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The Hellions

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The Hellions
« on: July 09, 2018, 11:40:04 PM »
Behold, The Hellion Team.

Hellion-1Ashley NasurSeekerDuty: Tech Superiority \\: medic, brings LS points!
Hellion-2Venn ParsaSentinelDuty: Psychological Warfare \\: infiltrator, punk space-witch.
Hellion-3Kesvo KamDiplomatDuty: Political Support \\: face, friend/enemy maker.
Hellion-5Tal VodaxHired GunDuty: Combat Victory \\: enforcer, what he do ain't nice!
Hellion-4Rook BeroyaEngineerDuty: Research & Development \\: tech, wants ALL the vehicles.
Hellion-0Cpt. Riprock*AceDuty: Space Superiority \\: pilot, Aeon Mallard's bae.

* - Auxiliary / Non Field-Team

Additional Graphics (Free use for game/forum members)

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Erick Render


Duty Information

Tech Superiority (Ashley): As a stick jockey, this PC knows that while having the best-trained crew is the most important thing, having that crew on the best combat platforms is a very close second.  If not for Republic focused on maintaining tech superiority, the Alliance never would have acquired X-Wings, or created the A-wing or B-wing starfighters.  These PCs are always looking to bring new designs, schematics and the engineers that create them back to base.

Psychological Warfare (Venn): Fear is not only the purview of the Empire. PCs with this Duty attempt to spread fear among enemy forces in an effort to weaken morale and destroy discipline that is the hallmark of the Imperial Army and Navy.  They also regularly combat Imperial propaganda and look within the ranks of the Empire itself for personnel who might easily be swayed into joining the Republic.

Political Support (Kesvo): Every blaster, starfighter, and thermal detonator in the galaxy is useless without the political will to truly challenge and defeat the Imperial Remnant. The Player Character understands this all too well and is determined to see to it that as many factions, systems, and sectors as possible come to the side—and the aid—of the Republic against the Empire.

Combat Victory (Tal): This PC is driven to show that the Republic can hold its own against Imperial forces in any troop vs. troop engagement.  He wants to engage the Empire's military - their best, whenever possible - and provide more victories for the Republic to tout to the galaxy as proof it can ultimately win the war.  This means daring raids, excellent tactics and acquiring the best firepower possible.

Research & Development (Rook): Engineers also partake in research and development for technologies and other applied solutions.  Necessity is the parent of invention, and every situation, enemy and environment creates necessities.  Research can include stealing technology from the enemy or finding it in a ruin.  These characters set aside time and resources to keep their base evolving, growing and learning; that knowledge can also be passed on to other Engineers at other bases.

Space Superiority (Riprock): This PC is dedicated to taking out enemy starfighters, turrets, capital ships and platforms. He knows that if the Republic can showcase their strength in space combat, it could sway entire systems to their cause.
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