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Half-Life and Death Experience
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September 05, 2018, 10:17:15 PM

Half-Life and Death Experience

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Half-Life and Death Experience
« on: September 02, 2018, 06:23:07 PM »
Wolfe was still processing what had happened as he stood again in the aftermath of the battle. The Werewolves had risen up from underneath the earth - more of the experiments wrought by the lunatic that Sera had befriended in her desperate search for a cure. Lyla had died bravely defending the people of her village that had turned her away. A former werewolf herself, the young girl had taken up a dagger against a beast three times her size and gave the ultimate sacrifice for her people. It was an eerie thought to Wolfe, given that he'd only known her to be a tulmutous antagonist during their association of each-other. He had hoped she'd have a semblance of a normal life after Euron had cured her but it seemed not to be.

"What a fuckin' waste." He murmured to himself beside Cat as he stood on unsteady, newly revived legs.

His thoughts were occupied by the strangeness of having died and been brought back to life. The pain was still a sharp memory, but what he saw and witnessed in the moments beyond life less-so. The Samurai was introspective about the matter, turning his attention at last to his friend who had jumped up and hugged him in excitement for his resurrection. That, too, was something that lingered in his mind and he hovered by her.

"Sorry, uh.. was thinking about Lyla and how that ended up. We should check out what happened to her father and then I think I need a drink to help sort everything out. You willin to come along or you need to check on some things before we decided to climb down a hellmouth to finish this?"


Westra Goldbrook

Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2018, 11:00:09 AM »
"So much death and pain," Westra remarked, shaking her head from Euron's side while her gaze swept over the fallen. Houses still burned nearby, and bits of ash floated with a deceptive softness through the air around them. The paladin was grim-faced and weary. "And if not for you, there would have been even more. You are truly a bastion of Helm's good works, Father Sand," she told the cleric, thankful. Her eyes fell on the remains of Lyla, a few feet away where Wolfe and Cat spoke.

"But I still don't understand to what end this madness was directed. Such senseless violence and bloodshed. Why?"

Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2018, 01:03:35 PM »
Jonias sighed as the battle quieted. While Dr. Wicker tended to the recently revived half-orc, and Westra and Euron surveyed the damage, Jonias instead started to methodically go from house to house. The elf approached those structures that looked to be in the most danger of worsening the condition of the town before advancing on to others.

The Evereskan still remembered the aftermath of the phaerimm invasion of his city. It's why the antiquarian was out and about and not holed away in a library basement. There was a time to grieve and contemplate the fate of the world later. For now the elf kept cool and started to search for survivors, if any, of the attack.

The elf tapped his shoulder, Beryllium's form returning to normal spectrum of vision could be seen sniffing the air. "Fly around Beryl, and look for signs of survivors."

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Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #3 on: September 03, 2018, 06:20:10 PM »
While no stranger to death, from Catriona’s perspective, Wolfe had been resuscitated (similarly to someone who has had a cardiac arrest or a drowning) but where there were no goblin jumper cables (XL), there was the sublime might of Father Sand.   A few seconds more and this entire group would have suffered the loss of a pivotal mainstay. Not to mention the doctor would have lost a hard-earned friend when such was an absolute rarity for her.

Despite that, the day was not short on carnage, violence and death of innocents.  The air was thick with the scent of catastrophe, ash and fire.  Again, she unfortunately had seen worse; though this was bringing back memories.

Straightening her spectacles on her face, she glanced over at the giant Mechawolf remains when Wolfe mentions Lyla’s fate, then her eyes drift back over to regard him.

“Umm… I am the only one able to extinguish the fires before they fully destroy these homes or spread to other structures.”  Given her estimation, there was a possible likelihood that indeed the blazes could continue on and destroy more of the village. 

“Once that is done, I will be  To do other things. Hellmouth exploration or something less...precarious...” she offered, still somewhat covered in residual frost and pearl blonde locks holding onto some small icicles.

Time was actually of the essence, so the doctor moved to the nearest conflagration and goes about exerting herself with considerable effort to use her bizarre powers over air and gravity to suffocate it. 

Methodically, she will go fire to fire, extinguishing them before things eventually escalate.

Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2018, 09:59:15 PM »
Euron would not tell his companions, but reviving Wolfe was the first time that he'd ever had to go to that length to save a life. Thankfully, Helm saw that Wolfe was worthy of his intervention. The samurai had shown himself to be a man of honor despite his brutish appearance, but he'd also suffered for that honor. He'd suffered in the course of trying to find his daughter and save her from desperation. They hadn't succeeded this time, but as long as Wolfe lived, Euron believed that it was possible.

Westra praised his skill and Euron turned toward his sister in faith as she asked the same questions that had plagued him since they arrived. Lyla's remains were nearby, in his peripheral, but Euron hadn't yet steeled himself to look at the remains of the brave girl who'd fought for her people when she had every reason to run. More senseless violence and death that made Euron's blood boil in his veins.

His fingers reached up and brushed The Watcher's Eye hanging from his neck. The rising tide of anger ebbed and faded as though it had never been.

"I wish I knew, Captain. The numbers we saw speak to a greater threat, one that can't be ignored. I'd be happy to join any effort to get to the absolute bottom of this and end the threat for all time, but only after the people of Sunderwood are tended to." Euron said.

"By your leave, I'll get to work."



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Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #5 on: September 03, 2018, 10:36:27 PM »

The town fell to an eerie silence after the battle. The thick smell of acrid smoke mixed with the coppery scent of blood was something not entirely unfamiliar to most of the Watch. If the crackling flames were not present to remind the group that this was indeed the present, it would seem as if the landscape was frozen in time. Even as the group surveyed the area and went to work on dousing the flames, no other people emerged, the sounds of the nearby wilderness were absent, even the wind did not seem to blow (which Doctor Wicker would be thankful for).
The flames were handled without any major issues, though several buildings were already lost to the flames. The general store burned with a fury not seen on the other homes, the entire structure completely lost in a matter of minutes. A second home was also lost to the flames, Baldarich’s home was saved, less the western wing of the home, and Vince’s home was extinguished without much damage.
As those of the Watch set out to find and assist survivors, those in the remaining homes emerged tentatively. Eric assist in searching for others, rounding most of the townsfolk up before the others began searching. The man quickly proved his salt in organizing and calming the panicked people. Wolfe found no response at the door of Stoheim when he was searching for the blacksmith, and the man did not seem to be with the other survivors.

“Where is Vadim?! A man was yelling at Eric. “I cann’t find him anywhere! He was in school with Baldarich!”
Eric patted the man on the shoulder. “Vince, we will find him. Vadim is a smart lad, I am sure he is holed up somewhere safe.” He extricated himself from the man and approached Westra. “Captain Goldbrook, we have had one additional fatality: Sajit, the old shopkeeper. Seems she did not make it out of her shop when the explosions occurred. We also have a missing child: Vadim, age twelve. Brown hair about ye big.”

Beryllium and the rest of the group were unable to locate the lad, though the small dragon was able to locate what at first appeared to be a cellar to the old manor behind Baldarich’s home. The steps and ground were cracked open and the fissure appeared to lead down into the same darkness as the other two long chasms.

Re: Half-Life and Death Experience
« Reply #6 on: September 05, 2018, 10:17:15 PM »
The elf's shoulders slouched forward for a moment. He remembered the aftermath of his own city being sacked, and the faces of these townsfolk looked all too familiar. Jonias only allowed himself a short moment with grief before Beryllium landed on his shoulder.

The little dragon was wired and on edge. Her nostrils flared with each inhalation of smoke in the air, red and golden eyes were wide but still. She was looking for prey. Had Beryllium been a size true to her age she looked as if she could level a small town like this in one frenzied pass. The dragonling slipped from shoulder to shoulder on the elf, snapping her mouth into the air, waiting to be sent out.

"Take a look at the chasms, but don't go in too far. Let me know if any of them lead somewhere, and if they still pose a threat let me know right away. We need to make sure it's safe to be here... And be careful Beryl," Jonias said softly to the dragonling, hoping his words and giving her a task would calm her some. She nuzzled the side of his face quickly, in effect a soft headbutt from the horned and scaly creature, before taking flight to gather information on the chasms.

Jonias next turned to look towards helping people as best he could. The elf had been stuck in this small town for over a week, and while he couldn't say he had grown close to any of them, they seemed to be good people.


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