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The Gist of It

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The Gist of It
« on: March 01, 2018, 04:21:53 PM »

A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away....
A period of great change is underway in the galaxy. The GALACTIC EMPIRE has collapsed.  With the Emperor dead, it has become leaderless and divided, making way for the burgeoning NEW REPUBLIC.

But the New Republic faces numerous trials as the corporations that have survived the Galactic Civil War grow more powerful and begin rooting themselves in the nascent government.

In the Outer Rim the Empire licks its wounds and tries to regain strength. Criminal cartels gain power and make new truces and alliances. All the while politics have slowed progress to a crawl. People are in need and the Republic is slow to act.

All the while the NEW JEDI ORDER begins to grow, their place in the galaxy uncertain...

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Re: The Gist of It
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2018, 04:31:39 PM »
Time: 8 ABY (4 years after Return of the Jedi)

The Hook: While the Emperor was slain and the Empire was defeated, the New Republic is not strong. The worlds that were ravaged by war withdrew much of the military from the new organization into their own forces, so that the Republic does not have a strong central military. The Senate is already formed into factions and beauracracy is slowing down much of the effort to repair the infrastructure of the galaxy.

Many of the corporations that aided the Empire have restructured and offered great assistance to the Republic in helping with the reconstruction of the galaxy, but do so in return for greater independence and large tax deductions. The corporations of Czerka, Binary Helix, and Eclipse now field private armies and are responsible for entire planets which they have claimed.

The Imperial Remnant are in a stage of civil war as various Admirals, Generals, and Moffs are their own warlords vying for control of the sectors along the Outer Rim that remain firmly in their grasp. Meanwhile the Hutts and Black Sun see the rampant corruption in the Republic as opportunity and also gain in strength.

Luke Skywalker has begun a Jedi Temple on Yavin Four to begin teaching potential Jedi Knights, the young Master is inexperienced and gripping with his lack of wisdom and knowledge. While most of the galaxy looks at him as a hero and as a savior, the Jedi Master lacks confidence in himself and has kept the Order apart from the Republic.

Leia Organa, the current Chancellor of the Republic, is trying her best to make progress and to deal with the Imperial Remnant before they become a threat to the still-building government. She has turned to Admiral Ackbar, he old friend and trusted associate, to begin a project that she cannot peronally lead.