that Chancellor Palpatine be given emergency powers to raise an army without the interference of the Senate. The proposal was accepted and the clone army by the Kaminoans was recognized as the Grand Army of the Republic. (footnote 35).N/A
-22GeonosisObi-Wan Kenobi is captured on Geonosis and sentenced to death. Anakin Skywalker and Padmé go to his rescue but are captured also. (footnote 35).N/A
-22Geonosis The Clone Wars begins with the Battle of Geonosis. Jango Fett kills Coleman Trebor. Mace Windu kills Jango Fett in the fighting and many Jedi are killed in an attempt to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala from execution. (footnote 35).N/A
-22Geonosis? Ahsoka Tano becomes Anakin Skywalker's Padawan. (footnote 35).N/A
-22MandaloreJak Awaud is born.N/A
-21Mandalore The skirmish on Concordia occurs. (footnote 14).N/A
-22ConcordiaNam Beroya meets Rook Kast.N/A
-21Mandalore The Mandalorian black market conspiracy occurs. (footnote 113).N/A
-21MandaloreThe plot to assassinate Satine Kryze occurs. (footnote 109).N/A
-21MandaloreThe Alderaan Refugee Conference occurs. (footnote 114)[/ur].N/A
-21KrownestSabine Wren is born on Krownest.(footnote 123). (footnote 28).N/A
-20MandaloreConstruction of the Death Star begins over Geonosis. (footnote 15).N/A
-20MandaloreThe mission to Zygerria occurs. (footnote 136).N/A
-20MandaloreThe Confederate-Republic peace conference occurs. (footnote 138).N/A
-20MandaloreJerrach Awaud, son of Teroch Awaud, is born.N/A
-19The SpireRook Kast,leader of Darth maul’s Super Commandos, frees Maul from imprisonment in the Spire. ((footnote 7).N/A
-19TatooineThe attack on Jabba's Palace occurs on Tatooine. (footnote 155).N/A
-19MandaloreVera Kryze born to New Mandalorians.N/A
-19MandaloreThe Mandalorian civil war erupts. The New Mandalorian led by Duchess Satine Kryze exile the Warrior Clans, many go to Concordia. (footnote 157).N/A
-19Vlemoth Port PortOfficial, in module founding of Arumorut Settlement; modified to being when Clan Awaud , initially fielding only 300 warriors, first purchased land on Vlemoth Port. Clan Awaud retains land/contacts secretly on Mandaloreand Concordia, for the Clan has sympathizers for each faction.N/A
-19MandaloreThe takeover of Mandalore by Death Watch (and secretly Darth Maul) from the New Mandalorian leader, Duchess Satine. (footnote 156).N/A
-19Cato Neimoidia The defense of Cato Neimoidia occurs. (footnote 158).N/A
-19MandaloreThe assault on Vizsla Keep 09 occurs. (footnote 177).N/A
-19MandaloreThe siege of Mandalore occurs. (footnote 68).N/A
-19MustafarThe Battle of Utapau occurs. General Grievous, now public leader of the Separatists is killed by Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly after the other leaders are sent on their way to the Mustafarian mining complex at the order of the secret leader of the Separatists, Darth Sidious. (footnote 182).N/A
-19Cato NeimoidiaThe capture of Cato Neimoidia occurs. (footnote 182).N/A
-19CorusacantThe duel in Palpatine's office occurs. (footnote 182).N/A
-19LocationAnakin Skywalker is anointed Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. (footnote 182).N/A
-19Galaxy WideOrder 66 occurs, wipes out the Jedi Order and nearly all Jedi. (footnote 182).N/A
-19MandaloreMaul escapes from the clone forces on Mandalore. (footnote 68).N/A
-19Galaxy Wide The Sith Empire is restored as the Republic is reorganized into the first Galactic Empire and the Senate transformed into the Imperial Senate by Chancellor Palpatine – secretly the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious – who declares himself Galactic Emperor. (footnote 182).N/A
-19NabooThe Funeral of Padmé Amidala occurs. (footnote 182).N/A
-19LothalEzra Bridger born to Mira and Ephraim Bridger on Lothal. (footnote 28)(footnote 184).N/A
-19Polis MassaLuke Skywalker and Leia Organa are born to Padmé Amidala on Polis Massa. Padmé Amidala dies in childbirth. Obi-Wan Kenobi, who survived Order 66, leaves Luke with Anakin's stepbrother Owen Lars on Tatooine while Bail Organa adopts Leia in order to protect them from the Sith. (footnote 182).N/A
-19Tatooine/DagobahObi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda go into exile on Tatooine and Dagobah respectively. (footnote 182).N/A
-19Thabeska/Seelos Ahsoka Tano settles on Thabeska with the Fardi clan after escaping from Mandalore with Captain Rex, who eventually joins fellow clones Wolffe and Gregor on Seelos. (footnote 68)(footnote 185).N/A
-19Outer RimCaleb Dume escapes Order 66 and goes into hiding, forsaking the Jedi ways for the next 14 years. He changes his name to "Kanan Jarrus". (footnote 189).N/A
-18Galaxy WideBail Organa and Ahsoka Tano organize a rebel network.(footnote 68).N/A
-18Outer RimThe rescue of Caleb Dume occurs. (footnote 193).N/A
-18Outer Rim Clan Awaud worked Security for Confederacy of Independent Systems..N/A
-17KuatThe bombing at the Kuat shipyards occurs. (footnote 196).N/A
-16Tatooine Kad born into slavery on Tatooine.N/A
-15Mandalore Kyrt Vizsla, 11, adopted by Nam Beroya, becomes Kyrt Beroya. His parents were/are with Deathwatch. He left them, and chose Clan Awaud..N/A
-15MandaloreZex Awaud, Jak’s little sister, born.N/A
-14LocationThe Death Star project is moved from Geonosis. (footnote 9).N/A
-13Lah’muWhile hiding on the planet Lah'mu with his wife, Lyra and his daughter Jyn Erso, Galen Erso is taken away by Orson Krennic to continue his work on the Death Star. Jyn is taken in by Saw Gerrera. (footnote 200).N/A
-13LocationHan Solo enrolls for the Imperial Navy with the hopes of being a pilot, not having a family name the enroller gives him the name 'Solo'. (footnote 201)(footnote 70)..N/A
-12MandaloreRook Beroya is born on Mandalore..0
-11Vlemoth Port Nam Beroya fully establishes Clan Awaud on Vlemoth Port, founding Arumorut. He took them away from Mandalore to avoid the politics and extremism. He left behind both the Death Watch, and the New Mandalorian factions..1
-11Tatooine/Vlemoth PortKad Solus, at only age five, was adopted by Avin Solus.1
-11Tatooine Obi-Wan Kenobi rescues Luke Skywalker when the boy confronts Jabba the Hutt's henchmen about their master's "water tax," under which the local farmers are suffering during the Great Drought. Kenobi carries the unconscious Skywalker to the Lars family homestead and leaves before he wakes up, but the child's courage reassures Kenobi that the Jedi have not yet met their end; his waning hope is renewed. (footnote 204)(footnote 205).1
-10Vlemoth Port Arumorut settlement formally christened. Clan has 800 warriors and 200 civilians, not including children or Talz allies. Jak Awaud’s Verd’goten; he is 13..2
-10ScarifConstruction of the Death Star moves from Geonosis to Scarif. (footnote 207).2
-10LocationHan Solo is expelled from the Imperial Flight Academy for insubordination. (footnote 209).2
-9Vlemoth PortNam Beroya formalizes mutual defense treaties with Gnaaz Clan of Talz..3
-9Vlemoth PortVera Kryze, age 10, divorces her New Mandalorian parents and follows Nam Beroya to Vlemoth Port. Nam adopts Vera; she becomes Vera Beroya.[/color]3
-9ScarifDeath Star arrives on Scarif to finish its construction. (footnote 207).3
-7Vlemoth PortRook Beroya’s First memory, being carried on Talz shoulders to watch father come home from a long campaign.5
-6Vlemoth Port Jerrach, just 13, has his Verd'goten, becomes a Youth Warrior. His father is Elder Terroch..6
-5Vlemoth PortVera Beroya, just 13, has her Verd’goten, becomes a Youth Warrior..7
-5locationEzra Bridger is recruited by Spectres. (footnote 216). (REBELS the series begins five years before the battle of Yavin).7
-5Location Kanan Jarrus takes up the ways of the Jedi once more and takes on Ezra Bridger as his Padawan learner.(footnote 216).7
-4Vlemoth PortFirst Slave raid Rook knew enough to fight back.8
-4EndorBattle of Endor happened, destruction of first Death Star, changed date system. (Episode IV, a New Hope).8
-4LothalDarth Vader dispatches two Inquisitors – the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister[url=http://– to hunt down [url=]Jedi Ahsoka] – to hunt down [url=]Jedi Ahsoka, Kanan Jarrus, and Ezra. (footnote 229).8
-3Vlemoth PortBaptism. Rook, Kad, and Zex repair the Main Radar Array during a Zygerian slave raid. Baptism (Interlude) Kad achieves his verd’goten, Zex and Jak mourn their mother.9
-3LothalThe Inquisitors attempt the kidnap Force-sensitive younglings but are stopped by the Spectres. and Jedi Ahsoka Tano. (footnote 240).9
-3Concord DawnThe dogfight over Concord Dawn occurs. (footnote 244).9
-3Concord DawnThe mission to the Third Moon of Concord Dawn occurs. (footnote 244).9
-3Concord DawnPhoenix Squadron gains safe passage through the Concord Dawn system[url=http://from the [url=]Mandalorian Protectors.] from the [url=]Mandalorian Protectors. (footnote 244).9
-3MalachorPheonix Squadron’s Mission to Malachor. (footnote 257).9
-2Vlemoth PortJerrach, 18, becomes an Awaud Clan Warrior.[/color.10
-2locationGovernor Arihnda Pryce solicits the services of Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet in dealing with the growing rebellion. (footnote 258).10
-2LocationSabine Wren recruits Wedge Antilles and Hobbie into the rebellion. (footnote 260).10
-2Concord DawnSecond mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn. (footnote 263).10
-2LocationSabine Wren undergoes training with the Darksaber. (footnote 32).10
-2Dantooine Mon Mothma forms the Alliance to Restore the Republic above [url=]Dantooine. (footnote 272).10
-2LocationThe mission to recover Imperial codes occurs. (Rogue One?) (footnote 273).10
-1Vlemoth Port Vera Beroya, 18, becomes a Clan Warrior. Jak, 21, finally makes warrior. Story 2 - Death. The story of Vera’s trump with the Clan Warriors. Death: Interlude. Rook’s mother’s armor given to Vera..11
-1MandaloreThe mission to Mandalore occurs. Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger assault Imperial prison on Mandalore to rescue Sabine's father, Alrich Wren. Sabine Wren passes on the Darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze. (footnote 44).11
0Galaxy WideGalactic Civil War 0 - 4.11
0TatooineStar Wars: A New Hope.12
0locationThe Rebels have discovered the Death Star. (footnote 283).12
0ScarifBattle of Scarif. Jyn Erso, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, Captain Cassian Andor, and Bodhi Rook die while on a mission to steal the blueprints for a secret Imperial superweapon called the Death Star. (footnote 200). (Rogue One?).12
0TatooineLuke Skywalker leaves Tatooine and begins training to become a Jedi.(footnote 284). (Star Wars: a New Hope).12
0Alderaan The Disaster. The planet Alderaan is destroyed by the Death Star. (footnote 284)..12
0Alderaan’s ruins Rescue of Princess Leia. Leia Organa is rescued from the Death Star; Obi-Wan Kenobi purposely dies in duel with Darth Vader and becomes a Force spirit. (footnote 284).12
0YavinBattle of Yavin. The Death Star is destroyed by the Rebel Alliance. (footnote 284).12
1Vlemoth PortRook, 13, has her verd'goten, where she becomes an adult and swears her first oaths to the Clan. Becomes Youth Warrior. Honor: the story of Rook’s verd-goten, the Talz, slaves, and Death Watch.13
1HothThe Rebel Alliance establishes Echo Base on Hoth, the sixth planet in the Hoth system. (footnote 42).13
2Vlemoth PortKad 18, becomes a Clan Awaud Warrior.[/color.14
3HothThe Battle of Hoth occurs. The Alliance suffers a costly blow when the Empire attacks Echo Base. (Episode V: Empire Strikes Back). (footnote 320).15
4Vlemoth PortKyrst Beroya dies saving Vera. Jak is stolen by slavers, saving Rook. Loyalty: the story of how the Clan stands together no matter what..16
4TatooineRescue of Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Episode VI.(footnote 324).16
4TatooineBoba Fett is presumed dead after falling into the sarlacc pit. (footnote 324).16
4EndorThe Battle of Endor occurs. Darth Vader is redeemed to Anakin Skywalker and kills Darth Sidious, the Galactic Emperor, fulfilling the prophecy of the Chosen One and bringing balance to the Force. The Second Death Star is destroyed by the Millenium Falcon. (footnote 324).16
4CoruscantOutbreak of the Coruscant civil war. (footnote 16).16
4ChandrilaThe Rebel Alliance begins reorganizing into New Republic, accomplishing its goal of restoring the Republic. The New Republic restores the Galactic Senate on Chandrila, its capital. (footnote 16).16
4Geonosis The New Republic manages to foils Imperial attempt to restart the Geonosis planet’s droid foundries. (footnote 16).16
5Galaxy WideNew Republic Era (the Cold War begins).17
5ChandrilaImperial-Republic peace talks. at Chandrila. (footnote 56).17
5Jakku, NabooBattle of Jakku. The New Republic and Galactic Empire engage on Jakku, with the Republic emerging victorious. (footnote 76).17
5Unknown RegionsThe Galactic Concordance. The New Republic and Galactic Empire cease hostilities and both powers begin a process of disarmament. The remaining forces of the Galactic Empire retreat to the Unknown Regions. (footnote 13).17
5LocationBen Solo is born to Leia Organa and Han Solo. (footnote 333).17
5locationThe Confederacy of Corporate Systems and the New Separatist Union are founded. (footnote 333).17
5Queluhan Nebula An Imperial remnant has fled to the Queluhan Nebula in the Unknown Regions. (footnote 334).17
6Vlemoth PortRook (18) becomes a Clan Warrior. Her father Nam Beroya, is lost in battle, presumed dead. He is actually taken by Zygerrian slavers. Vera Beroya becomes Chieftain of Clan Awaud. Strength: The story of Rook’s father’s absence, and how Vera became Chief.)18
8Outer RimThe Hellions formed a month or so before they meet Rook.20
8Vlemoth StationThe Hellions meet Rook, she helps them successfully negotiation with Vera to hire the Clan to defend Foundry IV on Xorrn.(about 24 hours).20
8KowakThe Hellions go take Rook to Kowak, before heading to Xorrn. They find Rook’s father and Jak. Kesvo’s brother is working for the slavers. Kesvo brokers a bitter a deal to possibly win both the freedom of the Mandalorian and Talz slaves and Prince Molec’s ships for the battle at Xorrn. (About 48 hours)20
8XorrnBattle of Foundry IV, on Xorrn. The Hellions, Clan Awaud, and the Zygerrian slavers successfully fight off Captain Ralchio Nervi. He is Force Sensitive. Kesvo kills him. Rook is recruited into the Hellions and the Republic Navy (About 72 hours). Vera must make a most bitter deal with the evil slaver Prince.20
8Aeon MallardOne Week trip through Hyperspace to Coruscant. They get paid.20
8CoruscantRook spends One week sight seeing, building things. Ashley helps restore the Temple. The Captain does a job off planet for old underworld boss. Kesvo takes off. Venn is hard to track down. Tal takes a job. Switch tracks Kesvo down.20
8Aeon MallardSwitch hires Hellions to chase after Jedi artifacts and capture/kill Jedi Cyborg Sith monster named Shroud. He could animate dead bodies, it was horrid. Tal wanted to keep the evil Sith sword. Ashley got a holocron. Venn got a balance artifact she gave to Ashley. Picked up old friend of the Captains, Dresak Myr. He is recruited. (two days chasing Silver ?, day and a half to next stop)[/color]20
8Cato NeimiodiaArrive at old Separatist planet, looking for Cadre of Sith folks, and more artifacts, and shroud.20
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