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Passed the test (Post Ses 34)

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Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: Passed the test (Post Ses 34)
« Reply #25 on: May 31, 2018, 01:02:51 AM »
Part of her felt self-congratulatory at using the foreign honorific correctly enough, even though the man’s name was no longer what it was in the homeland. That sensation would fade as he again offered kind sentiment to her to which she was not truly accustomed.

The doctor remained respectfully silent as the tragic samurai offered more context and texture to his experiences, making them almost feel real.  On one level, it was likely a blessing on her part (if she actually believed in such things in that way) that she was this closeted loner, with no substantial personal ties.  This strange group of adventurers were the closest things she had to living friends for lack of a better word.

As he spoke, she began to think that tragedy befalls many...accident, disease, war…  but to be subject to such a Shakespearean tragedy in itself likey a catalyst for mental trauma.  Were she a counselor-like doctor, maybe she could assess and guess in a more informed fashion, but for her now it was just a cursory opinion. 

The expressive half-elf had condolement readily visible on her bespectacled countenance, not immediately speaking until after a pregnant pause of silence between them.

She looks down into her flagon and timidly offers what little wisdom she has to offer: “We have this idea in the physical sciences... “  Beat. “Imperceptibly to you or I,  the landmasses beneath us are always shifting.  It may take hundreds of thousands of millennia to move just a couple of inches, but it indeed a phenomena of Faerun’s continents.”

The layman’s prologue done, she puts two fingers on the back of her other hand like legs walking, illustrating a simplification of general relativity. “The less you move, the more the world does.  And so it is best to always move forward.  As long as you are taking steps forward, you are telling technically the world to sod off; I dictate the direction."

"Whatever challenges lie in your path will be dealt with one way or another… and it's better to greet them moving forward rather than let them catch up to you when the world decides.”

“I mean.. It’s kind of.. corny I guess.  Just helps me every once in a while when I um.. could use some resolve or renewed ambition.” offers the doctor before lifting the second flagon to sip and finish it off.



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Re: Passed the test (Post Ses 34)
« Reply #26 on: June 04, 2018, 02:23:21 PM »
Cat's words were wise, even if he didn't quite understand the sciences behind it. Still, he understood the gist of what the inebriated scientist was saying. The fact that she was offering him solace and company in this difficult moment when he'd spent most of the last five years alone was heartwarming. He reached a hand out toward her once she set down her flagon, having been quiet in rumination of the past and of the present. Taking her smaller, softer hand into his bulky and rough one, he squeezed it gently. A silent sign of appreciation and affection for the young woman who had become a rock in his life.

"Sorry I tried to run you off, when we first met. I underestimated you." He said while holding eye-contact. He had told Sera when she was a kid that an apology only meant something if you looked into the eye of the person you said it to. Otherwise it was just hot air.

Withdrawing his hand to encircle his flagon, he turned his gaze to the apple beer.
"Westra and I are never gonna see eye to eye. Not as long as she works for Neverember. The man is scum. He condemned the 'non-pretty' humanoids to a part of the city that was a wasteland and filled with monsters, and she serves him while turning a blind eye to it.

That's the sort of racist crap you have to challenge when you see it, Cat. Injustice thrives when people are too afraid or too comfortable to get in its way.

I'm not asking you to choose between us. Just telling you that there may come a time where she and I won't be able to talk it out."

The Half-Orc let out a little half-laugh, and shook his head.
"But let's not end this on a bad note, yeah? Bein drunk for the first time should be a happy occasion. You want another? Maybe tell me some of the funniest shit you've seen on your travels?"


Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: Passed the test (Post Ses 34)
« Reply #27 on: June 05, 2018, 04:53:08 PM »
When he apologizes for trying to run her off in the beginning, she did not think that much of that.  Everyone has tried to run her off at one moment or another.  Eye-contact on the other hand was something she generally loathed and avoided, as practically everyone would know by now.  Some could say Avoiding Gazes was one of her doctorates.  Such was the result of a poor level of social confidence and underdeveloped charisma,  The latter rare for a half elf.

When he let go of her hand, she kind of waved off his perceived discretion against her.  “That actually is the case more often than... um.. not   No need to worry about it.”

Fingers idly fidgeted as she simply listened to the case against Westra and Neverember, along with the heinous acts and views of the politician.  She  looks up some when he mentions she has to challenge racist crap when she sees it.  “I don’t know much about him other than what you’ve told me.  He sounds reprehensible anyway, but it isn’t the first time that someone enlisted has to listen to a pinhead crank commanding officer.” The pearl-blonde haired woman shrugs slightly.  It wasn’t as if she’d ever shown any real interest in Neverember or another unenlightened head of state.

“Oh no.. I don’t see it as a situation to choose. Your personal conflict is between you and the Captain.  It is not my business.” she simply admits.  “I mean.. Until its not.”  Beat.  “I don’t think I am meant to be some kind of mediator.” As it stood, she still thought Westra was admirable, at least in how badass and self-confident she was; things she wished she had an easier time being.

She shook her head at the thought of more beer.  “I think next time I should try something more potent… my metabolism burns through the beer rather quickly.” Beat.  “I ..uh.. think maybe next time?  I had planned to sort GIZMO out to send directives to LEROY to pilot the REX up to here.  Otherwise, the horses and our other things in the carriage may be taken.”

“This was very informative and.. “ she realized mid sentence she was overdoing it with the professionalism.  “Um.. fun. Thanks know.” One could intuit that to mean just the friendly socialization to which she was not well accustomed to.

Rising from the table, the bosomy inventor offers a final dorkish wave."Byebye, Mister Wolfe.”