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End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Doctor Catriona Wicker on April 29, 2019, 10:39:18 PM »
Catriona never had an inclination to ever call him Orc, even in the beginning of their alliance. As someone who was herself an outcast halfblood race in her own homeland, it was a sensitivity she was keenly aware of.  But she articulated as such, not immediately understanding he was pulling her chain.  “I would never…  uh.. Oh heh.” 

His admission to not having a home resonated with her in that she was rather in a similar situation.  The dormitory in the academy here at Neverwinter was just that. Room and board for faculty.  The idea of a home hasn’t really entered her thoughts, given the way her life was.

She nods at his sentiment about Neverwinter; not quite having the same animosity towards the place that he did.  Of course, she wasn’t the type of demi-human that was greatly impacted by the racist policies like others were.  It made sense he wouldn’t consider this place hospitable in that respect. 

His turn to the sentimental caught her fully off guard, like many things did.  The pale nerd’s countenance  flushed with color of bashfulness at his touching admissions.  It wasn’t like she’d ever heard such things before, particularly from someone who did not want something from her.  RIght then, maybe her allergies took a bit of a spoke because she sniffled some and rubbed her eyes behind her lenses.  Just for a bit.

“That is.. uh… incredibly kind of you.  I don’t know what to say... “ Beat.  “I mean.. I.. well you are the best friend I’ve ever had. Like.. *adorkable self-deprecating snort.*  "...ever.  Other than Gizmo.  But I only say that because I don’t want him to get ..uh.. jealous.”

“I guess its good we feel this way, since we are um… stuck together for a while yet.” she admitted, given their upcoming journey south.
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Wolfe on April 27, 2019, 03:44:02 PM »
Cat calling him Hideto gave him a moment of pause, his eyes lowering for a moment as there was some visible affect of that. "I... don't know. Both of those names were given to me. But then again, I guess all names are given to me. I'd thought of myself as Hideto for most of my life, but in the last few years Wolfe is the name I've gone by. It feels like two different people, sometimes. Two different Mes."

His bright eyes shifted to her then, almost as if seeking verification of his statement. "I think... whatever you feel best calling me, I'll be happy with. Unless it's Orc or something." He flashed a tusky-grin. "You know how much that pisses me off."

His gaze shifted forward then, seeming to weigh what she had said about the matter of arms and armor. Cat had grown up in a different world from him but she had always shown an understanding and an appreciation for the values he held dear. "I don't have a home right now. I have a house somewhere far from here that is mine by right. But without the people in it, it won't feel like home again. Maybe that's why I couldn't stay in Kara Tur. It no longer felt like it used to. I didn't feel like I used to.

Home is.."
He took in a deep breath through his nose as he stood a bit straighter, looking around the rest of the city. "Not this place. I've never loved Neverwinter. I've always disliked the people here, the hero-worship of the Regulators, Neverember. It all felt... fake."

Wolfe turned back to Cat then, and slowly he reached out a hand to take hers if she let him. "But around you? Home is wherever you're at, Cat. Westra and Euron to a lesser degree. But... wherever you are, I'll be. The world makes more sense with you around in it." He looked to her, then offered a slow smile, a gentle squeeze of her fingers (if she'd let him). "Gods and the Spellplague and the rest? Maybe that's crazy over my head. But I think I'll look at whatever facet I need to as long as you're there with me."
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Doctor Catriona Wicker on April 25, 2019, 07:55:54 PM »
“Mmm -- in private settings I can call you Wolfe or Hideto, if you find it preferable.  I just default to the formal if in public or around others.”  admitted the scientist with perhaps a bit of adorable over-explaining.

While the concept was not one that particularly fell within her wheelhouse, the doctor listened to his concerns about the arms and armor.  The revering of the craftsman was somewhat unusual to her, but given her own land of inventors, she could respect process.  However, Lantan was a place where advancing an entire society’s knowledge was revered more than just about anything else.  Traditions changed with times, evolution was constant in some shape or form.

“Umm, I think I understand.  But isn’t a weapon supposed to serve a purpose?  In physics we have this law or.. uh.. principle.  Without going to in depth, it states that all the ..stuff in the universe, is always of the same amount.  Nothing is truly destroyed or created, only forms change.”  It was an artful line to walk, not delivering this in a way that underestimated his intelligence.  But in the last few months, particularly in her professoring, she’d come to be able to communicate such concepts in more a more digestible fashion.

“So change the purpose of those weapons.  You are changing constantly.. I even observe this.  Maybe your ancestral sword now can be carried as a totem of strength or put in a display in your home or in a learning center so that others may benefit from it.  The armor as well could become a fixture in a home, tended to and maintained with the respect deserved.”  Catriona somewhat spoke off the cuff here, not sure if what she was saying was insulting or not, but it was obviously she was thinking it through philosophically.  The things one picks up in the mountains of the eastern lands…

But of course this half orc had to one up her on the philosophicals. 

“I don’t know the answer to any of those things.  I’m a scientist and everything I know tells me that time in the Prime can’t actually be changed in the way we perceive.  From what I’ve studied, time is like… like a jewel. And we sapients are able to only look at one facet at any one time. The other facets already exist… have always existed, we just haven’t seen them yet.”

“But you bring 'gods' into it and Spellplague phenomena and...." The bespectacled blonde makes an adorkable expression of being perplexed, accompanying it with a shrug.
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Wolfe on April 24, 2019, 12:31:06 PM »
Wolfe turned to regard her at his side, a small smile lingering beneath his beard. He nodded at her explanation of the way that she was accustomed to referring to people. It made sense to him, given his own background. "Back home, we speak much the same. I guess I'm out of practice having lived under a table out here for the last few years. I got called on it more than once while I was in Kara Tur; I was able to explain it away most of the time as just being old and forgetful." He winked at her then, as if sharing with her a private jest or inside comment. "So I get understand. If that's what makes you comfortable, call me Mister Wolfe all day."

There was some confusion on his face at her philosophical (he took it as such) clarification of her ability. He didn't say anything at first, mostly he was thinking that over when she looked at his armor and suggested finding another suit or something. He took on a more stoic, thoughtful expression as he considered that. "The Craftsman who made this for me is an honored and revered master of his art. While it might be easier to bear, I would feel wrong about disregarding his efforts on my behalf. I'm feeling the same about Shokan and the sword that we took from that lying prick. Houndsbane it's called, but it seems like for all its power it's cursed. Maybe we'll need it in the time to come, but I feel guilty using it over the sword given to me as a keepsake for my family." He looked to Cat then, regarding her. "Is that too sentimental of me? You're more practical than I am, Doc. Sometimes I feel like I'm clinging to the past, or tradition, to help guide me with all of this stuff I don't understand.

Maybe after all this Gods nonsense I shouldn't be so stubborn. Like you said, we're in this new world of the unknown where we're dealing with things no-one ought to."

Wolfe's eyes looked around at the town as it stood, seeming somber as the weight of the road ahead felt clear and heavier than his armor. "This is all gonna go away if we stop this crazy time changin' lady. Makes you wonder, right? Will we still have met the Gods and stopped one from destroying the world? Are we right now working to sabotage everything we've done so far?

And is the world really better off after having done it, or is the world we're in the better one?"
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Doctor Catriona Wicker on April 21, 2019, 07:05:01 PM »
Would you prefer Miss Wolfe?
At first she doesn’t fathom what was funny enough to warrant a laugh given their current predicament, but the explanation made her smirk just a little. Perhaps it neared a smile…. perhaps.

“That is just how we Lantanese speak;  honorifics and due respect and all that, even to foes or family.  It probably sounds more normal in gnomish...” The shorter woman shrugged slightly, as such things were instilled in her at a young age.  It was a point of fact that she never introduced herself as just Catriona Wicker, but always put Doctor in the front of that.  Still, that was a vestige from a land and society that was gone.

Her little nose twitched as a stray dog ran by; the chaos of the city likely causing more than its share of unattended pets and livestock.  A slight sniff on her part spoke to those allergies she still had, but in short order the canine went on its way.  She was otherwise quietly attentive as he spoke during their walk.

“It was a protracted period of time and.. Uh.. idle hands and all that,” she offered in response.  Her cheeks flushed slightly as was tended to happen when someone offered her complimentary words.  “Thank you.. and well nothing comes from nowhere, Mister Wolfe.”   As she called him that, he could see she briefly became doubtful of herself on if she would be able to stop doing that and if it even bothered him.

Catriona looked at his armor again and as she was want to do, tried to offer some kind of solution.  “There are less dense metals and materials that I could look into for you.  Elves particularly make their suits of mail with lighter alloys.” 

Her straight hair spilled over a shoulder as she slowly canted her head. How she got those pearl-blonde tresses to be so neat and trim was anyone’s guess. Orlil wasn’t home for me. I don’t really know what we will find there as it was a strange island south of the main.  Our few spellcasters usually went there to do whatever it is they do.  And the navy and other contractors would do testing there as well for odd weapons and other secret matters.  Sometimes you could see unusual lights at night all the way from our city.” she explained.

“I do have… um.. some apprehension of seeing whatever phenomenon remains in the place of where the main island was.  All those volatile experiments at the bottom of the ocean or wherever they went.  I can’t imagine what we might see there.”


“But after the last week, I don’t know if we are even allowed to be shocked by anything anymore.” She had a little sense of humor down there, somewhere.
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Wolfe on April 21, 2019, 04:01:40 PM »
Wolfe issued a bit of a laugh at Cat's way of referring to him as they moved away from the others and headed down toward the docks. "It's funny how you still call me Mister Wolfe. It's respectful, but we've been friends for a while Cat. I figured by now you'd drop the formality a bit." He lifted a burly hand to stroke his beard. "Though, I do call you 'Doc' still, so I guess it's not that out of place."

Turning to regard her he considered the powerful mystic at his side. "That time away made you learn some new tricks. I didn't get time to slow down and tell you about it, but that bit where you make your armor appear from nowhere - that's pretty impressive stuff." A grunt came from the Half-Orc as he rolled his shoulder. "This stuff I wear is pretty damn heavy. Good at doing its job, but I was hoping Neverwinter was in better shape so I could get a nice hot bath."

Considering her again, he slowed his pace and spoke a little lower, something softer than just conversational, even though the streets were mostly clear. "How are you feeling about seeing home again?" He knew she left on bad circumstances and had no great love lost for her father.
End of Ages DTRP / Re: Animal Talk
« Last post by Doctor Catriona Wicker on April 21, 2019, 02:21:18 AM »
The prolific scientist's brain was all but overtaxed in recent days.  There was a flurry of strange and unbelievable occurrences that she observed.  It was like one big strange fever dream caused by perhaps tainted goodberries.  With her focus on the logical and the measurable, she pushed the madness to the back of her consciousness.  Whatever holy crisis still needed tending to could be addressed by Westra or Euron, who knew more of the matter.

After the unusual rendezvous within Castle Never, the half-elven doctor followed the others outside.  Part of her  began to wonder why big city politics was always so ridiculously inefficient.  Lantanese politics were at least based on science, algorithms and merit... measurable metrics.

The familiar voice of Wolfe pulled the bosomy dork out of her own thoughts.  She adjusted her glasses while still squinting some in the sunlight.  For the slightest hint of a moment, she saw him striking down the one calling itself Cyric in gruesome, violent manner.  The flash was, however, so brief that she just blinked some and rubbed her eye before responding.

"Certainly, Mister Wolfe. I am actually rather versed in nautical and maritime matters.  I am sure the Queen's Fury is sea-worthy, though.  I've had more than a few walks along the wharf and it's always been the most impressive vessel there." 
End of Ages DTRP / Animal Talk
« Last post by Wolfe on April 21, 2019, 01:02:53 AM »
Wolfe stepped away from Castle Never on the way to the nearest inn with a number of thoughts floating in his head. The Watch was going to need to recruit a number of people to man the ship that had once belonged to Queen Tylmandra and was now firmly in control of the adventuring band. They had the money to spare for the effort - and given the desperate look of the city and its citizenry it likely wouldn't be difficult to find hands to hire. But there were more pressing concerns on Wolfe's mind.

There was a level of guilt he still carried over what had happened in the domain of the God of Lies. He still didn't fully understand everything that had happened. It seemed so surreal that they'd been pulled into an extra-planar divine war, one that saw a God laid low by his own hand.

He couldn't talk to either the Father or Westra about this. Their views were based in a religion Wolfe hadn't grown up in and didn't care to engage in. Faerunians were odd folk compared to the dogmas of Kara Tur.

But Cat wasn't from here. Not really. Lantan seemed very different from everything she'd said and what he'd heard. The destination of the Watch was Cat's home, so there was plenty of reason to want to talk to her...

Nothing to do with what he'd sad back there after the Gods had departed, right?

"Hey. Can I pick your brain for a minute or two?" He asked the Doc specifically as they stepped away from the Castle, nodding toward the docks. "How about we go check out the boat while Westra and Euron try to get us some sailors. They're the more charismatic types anyway."
Logs / Re: Roll20 Session Logs
« Last post by phinn on April 08, 2019, 09:37:05 AM »
Session 57

Wolfe: Wolfe had thrown aside the sword that carried the weight of a thousand thousand slain souls. It had felt light in his hand at the time, but the murder - of the God of Murder - weighed heavier than any set of chains. The rage in him had been almost too much to bear, and the fear, that even more so.
In the wake of Cyric's death, shame filled the whole that exultation should have dwelled within. A bowl that had been emptied of its contents, he felt hollow.

Dungeon Lord: Cyric had fallen, his motionless body lay before the deities and mortals in the room. Two of the three beings of immense power stared down on the half orc with a mix of confusion and outrage on their face. Tyr's black eye sockets, however, locked onto the half orc and the corner of his lips twitched upright with the fainted teases of a smile.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra watched Cyric's death with wide eyes. Looking around to verify that the Lady of Loss and the hound had fled, she relaxed her weapon arm and began to move towards the others. Humbled in the presence of multiple gods (and a god-killer!), she held her tongue for the moment.

Wolfe: "I shouldn't have done that." He said, his voice heavy with breath that burned at his throat. "It was dishonorable."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra put a hand on Wolfe's shoulder, quiet solidarity despite how necessary she felt the blow had been.

Iron-Doc:  The metal-faced doctor looked on with an unreadable expression, movement pausing as the samurai looked to have no grand ill effects.

Tyr: Tyr picked up Godsbane and held it in his other hand. "We find ourselves in the sanctum of the Lord of Lies, where his influence in the most powerful." It seemed like an incomplete thought though the God of Justice offered no more.

Iron-Doc:  Metal sheathed mitts pick up the Gizmo cores of importance, stowing them in a compartment.

Sune: The beautiful woman looked down on the group of four, each of their bodies growing warm at the Deity of Love's gaze. "Are you all well?"

Lathander: The red armor clad knight knelt next to Cyric's corpse and laid a hand on the man's chest.

Iron-Doc:  Soon, GIZMO-6 will join the pok'e'battle.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks over to the Gods that had come to their aid. "Did any of this matter?" He asked them as he looks around the room. "We came here to stop all the fucked up stuff that was happening to the villages - to the people living there, to shadows of our friends from what seems to now be another life."
"Did what we do matter?"

Iron-Doc:  "I would very much like it to leave the premises now." she admits in the background, an answer to that question.

Westra Goldbrook: Sune's prompting nudged Westra from her reflection of the unbelievable things that'd just passed. She nods to account for her own well-being. As the others take stock of themselves, she recalls the weapon she picked up to remove from Cyric's reach. Slowly, she pulled the red blade of the hound from her quiver. She offered it hilt-first to Sune, who was nearest, and then looked to Wolfe with a soft frown.

Sune: Sune smiled at Wolfe. "All is well in Faerun. The events that have transpired have broken the Shadowfell's creep on your realm. Cyric and Shar's spells have been broken."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc issues a slow exhalation of breath, relief clear in his mien.

Westra Goldbrook: "If I may ask... what was the purpose of those spells? Citizens were forced into a spelled sleep... but to what end?"
"And can anyone explain how our timeline was altered or why? We have so many questions."

Sune: "The black hand prayed to Bane, though they had no idea that which responded was not their master. The Lord of Lies and the Lady of Loss answered their prayers, providing a means to ensnare those capable of performing the task of break free the Chaos Hound."
She paused. "Though, what his next plans were, we do not know." She shook her head towards Westra. "We have no need for such a weapon of violence."

Westra Goldbrook: "But does it not control the hound?"

Lathander: Lathander rose and looked to the others. "We must bind him."

Sune: "The Devourer fears it, for it is Houndsbane."

Wolfe: "Bind him?"

Lathander: "You have caused a grievous wound in Cyric, but his essence will endure. We will do what we came here to do."
With that, Lathander picked up the fallen body and tossed it into his throne as if a bag of flour.

Wolfe: "So... he's not dead?"

Tyr: "He is, but he is not."

Wolfe: "Um..."
"What does that mean?"

Tyr: The three gods circled his fallen corpse on the black throne. Sune began to weave a powerful spell with her hands while Lathander drew his spear and moved it slowly in a circle along the ground around the chair, brilliant white light piercing upward from where the pike touched the ground.

Westra Goldbrook: "I believe it means we are free of him but only for a time."
"It takes a great deal to truly kill a god."

Euron Sand: Euron was momentarily shocked speechless at Wolfe's slaying of Cyric, but one the others started talking, he seemed to recover his wits. Cyric was defeated but not fully dead.
"He may recover, but it will likely not be in our lifetimes."

Wolfe: "Oh. Kind of like... Gizmo?"

Westra Goldbrook: That won a wry little smile from Westra. "In a manner of speaking, I suppose so," she said, turning to take stock of where the doctor was.

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over to the Iron Doc, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You alright?"

Dungeon Lord: Tyr held up his sword and it flared with a brilliant light, a moment later massive yellow chains burst forth and wrapped Cyric's body to the black metal, the bonds whined and moaned as they were pulled tighter than any mortal could ever bind. Sune's spell finished the moment Lathander's circle was complete and a red shroud encircled the throne, leaving only the vague outline of the massive chair to be seen by the Watch. The circle grew ever darker into a deep cherry red circle enshrouded the throne and it's king.

Iron-Doc:  Wolfe receives a slow nod in response to his question.

Wolfe: Wolfe turned to watch the madness of Gods chaining a God - or a God's corpse, he wasn't quite clear why or how all of this worked.

Tyr: "The Lord of Lies will remain here for all time, bound for his crimes against Mystra." Tyr's deep voice echoed through the halls.

Wolfe: The idea that Cyric was not truly dead gnawed at him.
"Yeah.. against Mystra."

Euron Sand: "For all time, they say."

Lathander: With that Lathander marked the cherry orb with the tip of spear and runes of binding formed over the entire surface, runes so small they were barely discernible. He turned, and placed his weapon on his back again. "It is done."

Wolfe: "So. What now?"

Tyr: "Shar eludes us more with each passing breath."

Sune: "Go. I will return the mortals to their realm."

Dungeon Lord: Two beams of brilliant light rise out of Tyr and Lathander, and they are gone a moment later, without a word.

Iron-Doc:  Without apparent danger now, the doctor takes a good look at her surroundings, taking in the details for the first time properly.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra, on the other hand, can't seem to stop staring at the gods.

Dungeon Lord: The Throne room seems rather bland as one would think of a God's Throne. Massive suits of armor can be seen at regular intervals in recessed nooks. Massive pillars hold up the hundred foot high ceiling and pale blue light shines in from the 30 foot high windows.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc is notably looking at the floor, rather than staring at Sune and her beyond-normal hotness.

Euron Sand: Euron steps closer to the suits of armor trying to see if there's anything else of interest here.

Sune: "Are you ready?" She asks as she offers the group a smile.

Iron-Doc:  She kneels down and tears off a small bit of the long red rug for analysis later.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra just nods.

Euron Sand: "Yes. Ready."

Iron-Doc:  Standing, the iron woman looks ready for whatever is appoint to happen.

Sune: The the first time, the group blinks out of existence but does not feel the normal side effects of inter-planar travel. They find themselves standing during daylight surrounded by familiar stone structures, though it takes each member a beat to discern where they are.
The Watch finds themselves on the alter where they had fought the shadow dragon just a short time before, though it felt like a distant memory. The sun shone down on them, warming their face with a pleasant tingle. Birds (and frogs from the nearby swamp) could be heard in the distance with no sign of any of the remnants of their battle or the cultists that they had slain.

Wolfe: Wolfe lifts a hand up to forestall the sunlight, feeling almost overwhelmed. The smell of fresh air - the feel of warmth of the sun, long denied, nearly causes him to cry. He chokes up as he takes a deep breath.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra inhales deeply of the fresh air and feels a heavy sense of relief.
"Thank you," she says, to Sune.

Euron Sand: Euron is glad to be back in Faerun. He looks around for a moment, then inhales the fresh air. "Thank you, Sune."
He placed a hand on Wolfe's shoulder.

Sune: "Though they will not acknowledge your aid, I appreciate your efforts in the battle. You have my thanks, sweet creatures." Her smile beams at Euron making him weak in the knees.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc nods to Euron, silently, in thanks.

Euron Sand: Euron returns the smile. He is sad that she is leaving this plane but these moments are are helpful.

Westra Goldbrook: "I.. suppose... we head back to Neverwinter?" she proposes softly, looking around to the others.

Iron-Doc:  The plate kicks up and she looks up at the sky, squinting behind her glasses. It really was all gone.

Sune: She looks to Westra. "A question gnaws at your soul like the dog we just departed. Ask it and I shall provide you guidance Lady Paladin."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc turns up to Sune, his voice soft but certain. "Thanks for not abandoning us back there."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks to Sune, surprised at the prompt. She can feel a half-dozen questions fly to her lips, but takes a second to choose one, knowing that this is a rare opportunity.
"When our timeline was altered, it set many things amiss. Do you know of any way we could set it right again, or is it a lost cause?"

Sune: She offers Wolfe a smiling gesture. "You have a heavy heart, but do not despair. Your actions were not entirely your own in such a terrible place."
Sune smiles and nods to Westra. "She that you seek can repair the timeline, or shatter it entirely. There is still time to disrupt her plans, though the window closes at each breathe." The goddess points a single beautiful finger to the South. "There is but one Mythal connected to this plane and she has already entered Abeir."

Wolfe: Wolfe, maybe because he's in Sune's presence, turns to Cat and suddenly wraps his arms around her, embracing her in a warm but powerful hug.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks to the south, then back at Sune. "Where? Please, can you tell us anything more? Where must we go? Who is it we must confront?"

Iron-Doc:  But Cat is in an iron suit.

Wolfe: He hugs her through the iron suit.

Iron-Doc:  There are creaks and such,groaning from half orc constriction.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc whispers something into Cat's ear, holding the hug for a moment, and then slowly sets her down as he eases it.

Sune: "Fiarsa Iustigah, or as you know her, Jghara. She seeks to return her child from a fate none can recover. To complete this task is to shatter the entire history of this land. Only by absorbing the essence of Labelas Enoreth can she change his fate in the battle between Bane and Elasias."

Iron-Doc:  She blinks at Wolfe and seems suddenly bashful a moment, though only her face is visible, making it an odd sight.

Sune: "I believe you know this place as Lantan." She clarifies.

Wolfe: Wolfe turns back toward Sune, but still looks to the ground. "That's the Time God, right?"

Sune: She nods.

Iron-Doc:  Still processing Wolfe's words, she is interrupted with the mention of her homeland. "Lantan? The island is... accessible somehow?"

Euron Sand: "If that's where we need to be, then can you take us there?"

Sune: "That is all I can give you. I wish you mortals long and love-filled lives. Care for one another and all things are possible." The Lady looked upon the group for another moment and her emerald eyes danced with joy before she blinked out existence.

Westra Goldbrook: "But--"

Iron-Doc:  Catriona makes a face like she just ate a sour lemon.

Wolfe: Wolfe says goodbye, quietly, to Idariel-Made-A-Goddess.

Iron-Doc:  Then she blinks, before admitting. "She imprinted information in my mind..."

Wolfe: "...What?"

L.E.R.O.Y.:  "Mistress, I am pleased to see you have remained active." A mechanical voice says directly behind Catriona.

Iron-Doc:  Tapping the centerpiece of her suit, the metal plates and armor components fold off in a smooth fashion, segmenting away into her coat's hidden compartments.

Euron Sand: "That was the most unhelpful advice I've ever heard."

Dr Catriona: "It was akin to.. um... a waking dream. Or an unexperienced memory."

Wolfe: "Gods, right?"

Westra Goldbrook: "What did she show you?" she asked the doctor.

Dr Catriona: She looks to the mechagnome, wondering where it came from and why it wasn't with the REX.
"An island called Orlil. A portal within it's caves."

L.E.R.O.Y.:  "Protocol dictated that I relocate the Rex to your last known coordinates once you disappeared from my planar scanners. I did halt this process until the shroud lifted, though you did not appeared on my radar until just now."

Westra Goldbrook: "Do you know how to find this place?" she asked

Dr Catriona: "If it is where it always was, then umm.. yes..."
"I don't know its fate as it is not really a place that was held in high regard within the rest of Lantan."

Westra Goldbrook: "If Sune was to be believed, then finding it is our only change at saving our timeline... and perhaps Neverwinter as well."

Dr Catriona: "The strangest of our kin usually go there. And when I was in the navy, there were rumors of it being used for experimental weapon testing."

Euron Sand: "So...should we be on our way?"

Dr Catriona: She timidly scratches her shoulder, the being the center of attention affecting her mannerisms.
"It is far south. Very far south."
"Full disclosure, I have been waiting to faint for the last two hours."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra frowned, and shook her head, frustrated. "If Jghara is already there, it seems unlikely we'll make it in time to interfere.
She stops at the doctor's admission.
"You are unwell?" she asks, moving near while trying to figure out why she hadn't spoken up when the room full o' gods had offered healing.

Dr Catriona: "Um.. did you not see what we just experienced?"
"There was a titanic canine ridden with.... And... all this..." she stammers, oddly unable to put all the insanity into words.

Westra Goldbrook: "I did..." Westra stammers a little. "I just.. you never.. struck me as the fainty-type," she explained, a little flummoxed.
"Though I admit, it has been a great deal to process."

Dr Catriona: "I take vitamins now."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra gives the doctor an odd look.

Dr Catriona: "But there are no vitamins for that."

Wolfe: "...You take what?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Does any one know a faster way south than the carriage?"

Euron Sand: Even Euron has nothing for that one.

Wolfe: "Boat, probably?"
"Which we can find in Neverwinter."

Westra Goldbrook: "We must hurry."

Dr Catriona: "We would need aquatic transit either way."

Westra Goldbrook: "If we are indeed going...?" she pauses, and looks around to check the faces of those gathered.
"Another impossible task?" she offers, waiting for the consensus.

Euron Sand: "Since when do we back down from a challenge?"
"Or running headlong into the end of the world."

L.E.R.O.Y.:  "I predict a 2.629% probability of success based on the information gathered thus far, though I will go as my mistress commands."

Wolfe: "Never tell me the odds, LEROY."

L.E.R.O.Y.: "Probability computation is one of my core functionalities."

Wolfe: Wolfe leans down to pick Cat up. "Relax, it's been a long day. I'll carry you at least to the REX and we can all ride together."

Dr Catriona: Catriona looks very confused by this. "Um.. that is not necessary."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc grunts some. "It ain't about necessary."

Dr Catriona: She takes out a small medical light and checks Wolfe's pupils. "Were you irradiated by Sune's aura?"

Wolfe: "Irradiated?"

Dr Catriona: Not that she is a medical doctor, but she can check for dilation!

Westra Goldbrook: Westra watches the doctor and wolfe with an odd look on her face for a beat, and then shakes her head and starts towards the wagon.

Wolfe: He growls as she flashes a light in his eyes. "Ow, what're you doing?"

Dr Catriona: "Cosmic entities have physiological effects on organic matter, particularly brain chemistry."

Wolfe: "Are you saying she whammied me?"

Euron Sand: Euron heads for the wagon and away from this place that has taken so much from them. They lost Jinharath and Jonias here. Too many people and too much to the whims and schemes of gods.

Dr Catriona: "You seem abnormally afflicted with positivity."

Dungeon Lord: His pupils do seem dilated and his pulse is well over 100.

Dr Catriona: "Perhaps not intentionally. She is called a goddess of love, or what have you." she explains before moving to walk along with the rest.
She will rebuild GIZMO, 6.0 on the way.

Dungeon Lord: The Watch is able to make their way back to Neverwinter in a matter of days, moving quickly and with the help of robots not needing to sleep, they make good time. The road to Neverwinter seems rather empty for a pleasant summer day. As the approach the city the guards look nervously at the group then at one another, one of the guards raises a hand to stop them as they approach.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc grunts as makes his way back to the REX, not happy with the idea that he got bespelled by the Goddess.
"Westra go ahead and take it."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sticks her head out of the carriage when it's stopped. "We are citizens of Neverwinter," she explains to the guards (whom she probably knows)

Dungeon Lord: The two men actually do not seem familiar to Westra. "By order of Crown Regent, Neverwinter is not accepting entrants at this time, please return to where you came." The smaller of the two men says.
You then notice the portcullis is down and several archers are on the wall, watching the exchange.

Westra Goldbrook: "The Crown who?" she asks, frowning as she opens the door and steps out of the carriage. "Call your commander. Rutherford still runs the guard, does he not?"
(From Dungeon Lord (GM)): They don't seem like the normal well trained Flaming Fist and City Watch.

Dungeon Lord: "Crown Regent Rutherford has made this decree himself, Ma'am." He seems nervous as she leaves the carriage. "Please return to where you came." He repeats.

Wolfe: Wolfe pokes his head out and looks at the guard.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrows her eyes, then eyes the rest of the gathered watchmen.
"I wish to speak with Crown Regent Rutherford. Arrange this, please. We will wait."

Dungeon Lord: The two men looked at each other then looked to one of the men on the wall. "Identify yourselves." A voice comes from the top of the wall.

Euron Sand: "Crown Regent Rutherford?"

Wolfe: "We're The Watch!"

Euron Sand: "This entire thing has gone for bad to worse in a very short time!"

Westra Goldbrook: "We are known as The Watch," she calls back. "We are known to Rutherford."

Dungeon Lord: He seems disinterested. "Fine. You move back 50 yards and we will let you know what the Crown Regent decrees." He points down the road. "No funny business."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pauses, then nods once. She turns to back the carriage up.

Wolfe: Wolfe ducks his head back in. "What the hells is going on here?"

Dr Catriona: "Actually, this is statistically probable as every time we return to Neverwinter City, something goes wrong."

Euron Sand: "That's worrisome."

Wolfe: "You know."
"We should have found a way to keep that jack-ass bard around."
"Just so people don't always look lost when we say who we are."
"We've done some pretty amazing things and nobody in this damn Plane seems to understand that."

Dungeon Lord: A hour passes before anything of note happens, then one of the soldiers slowly approached the REX. As he reaches shouting distance the group hears a "Hey! WATCHERS! The Crown Regent will see you, we are opening the gate." He then promptly jogs back to his station at the door.

Euron Sand: "With our luck, the timeline will have changed so much that the Spellscar will never have closed."

Wolfe: Wolfe gets out of the Rex.

Dungeon Lord: The guards open the gate and the group is able to enter.

Wolfe: Wolfe heads toward Castle Never.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra marches in alongside the others.

Euron Sand: Euron heads through the gates, watching the guards as he does.

Dr Catriona: The doctor disembarks and follows along quietly.

Dungeon Lord: The guards seem disinterested with the group now that they have been 'cleared'. They nod to Euron as he looks at them.
The city streets are nearly barren, though occasionally some common people are walking. As the group nears a normally crowded market, only a few stalls are occupied and not with the normal overflowing goods as was normal within the city. The city itself seems as it was the last time the group entered though as if paused.
The group finds no guards as they approach the castle, the training yard is barren and entire the place seems absolutely empty of people. A single guard stands at two heavy, large double doors that lead into the castle proper.
His voice cracks a little as he calls out to the group. "Who goes there?"

Westra Goldbrook: "We are the Watch, here at the Crown Regent's request," Westra informs them, bewildered by the state of the city.

Dungeon Lord: "Oh...yes." He stands aside and opens the door, allowing them to enter. "The Crown Regent is expecting you, he can be found in his dining hall, third door on the right."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra heads inside, expression grim.

Wolfe: "What the hells is going on?"

Euron Sand: Neverwinter had always been so full of life. Euron barely recognized the metropolis in its empty state. This whole situation is terrible.

Dungeon Lord: The once proud man named Cullen Rutherford had never looked so small in the instant the Watch found him in the dining hall. His face seemed sunken and his eyes heavy with lack of sleep. He was sitting bent over at the end of Neveremeber's massive table, alone, and with a small bowl of porridge. He seemed lost in thought, having not touched the food or noticing the group entering the room.

Westra Goldbrook: "Commander," Westra said, forgetting herself for a moment and falling back to habit.

Cullen Rutherford: He cleared his throat and righted himself the instant he knew he was not alone.

Wolfe: "RUTHERFORD." Wolfe's voice booms through the hall. "We're back, we stopped the crap that was messing with the towns that you sent your boys to fix."

Cullen Rutherford: He offered a tired smile to Westra. "Miss Goldbrook, I am so pleased to see you returned safely. I see you were able to locate the others."
He looked at Wolfe's boisterous decree. "Ahhh, Gods be good. That is some light in this world."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra doesn't know what to say for a moment, and then finally shakes her head. "Commander what has happened?"

Wolfe: "You look like shit."

Euron Sand: Euron enters, hands behind his back, and looks at the man that was supposed to be the Crown Regent. He'd looked more hale and hearty when Euron last saw him.
That was two weeks ago. What had changed so much in two weeks that he looked like this?

Cullen Rutherford: "The city is falling into ruin without the Lord and Lady of Neverwinter." He sighed. "Without Neveremeber to pay the troops, nearly the entire Flaming Fist has deserted and much of the City Watch as well."

Wolfe: "But where are the PEOPLE?"

Westra Goldbrook: "In two weeks' time?" she asked, not wanting to believe it.

Dr Catriona: "Is that not just like... one pay period...?"
Doctor Wicker starts to not think too greatly about the watch. #NeverwinterGovernmentShutdown

Cullen Rutherford: "Most residents remain in their homes, something was going on before they disappeared. I haven't been able to get to the bottom of it, but it seems many of the soldiers have not been paid previously."
"Some of the soldiers, rightfully due pay, have decided to take their pay in less scrupulous manners, since there are not enough men left to even man the walls. Which, is why I have closed the city."

Wolfe: "So you need Tylmandra and Dickface to take care of this town?"

Westra Goldbrook: "No. We need to set things aright, so that this will never have happened," she said more quietly, looking to Wolfe and the others. "We must go to Lantan."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks to Westra, considering her. He gives a slow nod of approval.

Cullen Rutherford: "We need his money to pay the men. The treasury is nearly empty. It seems Neverember has been place the taxes in his personal coffers for protecting the city and paying the guards."
"Lantan? We need to find the Lord and Lady!"
"I will give you whatever is left in the treasury!!" He lets his hands fall on his bent head.

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes narrow at the Captain.
"I thought that you were a better man."
"Or is this what you've always been, beneath your smiles and beneath your jokes and your good humor?"
"Bailing out a Half-Orc to do your dirty work."

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe, now may not be the best time..."

Cullen Rutherford: "How dare you! I haven't slept in a week while trying to save this city that has been tearing itself apart." He looked to Wolfe with despair in his eyes. "Just go to Latan or back to the bottom of a bottle, I care not anymore! JUST GET OUT!"

Dr Catriona: "Doing the work of gods and now politicians and leaders... I think a name change may be appropriate. To Ass-Savers." she dryly says to no one in particular while adjusting her glasses.

Wolfe: "Listen." The Half-Orc says with a sharpness to put period on the sentence. "We're not going to find Neverember for you, Rutherford. Or Tylmandra. We're chasing after something a lot worse. If we make it work, it'll fix everything - not that you'll fucking remember it, which seems to be our lot in life."

Euron Sand: Euron laughs at Cat's jest. He agrees, but with cleaner language.

Wolfe: Wolfe steps over toward Cullen and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Look at me, Rutherford."

Dr Catriona: Catriona can at times be low key savage, it is true.

Wolfe: "You're a leader of men. You can either do your best, or you can sit here and whine that it's not enough."
"If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. If it fails, you fail. But better to fail trying than sitting here with your fucking porridge."

Cullen Rutherford: "I'm trying to find a way. My best....isn't good enough. I have no men, I have no money, I have an empty garrison and a city full of well trained killers looting, robbing, and raping."

"So stop them."
"You got a sword, Cullen."
"Stand up and do the right thing."

Cullen Rutherford: He considered Wolfe's words for a moment, though their exchange had not been very cordial.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc pats Cullen's shoulder, then turns to the other. "Let's find a boat."

Westra Goldbrook: "There are good people in this city, Commander. Give them someone to follow, and they will."

Euron Sand: "You can do it, Crown Regent. Show them the light and they'll follow."

Cullen Rutherford: He looked again to the Half-Orc, with a different emotion in his sunken eyes. "You are right, all of you." He stood and moved to leave the room motioning for the guard to follow him. "Call on the conscripts to the yard and all soldiers not absolutely mandatory off the walls."

Westra Goldbrook: "Alright. A boat," she says, nodding to the others.

Cullen Rutherford: He looks to her just as he is walking out of the room. "Lady Goldbrook, take the "Queen's Fury." Lady Tylmandra would want you all to use her ship.
"Though you will need to find a crew."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra blinks.

Wolfe: "Uh."

Westra Goldbrook: "As you say. Thank you."

Wolfe: "How big of a boat is that?"

Cullen Rutherford: Wolfe should know that the Queen's Fury is about a 90 foot ship and would require a crew of about fifty men.
Which is likely not a difficult employment to fill considering the current situation in Neverwinter.

Euron Sand: Euron had heard of the Queen's Fury. The ship was impressive.

Cullen Rutherford: "Godspeed, Champions." He turns and walks out of the door.
End Session 58 & Arc III
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Session 56

Dungeon Lord: Darkness. Deities. Titans. The Watch is far away from home, and out of their league. What could drive deities to have an interest in such a group of individuals? The sounds of explosions and fighting vanished a moment prior, and the winds through the tunnel began to blow softly as the scene unfolded around the Watch. A beautiful (and shirtless) man stood before Wolfe, having transformed from a visage of Kezef the Chaos Hound just moments before. Likewise, the recently freed 'Mask' was revealed to be the true titan of Chaos.

Wolfe: "What the fuck is going on here?"

Iron-Doc: The mechanized voice of the suited doctor replies with. "Double cross. We should evacuate."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra, unable to see much with her terrible, human eyes, peers into the darkness and also wonders what the fuck is going on here.

Cyric: He walked towards Wolfe and clapped his hands together softly several times in mock applause before placing one on the Orc's shoulder. "Splendid job. All of you. But, I would move away from such a beast ladies. Even immortals fear The Chaos Hound."

Westra Goldbrook: "Who is it? Who's there?"

Wolfe: Wolfe slaps away the hand of the shirtless guy who just looked like a giant god-eating maggot-wolf. "Who the fuck are you?"

Cyric: "I quite like Ryder, let's go with that one."

Wolfe: "Ryder..." Wolfe's nose crinkles up. "So you were Kezef? Or you're Mask?"

Iron-Doc: She sends Gizmo to locate an exit if possible.

Cyric: The man let out a chuckle. "Quite confused are you?"

Westra Goldbrook: As her eyes adjust again to the low light of the cavern, Westra realizes the "god" beside her is now the demonic hound. She backs away from it, then looks back to Wolfe and the others with a concerned expression.
"What is the meaning of this?"

Kezef: The great beast began to growl low and deep.

Wolfe: "Little bit, yeah."

Westra Goldbrook: "Was that not the Lady of Sorrow who sought our aid?"
"Are you not Mask?"

Cyric: "Give a moment, the dog seems a big hungry." The man gave Wolfe a million dollar smile as he continued to pace around. "Lady Shar should with us soon, but first, our new friend is surely hungry." He pulled a black weapon from his back, tendrils of power emanating from its blade. "This is Mask My Dear."
He flourished the blade in the air. "I believe this is a taste you have had before, Kezef. I am told a dog never forgets a smell."

Shar:  Shar approached from behind and remained silent as Ryder continued speaking.

Kezef: The dog let out a low rumble. "Maaaassssssk." He paced a few steps towards the newcomer. "I will finish him after I consume you, Lord of Lies."

Wolfe: "What is going on..." Wolfe turns toward Shar, then gesturing to the shirtless-guy. "Who is this guy? Is he one of yours? Why did he and Kezef swap places?"
Wolfe notices where he's standing and moves up a step.

"Give me just a moment my simple minded friend, before the dog tries to eat one of us."
He waved a finger. "That's a bad dog. No treats for you." He let out a long sigh. "No appreciation for all the work I went through to free you?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra quietly channels enough focus to heal herself while she watches.
((Lay on Hands))

Wolfe: "Who you calling simple-minded, leather-pants?"

Euron Sand: "That is Cyric...." He says in a hushed tone, though its likely still loud enough for everyone to hear.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra

Iron-Doc: "My threat prediction algorithms have a recommendation of Evacuate at over %1300 percent."

Westra Goldbrook: 's eyes widen

Iron-Doc: *1,300%

Kezef: He continued to growl and approach.

Wolfe looks to Shar to see if she's going to clear things up at all.

Cyric: "Fine, if you won't be a good dog, you will get the lash." A second sword appeared in his other hand, this on gleamed with blood red metal.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why free it only to kill it?" she asked the approaching god, taking a step back as she did so

Shar:  "As I said, we needed you mortals to break the bonds." She says to Wolfe.

Wolfe: "For Mask, not for Kezef."

Kezef: The dog let out a much more sinister growl and moved to pounce on the man, though he did not leap. "You will die for this Cyric. I will consume your essence for a millennia while you writhe in agony."

Wolfe: Figuring he's been lied to, and that Kezef is saying it'll take him a thousand years to consume the shirtless guy who seems to be laughing it up at his 'simple-minded' expense, Wolfe decides on action. The Samurai charges forward to shoulder-charge Cyric into Kezef.

Iron-Doc: "That sounds really unpleasant."

Cyric: The man let out a deep, boisterous chuckle. "Now there's a good dog. Go lay down."

Cyric: Wolfe was certain he was on target, yet somehow he found himself charging right past the shirtless man.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe!" Westra shouts, moving towards the half-orc, but too late.

Cyric: "Oh. That is embarrassing."

Wolfe: Wolfe stumbles. "Not as embarrassing as being a skinny little fuck with your shirt off!"

Cyric: "I like you Buddy. You remind me of another half orc I grew quite fond of. But there is no need to linger here, lest we are forced to deal with the ire of Bane. And no one wants that. Shall we depart, Lady Shar?"

Wolfe: Wolfe will attack Cyric.

Westra Goldbrook: Unsure of what else to do, Westra tries to restrain Cyric
"Stop! We would have answers!"

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's curent turn he gains gains advantage to all attack rolls. He also gains 10 temporary HP.   

Westra Goldbrook:


Cyric: 2
Wolfe finds himself paralyzed.

Wolfe: Wolfe's sword hangs in mid air, just as he had drawn it to deliver a savage assault!

Cyric: He looks to Westra. "Oh, we weren't going to leave you all here in such a dangerous place. What kind of gratitude would that show?"

Iron-Doc: The armored suit is relatively motionless in the dark while the woman inside watches these people lose their minds.

Cyric: "If these two are quite done, shall we go?" He looks to Westra and Wolfe and then Doc and Euron.
"Lady Shar, if you will."

Westra Goldbrook: Seeing Cyric continue to move, Westra releases the spell.

Shar:  "As you wish."

Iron-Doc: (kezef mount dlc)

Westra Goldbrook: "Are you truly Kezef?" she asks the dog, frowning

Kezef: Kezef watches the red blade in Cyric's hand never moving closer to it as the man walks around.
"I am the Chaos Hound, Dog of Death, Consumer of the Faithful."

Shar:  Shar begins casting a spell, those that noticed, would recognize the same spell she cast to bring them here.

Wolfe: Wolfe is released from Westra's spell, exhaling in frustration. Thinking it was Ryder slash Cyric's magic, he sheathes his blade.

Cyric: "Your green friend is much safer than you are near him, I must warn you. I feel the Watchers power in you and Kezef quiet enjoys the taste of good deities."

Dungeon Lord: A moment later, the watch is teleported for the THIRD time in as many hours. The same lurch returns.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra stumbles slightly, and upon righting herself looks about, frowning. Where in the realm were they now?

Dungeon Lord: The Watch lands with a thud on ridiculously soft carpet that runs down the middle of what is obviously a throne room. Pillars raise up to a ceiling that is at least 100 feet tall. Sitting on a throne of black iron is the shirtless man, though much larger now.

Iron-Doc: There is a clank of metal as the hardened faceplate pulls back and the bespectacled blonde's visage appears as she takes a breath of hopefully better air.

Cyric: "Welcome to Pandamonium!" He let out a great chuckle. "Those passports are really getting stamped today!"

Wolfe: Wolfe falls heavily, groaning on the ground for a moment as he lets loose a soft string of curses before he starts to get to his feet.

Westra Goldbrook:

Dungeon Lord: As he laughs, all of you can feel the edge of madness creeping against your minds. Something isn't right in this place.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why are we here?"

Cyric: He taps his chin. "That is a pickle. You see, so many events have transpired and untranspired." He laughed. "I am just not quite sure what do with you."

Wolfe: Wolfe dusts himself off. "How about telling us What. The Fuck. Is Going. On!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Why would you not simply return us to the material plane? You've had your ruse, we broke the seal you needed broken. Why else would you detain us?"
"Also..." she glances at Wolfe. "That."

Cyric: "On one hand I owe you thanks, we could not have done this without you." He clapped softly. "I have a new pet, and I appreciate you!"

Iron-Doc: "I have a... umm a suggestion... Open a gateway to Neverwinter, leave it open for two minutes while you turn around and conduct your business?"

Cyric: He sighs. "Where to even begin my green skinned friend."
"Destroying Mystra was the easy part of breaking that seal. Lady of Mysteries. HA!"

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs and looks for a chair.

Westra Goldbrook: "UNtranspired?" she echoes, belatedly. "Was it you who altered time?"

Cyric: "Oh ho ho! Now she is intrigued." He smiled at Shar who was clearly enjoying this as much as Wolfe.
"If only I had such a power. The pesky thing about Chronos, unless you completely consume his essence, he can just undo your entire elaborate plan. Trust me, I have tried."
"Though that Chronomancer may be something to take an interest in afterwards."

Westra Goldbrook: "After what?" Westra asked, growing frustrated. "What do you want with us?"

Cyric: "What do I want with you? I owe you! What would you like me to do for you?!" He gives Westra a big smile. "Just a free ride home? I feel as though that is insufficient."
He picked up on his earlier thread. "Pulling Gond's chain from the plane was difficult though it took more strength than brains. Anachytr's seal, though!" He shook his head and pointed into the air for a moment. "Proved to be the most cumbersome of them all. Only through the will of mortals could it be broken! The damned genius of it!" He let out a smile and shook his head relishing.

Westra Goldbrook:
"Just. Passage. Home."

Cyric: "Boring!"

Shar:  "Stop toying with them Cyric and let us be rid of them."

Wolfe: "Just like this conversation."

Cyric: "Wait! Wait! The best part!. I couldn't even FORCE a mortal to do it, the drive of them was part of the binding! It is hard enough to find someone in that forsaken place, let alone those that would be here willing to break a seal containing any kind of divine being." Leaned back in his throne.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks around the room.
He had sensed that there was something wrong here, that something was clawing at the walls, like a bad storm barely kept from getting in.
The Half-Orc looked about, trying to get a sense of the chamber and the ways in and out of it.
Getting up, he starts walking around.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sees Wolfe looking towards the door. "Wolfe," she admonishes. "We cannot leave on our own, lest madness take us."
"That is the peril of this plane."

Euron Sand: What. Is. This. Madness?
Euron can't believe how they've been duped but it seems that they have been. Euron looks around trying to understand what is happening.

Shar:  "Destroy them and be done with it."

Iron-Doc: "The Captain is correct. Finding a way home in this plane may prove an insurmountable task and particularly regretful if we can um.. get a proper portal."

Cyric: "I like them! And they kind of erased my old crew. Emperor and all."

Shar:  She just stares at the man on the throne.

Cyric: He sighs. "Can't just have a little fun. Work work work." The man stands. "Dog. Eat."

Kezef: The dog gets to his feet and lets out a growl.

Wolfe: Wolfe will try to shoulder-charge the door.

Iron-Doc: Theres a klank as the Doc's faceplate falls into place.
"Maybe we don't have a choice, however, Captain..." says the mechanized voice.

Dungeon Lord: The door does not budge.


Westra Goldbrook: Westra takes Euron's hand, her eyes lowered, and murmurs, "Father Sand, pray with me." She tried to ignore the threat in the room for the moment, believing that the divine intervention of another god was the only way to survive their predicament.

Wolfe: Wolfe tries to kick the door open again.

Dungeon Lord: It looks like a door, but doesn't seem to open like one.

Westra Goldbrook: If Euron agrees, Westra will close her eye and pray fervently but quietly to the Watcher for deliverance.

Euron Sand: Euron nods and bows his head to pray with Westra.

Wolfe: "Fuck this place." Wolfe mutters softly and in aggravation as he turns and starts walking back angrily toward the three dieties.

Euron Sand: Euron begins to pray quietly in Celestial. "O Mighty Helm, I speak to you now, here at our hour of greatest need. Our enemies are powerful. Our need is great. The world that we protect, that we love, is in danger. Your sons and daughters ask for you aid."
rolling 1d100
(71)= 71

Dungeon Lord: A powerful feeling overcomes Euron as Westra's energies also flow into him helping channel the spell. Someone is watching, though he cannot feel the familiar eyes of The Watcher.

Kezef: "Tyr." The guttural tones of the Dog echo through the halls. He bares his teeth and the maggots on his frame swarm.

Lathander: "Cyric. It was foolish of you return here. You will pay for the murder of Lady Mystra." A powerful and commanding voice echos from the south end of the hall.

Dungeon Lord: An instant later three massive beings are shot down from the ceiling in radiant beams of light.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra backs up, trying to get out of the line of sight between the two troupes of gods. She nudges the doctor and cleric to do the same.

Dungeon Lord: A woman stood in a near transparent red gown, her lips matching fabric and her eyes shining like emeralds. Wolfe found himself instantly infatuated with the woman upon laying eyes on her.

Iron-Doc: *"Oh I do not find this ideal at all." says the mechanized doctor, moving towards a wall.

Wolfe: Wolfe turns towards the sudden new arrivals, his jaw dropping for a moment as he mouths words of not-understanding and lack of comprehension.

Dungeon Lord: The man speaking had radiant wings on his ruby plate armor and carried a massive, energy tipped spear. The ast man carried a glowing longsword, and wore plate as well, though his right hand was missing and black emptiness revealed itself from his eye sockets.

Euron Sand: Euron turns to see where those voices are coming from. When he sees them, Euron smiles.
"I think things are no longer in Cyric's favor."
"Not completely, anyway."

Cyric: "Didn't you guys hear? I got a new pet!" He stood and pulled both weapons out. "Do you really want to do this?" He smiled. "Here?"

Tyr:  "The beast will fall with you."

Sune: "I will protect the mortals."

Wolfe: "Hey! Give me a god-slaying sword and I'll take care of leather-pants, no problem!"
Euron Sand
Iron Doc™
Westra Goldbrook

Iron-Doc: "The best way to protect us is to send us back to the Prime!"


Lathander: "I shall get you one of his, fool-hearty mortal!"

Cyric: "Not happening!"

Euron Sand: "I'd rather not wait on the Prime Material for the end to come!"

Cyric: Cyric holds his blades up. "If you wish to feel Godsbane, so be it Lathander."

It is Lathander's turn   

Iron-Doc: Catriona doesn't know who she wants to win, given that these fancy gold deities might realize they were the cause of this catastrophe and smite them or worse.


It is Euron Sand's turn   

Euron Sand:
Westra, Wolfe, Doc

Cyric: All three of the original deities are bladed with Lathander's strike.

It is Iron Doc™'s turn   

Iron-Doc: The doctor moves and shelters behind cover. As her bonus action, she converts 5 pp to a 3rd level spell slot.
Then she Dodges.

It is Sune's turn   

Sune: "Twilight and Dawn, protect our friends!" Sune channels her power and two unicorns appear next to Euron and Westra.

It is Westra Goldbrook's turn   

Cyric: "Nice to see you Tyr!" He lets out a laugh. "That one never gets old!"

Westra Goldbrook: Uncertain of what she can possibly do to help, but unwilling to sit idly by while good literally fought evil in front of her, the paladin summoned the holy light back into her weapon and rushed towards the action.
She hefts a javelin towards Kezef, growling in frustration!

Sune: Sune raises a hand as the spear flies through the air and holy energy envelopes the weapon. It deals an additional 13 25 radiant damage.

It is Wolfe's turn   

Kezef: The beast growls. "Sune, I am coming for you."

Wolfe: "Don't worry pretty woman, I'll protect you. God or not."

Sune: "You are so sweet!"

It is Tyr's turn   

Tyr:  "Cyric. You cannot best me. I AM THE LAW!"

Cyric: "I will be happy to put a cripple out of his misery."

It is Kezef's turn   



Westra Goldbrook:

It is Shar's turn   


Euron Sand:


It is GIZMO-5's turn   

Dungeon Lord: Shar disappears and then reappears behind Lathander, striking him twice.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is awed by the sudden surge of divine energy that envelops her javelin before it strikes. She crows internally as it bites into the hound's shape. Far from finished, she swings her halberd as the beast passes by en route to Sune and strikes true again.


Wolfe: Wolfe wishes to face off against the hound, but he is distraught by its terrible appearance up-close and in fury.

GIZMO-5: GIzmo flies south by Euron.
and he dodges

GIZMO-5 ---- End of Turn ✔✔
Round 2

It is Cyric's turn   

Westra Goldbrook: Somehow, though, as the beast draws nearer, its frightful presence becomes more and more compelling. Westra loses some of her gusto, and takes a wary step back.


It is Lathander's turn   

Lathander: "Stand down Shar, or share their fate."
He turns to the Lady of Loss, his weapon burning bright.


It is Euron Sand's turn   

Shar:  She shudders at the brilliant light surrounding her. Lathander's body is as bright as the sun.

Westra Goldbrook:

Euron Sand:
(Add 5)

GIZMO-5: (Why are there random unicorns?)

It is Iron Doc™'s turn   

Iron-Doc: The armored scientist lumbers forth into a better position before she aims at Wolfe with her PEKCER. The air crackles with static as orange lightning arcs from the device, instantly connecting with the half orc and supercharging his molecules with Haste.
Then she moves back into her spot. As a bonus action, she converts 5 more pp into another 3rd level slot. Concentrating on Haste.

Iron-Doc ---- End of Turn ✔✔

It is Sune's turn   

Wolfe: Wolfe vibrates.

Sune: "Now no tricks Cyric."



It is Westra Goldbrook's turn   

Westra Goldbrook: In the blink of an eye, Westra finds herself inexplicably at the foot of the massive throne, with Shar's back just before her. Not stopping to think of how foolish it might be, she grits her teeth and launches herself at the Lady of Sorrows.

Tyr:  Tyr's blessing helps Westra's first strike land true and Sune enchants it with her holy power. 24

It is Wolfe's turn   

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's curent turn he gains gains advantage to all attack rolls. He also gains 10 temporary HP.   


Tyr:  103+21

Wolfe: Wolfe goes into super-saiyan mode with the HASTE BOOST from Doctor Wicker and yells out like a Dragonball-Z fighter as he unloads a flurry of attacks at Cyric. "DIIIIEEELEATHERPANTSDIEYOUFUCKINGCOCKSUCKER"

Dungeon Lord: Cyric gets wrecked by Wolfe thanks to Sune's zone of truth.

It is Tyr's turn   


Tyr:  Tyr brings his weapon down twice as Cyric is distracted by Wolfe.

It is Kezef's turn   

Dungeon Lord:


Dungeon Lord:
Sune is ripped up by Kezef.

It is Shar's turn   

Shar:  Shar disappears from sight.

Lathander: "No!" Lathander raises a hand and envelops the group with his energies.



Euron Sand:

It is GIZMO-5's turn   

Wolfe: Blasted by a GOD, Wolfe nonetheless maintains maximum composure as the golden shield around him crackles but does not break!
Round 3

It is Cyric's turn   


Iron-Doc: (You cant OA attack someone you cant see)


It is Lathander's turn   


It is Euron Sand's turn   

Euron Sand:

Lathander: 3
Euron's arms go wide.

It is Iron Doc™'s turn   


Lathander: 2

Iron-Doc ---- End of Turn ✔✔

Dungeon Lord: The Doc's spell seems to target the other god in the area by mistake.

It is Sune's turn   

Iron-Doc: (It doesnt do anything anyway on a failed save so.)

Dungeon Lord:

Sune: Sune's healing energies flow across the group.

It is Westra Goldbrook's turn   

Westra Goldbrook: Shar disappeared from before her and Lathander gave chase. Westra pushed off of the throne and followed suit, though she veers back towards Kezef to aid Sune and her steeds.

Dungeon Lord: Sune and Tyr again guide Westras second strike to hit. 19

It is Wolfe's turn   

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's curent turn he gains gains advantage to all attack rolls. He also gains 10 temporary HP.   

Dungeon Lord: 2
Wolfe's weapon strikes Euron.


Euron Sand: "Aaaagh!"


It is Tyr's turn   

Dungeon Lord:
Tyr grabs Cyric and throws him back in the zone.

It is Kezef's turn   

Dungeon Lord: Cyric lands on the ground, wounded. The red blade slides across the floor to the north.

Dungeon Lord:


Dungeon Lord: Kezef lunges at Cyric, his teeth sinking into the God.

Wolfe: Wolfe says really quickly so it's kind of freaky in that it just comes out as a stream of really-fast laughter.

It is Shar's turn   

Shar:  Shar sees Cyric being mauled by the beast and casts a spell.


Shar:  Shar's spell is stopped.
Round 4

It is Cyric's turn   

Cyric: "Ungrateful beast!"

Iron-Doc: A small bumble bee made of clockwork uncloaks right by Shar as she speaks arcane. "Zzt." And it just explodes, disturpting her spell.



It is Lathander's turn   


Lathander: "You will face Justice, Cyric!" Lathander drives his weapon into the god's leg, a massive tendril of light wrapping around it and tethering itself to the floor. "You will not escape again."

It is Euron Sand's turn   

Euron Sand:
Euron brings his mace down on the back of Cyric's head right after Lathandar pins him to the floor!

It is Iron Doc™'s turn   



Iron-Doc: 5 damage

It is Sune's turn   

It is Westra Goldbrook's turn   

Westra Goldbrook: The red blade that kept Kezef at bay clatters to the ground near Westra. Without thought, she snatched it up and slid it into her javelin quiver, intent on returning to the fight after.

It is Wolfe's turn   

Wolfe: Wolfe kip-ups!!!

Tyr:  Sune's magic empower's one of Wolfe's attacks. 20

Wolfe: Wolfe delivers a near-deific level of smackdown onto Cyric's prone form as Sune gives him magical-oomph and he whacks the God of Lies and Murder! "TAKETHATYOUCONNIVINGLEATHERPANTSARROGANTSONOFABITCH!"

Cyric: Cyric is again ravaged by Wolfe. He rests on one knee, black blood flowing from the many wounds on his body.

It is Tyr's turn   

Tyr:  "Lady of Loss, I release you." His weapon flares with white hot light and he brings it down towards Shar.


It is Kezef's turn   

Kezef: Kezef releases Cyric's mangled leg. "If they do not destroy you, I will return for my vengeance." He turns towards Westra and charges her.
A moment before his massive teeth reached the paladin, he disappeared.

It is Shar's turn   

Westra Goldbrook: Westra realized her error a little too late, and hurried to try and pull the red sword from her back. Before her mistake cost her in blood, though, the beast charging her just... disappeared. She paused, confused and wary.

Shar:  Shar drops her weapon as Tyr strikes her again. He pulls her hands up and attempts to cast another spell!

Shar:  She disappears as well.

Lathander: "You are done, Cyric."

Cyric: "Ha ha ha ha ha! You weak fools cannot kill me."

Wolfe: Wolfe tries to grab Godsbane and rip it out of Cyric's hands.

Dungeon Lord: Wolfe is able to pull Cyric's remaining weapon from his weakened grasp.

Wolfe: He then attacks Cyric with Godsbane. "WE'LLSEEABOUTTHATYOUFUCKER!"
Wolfe holds the god-murdering weapon as he tosses aside his katana. Be it rage at Cyric or the lure for power, unknownst to him, it calls his hands to rip it free from the God of Lies and Murder. Just as he lets out his shouts that he cannot be killed, Wolfe in fact drives the sword with two hands into Cyric's chest.

Wolfe: As the god-killing blade does, in fact, get turned against its wielder, Wolfe stares into the eyes of the one who orchestrated the betrayal that had, temporarily, ensnared Kezef and brought about his own destruction.

Cyric: "I.....will...."

Wolfe: Wolfe pulls free the blade from Cyric's chest and then with a ruthless swing decapitates him.

Tyr:  Tyr, Lathander, and Sune look at each other.

Euron Sand: The sudden violence of the moment disturbs Euron. Whatever he expected it, definitely wasn't this.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra, also, is stunned and just... watches.

Wolfe: Wolfe stands up, covered in blood - some his own, some of the being beneath him, he breathes shallowly and quickly, he looks around, his eyes frantic from the high of Doc's Haste spell.
The instinctual nature of him takes over for a second as he looks around for foes and then realizes there are none. He then... discards the blade, tossing it away from him, and reaches back for Shokan.
End Session 56
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