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Databanks / Re: Fun Holonet Finds - Clone Wars Era!
« Last post by misreality on May 26, 2019, 10:18:43 PM »
Over two decades ago, the Clone Wars wracked the Galaxy leaving wounds still felt to today!

The Trade Federation... the Confederation of Independent Systems... the Seperatists... by the great folks at Templin Institude.

Gotta love the Lore vids made from the Empire's Point of View.

SW:I DTRP / Re: Baptism // Rook background story 1
« Last post by Rook Beroya on May 22, 2019, 05:42:03 PM »


It was dark.

Memory lights glowed along the edge of the lake, the Clan’s losses not so much dulled as poignantly heightened by the shared burden. Like everyone else, Rook’s gaze was locked to the descending shuttles. It didn’t matter that Rook knew she’d have been told in private if her father or brother were dead. That she’d not be shamed by learning of so great a loss in public. But there were other people she loved, who may not come home. They would not, could not, shield you from every blow.

Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore.

Pressure makes gems, ease makes decay.

So she waited, as they all waited, each breath bringing her loved ones closer. By now, those approaching would see the battle damage, the flames of mourning glittering across the compound. Who could have prepared the Clan’s Warriors for the loss of those assumed to be safe? Like Zex’s mother, or Rook’s cousin Trey. A small sound of distress escaped her tightly-held control, and Vera’s hands came to settle upon both of Rook’s shoulders.

Kad stood to one side, notably alone in the clumped together families awaiting the shuttles. No one stood alone in a Clan; that was the point. But sometimes Kad seemed to forget. Or maybe it was how alone his father, Avin Solus, chose to live. No spouse, no other kids, no cousins or aunts or uncles. Rook’s hand snaked out to grip Kad’s tightly, and tug him near. He tensed, then shot her a disgusted look. But he tolerated her death-grip on his hand, at least for now.

(Find cool pic of dad, maybe a gif of those marching Mandos with the cool cape)

Snow, pine needles and leaves were blasted into the air as the shuttles touched down at last. The wounded disembarked first, right to the infirmary at the very bottom of the vast vheh'yaim that was the heart of the settlement. Then the heavy tech, and the warriors at last, and finally, finally she saw her father, her brother Kyrt marching in lock step with him. With a surge, Rook started forward but Vera’s hands tightened on Rook’s shoulders as her older sister leaned down to whisper, “Wait for it.”

Rook shot a startled look at Vera, then her gaze swept back over her father, her brother, the other elders coalescing around them. Her fingers protested as Kad’s grip suddenly tightened to painful. He maintained an apparent calm, even though the grip on her hand suggested he had figured out what was happening. Rook hadn’t! A brief glance at her brother assessed his slight limp and the less-then-perfect posture, all indicative of a recent wound. Her father was fine, which made sense, really. Kyrt didn’t have real beskar steel in his armor; it was custom made, but still ... only modern. So he got hurt a lot more often than her father, who had an ancient set of beskar'gam handed down through Clan Beroya for thousands of years. The spirit and will of their ancestors were woven into a metal that no one currently alive could even create, anymore. Watching her brother, the painful way he moved, broke her heart.

There ought to be enough armor for everyone!

Jak suddenly pushed Zex forward to stand beside Kad and Rook, drawing Rook’s attention away from studying armor and back to the baffling situation. Vera stepped not back, but forward, to stand with Senior Pilot (and Chief of pilots, though the Clan didn’t have a lot of fighting ships, yet) Avin Solus. History suggested to Rook that she was in trouble, save that as the warriors removed their helmets, respect was in their gaze. Something in the gravity of the moment kept Rook from asking the questions bubbling through her mind. Her attention danced over the elders and leaders of the Clan, as they gathered around.

Nam Beroya studied the three children, then fixed his gaze upon Kad.

“Kad Solus,”

“The truth the verd’goten reveals is the courage to face hostile forces without turning aside.”

“The honor of the verd’goten lies in keeping to the Resol’nare even when you are the one called upon to offer up your own life for your family, squad or Clan.”

“The vision the verd’goten shows the Clan, is that another warrior lives amongst them. Welcome amongst your vod’e, Kad Solus.”

He clasped the Clan’s newest Youth Warrior on the arm in a gesture more usually seen amongst equals or squad mates. Slowly Kad’s fingers released Rook’s hand, and he bowed with surprising grace to her father.

“Mando'ad draar digu.” A Mandalorian never forgets, he said. But what he meant, just then, was that Clan Awaud would never forgive.

Oya! roared from the throats of the gathered Clan with a ferocity that promised violence to come. Kad’s reply hadn’t been the traditional promise of loyalty to the Clan who had accepted him, yet his heated words echoed the rage in all of their hearts.

[color=FF7F00]“Chieftain.”[/color] After the crowd quieted, but before they dispersed, Elder Teroch spoke with a grave purpose.

[color=FF7F00]“The Combat Engineers request that your youngest child, Rook, be transferred to the Training Battalion early.”[/color]

“No.” the Chieftain spoke firmly, without a moment’s hesitation. Or thought, even, Rook felt. She squeaked an inarticulate protest, but was drowned out by more forceful disagreements.

“But she fixed the Array! No one else could have done that ...!” Kad’s anger surged to the surface.

“We’d have lost Arumorot or at least the Gnazz tribe without the Radar Array!” A grief-laced fury simmered from Zex.

The Chieftain listened to his Clan, allowing them to lay out their arguments and thoughts. As the flurry of protests died down, Nam Beroya shook his head firmly, gaze stern but not yet echoing of anger.  “No.” Implacable judgement resided in his single word.

Vera’s deep breath, and quietly concerned voice broke the silence that followed. “I concur with the Chieftain.” She met Rook’s demanding gaze, an oddly unsettling fear lurking in the older sister’s eyes. “Rook ... rushing things will only increase your risk, not your value.”

Wait, what? Suddenly Rook realized that Vera had known this offer was coming, had planned on voting against her. Was this division in the family why Elder Teroch had made the suggestion, not her Aunt Twon, the Chief Engineer? Rook’s accusing gaze swept to her brother Kryst, who stared back in ready challenge. She already knew his stance upon children being risked unnecessarily. There would be no help from that quarter.

Nam Beroya’s gaze settled upon Rook, drawing in her full attention with no more than a change of his stance. He leaned forward, making her feel as if only he and she had any say in the matter. As if she had only one heart to win to her cause. Something doable, anyway. He knelt, and asked gently, “Do you disagree, Rook?”

“I do. I want to be a Youth Warrior. I want to be with Kad and Vera and Zex, too. We all faced live fire, Buir! My courage did not fail. I didn’t fail you.” Light blue eyes burned with frustration, willing her father to understand. Her young voice was still harsh and rough from the earlier ordeal, the lingering grief, though it fell short of hysterical.

A moment’s consideration, and her father held up his hand, palm facing her. Firmly, he pressed her hand to his, palm against palm.

“You did not fail the Clan,” he agreed. “You acted with honor and courage. Now, move my hand.”

Rook tried. Push, pull, yank with all of her might, she could not achieve her goal. Even dangling from his extended arm like a fierce snow-cat, she could not budge him. Hand and arm remained fixed in place like a plinth of stone. The force of her efforts bruised her fingers, but to no avail.

Verd’ika,” The wonderful, gravely voice was filled with warmth and love as her father called her ‘little warrior.’ “Your heart is ready, but your body is not. You are too small, as of yet, for the full rigor of battle training.”

Rook’s face crumpled, and he pulled her into a bear hug.
SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Rook Beroya on May 22, 2019, 04:48:07 PM »
It was so strange to think of meditating upon the living in much the same way Rook tended to dwell upon those who had already passed on. The method of imagining each person at their best was much as the Daily Remembrance of the Dead was meant to be done. Not an endless burden of guilt and grief, but a glorious call to both great sacrifice and great glory. A touchstone, a reminder of what it meant to be Mandalorian.

To be of Clan Awaud.

Only this case, she’d be trying to summon that spirit of confidence and accomplishment from her living squad mates. Slowly, Rook nodded, her smile creeping out of hiding. Kesvo had a wisdom that baffled Rook, sometimes, merely because it so often seemed like something her own Clan Elders would receive with approval.

That sounds like a good meditation, to me. I’ll share the idea with Vera, too.” She studied the lovely Falleen a moment longer, curiosity replacing her tension when the ready smile with which Kesvo greeted her concerns appeared. Not anger, not defensiveness, not even frustration was evident. Just that vast, patient attention which Kesvo offered with apparent ease.

Vera is a clever and dedicated Chieftain. Loyal, loving, tireless. I would cherish and love her deeply, even if she weren’t my sister. But she lost her smile, shortly after our father was taken captive. Her ability to laugh is all but buried. I am one of the few able to make her laugh, even if just now and again.” Rook shrugged, her smile widening to mischievous.

I don’t want to watch those things be smashed out of you, as well. So ... be warned. I aim to make you laugh, on occasion.”

Speaking of which, it really as time to re-think her paint job on her armor.
SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Kesvo Kam on May 22, 2019, 10:14:38 AM »
Kesvo nodded at Rook's explanation about how looking out for the clan was just part of the culture in which she'd grown up. It didn't change the end result in Kesvo's mind, which was that Rook was far more outwardly-focused than most of her peers, and seemed to adopt group issues as personal burdens. The insistence that Rook would figure out some kind of advanced armor or vacuum sealed element for Kes won a sideways smile, and a gentle shake of her head.

"That would certainly be impressive," she acknowledged, amused by the other woman's apparent inability to let the matter be dismissed.

She didn't miss how Rook seemed to shut down on the topic of fear and trust, but she let that matter rest for a moment in lieu of pressing it. There was a knot there that needed untangling, but Kesvo was willing to wait and ease into it rather than bullying through for expedience's sake. People weren't like barricades that could be resolved with brute force, she knew.

Another smile and a shake of her head when Rook offered to show her the Mandalorian way of meditating. "No, thank you, not now. I didn't ask because I wanted to learn, but because I wanted to suggest that you apply it in a new way. Meditation helps me sometimes when I have a hard time with fear or worry. I like to sit and think of a moment when each person I worry about was at their strongest, their best, their most capable. I hold that like a shield and I meditate, and I feel like it helps me trust their strengths rather than driving myself nuts worrying if they're going to survive whatever craziness is coming next. In a way, their strengths - yours too - make me stronger."

She smiled more fully at Rook's assertion that she hadn't meant to talk about herself, here.

"I know. But I'm alright, Rook. This isn't my first command. You're right in that it's pressure and it's challenging, but I have my ways of dealing. Is there something in particular that you're concerned about?" she asked, not wanting to sound dismissive despite her confidence that things were in hand as much as they could be.
SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Rook Beroya on May 21, 2019, 04:06:22 PM »
Rook’s smile flared again, slightly bemused at the notion of being a caretaker. For a while she visibly wrestled with the concept. It seemed so opposed to her reckless, brash nature. Yet could that be the motive that had her charging AT-STs and blowing up ship engines? She gestured outward, indicating the world beyond the small, isolated room.

The need to take care of the Clan, the squad, or the team is just how the world works, for me. I’ve never thought of it as part of who I am as a person, but who I am as a Mandalorian.”

It made sense, when Kesvo explained her concerns about wearing visible armor, and Rook’s eyes narrowed in thought. A brief note was tapped into her wrist com. Maybe a force field could be adapted to the purpose? Or something that retracts into jewelry or a hair piece, using nano-technology? I’ll figure out something that works for you,” she assured Kesvo.

A shrug followed, though Rook’s gaze was averted, considering the one time she’d faced a fear so great she had frozen. If Rook lost it she froze; for Venn and Ashely, the results could be much more catastrophic. She still thought it was worthwhile to consider the extra stressors on her friends, and to plan for what we can do if things go sideways for them. After all, they’d had two small examples of what an overstressed Force Wielder could do on accident. Her gaze drifted to the desolation outside her window, but her thoughts lingered on the devastation of Mandalore. Both were prime examples of what could happen if whole groups of Force Wielders were unduly stressed.

Kesvo’s question about mediation pulled her gaze from the window. Rook’s eyes lightened, as they often did when talking of her Clan. She brushed her fingers over the mediation beads that hung from her belt. We have several actions we go through every day, that are meditative exercises. You can’t face violence and warfare as a way of life and still be a good parent without an ability to find your center and calm your emotions. Would you like me to show you?

As to why I ask how you were doing ... it wasn’t to talk about me.” Slowly, Rook fitted the ancient, frozen creature into her backpack.

“I know a little about how the pressures of command can weigh on someone.” The Mandalorian continued, pausing to invite commend. Grave blue eyes studied the Falleen seated across from her.
SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Kesvo Kam on May 21, 2019, 09:22:20 AM »
Kesvo gave a sympathetic little smile at Rook's first comment. She mused on it for a beat, but before she gathered her words to comment on the crazy stuff they'd seen recently, Rook had moved on into her concerns about the local history. Kesvo sat down on the other bed, across from Rook, and let the girl speak. She moved from her fears about the Jedi thing to the creatures Shroud had commanded, and then to vacuum-sealing Kesvo's outfit and worrying about how she was handling her sudden promotion to command.

"Sounds like you've been worried about alot of things," she countered, after the Mandalorian's last comment. "It's difficult, to do the job we do and have the heart of a caregiver. There are never enough hours in the day, and people like us rarely stay long enough to be properly tended to, anyway," she acknowledged, taking a guess at the common thread between most of Rook's fears.

"I hate to be the one to break it to you, Rook, but that's probably not gonna change," she said, with a soft wince to enunciate her sympathy on the matter. "There's nothing wrong with trying to look out for the team, but you gotta get to a place where you trust your teammates to handle their own druk. If what the Neimoidians say about the Jedi that were here winds up being true, maybe Venn and Ashley will be disappointed. But they'll deal. The world won't end. I can't negotiate from the same place if I'm visibly wearing armor, even just a helmet for the sake of vacuum seals. Command is a hard thing, but I wasn't tricked into picking up that badge; I knew what I was signing up for."

Kesvo leaned forward to rest her weight on her elbows, braced on her knees. "It's okay to be scared, Rook," she said, soberly. "But you have to be able to acknowledge that fear and set it aside, and trust your team to function the way they've been trained to function. You Mandalorians believe in meditation, don't you?" she asked, pausing for Rook to confirm.
SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Rook Beroya on May 20, 2019, 03:30:23 PM »
“There’s times when a vivid imagination is less than helpful,” Rook admitted, on the topic of struggling. Her smile faded farther, and she sat down on the bed, still watching Kesvo. Words sorted and tangled themselves for a few moments; sometimes, they were more difficult to deal with than the soothing certainties of mathematics.

“It bothers me, what happened on this world. I’m worried about how our friends will react if we discover that the locals aren’t wrong about their version of history. My people have a long and tangled history with both sects, and I find the local version entirely believable.” Anxiety flickered, as she found herself once more across a vast ideological divide between herself and her team. She knew the Clone Wars from the side of the Separatists. Everyone else had been on the Clone’s side. Rook shook her head, reminding herself that that had been one war everyone had lost. Neither Jedi, nor Galactic Republic, nor the Clones, nor the Senate, nor the Separatists and their corporate bully boys had won.

The Sith had. And no one had even known they were in that particular war, at least until they’d showed up on Mandalore.

“I want a bigger gun, and a crate full of grenades before dealing with either a red blade or those moving corpses again.” Rook’s eyes narrowed and her fingers twitched, aching to get to her work bench and design the tools and weapons that would keep her people safe. A brief shake of the head and she flashed a grin at Kesvo.

“I need to find a way to fit vacuum Sealing into your armored clothing or diplomat’s gear.” She angled her head to the side, half expecting a protest. If one came, Rook with listen with polite, relentless patience, and no hint at all that she ever wanted to see Kesvo at risk of explosive decompression again.

“I’ve been worried about you, too. It’s a hard thing, the spot they’ve put you in. Very traditional, mind you; Just how the Mandalorians mousetrap their leaders.”

SW:I DTRP / Re: Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Kesvo Kam on May 20, 2019, 08:56:52 AM »
Kesvo went upstairs with Rook just so no one was wandering around by themselves. She didn't really think Rook would run into any trouble in such a short distance but a) it wasn't impossible and b) Kesvo still didn't like the vibe she'd gotten between the bartender and the Whiteclaw guy. She couldn't shake the feeling that the Hellions were being set up, and it left her ill at ease.

She tended to keep the handheld scanner she'd bought from Rakesh in her pack now, and she'd pulled it out and was idly checking the room for invasive electronics while Rook did whatever she needed to do with her gear. The question from the Mandalorian pulled her attention from studying the little screen and redirected it to the young brunette. Displaced as her focus was, it took Kesvo a second to decipher what Rook was talking about. Only a second, though, and then she assumed the kid meant... just... everything.

"Comes with the job," she said, with a little shrug. "Why do you ask? Are you struggling?" she asked, tucking the scanner away for the moment to focus on the girl.
SW:I DTRP / Jumping at Shadows /// end of session 47
« Last post by Rook Beroya on May 19, 2019, 04:24:19 PM »
After the team decides to explore the Underworld, but before they leave their accommodations

Rook made one more circuit of their rented room, visually checking out the small tell-tales she’d placed to let her know if anyone entered their room. A piece of hair, rubbed until static cling made it stick to the wall, set across the window panes could be a nearly-invisible marker. A planet placed just in the way of the door as they exited could be helpful, too. The room was small, but neat and clean, the decor chosen to fill the senses. Maybe the owners thought that after a few days or weeks in a spaceship, people would be starved for color, light and laughter. Or maybe Neimoidians just really loved gold paint?

The ancient artifact the Mandalorian had come back to the room to collect was cradled in her hands, and for several seconds Rook studied poor creature. Lost in time, it was; it’s home gone beyond recall. Was it mercy or misery, to be oblivious, frozen in Carbonite? She shook her head, trying to dispel the mood that had crept upon her here.

Or maybe it was ever since the gruesome golem-like bodies had come to life before her.

Taking a bit of a breath, Rook turned to face Kesvo, watching the space Princess for several seconds. “Hey, Kesvo ... how are you handling all of this?” Rook gestured around her, indicating the planet, the trip, the ancient carbon frozen creature Rook had found, the sudden preponderance of force wielding maniacs in their lives.

Rook’s blue eyes were concerned, as she studied the Falleen who should have been nearly a stranger, if you only counted hours spent together. But was so much more, if you counted what nearly every minute between them had entailed. Or maybe Rook just wasn’t able to hand out trust in penny-packets; it was either all there, or not there at all. Either way, Rook’s habitual devil-may-care grin softened to something more gentle.
Databanks / Re: SW Ep3 Roll20 Logs
« Last post by phinn on May 13, 2019, 11:35:55 AM »
Episode 4, Chapter 2, Session 47: The Gatekeeper

GM: The Hellions find themselves on the surface of Cato Neimoidia hunting down a trail of smugglers who are stealing Jedi artifacts from Coruscant. Finding their way to one of the former planets of the Trade Federation, they have come in contact with a figure from Drasek's past who indicates that he has been here before -- though he cannot remember the details of that experience.
As the Hellions have settled into their temporary housing, they discuss among themselves their next move. The bridge city of Jorra is currently in high-levels of reconstruction at the behest of Duke Errion Irban, the governor of the planet and a high ranking member of the BLASTECH corporation - and also the man who was seeking to buy these artifacts.
With little to go on save for a few contact names, the group of mercenaries turned secret operatives must decide on how to track down the information needed to find Shroud, a dangerous former Jedi turned cyborg who is hunting these artifacts for his own purposes.

Kesvo: "I think we should hold on to that," Kesvo said, nodding to the artifact Rook and Ashley spoke of. "Keep it in our back pockets for when and if an opportunity presents itself to follow a lead on the smuggling thing. I think finding a job should be the first step. The rest of it we'll be able to delve into more once we get a feel for how things work here."
"While we're building rep, we can also work on training in downtime, and try to dig up whatever intel we can on our other objectives."

Venn: Venn's eyebrows rose slightly at this strange thing Rook brought out to show and tell. That girl was way peculiar...
"So you people with connects here or who have a grasp on how to connect with unscrupulous types needing merc services... want to take the lead on this?"

Kesvo: Kesvo looked at Drasek and waited.

Venn: "Otherwise, I can just go wander around the dangerous parts until something strikes my fancy. Which is not something most people like me doing."

Rook: Rook nodded, patting the odd find on the head. "Sure thing. Clan Awaud has worked here, off and on. It's possible that could open up some job leads." Her grin flared at Venn's suggestion. It sounded like fun, to her.

Kesvo: "Oh yeah?" she asked, shifting her attention to Rook.
"How would that work?"

Rook: "Best would be I could contact my father or Vera; but ..." She thought for a moment.

Drasek: "I'll dig around and get on comms when I gather enough info," he answered.

GM: Rook remembers vague information about Clan Awaud being hired by the Separatists as protection during the Clone Wars.

Kesvo: "Oh, that reminds me," she said, reaching into her pack. She pulled out a comm piece that was comparable to the ones the Hellions used. "Your own would work, but this one's encrypted like ours," she said, offering the device to Drasek.
"That said, I still think it's a good idea for you to keep a very low profile for the time being. Your friend's reaction to seeing you doesn't bode well for you making friends here if you're recognized."

Rook: "We were hired by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Protection, like the three who died against the Jedi. I don't recall any names, but if we look for people who were in business back then, it might help. especially given how history-focused these folks are. I could cruise some bars or shops and see what I can find."

Tal: Tal agreed with that sentiment.
"Welcome to the team." he said to Drasek.

Drasek: Drasek took the device and nodded to Tal."Thanks."

Rook: "Do you want someone to travel with you?" she asked, looking at Drasek. She didn't use his number because it seemed odd. it made her NOT at all want to ask who had had Four before she did.

Drasek: "Sure, I think an extra set of eyes would be appreciated."

Ashley: "... honestly, I'd like to look into Weswin's time here a bit more," said Ashley after a moment. It was risky to do so, he thought, but still ... The information would be useful. He wasn't thinking that a piece of the holocron could be here, no. Obsession wasn't a fault of his, promise.

Kesvo: "That sounds like a powderkeg to me," Kesvo said.

Tal: "Yeah, even a minor slip on that front would put us in a bad way." Tal said.

Venn: Tapping her navy blue tipped finger against her chin, the pale Umbaran says towards Ashley. "That holocron may be the prize for this collector. Some ability to detect probabilities or read intentions would be a game changer."

Ashley: "... that's honestly part of what I'm thinking," he admitted.

Rook: "Hmm. I can see why you'd want to know. I'd recommend starting with mass media. Given what we've been told, there should be hate-web pages and shrines to those lost. Check old news feeds and things that you can access from a computer. given your skills, that ought to be safe enough?" well, safer than wandering around asking after the (locally) despised Jedi.

Ashley: "Studying it, learning and understanding Weswin's foresight? That could provide us with an advantage we don't currently have." He looked from Venn to the others. "At this point, I don't exactly think its wise to go asking around about him point-blank. That'd blow-up fast." A nod went to Rook. "Checking local data banks would be more beneficial, though it could also trigger the wrong attention."

Rook: Rook turned her attention to repacking her bags, and decided again that she really, really needed one of those nifty FTL holo-transmitters in order to keep in touch with her Clan while off gallivanting around. She stood, and settled her helmet in her hands.

Kesvo: "If that thing's as valuable as you say it is, then I'd rather not give off the impression that we have it. Maybe once we have a better feel for this place, it might be an option to lure out the heavy bidders, but for now it's a liability."
"I feel like focusing on getting a job that's gonna earn us some cred would be a better use of our time up front."

Rook: She sent a reassuring grin towards Ashley, and then nodded at Kesvo. "Yeah, I owe Ashley, and I'd love to pick up some schematics while we are here." which likely didn't require saying ... she was always looking to pick up Schematics.

Venn: "Right, I say we don't put it into play unless we have to, and even then, be extra careful."

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded Rook, then at Venn. "Agreed."
"That said, let's go in teams? Five, wanna tag along with Rook and Drasek in case he runs into any more 'friends' from the old days?"

Venn: "If you need to access, best to do it in the ship... though a constant back and forth could draw attention. Check with the Skipper..." she tells the Pantoran before moving to her pack to handle some thnigs.

Tal: "Sounds good." Tal said, looking to Seven and Four.

Kesvo: "Dunno if it's worth going into the undercity, but we could go one team top and one team bottom."

Ashley: "That's my plan," says Ashley to Venn.
"As that's why I left it there."
"... since I'm fairly certain that if anyone here sees it or figures out I'm a Jedi then I'm probably not going to be welcomed too much."

Kesvo: "Understatement, from the sounds."

Ashley: Which was so very, very ... strange.

Rook: "Groups? Pairs? Singly? the whole team? how did you want to parcel us out?" She asked Kesvo. it would help her know some job parameters going in. it was hard to stop grinning, only because both her father and her sister would likely be amused at Rook going along on the fact-finding mission to dig up jobs. Her grin widened to include Tal. His inclusion left Kesvo and Venn together. AShley and the Captain with the Aeon Mallard. She nodded again, more seriously, and fastened her helmet in place.
*kes already answered the first part

Kesvo: "I'll stick with One and Two," she clarified for Rook. "Keep comms on, be smart, be discrete. First one to get a bite on a decent gig or make contact with this Whiteclaw outfit, let the rest know. Questions? Concerns?" She looked around from face to face, pausing for a moment to allow a chance for anyone to speak.

Drasek: "I'm good," Drasek said.

Tal: "Good to go." Tal said.

Rook: Rook gave a thumbs up. But secretly, she wished Tal had his armor already.

Venn: Off to the side, Venn finishes kitting up and draws up her hood; faceplate not on for now.

Ashley: Ashley nodded, fingers flicking in an affirmative. No questions or concerns from him.

Kesvo: Kesvo nodded and stood to her feet. "Let's move out, then."

GM: The Hellions split up from their temporary housing. The day is pleasant, heading toward late afternoon. Where does each squad head?

Rook: "Be safe," Rook offered in farewell to the rest of her team. In basic, even. though it didn't have the same impact. She headed to doorway, eager to see where Drasek would want to go. Eager for action! (If Drasek has no other ideas, Rook would head towards hangouts that would draw the mercenary/Mandalorian/Bounty Hunter type)

Kesvo: If neither Ashley nor Venn has alternative suggestions, Kesvo will suggest they head back towards the market to try and spot booths and shops with the whiteclaw's protection logo displayed somewhere.

GM: The dropship cantina is the perfect spot by most mercenaries to hang out, from what you can tell.

Venn: "Bloody hell, I didn't send us off with a pre-mission pun." she laments, as if its a terribly serious mistake.

GM: Kesvo make an Underworld Check against Average difficulty

Ashley: "Woe is us," said Ashley. As long as they eventually would head towards the Mallard, the Pantoran had no qualms.

GM: Kes is able to locate a shop that is friendly enough to outsiders; a tea shop that is serving mostly Neimoidians but has a symbol of a white dash on the door.

Venn: "These are the results one gets when I get smacked around by the walking dead."

Tal: Tal checks his weapons and will head out with Drasek and Rook to get started on their mission.

Venn: Venn has no contrary opinion to the course of action being taken.

GM: Drasek, though he doesn't remember much, still feels an intuition about where to go for information. Tal, Drasek, and Rook spend Two Hours going through the seedier parts of the Upper City to gather information. During this time they see that though at first glance Jorra is prospering through a large amount of reconstruction there's poverty and suffering hidden in the shadows of the towering skyscrapers.
Drasek learns that the Duke rarely interacts with the citizenry of Jorra and acts mostly through other officers. Atop that, he is a collector of rare artifacts from a number of different cultures that have had their histories suppressed by the Empire.

Kesvo: Kesvo indicates the tea shop to the other two while eyeing it from across the street.
"Go in and sit a while to watch?" she asked, eyeing the people going in and out of the place, trying to gauge where they ranked on the scale of normal-weekday-business. "Or ask for the owner and ask some frank questions?" She looked to the other two for their opinions.

GM: He learns one more interesting fact: Duke Irban once served as a liaison of the former Imperial Moff that ruled Cato Neimoidia. The local Neimoidians believe political corruption and the influence of BLASTECH's interests allowed for the Duke to not only remain after the war, but gain power.

Venn: "Frank questions usually get you answers, even if they aren't verbal ones."

GM: While Kesvo, Ashley, and Venn enter the shop they notice that there's a few rugged looking men in the corner sipping tea. They don't pay the trio any mind, muttering about a recent job gone awry because of the Veiled Sorority.

Venn: The hooded Umbaran approaches the toughs muttering amongst themselves to listen in.

GM: "They just seemed to come outta nowhere." One thug mutters to the other between sips of tea. "Pirate Queen, from what I hear. Mask and all. Blew a hole through the Hutt's people, grabbed the goods, then took off."
Kes, Venn, and Ashley can hear easy enough.

Kesvo: Kesvo goes through the motions of ordering a tea, then, listening as she does so.

Ashley: Ashley is doing the same (because caffeine yes please).

GM: "Yeah." One of them says with a shake of his head. "Blew open the ceiling and came in guns blazing. One of her people had a giant auto-cannon and just mowed down half of Kathlo's boys."

Tal: Two hours of traversing through the seedy parts of Jorra is an eye-opener for Tal.
"Where should we go next?"

Kesvo: Kesvo nearly facepalms.

GM: "I tell you." The third says with a growl. "Whitescar owns Jorra, but Hasar trying to expand into things more in the Rim is a shark getting into a bigger pond."

Kesvo: "Sorry to butt in, fellas," she says, as she's passing by the table. She gives her best charming smile to hopefully cover the offense. "But I couldn't help but overhear. Did you just say there's a pirate queen of some sort working here?"

GM: The trio look up at Kesvo and growl at her interruption, all three Neimoidians of middle-age, more brawny than thin, and looking unwelcoming toward her.
"Not here." The first one says. "Friend of ours ran into her."
"The only - heh - legitimate businesspeople who work in Jorra is us." The second one says and taps his jacket which shows a ragged white line, same as what was on the door.

Venn: Venn muses and half covers her mouth so that only Ashley, next to her, can see her mouthing 'Kathlo' in a mute expression.

Kesvo: She holds her hands up at the icy reaction, and adds a little Falleen magic to try and ease the tension. "Sorry," she said, still smiling warmly. "Just curious." The guy revealed his marking, and Kesvo's brows lifted as though it'd impressed her. "Well good to meet you, then. I'm Kes. My friends and I are lookin' for some work. We'd heard that you folks were the ones running things here."

Rook: "I would love to go through his collection." Rook murmurs of the Duke. She leans closer to Tal, and adds in a not quite whisper, "Do we want to sell to him at all, though?" She shook her head. "Everything except how he is trying to preserve histories the Empire banned fits into him being a real villain. but that fact ... it feels out of place. I have a feeling the real situation is more complex." but at least they knew that he was interested in artifacts.

Ashley: Ashley raises an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth twitching upward. She's right though, the mention of Kathlo is interesting enough. He shakes his head, moving to actually order something to drink while Kes is doing her thing.

GM: The third one rubs his rubbery chin in thought. They seem to relax a little as Kes uses her pheromones. "What kinda work do you and your.." He looked to the other two then back to her. "friends do?"

Rook: Thinking about Tal's question, she'd indicate the poverty dwelling in the shade of opulence. "We might get someone to talk to us from the shadows. or we could go back to the cantina and speak with the barkeep again. he might know who is hiring."

Kesvo: "We solve problems," she said, smoothly enough to sound entirely confident. Her smile brightened. "We're a creative lot, see," she said, her smile brightening. "You know anybody that has problems that need solving?" She paused, then added a wink. "Someone with enough of a purse to afford the good stuff?"

GM: "Yeah? What problems have you solved?" The first one asks, the second one adding, cheekily, "Yeah, you got a resume on hand?"

Tal: "I'd rather not advertise that we have anything for sale. I don't see a path where advertising those things is a good one. I think we should be looking for Shroud and trying to put him out of commission." Tal said.
"For now, though, I think looking for work is our best option. Back to that cantina...or finding one around here and looking for a some leads." he said.

Rook: Rook shook her head at Tal in frustration. she said very slowly, "the carbonite critter. it's from one of those cultures the Empire doesn't ... didn't much like." Why did everyone and their brother go back to what they weren't doing, instead of what they were doing?
She then led the way back to the spaceport Cantina.

Kesvo: "That depends," she said, taking the snark in stride with a smile. "You doing the hiring, big guy?" She leaned on her hands on the edge of the table. "Cause if you were, then I'd tell you to ask the people of Foundry Four on Xorrn. My team just turned away a Star Destroyer intent on taking over."

GM: The three Neimoidians look toward each-other, then up to Kes, slowly. One of them, seeming to have some comprehension says softly. "You the Hellions, right?"

Kesvo: "Ahhh, so you guys are well informed," Kesvo affirmed with a sly smile. "A good sign."

Tal: "Carbonite's a rough way to go. Or exist." al said.

Rook: "These guys invented carbon freezing. it's possible the critter could be woken up, still. kind of amazing in an ecological disaster waiting to happen kind of way." Still, it would be amazing if it could be done.

GM: "Could take you to the boss." The third says slowly with a nod. "I'd have to check with her. She doesn't like surprises."

Drasek: "Wasn't Erick Oberos a famous hutt ball player?" he asked as they walked.

Kesvo: "Fair enough," she said. "How long do you need?"

GM: "Depends on her. She's the boss, not me. You got a place you're stayin'?"

Tal: "Uhhh...not that I ever heard." Tal said. Erick had the size for it, but why would a Huttball player give up that life to be a mercenary?

Rook: "I didn't know Eric very long. He was soothing in a powerful and friendly way, especially when I was dealing with some very difficult things."

Tal: "He was a good man."
"He is a good man." Tal corrected.

Drasek: He took his hat off to scratch his head for a moment.

Rook: "He is a good warrior," Rook added softly, affirming Tal's correction. "He's strong enough to fight back from this. He charged an AT-ST!"

Kesvo: "We're at the Dropview for the night," she told him.

GM: Number one nodded. "I'll tell her you're here looking for work." The second one lifted his cup toward the counter with a smile. "Try the tea. It's really good here."

Tal: "It didn't go quite like that, Four..."

Rook: Rook just glanced at Tal. she'd been there, but in front of that particular action. yet it sure had seemed like that, to her.

Kesvo: Kesvo lifted her own cup off of the table in mock-salute. "I intend to. You fellas take care, now," she said, nodding towards them before standing upright and giving them back their space.

Venn: "Good?" she says to Kesvo.

Kesvo: Kesvo sips the tea in question and nods for Venn and Ashley to follow her out.

Rook: Before quizzing Tal further as to how he recalled the events, Rook keyed Kesvo on the Comm.

Kesvo: She taps her comm once in the street and away from the door. "Contact made. Whiteclaw will reach out to us at Dropview if they have work."

Venn: She will leave once the business is completed.

Rook: COM to Kesvo: ⌁ "Hey, new-Seven seems to recall that old-Seven was a Hutt-ball player. He wasn't sure though; I am wondering if you know?" ⌁

Kesvo: Her broadcast to the team had no sooner completed than Rook pinged her directly

GM: Venn departs the scene.

Kesvo: She grit her teeth a little at the nomenclature, but simply replied, "He did mention he'd played," she said. "Drasek knows him?"

Ashley: Ashley headed out, following Kes and Venn. with some tea, thank you very much.

Rook: Rook sighed in frustration. she'd never get the hang of when to use names, and when not.

Venn: "I'm going to have a look around. Ping me if the job comes through." she says to Kesvo and Ashley.

Rook: COM to
Kesvo: ⌁ He seems to suddenly recall him. I think ... knowing what is trapped in his head could become important, here. ⌁

Venn: She takes a few steps back and fades into some people, assassin's creed style.

Rook: Rook looks at Drasek, "you remember Eric? Yeah, he was a ball player, uh.. Three said." number? name? argh!

Kesvo: "Two, take one with you," Kesvo said. "Pairs, remember?"

Venn: Venn's vanishing isn't stopped by Kesvo's warning. Kesvo is paired with Ashley!

Kesvo: "I'm gonna head back to the Mallard," she tells the others. "And get some research in."

Venn: Venn doesnt have a conversation. She just says something and leave.

Drasek: "Think I remember he played for Alderaan is all."

Kesvo: Kesvo heads for the Mallard.

Rook: Rook's pace slowed, as she thinks it through. "That would make sense."

Ashley: Ashley, not sure if he's actually equipped to track Venn (what with the disappearing into the crowd move she pulled), heads towards the Mallard with Kesvo.

Kesvo: It takes Kes a second to realize she's being tailed, but after a flash of frustration, she continues with Ashley towards the ship.

GM: As Kes and Ashley return to the spaceport they find that the security which had conveniently not been present before when they'd left has returned.

Drasek: "Dalan has some outer rim rep though as a bounty hunter. If you said Erick charged an AT-ST, I'd hate to see what his brother is capable of."

Kesvo: "Well. That's fantastic," Kesvo said, slowing her approach.

GM: They are checking those who come and go for weapons and contraband.

Kesvo: "Change of plans, then," she says, changing course.

Ashley: "Wonderful," says Ashley.

Tal: "Like I said, I heard that he's got some pretty high-class armor. If he's the Duke's personal security, then he's going to be top-shelf dangerous." Tal said.

Rook: "Why do I feel like he's someone I'd like? Where would he go to drink, do you think? the Cantina?"

GM: Venn shadows the Whitescar boys from the tea shop as they leave and finds that they go through shaking down people up and down the block for protection money.

Tal: "Well, we're supposed to be looking for more information. You two want to stop there and head back to the others?"

Ashley: "I don't think it's an issue for you to go through," said Ashley quietly as they changed course. "But it will be for me."

Rook: "We've got some information, but I don't want to go back until we get a lead on a job offer."

GM: Venn makes the trio feel bad about what they've done and they give back some of their ill-gotten gains, one even saying 'Ya know what, sorry. You're good this week'.

Kesvo: "Yeah. Need to wait until Drasek's friend can clear a path for us again," she agreed. "C'mon. Let's head back."

GM: Venn is able to tail the trio of Whitescar criminals to a large and expensive looking mansion behind a set of new office buildings. As she moves through the streets she sees several signs banning droids.

Rook: Rook has headed to the cantina to chat up the barkeep and see if he has a job for them.

GM: The bartender is just a bartender, and says he's not hiring for the kitchen at this time.

Kesvo: Assuming no resistance from Ashley, Kesvo will return with him to the Dropview.

GM: In the distance, remote from most of the rest of the city on the upper curve of the bridge Venn can see a gleaming near-golden palace that overlooks the city and the countryside beyond.
Everyone rejoins back at dropview besides Venn.

Kesvo: Her path to the room is interrupted when she spots Rook at the bar. She approaches.

Venn: After restoring a minute amount of balance to matters, she continues her surveillance. She cases that building from a hidden location, and makes note of if many Whitescar types enter or leave. She holds her recording remote to take some snapshots. Basically to confirm if its some kind of Headquarters.
After a satisfying while, she will leave as well unless something comes up to cause her to stay.

Rook: Rook is nursing an expensive and explosively flavorful drink, watching the patrons. She smiles at Kesvo, and gestures to a seat beside her.

Kesvo: "Back already?" she asks Rook

Tal: Tal orders a snack when he arrives back at the Cantina.

Rook: "Yeah. We have some general info, no job offers yet. but it seems to me this is the place they'd turn up. How about you?"

Kesvo: Kesvo reminded her of the info she relayed over the comms earlier.

GM: Venn finds that it is obviously the headquarters for the Whitescar. While there's criminal types that take a side entrance and exit, they don't make great efforts to hide themselves. Legitimate business people go to and fro from the office. Venn gets the sense this place is heavily guarded.
Morgan, a washed-up hired-gun and bounty hunter that is hanging out in the corner of the Dropview Cantina, is chatting up with Drasek who had settled down beside him while Rook was getting her drink on and Tal was getting snacks.

Kesvo: "So now it's just a waiting game, unless something walks through the door," she finished.

Drasek: "I mean have to seen this guy in action, what's he packing these days?" he asked Morgan.

Ashley: Ashley snags the seat on the other side of Rook, opposite of Kesvo. "... tried heading back to the Mallard," he said, "but it's a bit too busy there right now." Though the look on his face said that it was not a great idea. Like too much security.

Rook: Rook only nodded, her head angled to the side. She studied kesvo intently, but didn't voice any reservations she might have here in the bar. Rook nodded again. "You want me to wait here, or have everyone rendezvous for the info swap?" she nodded to Tal and Drasek, who knew everything she knew.

GM: After buying him a few rounds, Drasek finds out that Dalan Oberos, who used to work with Morgan, "back in the day" is now the Duke's personal bodyguard. Dalan was a notorious Jedi Hunter who worked with Darth Vader himself to hunt down the remaining Jedi "Terrorists" in the galaxy and was hired at great expense to protect the Duke.
Notably, Dalan is said to carry a cortosis slugthrower and have a sword made of pure cortosis.

Drasek: "Thanks pal, good catching up with you."

Venn: COM to Field Team: ⌁ This is Two. On my way back; I've got the location of the Whitescar Headquarters. Heavily guarded, but they look to be pretty brazen in their operation. ⌁ .

GM: "Thanks buddy." Morgan slurs and goes back to his drink.

Rook: She frowns just a bit at Ashley's news. it wasn't comforting to think of their line of retreat being blocked.

Rook: Rook will offer to buy Ashley, Tal and Kesvo drinks if they are staying.

Kesvo: "Good to know," she told Venn. "Nicely done."

GM: Venn sees on their way back one of the Whitescar guys heading toward Dropview as well.

Venn: The hooded adept navigates a return back towards the Dropview a short while later, appearing seemingly from nowhere. Then she sits down.

Ashley: Ashley will take a drink but, as usual, nothing alcoholic.

Kesvo: Kesvo accepts the drink with a thanks. She then asks the barkeep where the nearest gym or training yard is.

Rook: Rook will offer a drink to Venn, too.

GM: The Dropview Cantina has one on premises, the bartender says with cheer! It's around the back and is free with their purchase of the rooms for the next couple nights.
As the Hellions get settled and start getting their drinks on one of the men that Kes met earlier approaches her, easily spotting her in the crowd.

Venn: Venn takes the drink, though isn't particularly keen to get into it... so just kind of holds it for now.

GM: "Boss says she'll meet you tomorrow afternoon. Be here, we'll have some guys show you where to go."

Kesvo: Kesvo thanks the bartender, then turns in time to catch the Whitescar fellow's approach.
"Got it. Thanks.... uh... sorry, what's your name?"

GM: Notably, everyone in the bar who's a local seems to shut up and watch what's going on. It's clear some people here recognize the Neimoidian who's speaking to Kesvo.
"Len." The man says.

Kesvo: "Len. Thanks for the info. Got time for a drink?" she asks, lifting her glass.

GM: "Naw, thanks though. Gotta get back to work."

Kesvo: "I understand. Tomorrow, then," she says, sending him off with a smile.

GM: "See ya tomorrow." Len says warmly enough then turns and starts to head out. He shoots a look toward the bartender, who nods in familiarity with the man.

Rook: Rook watches the locals, curious what their response to the actual presence of a whitescar representative is. fear? approval? wary respect?

GM: Rook gets the sense that people here know Len and keep quiet - similar to when Vera entered a room and people would stop idle chatter in her presence.
Kesvo gets a bad feeling about the look between Len and the bartender. She can sense that they know each-other and familiar, but instinctively she thinks 'danger'.

Drasek: Drasek sits down with the group. "Looks like Dalan worked personally for Vader and packs cortosis everything."

Kesvo: Kesvo leaves the bar and joins the others at a table

Rook: Rook's attention swings around to focus upon Drasek. Cortosis, again? worked for Darth Vader, personally? She glanced between Drasek and Venn.

Tal: Tal looks to Drasek. "That's definitely expensive."

Venn: After the interaction with the White Scar representative, tense as it kind of was, Venn finally sips her drink.

Kesvo: She lowers her voice to speak discretely to the group. "Something tells me this Whitescar thing is coming with some surprises."

Venn: Her brows knit together at the strange factoiods Drasek brings to the table, seemingly out of nowhere.

Ashley: Settled with the others, the mention of cortosis and Vader certainly made Ashley raise his eyebrows a bit.

Kesvo: She paused to take in the details about Dalan, eyes narrowing skeptically. Not what she'd expect if this guy was a brother of Erick or something. But then again, she knew as well as anyone that one can't choose one's family.

Rook: "I'm not sure we should use the practice yard here. I would expect they vid record everything that happens in there." and given that two of their team were Jedi .... well. that would be bad.
She nodded to Drasek, and would fill the others in on what they'd learned of the duke himself.

Kesvo: "It wouldn't hurt anything for them to see us fight," she said. "We'd have to save the fancy stuff for something more private, but mundane drills would be harmless enough and still useful for us."

Venn: "...Fancy bodyguard matter aside.... from what I saw...this is all their territory. Operating basically out in the open." she says quietly.

Kesvo: "Yeah, seems pretty ubiquitous," she said, eyes sweeping the room briefly.

Tal: "Yeah.And there's still a lot not getting done...for all they're doing." Tal said murmured, loud enough for the group to hear.

Kesvo: "Whatever we wind up doing, I think we should take shifts sleeping. I have a bad feeling about this place, suddenly."

Venn: "Makes sense. We have no reliable place to go to ground if needed."

Kesvo: "Yeah, we tried to go back to the ship, but getting back there with security back in place is going to be an issue for a couple of us," she said, naturally meaning Venn and Ashley, who she was assuming still had their lightsabers on them.
"We could probably force through to take off hot, but I'd rather avoid that."

Venn: "So we play it cool until the meeting then." she offered during the silence.

Rook: Rook, still nursing her drink, "We need more information. it seems like the only way to get that, is to wait."

Kesvo: "Yeah. Guard stays up, though. Since we've got time, we could spread out. Try to chat up the locals some more, see if there's any competition for the Whitescar at all. Would need to be careful, though, and probably not here."

Ashley: "Could go hunt down a proper terminal to connect and do some information gathering," says Ashley. Doing his best here to not feel aggravated about the entire Jedi not welcome thing going on here. What had happened to cause that?

Rook: "I'd like to talk to some of the truly desperate." she suggested to kesvo. "we might get a ... less biased view.

Kesvo: "Yeah I've kinda been curious about the undercity, myself," she said, nodding to Rook.
"We can head down there and look around if you want."

Rook: Rook grinned. "That would be great."

GM: While the Hellions speak among themselves, the locals murmur as well.

GM: Ashley hears the locals mention something about spice problems in the city and the growing issues of crime becoming more widespread and the Whitescar keeping the people down.
One man in particular complains softly. "My son, he's a good kid, but he's mixed in with those Kreehawks and now he's selling spice and collecting protection rackets."
"This city's just gone to hell since Weswin and the Empire." The older man complains to his companion, an elder Neimoidian woman.

Tal: "Yeah, definitely a good idea to keep an eye out around here, now." Tal said.

Ashley: While the rest of the team continues to talk, Ashley finds his focus on the murmurs of the crowd. The mention of Weswin had him focused, more than anything else, but the Kreehawks and spice ... "Hey," says Ashley quietly to the team, turning his attention back towards the table, "Did anyone hear about the Kreehawks? There's talk about them."

Venn: "The... bird things?"

Rook: Rook shakes her head, no, in response to Ashley's question.

Drasek: The Kreehawks are a gang that work with the Whitescar.

Ashley: "Yeah, that's what I think?" About it being a gang. "They take protection money too."

Tal: Tal shakes his head no.

Venn: "I saw some of that first hand." she offers once the protection racket comes up.

Ashley: Not being obvious about it, he glances briefly towards the older man talking to an older woman. "He was talking about it." He scratches an ear. "... about how it's gone to hell since Weswin and the Empire."

Venn: "He didn't work with the Empire. These people are so..." she starts and then just shakes her head.
"Stuck in the past." she finally says.

Rook: Rook glances at Venn. "I hate protection rackets. i feel like they are anti-mercenaries." She sighs and gestures around her. "Some scars last longer than others."

Ashley: "I know," replies Ashley. Clearly, he actually wanted to get up and go talk to the old man about it. Find out more. The way he fidgets with his glass was telling. "They don't have anything to change that opinion either."

Venn: "This 'job' better not be one that puts these misguided folks through more garbage."

Ashley: "... agreed. They're still recovering here."

Kesvo: "There's no saying there's any one way we need to earn a name," Kesvo points out, quietly.
"If these guys are such scumbags..." she shrugs gently.
"Maybe we go about this a different way."

Kesvo: "I still wanna go down below," she said. "There may be something worth learning from those who don't get the fancy reconstruction. Maybe there are already people here who are willing to shake things up," she said, speaking quietly.

Rook: "I agree. We can go now?"

GM: Through the window the sun begins setting, drawing toward evening.

Venn: "I am open to that."

Ashley: "No arguments here."

Kesvo: She glanced towards the window. "In the morning, maybe?" she said, looking back towards Rook, and then Venn for their input. "We don't know how tonight's gonna unfold, yet."
"And that seems a dark place already, even in daytime."

Rook: "I suspect we'd find more truth at night, but its your call."

Kesvo: "Then again, time of day may not matter much, if things down there are as bad as I'm imagining."

Venn: "Don't look at me. I was born in the dark."

Kesvo: Kesvo shook her head. "Alright,then. Fellas?" she prompted, looking to the others. "Staying or going?"

Ashley: "Going," says Ashley.

Tal: "Going." Tal said. He felt better being with the group in case anything happened.

Drasek: "Count me in," he added.

GM: The Hellions get up and head out, making their way toward the lifts that would take them toward the lower city. The signs directing toward them held several Closed signs that had been placed upon the originals, the signs worn and weathered, obviously aged for some time.

Kesvo: Kesvo will suggest moving towards the lifts anyway, to see what the situation was. Were they broken or just secured?

Rook: Rook eyes the closed signs, and automatically inventories her tools. "I might be able to rig something."

GM: They make their way toward the lifts, finding that a small crew of BLASTECH security officers stand guard, four in total, all with blaster pistols and stun batons.
As the afternoon begins to fade toward night and the bright lights of the upper city come alive, covering them in a glow that leaves the drop below seem a never-ending chasm.
End Session 47
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