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Kesvo Kam, Falleen Diplomat

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Kesvo Kam

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Kesvo Kam, Falleen Diplomat
« on: March 01, 2018, 06:10:21 PM »
Kesvo Kam
"If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow."








Wound: 15 ♦ Strain: 21 ♦ Soak: 6

Kesvo Kam struck out from the Falleen homeworld when she was 68 years old. An adult, certainly, though still young by Falleen standards, she had by then served a number of years in the Falleen Federation's military. At the time, the Galactic Empire had implemented a biological experiment facility on Falleen, and when the experiment went awry, Darth Vader ordered the entire city razed. Thousands of
Species: Falleen
Gender: Female
Age: 83
Height: 5'8
Build: Athletic
Career: Diplomat
Spec: Agitator,
Quartermaster, Ambassador

Falleen natives were killed in the process. Angry over the violence inflicted on her people by a heartless Empire and unsatisfied by her government's unwillingness to even attempt to strike back, Kes set out on her own. She collected a small team of talented misfits, and though they never formally joined the Rebellion, they won some minor glory taking shots at the Empire where they could. The group's luck ran out in 5 ABY when a bounty hunter named Darksinger with a grudge caught up with them. Darksinger set a trap in hopes of settling the debt she had with a few of the Hellions, and for the most part, she succeeded. Kes was the only survivor, and she did not deal well with it.

She spent the better part of a year depressed, guilt-ridden, and self-destructive, and might have ended her days that way if she hadn't happened across a fellow named Ashley. Wide-eyed and insatiable in his curiosity, the Pantoran was incredibly intelligent but a bit short on savvy when it came to navigating urban settings. Kes still doesn't know quite how she wound up looking out for the relentless pathfinder, but it's a nice change from the uninterrupted regret and wasting away.
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Re: Kesvo Kam, Falleen Commander
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