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Venn Parsa, Reformed Inquisitor

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Venn Parsa

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Venn Parsa, Reformed Inquisitor
« on: March 04, 2018, 08:24:10 PM »

⟣ BRAWN:  03 ◆ AGILITY:  03 ◆ INTELLECT:  02 ◆ CUNNING:  03 ◆ WILLPOWER:  04 ◆ PRESENCE:  01 ⟣

Aliases: Tenth Sister, Inquisitor Venefica
Real Name: Unknown
Species: Umbaran*  Age: Mid 30s
Height: 1.77m . Weight: 63.3Kg
Career: Sentinel . Spec: Sentry, Niman Disciple
Epithet: Dark Punk Space-Witch
Concept: Former villain who, in a critical moment, performed the ultimate sacrifice to save innocent youths.  But what does it mean to survive such an ordeal? To be the subject of a cosmic joke?  She operates as the clever fool, the deadly absurdist trickster who takes it upon herself to enlighten others through her own unique means.

Tropes: Heel-Face-Turn, Amnesiac Dissonance, The Atoner, Sarcastic Devotee, Trickster Mentor, Stealth Hi/Bye.

Appearance: An agile frame of a dancer betrays the deadly nature of this stealthy Umbaran woman.  With a disarming smile, marble complexion and short ash blonde hair, she cuts a distinct profile.  However, that smile can quickly turn wicked, and, in some unguarded moments, the sharp glint of malice shines in those bright cobalt blue eyes.  Her sartorial choices border on form fitting and tight garments that aid in her stealthy activities, though she is not one to turn away provocative-chic style, either. In fact, she more often then not seeks it out.

Backstory Synopsis

Not much is known about about Venn Parsa’s origins, even to her. A force-sensitive child born at the onset of the Separatist Crisis to a jedi and Umbaran diplomat, Parsa was a youngling during the time of the Jedi Purge.  Her life was spared at some point due to her being inducted into an Imperial Youth Academy for most of her formative years after the formation of the Galactic Empire.

It was around her teenage years, whilst in the Imperial Intelligence military track program that her force-sensitivity was made known to her minders. Where the Empire aimed relentless and prejudiced termination of jedi and force users, there were exceptions to the rule.  Sometimes the force user was young enough to easily be made use of in other ways. Sometimes, a Jedi could be corrupted. Sometimes, these force sensitives could serve as subjects for experimentation.  There was no limit to the depravity of the Sith leaders.

In this particular case, it was the Inquisitorious that made use of the burgeoning spy.  Trained as an Imperial Inquisitor, she carried out missions for the Empire for years.  Assassination, subterfuge, abduction, search/seizure and worse was her lot, under her masters Darth Sidious and Darth Vader.  Unlike her peers, however, she never quite possessed the zeal for tyranny, though she hid that well.

When the Empire fell, Parsa and some of the remaining Inquisitors took to forming their own Cadre, escaping Palpatine's Operation Cinder. A shattered power center held various opportunities for the craven and ambitious; it only had to be seized.  To bolster their ranks, they would seek out force sensitives to press into service to their cause, and make use of their knowledge as Inquisitors. 

The betrayal of this Cadre by Parsa is difficult for her to recall.  A detention facility holding force sensitive innocents under control by this new group was at stake.  With a critical change of heart, she freed all the prisoners and, when confronted by her fellow Inquisitors, gave up her life to destroy the station.

Or so she thought.
It had taken two years, several surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to bring her back to a semblance of life.  Apparently, the prisoners she freed recovered her body moments before death and escaped with it in the aftermath of the affair.  They connected with Luke Skywalker shortly after, who took interest.  The broken woman had lost much of her memory and had become so weak that the dark side all but abandoned her. 

Yavin 4 was where her recovery took place, under doctors and healers connected with Skywalker.  His patience aided her spiritual recovery, even if she was not exactly what one would picture as an ally to the savior of the galaxy. A former imperial spy and inquisitor could prove quite useful for the New Republic, as she had a perspective that few possessed.  Even if haunted by slivers of memories of a former life.

Venn’s new path was two-fold in that she provided valuable insight into the former Empire, but also becoming a reluctant student to Luke Skywalker. 

To be trained by the father, then the son, was quite an unusual situation to be in.

"You underestimate the power of the Venn Side!"


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"If I need a blaster, I'll take one."

Re: Venn Parsa, Reformed Ex-Inquisitor
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 04:39:31 PM »
Character Sanctioned


Venn Parsa

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Venn Parsa - Supplemental 01 & 02
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2018, 05:51:08 PM »

Voice Samples - Imperial / Core Worlds
Raised win the heart of the Empire, Venn's natural accent is very deliberate and refined.
Aside from the elitist tinge to her dialogue, it works well for strange sarcastic comments and sounding smarter than she is.
"Self Obsessed"
"Not a Bad Person"
"So Much More Fun"
"Who You're Dealing With."
(with Mask Modulation)

Voice Samples - Spacer / Outer Rim
Well trained in various forms of deception, Venn learned to shed her Imperial accent at a young age.
This is done instinctively when she is in the company of those that may look poorly upon her previous association with the  Empire.
"Fake Spacer Accent 1"
"Fake Spacer Accent 2"


Signature Gear

Lightsaber - Venn's lightsaber uses a modified curved hilt with with chromium accents and a stylish chromium flange near the emitter. The kyber crystal that powers it was found within the Star of Kepler, a massive jewel stolen from Skye. 
-Attuned to Venn, it evokes a plasma blade that is violet in color - a rarity in that such occurs only for Force users who are connected to both the Dark and the Light.
-Embedded in the hilt is also a magnetic weapon tether, allowing quick retrieval of the saber at a moment's notice.

A/KT Mountaineer Armor - Purchased in Sclavos, this suit is a light flexible armor with a hardened foil-fiber weave curiass.  It is designed for spelunking in harsh conditions, with the Friction Grip tech that allows adherence to even smoothest surface. Despite its primary function, the impact absorption qualities provide a decent amount of protection in combat situations.
-Integrated into the curiass is a BioTech "Flicker" Displacement Field system that warps her visual signature when activated, boosting her already formidable stealth talents. 
-The faceplate mask, while providing an intimidating countenance, also has a housing for her Infrabinoculars, which allow her to see through walls.

Ascenscion Pistol - This staple of Venn's arsenal aids in her penchant for spelunking and those acrobatic entrances and exits.  This small hi tech pistol fires small grappling hooks on monofilament wire.  It houses a powerful motorized pulley system to allow for quick ascents or even offensive uses, such as pulling objects towards the user.

Dathomirian Protective Talisman - During her tenure securing strange relics, imbued artifacts and rooting out occult communities, Venn has picked up a thing or two in terms of alchemy.  Utilizing some obscure knowledge of Dathomirian witchcraft and the gemstone dust of the destroyed Star of Kepler, she was able to fashion two charms of protection.  While worn, a Force Sensitive becomes attuned to the force in such a way that they are able to operate normally in hazardous atmospheres (or a vacuum) without any special equipment.
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"If I need a blaster, I'll take one."


Venn Parsa

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Venn Parsa - Supplemental 03
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2019, 07:53:27 PM »

The story of the pivotal moments and conflicts that in the final days of the Empire shaped an Inquisitor into Venn Parsa of today.

A Crisis of Loyalty

As the Empire makes a final stand at Jakku, she is torn between some mysterious posthumous directive from the Emperor or desertion.
______ EPISODE II:
A Crisis of Wisdom

After their escape, she recounts a story of a mission from a decade ago, where she confronted her first fugitive Jedi Knight and a certain enlightenment that he imparted.
A Crisis of Justice

In the finale, she witnesses the birth of a new force in the galaxy at Brightpoint Station, with a place for her if she can fully commit fully to the Dark Side of the Force.


 Briefs on Persons of Interest

LT. PHEEDINA PARSA - Species: Human | Age: Late 20s
Homeworld: Vardos | Career: Special Ops Pilot | Assignment: Classified

Before becoming an Imperial Navy Intelligence officer, Pheedi was a for-hire wheelman as a teenager.  Working for wealthy criminals, she was reknowned for it until her arrest.  A minor at the time, her release stipulated she join the academy.  Eventually, her talented piloting brought her far, while behavioral incidents spotted her record.  Pheedi's personality was upbeat, even in the dark world of the spygame.

The CADRE - A gang lead by a handful of ex-Imperial Inquisitors, utilizing Palpatine's secret stores to make themselves rich and powerful.  These are the four main members.
They also possess strange assets to further their cause and dozens of disaffected Stormtroopers, reconfigured as Cadretroopers.
NINTH BROTHER / AGONIS VYLE - Species: Nagai | Age: Late 30s
Strengths: Weaponmastery | Weakness: Easily Manipulated | Weapon: Two Lightsabers

Born to a pair of bounty hunters, Agonis showed psychopathic tendencies at a young age. As a teenage mercenary, he needed the structure the work provided to keep his darkness in check.  When security footage of him picking up a dead Inquisitor’s lightsaber and outfighting the ‘murdering’ jedi reached Imperial leadership, he was drafted into the Inquisitorious.  While weak in the Force, his preternatural ability to pick up and use any weapon with efficiency intrigued the Emperor.  This passing appreciation became an obsession for Agonis, who sought to impress at every turn to maintain it.
FIRST FATHER / MALESCO FONDESH - Species: Nautolan | Age: 50s
Strengths: Generalist | Weakness: Sentimentality | Weapon: Ancient Sith Sword (imbued)

Rumored to have been an jedi archivist operating on Ossus, First Father was the oldest of the group after the Grand Inquisitor perished.  His love of history and archaeology was of use to the Emperor, who formed a subgroup of the Inquisitorious whose main directive was securing occult artifacts.  He has always been the most amicable to the Tenth Sister’s sardonic personality.  Malesco's current fate is unknown and shrouded in mystery.
SECOND DAUGHTER / KONIDA'KYPHO - Species: Keshiri | Age: Early 30s
Strengths: Offensive Force Use | Weakness: Fragile, needs proximity to Teztor| Weapon: Inquisitor Double Saber

Formerly a priestess of a dark side cult, Konida sought to protect her land and people with religion. The Empire did little to maintain order in Wild Space, causing the group of Keshiri to look to strange religions and cults to keep them safe from pirates.  It was only when she met Teztor, that they realized that both were force sensitive when in proximity to each other.  Believing they were 'soul mates', the firebrands married and defended their home for some time before the Empire discovered them.

THIRD SON / TEZTOR'KYPHO - Species: Keshiri | Age: 40s
Strengths: Defensive Force Use | Weakness: Slow, needs proximity to Konida | Weapon: Power Armor, Force Pike

A priest and freedom fighter against the pirate problem in the Kesh system, Teztor met his enemies with equal viciousness.  While protecting a church, he met his ‘soul mate’, Konida.  Together they were able to use the Force in tandem to turn the tide of their struggles. They also developed a unique tandem fighting style to win their battles. As husband and wife, they were forced to join the Empire as Inquisitors in exchange for sparing their community. 

And the Cadretroopers...

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"If I need a blaster, I'll take one."