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Six has been kind enough to scrounge some handy resources to use. Feel free to make use of these and save these!

Star Wars Cheat Sheets

Player Actions Quick Reference

Species Quick Index

Star Wars Talent Trees Quick Reference

Star Wars Character Builder Data Set

Gear and Goods - Searchable database for pretty much everything in Star Wars RPG - Do not use anything that has a GM RDL as a source.
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Resources - Attachments/mods
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Specialization Talent Trees are just summaries of the talents.  Remember to always read the detail "Long Description" of your talents to make sure you aren't missing on some cool benefit or some limitation not spelled out in the tree.

Someone compiled all the Long Descriptions of all spec talents from just about all the books into this document to make life easier.
Star Wars RPG - The Book of All Talents v1

SW GEAR DATABASE- Equipment, Pictures, Detailed Search!

Attachments and Mods

1. Installing an attachment is a fairly simple process (as they are designed for easy installation) and simply requires a few minutes of uninterrupted work and applicable gear with enough Hardpoints. (no check!)
2. Mods are modification "options" to attachments, once the attachment is already installed. Like unlocking bonus features.
3. Attachments have all their possible Mods listed in their description.

Installing Mods in Attachments
4.a. To install a mod on an attachment, select one from the attachment's mods list.
4.b. You then spend 100 credits (on supplies),
4.c. Make sure you have a tool kit,
4.d. Spend a couple hours at a work bench/area and make a Hard ◆◆◆ Mechanics check.
4.e. Success means the Mod is live, and the attachment has the bonus effect.
Failure locks out that particular mod from ever being attempted again!  :-[ Despair may ruin the entire attachment! :'(

Each ADDITIONAL mod installed in one attachment beyond the first:
+Increases the difficulty of the Mechanics check by one +◆, (i.e. ◆◆◆ for 1st, ◆◆◆◆ for 2nd, ◆◆◆◆◆ for 3rd...)
+Costs an additional 100 credits beyond the base cost (i.e. 100cr for the 1st, 200cr for the 2nd, 300cr for the 3rd...).

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