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Ashley Nasur, Wide-Eyed Pathfinder

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Ashley Nasur

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Ashley Nasur, Wide-Eyed Pathfinder
« on: March 03, 2018, 09:02:57 PM »
Species: Pantoran
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height 5'6"
Build: Slim
Career: Seeker
Spec: Pathfinder

Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Intellect: 4
Cunning 2
Willpower: 2
Presence: 3
"What do you mean what I did? All I wanted was a drink!"

Born in the Colonies Regions to a pair of Pantoran merchants, Ashley never particularly knew what being stationary was. His parents frequently traveled, bringing him with, and kept their bright and intelligent son busy with the latest tech that they could get their hands on. It never particularly satisfied Ashley, as there was always the feeling that he was meant to be something else, somewhere else, doing something more than he was. It lead to him often wandering and exploring the places his parents traveled to for business and constantly finding himself in, on more than one occasion, dangerous situations he always managed to come out of alive. No one was quite prepared to acknowledge that Ashley's run-ins and subsequent survivals against the odds were because his potential with the Force was so strong.

It was only as he got older that he started to pay attention to such things himself. The Jedi were gone, purged and nearly removed from history, but there were whispers here and there. Ashley's curiousity and need to understand eventually got the better of him because he would never accept that they were a fairy tale. Not when something called to him and not when he clearly had more than just luck on his side. It was on one space station that he finally discovered someone that had known the Jedi and was not afraid to talk to them. Who they were, whether they were a former member of the Republic or the Rebellion, Ashley never managed to find out.

The Empire attacked the space station, whether it because there were rumors of Rebellion agents there, because someone gave away his Force-sensitive status or something else entirely unrelated was unknown, and it was only his burgeoning abilities that kept him alive. The Troopers never saw him, their gazes sliding over him, as they systematically killed everyone on the station. With everything and everyone he knew dead, Ashley did the only thing left to him: run. He drew the attention of the Troopers in his fleeing but he managed to escape in one of the spaceships attached to the station before it was totally destroyed. Not that it survived the subsequent crash onto an Inner Rim planet. The only thing left to him in that moment was a bloody holocron that played just once before it ceased to function. It left him with one name, someone to search out: Luke Skywalker.

Ashley started out on the journey, meaning to search him out. Yet the problem was that he was, more often than not, distracted by his need to seek out and understand everything around him. The wanderlust, that need to explore, was strong. For a young Pantoran, who had - whether he realized it or not - spent most of his life sheltered, he was often a walking target for the more nefarious sort. It was the appearance of Kesvo Kam, a Falleen, that kept him from getting a few laser pistol holes in his body. To this day he's not quite sure what made Kes save him but he's grateful all the same. Certainly life is more interesting and he's always needed someone to make sure he doesn't just sink into exploration and study never to be seen again.

... and to cover him when he inadvertently causes trouble. It's never specifically his fault but then he does seem to be a walking trouble magnet. At least life isn't boring and he gets to put his intelligence and piloting skills to use.
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Re: Ashley Nasur, Wide-Eyed Pathfinder
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