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« on: March 26, 2018, 03:11:13 PM »
Hellion Team Equipment
Protective Amulet
User ignores enviro effects
Custom Lightsaber
D8, Cr1, Range E, Stun, Breach1, Sunder, Vicious1
Armored Clothing
+1 Soak/Def
Custom Lightsaber
D8, Cr1, Range E, Breach1, Sunder, Vicious1
AKraB Clip-Point Vibrodagger
D4, Cr2, Range E, Pierce3, Vicious1
Armored Clothing & Coat (Superior)
Soak3, Def1, Enc 3, Avg Per to detect, ignore ■ imposed by weather
Military Belt Pouch
Holds 2 0-enc items, inc to access (Nullicane x1, Stimpack x1)
B58 Concealment Holster
Adds ■ to find weapon (A95 holstered)
A95 Stingbeam
D5, C3, Enc1, R:E, Stun Setting, Vicious 1, adds ■■ to checks to find
VE Blaster Rifle
D10, C3, Enc 4, R:L, Stun setting, Superior(Q). Laser sight (+1 Adv on Succ), ESS (Aim as incidental @ R:S), Custom grip (Remove ■), Forearm grip (-1 diff for Ranged(H) while at Engaged Range)
DR-45 Dragoon Pistol (Superior)
D9, C3, Enc1, R:M, Stun Setting, Accurate 1, Superior, Quick Draw (T), +1 diff beyond R:S.
Mercantile Datapad
Grants blue die for Neg checks in Outer Rim

Padded armor
+2 Soak
Military Pack
Heavy Blaster Rifle
D10, Cr3, Range L, Enc: 6, HP4, Autofire, Cumbersome 3
Corellian Cutlass
D8 Cr3 Range E, Defensive1, Vicious1
Snap Baton
D7 Cr4 Range E, Disorient2
Punch Dagger
D7 Cr3 Range E, Pierce1
Verpine Fiber Ultramesh Armor
+1 Soak, +2 Def when powered
HL-27 Light Blaster Pistol
D5 Cr3 Range M, Accurate1, Stun
Fusion cutter
D5 Cr3 Range E, Breach1, Burn3, Sunder, Vicious3
N-57 Armor
+2 Soak
Model 44 Blaster Pistol
D6, Cr3, Range: M, Stun
D4, Cr2, Range: E, Pierce2, Vicious1
Stealth Suit
+1 Soak/Def, Upgr Stealth +1
Holdout Blaster
D5, Cr4, Range S, Stun
Breath mask
General Purpose Scanner
Scanner Goggles
Med Bag
Data Goggles
Comlink (handheld)
Stimpacks (10)
"Rider" Ascension Pistol
Breath mask
Brass knuckles
D4, Cr4, Range E, Disorient 3, Knockdown, Stun
Ion Blaster
D10, Cr5, Range S, Disorient 5, Droid Stun
Lightning 22 Ion Grenade (3)
D10, Cr5, Range S, Blast 7, Disorient 5, Droid Stun
D4, Cr2, Range M, Pierce2, Vicious1
Training stick
D4, Cr5, Range E, Accurate1, Disorient1, Stun
Stealth Suit
+1 Soak/Def, Upgr Stealth +1
Stimpacks (2)
Magnetic Weapon Tether
Backpack Pouch (3)
Palm Stunner (R)
Scrambler (R)
Protective Amulet
User ignores enviro effects
Protective Ring
Foot Speeder
RMD-20 Camera Remote
Generic Training Remote
Heavy Blaster Pistol
D7, Cr3, Range M, Stun
D9, Cr3, Range L, Pierce 1
Catch Vest
+1 Soak, +2 Soak vs Energy
Stealth Suit
+1 Soak/Def, Upgr Stealth +1
Disguise Kit
A/V Translator
Species Database
Hutt Ettiquette Manual
Whyren's Reserve
Left on Skye City

Breath mask
Nullicane x4
Stimpack x4
Alcohol (various)
Stealth Suit
+1 Soak/Def, Upgr Stealth +1
Stealth Suit
+1 Soak/Def, Upgr Stealth +1
Load-bearing Gear
Sabacc Deck
Extra Reload
Dress Uniform
Military Field Manual
Field Rations
Breath Mask
Scanner Goggles
Comlink (handheld)
Slicer Gear
Ration Pack
Scout 5 Field Goggles
Military Belt Pouch
Med-Aid Patch
Emergency Repair Patch
Restraining Bolt
Military Pack
Tool Kit

Communal Equipment & Gear
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Re: Loot!
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 03:12:17 PM »
This thread will contain all material awards that the party gains during the course of their missions.

Current Wealth:

Additional 500

The Star of Kepler: Chapter 1, Session 1

Rago gains 30 credits, 2 Blaster Pistols.
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Re: Loot!
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2018, 12:14:23 AM »
The Hellions gain 5 Stealth Suits (Market Value 250credits). When worn they grant +1 Boost die to stealth checks and give +1 soak and Defense value. They cannot be combined with other armor.

They also gain a souped Cloud Car for the Grand Prix from Arend Shen + Honest Grek. It's stats are below:

Silhouette: 2
Speed: 5
Handling: +2
Hull Trauma: 5
Shields: 0/0 Forward/Aft
Armor: 1

Weapons: Forward-mounted light blaster cannons (Modified): (Fire ARc Forward; Damage 5; Critical Hit 4, Range (Close); Linked 1)

It has a Repulsorlift Enhancement mod which allows for the following Manuever: "Suffer 1 system strain to add +1 maximum speed for 1 round".

System Strain: 10
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Re: Loot!
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2018, 01:39:37 PM »
Kesvo gains 500 credits from Dharak Zhane on behalf of Kathlo the Hutt for the arrangement of F'aai the twi'lek joining his organization and Kesvo being made an employee of Kathlo the Hutt.

Re: Loot!
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2018, 11:48:04 AM »
After killing Arend Shen and his security team and accessing the monies stolen from the heist, the Hellions gain the following:

64,000 credits each.
A credit chip worth 5,000 credits.
A disruptor pistol. (Damage 10, Critical 2, Range Short, Vicious 4) - Note, this weapon is RESTRICTED and highly illegal in most areas of space.
A heavy blaster pistol. (Damage 7, Critical 3, Range Medium, Stun Setting)
A BLASTECH 632A Rifle. (Damage 9, Critical 3, Range Long, Pierce 1)

Re: Loot!
« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2018, 01:28:37 PM »
Chief Bellows gave Tal the weapon with the following profile:

Tal gained a Heavy Blaster Rifle:
Damage 10
Crit 3
Range Long
Hard Points 4
Encumbrance 6
Traits: Auto-Fire, Cumbersome 3

The weapon is restricted, so is outlawed from being carried in most civilized areas.

Re: Loot!
« Reply #6 on: April 23, 2019, 12:39:33 PM »
Episode 3, The Gatekeeper, Chapter 1 Session 44:

The Hellions find the following objects:

The Holocron of Keltim Weswin:
The Holocron holds an echo of Jedi Keltim Weswin's personality and memories. It can serve as a guide in the ways of the Jedi, although its knowledge is restricted by what Keltim knew in life. Force Sensitive Characters can learn Weswin's Foresight while learning from the Holocron, a specialized Force Path.

In addition, Force Sensitive characters can treat Brawl and Vigilance as Career skills when learning from the Holocron.

(click to show/hide)

The Talisman of Serenity:
This Talisman was crafted by the ancient order of the Jed'aii on Tython and has survived for thousands of years. While wearing this Talisman, the user may gain an automatic Force Pip of their choice (light or dark) on a Force power check. This ability can be used once per session.

The Warblade of Vodal Kressh:
This sword holds the spirit and power of the ancient Sith Lord Ludo Kresh. It is an ancient, heavy Sith Warblade made of Cortosis and has the following profile:

Damage: Str+5
Skill Used: Melee or Lightsaber
Critical: 2
Special: Defensive 1, Cortosis (Immune to Sunder), Pierce 4, Vicious 2
HP: 0

In addition, the user may spend roll Force Dice when making an attack roll with this weapon. Dark pips may be spent for extra successes or advantage.

The weapon may offer additional benefits to its wielder with enough time and dedication.

Kesvo's discovery of the Secret Compartment also provides the following:

A lockbox containing 5000 credits.
A signet Ring of the Paladins of House Organa.
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