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Character Creation

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Character Creation
« on: February 24, 2018, 12:13:07 AM »

For Star Wars: Insurgency use the following resources:

Edge of the Empire - Scoundrels, Bounty Hunters, Thieves
Force and Destiny - Jedi and Force Traditions
Age of Rebellion - Soldiers, Spies, Specialists

If you pick a career in one book you cannot cross into another book for further specializations, though you can cross select from within that book as you see fit!

I highly recommend using Oggdude's Character Creator as it makes creating the character very easy and gives you access to all those materials with full talent trees and allows you to print the sheet out as a PDF.

Once done you will put your character into Roll20. You'll have to ask me first to make the sheet for you so that you can input the data.

Character Creation Guidelines:

Allowed Books: Age of Rebellion, Edge of the Empire, Force and Destiny
Allowed Races: All (Including from other source books)
Starting Experience: Standard starting Exp + 100 that cannot be used to raise Characteristics at char gen (but can be used to raise skills). No skill above 4 at char gen.

Force Users: Gain an extra 25 exp to use only on Force Powers, apply the mentor bonus for the first rank in a Force Power. (Thus, Sense costs 5xp instead of 10 for the base power).

Obligation/Duty/Morality: Obligation base Level is 5. Can add up to 10 more Obligation at Char Gen for +10 xp, +5 xp and +1,000 credits, or +2,000 credits for a total of up to 15 Obligation.

Characters who begin play with Duty can subtract 5 from their duty score to gain 5xp or 1,000 credits and also can take 5 Obligation for the same above benefit.

Characters who have Morality can take 5/10 obligation for the above benefits.

Equipment: 2,000 credits. No Restricted Items. Max Rarity 6. (Note: Jedi Characters begin with a Training Lightsaber at no charge).
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