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Tal Vodax, Mandalorian Warmonger

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Tal Vodax

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Tal Vodax, Mandalorian Warmonger
« on: March 16, 2018, 11:13:43 PM »

Name: Tal Vodax
Gender: Male
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 220 lbs.
Career: Hired Gun
Species: Human (Mandalorian)
Born: 26 BBY
Build: Muscular
Specialization: Marauder


Brawn: 4
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 2


Black hair, dark brown eyes, muscular frame.


Tal Vodax was born on the Outer Rim world of Concord Dawn twenty-six years before the Battle of Yavin. Descended from the Mandalorians, Tal learned combat and survival techniques almost from the moment he could walk. He also learned the value of family and enjoying the small moments in life. While life on Concord Dawn wasn’t idyllic, Tal wanted for nothing and dreamed of traveling the spaceways. When he turned eighteen, he joined the Empire and went to military school. Upon his graduation, he was assigned to Concord Dawn under the command of Kelt Tarno, an Imperial Captain from a distinguished family with a reputation for bold statements against his enemies. Tal worked hard to ensure good relations between his people and the Empire, advancing to the rank of Sergeant among his Stormtrooper squadron due to his conflict resolution skills.

The Empire’s defeat at Endor sent shockwaves through the rest of the Empire. As information trickled in, describing the New Republic’s seemingly improbable victory, Captain Tarno was determined to prove  that the Empire still reigned supreme. He set down harsh curfews and punitive rules that rankled the Mandalorians and citizens of Concord Dawn. Tal attempted to advise him but his words fell on deaf ears. Tarno’s laws grew more and more strict, until the populace actively refused to work with the Stormtroopers in their midst. Even Tal’s efforts to smooth over the discord failed and tension built between the two sides.

Rumors of Rebel sympathizers in the nearby town of Andara, a haven for non-humans, lead Captain Tarno to declare martial law over the region. He gave the populace seventy-two hours to turn over the Rebels or face dire consequences. Tal went to his contacts in the Journeymen Protectors to seek their help, but they were wary. But Tal vowed that he’d get Tarno to relent if they aided him.

Tal brought in the New Republican agents twelve hours before the grace period ended, believing that Tarno would relent. But Tarno was already enraged that the citizenry had dared resist him for so long. He ordered an orbital bombardment on Andara, killing tens of thousands of people. Enraged, Tal attacked the Captain, attempting to relieve him of command and bring him in for court martial.

Instead, the crew turned on him.

Locked in the brig for four days, Tal regretted his belief in the Empire. Shortly before his transfer to Carida, where he was expected to be court martialed and executed for his attempted mutiny, Tal killed two of his guards and gained his freedom. Before he departed the ship, however, he located Captain Tarno in his office.

Tal then escaped the ship and left Concord Dawn, knowing that the Imperials would send someone after him.

He didn’t wait long.

The bounty hunter Dharak Zhane has been on his trail for the better part of a year. They initially worked together when Tal took on some freelance work for Black Sun, but when he learned of the substantial bounty on Tal’s head, he attempted to bring him in at the behest of Captain Tarno's family. They've done battle twice with Tal narrowly escaping both times.

Desperation has driven Tal to accept work offered by the New Alliance, who swears that they can provide an exit from his current situation if he’ll work on their behalf. He doesn’t trust the Rebels, but they’ve already outflanked the Empire once.

He hopes that they can do it again.

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