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Crafting System

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Crafting System
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:46:13 PM »
Over the course of the campaign, some of the Hellions will want to create their own gear, rather than buy stock from a shop. This has a level of customization and risk involved. Here are the rules that we'll be using for both deconstructing items and for crafting new ones.

Schematics: In order for a character to make the item that they desire in question they'll need a schematic for it. Schematics are available either from deconstructing the item itself, or purchasing it just as you would the full item at 75% cost.

Materials: You'll need 50% of the base cost of the item in materials. In the case of lightsaber hilts, there's a chart in Page 85 of Endless Vigil for these.

Deconstruction: You receive the schematic of the item and 50% of the item's value.

Crafting an Item: The Crafter makes a Mechanics check. The base difficulty is Average (2 purple) for any rarity 1-6 item, Hard (3 purple) for any 7-8 rarity item, and Daunting (4 purple) for any 9-10 rarity item. Lightsaber hilts use a different chart (on page 85 in Endless Vigil).

The Crafter then may spend Advantage and/or Triump on their roll according to the following chart:

Advantage or Triumph CostEffect
1 Advantage or 1 TriumphLightweight: Decrease the encumbrance of the item by 1 (to a minimum of 1).
Heavy Firepower: Increase the ranged damage by 1 and encumbrance by 2.
Two Handed: Increase the melee weapon's damage by 1 and encumbrance by 2; it now requires two hands to wield.
Thick Plating: Increase the armor's soak value by 1 and encumbrance by 2.
Efficient!: Recover 25 credits worth of parts per Adv/Triumph spent.
Inspiring: Add 1 Boost (Blue) die to next project made.
2 Advantage or 1 TriumphExceptional Performance: Double the item's boost (Blue) dice granted or setback (Black) dice removal. (Can only be selected once)
Easily Disguised: Add setback (black) die to other characters' checks to identify the item when hidden. (Cannot be used on armor)
Counterweight: Increase the weapon's encumberance by 2; it loses the Unwieldy quality and gains the Cumbersome quality with the same value.
3 Advantage or 1 TriumphCrossguard: The melee weapon gains Defensive 1 and the user can spend 2 Advantage or 1 Triumph to disarm their foe. (Can only be selected once)
Customizeable: Increase the item's hard points by 1.
Delicate Balance: Remove an item's Cumbersome Quality and gain the Unwieldy quality with the same value.
Personalized Design: When the crafter uses this weapon and makes a successful attack, add 1 automatic success to the check. Other users add 1 automatic disadvantage. (May only be selected once).
Defensive: Increase the armor's defense by 1. (Can only be selected once)
4 Advantage or 1 TriumphEnergy Bleed: A lightsaber or energy weapon gains the Stun 2 quality or (increase the value of the Stun quality by 2).
Power Absorbtion: Characters who wear this armor reduce stun damage by 2 (to a minimum of 1).
Finely Honed: The weapon gains a Pierce 1 quality (or increases it's Pierce rating by 1).
1 TriumphFine-Tuned Emitter: A weapon gains an automatic Advantage to combat checks made with it. (May only be selected once)
Surpass Limitations: Add or subtract 1 quality on an item's characteristics (such as it's crit rating or damage). Or increase the range band by one of a ranged weapon.
Personalized Inlay: Reduce the difficulty of checks to modify the weapon by 1. (Can only be selected once)
2 TriumphsIntergal Attachment: Add +1 hard point to weapon or armor, then install one applicable attachment that requires 1 or fewer hard points (and is not a lightsaber crystal). No check is required to obtain this attachment and it costs 0 credits.
Highly Superior: Increase the damage value of a weapon by 2, the soak value of the armor by 1, or add the Accurate 1 trait. Decrease the encumbrance of the item by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

I have my own chart to spend Disadvantage and Despairs on the item. You will not know any negative qualities that are attached on the item until first use.

Happy Crafting!
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