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Roll20 Session Logs

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Roll20 Session Logs
« on: September 29, 2017, 10:10:55 AM »
--Session 1--

Levinath (GM): In the city of Neverwinter, five ADVENTURERS! approach the castle gates. The massive portcullis is raised half way, the thick iron is well worn, and oranged with age. Groups of Flaming Fist soldiers march in formation drilling while others fight in the courtyard. A Greycloak at the gate greets each of you and validates your identity before admitting you into the courtyard and directing you to a small commander's quarters across the yard. As everyone enters the room, you see a large table filling the majority of the room, there is a second door closed across the area. Eight chairs are set around the table, the wood is worn and chipped everywhere. Many battles and defenses planned and executed from here. A small plate of dried meats, cheeses, and some fruit (including apples) rests at the center along with a pitcher of both water and one of wine. You are free to act.

Hjalkohm: Munches meatCrumbs in beard

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arrives a few minutes earlier than summoned, and waits on her feet, near the middle of the room.
"Master Hjalkohm," she greets the dwarf. "Nice to see you again."

Hjalkohm: Aye and you Ms. Westra.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina skips into the room. "Hello fellow adventurers!" She exclaims as she grabs 4 apples and shoves them into her pack. She takes a bite out of a 5th and hands one to Rufus.

Wolfe: Wolfe had retrieved his gear by going home and also went about filling his flask at a bar before he continued in the most meandering way he could to reach Castle Never. While he'd been here before, it hadn't been during daylight and he lifts a thick, green hand to cover his eyes.
He arrives as late as he figures he could get away with. Walking into the room, he finds the closest chair to the door, loudly pulls it out by dragging the legs across the stone floor, sits down and starts digging into the food.

Rufus: "Ruff!" chomp

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe is used to the fuzz checking him for his papers, asking him if he's who he says he is. He waits for them to make themselves feel better with thoughts that they can actually contain him, then heads inside. He immediately helps himself to a bit of fruit and cheese, followed by some water.
He sees the Gnome once more. "Good evening, Miss Tealeaf."
"Or day. It's one of those, I suppose."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow at the very exuberantsmall person and her animal. "Greetings..." she said, uncertainly.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe finds a chair and sits down. No sense in being uncomfortable while eating.

Wolfe: Seeing that there's wine, Wolfe reaches over and grabs the whole bottle. He uncorks it with his pointed teeth, spitting the cork out towards the head of the table, and begins to drink from the bottle directly without looking at the others.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe is suddenly glad that he didn't want any wine.

Westra Goldbrook: As the others showed, Westra began to get the distinct impression that she was given the wrong meeting place.

Tealina Tealeaf: Grinning at Raithe, "See, who BUYS apples?" Tealina pulls up a chair next to the person closest to her size. "That's quite a beard you have there! I bet you keep all kinds of things in it!"

Hjalkohm: Approaches Rufus, "What a creature this is! I bet you can keep lots of this in his fur as well"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Most people buy apples, Lady Tealeaf. You, on the other hand, seem inordinately lucky." Raithe teased.
He saw the paladin and wondered if she was here to arrest someone.
Because paladins arrest people and preach to them while doing it.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra was, in fact, considering arresting someone. Just on principle.

Rufus: "Grrrrr..." He sniffs the strange fat gnome, deciding he is ok. "Ruff!"

Wolfe: Wolfe continues to wolf (haha) down a bunch of food, and has soon finished half the bottle of wine. Setting it down, he places one palm over his mouth and stifles a burb.
Taking a deep breath he exhales, nods to himself, and goes back to the wine. He figures, hey... free food and free booze until someone comes and ruins the party.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh," Westra sighs, and goes back to the door. She steps outside for a moment, looking about for Commander Rutherford. Surely this was all just a misunderstanding..

Tealina Tealeaf: Clapping her hands together "Oh boy can I! He's great for holding sticks, bugs, rocks, other small animals. All really useful things really." Tealina is tickled the Dwarf noticed how wondrous Rufus is.

Captain Rutherford: The door at the far end of the room opens and two Greycloaks enter, hands on the hilt of their longswords, stoic in their stature. Each turns and flanks the door, back to the wall. Captain Cullen Rutherford follows them, donned in a simple suit of chain mail, a thick grey cloak trailing behind him. A face, softer than the two guards that entered before him, forms into a smile as he sees the group beset about the room. He offers a soft bow and then takes a seat at the end of the table. "Ahh welcome, I am glad you were all able to come.

Wolfe: Wolfe just nods slightly toward Rutherford. "Mornin." He says as he lifts the bottle of wine in salute. "Good wine and good breakfast."

Captain Rutherford: "Lady Goldbrook……Wolfe." He paused, arching a brow at the half-orc drinking directly from a bottle, though he had a slight smirk on his face.

Westra Goldbrook: Hearing the entrance of the Grey Cloaks, Westra steps back inside. But much is said by the way Rutherford looked around the room and seemed pleased with those present.

Hjalkohm: Mouth full, and spitting crumbs, "Glad to be here!

Westra Goldbrook: "Commander," Westra said, returning his greeting and a nod of respect.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Good day, Cap'n." Raithe said, eating his cheese and fruit slowly. He watches the somewhat annoyed Paladin for a moment, then returns his attention to Rutherford.

Westra Goldbrook: The Paladin looked faintly pained at the reality setting in around her, that she was going to be traveling with this particular group.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina feels a bit out of place again. She starts cramming bread and cheese into her pack just in case there was a mistake and she was asked to leave. She slides over next to Raithe, at least he could vouch for her.

Hjalkohm: "Care for an apple captain?" Picks up an apple and shines it on his robe before holding it out for the captain to take

Captain Rutherford: "I don't believe I have had the pleasure of meeting the other three of you, though you all come with a very high recommendation." There was an inordinate amount of people speak with their mouth full. He coughed and tried to wait a moment for them to finish eating before charging ahead. "No thank you Sir Hjalkom, I presume? I had breakfast several hours ago"

Wolfe: Wolfe would have said something unpleasant, but he drank wine instead.

Hjalkohm: "Its just past second breakfast though...." Looks disheartened, shrugs his shoulders and bites into the apple.

Raithe Moonstrike: "That's really a thing? Second breakfast?" Raithe asked. He thought it was a myth.

Tealina Tealeaf: "I'll take the apple!" Tealina says grabbing it from Hjalkhom. "I'm Tealina Tealeaf! Nice to meet you Cap!" She says trying to fit in.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe chuckles at the Gnome and her collection of apples. At least she wouldn't go hungry.

Hjalkohm: "Wells theres breakfast, 2nd breakfast, elvensies, bruncg, lunch, linner, supper, dinner, then pre-bed snack...."

Tealina Tealeaf: With big eyes Tealina looks at the dwarf "Golly you eat more than Rufus."

Wolfe: "Hope there's a cook coming with us." Wolfe said with a grunt as he set the wine bottle down and exhaled. Leaning back in his seat, he brought the bottle into his lap and held it with both hands.

Hjalkohm: "How do you think I keep my figure?" Slaps his round rumbling belly. I ripples slightly.

Captain Rutherford: "A pleasure Ms. Tealeaf, I know your father well. Your family's trade is a great asset to many merchants within Neverwinter. Lord Neverember and Lady Tylmandra would like me to thank you all personally for your attendance."

Wolfe: Wolfe very visibly rolls his eyes at Rutherford passing on the 'thanks' of Neverember and Tylmandra.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sulks back into her chair at the mention of her family.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the Dwarf. "That much food sounds unhealthy, Master Dwarf."

Wolfe: "Can we get on with why we're here -- and how much we're going to get paid for doing your job?"

Hjalkohm: "Not to worry sir, it helps keep insulated in case of a long winter"

Captain Rutherford: "Never one for small talk are you, my friend." He sat up, pulling his chair close to the table and reach back to one of the guards, who handed him a map of the sword cost. He unrolled it.

Tealina Tealeaf: Reaching into her pack Tealina crams a handful of nuts into her mouth as she watches in awe at the way Wolfe speaks to the Captain. Chewing loudly with her mouth opened a piece of nut falls onto Raithe's cloak. "Sorry" She whispers up to him.

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't audibly reply to Rutherford's rhetorical question, but he does lean forward to look at the map, taking a drink of the bottle as he does.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra could not believe this shit. The orc thug spoke to Captain Rutherford with unmitigated disrespect, and Rutherford responded by calling him friend? And what was with the food-obsessed small people? At this point a gods-be-damned thief was looking like the most promising member of this little party,and that was a sad thing indeed in Westra's mind.

Captain Rutherford: "Four days past, a shipment of weapons departed to an outpost on the High Road to the south. One of my Sergeants, Sildar Haliwinter, was accompanied by three men and friend of mine, a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. The shipment was to be delivered here." He pointed to the map about 75 miles south on the High Road.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe tenses at the messy Gnome. He resists the urge to sigh, then looks over the map of the Sword Coast, trying to determine if they're going in the direction that Eston was hoping for.

Captain Rutherford: "We received word the shipment never reached its destination. More troubling, one man of the caravan was found dead on the High Road half a day's ride from Neverwinter, two arrows in his back. The arrows looked to be goblin made."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stands on her chair to try to get a better view.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Goblins, eh? Well, that sounds about right. What was in this shipment, if I may ask?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Just the caravan man? No sign of the carts or goods at all?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "What kind of weapons, more importantly."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Goblins?! Rufus hates goblins!" Tealina added to try and add something in.

Captain Rutherford: "It was a weapon shipment for our southern outposts, swords, pikes, shields. We have not sent men to locate the caravan as of yet, that is why I have asked for your aid."
"Westra, as I am sure you can attest, we are still dealing with pockets of spell plagued and rebuilding the scar. We could not afford the four men that we have already lost."

Wolfe: "And we're expendable."

Captain Rutherford: "You are capable." He looked pointedly at Wolfe. "And as I understand it, some of you have some experience dealing with this sort of crime."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc sighs slowly, it's a labored, annoyed sigh. He returns to his bottle and shakes his head.

Captain Rutherford: "You, of course, will be compensated well. Lord Neverember does have gold at his disposal."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, I bet he does. I hope he's prepared to part with a lot of it, too." Raithe said.

Wolfe: "Well that makes it all worthwhile."
"I get richer and Neverember loses money. Win win."

Captain Rutherford: He ignored Wolfe. "Now as I was saying...Nearly 50 miles south of Neverwinter, a trail breaks to the east. The Triboar Trail leads to a small village called Phandalin, among other settlements, such as the ruins of Conyberry." He pointed to a small thread of a line on the map. "That trail is known to have goblins in its woods, among other threats. Even so, goblins alone should not have been able to take down five trained men. Something else is going on."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looked about to speak to Wolfe's comments about Neverember, but Rutherford continued and she held her tongue. There was some mean-mugging, though, before she turned her attention back to the Captain.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe pondered that for a moment. Goblins were the trash kobolds of the world. It was harder to say which was worse, truthfully. A lot of goblins could have done the job, but was a bunch of career soldiers. One of them probably took an arrow to the knee and called the fight quits.

Westra Goldbrook: "The Bishou mentioned a wizard in the area using the undead for nefarious purposes. He may be uninvolved in this matter, but if he has found succor in that area, there's no telling what other foul creatures are lurking there."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc has continued to not look at anyone else in the group, just his bottle and Rutherford. The bottle's about done though. He looks into it and shakes it a bit and sighs as he finishes it off. Setting the empty bottle on the table, he looks to one of the guards behind Rutherford, points to the bottle and mouths 'More?' with an inquisitive look.

Captain Rutherford: Rutherford thought for a moment. "I had not heard of a wizard using black magic, though Phandalin does have some issues with a band of vagrants within the city."

Wolfe: "Evil Wizard means that we're worth more money if we take care of 'im."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I've heard that there are criminals in the area calling themselves the 'Redbrand Ruffians'. They could be after the weapons as well." Raithe said.

Captain Rutherford: The guard shot a quick look to Rutherford, who without even looking over his shoulder, shook his head in the negatory.

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, the Redbrands," she confirmed. "The Bishou believes this wizard is leading them."

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs as he is denied some of life's essentials and he pulls out his flask, uncorking it.
(Opening it, rather)

Captain Rutherford: "I hadn't considered they might be working with Goblins, though why bother with that insanity" He scratched his chin. "See! This investigation is well within your merits!"

Wolfe: Wolfe makes a muffled, unenthused 'Yay' and takes to his flask.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks over at Hjalkohm and hands him some cheese from her pack. "Sounds like an adventure to me!"

Wolfe: Wolfe scans around the room and for the first time seems to look over everyone.

Captain Rutherford: "So your task is to investigate what happened, and capture the guilty man or men, and bring them to face the Lord's justice." Almost as an afterthought, "Oh....and recover the weapons shipment of course, bring it to Phandalin. We have a merchant there, Elmar Barthen that will make sure they make it the rest of the way."

Hjalkohm: Takes Tealina's offering f cheese. "Well if innocents have been injured we must see the vagrants brought to justice before more harm can be done."

Wolfe: While he's not overly impressed or bothered by first impressions of the others, he does look to Rufus and allows a slow grin. He finds a piece of sausage and offers it toward the dog under the table, whispering quietly 'Come here'

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe raises his hand.
"Let's say, hypothetically, that they don't come along quietly. Would we still be rewarded if they aren't breathing? Asking for Lady Tealeaf over here."
"She's dangerous."

Rufus: Sniffs and approaches cautiously before taking it with just the tips of his teeth, very slowly.

Wolfe: Wolfe patiently feeds Rufus the sausage, grinning down at the large animal. "Good dog."
"Good doggie." He whispers, and goes and grabs another piece of meat to feed the animal.

Captain Rutherford: "We would prefer to dispense justice to them, if possible. Capture if you can, kill if you must. Lord Neverember wants examples to be made of those that would steal from the crown."

Raithe Moonstrike: "That's fair." Raithe said.

Tealina Tealeaf: Glaring at Wolfe, Tealina calls Rufus back. "You're right Raithe I am dangerous...VERY dangerous." She says not breaking her line of site on Wolfe. She can smell something isn't right and that guy stinks of distrust!

Wolfe: Wolfe grins slowly and eats the sausage he had extended toward Rufus. He returns his gaze toward Rutherford while he's chewin.

Captain Rutherford: He looked back to the guard on his right, who left the room for a matter of seconds before returning with a small crate nailed shut. "I would also ask that you deliver this package to Elmar as payment for the shipment of the weapons." He reached to a pouch on his waist. "As for your payment." He tossed a heavy purse in the middle of the table. "50 gold to each of you now, with another 350 upon completion."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is suuuuper unhappy about this setup, but Rutherford's already explained that proper soldiers can't be spared right now. So, as unpleasant as the air will smell between here and Phandalin, she figures the sooner they leave the sooner they'll get back and be done.
"Will Lord Neverember supply us with horses or ought we procure our own?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at Tealina, then looks at her mad-dogging (hehe) the Half-Orc...and feels like this would be a poor way for a Gnome to die.
"It's not a good idea to pick a fight with a Half-Orc."

Captain Rutherford: "We can spare two Lady Goldbrook."

Hjalkohm: "Depends what the other half is"

Wolfe: "It's Ogre. But that part's waist down."

Hjalkohm: "HA! Like a tripod!"

Wolfe: Wolfe reaches out and grabs the bag of gold. Getting to his feet he caps the flask and slides it back under his belt. He winks to the Dwarf with a smirk. "Sounds good, Rutherford. We'll clean up your mess."
"When I get back you can buy the first beer."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina rubs Rufus' head "I have my own trusty stead."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's jaw tightens as she's obviously working very hard to ignore the banter in the rest of the room while she sorts business with Rutherford. "If it's a hardship, I can arrange for horses for the group, I'm certain."

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking at Hjalkohm "We just can't go too fast though. He catches the asthma."

Captain Rutherford: "You four may want to uhh...get your lot out of that bag before you leave this room." He smiles before turning to Westra. "If you would like Miss Goldbrook, the Fist would be grateful to not part with any."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe studies the box, wondering what could be inside of it. Was it more or less valuable than their payment?
He looks next to Wolfe, who grabs the money.

Westra Goldbrook: "As you say," she tells Rutherford with a nod. "We'll leave at once." She nods and turns to leave. She pauses, turns back halfway, as though about to say something, but stifles it and leaves after all.
"If you'll wait here," she tells the group from the head of the room, near the exterior door, "I'll return shortly with mounts for us."

Wolfe: "Thanks Goldbrook." He says toward the Paladin as she goes to leave. "That's nice of ya."
"I'm going to refill my flask and grab a couple things. I'll meet you all back here." He nods to the others and goes to shop, himself.

Captain Rutherford: "Safe Journey, please feel free pack the rest of the refreshments Miss Tealeaf, I see you have most of them already." He bows to them again and the three leave the room.

Tealina Tealeaf: Glancing at the tables, Tealina begins to cram all the food that was left into her pack. She looks back at the dwarf and realizes she has greatly underestimated the amount of food they will need.

Hjalkohm: "Welllllllllll if we are waiting for Ms. Westra to return.." Stretches...."I feel a nap comin on..." Flips the tail end of his robes over his eyes.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hold on a sec, man. Let's get our share of the money out of that bag before we move on."

Wolfe: 120

Raithe Moonstrike: (4d4)*10
rolling (4d4)*10
((2+2+3+4))*10= 110
He follows Wolfe out of the building to catch up with him.

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't really slow down but he's not walking super fast either. "What?" He says over his shoulder

Hjalkohm: rolling 4d4 *10
(2+1+4+3)*10= 100

Raithe Moonstrike: "Were you buying for all of us, or would you mind doling out my portion?" he asked.

Wolfe: "Oh, figured he did just the best of splitting up the money."
He digs into the bag, hands fifty gold to Raithe (counting it out slow for him, and maybe for Wolfe's own benefit)
"I'll give the rest to the others when I come back."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe makes sure the Half-Orc's math is good. After all...Half-Orc.
"Thank you." Raithe said.
Then he goes to buy a couple of healing potions because he might have to save one of these unfortunate souls during this trip. And there's nothing quite like having someone owe you a favor.

Captain Rutherford: The group departs Neverwinter.

Levinath (GM): You've spent the last six hours following the High Road south from Neverwinter. Large amounts of food (and liquor) are consumed, joking among some and conversation has taken place. Evening is approaching as you veer east along the Triboar Trail. Up to now the weather has been sunny and warm, but as you turn on the trail it begins to rain moderately. You've encountered no trouble so far, but this territory can be dangerous. Bandits and outlaws have been known to lurk along the trail. Thunder rumbles in the distance.

Wolfe: Water washes across Wolfe and he does not feel bothered by it. Not his first time in the rain. It doesn't stop his drinking, though.
Only through some years of practice has Wolfe expertly assured a deep-level buzz without getting piss drunk over a long period of time. He is in a merry mood, but doesn't talk much.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra has resigned herself to trying to make the best of a bad situation. She rides in the front of the party, a vanguard leading the way while the others talk amongst themselves. She listens, but doesn't engage overmuch, choosing instead to focus on watching their surroundings.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina is pleased by the rain. She puts her hood up as she realizes that the rain might wash off some of that Orcs stank. She's been avoiding riding down wind the whole trip.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe is not a stranger to the rain, but he does keep an eye out for anyone trying to follow them, or any highwayman trying to rob them. Raithe knows that highwaymen tend to appear from nowhere and strike quickly. He will not say how he knows this.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm brings up the rear, struggling to remain seated, he has not been much exposed to rain, and would prefer to stay dry if possible.

Westra Goldbrook: "Looks to be a foul night," she observes, giving an eye to the horizon ."I think we should look for shelter for the night."

Wolfe: "S'a good idea." He assents from the back, taking up the rear so as not to bathe others in his wet stench.

Tealina Tealeaf: Pulling sticks from Rufus' fur, Tealina looks back at Hjalkohm, "I might have enough in here to build us a shelter!" She exclaims excitedly.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'll take first watch." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: "I propose pairing up for rounds of watch," she suggested.

Wolfe: "We gotta find someplace to bed down first. Also - I call last watch."

Westra Goldbrook: "But if someone else wants to watch with Master Raithe, I'll assist Lady Tealina with the shelter."


Hjalkohm: "I can take first watch also, can't much sleep in this racket anyway"

Wolfe: Wolfe kicks his horse away from the group, galloping away to scan through the forest as he stows away his flask. He does remember this place, doing some monster hunting in the area before. He returns after about ten minutes and thumbs back the way he came. "Found a spot. I remember it being comfy when I got drunk out here a few weeks back."
"Big cave, not much in it. I think last time I was here I killed the bear that lived in it -- but it's a bit hazy."
Leading the others toward it, Wolfe will dismount and lead his horse inside.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I like this guy. He's resourceful." Raithe said. He would turn his horse to head in the direction that Wolfe indicated. He'd never killed a bear, but it took a tough barve to do it.

Tealina Tealeaf: Wondering excitedly into the cave Tealina pulls out 3 sticks from Rufus' fur. She puts them together and wraps her cloak around them making a tee-pee just big enough for her and Rufus.While constructing her bed she turns to Westra and says, "I'll do watch with you. I can't do it with...that guy." Nodding over to Wolfe.

Wolfe: Wolfe will explore the rest of the cave to make sure it is, in fact, uninhabited. He may have mixed up his caves.

Levinath (GM): Wolf finds the cave unoccupied.

Wolfe: Once he returns to the group he starts unstrapping his armor and weapons. He settles into the back of the cave and unrolls his bedroll as well.

Westra Goldbrook: "As you wish," she obliges the halfing, assuming her aversion to wolfe has to do with his smell.
Or his drinking.
Or his belching.

Wolfe: While Wolfe himself is very disheveled as a general rule, he treats his equipment with the upmost care and respect -- especially the two curved blades he carries. Once done, he pulls out his flask and shakes it some to check its contents. He nods to himself and begins to try to kill the flask before bed.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe finds an area near the wall where he sit and lean his back against it. He couldn't imagine this whole "sleep" thing that the others were slaves to. It sounded dreadful.

Wolfe: In short order he's finished off the flask and falls asleep, and into a set of loud snoring.

Hjalkohm: Sits down next to Raithe, "Uhhh we cant see much from here friend"

Westra Goldbrook: "That leaves you assisting Master Raithe with first watch?" she asks Hjal, just to confirm before she goes to find a spot near the mouth of the cave to bunk down.

Hjalkohm: "Aye, I'll be taking first watch with Raithe. It's much too noisy to get any shut-eye"

Levinath (GM): The mouth of the cave, while provide little visibility to the outside, is also hidden fairly well from that perspective.

Wolfe: ZZzzZZzZZZZ grhurglrghurgl zzzzzZZzzZzzz

Levinath (GM): (*providing)

Tealina Tealeaf: Rufus walks into the tee-pee and curls up. Tealina takes her spot curled up next to him and using him as a pillow. Rufus begins to snore. Tealina just buries her face into the fur, pulling a stick out and placing it on the other side of him.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm just setting down my gear, friend. Come, let's head up to the mouth of the cave." Raithe said, sitting his things down, minus his rapier, his daggers, and his bow and quiver.
"I'll climb one of the trees and keep a lookout from there." he said.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra spends a few moments in silent prayer before spreading out her bedroll and attempting to rest.

Hjalkohm: Follows Raithe along, not leaving anything behind. " Well, my people prefer to keep both feet on the ground, well under it more like it, I'll stay here at the mouth and make sure nothing gets close."

Raithe Moonstrike: "That works. I can't imagine living underground. You'll have to tell me about it sometime. Seems...dreary."

Levinath (GM): (You two can make perception checks)

Raithe Moonstrike:


Levinath (GM): Looks like a rainy night to you both.

Hjalkohm: "Bah, rain...." Folds his arms.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe finds a nearby tree and climbs it, settling lightly on a branch and pulling up the hood of his cloak to watch out. It rains. Oh, does it rain.
"Like the tears of a goddess." he murmured.

Levinath (GM): The rain slows then ends sometime during the night and the party awakes undisturbed to a sunny morning. Birds chirp in the nearby trees, a light breeze blows in from the west.

Hjalkohm: Snoring at the mouth of the cave, seems the dwarf passed out and no one awoke him when his watch was over.

Wolfe: Wolfe is up only because someone woke him up to take the last watch. He has redonned his armor and weapons and is standing near the mouth of the cave, drinking his bourbon and letting the others wake up on their own, rather than being that asshole.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina wakes up and stretches. She does 42 jumping jacks, 13 push ups, and eats an apple. She passes an apple to Rufus and to the dwarf. "Anyone else?" She asks cheerfully.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is up with the dawn, and has her prayers done and her equipment in order before she begins packing up her bedroll and tending to the horses.

Hjalkohm: Crams the whole apple into his mouth, "I dffd get omm"

Westra Goldbrook: She won't wake everyone else quite at dawn, but if they sleep beyond her caring for the animals, they're liable to get roused.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe's trance was especially productive this night. He'd managed to finish an entire building in the city he was crafting inside his mind. His eyes went from half-lidded to fully open and he felt refreshed.
He stood and began to gather his things.

Rufus: Rufus seems disappointed by his breakfast, looking at the half-orc longingly for a moment before eating it.

Wolfe: Getting onto his horse, Wolfe lets out a loud yawn. "We ready to get this show on the road?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe heads to his horse once he's packed up and mounts it. "Ready when everyone else." he said, running a hand through his short hair.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina breaks down her tee-pee and places the sticks back into Rufus' fur. She puts her cloak back on mounts Rufus for the rest of the journey. She tosses Hjlkohm another apple.

Wolfe: "You know.." Wolfe says as he takes up the rear behind the party. "You shouldn't ride your dog."
"We could have got you a pony or something."

Hjalkohm: "I usually ride a burrow"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra mounts up and heads out with the others. She watches the conversation between Wolfe and Tealina, curious about how adamant the halfing had been about not needing a horse.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Rufus doesn't mind. We're best friends. He keeps me safe and looks after me. We are a bonded pair. He's my oldest and only friend." She pats Rufus. She is confused by the orcs interest in her friend.

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Levinath (GM): You easily finds your way back to the High Road and onto the Triboar Trail. It curves and meanders for about half an hour, then as you come around a bend, you spot one dead horse sprawled about fifty feet ahead of you. It has several black-feathered arrows sticking out of it. The broken wagon lays in the middle of the road, stripped of all its cargo, and many of its parts; little left other than the bed and driver's seat. The woods press close to the trail here, with a steep embankment and dense thickets on either side.

Wolfe: Wolfe frowns slowly at Tealina's words, but he doesn't press on the matter, he just lets out a grunt.

Raithe Moonstrike: As they come round the bend, Raithe sees the dead horse and the wagon and brings his horse to a stop.
"Well, this is bad." he said.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts as he sees the sight of the massacred horse and the destroyed wagon. Wordlessly he slides off of his horse and slowly draws the katana from his back. The soft sound of metal sliding free of its sheath is the only sound that accompanies the slow and smooth gesture.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe is quite happy to let Wolfe move forward. He doesn't move any closer just yet.

Westra Goldbrook: Westa moves cautiously towards the downed wagon, eyes alert for any traps or signs of trouble.



Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Levinath (GM): The majority of the party sees goblins waiting for an ambush. As they are discovered, they charge.

Westra Goldbrook: "Goblins!" she warns the others


Tealina Tealeaf:


Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:


Levinath (GM): One goblin cries out "Yeee Yee Yeeeeee!!" Their blades and bows drawn.

Westra Goldbrook: "Come forth, vermin, and feel the wrath of Helm!" Westra cries, as she swings her halberd free of her back.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh look. Trash orcs." Raithe said, pulling his bow free of his back.

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs and pulls out his flask, uncorking it to take a drink.

Levinath (GM):

Hjalkohm: Unsheathing his Warhammer and shield, Hjalkohm moves out in front of the group, ready to lead the assault

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Westra staggers back one step as a goblin arrow grazes her. She growls in response. "Fiends!"

Hjalkohm: "Your puny arrows cannot pierce the defender of the just! Come out and fight cowards!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees the Trash Orcs letting arrows fly and decides to join in. "Oh no. No, you don't."
Raithe nocks and fires with lightning precision and puts the arrow in the Goblin's throat.
"URK!" is his final words.

Raithe Moonstrike: Trashlation (from Trash Orc): "Damn!"

Levinath (GM): "YEEE YEE YEE YEEEE!!!" The goblin swings at the dwarf.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ah HA!" Westra shouts, as she no sooner turns her sights to the goblin who'd wounded her than she sees it expire in a strangled cry. "Excellent shot!"

Wolfe: Wolfe keeps drinking, seeming oblivious to the danger around them. Everyone seems to be fine.

Westra Goldbrook: One of the little vermin ventures too near, and Westra makes good use of the chance to cut it in bloody halves with a satisfied grunt.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stares at Wolfe slack jawed wondering how it's possible to consume that much alcohol.

Westra Goldbrook: Unfazed (for the moment) by the arrow sticking out of her shoulder, she swings again at the nearest goblin, shouting angrily as she does so.
It too, goes down in a spray of blood and gore. Westra turns, and races towards the remaining beast.

"Goblins and foul creatures do not prey on the innocent or this shall be the fate of you all, we are here to protect the fallen and you shall not survive to hide in the shadows!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the Dwarf. "What the actual...?"
Goblin: "Poodoo! Yaaaaaaaa!" The last goblin rushes off to the northwest as he sees his three friends fall so easily and an angry Dwarf is bellowing at him.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina shakes her head and emerges from the trance of confusion. "What the heck was that?!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Gaaahhh!" Westa yells, frustrated as the little beast scurries away at top speed.

Wolfe: Finishing his drink, Wolfe exhales and caps his flask, putting it away. Seeing the field clear, he sheaths his katana and loosens a hand-axe from his side. "Nothing worth worrying about, Tealina."
"Definitely wasn't these guys that killed Rutherford's boys; not unless they were greener than me."

Rufus: He looks to Wolfe. "Ruff!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches the Goblin run away and then heads for the body of the dead archer. He takes a single black arrow from the goblin's quiver and looks at it. He shrugs, mumbles something about "substandard equipment" and slides it into his quiver.

Wolfe: He pats Rufuf's head gently, scritching behind his ears and walks slowly toward the horse.

Rufus: Wags his tail happily, much to Tealina's dismay.

Tealina Tealeaf: Rufus helps Tealina reach some apples on a near by tree. She stuffs them in her pack before heading towards Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Too bad there's no bounty on goblin ears this year. Would have made a fortune." Raithe said, rejoining the group.

Wolfe: "You two alright?" He asks Hjalkohm and Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra winces shakes the blood off of her blade before turning to look back at the others, who seem altogether unbothered. She looks annoyed.

Wolfe: Wolfe will kneel down next to the horse and sniff at it, checking the corpse to see if part of its death was poison or simply wounds.

Levinath (GM): As you approach the wagon, you see the second horse pulled up on a hill to the northwest, it has been hastily butchered, parts are missing, such as the hind quarters, among other pieces. The saddlebags have been looted, and nearby lies an empty leather map case.

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes. Thanks to Master Raithe's keen aim," she says, wiping a smear of blood from her cheek with the back of her hand. Seeing as how there's an arrow sticking out of her shoulder, she leaves the inspection of the cart to the others, and retreats a few steps to work the foreign weapon out of her flesh.


Raithe Moonstrike:


Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Levinath (GM): The horses appear to have just been killed by messy, careless goblins. Most of the party is able to discern, even through the rain yesterday, the drag marks of two bodies headed off in the same direction the goblin ran.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks to the Paladin.
"I can help with that, Lady Paladin, if you want." he said, motioning to the arrow in her shoulder.

Wolfe: "Their camp's nearby by the looks of things." He begins using the handaxe to butcher the fallen horse before him.

Hjalkohm: "Just a flesh wound! Not to worry!" Hjalkohm pulls some strips of meat out of his healing potion and munches on them.

Wolfe: "They dragged a pair of bodies off." He says while paying attention primarily to the task of carving up some meat.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra shoots Hjalkohm a confused look. She then glanced to Wolfe, who was butchering a day-old dead horse. She shook her head slowly,and turned to reply to Raithe, frowning. "I would appreciate that, if you would be so kind,"she said, quiet and slow as though mystified over her situation.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe shoulders his bow and went to the Paladin to check her wound. He wanted to see if the arrow had at least gone through.

Wolfe: Taking some choice strips of meat, Wolfe awaits the others to take their breathers and ready up while he will focus on preparing the meat to eat later, rubbing some salt into the flesh and wrapping it up to stow it away into his pack.

Raithe Moonstrike: Or, the arrowhead, rather.

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking over at Westra, "Wow! What happened to you?" she inquires while taking a bite of apple and hoping into the caravan next to Hjalkohm.

Westra Goldbrook: She arches a brow at the Halfing, while holding still to let the elf inspect her shoulder. "Goblins."

Levinath (GM): The wagon is missing the two left wheels and leans at an odd angle.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Take a deep breath and count to three." Raithe said.
He waited counted to 1.5 and then helped Westra remove the arrow.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra grunted, but did not object otherwise.
"Thank you."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You're welcome, Lady Paladin. Looks like the goblins took prisoners. Or dead bodies, from what Mr. Wolfe said."

Wolfe: Standing up from his deed, he finds the closest goblin's corpse, using its clothes to wipe his hands free of horse blood. He then turns to the others and looks between the Paladin and the Dwarf. "We should get going. We'll have to approach quiet; that goblin's gone back and told his friends about us, I'm sure."

Hjalkohm: "I'm sure they are thinking better on their actions and will vacate the area shortly, we need not worry"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I don't think we're that lucky, Master Dwarf." he said.
Raithe hands Westra a healing potion. "Drink this."

Wolfe: Wolfe shrugged at Raithe's gesture.

Westra Goldbrook: "That's... very generous of you," she tells the elf, as though uncertain of his sincerity.
"I will see that you are reimbursed, of course."

Wolfe: While Westra and the Dwarf talk, he takes out a flask again.
Untapping it, he begins to drink again.

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 2d4+2
(2+2)+2= 6

Hjalkohm: rolling 2d4 +2
(4+3)+2= 9

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hey, we need you in fighting form. We shouldn't stay here." he said.

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed. The fellows have the right of it. Let's be off."

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm quaffs his potion spilling some down the front of his robes

Westra Goldbrook: Westra heads out at a determined pace, taking point

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will form up in the center of the group, behind the Paladin and the Dwarf, ahead Wolfe."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina and Rufus join Raithe.

Wolfe: Wolfe takes up the rear, drinking from his flask as he goes at the slowest pace he has to go to keep up.

Levinath (GM): Westra leads the group over the increasingly well worn goblin trail. After about 10 minutes, she comes up a crude snare set up along the path. Easily discernible with her slow pace.
The trail continues further into the woods, and while it is still easy to follow, the underbrush becomes increasingly thick.

Raithe Moonstrike: (Is there any way to hide and scout ahead?)

Wolfe: Wolfe will take out his hand axe and start cutting his way through behind them.

Raithe Moonstrike:
"Wait here. I'm going to scout ahead." Raithe said, sliding off his horse.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is visibly unhappy with the idea of waiting behind, but given that Raithe has already proven he's fairly capable, she does as he asks.
While waiting, she looks back to see how the others are faring in the brush.

Levinath (GM): 37

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will follow the trail for about half a mile, keeping an eye out for any hidden watchers.

Wolfe: Wolfe has hacked away some of the trail with an axe in one hand and a flask in the other.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM): As Raithe follows the trail, he seems more focused on the path forward than his current surroundings. He suddenly finds himself falling as a section of ground collapses below him, dealing 4 damage.
The walls of this pit are not steep and he can easily find his way back up to the trail.

Raithe Moonstrike: He curses at the rough landing, hitting the floor in an undignified heap. He rises, dusts himself off, and climbs out of the pit.
These goblins would pay for their insolence.

Levinath (GM): Though the crash of the trap was loud, there are seemingly no beings coming to investigate.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will hide again and head back to the group.
When he arrives back to the group, he looks to all of them.
"I went about a half-mile out. They had a trap up that way, but no one came to check it. We'd better tread carefully. Probably more traps up that way and they've got places to hide.

Wolfe: "No loud noises or oaths to gods for retribution, then."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Probably a good start, yes."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra started to speak, then seemed to realize something and shot Wolfe a displeased look.
"Forward, then," she grumbled, as she gestured forwards.

Levinath (GM): Following the goblins' trail, you finally come across a large cave in a hillside several miles from the scene of the ambush. A shallow stream flows out of the cave mouth, which is screened on the opposing side by dense briar thickets. A narrow dry path leads into the cave on the right-hand side of the stream.

--End Session 1--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 2--

Levinath (GM):
Our band of ADVENTURERS! followed the goblin's trail deep into the woods. You have come across a large cave in
a hillside five miles from the scene of the ambush. A shallow stream flows out of the cave mouth, which is screened by
dense brier thickets to the east. A narrow dry path leads into the cave on the right-hand side of the stream.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks down the narrow path. "Where is that scary drunk guy. He seems to have good luck with caves." She whispers to Hjalkohm.

Westra Goldbrook: Not seeing Wolf immediately behind them, Westra makes a displeased face. "Passed out behind a bush somewhere, like as not. We should press on, regardless."

Raithe Moonstrike: "We should be on guard. Those goblins are likely nearby." he said, still smarting from his fall into the hole.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra approaches the cave mouth, eyes open for traps and sentinels.
Feeling naught but a draft behind her, Westra looks back to the others. She gives them a look, as though asking if they're coming.

Wolfe: Wolfe slowly meanders after the others, readjusting his armor as he approaches. Drawing his daijo katana in one hand, he holds up his flask in salute to Westra from the rear.

Levinath (GM): As Westra approaches the mouth of the cave, she notices nothing out of the ordinary. It just appears to be a cave with a stream flowing out of it. The only indication of anything is the rutting in the mud and stone of a frequently used path.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will move forward to the mouth of the cave and take a look about to make sure that they aren't walking into a trap.

Tealina Tealeaf: Holding onto Rufus' fur Tealina follows Raithe to the mouth of the cave. "Looks kinda dark." she says cramming some nuts from her pack into her mouth.

Levinath (GM): Raithe too can find no signs of traps around the entrance.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Mr. Wolfe, have you been through here? Do you know if anything lived in this cave?" he asked.

Wolfe: Wolfe squints at the cave.

Levinath (GM): rolling 1d20
(13)= 13

Wolfe: "Meh. Don't remember it."
"That water looks fresh though."
He walks over to it, sets his katana down, kneels by the stream and starts cupping some water into his mouth.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm moves up next to Westra.

Goblin: "HEY DUMMY! FATHEADS ARE OUT HERE! GET THEM!" The voice comes from the east.

Wolfe: "...Hey I'm not fucking finished yet!"

Raithe Moonstrike:



Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf:



Hjalkohm: Seeing arrows flying from across the water Hjalkohm charges into battle.

Goblin: "Ahhh! THE FAT ONE IS HERE!"

Hjalkohm: "I'm HUSKY" Melee attack.

Goblin: Hjalkohm finds two goblins in a makeshift hideout with boards laying across the bramdles allowing them to remain hidden.


Goblin: "Ahhhh! YOU KILL Goulash! I STAB YOU!"

Hjalkohm: A sweeping blow from the war hammer mushes the goblins skull, splattering his compatriot.

Westra Goldbrook: A pair of arrows goes whizzing by, and Westra draws her halberd. "Enemies!" she calls out, and charges across the stream to engage them.

Goblin: "Ahhhh!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina eats another hand full of nuts watching the dwarf and Paladin fight. "This is great! What adventure!" She offers Wolfe some nuts.

Wolfe: While arrows fly and Goblins get murdered, Wolfe is noticeably calm -- almost lethargic and apathetic, and he goes back to cupping water into his mouth. He ignores Tealina's nut offer.

Goblin: "Ow! This Fathead girl is no fun!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra swings her halberd at the remaining goblin, slashing it soundly across the middle.

Wolfe: "Better hurry up kid, they ain't gonna leave anything for you."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe runs across the water and to the other side, drawing his bow as he does.
Raithe takes one of the black arrows from his quiver and fires it, deciding to use the substandard ammo now.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish."

Wolfe: Wolfe continues to drink water, then dunks his head into the stream.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra huffs and shakes the blood off of her weapon. "Well done, Master Fireforge, Master Moonstrike."
She glances to those still across the stream, but offers no comment at the moment.
"Onward to the cave, then," she suggests, turning back to Raithe and Hjalkohm.

Wolfe: Shaking his wet and taking a deep breath he sits up on his knees and takes out two flasks he's gone through, trying to lick whatever alcohol is still in it.
Once he's certain there isn't any, he fills them both with water from the stream.

Hjalkohm: "Aye, these creatures are cowardly villains, let us rout them."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina hops on Rufus and rides over to her fellow adventures, "Wow! That was TOTALLY WICKED!" She exclaims reaching out and furious shaking Hjalkohms hand with both of hers!

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh," Westra groans, and heads up towards the cave. She moves carefully, and tries to be aware of traps and ambushes.

Wolfe: "Best to let the Dwarf lead. Someone may want to hold Westra's hand so she doesn't trip."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: Once Wolfe's resupplied, he gets up to his feet slowly mosies over to the back of the line.

Goblin: Westra can not see very far into the cave, the light does not make it very far into the opening. Just inside the cave mouth, a few uneven stone steps lead up to a small, dank chamber on the east side of the passage.

Levinath (GM): The cave narrows to a steep fissure at the far end, and is filled with the stench of animals. Savage snarls and the sounds of rattling chains greet your ears where two wolves are chained up just inside the opening. Each wolf's chain leads to an iron rod driven into the base of a stalagmite.

Raithe Moonstrike: "That doesn't sound encouraging at all." Raithe said, noting the snarls.

Westra Goldbrook: "What manner of foul diversion is this?" Westra murmurs, as she investigates

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina gasps! "OHHHH! Hello friends! You guys look so handsome! Who's a good boy?!" She says tossing in some cheese.

Wolfe: "Eh?"
"What're you feeding up there?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Don't feed the wolves!" Raithe said to Tealina.

Levinath (GM): The wolf happily eats the cheese and snarls a bit less at the group.

Wolfe: "Oh. Hey."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina glares at Raithe, "They are hungry. Look at them." She says as she tosses in another bite of cheese.

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over and grabs a goblin's body.
He then hauls it back over to join the others with the wolves.

Raithe Moonstrike: "You realize that they would eat YOU if they could, do you not?" he asked Tealina.

Wolfe: "Pardon me your holyness."

Levinath (GM): 16

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's realization of what's happening is very obvious, as an utterly disgusted look takes over her expression

Wolfe: He looks over to the wolves. "Hey there boys. You hungry?" he wags around the dead goblin's body like a ragdoll.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Wolfe holds the goblin's body out for the wolves to eat.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Wait a minute. You don't mean to...:
But yes. Yes he does.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why are you feeding these beasts? They are obviously vicious and ill-tempered. We should do them a kindness and put them down."

Levinath (GM): Bacon sniffs at the body of the dead goblin and seems uninterested in such a foul meal, though he does seem pleased with Wolfe overall. Perhaps same names? Doug however is so excited at the sight of meat he breaks his chain and hungrily begins eating the goblin.

Wolfe: "Good boy." He nods to Doug.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina's eyes get huge as she looks at Wolfe with disgust, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! YOU'RE A SAVAGE! " Tealina steps back realizing she is about the same size as those goblins and moves back closer to Hjalkohm.

Wolfe: "Got the taste of goblin meat in ya now, don't ya boy?"
"You want some more?"

Levinath (GM): Doug continues to eat, his tail wagging. Bacon just rolls around happily.

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh, for the love of all that's holy..." she mutters, moving back out of the room.

Wolfe tugs on the goblin and points toward the darker cave.
"Go get yourself some food Doug."
"Go get yourself some food!"

Levinath (GM): Doug growls and barks into the darkness, then runs off at full speed.

Wolfe: "Alright then."
He looks over to Bacon and frowns.
Walking over slowly, he sheaths his sword and puts his hand out gently to stroke the top of its head, if it allows.
Kneeling down beside it, he looks into the creature's eyes and speaks in a low, soft voice. "I won't let them keep you any longer, boy."

Levinath (GM): His tail wags at the master animal handler.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra jerks out of the way as rabid wolf #1 speeds by and disappears into the darkness.She then watches carefully as Wolfe interacts with the other.

Wolfe: He will slowly unhook it from its chain leash, petting it's head and then nodding out of the cave. "Go on boy. Get out of here."


Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Wolfe: "You deserve better than to be some foul little midget's mount and kickdoll."

Goblin: "Hey, why Doug loose?"

Levinath (GM): Bacon runs off the freedom, much to Rufus's dismay.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, great. We have company."
Raithe attempts to find cover and hide.

Westra Goldbrook: Hearing Raithe's comment, Westra steps out of the room and looks for the source of his concern.

Wolfe: Wolfe slowly stands up and draws his katana from it's sheath. The sound of metal sliding from metal coincides with a deep breath. He closes his eyes and centers himself.

Westra Goldbrook: "Does anyone have a manner of making light? I can't see anything in this twice-damned cave."

Wolfe: Opening his eyes, he exhales, withdraws a flask, opens it with his thumb and takes a drink.

Raithe Moonstrike: "It came from inside the cave. They're aware that their dog has been let loose." Raithe said.


Wolfe: "It's a wolf. Not a dog." He corrects.

Hjalkohm: "You could use that flask as a lantern, im sure it would light... if not explode...."

Wolfe: "And right now it's getting some justice."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Apologies. Their wolf has been let loose."

Wolfe: "Alright. Let's not leave Doug by himself."
"If you can't see, just talk real loud Westra, I'm sure they'll come to you." He says as he stows his flask and moves to take point.

Levinath (GM): The main passage from the cave mouth climbs steeply upward, the stream plunging and splashing down its west side. In the shadows, a side passage leads west across the other side of the stream.

Westra Goldbrook: Just because Westra can't see Wolfe doesn't mean she can't glare at him.
She carefully feels her way along the stream.


Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stuffs some cheese in her mouth. Clearly eating her feelings as to what just passed. She hands some to the dwarf as she stays close by him. She can't see a thing!

Levinath (GM): In the shadows of the ceiling to the north, you can just make out the dim shape of a rickety bridge of wood and rope
crossing over the passage ahead of you. Another passage intersects this one, twenty feet above the floor.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will follow the others down the stream.

Hjalkohm: "Hang on to me cloak little one"

Raithe Moonstrike: He checks behind the group to make sure that they aren't being followed.

Wolfe: "Raithe keep a hand on Westra, make sure she doesn't fall into the water."

Goblin: "Shooot! SHOOOOT ITTTT IDIOT!!!" The voice is substantially louder.

Wolfe: "I'd let her hug me, but she smells." He smirks.
"We've got friends ahead."
"Get ready."

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh? Does proof of a little hard work offend your delicate sensibilities?"

Goblin: "What going on here?" A different voice calls. "WHAT?!"

Levinath (GM): The stream passage continues up beyond another set of I uneven steps ahead, bending eastward as it goes. A waterfall
sounds out from a larger cavern somewhere ahead of you. The walls appear wetter here, water seeps through the slate walls, making them very slick.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will help guide the Paladin so that she doesn't get separated from the group.

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't respond to Westra's comment, he notices the conditions of the passage and grunts. "Footing might be tricky here. Just watch your step."

Levinath (GM):


Wolfe: The arrow lands solidly in his chest, causing Wolfe to grunt in annoyance.
"Shouldn't have done that."
"Now I'm mad."

Goblin: This cavern is half filled with two large pools of water. A narrow waterfall high in the eastern wall feeds the pool, which
drains out the western end of the chamber to form the stream that flows out of the cave mouth below. Low fieldstone walls serve as dams holding the water in. A wide exit stands to the south, while two smaller passages lead west. The sound of the waterfall echoes through the cavern, making it difficult to hear.

Wolfe: Wolfe quickly moves into the room and with a swift slash of steel, he cuts one of the goblins in two.
"Better hope you have more friends, midget."

Goblin: "DUMMY! WHY YOU DIE?!"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina crams some more cheese into her mouth listening to the sounds of swords. "Wonder if he's winning!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Do you do anything besides eat?"


Westra Goldbrook: Westra growls. "Does no one have any means to make light?" she huffs, clearly frustrated at her inability to see the fight that she can clearly hear.


Wolfe: "Didn't come prepared, Princess!?" Wolfe calls out over his shoulder.

Goblin: "IDIOT! WHY YOU FALL IN THE WATER?!" The goblin from the stairway yells.

Wolfe: "Don't worry, we'll take care of this for ya."

Hjalkohm: "No more takin shots at me friends scum"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Just a moment, Lady Paladin." Raithe said, shouldering his bow.

Tealina Tealeaf: Whispering to Westra, "Guess that means he's still alive."

Westra Goldbrook: "For the moment," Westra responds, feeling her way further along the path.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will draw out a torch and light it so that Tealina and Westra can both see.
"Let's hope that they don't have any archers ready to take us out."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ahh! Much better! Much obliged, Master Moonstrike!"

Goblin: "Uggghhh..what happening?" The goblin laying next to Doug's corpse moans, looking around.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rushes the room and spares but a moment to take stock before bringing her weapon to bear on the first goblin she encounters.

Goblin: "GET UP! KILL FATHEA......." The goblin is struck down mid command.
The goblin in the water swims over to a makeshift dam and pushes it opened.

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes narow as Westra kills the goblin who shot him.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is happily ignorant of the vengeance she just stole, and looks for the next target without hesitation.

Levinath (GM): As the goblin pushed opened the dam, water rushes down the cave mouth nearly sweeping Tealina away with it. The goblin's batter body follows the water to the cave mouth.


Westra Goldbrook:
Westra feels a whiff of a passing blade, and turns to draw payment from its owner.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts as he reaches up and harshly rips out the arrow out of his chest.
He then drops it, stomps on it with a twist of his heel. Reaching down he cleans his blade off of Doug's fur, then kneels down and whispers a prayer over the dead wolfe.
He then sheaths his sword, pulls out his flask and after pouring some of the booze onto his wound with a hiss he takes a swig.
Wolfe will then inspect the bodies of the goblins for anything useful, as well as see what they were trying to mess with.

Goblin: 13

Hjalkohm: Hjalkkohm makes a complex series of hand signals while looking toward the group.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Which way do we want to go?" Raithe asked.

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's see what's down those steps," Westra suggests, nodding to the southern pass.

Wolfe: "Better stand behind Westra so she can see, Raithe."
He yells that plenty loud.

Hjalkohm: At least Westra speaks Dwarven Hand Signal.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra draws a deep breath and exhales slowly.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina grabs hold of her trusty pal Hjalkohms cape again following closely behind.

Westra Goldbrook: And then, when the light is near, she proceeds south.

Levinath (GM): Sacks and crates of looted provisions are piled up in the south end of this large cave_ To the west, the floor slopes
toward a narrow opening that descends into darkness. In the middle of the cavern, the coals of large fire smolder.


Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Properly lit now by a sudden spell out of nowhere, Westra is suddenly aware of a number of foes throughout the room. "Enemies!" she calls, readying her halberd again

Levinath (GM):
Westra notices a small goblin female in a cage in the north west corner of the room.


Westra Goldbrook:

Klarg runs from the corner of the room and cracks Westra against her chest as he parries her strike. She falls into a heap on the floor.

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes narrow as he sees Westra get crunched.


Wolfe: Wolfe punches the wolf on the snout. "No."

Daciramas Maass: "Watch out for that bugbear! He is a nasty one!" She shouts from the corner, watching the battle commence.




Goblin: "I'M ON FIRE I'M ON FIRE!"

Daciramas Maass: "Good form!"


Westra Goldbrook: "ZzzzzZZzzzzz..."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nocks an arrow and fires at the Goblin Weaponsmith.

Goblin: "You look like a tasty little morsel..." The goblin weaponmaster says to Tealina.

Raithe Moonstrike:


Klarg: "Offf!" Klarg huffs at the vicious strike. "KLARG WILL KILL YOU TOO GREEN MAN!"

Wolfe: Wolfe moves past the dog and slashes Klarg heavily across the chest. "Hey shit for brains." A snarl comes across from the Half-Orc. "I'm the best."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Who you calling little?" She glares at the Goblin and takes out both daggers diving towards the jerk!
Screaming "Dodge, dip dive, and dick!" Tealina uppercuts his gnards.

Daciramas Maass: "You show him Girlie! That ugry brute kept grabbin' my butt!"


"Uh oh..."



Wolfe: Wolfe parries the blow with his katana, his eyes narrowed at Klarg. The non-capital letter W wolf bites at his backside, but doesn't knock him down.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm kneels down and grabs a potion from Westra's belt. "Here miss, I'e a feeling we need your strength here."

Klarg: 10
"HEY? WHY YOU NOT DEAD?!" His eyes get big as Westra stands up.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra coughs awake, near-choking on a healing potion. "Ugh.. what..." she mutters, trying to get her bearings. But the flurry of movement from nearby combat grabs her attention, and she forces herself to her feet. She snarls at the creature speaking to her, and takes a swing at him without answering.


Westra Goldbrook: Though she's not yet quite coordinated enough to land the first, reversing the strike to drive the butt of her weapon into the beasts face is satisfying.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fires at the Goblin Fighter facing Tealina.


Raithe Moonstrike: "Put down your--"
Raithe fires the arrow into the Goblin's eye.
"weapons." he smirks.


Wolfe: Wolfe, thrown somewhat umbalanced by the wolf biting at his leg causes him to miss his slash at Klarg.
"Someone shut this idiot up."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina draws her bow and shoots towards Klarg. Even though she'd like to see him murder Wolfe she is concerned for Westra.

Daciramas Maass: "Right between the eyes Missy!"

Tealina Tealeaf:


Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina pulls back her bow and fires an arrow directly into the heart of Klarg.
"ADVENTURE!" she shouts!

Raithe Moonstrike: "Good shot, Tealina!" Raithe said.

Levinath (GM): The giant beast clutches at his chest, falling to his knees, and then flat on his face.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm easily deflects a blow with his shield

Daciramas Maass: "Nice shootin' short pants!"

"Well hes not on fire anymore"

Westra Goldbrook: "Well done!" Westra shouts jubilantly as Klang and the goblin archer each fall in turn. She was beginning to think she had really underestimated her party members! Seeing only the rabid wolf left, she lunches to strike it with her halberd.

Daciramas Maass: "Good Form!"

Westra Goldbrook: As the beast falls, Westra stands to her full height once more and sighs, bloodied and panting.
"Is everyone alright?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina searches the barrels for food.

Daciramas Maass: " you guys could toss the keys over from that big guy there?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe turns his attention to the person cheering for them that isn't part of their group.
"I'm good. How are you, Lady Paladin? And who is our sudden friend?"

Tealina Tealeaf: "Ohhh piece of candy!" She says waving her fingers in the air cramming the candy in her pack.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts, slightly annoyed that he didn't kill anything this bout. He cleans his sword off of a goblin's body and then sheaths his weapon. He kneels next to the dead wolf and says a prayer over its corpse, laying a flat hand on its brow, and then he stands and grabs a flask from his waist.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nods at Raithe's inquiry, then moves to lift the keys from Klang's belt. She walks them over to the cage containing the goblin.

Levinath (GM): Tealina finds various dried and salted meats and some rotten fruit. Most of the supplies are marked with the image of a blue lion. The party also finds nearly 25 weapons from the Neverwinter shipment, which Westra would know was about a quarter of the total armaments in the shipment.

Westra Goldbrook: "Who are you? And how came you to be here,?"

Daciramas Maass: "Hi! I am Daciramas, but you can call me Daci sexy lady!" She winks at her. "These idiots locked me up because I don't want to help them rob stupid caravans and kidnap people."

Levinath (GM): Tealina also finds a small chest filled with copper and silver coins, and a small jade frog figurine with golden orbs for eyes.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrows her eyes, as though doubtful. "And why wouldn't you want to help them? Are you not one of theirs?"

Wolfe: "Not everything with green skin is a psychopath, Westra."
He mutters something unkind and then tries to see if the goblins had any grog to steal.

Daciramas Maass: "So since you are a human, shall I assume you have the same ideals and beliefs as a wizard of Thay? Hmmm?" Westra's stereotyping of her seemed to upset her greatly.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe does not get involved in the discussion about stereotypes. It never leads anywhere good.

Daciramas Maass: "I am not some idiot running the countryside looking for scraps. I want to learn about magic, and history, and geography!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Did you see where they took the rest of the goods?" Raithe asked.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe manages to find something that might pass as ale in the cheapest bar in neverwinter.

Wolfe: "Maybe you should let her out of the cage to talk to her like a person, instead of a prisoner." He says while tries to fill up as many containers he can carry with the awful booze.

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm only suggesting that we use caution," she says, turning to look at the others. "These goblins tried to kill us on sight, yet she is here, unharmed. They heard us coming. It's possible this is some kind of ruse, that's all."

Daciramas Maass: She put her finger to his mouth. "Hmmm maybe....and I can tell you some other stuff too! I know where they have the human guy. Shridhar or something like that."
"Will you let me out first?!"

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm takes a seat by the campfire and sets about drying his boots by the embers.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra watches the others, trying to determine if anyone besides Wolfe has opinions about what to do with Daci

Daciramas Maass: "They were going to send me to Cragmaw Castle like they did the dwarf, because the Black Spider wants to force me to work for him."

Westra Goldbrook: "The who?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Lady Westra, let's let her out." Raithe said.

Tealina Tealeaf: Cramming the candy in her mouth Tealina walks over and opens the cage.

Daciramas Maass: She shrugged. "Some big evil mage guy that King Grol is working for."
"Thanks short stuff!" She pats Tealina on the butt and gives her another wink. "I knew I liked you!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Who is King Grol? Is he here?"

Daciramas Maass: "Oh no, he is at Cragmaw Castle. It has waaaaaay more goblins...and some other nasty stuff there."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Tealina Tealeaf! Nice to meet ya!" She says mouth full of candy offering a hand full to her new friend.

Daciramas Maass: "There are just some dummies here at raid the road, and Yeemik, the second in command, and stupid head, over there." She points at the dead bugbear.
"Thanks!" She stuffs the candy in here mouth and eats it just like Tealina.

Westra Goldbrook: "This Cragmaw Castle, is that where they took the captured human?"

Daciramas Maass: (at = that)

Tealina Tealeaf: Nudging Raithe, "I like her!"

Daciramas Maass: "The human is still here as far as I know, King Grol only wanted the Dwarf. Something about a secret map to an Echo Cavern. Sounded like pretty neat magical stuff, boy I wish I could go there!"

Westra Goldbrook: "We should finish routing the goblins from these caves, then," Westra says, looking back to the others.

Daciramas Maass: Daci walks over to a pile of belongings next to her cage and picks up several items, putting a robe, and belt back on, and some form of walking stick.

Westra Goldbrook: "There is another prisoner here, somewhere."

Daciramas Maass: "WOOOOWWW! Are you guys like HEROS? Like the Regulators?!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe just shakes his head at Tealina. "Yes, I thought you might." he grins.
"I agree with Westra. No caravan will be safe until the goblins are driven out." he said.

Wolfe: Wolfe spits. "No."

Daciramas Maass: "Oh...."

Raithe Moonstrike: "No. Unlike the Regulators, we answer for actions."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc rolls his eyes at Raithe's comment.

Daciramas Maass: "I just thought...." She looks completely confused, though it is apparent the Regulators are not a popular bunch with this crowd. "Anyways.....That human guy should be across the bridge back in the adjacent room."

Wolfe: "We going now, then?"

Daciramas Maass: She eyes Tealina. "What sort of 'Wolf' is that? Fascinating."
"I would like to study him..." She lifts up one of Rufus's floppy ears.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm ready to move."

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed. We should press on."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc grunts again, setting down his flask and pulling out one of his healing potions. He uncorks it and downs it.
Tossing the empty container over his shoulder he exhales and gets to his feet.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina smacks her hand "No touchy! He's not a wolf! He's my best friend!"

Wolfe: "Alright then. Let's go." He once more pulls free his sword, though he keeps a flask in the other hand.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina mounts Rufus and follows Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Careful. She' touchy about Rufus." Raithe said.

Daciramas Maass: "Oh! What is he?!" She rubs her hand.

Tealina Tealeaf: "He's a Bernie dog. Some call them Saints. That's how special they are." She replies as she rubs Rufus' ears.

Daciramas Maass: "Golly gee! He is neato!"

Wolfe: "Short-stuff, you alright?" He nods towards Tealina as he takes up the rear.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina pulls a health potion form her pack and takes it. "I'm fine, Meanie." She glares back at Wolfe

Wolfe: Wolfe looks visibly confused.

Tealina Tealeaf: rolling 2d4+2
(3+4)+2= 9

Westra Goldbrook: At the sight of light ahead, Westra slows and proceeds carefully

Daciramas Maass: This large cave is divided in half by a ten-foot-high escarpment. A steep natural staircase leads from the lower portion to the upper ledge. The air is hazy with the smoke of a cooking fire, and pungent from the smell of poorly cured hides and unwashed goblins.

Yeemik: "We are under assault you idiots! Kill them!"

Goblin: "What what what?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Back up, use the tunnel to corral them!"


Hjalkohm: "Aye let us corral them! Hold stong and fire over us"

Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks over where Westra use to be and utters "Uh oh..."

Levinath (GM): 6

Wolfe: "What a surprise."

Raithe Moonstrike: "That escalated quickly."

Wolfe: "Our Princess is, as ever, graceful."

Levinath (GM): Westra steps precariously and falls down a small ravine into the water.

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed! Hold stroooOOOHH!"
Westra tumbles down the embankment and lands roughly in the stream below. She shakes it off and heads back up to where her comrades are fighting, albeit slowly.

Yeemik: "Ehhheeehehehe! You see that dumb one fall down the poop shoot?"

Wolfe: Wolfe quickdraws a hand-axe and hurls it through the air at Yeemik

Yeemik: The goblin boss sneers. "Who did you throw that at Orc?"

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: Wolfe with his now free hand grabs his flask and drinks with his remaining movement and bonus action.

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe sees the Goblin that Wolf was aiming at, then nocks an arrow and fires.

Yeemik: He takes and arrow and falls backwards.

Raithe Moonstrike: He's rewarded with the sound of his arrow hitting flesh and smiles.

Yeemik: "Kill that stupid one witht he bow you ingrates!" His voice is now heard over the ledge.

Tealina Tealeaf: "For ADVENTURE!" Tealina yells as she draws her bow shooting towards the Goblin fighter!

Yeemik appears again holding Sildhar in front of him, over the cliff face. "You kill me, he dies too!"
"Get them you idiots!"


Westra Goldbrook: Westra pulls herself back up onto the original path in time to see Hjalkohm surrounded by goblins. "Watch your head, Hjal!"

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs and drops his flask, then he runs full speed and tries to leap up

Goblin: You all hear a "HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" crackle come from around the corner.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pauses, thinking for a minute that the nearby breeze smelled strongly of cheap ale.


Wolfe: He leaps up, takes a crit, comes down on both feet with a grunt and coughs blood as he lands next to Yeemik.
"Fuck off. Runt."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe shoots at the Goblin Fighter.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina dips through Westra's legs and draws her bow at the Goblin Wizard, "Hey Harry!" She yells as she fires.
"Who's the wizard now?!" She yells jumping up in the air with excitement!


Westra Goldbrook:

Yeemik: Yeemik looks around at the slaughter. "PArley! I will Parley for this human's life!"

Wolfe: "Okay."

Yeemik: "Stand down, boys..."

Hjalkohm: "First we require this fizzing goblin to take a trip down this cliff."


Yeemik: "I SAID SHUT UP AND STOP FIGHTING! Put that out Jimbo."

Goblin: "ok boss man!" The goblin puts out the dynamite he was carrying.

Yeemik: Yeemik, looks back and forth to Wolfe and the others seemingly no trusting they will not continue fighting. "You come for this one? He must be very important."

Wolfe: "Just more important than you."
"We killed your Bugbear buddy."
"You can be next if you don't let him go."

Yeemik: He blinks..."Klarg is dead?"

Wolfe: "As dead as your wiggly fingers." He nods towards Harry's corpse.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina giggles at the wiggley fingers comment and then remembers she's still angry at Wolfe.

Yeemik: This seems to improve his mood, though he tries to hide the smile that formed on his lips for a moment.
"I will release him....."
"...for 50 gold."

Wolfe: "I'll make you a counter offer."
"You release him, and we let you go and I don't take the next day and a half peeling your skin off like an orange."

Westra Goldbrook: "Consider carefully, vermin," Westra warns.

Yeemik: "It's true, you can kill me, but you kill me, he dies with me." He holds the dagger to the mans neck.
The voice of Lady Westra seems to stir him a bit more. He looks, worriedly at the group. "10 gold...."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra growls.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts, annoyed. He goes to sheath his sword slowly. "Fine."
He pulls out ten gold pieces and offers them, palm up to Yeemik.
"Want me to count them out?"

Yeemik: He doesn't move. "I can count." He growls. "Just show them to me."

Wolfe: Wolfe does so.

Yeemik: It does seem to take him a couple seconds to count 10 coins in Wolfe's hand.
He grabs them. "If you would let just get to the door....."

Wolfe: Wolfe nods and makes no move to bar his way.

Yeemik: He sits the soldier at the top of the stairs. and waits to see if the group lets his two allies pass.

Hjalkohm: Moves toward the fire, glad to be clear of the sapper

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is clearly unhappy with this arrangement. "If we let them leave, they will remain here to harry innocent travelers on the nearby road."

Yeemik: "I will not, I lead this clan now. I will not answer to King Grol."

Wolfe: "You don't like it Princess, feel free to change the terms of the arrangement and live with the consequences."

Yeemik: "That idiot Klarg made us puppets to Grol's will."

Sildar Hallwinter: "urrrgggghhhhhhh.."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrows her eyes, and though she pauses, she doesn't yet move from the path. "Who is this King Grol? What does he want with the prisoners he takes?"

Yeemik: "He only wanted the Dwarf. Klarg just used this one as a punching bag. Some nonsense about a map and secret cave. Blah blah blah."
"Grol only does what the Black Spider tells him to do now."

Westra Goldbrook: "And the Black Spider? Who or what is it?"

Yeemik: "No idea, Klarg was the only one that spoke to Grol, did he seem like the type of creature to carry on intelligent conversation?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is still clearly unhappy about this arrangement. But at least the goblin woman's story was confirmed, and the soldier prisoner was now secured. Reluctantly, she steps out of the way of the path. "Do not return here, vermin, else we will not enjoy such cordial terms."

Wolfe: Wolfe picks up the hand axe he threw at Yeemik and stows it at his belt.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina barks at them as they walk by her.

Yeemik: "Lets go boys!" He walks out of the cave with the other two, leaving Sildar at the top of the stairs.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts as he sits down, clearly unhappy with his lot in life.
"Remind me not to have you negotiate hostage situations." He says towards Westra.
"Gonna quibble over ten fucking gold."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra inspects the soldier to ensure he is in no immediate danger of perishing, and then looks for any indication of whom he serves.
"It wasn't the gold, it was the potential trouble they'll cause future travelers," she murmurs, as she works.

Sildar Hallwinter: "Thank...thank you...whoever you are." The old man, which grey hair in his early fifties, manages to get out. He just appears bruised and weak.

Wolfe: "Well feel free to hunt them down and murder them, then."
Wolfe spits blood, then makes his way up the stairs to retrieve his flask.

Sildar Hallwinter: 1

Wolfe: Wolfe growls as he sees that his flask is gone. "Son of a bitch."
He pulls out one of his other flasks
Uncorks it, and drinks the goblin grog.
"Gah. That's awful."
He drinks some more.
"Blech. Truly bad."

Wolfe: Glub glub.
--End Session 2--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 3--

Levinath (GM):
The group finds themselves still in the goblin cave speaking with the old man, Sildhar they resuced from the goblins.
“I must have taken a club, or rock, to the head during the scuffle because I awoke here to that beast of a bugbear, Klarg, beating me and laughing the entire time. I saw no one other than him or the goblins, but as I waned in and out of consciousness, it became apparent the weapons, and us humans were not the reason for the attack. This Black Spider wanted Gundren and his map to Wave Echo Cavern. The Dwarf and his Brothers, Tharden and Nundro, discovered the entrance recently. They intend to open the mines again. The story goes, there is some kind of spell forge within the halls of the cave that can imbue weapons with powerful magic.” He groaned and tried to pull himself more upright.
“Gundren must have been taken to Cragmaw Castle, Klarg had mentioned they would take him there, but I must admit I have lost track of time. The Dwarf’s brothers, Tharden and Nundro should already be in Phandalin, though I only know Gundren.” He closed his eyes, even talking was exhausting the old man.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra listened to the old soldier's explanation, and nodded as she followed along. She clapped a hand lightly on his shoulder. "You have done well, friend, to keep your wits about you and survive such abuse." She looked to the others in her party, then. "We should head to Phandolin. If we find the brothers of the missing dwarf, they should be able to tell us how to find this Echo Cavern. I'd wager we'll find the rest of the missing weapons from the shipment - and the evildoers who've stolen them - there."
"What say you?"

Sildar Hallwinter: He began to work to his feet, his body bruised nearly all over. "Bruises heal, I have had my share over the years." He paused a moment to lean against the wall. "I do not imagine the weapons would be at this cavern, legend says no one has set foot in it in over 500 years before these dwarves discovered it. The weapons are likely at Cragmaw Castle....or in burrows such as these."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina felt sorry for the poor soul and want to give him something to eat. She placed her pack on the ground and dove in head first with only her feet sticking out the top while she searched it for cheese. She pulled out the cheese and offered it to the old man. "What will we do with him?" Looking to Westra for wisdom.

Sildar Hallwinter: He gave her a soft smile. "Thank you, Child." He chewed it slowly, grimacing as his muscles moved on his bruised face. "Where you able to find anything in here?"

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): Westra knows Cragmaw Castle is a Golbin and Hobgoblin stronghold somewhere in this area of the Neverwinter Woods.

Westra Goldbrook: "I'd thought they might mean to try to enchant the weapons at this mystic cavern. But you are right; they have just as likely stored them at this castle you've mentioned, or elsewhere. Though I've heard of Cragmaw Castle and its hobgoblin and goblin hordes, I'm not familiar with the exact location. Do you know it, Sir Hallwinter?"

Levinath (GM): "Alas, I do not, typically goblins are an easy phone to send running, not worth the effort of trying to route all of them." He thought for a moment. "Though I am sure we can find more information in Phandalin. I have a couple friends there that may be able to point us in the right direction. I would be happy to help you, and pay you some for your services if you would escort me to the Stonehill Inn."

Westra Goldbrook: "We will escort you to safety, good sir, without a fee. It is the least we could do for the information and help you've already offered." She looked to the others. "We should do a quick inventory of what's here, take hold of anything of use, and be off to Phandolin. What say you?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe listened to the information in full, knowing that there was more traveling and adventure to bed had.
"I agree. Let's take what we can and go."

Hjalkohm: 'Aye, I be the right height to help Sir Hallwinter along"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina pulls out her frog and rubs his head. "I'll get us some extra food!" She exclaims. Of course, concerned about the lack of tasty treats around.

Westra Goldbrook: "Excellent." Seeing that Hjalkohm is helping Sildhar along, Westra sets about scouring the room (and the last room as well) for items of use or interest.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe would look for more arrows to replenish what he'd lost thus far.

Levinath (GM): The group finds the missing pieces to the wagon that was half disassembled, a portion of the missing weapons, what looks to be nearly an entire wagon of crates with various supplies in them. All the crates bear a blue crested shield with a lion on it.
There is also an abundance of goblin related items, arrows, rotten food, trash, and filth.
As the party is taking stock Tealina's frog returns and barfs up 10 goodberries.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Ohhh!" Tealina's fingers wiggle in excitement. She grabs the Goodberries and puts them in her pack as well as her frog.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra helps load the weapons and supplies onto the horses, and ensures Sildhar has a place to ride as well. If the horses are over-encumbered, she'll allow the injured man to ride her horse while she walks alongside.
But barring any objections from the group, she'll herd them all towards Phandolin.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina mounts up on Rufus and exclaims "Onward to ADVENTURE!"

Levinath (GM): As party arrives at the outskirts of the village without issue. The rutted track emerges from a wooded hillside, and you catch your first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consists of forty or fifty simple log buildings, some built on old fieldstone foundations. More old ruins-crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars-surround the newer houses and shops, showing how this must have been a much larger town in centuries past. Most of the newer buildings are set on the sides of the cart track, which widens into a muddy main
street of sorts as it climbs toward a ruined manor house on a hillside at the east side of town. As you approach, you see children playing on the town green and townsfolk tending to chores or running errands at shops. Many people look up as you approach, but all return to their business as you go by.
Sildar seems much more at ease. "My friends," he says, "let us secure lodgings. The local inn is very quaint."

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed. A good meal and some rest would not be out of turn. Sir Hallwinter, where might we find these friends you mentioned? Are they the brothers of the missing dwarf? I believe you said you were acquainted with them, no?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe remembers that this is where Eston said the investigation would lead. Now to figure out what was going on here with the Redbrand Ruffians.

Levinath (GM): "I only know Gundren, not his brothers, though they are supposed to be here somewhere. Elmar Barthen at the trading post is likely the best person to ask about them, everyone buys their provisions there."

Sildar Hallwinter: He points to a large red roofed building to the east side of the road.

Levinath (GM): A small boy and girl run up to Rufus, their eyes as big as saucers. "Whoa! That is a neat dog!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Careful, he eats little kids." Raithe said.
"But only on Thursdays."

Tealina Tealeaf: Proud Tealina says "Thanks! his name is Rufus! He likes apples!" She pulls one from her pack and hands it to the children.

Levinath (GM): Their mouths fall open, as the boy takes the apple from Tealina, the girl asks. "Does he really eat kids?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina smiles back at Raithe, "Only on Thursdays."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs and shakes her head at Raithe's teasing the children. "I'm going to step into Barthen's. Do the rest of you want to come with, or continue on to acquire lodging?"

Levinath (GM): "Ahhhhh!!! They both run away.

Hjalkohm: "I'll join ya, need ya think like a Dwarf ta find a Dwarf I say"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'll handle the lodging." Raithe said.
"Meet you at the inn once you're done?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nods to both Hjal and Raithe. "Indeed."
...and then heads to the shop.

Levinath (GM): Barthen's Provisions is the largest trading post in the small village. It is opened from sun up to sun down and stocks all manner of goods, except weapons and armor. The proprietor is Elmar Barthen, a lean and balding human male shopkeeper of fifty years who smiles warming as the group enters. A couple of younger boys stock shelves and look at the group with interest,

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe heads for the Stonehill Inn, while taking some time to get familiar with a few of the locations in that area of town.

Tealina Tealeaf: Curious as to where her friend is going, Tealina follows Raithe, "Hey! Wait for me!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra takes note of whether the place seems to sell healing potions, as she has recently come to appreciate the usefulness of them. When she reaches the counter, she looks to the shopkeep with a polite but professional air. "Good afternoon," she greets him, pausing to see if Sir Hallwinter is a friend of the man or merely acquainted with him.

Levinath (GM): "Welcome Travelers. Whatever you are lookin for, we have it here! Oh Sildhar, been a while since I have seen you in these parts." He offered the man a firm handshake.
Westra can see no healing potions laying around, though they are not normally something in high supply.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe waits for Tealina, then continues on toward the Stonehill Inn. "I'm just going to make sure that we have a place to sleep when all of the excitement for the day is over." Raithe said.

Sildar Hallwinter: "Elmar, you old goat!" He returns a smile and a shake. We ran into some trouble with the goblins on the trail. "Has been three or four days since I had a proper meal."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Good plan! We should stick together though! That Westra is kind of a stiff." Tealina shrugs as she follows Raithe

Levinath (GM): Elmar frowned. "Them damn goblins have been hittin about every shipment that heads down the trail. It's a shame, makes my life and everyone's much more difficult here."
"And too boot we have thugs takin over the town, dark days, my friend."

Westra Goldbrook: "Thugs you say?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "She's a Paladin, Tealina. Paladins have a code to follow and they do. No matter where it leads." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: "Apologies," she says, realizing she's butted in. "Westra Goldbrook, of Neverwinter. What's this about thugs taking over?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina rolls her eyes "Boorrrinnnggg."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Her presence has been a positive, though. Never thought I'd say that about a Paladin."

Levinath (GM): "Aye, they like to be called Redbrands, someone came up with the name Redbrand Ruffians after that." He chuckled. "They shake down people, steal, drink and fight. All sorts of trouble."

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, I've heard mention of these ruffians. Their leader is actually a person of interest to me. Do you know where they can typically be found?"

Levinath (GM): "All over town, any of the idiots with a red bandana wrapped somewhere on their body. They took over the old manor on the east side of town, I am sure you saw it on the hill when you came in."
"Though I have never seen a leader, just hooligans all the time. Though I am sure someone is keeping them from killin us all, the lot of idiots."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nodded. "Indeed we did. We're also looking for two dwarf brothers, Tharden and Nundro. Have you heard of them?"

Levinath (GM): He looked to Sildhar, considering something.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe notes the Shrine of Luck, not far from the Inn and goes to inspect it.
He's not seen anything like it a long, long time. "A Shrine of Luck. Hm. Wonder who put this here."

Levinath (GM): "Aye, I have seen a pair of dwarves. Nundro and....I can't recall the other's name, he seemed kind of squirrely, if you get my drift Miss. They bought provisions about a fort night ago, as I consider their purchase, they should be back for more any day now."
Phandalin's only temple is a small shrine made of stones taken from the nearby ruins. It is dedicated to Tymora,goddess of luck and good fortune. A tall and gentle eleven acolyte tends to the garden.

Westra Goldbrook: "Fortunate. If they happen back through, will you kindly let them know that they may find us at the inn? We may have news about their brother's fate, and would like to speak with them."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina reaches out to touch it, "Probably someone lucky."

Levinath (GM): "I would be much obliged to. Look here, these Ruffians are causing all sorts of trouble for everyone in Phandalin. I have been trying to organize some kind of defense, but many do not wish to get involved or make their lives worse than they currently are. We are miners and farmers, not warriors." He paused and anger crossed his face. "And Harbin is a good for nothing town master, and needs to be replaced." He looked at the group of adventurers and scratched his chin. "If you could eliminate them and assist me in my bid for town master. We could work out a very lucrative business deal for the both of us."
"Greetings travelers." A music voice greets Tealina and Raithe. "May Tymore guide you." She offers them a soft bow.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hello." the Elf said. "Thank you for your welcome."

Westra Goldbrook: "I would like very much to help you, sir, but my party has already been hired to track down some missing weapons that we believe have been stolen by the creatures at Cragmaw Castle. We must honor our existing commitments. Do you know where Cragmaw Castle is, by chance? We could perhaps assist you after we've settled our current affairs."

Levinath (GM): "I have not heard of such a place. You would think if he had a castle nearby, we might have something other than outlaws, goblins, and orcs coming into our town."

Hjalkohm: "Or Kings"

Westra Goldbrook: "Hm. Indeed. I will bring your offer to the rest of the party, in any case. What sort of arrangement are you envisioning, good sir?"

Levinath (GM): "What brings you to our small village." She asks, a soft smile on her face, she seems excited as she looks at Raithe. "I have not seen one of our kind in many years."
He scratched his chin. "Well, we could work out a number of things, depending on what you are looking for. I have done will this trading, post, even com across some enchanted items through the years, of course these is always money, or perhaps one of the pieces of land around the town. If we could rid the town of these hooligans, I would make certain something such as this would never befall our town again."

Westra Goldbrook: "You mean to set yourself up as a Lord?" she asked, a brow arching.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, we're just sight-seeing." Raithe said. "Just looking for a place to rest after a long day of traveling."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks over excitedly, "We're going on an adventure! And now we're looking for some luck!"

Levinath (GM): She ran a hand across Rufus's head, smiling at the beast before turn back to Raithe. "You have come to the right place for both. The Stonehill Inn will be the most comfortable place you will find in our tiny village." She frowned, seemingly trouble. "Though always remain vigilant, for there are some unscrupulous people about in Phandalin."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Are you referring to the Redbrand Ruffians?" Raithe asked, keeping his voice low.

Levinath (GM): "Well, not Lord....." He seemed to dislike the accusation. "We just have a leader of the town, and our current one is a good for nothing wimp that refuses to stand up to the ruffians." He lowered his voice. "I wouldn't be surprised, if he was receiving some kind of 'compensation' for looking the other way."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looked concerned, though less at the prospect of the shopkeep becoming a lord and more at the notion of a leading shirking his duties. "That is unfortunate."

Levinath (GM): She nodded. "They are a blight on our once peaceful town."

Sildar Hallwinter: "We can go see this Harbin tomorrow, either way Elmar and see if we can talk some sense into him."

Westra Goldbrook: "Well, we are here for the night, it seems, until we can speak to the dwarves. I will take your offer to the rest of the party and perhaps we can work something out while we wait. Thank you for your help, sir." She started to turn to go, but remembered something. "Oh! I'd like to buy a torch, if you have one. And do you know where I might buy some healing potions?"

Levinath (GM): He nodded. "Yeah, perhaps you can talk some sense into the old fool!"
"Lad, get this lady a torch. On the house" He shouted back to one of the boys gawking in the back. "I am fresh out of healing potions, though I believe your Captain was supposed to be sending me another shipment, Sildhar. Probably ransacked by those damned goblins."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nodded, figuring that's who she was speaking of. He wondered what kind of business Eston had with them that lead him to worry about his involvement being known.
"Do you know who leads these men?" Raithe asked.

Levinath (GM): "I am sorry, I do not. I try to avoid them at all costs." He looked towards the manor to the east. "Whoever it is, they are likely in there."

Westra Goldbrook: "Much obliged, good sir," she thanked him. She turned to Hallwinter in preparation of leaving. "I'd like to go with you, when you speak to this town leader, Sir Hallwinter," she said, as shemoved towards the door. "I'd like to ask him myself about these accusations of taking money from brigands in exchange for inaction."

Sildar Hallwinter: "As you wish, Miss Westra."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looked toward the manor to the east. "Thank you very much for your time, good lady. We appreciate it."

Levinath (GM): "Please come back and see me again, good Sir." She gave him a curtsy and a wave to Tealina.

Westra Goldbrook: "I take it he has a home here somewhere?" she asked, as she moved with Hallwinter out into the street. "Do you know where we will find him?" She casts an eye about, keeping watch for the others as she moves.

Levinath (GM): "The townmaster's hall is right in the center of town." He paused and smiled. "Of course. Right next to the Stonehill Inn." He pointed down the road.

Westra Goldbrook: "Excellent," she said, heading in that direction. "Let's see how the others have fared in acquiring lodging, and then perhaps we can go see this fellow tonight."

Tealina Tealeaf: Side tracked from what Raithe was talking about Tealina sees a sign that says "Edermath Orchard" and starts heading that way. "Oh boy!" She thought, rubbing Rufus' head, "We can get so many different apples!"

Levinath (GM): "Good day to ya Miss, and Sirs. We need to start closing up." The sun is moving quickly onto the horizon, it looks like most of the town is heading in.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nods and watches her go. He turns and finds that the Gnome has vanished. "This should concern me deeply." he said aloud.
"I'll take care of lodgings, then find the Gnome." Raithe said, going to the inn.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina wonders into the Orchard and looks around with big bright eyes. "Can you believe this Rufus?!"

Levinath (GM): Tealina comes up a tidy little cottage beside an apple orchard. The orchard is dark in the twilight, a light glowns inside the small hut.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra reaches the inn just behind Raithe, and follows him inside. "Were you able to find any information?" she asked, assuming he'd gotten sidetracked talking to someone or exploring some piece of the town.

Levinath (GM): In the center of town stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider, all of them eyeing you with curiosity.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina dismounts Rufus and walks up to the cottage door and knocks.

Trilena: The lady behind the bar is a short young woman with sandy blond hair and a pleasant face. She offers the group a smile as they enter. "Good Day to ye fine folk! Can I help ye?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I learned a little something, but ended up speaking to a local about some of the stuff going on around here. Let's get lodgings handled and I'll tell what I learned." he said.
"Also, the Gnome disappeared."

Levinath (GM): Tealina finds that no one answers.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina peaks through a window.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looked behind, towards the door, as she realized that, yes, they were short one gnome. "Disappeared?" she asked, but she wouldn't press. She moved with the group towards the bar, and signals for the attention of whoever seems in charge. "We're interested in lodging for the night, please."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stands on Rufus and peaks in the window.

Levinath (GM): Tealina does not see anyone in the simple one room cottage. A candle burns on a small writing desk, the bed is nearly made.
"Aye, we got rooms. The best rooms in 50 miles!" She smiled. "Four of ye? That will be 40 silver for the night. Includes Dinner and Breakfast!"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sits down on the porch with and pets Rufus, "Well, I guess we'll wait."

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will pay the 40 silver for the two rooms and then look to Westra.
"Yeah, she was there one moment and gone the next. I didn't see where she went."

Levinath (GM): "Thank ye!" He pockets the coin and immediately shouts, seemingly directly in Raithe's ear. "PPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP! FOUR PLATES OUT HERE NOWWW!"

Wolfe: Wolfe had departed from the group once they got to town to head to the Coster to get some fresh fruit and then to the inn to the closest liquor supplier to recharge his needed stores. He walks up after the others negotiating their room and takes a slow pull from his flask. "We beddin down for the night or gonna take care of those red scarf punks?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Well, she knew we were coming here. Hopefully she'll turn up." She looks to the barkeep and gestures to a table. "I'll take a meal if there's service," she said, then gestured for Raith (and others) to sit with her. "I've a little news as well, but please. You first," she offers, to the elf.
"It's a possibility we'll see to the latter, depending," she answered Wolfe, though said nothing further until Raithe had a chance to explain what he'd learned.

Trilena: A small boy runs out to the table with four plates of potatoes, lentils, and a piece of chicken on eat. "Here you are Sir, Sir, Sir, Miss. Thank ye!" The woman comes out to the table. "What can I get ye to drink, loves?"

Wolfe: "Blegh, fine."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe also asked for a meal and sat down for at the table. "We were looking around and I got to speak to another elf. Told her we were just passing through." Raithe said, holding off on the story to order an ale.

Wolfe: He sits down at the table and slides his sword off his back, resting it against it as he starts digging into the food with his bare hands, hungrily chomping on his dinner faire.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra asks for a water when the server comes around.
"Oh, so no new information?" she clarified, a touch disappointed.

Raithe Moonstrike: Once she was gone, he continued.
"She talked about the Redbrands and said they've been harming the town for some time. I asked if she knew who leads the group and she said she didn't know, but said that someone in the manor to the east probably does."

Trilena: She wanders off.

Raithe Moonstrike: "She looked uncomfortable talking about it, though, and I couldn't pin her down to get more info."

Sildar Hallwinter: "My friends, I am going to retire and rest my old bones. Many thanks to you all, I will see you on the morrow." He pays for his own room and takes a plate up the stairs with him.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina is getting a bit sleepy.She and Rufus go to the corner of the porch and curl up. But not before reaching into her pack and having a few Goodberries.

Levinath (GM): Tealina heals 1 hp for each goodberry she eats.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nodded. "That confirms what I discovered, as well. Though There is hearsay that the leader of the town - the Harbin to which we're meant to deliver Rutherford's crate - may be either complicit with or under the thumb of these ruffians," she explains, in a lowered voice. She pauses to wish Hallwinter a good night, then continues.

Trilena: (The crate goes the elmar, the guy at the trading post)

Wolfe: (My character is drunk)

Westra Goldbrook: "The shopkeep we spoke to feels that the townmaster - Harbin - hasn't been doing anything for the town, and seeks to displace him. He's offered us payment if we assist him in dealing with the ruffians and then supporting his bid to step up."

Levinath (GM): "What have we here?" A fit, silver haired half-elf, stands before Tealina and Rufus. He looks aged, but still has the stature and body of a fighter. "You don't look like the normal thieves and vagabonds I see in these parts."

Westra Goldbrook: "I propose we go to speak with this Harbin, see if we can get any more information out of him, and then if we're all ready and able, we head to the manor in the east and confront these ruffians."
"But it's possible he may know more about how they operate, or what to expect."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yeah, I agree. If nothing else, we'll might find out who's really working with these guys so that they can be dealt with." Raithe said.

Wolfe: Wolfe chews his food and grumbles. "Why do we care about the fuckin politics of the area?"
"We don't live here, let these people sort it out."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stands up excitedly, "Hello! I am an adventurer! And I looovveee apples! So does my friend Rufus here! We were wondering about your apple picking contest! You see, no picks apples faster than us! We are too quick!" She hope she got everything she wanted to say out. \

Wolfe: "Kick the shit out of the scarf bandits or whatever they're called."

Trilena: She loudly slaps the drinks down on the table. "Did ye say Harbin? That Lout is a good fer nuthin." She scowled. "Thel Dendrar, our local woodcarver, tried to get him to help, but when he refused Thel tried to steal with their thievin asses himself. They came by his shop a couple days later, and killed him! A whole group of em' and what did Harbin do? Nuthin! Now Thel's whole family has gone missin! I'll tell you its only gonna get worse!"

Westra Goldbrook: "These people have been through a rough time," Westra pointed out. "You heard Raithe. They can't even speak freely in their own streets."

Wolfe: Wolfe grumbles. "Can't even speak freely at a table without someone putting their coppers into the food."

Levinath (GM): He looked at the odd Gnome. "Apple picking contest? I wasn't aware I was having one." He sat the bundle of wood he was carrying down next to the door.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina pulled out a flyer she found on the ground next to the luck statue and hands it to him.

Raithe Moonstrike: "It's not the politics I'm worried about. So long as the bandits aren't holding the town hostage, they can pick anyone they want to lead them. That's up to them."

Levinath (GM): He looked at the flyer, and then looks at her. "I think you wrote this...."

Wolfe: "Fine. We all get a night's rest and first thing in the.. uh... afternoon we'll go take care of it."

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Very well. But the bandits should be dealt with. Though I've not had anyone here confirm it yet, I have been led to believe that it is in fact a wizard at the head of these ruffians."

Tealina Tealeaf: Insulted, Tealina looks at the Elf with silver hair, "No sir. I did not. I found it. It was next to the Luck statue in town. What luck huh?"

Wolfe: "'Wizard' is just squishier dead."

Levinath (GM): He smiled back to her. "Well, it is a bit late for picking apples, and a bit dark. Perhaps I can give you a few and we call it all the same lassie?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe grumbled. Fucking wizards. Nothing good comes of magic.
"If that's true, then we'll deal with it."

Westra Goldbrook: "Nothing to face while half-weary, even so. I agree that getting some rest suits us before heading for the manor. As for Harbin... We could likely converse with him tonight."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Can I pick them?!" Tealina asked excitedly

Trilena: "Ye folk look like you can handle yerselves, but goin out after sundown is just askin for trouble."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Picking them is the best part! Well, the best part after eating them anyway." Tealina smiled up at the old Elf

Westra Goldbrook: "Because the bandits are more active after dark?" she asks, leaning back while she looks to the server.

Levinath (GM): He sighed. "Most of them aren't ripe yet, but I guess if you want to pick apples in the dark, go ahead. "How many are you planning to pick?"

Wolfe: "I'm probably not the best person to talk to anyone for answers - I get answers by asking questions and if I don't like the answers I punch someone until they say something I like."

Trilena: "More active?" He let out a snort. "That's a word for it."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina smirks and shuffles her feet, "How many can I have? As many as I can fit in my pack?" She holds up her seemingly small satchel.

Trilena: He eyed it, "You can fill er up for 2 silver.."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina gasps at the old man, "You don't BUY apples. Apples are free! The trees give you apples! And you give the trees things!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "How do you want to handle it, Westra? I'll go with you if you want to ask around. Otherwise, getting some rest is a good idea and starting fresh in the morning."

Levinath (GM): He smiled at her admonishment. "But I take care of the trees, and they in turn take care of me by giving me apples, that I use to make money to buy the things I need. Surly I don't need to provide you with a lesson in monetary systems. That is quite the fancy bow you have there."

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm snorts himself awake at the table, " I dont know about you guys but i think we should rest up"

Westra Goldbrook: "You know, I've just remembered we had a crate to deliver to Barthen from Rutherford. Once I'm done eating I will take it up to his shop. Then it sounds like the majority want to rest and start out in the morning. Hopefully by then the gnome will have caught up with us."

Trilena: She shakes her head and clears the empty plates.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina glares at the old man, "Money is nothing. Apples are free. For everyone to enjoy. The trees GIVE them to you. Surely I don't need to provide you with a lesson on BASIC HALFLING RIGHTS!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'll join you. Especially if these bandits like to start trouble after dark."

Wolfe: "Ugh."
"I'll go with you."

Levinath (GM): He frowned as she shouted at him. "In my orchard, halflings have no rights unless I provide them with such."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow at Wolfe. "I assure you, Master Moonstrike and myself are quite capable of it, if the errand will cut into you debauchery, Master Wolfe."

Wolfe: He finishes his food and licks his fingers. Then he pulls out his flask, uncaps it, and takes a hearty drink.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe cannot understand how a man can drink that much booze and live. It's supernatural!

Wolfe: "If the bandits are gonna try to mug you for your shit, I better come along. You handle your halberd good, Princess, but you got a glass jaw."
"Someone gets close to Raithe maybe he shows some knifework, but up close and personal ain't his style by the looks."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe eats and drinks his ale. He really hopes Tealina is all right and not out doing something foolish. Like stealing apples.

Wolfe: "Cept maybe on whores." He smirks over at Rithe.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrowed her eyes. "We'll be fine," she insisted, coolly. She finished her meal, and rose to set about the errand.

Wolfe: Lifting his hands up to surrender, he shrugs. "Fine, fine. You two go have your date night."

Levinath (GM): A cute girl of no more than 16 dropped off drinks at the table next to them, she turned and smiled at Raithe. "Ya'll be careful there, it isn't safe."

Wolfe: "I get it, you want some time alone."
Slowly, he smirks up at Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe starts to speak...then stops as the girl smiles at him. He smiles, in a non-threatening way, and then...just stops talking. Talking makes it worse.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks insulted and takes 2 steps back, "That's it! We're leaving! This is an abomination! Apples ARE FREE! The nerve of some people! I can't believe this guy! Who does he think he is?! Trying to SELL apples. What an old fool. These tress will show him one day. NO RESPECT!" Tealina marches off the porch.

Levinath (GM): "Can I get you another ale, Sir?" She asks Wolfe, seeing an opportunity to make some coin by the clearly inebriated orc.

Wolfe: "Yup."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes. Because devolving to juvenile taunts was so unexpected. Good job keeping things fresh." She looked to Raithe. "Are you coming or staying here?"

Wolfe: "Keep 'em coming, pretty."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm ready to go when you are."

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm ready now." Without further obstruction, she'll head out.

Wolfe: "You two have fun." He waves and happily finds a new friend in the ale that's delivered to him.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina mounts Rufus to start heading back to the end but before she does, she pulls 2 apple cores from her pack and throws them at the old man, "SELL THIS!" She screams before her and Rufus take off running.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will join Westra to deliver this package to Harbin.

Westra Goldbrook: *to Elmar Barthen

Levinath (GM): "What an odd evening." the half elf says to himself, before he had to dodge an apple onslaught. "Crazy little woman!"

Raithe Moonstrike: *to Elmar Barthen

Levinath (GM): 5
The group finds the trading post is closed.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighed. "Naturally." She turns to Raithe. "We'll have to stop here in the morning, I suppose, before heading out."
She heads back to the inn to rest for the night.

Tealina Tealeaf: Walking into the Inn. Tealina is still obviously upset at the lack of respect shown for trees and apples by the old elf. She is mumbling to Rufus as she walks into the Inn and sits down next to Hjalkojm. "Stupid Elf......charging for day..."

Hjalkohm: "zzZZZZzzzzzZZZzz"

Trilena: "Welcome Ye little gal! Lookin for a room for the night? Seems to be a busy day, we only have one room left!"

Tealina Tealeaf: "I'm staying with an elf. We'll sleep on the floor."

Raithe Moonstrike: "No problem. It shouldn't take long." Raithe said, looking around to make sure they aren't being followed or watched too intently.

Levinath (GM): Luckily, the streets seem deserted at the present.

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking at Rufus, "Raithe won't mind, he's our only friend Rufus."

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I hope these people are ready to take care of themselves if we deal with the Redbrands." Raithe said.

Wolfe: Wolfe will try to carouse a random female into joining him for the night after a few drinks.
He gets slapped across the face for his troubles.
Undeterred, he will nonetheless find his bed after several more drinks and pass out for the night.
Day 2 - 48 hours Remain

Levinath (GM): The group is provided a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon by the inn and are free to go about whatever business they like. The sun is low in the sky with only a few clouds and light breeze. The town seems to have come alive again with the rising sun.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is up with the sun. She washes, dresses, spends a few minutes on her devotions, and then heads down to eat breakfast.

Wolfe: Wolfe is not awake with the rise of the accursed dawnstar

Westra Goldbrook: If Wolfe is not present by the time Westa's done eating, she'll pay the barkeep a silver to send someone capable to rouse the brute.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe returns form his trance and washes, dresses, counts his arrows, then heads down for breakfast.

Tealina Tealeaf: At the table Tealina sits next to Raithe and asks the waitress for any fruit, nuts, or cheese instead of the eggs and bacon provided.

Levinath (GM): Wolf finds himself showered in a bucket of ice cold water, courtesy of the lovely barmaid he insulted the previously evening. She promptly huffs and stomps out of his room.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm adds Tealina's portion to his plate.

Wolfe: "GAHHA GHHRAHGHNRHUK!!" Wolfe roars out as he tumbles out of bed covered in shivering ice.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at Tealina. "Hey, where did you go yesterday?"

Wolfe: "...Wha?"

Trilena: "Where are you fine folk off to? Here you are love." She gives Tealina the vegetarian option plate.

Westra Goldbrook: "The manor," Westra informs Trilena. "To see if something can't be done about your ruffian problem."

Wolfe: He shakes it off as he gets to his feet, pulling his shirt up off the floor. He sniffs it, blanches, shrugs, then slides it over his head. He dons his armor and grabs his sword, sliding it over his shoulder and arranges both hand axes and the wakazashi at his hip. Heading down he yawns loudly and scratches at the back of his head as he comes to a halt at the table with the others. Sitting down heavily with a thump he starts digging into breakfast with his fingers scooping the eggs and bacon right into his mouth.

Tealina Tealeaf: Pulling from her pocket the apple picking flyer Tealina slams it on the table in front of Raithe, "I went to go WIN this apple picking contest. But when I got there some old ELF tried to CHARGE ME for APPLES! Can you believe it?! You can't charge for apples! That's an abomination!" Tealina sits back down with her arms crossed in a huff.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the flyer.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra makes a plainly disgusted face as Eau de Wolfe wafts over the table, but she tries to focus on Tealina's story

Trilena: "I am told your friend received his wake up, should be down shortly." She frowns. "Oh do be careful, they are a nasty lot, but you all look like you know how to handle yourselves. You may want to visit Daran Edermath, before you go about the manor, the old half-elf is the closet thing we have to a fighter here and he has run up against the ruffians a few times."
"He is the orchard keeper."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighed, looking from Trilena to Tealina. "Of course he is."

Raithe Moonstrike: "....did you make this, Tealina? I didn't see this flyer there."
"Well, in any case, here's the problem: you can't just take apples in lands of the tall people."
"You have to pay for them."

Wolfe: "Naw, you don't."
"Do what you want."
"Hey, where's Rufus?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, you could steal them, but it's just going to cause trouble."

Rufus: "Ruff Ruff!"

Tealina Tealeaf: "You didn't see it because you were busy making googley eyes at that lady." her attention turned Wolfe. Finally the foul orc said something that made sense to her, "EXACTLY!" She exclaims.

Wolfe: "Hey boy." Wolfe grins widely, grabbing his bacon off his plate and offering it to the dog.
"Come get some breakfast."

Westra Goldbrook: "Tealina, if we go and speak to this Daran Edermath, is he going to be displeases to see us?"

Rufus: He eats it quickly.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina slaps Wolfe's hands. "Stop that!"

Westra Goldbrook: displeased

Wolfe: Wolfe barely notices the patter of child-like halfling hands.
"See? He likes it."

Rufus: "Ruff!" Tail wag.

Wolfe: "Good boy." Wolfe grins and moves to pet the dog's head, and if able, will scratch behind his ears.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why should he?" she asked the halfing with a shrug. "He's doing as he likes, just as you seem wont to do where apples are concerned."

Rufus: Butt Shake.

Wolfe: "Goooood boyyyyy."
Scritch Scritch

Tealina Tealeaf: "This old fart doesn't understand basic Halfling rights! He got what's coming to him. He also will get what's coming to him!"
Tealina takes out her pocket knife and stabs Wolfe. "I SAID STOP IT!"

Wolfe: "OW!"
Wolfe takes his hand back and looks at Tealina with narrowed eyes.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh. Impossible." She stands up, having finished her meal. "I'm going to go and see if this fellow can give us any useful information. If the two of you will kindly not kill one another in the meantime, that would be best."

Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike: "I seem to remember feeding the dog-like creatures led to ruin." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: Barring obstruction, Westra leaves to do as she said.

Wolfe: "I'mma feed her to him."
"If she goes at me with a knife again."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina takes the veggie tray and dumps the whole thing in her pack, walks to the door and shouts, "I'M LEAVING!" And slams the door behind her.

Wolfe: "Bitch." He huffs and grabs whatever food is left, wolfs it down, then he gets up and starts after the group.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the matter before him. Two--no, three--party members have gotten up and left in succession.
He decides to eat his breakfast. "Madness."

Levinath (GM): Westra comes up the tidy little cottage beside an apple orchard. A fit, silverhaired half-elf, Daran is chopping wood next to the building, the wood splits easily under the axe. Rows of wood line the side of the house, clearly show this chore is done more to pass the time than out of necessity.

Westra Goldbrook: "Pardon, sir. Are you Daran Edermath?"

Hjalkohm: "Mrffnss" Spitting food. Nods.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sits outside the Inn next to Rufus and eats breakfast. "What jerks." She says handing Rufus some pear.

Levinath (GM): He turned and smiled, no sweat was on the man's features. "Such a lovely sight I have not seen in many years. You wear the armor of Neverwinter so well. Yes I am, Miss?"
The small boy that served their food wanders up behind the dwarf and begins poking him in the back.

Hjalkohm: "Yes lad! I'll have the second course now!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches the kid poke the dwarf in the back.
"I don't think there's a second course."

Westra Goldbrook: Given pause by what seemed like random compliments, Westra hesitates only a moment before responding. "Westra Goldbrook. Good to meet you, sir. I wonder if I might have a moment of your time. You see, my comrades and I are headed to the manor, to attempt to see to the problems caused by the so-called Ruffians. Someone at the inn suggested you'd dealt with them before, and I was hoping you would share what you know of them. What manner of creatures are they, and perhaps anything about their leader."

Levinath (GM): He carried a small toy mace in one of his hands, he was somewhere around eight years old Hjalkohm gauged based on what he knew of human aging. "Wow Mister! Are you a real dwarf? I didn't know they could eat so much!"

Hjalkohm: "Thats right son! A proper breakfast has at least 7 courses"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe blinks. "Seven courses? How do you stand after all of that?"

Levinath (GM): "Miss Goldbrook, my pleasure." He bowed, though his eyes never left hers. "For such a beautiful warrior, I have naught but time." He easily lifted two large pieces of trunk and set them next to one another. "Can I offer you some wine or other refreshment?"

Hjalkohm: "On me feet."

Levinath (GM): "Oh Wow! I better tell MaMa to get cookin! Is that a real beard? It is soooooooo long!"

Hjalkohm: Whispers, "Good to hide leftovers in"

Wolfe: Wolfe grunted and spat to the side as he hovered in the background of Westra's questioning, annoyed by the man's flirting while he was still nursing ice-bath hangover.

Levinath (GM): "My friend and I saw another guy with a beard, but its not nearly as long as yours! We were in the woods by the manor and there was some guy with a stick that looked like it was made out of ice! But it was shiny at the top! And he had the longest beard we had ever seen! But now yours is even better! Golly gee I can't wait until I tell Carp!" He said everything at about 100 mph, then ran off to get the dwarf another plate of food.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe just hakes his head. This is madness.

Hjalkohm: "Sounds to me like we confirmed our wizard"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's bearing shifted, indicating she was not oblivious to the man's charm, but neither was she entirely interested in responding to it just now. She smiled politely, gave a nod of counter-respect, and thanked him. "That's very kind of you, sir, but I'm afraid I'm--" Wolfe spat in the background, and Westra stiffened. The little smile she'd been wearing vanished, and she drew a calming breath. "That is, we're on a bit of a timetable."

Levinath (GM): "We're? So that isn't some random orc from the country side? That is good to know, Unfortunately, we are not immune for such beasts here, either." He sat continuing to stare into her eyes with a soft smile. "How may I help you with the ruffians? They are not real foes, more of gangsters. I have handled many, but they are too numerous for one man to battle alone."
Pip returned with two plates of food. "Mama said you ain't gettin no mo." He frowned.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunted and grumbled something to himself about 'maybe a weak man' while he retrieved his flask.

Levinath (GM): The man's eyes flashed to the Orc for a moment after the comment.

Westra Goldbrook: "So they're primarily average thugs, then? We've heard tell of a wizard at their head. Do you know anything of a man named Glassstaff?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Huh. The wizard was spotted near the manor. Good to know. Did you see anything else kid?" Raithe asked.

Hjalkohm: "Thats okay son" Takes both plates and sets them in front of him. "Tell us about this man with the loooooong beard."

Levinath (GM): "I have heard the name from a number of them though I have not seen him myself. If there is a wizard in the manor he never seems to leave, or at least, not by the doors." He looked to Wolfe again. "How many are your number? I would put them around twenty or so, though it can be hard to gauge as the manor is rather large."

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't respond because he figures the guy is asking his new girlfriend.

Westra Goldbrook: "Five," she answered. She paused, tilted her head. "Four and a half. We're capable, but if you've a taste for putting them to rights, you're welcome to join us," she said.

Levinath (GM): The boy's eyes got big. "Carp and I play in the woods next to the manor! And one day we were playing orcs and paladins and we heard a bunch of arguing, and the man with the beard was yelling at some of those red bandana guys. He was saying they were dummies or something, and using a bunch of grown up words. Then we hid the bushes and they were carrying big crates and casks into a hole on the side of the house! Then carp slipped and they heard us, so we had to run really far away, but then we got lost in the woods for like, ever! But we finally made it home just before dark!"

Wolfe: "Westra might let you take her out to dinner if you show her you're brave." He called out toward the man.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighed deeply. "Please, don't mind him. He's been dropped on his head a few times too many to be blamed for his foulness."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe filed away the bit about the crates in the hole on the side of the house.
"Sounds like that's the rest of what we came here for."

Levinath (GM): His smile widened. ".....four and a half....ling?" He consider Wolfe's statement. "I served as a marshal and herald in the lands of the Dragon Coast, far to the southeast for many years. While I admit I relish the idea of raising my sword again in a real battle, these old bones, can't take too much more than my daily tasks. I would gladly treat you to dinner if you would be so inclined, however."

Wolfe: "Like I said." Wolfe grunted.

Levinath (GM): "In my scouting, I have also found what seems to be a necromancer and some undead in the surrounding area, we would be most appreciative for your further assistance."

Westra Goldbrook: "That is a very kind offer, but I'm afraid at the moment my time is committed to solving this issue. Perhaps once it's settled, we can speak again." Pause. "About the necromancers," she added, a little too hurriedly.

Levinath (GM): He stood, offering her a hand up. "After you have finished with this rabble, that is. Please feel free to come back and see me. Anytime."

Westra Goldbrook: "Thank you for your time," she said, with another nod of her head. She then left the orchard, ignoring Wolfe entirely in favor of picking up the reins of the packhorse once more and leading it up towards Barthen's to drop off the crate.

Levinath (GM): "Oh, Miss Westra." He leaned down and grabbed a satchel. "Please pass this along, to your....less diplomatic....counterpart. for future services rendered."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra took the bag, seeming confused at first, but when she realized the contents, understanding dawned. She shook her head with a smirk. "Indeed. My thanks."

Levinath (GM): 20
--End Session 3--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 4--

Levinath (GM): Our merry band of apple thieves find themselves refreshed after a good night's rest ouside of the Stonehill Inn. Westra visited a half-elf named Daran who provided her some useful information on the Red Brand Ruffians that seem to have taken up residence in the Manor on the East side of town.


Raithe Moonstrike: Unable to watch the Dwarf eat any further, Raithe reads himself to visit the manor on the east side of town, knowing that they will find their target in that general area.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra left the helpful half-elf with some thanks and went on to Barthen's to deliver the package the party had forgotten to deliver the day prior (oops). While there, she purchased a few healing potions, and then returned to the Stonehill Inn to regroup with the others. She makes sure to pass on to the Halfling the bag of apples sent by Daran. "It seems you've made an impression," she said, though her tone was a touch doubtful.

Raithe Moonstrike: He visits the Shrine of Luck once more to ask the favor of the gods in this endeavor.

Wolfe: Wolfe, as normal, follows Westra while drinking from his flask.

Westra Goldbrook: "Are we set to embark, then? I've a feeling we'll regret any time wasted."

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking at the bag of apples, Tealina feels doubtful that these were in fact free apples. She tucks them in a separate compartment in her pack. She will not be eating these apples.

Redbrand Ruffian: When Raithe approached the shrine he finds it empty of the priestess they saw a day earlier. He sees several men in red cloaks at the house to the north of the shrine. They are shouting at someone behind the cracked door and attempting to push it open.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow as the halfing stows the apples without a word. "I'll be sure and pass on your thanks," she says, with maybe just a toooouuuch of sarcasm.

Wolfe: "Looks like our friends." Wolfe grunted as he gestured toward the red cloaks with his flask.

Westra Goldbrook: Wolfe's comment takes Westra's attention from the halfling and aims it across the street, where red-clad ruffians were trying to force their way past a door. Westra heads in that direction.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc sighs as he is not nearly drunk enough for this, yet.

Westra Goldbrook: "Hail!" she calls, as she approaches, frowning. "What's going on, here?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe notes the men in the red cloaks. He turns to look at the group and finds the Paladin headed in that direction. He will fall in a few steps behind her, watching the thugs.

Redbrand Ruffian: As they get closer they can overhear. "Priestess? I don't care if you are an arch bishop. In our town you pay our taxes or we will find other ways for you to make payment." A large man shouted at the door.

Hjalkohm: Hears some raised voices outside, sighs heavily, brushes the crumbs from his beard and robe and heads outside to join the group.

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike: "What other ways does someone make a payment, if they're a Priestess?" Raithe asked.

Redbrand Ruffian: The man shouting at the door looks to them with a sneer. "We'll be back Elfie." He strides over towards the group, a large hammer slung over his shoulder. "Ahhh..visitors. Welcome to our town. We you can go ahead and leave your gear, and get out."

Westra Goldbrook: "I think not. We seek parley with your leader. That is, if you are the red brand ruffians of whom we've heard tell."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Listen here Lassy. The only parley you are gonna get is leaving here alive, if you take off your gear, and leave here in a nice pile for us." He rolled his shoulders eyeing the group. "Or you can come back to my quarters in chains."

Wolfe: "You're looking to get a sword stuffed up your ass, kid."

Hjalkohm: "Listen here James, the lady will not be removing her coverings for you."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Now he's gone and done it."

Westra Goldbrook: "It's not often that I find myself agreeing with the half-orc, but I have to admit, this time he's quite correct," she said, a brow arching as she stares down Big Jimmy.

Redbrand Ruffian:

Wolfe: "Say one more fuckin thing." Wolfe says toward Jimmy as he slowly stows his flask after capping it, walking toward 'Big Jimmy', his features turning mean. "And I'll beat you to death with your own arm."

Redbrand Ruffian:


Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:


Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian: He pulls the mace from his shoulder. "Teach this filth who runs this town boys."


Redbrand Ruffian:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian:
A man shorter and more squirrely runs up quick as lightning from the back and slices into Tealina.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian: Joe brings his shield up to block Tealina's first attack and he watcher her nearly drop her other dagger.

Wolfe: "Shouldn't have done what ya did." Wolfe spits as he draws his katana in one fluid motion before he goes to cut off Jimmy's arm.

Raithe Moonstrike: "And so goes...whatever his name was. We barely knew him."

Wolfe: Wolfe cuts off Jimmy's arm in a single fluid motion, then he drives the tip of his blade through Jimmy's gaping mouth and shoves it straight out the back of his head.
He then moves the fifteen feet he has left to impose his bloody blade in front of Jerry. "You want to join him, punk?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra draws her halberd with a snarl and prepares to meet the loudmouthed ruffian in battle. And then Wolfe appears out of nowhere and lays the man down. Westra's jaw drops, and she looks to Wolfe with... almost... annoyance.

Hjalkohm: "Now little Joeseph, it seems James was not a good example for your bunch. Perhaps you wish to talk this out...."

Redbrand Ruffian: Jerry looks to Wolfe and then to his dead friend, seemingly unsure due to the martial prowess he just saw.
"Oooof." Is all Joe can muster at the moment.

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm pulls back the hammer and drives it in on the kneecap of Joe. Hopefully this gets his mouth moving.

Westra Goldbrook: Annoyed now, Westra shoves her halberd to her side at the ruffian who drew blood on Tealina
The cretin falls, and then Westra moves towards the lone ruffian not currently assailed.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe draws his bow and quickly takes aim at the man in the far back, who might call reinforcements!
Or he could die. Raithe is not particular.
Fortunately for him, Jack is watched by the gods. The arrow does not hit him.

Raithe Moonstrike: This time.

Redbrand Ruffian: 9
Jerry is seemingly undeterred by the murder of his two friends and attacks the orc.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks down at the nick this little fuck just put in his armor.

Redbrand Ruffian: Jack does the same.

Wolfe: He then looks at Jerry and shakes his head with an angry Obama face

Redbrand Ruffian: "You killed my BROTHER!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra staggers back a half-step, surprised by the sudden ferocity of the thug.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian:

Wolfe: Wolfe takes a slow, deep breath to center himself (Second Wind!) and then delivers a two-handed slash down at Jerry's middle.


Redbrand Ruffian: Though Jerry is struck along the chest by Wolfe, he still manages to drop his shield to block the knee attack that followed.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra surges forward again, slashing at the ruffian with her halberd!

Redbrand Ruffian: 11

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe aims at Jerry.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian:

Westra Goldbrook: "Is everyone alright?" she asks, regrouping with the party.

Wolfe: Wolfe exhales and cleans up his sword off of Jimmy's clothes, then he sheathes his weapon and withdraws his flask. "Yup."
Uncapping it, he takes a swig. "Just fine."

Sister Garaele: The priestess from the day prior emerges from the building. "Oh mercy me. Are you all ok?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to collect the arrows that didn't kill anyone. "Yeah, I'm good.'

Wolfe: Wolfe gives Sister Garaele a long glance, a broad smile playing on his face. "Yup." But the way he says it is more leery than friendly.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."
"We're fine, thank you," she said, once she'd turned to face Garaele. "Those ruffians were trying to compel you to pay a tax, I take it?"

Sister Garaele: "Oh you are injured. Let me help you." He places a hand on Westra healing 7. Many thanks to you all for helping me, though I fear it will only mean more trouble." He looks around nervously between the bodies and to the East."

Westra Goldbrook: "Thank you for the kindness," Westra says, with a nod of respect. She then touches a hand to the sister's arm. "Fear not. We intend to cut this snake off at the head."

Sister Garaele: "Oh yes, every few days they come around and 'tax' everyone, or you get hauled into the manor and who knows what happens to you."

Westra Goldbrook: "They're taking prisoners?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina reaches in her bag and grabs a free apple to share with Rufus. "Apples are free," She mutters.

Sister Garaele: "Please be careful, they are a dangerous lot. I am not sure what they do with them, but they have hauled off entire families, even children."

Rufus: "Ruff" Chomp.

Wolfe: Wolfe's playful, apathetic mien fades at Garaele's description. His eyes darken immediately. "You should run along to somewhere safe."

Sister Garaele: She looks again to the bodies and the orc. "Please be careful friends, and come see me again once you succeed. Blessings upon you." She hurries back inside.

Wolfe: Wolfe watches the Sister leave and then turns to the others. He caps his liquor and puts it away. "We should get going."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nods a farewell to the Sister, and then turns to the others. "I believe it's high time we make our way to this manor."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks around at the dead bodies and wonders how many more of these fools they'll encounter before this is over. Likely several. He'll need to be on top of his game.

Wolfe: "Yeah. Fuck these guys."
He then goes and loot their corpses.

Raithe Moonstrike: "One thing you should know. A couple of the kids who played in the area noted a side entrance to the house. Might help us get in quietly. And they saw the wizard."

Sister Garaele: Wolfe finds a small amount of coin, totaling 5g 75s. Two apples and and 4 beaver pelts.

Westra Goldbrook: "Sounds like a smarter option than a frontal assault. We've no idea how many of them will be inside."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Once we're closer, I can take a look around before we head in."

Wolfe: He takes all that shit and keeps the apples for himself.

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's head out, then."
And then she starts towards the manor

Wolfe: "Yeah, do the sneaky shit, Raithe. Then we'll find this wizard and stick a boulder up his ass."

Levinath (GM): The group encounters no more Ruffians on the street and is able to locate a small entrance on the side of the manor loosely covered with foliage.
There appears to be no patrols or guards at the manor. If they didn't know better, one would discern it was just an old building in a major state is disrepair.

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe sees the tracks and where they lead toward the opposite side of the manor from where the boys said the cellar was.
He goes to investigate where the tracks lead.

Levinath (GM): Raithe finds a wooden cellar door, that is unlocked.

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe returns to the party after a few minutes of looking around.
"So, I found some tracks that lead another cellar door on the other side of the house. They might be down below, or they might have run off. No way to tell without checking it out ourselves." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: "To the cellar door then, I think," Westra suggests. Unless anyone has objections, she'll gesture for Raithe to lead the way to where he found the cellar.

Wolfe: Wolfe will take up the rear

Westra Goldbrook: Westra says a silent prayer of thanks that Wolfe seems to prefer following from downwind.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina mounts up and follows Raithe closely.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will lead the way to the cellar door and open it, as he did not find it trapped on his previous inspection.
"Who among us cannot see in the dark?"
"Just an informal check."

Westra Goldbrook: "I cannot."

Wolfe: "I can see just fine"

Hjalkohm: "Aye, samesies"

Levinath (GM): The door opens onto a five-foot-wide landing fifteen feet above a large cellar, with stone steps descending to the floor in two short flights. Another door stands beneath the stairs to the north. A large stone cistern occupies the western part of the room, whose walls are lined with kegs and barrels.
You see a single door to the northwest.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will head to the door in the northwest area and make sure that it is not locked or trapped.
"All right. Let's stay alert. Who knows what these thugs have up their sleeves." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra focuses on Raithe, clearly waiting for his indication in regards to the door. When he seems satisfied that there are no hidden traps, she advances.

Raithe Moonstrike: "The door is unlocked. Looks good to enter." Raithe said, letting her pass and then moving behind her.

Levinath (GM): This appears to be a storeroom pressed into service as living quarters. Two double bunks stand against the wall near the door, while barrels and crates fill the southern half of the chamber. Three Redbrands are sitting around talking as the door opens and they all look at Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra draws her halberd. "Stay where you are, ruffians! We seek to speak with your leader."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Oy! What are you doing down here?!"


Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:


Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Redbrand Ruffian: This rectangular reservoir is clean and filled with cold, fresh water. It is 10 feet deep with a rim 2 feet higher than the surrounding floor (so that the bottom of the cistern is 8 feet below the floor). Drain pipes from the roof of the old manor above fill the cistern with water.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook: Seeing the ruffians preparing to tussle, Westra pulls back a little. "Back up," she says lowly, "Allow them to pull into this room."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, now they have motivation."

Westra Goldbrook:

Redbrand Ruffian: Fuzzy Tim sees his buddy get cut down. "Shoot her!"

Westra Goldbrook: One of the ruffians takes and arrow from Raithe and then lunges forward for retaliation. "Not today!" Westra shouts, as she cuts him down clean.


Westra Goldbrook: Westra follows Wolfe into the room and slashes at FUZZY TIM.
rolling 1d10
(4)= 4

Redbrand Ruffian:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike:


Westra Goldbrook:
Westra slashed again at the nearest ruffian, releasing him from the mortal coil.

Wolfe: Wolfe cuts Leeroy in half. "Fucks."
He then loots their bodies.

Westra Goldbrook: "Alright, then. Back to the other entrance, I suppose. Perhaps there was another entrance hidden in the rubble."


Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook:


Westra Goldbrook:
"There are doors, do you see?" she points out, gesturing first to the northern one, then the one leading west.

Redbrand Ruffian: Westra is able to identify two well hidden doors within the entrance way.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to look at these Hidden Doors.

Wolfe: "I don't see shit."

Levinath (GM): The doors appear just as the rest of the stone wall.

Westra Goldbrook: "Any indication of magic or traps, Raithe?" she asks.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will look for the doors and try to see if they have magic or traps.
"Hold on...still looking..."
"No traps that I can see. Let's open the north one."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra does as Raithe suggests.

Levinath (GM): Westra sees the beginning of a wider hallway.

Westra Goldbrook: Westa CAUTIOUSLY moves further in

Raithe Moonstrike: "What do you see?" Raithe asks.

Levinath (GM): Thick dust covers the flagstones of this somber hallway. The walls are decorated with faux columns every ten feet, and the double doors at the west end of the hall are sheathed in copper plate, now green with age. A relief carving of a mournful angel graces the doors.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra relays the description of the hallway ahead to those behind her, albeit in a low voice.

Wolfe: Wolfe takes out his flask, and does what Wolf does best.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra advances and checks out the door.
Westra senses the floor about to give out beneath her, and hops forward to solid ground. "Careful!" she warns the others.

Levinath (GM): The floor collapses under Westra's weight but her senses give her time to avoid it. A 10 foot deep pit opens across most of the hallway.
The rest of the group can carefully move along the sides of the hall to avoid falling in the pit.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will move along the sides of the hall carefully.

Wolfe: "You should probably lay off the sweet rolls, toots." He calls out toward Westra after seeing that.
He chuckles to himself and caps his flask, stowing it away.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook: Westra says nothing at the moment, but lances Wolfe with a glare while Raithe checks the door.

Levinath (GM): Three large stone sarcophagi stand within this dusty crypt, and propped up against each sarcophagus is a human skeleton clad in bits of rusty mail. False columns along the walls are carved in the image of spreading oak trees.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Remind me not to hire the person who decorated this place."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: Hopping over the side, Wolfe follows after the others.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will explore the room.

Levinath (GM):



Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Tealina Tealeaf:


Levinath (GM): The three skeletons stir to life and rise as Raithe approaches the door.

Hjalkohm: "Easier to break the kneecaps when they're on the outside!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra startles as a creature emerges from a nearby tomb, and slashes at it reflexively.
rolling 1d4
(2)= 2

Wolfe was a little too busy drinking to come in right. He one-hand slashes, misses, then sighs and puts his flask away. "What are these fuckers?"
"They look like they're already dead."

Tealina Tealeaf:

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM): Cassandra departs this world yet again.

Westra Goldbrook: "Well done, master Moonstrike!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Go back to the shadow, fiend." Raithe said, as he stabs her.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "You never want it well done, kid!"
"Medium or go home!"


Westra Goldbrook: Westra lashes out with the fullness of her weapon towards the nearest undead.

Wolfe punches the skeleton in the head, then walks over to the other as it crumbles to dust beneath his footsteps.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Wolfe: "Hey. Fuck face. Over here."

Tealina Tealeaf:

Levinath (GM): Tealina blows off a group of rib bones, but the undead is still aiming at the elf.

Raithe Moonstrike:


Raithe Moonstrike: "Ouch! Bastards! I do the shooting, not the getting-shot!" Raithe grumbles in annoyance.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina goes and barfs into the pit trap and passes out.

Westra Goldbrook: "I believe I owe you one of these anyway," Westra says, handing Raithe one of the healing potions she purchased.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Thank you kindly, Westra. It's appreciated."
--End Session 4--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 5--

Levinath (GM): Our rowdy band has just defeated three skeletons that seemingly rose from the grave just for their visit. With their foe dispatched, they find themselves in the now still room. Three large stone sarcophagi stand opened within this dusty crypt, the remains of the three skeletons lay in heaps of bones and bits of rusty mail. False columns along the walls are carved in the image of spreading oak trees. Two doors are closed, both to the north. One is to the North East, and the other is at the top of the west wall.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts over the bones of the re-deceased. Feeling pretty good about himself and his masculinity, he withdraws his flask once more from his side to take a drink.

Rufus: "Ruff!" Rufus grabs a femur and starts gnawing on it.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sits down next to Rufus and eats one of the free apples from her pack. "Well, that was strange." She nudges Hjalkohm

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolls her neck to pop it, and looks around at the freshly-dispatched corpses. "Necromancy has to be one of the foulest arts," she harrumphed, before looking about the room. "Onward, then," she says, maybe more to herself than to the others, and she heads for the northern door. She inspects it for locks and potential traps.

Levinath (GM): Westra perceives no traps and the door does not appear to be locked.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is a strong, independent Paladin and attempts to open the door without asking anyone's opinion.

Levinath (GM): Westra finds a short corridor with another door at the north most point of the west wall.

Westra Goldbrook: "This place is nothing but doors, it feels."
She proceeds forward at a slowed pace, looking for any indication that the floor may give out over another trap.

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking at Westra, "Does anyone else feel a little claustrophobic in here?"

Levinath (GM): Westra sees no traps in this hallway.

Wolfe: "Better than sleeping in a coffin." Wolfe grunts.
"Speaking from actual experience."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra inspects the northern door, once again trying to judge if it was locked or trapped.

Levinath (GM): Westra again finds no traps, but she does find that the door is locked.

Westra Goldbrook: "Is anyone capable of picking a lock?" she says, after retracing her steps to speak to those still in the last room.

Levinath (GM):
Raithe easily opens the old lock. Inside the room, racks of weapons line the walls, including spears, swords, crossbows, and bolts. A dozen dirty red cloaks hang from hooks by the door.

Hjalkohm: "I've been meaning to pick up a new cloak!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra makes a face, but does not comment on how filthy these cloaks are.

Hjalkohm: "Its soft too! what is this ferret?

Wolfe: Wolfe follows along but doesn't seem interested in acquiring new clothing.

Westra Goldbrook: While Hjal plunders, Westra takes a look at the rest of the room, looking for any weapons of particular note.
Or anything of note, really

Levinath (GM): The weapon racks hold twelve spears, six shortswords, four longswords, six light crossbows, and eight quivers holding twenty crossbow bolts each. All of normal quality.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the cloaks in question. "These look roughly used. I think I'll hold off for now."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra leaves the mundane weapons and the cloaks to the others,and returns to the room with the sarcophagi. She eyes the oak trees on the columns and tries to remember if she's seen that symbol before.

Hjalkohm: Clasps his new cloak, wiggles fingers, "OOO ill be aquiring one of these crossbows as well, ive always wanted to tr my hand at these"

Westra Goldbrook: Back in the grave room, Westra notices a second door. She approaches it with the same scrutiny she's given the others.

Levinath (GM): Westra sees what she thinks, is a door.

Wolfe: Wolfe will look around the cloak room for anything of note.
Maybe... a secret door(1?)
He drinks more, however

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks around the area, making sure that they aren't about to be attacked by something else.

Westra Goldbrook: Meanwhile, Westra tries to open the door in front of her. (That is a door, right?)


Levinath (GM): From the door, Westra sees a lit torch on the far wall, and a room that expands past her sight in both directions.


Westra Goldbrook: Westra turns back and finds only Raithe following. "Are we not moving forward?" she calls, to those still in the cloak room.

Levinath (GM): Hjalkohm can tell this box of stone was carved by humans over 124 years ago.

Wolfe: "Drinking. Go ahead, Princess, I'll catch up."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Oh sorry!" Tealina says to Westra cramming nuts in her mouth form her pack, "Didn't realize we were moving."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolls her eyes with a soft "Ugh" at Wolfe's answer, then proceeds cautiously into the new room.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will use the Healing Potion.

Levinath (GM): This long room is partitioned into three areas, with iron bars walling off the north and south. Filthy straw lines the floors of those cells, the hinged doors of which are secured by chains and padlocks. A pair of disheveled human women and a boy are held in the cell to the south, while a body appears confined to the north. All are dressed in plain gray tunics and have iron collars fitted around their necks. A heap of discarded clothing is piled carelessly against the far wall. There are also two Ruffians hiding behind the door that attack Westra as she enters.

Westra Goldbrook:


Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike: rolling 2d4+2
(1+4)+2= 7


Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina waves at Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Westra, what's going on?!"

Redbrand Ruffian:

Westra Goldbrook:

Redbrand Ruffian: "Treacherous Bitch! You dare enter our hideout?!" The one to the north growls as he attacks her.

Westra Goldbrook: One of the ruffians jumps at Westra, attempting to hold her while the other attacks. The Paladin, enraged by such cowardly tactics, roars as she shoves the one off and ducks under the swing of the other.
"I dare!!" she replies, hefting her halberd to return their strikes.
Westra then moves further into the room to allow some space.

Redbrand Ruffian: Dan Yolo dodges Westra's attack but Tim takes a the butt to the face.

Wolfe: Wolfe walks by, stepping over Tealina. "S'cuse me short stuff."
As he goes he draws his Katana and goes to deliver a single slash across Yolo-boy's face.

Redbrand Ruffian: Dan Yolo puffs smoke in Wolf'e face causing him to miss.

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a snort.

Hjalkohm: Pulls his new cloak in front of his mouth. "Stupid non-crank bow....."

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian: "Not the wiener!" Dan Yolo shouts....and dies.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina takes her shortbow and aims it at the cloud factory, "Clean air is the only air!"

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a deep chuckle at Tealina's comment... and the fact that she shot Yolo in the dick.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Redbrand Ruffian: Tim attacks Wolfe!

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lunges forward and takes out her fury on the lone remaining ruffian.

Wolfe: "Kay. Glad we got that handled."
He brushes his shoulder off and sheaths his sword.
He looks to the three people who are bound. "Any of you have a smoke?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pants, then slings her halberd blade down and to the side to throw the excess blood from it. "Hail, prisoners. Who are you? How came you to be here?" she asks, eyeing them.
"Master Raithe, the locks if you please."

Mina Dendrar: The woman the two children look at the newcomers with fear in her eyes. They all visibly shake. "Please don't hurt us!"

Wolfe: The Half-Orc grunts in annoyance, then leaves the room.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Sorry, no smokes here." he said to Wolfe.
He moved forward to unlock the cells.

Westra Goldbrook: "Peace. No one's going to harm you. How did you come to be here?"

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe will use his Thieves tools to unlock the cell.
The locks open with ease and Raithe puts the tools way.
He turns and goes to check the body at the other end of the room.

Mina Dendrar: The woman, stopped whimpering but still looked at Westra with a face of distrust. "I am Mina Dendrar and these are my two children. Nilsa and Nars. We are residents of the town." She looked to her children. "Stay here." She moved out to speak to Westra in more quiet tone, tears in her eyes.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra put her halberd back across her back, and moved towards the woman with empty hands to listen.

Levinath (GM): Raithe finds the body of a badly beaten goblin, it's clear he died from the abuse.

Mina Dendrar: "My husband....." She starts sobbing quietly. "Tried to protect us, and stand up for us. Oh Thel...." She gasps. "They killed him and were going to sell us into slavery. Please PLEASE! Help us!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will check to make sure that the goblin didn't have anything of use on his person, like keys, a map, or money.
Once that's done, he'll return to the group.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina follows Raithe. "Poor old chap." Tealina says while rubbing the head of her golden frog.

Levinath (GM): Raithe only finds a small trinket of a crudely carved worg in the goblin's hand.

Westra Goldbrook: "Of course," Westra assures the woman, nodding sincerely. "You're safe now. We'll walk you back to the surface; you can walk, yes? We're not very far from the town."
She looks over the three of them, trying to gauge whether they're injured.

Mina Dendrar: "Yes..thank you! Come on kids...." He moves to get the other two up, they don't appear to be injured, only dirty.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe takes it. Because fuck goblins.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra walks the family back up towards the stairs, and as she does so, she speaks gently to the mother. "Did you see anything that might be helpful for us to know while he confront the fiends who have done this? Was it the wizard who killed your husband?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe pockets the little worg statue and then moves to check the bodies of the rest of the dead before heading outside the room once more.

Mina Dendrar: "No, it was these beasts of men. They come and demand food, money weapons, anything of you. We had so little left, my husband refused them. And they murdered him." She thought for a moment. "We did not get to see much when we were brought down here, but we have seen some large furry beasts with big ears working with these men."

Wolfe: Wolfe will follow after the others but keep in the back. Something about Mina's reaction was not overly welcome from the Green Skinned warrior.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow, and wonders if Wolfe would have been able to charm the beasts if they'd brought along the dead goblin for worg-chow.
"Rest assured, these ruffians will see justice this day," Westra told the woman.

Mina Dendrar:

Levinath (GM): As you guys approach the main room you hear a female voice shouting.

Westra Goldbrook:

Daciramas Maass: "Where is my brother?! I know you took him here! The goblins told me he was here!" Before she gives them time to answer she fires a blast of energy at Chip.
She blasts him in the chest.

Redbrand Ruffian: "More of them!" Harold sees Westra and fires a spell at her.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is caught off guard by a sudden blast of frost. "Rrraah! What treachery is this?!"
She draws her halberd

Daciramas Maass: Daci looks over and sees Westra get shot. "Oh hi there....friends!"

Raithe Moonstrike:

Hjalkohm: "Raithe you should tell her about the the room....with the puddle....."

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM): Harold takes one to the chest.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike: "We'll tell her later! We need her to run interference right now!" Raithe said, sliding past Tealina and Westra so that he can fire an arrow at Harold!

Daciramas Maass: "Hey there Sexy Pants!" She smiles at Tealina as she enters the room, before turning back to the two men and growling.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina draws her bow and the arrow falls short into the bath. "Well, umm...You'll be going to get that later not nice person!" She yells in Harold's direction.

Redbrand Ruffian: "How many of them are there?!" He says in alarm.

Westra Goldbrook: "I see you have found some friends, Daci," Westra calls, eyeing her targets. "Allow us to help dispatch them!"

Redbrand Ruffian:
Chip points a finger at Raithe and three missiles shoot out and strike the archer.

Raithe Moonstrike: "ACK!" the Rogue yells.

Westra Goldbrook: One of the redcloaks unleashes a severe blast of magic into Raithe, and Westra all but snarls in response.
And runs towards them.

Wolfe: Wolfe draws a handaxe as he comes out of the room and throws it at Chip as he walks down the stairs.

Daciramas Maass: "Miss Spear Lady....uh you missed him."

Wolfe: The axe goes through Chip's skull and plants him into the wall.

Daciramas Maass: "Ya! Green is the best!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra just... blinks.

Wolfe: "You know it, short stuff."

Westra Goldbrook: "That was.. impressive," she admits, casting a doubtful glance towards Wolfe.

Daciramas Maass: "Hey, that's my line!"

Westra Goldbrook: (And then looks back towards the stairs, as though unsure that it was actually Wolfe that'd thrown it.)

Wolfe: Wolfe flashes a wink toward Westra. "Gotta keep some in the tank for when you really need it."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees the Half-Orc utterly dispatch his attack and just blinks. "Well, shit."
"Good shot, Wolfe!"


Daciramas Maass: The arrow bounces off a magical shield.

Redbrand Ruffian: "You dare enter our home and accost us?!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Your home in which you keep abducted prisoners? By Helm, we DO dare!"


Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: Wolfe jumps against the wall, avoiding the worst of the fire. "Not the first time someone's tried to Barbeque me!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe shoots at Harold with another arrow!

Redbrand Ruffian: Harold appears to be the master of arrow blocking.

Wolfe: "Fuck this little prick." Wolfe snarls in annoyance at his arrow deflecting and magic throwing.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian: Tealina's arrow bounces off his shield as well.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra moves forward once more and slashes out at the mage.

Wolfe: Seeing Harold bleed gets Wolfe's blood up. "Nice job, Princess. Let me show you how to take care of these little skirt wearing bitches."
Wolfe shoves past Westra and grabs at Harold's robes.(Grapple)

Redbrand Ruffian:

Wolfe: Grabbing onto Harold, Wolfe drags him to the pool and shoves the upper half of his body into the water.
He will then hold him there until he starts to drown.
Wolfe drags Harold into the pool and shoves him face first into the water.
"How's your baptism going, you little shit?" He snarls down at the wizard.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to check Chip's body. He notes the handaxe trapped in the man's skull, then goes through his pockets.

Daciramas Maass: "Whoa! Green is loco!"

Hjalkohm: Grabbing a large crate from behind him, Hjalkohm hefts it at Harold.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina waves at Harold. "Ha ha!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Do you think it's worth asking him for intelligence about the wizard we must face?" Westra called to Wolfe, looking unhappy at the situation


Wolfe: "Do you think this is the wizard?" He asks as he holds the thrashing man under water.

Westra Goldbrook: "No, but he likely knows him, if this is his hideout," Westra objects

Daciramas Maass: "Yeah Yeah! Get him Green!"

Wolfe: "Mm."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra serves Daci some sideye.

Wolfe: Wolfe pulls Harold up for some air.

Daciramas Maass:


Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina opens all the crates after seeing the fish fly out of the one.

Daciramas Maass:

Wolfe: "Listen you little shit."
"The only way you get out of this with your head still on is you tell us what you know."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Mggggrgrggghhghgggg..."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe takes all of the money that Chip has, and the handaxe. Death says you can't take it with you.

Wolfe: "Sorry, not the answer I'm looking for."
And down he goes

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina opens all the crate after seeing the fish fly out of the the one.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe, allow him to speak!" Westra calls.

Wolfe: "You don't really understand how this works, Princess."
"Take his fucking sword out of his hand."

Redbrand Ruffian: Tealina finds a crate of apples.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina crams every single apple into her pack. She smiles real big and turns around.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra reaches down and attempts to wrest the sword free of the mage's hand.

Redbrand Ruffian:

Westra Goldbrook: ...and fails to do so.
"I cannot reach him properly while he's in the pool."

Wolfe: Wolfe will hold him down until he stops moving.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe!"

Wolfe: "You can question him after he passes out."


Wolfe: "Yeah yeah yeah, nothing I haven't heard before." He punches the guy in the chest.

Redbrand Ruffian:
Harold goes limp.

Wolfe: Once he's sure Harold is knocked out he pulls him out of the pool and throws him to the ground.

Daciramas Maass: "Dang Green, you are hardcore!" She sits next to Tealina and munches an apple. "I love free apples!"

Wolfe: "There, question him when he wakes the fuck up." He kneels down over Harold's form and takes whatever weapons or valuables he can from him.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Daciramas Maass: As Wolfe moves Harold's body from the cistern. He notices a waterproof satchel hanging from a submerged rope attached along the south wall of the cistern, about 2 feet below the surface of the water.

Wolfe: "Hey, look at that."
He jumps back into the water to retrieve it.

Westra Goldbrook: She shakes the blood off of her halberd - what little there is this time :( - and turns to face Daci.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe finds that the pack contains potion of healing, a potion of invisibility, 50 gp, and a clean set of ordinary travel clothing.

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm afraid I have dour news, my friend."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina curls up next to Rufus and smiles at Daci, "Free apples are the only kind of apples their are. Basic Halfling rights you know. I've fought most of my life trying to ensure that everyone has access to basic rights like apples, clean air, affordable dental plans."

Wolfe: "Heyyyy, nice!"

Daciramas Maass: "We won! That isn't dour! Now we just need to find the rest of them and kick their butts, and find my brother!"

Wolfe: "Hey Raithe!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yes?"

Wolfe: He tosses the Elf the potion of invisibility.

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, about that..."

Wolfe: "Don't waste that."
He pockets the rest to split later.

Daciramas Maass: "Drentral Prans?" She slowly mouths with a full mouth of apple.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe catches the potion and stows it in his pack. "Thank you! I have your axe when you're done. Cleaned it up for you!"

Westra Goldbrook: "There is a prisoner in one of the cells that bears a resemblance. But I'm afraid he didn't survive his treatment here."

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over to Raithe to retrieve his handaxe.

Daciramas Maass: The happy goblin drops the apple she is munching next to Tealina and her face grows dim. "Where?"

Mina Dendrar: "Um? Is it safe?" A quiet voice from the doorway says.

Westra Goldbrook: "I will show you," she tells Daci. "Tealina, Hjal, will you please help Nilsa and her children to the ground level?"
And if all agree, she'll lead Daci to the room with the dead goblin.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stands up and follows Hjalkhom.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe hands over the cleaned axe and then looks at Harold laying on the floor.
"I'm surprised you didn't drown him. He deserved it a few times over."

Wolfe: Wolfe will sit next to Harold and watch him, waiting to make sure he doesn't go anywhere if he wakes up any time soon.

Hjalkohm: "Aye this way chaps"

Wolfe: "Eh."
"Princess wanted to ask him some questions."

Daciramas Maass: She approaches the cell slowly, the lifeless form in the corner concealed in shadow. Westra can see tears welled up in Daci's eyes before they even approach. She kneels slowly and turns him over before burying her head in the worn grey robe on her brother.

Wolfe: "Doesn't matter to me much one way or the other." He shrugs. "He'll be dead soon enough."

Mina Dendrar: The woman and children follow the two to the surface. As they reach it she pauses to the two.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is obviously uncomfrortable, but to her credit attempts to be sympathetic. "You have my condolences."

Mina Dendrar: "Gods praise you, Master Dwarf and Mistress Gnome. We don't have any money to repay you, but..." She seems to be looking for a method of gratitude. "When I was a young girl, my parents were wealthy and we fled from Thunderstree when it was overrun by undead. My mother left behind jewelry box and a locket of great value in our alchemy shop. Perhaps it is still there." She paused for a beat and added. "And please, if you need a place to stay, our home is always open to you." She grabs her two children and runs off towards their home.

Daciramas Maass: She leans back up and closes his eyes before searching his pockets. She growls and mutters. "I will kill them all...." Before standing and walking back towards the main room, completely ignoring Westra.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Bye!" Tealina waves happily. "They were nice, don't you think?" She looks at Hjalkohm while eating another apple.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra follows behind Daci. "Stopping them is why we are here," she points out. "We can work together to end this."


Daciramas Maass: The formerly jubilant goblin has only a single emotion in her eyes. Murder.

Wolfe: Wolfe gets up slowly from his seat with a grunt, and he moves to interpose himself between her and Harold's body. He crosses his arms over his chest and bars her way. "You can have him after we get some answers."

Daciramas Maass: She looks nearly straight up at the Orc. "You better get them fast, I am going to melt his insides while he is still alive."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe can't help but note that Daci is mad. She real mad.

Wolfe: "After we're done."

Redbrand Ruffian: As if on queue, Harold coughs up a bucket of water.

Wolfe: "Princess, get yer answers."
"Daci deserves some justice for what this fucker's done."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Urrggggg....what..where..?"
A second bout of coughing sends more liquid over the floor.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs, not for a moment thinking 'justice' equates to unleashing an enraged woman on a man incapable of defending himself. But that could wait. "Tell us about the people in this place," she advises the mage. "Who is in charge and why have you been abducting villagers?"

Redbrand Ruffian: Cough. "Fuck." Cough "You."

Wolfe: Wolfe draws a hand-axe from his side.

Westra Goldbrook: "You'd like to go back into the pool?"

Wolfe: "Naw. We'll skip that. We'll go right to taking off fingers."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You'd think a near-death experience would soften him. Perhaps it wasn't near enough."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Only because." cough. "It will hasten your own death."

Wolfe: "Let's see you cast spells with no hands."

Westra Goldbrook: "Killing you will hasten our deaths? It seems unlikely. Why are you abducting villagers?"

Daciramas Maass: "Tell them what they want to know or I am going to make your insides, your outsides." He hands glowed a dark purple.

Redbrand Ruffian: "A weak little goblin, just like the last one we killed." He lets out a pained laugh. "You all are jokes."

Westra Goldbrook: "Answer my questions, and you will merely be imprisoned here until the village law comes to see you answer for your crimes."

Raithe Moonstrike: "If we're all jokes...and we beat you...what does that make you?" Raithe asked.

Wolfe: Wolfe won't step all over Westra's parade yet but...

Redbrand Ruffian: Westra is a bit more menacing. "I....." He looks to Westra's halberd decidedly not wanted to get sliced in two.. "We kidnap villagers to sell to slavers."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's hands curl into fists. "Under whose orders?"

Redbrand Ruffian: "Glassstaff. Our leader."

Westra Goldbrook: "Is he here, in this place?"

Redbrand Ruffian: "Ha ha ha ha, yes. and you weak fools are no match for him."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You should count yourself lucky. If this upstanding woman wasn't here..." Raithe said, gesturing to Westra, " might be the next person to get sold for a few coppers.
You've got a pretty enough mouth. I'm sure there's a Bugbear or two who wouldn't mind a new pal."

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts and looks at Raithe, rolling his eyes and then back to Westra.

Redbrand Ruffian: He only sneers at wraith before a smile appears on his face as the elf finishes his statement.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why would a wizard such as Glassstaff concern himself with slaving?"

Redbrand Ruffian: "It's good money, but I don't know if that is why Glassstaff does it."
"I heard some guy that calls himself the Black Spider hired Glassstaff to frighten off adventurers and keep the locals in their place."

Daciramas Maass: "Hurry. Up."

Westra Goldbrook: "Well, if no one has more questions for him, I suggest we put him into one of the cells."

Wolfe: "Oh?"

Westra Goldbrook: She looked at Daci. "You'll not be murdering this man in cold blood, Daci. There will be plenty of blood for your blade if you help us stop the rest of them."

Wolfe: Wolfe drives his axe down into Harold's skull.

Westra Goldbrook: "This one will be brought to trial for his crimes, as is--WOLFE!"

Daciramas Maass: "I have a cell for him." He hands begin to glow again before Westra calls her out. "You are not one to tell me...."

Westra Goldbrook: "MERCILESS HEATHEN!"

Wolfe: "You're not the fucking boss of me." He says with a grunt after he executes the wizard.
"And I'm not leaving this asshole behind us."
"You got your answers." He looks to Daci. "And you got your justice."

Daciramas Maass: Her jaw drops opened. "You big stupid green dummy!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches as Harold sneers...and then dies from a forced insertion of axe into his skull. The violence is sudden and swift.
Yet...Raithe cannot find an issue with it.

Westra Goldbrook: "There are such things as restraints!" she growls, angrily. "There was no need to kill him!"

Daciramas Maass: She cracks him in the shin with her staff.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts at Daci's attack. "You get one."
"Do it again, and you'll join him."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra paused, confused by Daci attacking Wolfe. "What are you angry about?Isn't that what you wanted?"

Daciramas Maass: "I'll fucking give you another." #EvilEye

Wolfe: "Have you noticed a trend, Daci, about what happens to people who fucking get in our way?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe. Contain yourself."

Daciramas Maass: Humph. "I'll go my own way then...." She marches through the secret door.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina walks back into the cave after seeing Hjalkohm napping under a tree. "Hey guys, I think Hjalkhom is sle....Oh....Umm.."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to lean against a wall and relax for a moment.

Wolfe: "Shut the fuck up." he snarls at Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: "You will not speak to me with such disrespect."

Wolfe: He waves it off and goes for the stairs. "I'm gonna take a breather and a drink before we go kill asshole's boss."
He moves to leave.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra blocks his path and glares.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks at Westra for a moment, and there's this tense part where it's clear there is a bit of a staredown.
He does, however, walk around her and head for the stairs.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sits next to Rathe and offers him some nuts, mouth open, eyes huge.

Westra Goldbrook: Westa grinds her jaw, but ultimately manages to restrain herself well enough to not assault her party member.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe declines the nuts, but winks at Tealina.
"You did well, Teal. Excellent work."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Thanks!" She smiles up at Rathe, "Did you see that?! I bet she punches him one of these days. I can't wait!"


Daciramas Maass:

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: Wolfe will take a drink and relax a little during that hour of downtime, notably not going after other people for conversation and keeping his space from the Helmites

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe checks his weapons, sings a bawdy song about Harold the Very Dead, and generally relaxes for a bit.

Levinath (GM): Everyone recovers, rests, and calms the fuck down on their short rest. The groups is undisturbed as they do.

Wolfe: "Alright." He stands up after feeling suitably refreshed and buzzed and draws his katana. He walks over toward Westra. "Let's go do this."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra spends the hour in prayer and reflection, and manages to dispel her wrath and reset her calm.
She is still noticeably cool towards Wolfe, but nods anyway and heads for the door.


Levinath (GM): 57

Westra Goldbrook:



Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM): A cold breeze fills this large natural cavern, carrying with it the faint scent of decaying flesh. A crevasse divides the cavern and is flanked by two rough stone columns that support the twenty-foot-high ceiling. Two arched wooden bridges span the chasm. Various doorways and halls can be seen reaching out in each direction.
The dwarf walks onto the rope bridge and it collapses sending him down into the chasm. He takes 11 falling damage.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina looks down the big hole, "HEY! Are you okay down there?"

Hjalkohm: "I see treasures!"

Levinath (GM): The chasm is extremely cold, unnaturally cold, as you explore the chasm you find a half-eaten body. The ground glows faintly on the south end of the chasm and you see a large chest in a nook at the bottom of the north end.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Is there food?"

Hjalkohm: "Not for humans, or halflings"
"Maybe for Orcs"

Tealina Tealeaf: "Would you like an apple?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra follows into the cavern, and though she is alarmed at first at seeing Hjal fall, she is relieved to hear the dwarf speaking from its depths, as though mostly unharmed. "Can you see a way back up?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina tosses an apple down to the dwarf, "Incase you get hungry down there."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe look around. "Did you all hear that?"

Hjalkohm: "Nay, mayhaps i can use the broken bridge like a ladder"

Westra Goldbrook: "Hear what?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "There's someone here."

Westra Goldbrook: "They spoke to you?"
Westra looks about for the source of Raithe's concern

Tealina Tealeaf: "Rufus just farted." Tealina laughs at Raithe.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe look around for the source of the voice.
"Yes. I...I heard it." Raithe said, visibly unnerved.

Ehaoklu: The chasm is easily climbed into and out.

Westra Goldbrook: "What did they say?"

Wolfe: Wolfe lifts his head a bit, looking around.

Tealina Tealeaf: Reaching into her pack, Tealina tosses down 3 Goodberries to Hjalkohm.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Just....something about my sister." he said.
"We need to move on, if we can."

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm scarfs down the goodberries, smearing purple juice all over his face

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe takes a deep breath. He refuses to listen. This is a trick. Some kind of magic.
No one can bring her back.
No one.

Tealina Tealeaf: Looking at Raithe, "You have a sister? I was once a sister! What's she like? Is she tall like you? I bet she's beautiful."

Raithe Moonstrike: "She's dead."

Wolfe: Wolfe considers the voice... then he looks over at the others.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra eyes Raithe, uncertain about him not saying more about this voice he's heard. The revelation that she's dead makes her brows lift in surprise.

Wolfe: "...Eh... sounds like a... desire demon or something."
"Best to ignore it and move on. Something fucking with our heads."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yeah, we need to move on. Now." Raithe suggested, looking for a way to cross this bridge and move on.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Oh, that's sad." She turns away from Raithe and walks back over to the hole, "Are you coming back up here?" She screams down at her dwarf friend.

Hjalkohm: "I have to looks for treasures first, theres gotta be somethin down here, wyrm scales, gold, a diamond necklace, maybe an old boot
or some good denim pants"

Wolfe: "Fuck off." Wolfe snarls to thin air and looks over to Raithe who is still in front of him. "Get a move on."

Tealina Tealeaf: Continuing to yell, "Everyone says we should leave now. Something about voices in their heads. It's getting weird."

Westra Goldbrook: "We can come back at a later time, Hjalkohm. We must be on our way."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Hey! Where you goin?"

Wolfe: "Where's the Dwarf?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Hjalkohm, will you kindly get back up here?"

Tealina Tealeaf: "Everyone is weird up here! I'm thinking maybe this stuff isn't free, Hjalkohm."

Hjalkohm: "But theres a chest"
"and its HUGE"

Ehaoklu: Hjalkohm finds a chest with a sword and various other pieces of treasure including two healing potions.

Westra Goldbrook: "It will be there when we're done!"

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs.


Tealina Tealeaf: "Okay, let's go now. Raithe has a weird look in his eye." Peering back over her shoulder.

Ehaoklu: Hjalkohm sees a pale blue light pulsing at the south end of the chasm.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra turns back to look at Raithe.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks angry now.

Westra Goldbrook: "Raithe? Is all well?"

Hjalkohm: "I can see a faint glow at the south, i think it may be best if we move" Hjalkohm loots the chest and climbs out.

Westra Goldbrook: "Finally.:

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'll live. We just need to find Glassstaff and deal with him." he said.
"This is probably some trick of his."

Tealina Tealeaf: "I liked the outside best. Let's go there." Tealina says, a little scared of Raithe.
Tealina starts to walk back towards the door, "You guys comin'? There is plenty of fresh air out there."

Westra Goldbrook: "Tealina, this way," Westra says, gesturing to the opening to the north

Ehaoklu: As Hjalkohm climbs out of the chasm. A screech fills all your heads, leaving your brain muddled for a moment. "MY PRECIOUS!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe clutches his skull!

Westra Goldbrook: "Gaahh!" Westra groans, clasping her head.

Raithe Moonstrike: "URGHH!"


Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:


Tealina Tealeaf:


Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf: "I told you the outside was the best." Tealina says as she looks back at the others.

Wolfe: "What the fuck is going on?" Wolf grunts, as alcohol deadens pain to the brain pretty well.

Raithe Moonstrike:

"YOU NO TAKE MY PRECIOUS!" Fills the dwarf's head.


Wolfe: Wolfe takes a step back, takes a deep breath, and runs for a leap.
Wolfe lands on the edge, then balances himself to not fall down the chasm. Once he rights himself he moves up to slash at the weird thing.

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:


Tealina Tealeaf: "See Hjalkohm! That stuff wasn't free!" Tealina yells drawing her bow.

Wolfe: Wolfe delivers a powerful slash across the creature's midsection.
"You alright, Jalk!?"
"FUCK OFF, RUNT." Wolfe snarls in building orcish anger at Ehaoklu

Westra Goldbrook: Westra attempts to follow Wolfe across the chasm towards the beast.

Ehaoklu: 5

Westra Goldbrook: ...and fails, disappearing down into the dark with a yelp.

Wolfe: "Maybe you should stop trying to jump around, Princess!"


Wolfe: "Lay off all that fancy food!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Ehaoklu: The beast looks to Raithe.

Raithe Moonstrike:


Ehaoklu: And he dies.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina yells over "Jeepers mister!" to Wolfe

Westra Goldbrook: Westra indignantly climbs out of the chasm.

Wolfe: Wolfe brings the sword down in a single, brutal slash at Ehaoklu's neck. The creature's last words in his mind cause him to narrow his eyes at the corpse of the creature.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches the creature die and feels a surge of vindication. Bastard.

Wolfe: "No." He says slowly with a barely restrained fury, flicking the blade free of the creature's fowl blood with a twist of his wrist. "I know better."
"I still believe." The Half-Orc says softly, then sheaths his blade.

Westra Goldbrook: "Believe what?" Westra grunts as she brushes herself off.

Wolfe: With an exhale and a struggle to return his fury into his flesh, he turns to Westra. "Just something the little fucker said in my head."
"You alright?"

Tealina Tealeaf: "What's everyone saying over there?!" Tealina yells across the hole, "Are we all ready to go to the outside now?!"
"Heeellllloooo?? Can anyone hear me?!"

Wolfe: "Unfortunately."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra eyesWolfe for a beat, then nods once, assertively.

Raithe Moonstrike: "We're not leaving, Teal. We're seeing this through."

Wolfe: "We're not done yet, Tealina!"

Westra Goldbrook: "We are not going outside, Tealina," Westra says, looking across the chasm to her. "We are following this path towards the wizard we came here to confront."

Wolfe: He nods towards the north. "Let's keep going."

Westra Goldbrook: She moves north and attempts to cross carefully onto the bridge.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina picks up a rock and throws it across the hole. "You guys suck." Tealina sulks back up the Hjalkohm.
--End Session 5--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 6--

Levinath (GM): With the defeat of the strange telepathic monster, the group finds themselves once again in a silent cave. The cold seems to rise from the chasm in the middle of the room, providing it with an unnatural chill. The group is able to discern an opening to a room to the north, two hallways to the west and a hallway to the south.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe is still somewhat shaken from the encounter with the...creature. Now that it's dead, he's ready to move on.

Westra Goldbrook: "We should perhaps ensure these halls are clear, lest someone come behind us unexpectedly when we head north," Westra suggested.

Wolfe: Wolfe's bloodlust has abated, for the moment, after dispatching the piece of filth that had spoken in his mind. He takes a slow breath and exhales, noting the chill, and reaches for his flask.

Tealina Tealeaf: "I would still like it to be known that my vote is to go into the out." Tealina says while munching on some cheese.

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Wolfe: "You go ahead and lead the way, Princess." Wolfe says after taking a swig from his flask, capping it and stowing his best friend.
"You seem to be good at finding the holes"

Westra Goldbrook: For a moment, Westra considers brushing by Wolfe near enough that an elbow might accidentally introduce him to the hole in the middle of the cavern. She ultimately decides that sinking to his level of pettiness is beneath her, though, and simply heads for the southwestern hallway.
"A light would be useful if anyone has one to share."

Wolfe: "Jalk. Use your wiggle fingers to help the human."

Hjalkohm: "Eh?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra proceeds down the hall at a careful pace, wary of more traps.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina allows Westra and Raithe to go ahead of her. She still wishes she could be in the out.

Westra Goldbrook: Faced with two doors, Westra investigates the southernmost one, trying to see if it's locked or otherwise protected.

Levinath (GM): Westra finds the hall turns, a door can be seen from the North. As she passes the south door, she hears a strange language being shouted followed by bouts of laughter.

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): Westra sees a wooden door with no apparent traps or locks.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra opens the door.

Levinath (GM): The laughter continues as Westra opens the door. This barracks contains four roughly built wooden bunks, with heaped-up blankets and dirty dishes scattered about. A strong smell of unwashed bodies and rotten meat fills the air. Three tall, furry humanoids are lounging among the mess, barking orders at a sad little goblin that demeans itself for their amusement. Your sudden appearance causes the goblin to faint in surprise and the furry beasts to look at you with their teeth bared.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Something tells me we should move back."

Levinath (GM):


Westra Goldbrook:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Bugbear: "Out of the way idiot!" The second bugbear comes rushing up behind the first as he misses Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: Wolfe pokes his head around the corner. "You guys need help?"
"Here, duck down stumpy."

Raithe Moonstrike: "We're under attack!"

Wolfe: He pushes Hjalkohm's head down
And then throws a handaxe at Tusk.

Hjalkohm: "Oui, what are ye doin?"

Wolfe: "Hey, Westra, skinny it up!"
"Suck in your gut or something!"

Westra Goldbrook: "HEY! Watch where you're throwing, you cretin!"

Wolfe: "I'm watching!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westa growls.

Wolfe: "I just wouldn't be upset if it hit you, is all!"

Westra Goldbrook: "One day soon, you and I will have words, orc."

Wolfe: "I mean, more than we have now? Cause we're having words now!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra seriously considers taking her eyes off of the bugbears for the sake of picking up Wolfe's ax to throw back at him. For the moment
she retains her cool.

Tealina Tealeaf: "I guess I have to do everything here." Tealina draws her bow.

Levinath (GM): Tusk growls as an arrow hits him.

Westra Goldbrook: One of the bugbears steps forward, and Westra takes the opportunity to swing at him.

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: She then steps forward into the room to allow herself more space, and swings again with intent.

Wolfe: "Thataway Princess! Show them who's got the bigger dick!"

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: Wolfe nods as Raithe moves back. "Don't worry kid." He pats him on the shoulder as he draws his katana. "I'll take care of that asshole."

Bugbear: "Ow! You hurted me!"

"Yeah." He cuts off the Bugbear's head with the second swing. "I hurted you a lot."
"Come on you fucking ugly motherfuckers."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe blinks. Did he just call him kid?

Wolfe: "Show me what you got."

Tealina Tealeaf:
"Let the lil' one show you how to do it!" Tealina flips her hair at Wolfe.


Westra Goldbrook: Westra ignores the bloodied bugbear beside her for a beat, and lunges her halberd at the one in the hallway.
And then brings the butt of the polearm back into Mosk.
rolling 1d4
(1)= 1


Wolfe: "Maybe you should focus one at a time there, Princess."


Wolfe: He grins over at her. "Don't start what you can't finish."

Raithe Moonstrike:


Westra Goldbrook: Westra gnashes her teeth. "I cannot help how distracting the odor you bring with you is."

Wolfe: Wolfe decapitates the one in front of Westra, covering her in bugbear goo.

Westra Goldbrook: As the last bugbear falls, she cuts her eyes at Wolfe.

Wolfe: "Just call me your knight in shining armor, Princess."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Wolfe: He winks at her then goes to clean off his blade.
And loot the bodies.

Westra Goldbrook: She turns to shake the unconscious goblin awake.

Droop: "Ahhhh! No hurt drooop!" The goblin wakes up to the corpses of the bugbears and scurries backwards against the wall.

Westra Goldbrook: "No one's here to hurt you. Droop, is it? We have defeated those who tormented you. You are free to leave."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees that the Bugbears are dead and returns to his place in the hall, hoping to overhear something of note.

Droop: He looks to the bodies nervously, then Westra then towards the door behind her.

Westra Goldbrook: "Unless, of course, you can tell us anything useful about this place and the people who dwell here. Any information that could help us deal with the rest of these creatures would be welcome."

Wolfe: Wolfe dusts off his hands. "You know Daci, Droop?" He asks the Goblin before it departs.

Droop: "Ummm...lots of humans with red cloaks, they are bosses, but nicer to droop than bears." He pauses. "What is a Daci?" He asks confused.

Wolfe: "Nothin'."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina peaks into the room and with a wave says "Hello! Would you like an apple?" pulling one from her pack.

Westra Goldbrook: "Where are the humans, Droop? The hallway to the north?"

Droop: "Droop like apples." He gives Tealina a grin that reveals most of his sharp teeth missing.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealinas eyes get real big but she still tosses him an apple, "I like apples too." She smiles at him.

Droop: "Humans everywhere, they play with shiny coins that way." He indicates north up the hall. "Bigums bosser is up there too."
He ducks the apple, seemingly scared of her throwing it at him. It lands on the ground next to the goblin where he picks it up and quickly hides it in his pocket.

Westra Goldbrook: "Very well. You know the way out from here?"
Westra backs out of the doorway, allowing him plenty of space to move past.

Droop: He looks around. "Yes Droop knows the way." Then sticks his head out the doorway. "Scary monster down there....."

Westra Goldbrook: "Not anymore. We've taken care of him as well. You're free to go."

Droop: He looks to her unsure, and seems increasingly unnerved by the orc just outside the door.

Wolfe: Wolfe steps out of the way and juts his head toward the way out. "Go on. Get outta here."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra turns and inspects the remaining door for locks and traps.

Wolfe: Wolfe retrieves his hand axe.

Droop: Westra sees this door unlocked and she can hear music and laughter from the other side.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra opens the door.

Redbrand Ruffian: "Oui! Who ordered the piece of as? Get in here sweetie and get yer clothes off!"

Wolfe: "Well."
"That guy is gonna die."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh man. Yeah. I don't even feel bad about how bad it's going to go for him."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra drew a calming breath. "We have dispatched a number of your comrades. Your bugbears. Your monster from the little pit outside. We are unscathed. Do you really want to begin your discourse with us in such a manner? I can assure you it is not the wisest course."

Redbrand Ruffian: They all look up as Wolfe speaks from behind Westra.   She can see several worn tables and chairs are scattered around this large room. Wooden benches are drawn up against walls decorated with draperies of brown and red, and several ale kegs are propped up and tapped. Five tough-looking human warriors wearing scarlet cloaks are gathered around one of the tables. A stack of coins and trinkets is heaped upon the tabletop between them.

Wolfe: "...Why are you even bothering to talk to these fucks?"
Wolfe draws his katana.

Westra Goldbrook: "Because if they can be reasoned with, it's that much less bloodshed in a day already full of it."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina peers in and waves, "Hello, would anyone like an apple?"

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: Wolfe walks right past Westra to attack Steve.

Redbrand Ruffian: "Ye guys wanna die, fine with us."


Westra Goldbrook:

Redbrand Ruffian:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian:

Redbrand Ruffian: Stevie flips their table up and ducks down behind it.

Crossbow bolts go flying around Wolfe as she slashes Steve across the chest. "Here's my negotiation: Surrender or fucking die."

Redbrand Ruffian: Stevarino takes up the other side of the table and shoots at Wolfe again.

Wolfe: "Personally..." Wolfe shrugs, his katana dripping blood. "I don't really care what you pick."

Redbrand Ruffian:

Wolfe: He ducks the shot.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs and moves into the room, and sets about trying to subdue the nearest ruffian (stephen).

Tealina Tealeaf:

Wolfe: Wolfe looks as Westra knocks out Stephano, looking at Westra with an annoyed gaze as Tealina's arrow shoots past him to catch Steve in the throat. "Really?"
He doesn't even notice Steve gurgling and falling to the ground dead. "Really?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Raising her bow Tealina smiles as she shoots it. "I just wanted to share the apple love."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Really." Says Stephano before he raises his hands.
And hits Wolfe in the chest.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra shoots Wolfe a blank look. "What?"

Wolfe: "Shit that guy can ca..." Wolfe grunts out in pain as magical energy slams into his chest.

Westra Goldbrook: And then watches him get blasted in the chest.

Wolfe: "Ooof..." Wolfe coughs out blood, his chest slightly caved in.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Redbrand Ruffian: The table catches fire, but the Ruffians seem undeterred, for now.

Hjalkohm: "What's appenin in there?"

Wolfe: Wolfe raises his eyes -- and if they're a little more red and a little more orc-like than normal, well...
He mad.
Wolfe stomps on Stephen's body and slashes at Stephano
But in his murderous rage he misses
He does, however, take a deep breath to get his Second Wind

Wolfe: 6


Wolfe: The crossbow bolt hits Wolfe in the shoulder, going through one of the links. The Half-Orc snarls in anger as he's wounded.

Redbrand Ruffian: "Filthy orc scum!" He shouts as his bolt lands in Wolfe's arm.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra advances further into the room and moves around the smoldering table to get at those hiding behind it.

Redbrand Ruffian: Stevie is easily knocked unconscious by the paladin.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sneaks past Raithe and moves into the room
Tealina sends Rufus behind the table to try to scare out the Ruffians!

Redbrand Ruffian: Rufus is not scary enough to frighten the hardened criminals.

Westra Goldbrook: "Get this animal out of here!"

Redbrand Ruffian:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Wolfe: The fire burns through Wolfe and his body, and while it might have killed a lesser man, Wolfe just doesn't even move. He stands there, his body lit on fire, his hair smoldering and covered in flame, and he stares down at Stephano and snarls at him.
"Shouldn't have done that."

Redbrand Ruffian: "Hmmm....that didn't go as expected." Stephano says as he stars down the angry orc.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fires at Stephano!

Hjalkohm: "Let me help ye Laddy."



Westra Goldbrook: Westra advances and swings at Stevarino.

Redbrand Ruffian: "I just wanted a dance!" He shouts as the halberd slashes his across the chest.

Westra Goldbrook: "Are we not dancing?"

Redbrand Ruffian: "!"

Tealina Tealeaf:

Redbrand Ruffian:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Redbrand Ruffian:


Hjalkohm: "Do I gotta do all de work Laddy? Pick it up!"



Westra Goldbrook:

Hjalkohm: "That ain't no way to talk to your elder!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe is madly slashing at Stephano, almost in a blind rage (emphasis on the blind because he still misses all the time)
As Stephano falls to the ground unconscious, Wolfe will bring his sword down to cut off his head.

Westra Goldbrook: "Enough," she says, to the beserking half-orc. "Calm youself."
She sighs pointedly. "That was unnecessary."

Wolfe: Still on fire, Wolfe looks to Westra and snarls. "Fuck you."
"Kill the bugbears but talk to the humans issit?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Bestiality is a sin in most paradigms, I"m afraid."

Wolfe: "Kill the bugbears but knock out the humans?"
"You racist fucking bitch."

Westra Goldbrook: "Humans can be reasoned with."
"Careful with your tongue, ruffian."

Wolfe: Wolfe seethes. "Or what? Itching for a go, Princess?"

Hjalkohm: The dwarf grabs a half eaten piece of cheese from the floor and starts munching on it before plopping down on one of the couches.

Westra Goldbrook: "Consider the moment carefully, wolfe."
"We have many foes to face yet in this place, and you're looking rather... worn."

Wolfe: He sneers at her. "You're not worth the fucking effort."

Westra Goldbrook: "Not that that's a vast change from the normal look of you, admittedly."

Wolfe: He then steps away from her, taking his blade with him and kicks Stephano's head down the hall.
"I'm taking a break."

Hjalkohm: Hjalkohm finishes his cheese and eyes Steve's cloak, it looks quite a bit newer than his own. He quick performs a switcharoo.

Westra Goldbrook: "If we had persuaded these men to leave, perhaps you wouldn't need a break right now..." she called after him.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina sits down next to Hjalkohm "Well, this is interesting. He probably tried to feed her dog meat."

Hjalkohm: "Aye. Would you like this slightly used cloak?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe loots the unconscious men.

Wolfe: Wolfe will go scrounging through the room for some alcohol, and if he finds any, he will take it with him to the room where the bugbears died.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Sure!" Tealina says excitedly shoving nuts into her mouth.

Westra Goldbrook: "Help me bind these that lived, please," she says to whomever is left nearby.

Wolfe: And then sit down and drink.

Hjalkohm: Wolfe finds several casks of beer.

Raithe Moonstrike: He will rifle through their pockets, deduct any money, but leave the pocket lint.
He'll also take any jewelry that looks valuable or sentimental.

Hjalkohm: The dwarf helps Westra restrain the men.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks as though she means to object to Raithe's pilfering, but shakes her head and sighs instead. She works with Hjal to bind up the survivors, and then.... waits?
Once they're bound, Westra shakes Stevarino awake.

Levinath (GM): The three awaken after a short time, and growl at Westra and the others menacingly One of them spits a couple profanities towards her after seeing their two dead friends.
Stevarino grunts in pain before his eyes come into focus and a growl forms back on his face.

Westra Goldbrook: "Now, now. None of that. You were bested fair and square."
"If you tell us what you know about the ones in charge of this outfit and we find it helpful, I'll do what I can to keep my very angry associate from treating you as he treated the mage." She said, with a nod to the headless body nearby.

Levinath (GM): "You come charging into our card game and call that besting? Ha!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): He looks unconvinced. His scowl does disappear as he notices the Orc is not around as he looks across the room. "I'll tell you about Glassstaff, if you let me go."

Westra Goldbrook: "Alright, provided you tell me something I haven't already learned from the beasts we've encountered so far."

Levinath (GM): "His study is up north through that door." He nods towards the north.
"None of us are allowed in there without his permission."

Westra Goldbrook: "Hm. I daresay we would have found that out on our own, after leaving this room. Have you nothing helpful to add?"

Levinath (GM): He thought for a few moments, it was apparent he was not the sharpest knife. "He has a meeting tonight with some Black Spider guy. He was all in a pissy mood earlier about us getting provisions ready."

Westra Goldbrook: "Provisions for what?"

Levinath (GM): "I don't know, it was weapons, food and water, mining supplies."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks to the others in the room, wordlessly inviting them to speak up if they had questions.

Hjalkohm: The dwarf is eating MORE cheese he found.

Wolfe: (Taking a rest and eating)

Raithe Moonstrike: "Who is the Black Spider? Have you met him or does Glasstaff only meet with him when you aren't around?"

Levinath (GM): "He goes somewhere and meets with him, we are not allowed to come or know where he goes."
"Top secret wizard shit, ye know?" He looks to Raithe cuz that dude would understand.

Westra Goldbrook: "Raithe, will you kindly check this door for us? A wizard's study is liable to be trapped." She looked back to the prisoner.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to check the door.

Levinath (GM): "That isn't the door to his study, its across the hall outside." He scoffs.

Westra Goldbrook: "Across the hall? You mean across the ravine?"

Levinath (GM): "Open that door and there will be another door. That door is to his study."

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed. Let's have a look then. Raithe, as you please."

Levinath (GM): "You gonna let me go?"

Wolfe: 8

Westra Goldbrook: "If I was you, I'd sit here and look very dead, so that when my associate comes through he does not notice that you're not."

Wolfe: Wolfe walks back after taking a breather and a healing potion or two along with a great deal of beer.

Levinath (GM): "You said...."

Wolfe: "Oh they're awake, eh?"
"Decided that murdering, robbing scum get breathing rights still?"

Westra Goldbrook: "He has answered some questions for us."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Maybe we should take a moment and rest before we move on."

Wolfe: "Oh that makes it better, eh?"

Westra Goldbrook: "They can be taken back to the town for justice. Have you named yourself judge, jury, and executioner all at once?"

Wolfe: "Yup."
"Fuck your justice."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh. We don't have time for this bickering. Let's be on with this place."

Levinath (GM): "Hey! We had an agreement." Steverio seemed to be getting agitated with Wolfe around.

Wolfe: "I don't need some judge that's been paid off by Neverember or dickholes with money to let these guys go."

Westra Goldbrook: "If I were you, I'd keep quiet for the moment," she advised Steverino
"How dare you insinuate--Lord Neverember has saved Neverwinter."

Levinath (GM): HE glowers at her but realizes he can do little else.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks toward Steverio with narrowed eyes, still angry from being nearly murdered by his friend. "How many people you kill while wearing that stupid cloak?" He walks toward Steverio.

Levinath (GM): "Not nearly enough orcs." He spits back.

Westra Goldbrook: "Well that was just foolish."

Wolfe: "Yeah too bad about that." He pulls free his hand-axe.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe."

Wolfe: "How many?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Looks like the terms of the agreement have been altered."

Westra Goldbrook: "Leave him. We have things to attend to that cannot wait."

Wolfe: He brings the axe to Steverio's throat. as he kneels down over the man, putting a hand into his hair, grabbing it forcefully. "How many people?"

Levinath (GM): "How many humans you kill, your murderous blood thirsty monster!"

Wolfe: "You don't know what bloodthirsty is yet, buddy." Wolfe leans in close. "But you're gonna find out."

Westra Goldbrook: "Am I the only one here opposed to murdering someone outside of combat?" she asks the others, exasperated.
"Brother Hjalkohm?"

Levinath (GM): "Your kind murdered my entire family, so don't presume to tell me I don't know about your filthy kind."

Hjalkohm: "Aye."

Westra Goldbrook: "Aye?"

Hjalkohm: "Aye, I do not approve of murding people."
Where is all this cheese coming from?

Westra Goldbrook: "Well don't tell me, tell him!" she insists, gesturing at Wolfe

Wolfe: "Call me an Orc one more time."

Hjalkohm: "Aye! Don't kill people so sayeth the lord!" He says to Wolfe before taking a bite.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra facepalms.

Wolfe: Wolfe growls aloud, clearly exasperated. He lets up. "He doesn't leave."
"Not til we're done here."
He stows the handaxe

Westra Goldbrook: "Fine."

Wolfe: "Drink your fucking potions, pray to your fucking Gods for health, wrap your boo-boos up. We're gonna keep moving."

Levinath (GM): "You promised to free me for helping you, and this is how you honor our agreement?" He spits from the floor.

Westra Goldbrook: "You're not dead, are you? The day's young." She bonks him on the head to knock him back out for the time-being.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I don't recall her promising you anything. She said it was a possibility, if you gave us useful information. There's a difference."

Wolfe: Wolfe feels a little alleviated at Westra committing assault on a bound man. But he's still pretty pissed off.
"Let's go." He tosses a healing potion toward Tealina.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe opens the door and then moves across the hall to the other door to check it for traps.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra moves through the door into the hall, after Raithe.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook:
Westra also inspects the door over Raithe's shoulder, curious.

Levinath (GM): Raithe finds no traps that he can detect, but the door is locked with a normal mechanism so far as he can tell.
Westra finds the same thing.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will quietly attempt to pick the lock.

Levinath (GM): The lock easily clicks opened with Raithe's deft finger work.

Westra Goldbrook: "Keep alert. There's no telling what sort of traps are set inside a wizard's room."
She then moves cautiously through the door.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will follow Westra through the door.

Levinath (GM): This room appears to be a wizard's workshop. A rat scurries across the floor and takes refuge under a large worktable set up with alembics, retorts, distillation coils, and other alchemical devices, all of it stewing and bubbling away. Bookshelves are crowded with sheaves of parchment and strange-looking tomes.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Fucking wizards..." Raithe grumbles in Infernal.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra eyes Raithe as though disconcerted by his language of choice.
But then inspects the room for items of interest.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will inspect the opposite side of the room, making sure there are no traps further in.

Wolfe: Wolfe stays back to watch over the prisoners, as he heard no sounds of shouting or explosions or combat.

Levinath (GM): Westra finds notes and books covering the basics of alchemy, it appears whoever is using this area is no master of the arts, but does appear to be able to brew potions of invisibility. Among the books is a tome written in Dwarvish that Hjalkohm is able to explain describes the history of the Lost Mine of Phandelver and the Forge of Spells. In addition, it speaks of a magic hammer called Light bringer that was commisioned by the priests of Lathander.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina stands in the door. Watching while she munches an early lunch, humming to herself, "Hum dee dum dum duumm..."

Levinath (GM): It only states the hammer was lost when Wave Echo Cavern and it's mine was lost in history.
The rat timidly moves up to the dwarf and sniffs the air, before Hjalkohm drops a small piece of cheese for it.

Raithe Moonstrike: "There's a door here." Raithe said, moving to check it.

Levinath (GM): The door appears unlocked and untrapped.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra cared little for this Forge of Spells and the lost mines, though she does note that they keep coming up.

Raithe Moonstrike: "The door seems clear."

Westra Goldbrook: She follows Raithe through the door if he goes.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe opens the door.

Levinath (GM): The walls of this bedchamber are covered with drapes of scarlet cloth. The furnishings include a small writing deskwith matching chair, a comfortable-looking bed, and a wooden chest at the foot of the bed, the chest is slightly opened and a candle still burns on the desk as ink dies on a half written parchment.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to examine the parchment, ignoring the rest of

Levinath (GM): Westra easily notices a wall very similar to the ones from the front room partially ajar along the east wall.
The parchment states: "Dear Black Spider. Things are going according to" And the letter cuts off. Raithe is able to find another, complete letter laying nearby.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra inspects the partially-opened chest.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes for the complete letter.
"There's a letter from the Black Spider here. Someone in Neverwinter told him we were coming."

Levinath (GM): Westra finds a fairly large amount of coin and gems in the chest. Likely the spoils of shaking down the the townspeople.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe takes the letter over to Westra and shows it to her.

Westra Goldbrook: "Hmm," she says, rising to inspect the letter after she opened the chest.


Westra Goldbrook: "Dwarven maps?" She looked to Raithe. "Didn't the kidnapped dwarf supposedly have a map with him? To a Wave Echo something?"

"Yeah and we haven't found any Dwarves down here except for Jolkham."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I think he did."
"And I think we have a name for Glasstaff. Iarno Albrek."
"For all that's worth."

Hjalkohm: "They captured a dwarf on the trail and sent him to cragmaw castle, if I recall correctly."
"What that goblin in the cave told us."

Wolfe: "Oh, right. So Cragmaw has the Dwarf that the Black Spider and Glassstaff is looking for."

Westra Goldbrook: While the others ponder the matter of the missing dwarf and his map, and the loot in the chest, Westra gets a closer look at the eastern wall. She attempts to find a mechanism to release a hidden door."

Levinath (GM): It easily slides opened revealing a small stairway and another ajar door.
The stairs open to a small storeroom off the cavern you were in earlier.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks for goods in the storeroom

Levinath (GM): This area is the north end of a large natural cavern, but it has been finished with dressed stone block walls and a flagstone floor. Several barrels are stored against the walls here, along with a number of empty crates, straw for packing, hammers, pry bars, and nails.
The barrels contain basic provisions like dried meat, water, and vegetables.

Westra Goldbrook: "Why was this hidden, I wonder?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina follows the apple.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra follows the stairs back out into the cavern.

Levinath (GM): Rufus is such a beast
15 AC, 18 HP, prof on all saves

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Levinath (GM):

Hjalkohm: t('.'t)

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina eats and apple
--End Session 6--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 7--

Levinath (GM):
The redbrand ruffians appear to be dispatched. The group finds no more people, equipment, or leads in the underground hideout, nor the mysterious Glassstaff. As such, they return to town and take the evening for a long rest. (Grats level 3)

Westra Goldbrook: The night's events had a profound impact on the Paladin, who spent much time in contemplation and prayer once returned to the inn. The following morning she rose early and went to the tavern to find breakfast while she waited for the others to show.

Trilena: "Hey der Miss Westra. Heard you gave them ruffians a good ol beat'n. Saw a lot of em scrambling out of town with everything they owned late yester even'n." He said as she sat a plate of bacon and eggs in from of Westra with a big smile. "What'll ya have to drink? Its on the house."

Westra Goldbrook: "As well they should," Westra says, with an approving nod at the news that the remaining ruffians had left town. "Phandalin will no long be subjected to the coarse whims of such deviants.That's very kind of you. I'll take a large glass of water and a small glass of milk, please. And tell me, have you seen any of the others of my party yet this morning?" she asked, looking back towards the stairs. She wondered if she was going to have to go and rouse them all herself.

Trilena: "OY TIMMY! BRING A BIG GLASS OF MILK AND A SMALL GLASS OF WATER FOR MISS WESTRA! MOVE IT!" She yells to the back of the inn gruffly. "Dat green one was up til I shooed him up to his room last night, I reckon bout 3, by the looks of what 'e drank, he won't be up before the sun sets. Haven't seen the others, yet."
The small boy of six or seven runs out and sets the two drinks on front of Westra before he runs off. "You'unt me to send Chelsea up to wake 'im again, like yesterday? I am sure she would be obliged."

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, if you would. And please tell her to spare no kindness. He was fully aware we had work to tend to this morning," she says, restraining a sigh as her order was delivered backwards.
"And if you'd have her knock on the doors of the others as well, I'd appreciate it," she addeed.

Trilena: "Right away!" She leaves and shortly after Westra sees the same young girl from yesterday hauling a bucket of water up the stairway.

Levinath (GM): (Whar Miss Tealeaf?)

Tealina Tealeaf: (sleeping...she said she got up early)

Wolfe: Wolfe comes down from his rest, thoroughly hungover, but in decent spirits all things considered. He has the Longsword they acquired, Talon, strapped to his waist in its shiny new sheath.

Hjalkohm: YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWN stretching and scratching his belly from between his robe, Hjalkohm sits down at the table and waits for someone to offer breakfast.

Trilena: The inn keepers wife is quick to set down breakfast as the group comes downstairs, she appears genuinely thankful for their efforts thus far and her service is far more prompt than yesterday. She also brings Wolfe another ale, not even bothering to ask what he wants after the previous evening. "You boys let me know if you need anything else." She says before walking away.

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina skips down the hall and stops at the end of the table doing some jumping jacks. "Good morning friends!" she says as she crams some nuts into her mouth!

Trilena: "What can I get you little Lass?" Trilena says as she finishes greeting her friends. "It's on the house this morning!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Ah, there you are," Westra says as Wolfe and Hjalkohm arrive. "Good morning." Tealina shows up as well, and though Westra turns to greet her, she pauses and eyes the halfing doing jumping jacks. "Good... morning, Tealina."

Tealina Tealeaf: "I'll take the fruit party platter please!"

Westra Goldbrook: Once everyone had their breakfast coming, Westra spoke again. "I was thinking that after eating we should go and speak with Sister Garaele as she requested. By the time we're through speaking with her, the supply shop might be open. I think that would be a good place to inquire as to whether anyone's seen the missing dwarf brothers."

Trilena: She looks at the halfing oddly. "I'll see what we can do."

Wolfe: "It's morning. Good part ain't clear yet." The Half-Orc grumbles and settles down, ordering some beer and a hearty breakfast. "Sure, whatever you wanna do, Princess."

Trilena: She returns shortly with a tray of nearly 10 apples, a handful of raspberries, and about ten blueberries. "This is all we have Miss Tealina."

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Tealina Tealeaf: "Looks delicious! Mmm mm!" Tealina says cramming the blueberries in her mouth and tossing Rufus an apple.

Rufus: chomp Core and all.

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh, Miss," Westra says, catching Trilena before she moves away. "By chance, have you ever heard of Iarno Albrek?"

Trilena: She looked off to the sky. "Hrrmmmm...the name feels like I have...." A beat later she snaps her fingers. "There was an older gentleman in here a couple days ago, he said he was looking for him friend Iarno. Soldierly type like you, Sildhar was his name. I believe he is still staying over at the townmaster's house."

Westra Goldbrook: "I see. Thank you," she tells the woman, with a nod.
Once everyone has eaten, Westra would likely be the first to rise. She'd thank Trilena again for the breakfast, and would wait for the others to ready themselves. Once done, she'd head towards Sister Garaele's place, barring objections from the others.

Wolfe: Wolfe will follow along, but only after refilling some flasks of much needed booze for the days ahead

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina puts the rest of the nuts from the table into her pack along with the fruit. She pats Rufus on the head and follows Westra.

Sister Garaele: Phandalin's only temple is a small shrine made of stones taken from the nearby ruins. It is dedicated to Tymora, goddess of luck and good fortune. A tall and gentle eleven acolyte that the party recognizes tends to the garden. "Good Morning heroes! Goddess watch over you! I do believe I didn't get your name yesterday, M'Lady. My thanks again to you all for the help. We all appreciate your efforts."
(Tealina is gonna have to start making str checks to carry her apple bushel soon.)

Westra Goldbrook: "Of course. I am Westra Goldbrook, of Neverwinter," she said, with a polite bow of her head. "We rousted the ruffians from their base at the manor, and I hear you wished to see us afterwards."

Sister Garaele: She looked a bit torn for a moment. "I am sorry to trouble with such a task, but heroes such as yourself may be the only ones to be able to help me. Legend speaks of a Banshee near the ruins of Conyberry. She is said to posses knowledge of all. I have spent some time studying history in this region since I arrived here several years ago. A mage named Bowgentle lost a spellbook in this region years ago that would help me further my research for the Lady of Luck."
Distressed, she continues. "Only....I went there, but she did not appear to me, perhaps you all are worthy to meet with her. She was known to be vain in life, I have this silver comb I hoped to trade her for information." She sniffled a bit. "But she did not reveal herself to me."

Wolfe: "Maybe she's not into chicks." Wolfe says dryly from behind Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra closes her eyes and breathes, stifling a retort to Wolfe's crass observation. "We had another task at Old Owl Well, so it would be no large inconvenience to check on this place in Conyberry while there. Would you like us to attempt to trade the comb for you, if she appears?"

Sister Garaele: A beaming smile forms on her face. "Oh would you?!" She thrusts the comb towards Westra. "You truly are the goddess's servants! Bless you!"
She moves over to a small bag off to the side. "It isn't much, but I can offer you these as payment for your help." She holds four healing potions in her hands.

Westra Goldbrook: "That..." Westra says, intent on turning down the woman's offered reward - she's a holy woman, after all, and this was merely doing helpful work. Buuuuuuut healing potions are mad useful, though. " very kind of you," she says, accepting the offered potions. She passes them off to the others, and then nods to the Sister. "We'll be off then. Hopefully we'll be back soon with results."

Sister Garaele: "I cannot thank you enough she says beaming to them all."

Westra Goldbrook: Annnnd if no one objects, Westra will then head towards the supply shop to ask about the dwarves.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe joins the group as they leave, falling in alongside Tealina. He'd already reviewed the ledger for Eston and stowed it away in his pack.
"Morning all." he said, his tone chipper.

Wolfe: "Yup." Wolfe says toward Raithe, pocketing a healing potion and then withdrawing a flask. "It's morning."
"Westra's pickin up every chore there is between here and Neverwinter."

Westra Goldbrook: "As dependably as Wolfe is picking up every venereal disease in the same span. We all have our hobbies."

Wolfe: "Can't pick 'em up if you already got 'em."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Wolfe: "Though 'Stuck Up Bitch' is one I'm missing."

Westra Goldbrook: "Raithe," she greets him, before heading on

Wolfe: "So any time you wanna take off your pants, Westra, I'll add it to the list."

Westra Goldbrook: "Not in your wildest, most far-reaching dreams, you foul-smelling beast."

Wolfe: "Even the nightmares." He sighs wistfully and drinks.

Elmar Barthen: The group finds the shop opened for the day, as they enter they hear."Oy you lot!" A stern shout comes from the back of the store. The shopkeeper appears wiping his dirty hands on an even dirtier rag. "Nice job givin' them sons of bitches a good routing. Too bad I am a little old for fun such as that."

Westra Goldbrook: "Good morning, sir!" Westra calls in return. "Much obliged. I don't suppose you've seen any sign of the dwarven brothers we spoke of yesterday?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe gives a mock salute to shopkeeper, letting Westra handle the "cheerful" portion of this meeting.

Elmar Barthen: " I haven't and they are most defiantly overdue." He rubbed his chin.

Westra Goldbrook: "Well that's troubling," she murmured.

Elmar Barthen: "They had provisions for about a week, no more than ten days for certain."

Westra Goldbrook: "And you don't know what area they were camping in? Just that they were near town?"

Elmar Barthen: "They left the town headed south, towards the Sword Mountains, but more than that I am uncertain."

Westra Goldbrook: "And you saw them last when? Eight days ago?"

Elmar Barthen: "A fortnight, today."

Westra Goldbrook: Westa glances to the others, looking concerned by the news.

Wolfe: "Maybe we should work on that before we go do extra shit for every person who asks us."

Westra Goldbrook: "Alright, well, that gives us some choices to make. But while we're here, you don't happen to know a man by the name of Iarno Albrek, do you?"

Wolfe: He lifts his flask toward Westra. "Just a suggestion, highness."

Westra Goldbrook: ...she asks the shopkeep, ignoring Wolfe.

Elmar Barthen: "Sildhar knows him, I believe they have done some work together in the past. More than that, I cannot say."

Westra Goldbrook: "Sildhar?"
"Right, then."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You think that guy is in any shape to talk?"

Westra Goldbrook: "So perhaps we head south to see if we can find any trace of the brothers. We'll go past the Townmaster's Hall on the way, and see if Sildhar can tell us anything more about this Aberik. Yes?" she asks, pausing to check the agreement of the others.
"It takes little enough effort to talk."

Elmar Barthen: "Master Orc, have you seen these wine belts?" He strays off towards Wolfe. "See here it is my own design, there are four wine pouches that attack this length of rope, so you never run dry. Only 50 silver pieces." He gives the Orc a fine price is right demonstration.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nods. "Alright, then. Let's see if he's up for a chat.

Wolfe: "Call me Master Orc again, buddy, and I'll beat you into next week."

Elmar Barthen: "Uhh...sorry, friend." He moves back a step.

Wolfe: "Maybe after I get some cash from all this hero work I'll be back to buy some of that."
"Sounds like a nice thing -- to never run dry." He smirks, almost dreamily, then turns to Westra. "We done here?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes. Let's be off."

Harbin Wester: The townmaster's hall has sturdy stone walls, a pitched wooden roof, and a bell tower at the back. Posted on a board next to the front door is a notice written in Common. It reads: "REWARD-Orcs near Wyvern Tor! Those of a mind to face the orc menace should inquire within." The notice bears the town's seal and an indecipherable signature.

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh," Westa says, as she notices the posted note. She then looks to Wolfe, but says nothing at the moment as she proceeds indoors.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the poster and just shakes his head. "That's going to go well."

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't even seem to notice. Maybe he can't read.

Harbin Wester: As you enter the comfortable, yet small hall the smell of roast foul hits your noise. The lavishly decorated hall, bespeaks the purpose. Torches are flowing every few feet, a large sofa is at one corner with several fluffy chairs, Sildhar reads a book in one of them. The old man's body is still littered with bruises and cuts from several days past You see quite possibly the largest man you have ever seen sitting at the head of a large table, eating half a chicken. Grease runs down his face and his white matted hair falls down to his shoulders. He turns to the group, his eyes going big for a moment before speaking with a half full mouth. "And…who are you?" Chicken flies onto the floor as he speaks.

Sildar Hallwinter: The old man looks up and smiles.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe raises an eyebrow. This looks like a lot expensive stuff. Or valuable, at least. Raithe silently catalogues the value of everything he can see.
"We...are the people with Table Manners."

Westra Goldbrook: "We have been sent by Captain Rutherford of the Neverwinter guard to see to some of his interests in the area," she explains. "I am Westra Goldbrook." She pauses, and looks to the others to allow them to introduce themselves if they want.

Wolfe: "Wolfe."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Call me Raithe. It's easier to say."

Hjalkohm: "You may call me Karl!" Holds out his hand to shake....

Westra Goldbrook: She purses her lips and eyes Raithe for a moment before continuing, after the other introductions. "While here, we have rid the city of the Ruffians that have been plaguing it."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina is looking around eating one nut at a time with her mouth open, "HiI'mTealinaTealeafNiceToMeetYou." She says super fast and walks past.

Harbin Wester: He continues to chew as introductions are made. "Oh yes, more of the Neverwinter Guard! You are always welcome here! Please come in!" He is stopped by Westra's revelation.

Westra Goldbrook: "Good morning, Sargent Hallwinter," she adds, as an aside.

Harbin Wester: He looks around nervously. "The Redbrands? Routed? They are just a mercenary guild, and not all that much trouble, really. They have helped protect the town at times."

Sildar Hallwinter: "Good Morning, my friends." He gives them a slight nod.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's eyes narrow thoughtfully as she watches the man speak.

Raithe Moonstrike: "You call shaking down people and attacking travelers protecting the town? How do you arrive at that conclusion?"

Wolfe: Wolfe stops drinking to look at Harbin as he says that.

Harbin Wester: "No no the more pressing matter is outside the town! Orcs have been sighted nearby in a ravine. At first we thought they might just be passing through, but they have been there for a fortnight now!" Panic was rising in his voice. "The redbrands were the only thing protecting us!"

Sildar Hallwinter: "Calm yourself before you have a heart attack Harbin."

Westra Goldbrook: "A ravine where?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "His diet looks like it'll take care of that for him..." Raithe mutters.

Harbin Wester: He breathes, calming himself a bit. "To the east, south of the ruins of Conyberry." He seemed to noticed the interest in Westra's question. "I..I mean if you could help us…we would gladly pay...100 gold for services rendered if you could take care of the problem." He paused before adding. "For the poor people of the town, of course."
"They are filthy monstrous creatures, that burn, pillage and...." He then noticed Wolfe for the first time and his voice trailed off as the man began to shake.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe started to say something else, but merely smiled as the man noticed Wolfe.

Westra Goldbrook: "Uh huh," Westra murmurs, seeming unconvinced. She advances a few feet towards the table in an unhurried gait and folds her arms across her chest. "Tell me, town master, how it is that you have come to sit here in the midst of relative luxury while the people of your town have been living in fear for their lives and virtue?"

Sildar Hallwinter: The soldier stood and walked over to Westra, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I need some air Harbin....I think I am going to take our friends outside for a bit." He looked at the hyperventilating fat man. "You...finish your breakfast."
"With your permission, Lady Westra." He motioned her to the door.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lingered long enough to eye Wester pointedly, but then nodded to Sildhar and turned to walk out with him.

Harbin Wester: He looked to Westra then Sildhar then to Wolfe, nothing came from his shivering jaw.

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over to Harbin's table, looking down at him.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra paused and looked back, watching to see what Wolfe was up to

Wolfe: He reaches down toward the man's mug. "Do you mind? I'm mighty thirsty."

Westra Goldbrook: She rolled her eyes and sighed.

Harbin Wester: He nodded slowly and pushed his mug towards the table edge.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc, filthy, murderous creature that he was, smiles and lifts the cup up in salute to the town master. "Thanks." Without taking his eyes off Harbin he drinks slowly from the mug.
Once he's drained it, he lets out a loud, slow sigh of contentment. "Ah. That hits the spot."
Setting the mug down in front of Harbin. "I've had that before."
"Tastes damn good."
"Those Bandana-Wearing-Fucks sure knew how to drink."
The Half-Orc smiles, still, all teeth, and flashes a wink at Harbin. "Don't go nowhere."

Wolfe: He then pats the man's shoulder, and goes to follow after Westra outside.

Harbin Wester: " is more." He pointed towards the kitchen with a shaking finger.

Sildar Hallwinter: As they came outside into the morning sun, the old man let out a sigh. "Friends. misguided, but....." He paused. "I have seen worse townmasters." He looked pointedly to Westra, before looking to the others.

Westra Goldbrook: Once outside, Westra turns to Sildhar and re-crosses her arms across her chest.
"Your host seems very comfortable with the Ruffians you were here to deal with, Sargent."

Wolfe: "I'm about to misguide him out of town."

Sildar Hallwinter: "He is a fool, and I am an old beaten man, at least for the time being." He smiled to her. "The Captain sent you after my mission failed. I have been looking for another whom was supposed to aid me with these Ruffians. He was supposed to be here prior to my arrival but I haven't been able to locate him. Iarno, a mage of Neverwinter."
"No one seems to have heard of him, it makes me believe he never arrived."

Westra Goldbrook: "Is this Iarno one of Rutherford's as well?" she asked, sounding doubtful.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at Sildhar. "Oh, this'll be good."

Hjalkohm: Shrugs I havent heard of him

Sildar Hallwinter: "Yes he is a member of the flaming fists"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Your partner wasn't Iarno Albrek, was he?"

Sildar Hallwinter: "Indeed, that is him." He looks confused. "You know of his whereabouts?"
"He has been a dear friend for near twenty years."

Raithe Moonstrike: "That so? Because he seems to be one of the problems in this town."

Sildar Hallwinter: The older man is clearly confused. "No, we are to help these people. Is he here? I have spoke with near everyone these last two days."

Westra Goldbrook: "Is Aberik a mage, Sildhar?"

Sildar Hallwinter: "Yes."

Raithe Moonstrike: "He was working with the Redbrands and he's working for, or with, the Black Spider. He's been lying to you."

Westra Goldbrook: "I believe he is none other than Glassstaff."

Wolfe: Wolfe grumbles something unkind about 'Neverember' and 'Helping' beneath his breath.

Sildar Hallwinter: "No, that can't be right, he is supposed to be here to help these people. He wouldn't do such a thing." He began shaking his head at Raithe.
"Where is he? Let me talk to him and we can get to the bottom of this."

Westra Goldbrook: "He fled from the ruffian manor just before we reached him. We don't know where he's gone."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You try to talk to him, he'll put a dagger in your chest. He's not your friend."

Westra Goldbrook: "We have other matters to tend to, Sildhar. It is imperative that if you see or hear from Aberik again before we get back, you exercise caution."

Wolfe: "Your Town Master's supposed to be here to help people; look how that turned out."
"So are you, but.." Wolfe shrugged slowly. "Guess doing your job's too hard now, eh?"

Sildar Hallwinter: His brow furrowed as he looked to the ground. "Something else must be going on." He nodded to Westra still. "I will be certain to take this information into account, My Lady."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra frowned at Wolfe.
"If what Sildhar says is true, it's possible this Aberik is being influenced somehow."
"It's best to not snap to judgments before we know more."

Sildar Hallwinter: He frowned to Wolfe. "My job was to wait on my friend as ordered by my Captain, Greenie."

Westra Goldbrook: "I propose we head east and then south. If the brothers ran into trouble with the orcs, maybe we'll recover them before it's too late."

Wolfe: "Your job is to protect these people." Wolfe snarls at Sildhar, ignoring Westra's opinion on the matter. "You turn a blind eye to their leader abusing them, getting fat off their misery or their deaths."
"You're an honorless coward. We should have left you in that cave."

Westra Goldbrook: "That's enough, Wolfe. We have work to do."

Sildar Hallwinter: "Preparing to lead another revolution, boy?" He chuckled at Wolfe. "Maybe you should have, but you didn't. And now you have defeated the Ruffians yourselves. I was wrong, Captain Rutherford was right to choose you lot."

Westra Goldbrook: "Sargent, take care, and please see that the town master doesn't stray too far. Misguided or no, he'll have some questions to answer once we're done."

Wolfe: Wolfe seems about a hair trigger away from decking Sildhar, but he just grunts at him and turns away, going back to his flask.

Sildar Hallwinter: "Will do, my Lady. Shall I inform Harbin you intend to dispatch the Orcs during your excursion?"
"It would really put the fool's mind at ease."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Let's ease off on making him feel good about his mistakes, savvy?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Might as well. If they're harrying the village, we'd best not leave them unbothered."

Sildar Hallwinter: "He is merely blinded to the fox in the hen house by the jackals circling the perimeter."

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's be off," Westra says with a sigh, heading for the horses.

Sildar Hallwinter: "Good luck on your mission." He nods to everyone, including Wolfe.

Wolfe: Wolfe grumbles to himself, agitated, but he follows after Westra's lead toward the horses.

Levinath (GM): The group arrives in the reported vicinity of the orc camps in the late afternoon. The sun is setting on the horizon as Wolfe leads the group down a streambed. Orc tracks are fresh and the sounds and wolves can be heard in the distance.
A lone orc can be seen standing sentry further down the riverbed, though he half sleeps in the setting sun against a log.

Wolfe: "Raithe, you wanna take care of our sentry?" He whispers quietly toward the Elf.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yes, I'll do just that." Raithe said.

Levinath (GM): 6

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe quickly creeps down toward the Orc sentry in silence. He happens upon him, slicing his throat and making sure he died quietly.
Raithe will check for other sentries.

Rufus: Rufus sniffs the dead orc.

Raithe Moonstrike: Seeing none, Raithe returns to the group.
"First sentry down. Their encampment is to the west, though."

Wolfe: "We got the element of surprise. We should hit them hard and fast."
"Just like Westra likes it." He winks at Raithe.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."
"So be it," she grumbles, before heading in.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe can't help a laugh.

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):


Tealina Tealeaf:


Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe creeps up the ridge quietly and sights another Orc who is Not On Top Of His Game. Raithe draws his rapier and stabs him in the back the moment he takes a sip of his beer. The Orc dies unaware of what just happened to him.
"A knife in the dark leads to a quick death, friend." Raithe whispers, before he moves to hide again.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Brughor Axe-Biter: "What the fuck?! Which one of you idiots shot me with a...."
"You filthy morons! Kill that...whatever...that is!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra skirts around the ridge (and the halfling) and lunges into the camp. She wordlessly begins her assault on the unsuspecting beasts .

Gog: "What dat is, Boss Man?"
"I coming..."

Wolfe: Wolfe draws his hand axe from his side and throws it right at the bottom Orc.


Brughor Axe-Biter: "Get off yer asses!"

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe sheathes his sword and draws his bow, firing an arrow into the neck of another orc and felling it.

Wolfe: "Westra, you get the chief and I'll get the big one!"

Tealina Tealeaf:

Westra Goldbrook: Westra swings again at the orc in front of her, AS SHE WAS GOING TO DO ANYWAY, WOLFE.

Brughor Axe-Biter:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Brughor Axe-Biter:

Gog: "Who I hit boss man?"

Westra Goldbrook:

Gog: "Ow!"
"Why hit Gog?"

Westra Goldbrook: "I thought you were 'getting the big one', Wolfe?!"

Wolfe: Wolfe draws Talon from the silver-scabbard. Taking the weapon into both hands, he looks at the edge of the sword, taking a slow and deep breath. He ignores all distractions. Westra, the Orcs, the Ogre, nothing but the air -- the wind -- the water -- these are the things he focuses on.
Something from far away awakens in him, and he becomes one with the blade.
Wolfe then moves forward and slashes once at Gog.

Gog: "Stupid Orc, hit wrong team!"

Wolfe: Wolfe's blade draws blood. He doesn't even seem to notice Gog's words, his golden eyes burning with focus.

Gog: "Even Gog know who to hit!"



Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Westra Goldbrook: Undeterred, Westra hacks away at the ogre in front of her.

Gog: "You no nice!"

Westra Goldbrook:


Tealina Tealeaf:

"Gog smash you!"

Tealina Tealeaf: Rufus jumps on the orc and bites his face off.

Gog: "Tiny Lady!"

Tealina Tealeaf: He dies.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra grunts but remains standing. "It's about time," she growls. "I thought you were already asleep!"

Wolfe: Wolfe slashes forward.
He cuts right through the Ogre's midsection, cutting him down like a lumberjack might a brittle tree. "Death is like the wind." He exhales. "Always by my side."
He then moves forward toward the other Orcs.



Westra Goldbrook:


Raithe Moonstrike:

Tealina Tealeaf:

Westra Goldbrook: Westra goes after the chief.

Orc: "Why you run Sissy Elf?"

Westra Goldbrook:
rolling 1d4
(4)= 4

Raithe Moonstrike: "I heard your mother and your sister calling me."

Tealina Tealeaf:


Wolfe: Wolfe once more takes a deep breath, refocusing his mind and instilling in himself a deadly connection to Talon.
He then slashes at the Orc in front of Raithe.



Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe aims and fires, slaying the orc in front of Wolfe!

Wolfe: Wolfe makes a flick of his wrist, tossing the blood off of his blade, then sheaths his sword.
--End Session 7--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 8--

Levinath (GM): The group effortlessly dispatched the band of Orcs and after find no useful information from the chieftain, departed towards their next destination, Old Owl Well to the North to deal with reports of undead in the vicinity. Over the course of trip North, the group had a short rest before nearing the tower.

Wolfe: Wolfe is, in normal fashion, meandering at a relaxed pace with the others. One hand on the strap of his pack, the other firmly holding a flask that he is partaking from.

Levinath (GM): As each group crests a low ridge, they spy the crumbling ruins of an old watchtower standing amid the rugged hills. The place is so old that the walls are only mounds of rubble enclosing a courtyard of sorts, adjacent to the broken stump of an old tower. The remains of a recently used campsite sits in the middle of the courtyard, but no one is in sight. The ground nearing the tower looks dead and decayed, as if they very land itself is dying. The two parties, as if by magic, arrive within seconds of each other, although from different directions.

Westra Goldbrook: Having struck out at finding the dwarven brothers who might possess the needed map, Westra was frustrated. However, she wasn't one to waste time. She urged the party towards Old Owl Well, intending to deal with the undead that were rumored to be there.

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Upon seeing other figures approach the same area, Westra slows and pulls her halberd from her back, though she keeps it only loosely at her side. Cautious, but not quite hostile.
"Hail, strangers."

Tealina Tealeaf: "And that is why apples are free. How many times do I have to tell you?" She says grumpily to Wolfe.

Dr. Catriona: "What if there is some irritating scalp itch? You just scratch it through the hood?" asks the half elf to Yvaine with a mild adjustment of her glasses.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Poisonous mushrooms indeed," the darkly clad figure proclaims as they crest the hill to spot the others approaching...appearing exactly as she'd imagined they would. The whole thing was a bit jarring, really.

Wolfe: "Until I actually remember anything you fucking say." Wolfe mutters grumpily to himself behind his flask.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine gave a sidelong glance to Dr. Cat which amounted to a swivel of her chin beneath her cowl in her direction and little more. Across the field of wheatgrass, Yvaine, a somewhat short statured female wearing intricate breastplate that bore the symbol of Help tipped her mostly obfuscated face. "She sounds as I imagined..." she said quietly to Cat.
To Westra, she raised her tone to cross the distance, "Hail, Paladin of Helm," she said, her voice low with a soft quality, even as she tried to make it carry while they continued to approach.

Dr. Catriona: Her question will have to wait as she sees signs of life; particularly ones so vividly described by Yvaine earlier. "Good grief, you were pretty accurate."

Wolfe: "Torm's cock." Wolfe grumbled at Yvaine's greeting. "Not another one."

Tealina Tealeaf: Tealina munches an apple and follows Westra's gaze towards the two approaching women.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Dead on balls accurate, to be more precise, Doctor," Yvaine corrected as she noted the faces in the party ahead.
Yvaine did not reply to Wolfe's expletives, presuming she could hear them.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra closes the distance between the groups, wary but assured by the appearance of another Tormite. She gave the hooded woman an uncertain glance as she caught the last of her crass speech, but didn't comment on it. Instead, she looked between the two of the. "Have you come here seeking us?" she inquired, curious.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona makes a squinting face at that expression, not quite following it.
"That really is a large canine..." says the curvy spectacled halfblood, slowing her footfalls after Yvaine.

Tealina Tealeaf: The halfing gives her half eaten apple to her dog, swallows it with one massive chomp. She hops off his back and follows Westra.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Yes," the armored, crossbow carrying woman said to Westra. A rapier hung at her side, and a shield was strapped across her back. "My name is Yvaine," she offered simply, forgoing a last name. "This is Doctor Catriona Wicker."

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't make any move to approach, hanging back in his casual stance, flask in hand still. He doesn't seem tense or upset, but he doesn't seem entirely friendly either.

Tealina Tealeaf: She smiles to the lady in glasses. "Hi! Nice to meet ya! I am Tealina, Tealina Tealeaf! This is Rufus! He is pleased to meet you too!" Tealina pats the dog, who is taller than she is. He quickly responds with a deep 'Ruff!'

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow when the blonde comments on Rufus rather than responding. She glanced back to the dog in question, and nods as she looked back to the women. "He is." The hooded woman introduced both herself and the easily-distracted blonde, and Westra nodded respectfully.
"I am Westra Goldbrook." She pauses long enough to allow the others to introduce themselves, but then prompts. "What's brought you to seek us? And how did you know we would be here, of all places?"

Yvaine Songsteel: It's impossible to tell, as Yvaine's eyes are obscured by her hood, but her stare falls to Tealina Tealeaf, and she nods in silent greeting.

Dr. Catriona: Doctor Wicker makes a face that you'd expect someone to make when they are not keen on big furry creatures.

Hjalkohm: The dwarf nods to the two of them but doesn't introduce himself while he continues eating a piece of cheese. Yvaine can see he is a cleric of Helm from his robes.

Dr. Catriona: "Uh, I am Doctor Wicker and... are you a knight?" she asks Westra pointedly, though the girl does not seem all that socially confident.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Yes you are," the hooded woman told Westra, as if agreeing with her own introduction in a somewhat jarring way. "We have been sent to join you," Yvaine tells the Paladin ambiguously. "I am a Minister of sorts, and we can be of assistance to you," she says to Westra.
Yvaine takes note of the quiet Dwarf, giving a pale smile on her exposed lips. "Ah, you are a Cleric. I wonder why I did not see that earlier," she remarks to the Dwarf.
Sensing Catriona's hesitance, she puts her own body slightly in front of hers as a quiet show of assurance.

Wolfe: "Sent from who?" Wolfe asks with a note of suspicion and obvious gruff annoyance.

Hjalkohm: "Sometimes me beard gets in da way." He says spitting cheese into his chin hair.

Yvaine Songsteel: "That depends," Yvaine began, eyeing Wolfe.

Dr. Catriona: "Nuts & bolts, if I know."

Westra Goldbrook: "No, miss. I am a captain in the Neverwinter Guard," she answers, plainly. She then turns her eyes to Yvaine, seeming hesitant. Wolfe beat her to the question, though, so she waited for the woman's answer before speaking further.

Wolfe: "Depends on what?"

Westra Goldbrook: Quietly, she wished he'd already progressed to the passed-out-in-a-shrub portion of his day.

Dr. Catriona: "Oh.... that's neat." she says to Westra, with a level of interest.

Yvaine Songsteel: "That depends on your religion," Yvaine said in a soft tone that carried no hesitance what so ever in the face of the half-Orc.

Wolfe: "...What?"
"Why does that matter?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "It is a pleasure, Westra Goldbook," Yvaine said, primarily focused on her.

Dr. Catriona: "We don't mean you any harm. Yvaine is some kind of prophetic vessel or some such and had visions of you all."
"But she talks all mysterious like so things take a while."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks to Catriona and her explanation, then turns to Westra, then back to Yvaine.

Westra Goldbrook: Catriona's answer was a bit more helpful, and Westra's brows lifted in interest. "A prophet, you say?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine seemed to choke a moment at Cat's open-mouthed supposition to the party. It caught her off guard, and thankfully, no one could see the fleeting panic in her eyes. Gods, she hated dealing with people.

Dr. Catriona: "I mean... an interesting, while that... draws engagement and such." she says looking at Yvaine bashfully, realizing she may come across a bit offensive.

Wolfe: "Fine. Whatever." He shrugs and shakes his head. "You girls praise your God or what have you. If you're lying and you're here to fuck us over, I'll kill you."
"Fair warning given. I'm gonna go make sure we don't get jumped." He then walks past them and heads for an advance location, flask in hand.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I am no prophet," the dark, self-professed Minister corrected. "Whatever it is you want to call it, your God, a God, any Gods, all the Gods...the Universe..." she trailed off at Wolf's comment.

Dr. Catriona: "Oh, he really IS inebriated!"

Wolfe: "Not nearly enough." He says over his shoulder as he passes them by.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Would you like an apple? Apples are free for everyone. It's basic halfing rights after all." He speaks quickly and offers Cat an apple.

Dr. Catriona: "Who is jumping?"
"Doing the jumping, I mean."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra closes her eyes and breathes slowly, keeping her annoyance in check for the moment until the waft of Wolfe's odor passed by entirely. She then opened her eyes and focused on the newcomers once more. "Yes," she agreed, to Cat's observation. "Perpetually, unfortunately."
"There have been reports of undead in this area, hence our presence here," she explains.

Dr. Catriona: "She looks at Tealina. "Did the apple come in contact with the dog?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Her frame tensed, and thankfully, her expression was obscured by that damnable hood. However, her lips formed a hard line. "He doesn't speak from the drink. Naturally, he likes using it as an excuse..." she remarks in an oddly knowing tone after he's wandered off.

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh, yes. I'm quite sure. There's no alcohol in the realm that could entirely conjure a personality such as that on its own."

Tealina Tealeaf: "It was here in my backpack!" She showers her the pack, which had a divider with apples on both sides. "The apples on the left are the free apples. The ones on the right are......someone else's...."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Undead?" Yvaine's chest swelled. "Well then, one could say Helm knew what he was doing when he sent me your way." She would have said 'us' had she had any clue why she was meant to bring the good Doctor along.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra paused. "You're saying you were sent here by Helm himself?"

Dr. Catriona: "Maybe later. I don't know you and you are presenting me with unverified fruit."
"But thank you, anyway."

Westra Goldbrook: She cast a funny look at Cat, wondering how one would go about "verifying" fruit.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Suit yourself!" She takes a bite and then feeds the rest to her dog again. "Come on Rufus! Lets go check things out!"

Yvaine Songsteel: The corner of Yvaine's lips twitched up at Westra's comment regarding Wolfe. It wasn't a full smile, but one might get the impression that this mouth did little of that. "I like to think so," she replied in response to Westra's comment on Helm having sent them. "I don't know who or what is responsible for us being here, but I know this is wear I'm meant to be and little else."

Dr. Catriona: The ivory skinned scientist raises her eyebrows as the dog and halfling run off. The dwarf was rude, but who could ever really hate a dwarf.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine stays near Catriona in an almost protective fashion.

Westra Goldbrook: Westa, who was in fact quite capable of hating a dwarf on occasion, made a thoughtful expression at Yvaine's uncertainty. "Why do you hide your face?" she asked, never having met a Helmite who required such secrecy.

Dr. Catriona: "I have many hypothesis on that matter."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Why not hide my face?" she replied.

Dr. Catriona: "She never affirms nor denys any of them."

Westra Goldbrook: "Because it suggests that one has something to hide."

Dr. Catriona: "In old texts, soothsayers and prophets had to be blind to see the future."

Yvaine Songsteel: "It should make little difference, even if I do. It is in everyone's best interest that you try not to let it bother you," she assured.


Dr. Catriona: "Maybe she possesses unseemly ocular cavities and are sparing the squeamish."

Yvaine Songsteel: Changing the subject, "Tell us more about where you're heading so that we may be of service or aid."

Wolfe: "Hey Rufus, you sick of this shit too?" He asks the dog, then takes a big swig.

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Dr. Catriona: ((thats one eloquent dog))

Wolfe: "Yeah me too." He exhales slowly after the heat of the drink comes through his chest.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra seems entirely unconvinced. "As I said, we were headed here. There are supposedly undead in these parts. I suggest you and the miss retreat to safety, lest harm come to you if we find any."

Dr. Catriona: "Second time you said undead. You really think they are about?"

Wolfe: "Jalkohm you don't wanna cuddle with your fellow Helmite? Maybe she's hiding a beard under that hood." He tosses toward the Dwarf with a slow smirk behind his tusks.

Hjalkohm: "Nay, she is too tall for me. I enjoy my women under 4 feet."

Wolfe: "Mmm. Fun Sized."

Yvaine Songsteel: It would seem Yvaine had little interest or care about convincing anyone of anything, other than to explore the meaning of why her visions had brought her here. Undead seemed the likeliest candidate. "Harm." Pillowy lips unfurled into a dark grin at their edges. "It just so happens I'm quite adept at harming the undead, Officer Goldbrook. The good Doctor has her uses...don't you?"

Westra Goldbrook: "I have found it uncommon for civilians to be untruthful about such things," she said, as her eyes scanned over towards the building's remains. "And they reported having seen them here. We shall investigate," she said, looking back to the two women. She paused long enough to allow them to retreat gracefully if they wished, and then headed after the others.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Come on Rufus, lets go look at that tent over there!"

Dr. Catriona: ((Jason Voorhees sounds ))

Yvaine Songsteel: As Westra turned to continue on, Yvaine simply followed along with a strange, cat-like grace considering she was sporting thigh-high heeled boots in the grass.

Dr. Catriona: "I do? I mean, I do. And if there is undead, I have questions as to how they .,.." everyone just starts walking away from her.

Yvaine Songsteel: She paused long enough to look over her shoulder after Catriona.

Dr. Catriona: She stops and then hussles to keep pace.

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't hurry after Tealina, cause he doesn't like her. He sighs as he watches her and the dog run off and shrugs, taking another drink.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Hey, it looks like someone was staying here about a week ago." She says to no one in particular.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Are you able to walk and talk at the same time?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Exercise caution, Tealina," Westra calls as the halfing heads towards a tent.

Dr. Catriona: "You know I can."

Levinath (GM): As Tealina starts searching around in the tent, moans and grunts begin to come from the ruins of the tower.

Dr. Catriona: "I like to conserve energy is all."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra follows Tealina to check out the tent.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Then come along. Perhaps the paladin would love to hear more about it." Or not, as there is tent checking happening.

Westra Goldbrook: "Any evidence of who it was? Perhaps this belonged to our dwarven quarry."

Wolfe: "Me too, kid." He says back toward Cat. "Me. Too."

Levinath (GM): A zombie shambles out from the ruins towards the sounds...

Wolfe: "Somehow... I think that grunting and moaning isn't someone fuckin in the ruins."

Yvaine Songsteel: "No!" Yvaine takes aim and waits for init!

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs as he sees a zombie amble forward. "I hate being right." He grumbles and takes another drink.

Tealina Tealeaf: "Golly! I found a silver piece!" She says inside the tent.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona gasps comically (unintentionally) then points.

Westra Goldbrook:


Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Tealina Tealeaf: "Hey Rufus, what's that noise? AHHHHHH!"

Yvaine Songsteel: Zombies!?

Dr. Catriona: The doctor retrieves a stranage looking pistol from her side and its elements glow blue. "Can I shoot it?! I am shooting it!"

Tealina Tealeaf:

Dr. Catriona: (no)
✔ End of Turn ✔

Westra Goldbrook: "To arms!" Westra shouts, before rushing towards the zombie, halberd raised.

Dr. Catriona: The night lights up with blue fire.

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Watch your ears, mister half orc!"

Levinath (GM): Westra nearly destroys the zombie, but its still coming.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks back at Cat shooting fire over his ear. He does not look pleased.

Dr. Catriona: "You are looking in the wrong direction!"

Hjalkohm: "Oy! Ima get em!"

Wolfe: "You better make sure that stays that way."


Wolfe: He then looks back toward the zombies, and casually drinks.

Dr. Catriona: "Inebriation is known to dull senses and affect reflex times."


Wolfe: "Gods I hope so."

Hjalkohm: As Hjalkohm moves to attack the zombie, undead hands raise from the ground and pull him into the loose earth. He lets out an "Oy!" before be disappears into the ground.

Dr. Catriona: "That is not a normal thing dwarves do, is it?!"

Wolfe: Wolfe looks down at Hjalkohm disappearing from sight, his eyes narrowed at the sudden removal of their Cleric.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe! Stop drinking and help Hjalkohm!" Westra shouts angrily while she slashes at zombie meat

Dr. Catriona: "Might I suggest standing on firmer ground and avoid loose soil!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Oh no you don't," Yvaine mumbles arter the dwarf is pulled under. "You will want to focus your energies on one at a time from here on out, ladies and gentlemen," announces the mysterious woman as she rushes forward, throws her hands forward (cross bow still in hand and shield now strapped to her arm) and channels her divinity to TURN UNDEAD in flashy style!

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe stows his flask after neatly capping it.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine grits her teeth and takes a whack against the back of her shield that rocks her frame. The woman does not appear deterred.

Raithe Moonstrike: An elf appears from nowhere and fires at zombies.

Dr. Catriona: "I as under the impression the ambulatory deceased did not have emotions, but Miss Yvaine, you seem to have gotten some of them quite knotted!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "It's a gift," she said in a raspy tone while focused on the Zombie that resisted her, then whacked her.

Drawing Talon in one smooth motion as he approaches Yvaine's side, he sets both hands onto the magical longsword and brings it down in a single powerful slash into the zombie that was attacking Yvaine.
He takes off the zombie's left arm and several ribs.

Yvaine Songsteel: "..." Yvaine seems as impressed as one could be without being able to see their expression.

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM): Westra should of destroyed the zombie, but this guy is mad.

Westra Goldbrook: The zombie before her is suddenly inspired to flee! Westra slashes at him with emboldened vigor to change his mind! "Stay and fight, cowardly creature!"

Dr. Catriona: The bosomy doctor moves in an inelegant run, pale hair glinting in motion as she moves.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe notes the new people.

Tealina Tealeaf: "What is going on out there...move it Rufus!"

Westra Goldbrook: The zombie lunges against Westra, but the paladin holds her ground and continues carving into it.

Tealina Tealeaf:

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: Whoom! the handcanon fires a blast of fire that catches the zombie's hair but doesnt find purchase in its mass.

Tealina Tealeaf:
"Fine! I am going out the other side!"

Wolfe: Wolfe looks at Westra with annoyance.

Yvaine Songsteel: The darkly, and tightly clad woman Priestess in the black hood is too busy to notice Raith, and focuses on the Zombies...because...fucking undead.

Westra Goldbrook: Once the zombie before her falls, Westra rushes to the next one in sight. She fells it, SMIRKS AT WOLFE and then continues towards the other undead.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona makes a face as the creature falls into sizeable chunks under the assault.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine surprisingly appreciates her fellow Helmite's style.

Wolfe: "I'm gonna use your fat-ass to club these thing to death if you fucking steal another kill of mine."

Dr. Catriona: "That sounds quite impractical."

Wolfe: "...perma-death."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Ahhhhhhh! Rufus!!!!" The halfing suddenly more hands come and drag her into the ground.

Wolfe: "Shut up kid."
Wolfe turns his eyes toward Tealina's disappearing form.
"Should probably get away from the soft earth."

Dr. Catriona: "Why do they only want the shorter types?"

Wolfe: "They were isolated, maybe."

Dr. Catriona: "That canine should get with the mauling that canines do!"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine moves up a bit and thrusts her hands up as a bolt of brilliant light shoots out to slam into the zombie furthest back inside the tower.

Rufus: Rufus barks and tries to run to Tealina, alas he does not make it in time. He sniffs and growls the ground where she disappeared.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr. Catriona: (click guiding bolt)

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM): The zombie is blasted with radiant energy but still alive.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe moves forward and takes aim at a zombie inside the tower!

Yvaine Songsteel: The dark Minister hurls brilliant, radiant light at the Undead, and is truthfully...quite happy about it.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Rufus: The dog starts digging, though the ground appears quite solid beneath it.

Wolfe slashes across the zombie, removing several vertebrae.

Levinath (GM): As Wolfe enters the ruins he sees a hole dug into the floor and a ladder leading down into darkness.

Dr. Catriona: (Which one is hurt?)

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Whoom! the gun blasts a hole in the center of the zombie's torso. It smells like burning nastiness.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sees both Catriona and the orc dealing with one of the two remaining undead, and turns her fury towards the other.

Yvaine Songsteel: The dark Cleric is quite pleased at her lovely blonde friend's utility. "Well done, Doctor."

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Its still standing.. these creatures are tenacious."

Levinath (GM): Pieces of Zombie fly everywhere, but he is still alive!

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees the gun and blinks.
"Where does one get one of those?"

Yvaine Songsteel: A pillar of flame descends down on the Zombie in front of Wolfe and Cat with a tilt of her head to finish it off.

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Yvaine Songsteel: "Un Un dead," she whispers, perplexed at why it didn't fall over.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe, noticing Raithe stole his kill, moves to steal Westra's!

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe knocks and fires an arrow at the zombie, watching as it falls!


Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine feels as though this was easy work for this group, her vision is becoming more clear.

Wolfe: He gives the Paladin a wink in return.

Dr. Catriona: "Why do you need one when your proficiency with the bow and arrow is so exemplary." she says with a light twitch of her nose to Raithe.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra was mid-swing when Wolfe slashed through what remained of her prey. For a moment, she looks like she's almost considering following through on the swing with a new target.

Rufus: Rufus, though he digs frantically, has made it only a couple of inches into the dirt, however the hands appeared, magic was clearly part of them.

Raithe Moonstrike: "What can I say? I like pretty things." he said, with a grin.

Wolfe: Wolfe then draws forth a piece of cloth from his pack and cleans the magical blade, sheathing it thereafter and walks away from the others out toward Rufus.

Dr. Catriona: "What about your friends who got drug into the ground?"

Westra Goldbrook: Buuuut she lowers her weapon with gnashed teeth, and looked towards the others. "Is everyone alright?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Yes, but..."

Dr. Catriona: "I don't think so captain, your friends."

Levinath (GM): Hands grasp Wolfe as he walks from the tower, he is pulled into the dirt up to his chest.

Yvaine Songsteel: She didn't even need to cast sense good and evil at this point...

Wolfe: Wolfe, suddenly tugged into the earth. "WHAT THE SHIT!?"
Stubbornly he refuses to get dragged under.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is drawn back outside by the orc's shouting. "What in the name of Helm..." she grumbled, at the sight.

Levinath (GM): Raithe is able to help Wolfe pull himself from the hands, who fade away as Wolfe is pulled free.

Wolfe: Kicking his way into the earth, hoping to find purchase, Raithe helps Wolfe out from his dragged-under-state.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees the Half-Orc get pulled into the ground and blinks. He shoulders his bow and goes to Wolfe's aid.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine touches her arm where the Zombie had bashed her, and with a glow of radiant white and yellow light any injury is brushed away like ash.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona attempts to grab and help Raithe pull the half orc out.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc is visibly irritated and angry for the first time.
"Grrr. Fuck this place!"

Dr. Catriona: "You are too ornery for the dirty, Mister."

Wolfe: "Rufus!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Did you see them fade from sight?" she asked, no one in particular. "What sort of dark magic is this?"

Wolfe: "Stop fucking digging into that shit and come over here!"

Dr. Catriona: "This is fascinating."

Rufus: Rufus looks defeated, and whimpers before listening to Wolfe.

Yvaine Songsteel: The hooded woman said nothing, simply watched the others reactions. Wolfe seemed like such an amateur when it came to these creatures.

Raithe Moonstrike: "This is madness."

Dr. Catriona: "Sad, too, but... still."

Yvaine Songsteel: "That's one word for it," Yvaine said in an aside to Cat.

Wolfe: Wolfe puts a hand gently on Rufus's head and kneels down next to him, stroking behind his doggy ears. "There there, buddy. We'll get her back."

Raithe Moonstrike:


Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed," she affirms, though if asked she'd never admit she was talking to the dog.

Dr. Catriona:

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine looks to Raithe, unsurprised by his though she had known he was here all along and hadn't jumped out of no where like a jack in the box.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona sneezes quite suddenly and then steps away from Rufus.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe hears Tealina's yells coming from the hole inside the ruins.

Yvaine Songsteel: "If we're going underground, should we not take that ladder?" the Cleric calmly observes, pointing with her crossbow back inside the tower

Wolfe: The Half-Orc's head lifts up, his eyes narrowing in burning, restrained anger. "Sounds like Tealina's down in the tower."
"I can hear her."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Then let's go get her."

Westra Goldbrook: "QUickly then!" Westra says, and heads back inside

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine moves to look down the tunnel...casting light if need be to see.

Wolfe: "Stay up here, boy." He says gently to Rufus, petting him kindly on the head -- seemingly almost loving to the St. Bernard.
Standing up, he turns to Catriona, giving her a nod toward the hole. "Go ahead. I'll cover the rear."

Levinath (GM): No light can be seen below, those with dark vision can see the ladder goes down about 30 feet to a dirt floor and some kind of track.

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Dr. Catriona: ((That dog is a goddamn master wordsmith))

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pulls out a torch in preparation of descending into the dark. When Yvaine offers to light the thing magically, Westra gives her a nod and a quiet thanks.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona shields her eyes from the sudden illumination.

Rufus: The air is cool and filled with the scent of decay as you descend down the makeshift rickety ladder. It is easily apparent this ladder was built very recently.

Levinath (GM): As your boots crunch on the gravel floor, several grunts and groans sound only feet down the hall. There is no source of light, those with dark vision see the old destroyed mine tracks end beneath a heap of rubble behind the ladder and extend further into darkness ahead and another path leads off to your right.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra starts forward SLOWLY, taking care to watch for HOLES IN TEH GROUND

Levinath (GM): The zombies stand facing the group, but make no move towards them.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona is awkward enough to be wearing a skirt, so takes special care on that ladder if you know what I mean.

Yvaine Songsteel: The dark cleric seems to move very nimbly across the rough rocks and tracks.

Wolfe: Wolfe gets down to the base of the craggy earth. He draws forth Talon once more and sweeps over the area with his darkvision, not enjoying the sudden light.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is given pause by the odd listlessness of the zombies. But... a zombie's a zombie.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Grotesque monsters," Yvaine snorts before torching one.

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Odiferous atmosphere."

Raithe Moonstrike: "They aren't moving--well, that'll change."

Dr. Catriona: She draws her steampunky-handcannon and fires at the one Westra is beating on.

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Whoom! The hallway lights up with the gunfire as it blows off an arm.

Levinath (GM): The zombie continues to groan as it it is beaten.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):



Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: "At least he doesn't hit like a drunk..." she mumbles to no one in particular.

Wolfe: Wolfe walks up and with a single, decisive slash, cuts the creature in half.
"Or do I?"
"Guess you never met my father."

Levinath (GM): The other zombie, struck, comes out of his stupor and smacks Westra in the back.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is caught off guard by Wolfe's sudden contribution, enough so that she takes a shove from the one remaining. She growls in response and smacks back at it.

Dr. Catriona: "Well formed bisection equals termination for the ambulatory undead. Keep doing that!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "It's likely I did if he hits like you say," she says ambiguously.

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe draws up, looking over to Westra. Seeing that she seems to be alright, he turns back to the others. "Alright. Let's group up."

Dr. Catriona: "Is uh.. this what you lot do every day?"

Wolfe: "Yep."

Yvaine Songsteel: "It's actually quite entertaining making pillars of flame in the dark like this..." the strange lady muses.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Not with zombies, but yeah, basically."

Westra Goldbrook: "Well done," she says, giving an eye to the newcomers, who'd proven to be far more useful than she initially guessed they'd be

Wolfe: "You wanna take the lead, Princess?" He turns to Westra, not giving anyone else praise at this point.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Likewise," Yvaine responded to Westra, even if it was tempered by her quiet tone.

Dr. Catriona: Dr. Wicker tries to figure out what kind of subterranean structure this is... just a dug out cavern? Old mine? New York's hottest underground night club?

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes." Because when given the choice, she would never willingly be downwind of the orc.

Wolfe: "Good, I was getting thirsty."
He retrieves his flask, uncaps it, and takes a swig.

Levinath (GM): It appears to be an old mine.

Wolfe: "Someone should hold a light over Princess Pink Skin's head. She can't see in the dark."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra cautiously begins to move forward.

Dr. Catriona: "We have a saying where I come from, Mister Wolfe. Tis a brave man who tends to the bottle when surrounded by accellerants."

Yvaine Songsteel: "she has a lit torch," she reminds the drunk half orc.

Wolfe: not drunk enough

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine's smirk was evident at Dr. Cat's comment.

Levinath (GM): Several zombies stand quietly facing the walls of this old storeroom. Crates and barrels of supplies long rotten liter the areas between them. They seem disinterested or unknowing of your arrival.

Westra Goldbrook: "To arms!"

Wolfe: "I don't know what that means, kid."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Something is strange with these beasts..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Wait. Let's see if they actually do anything first."

Levinath (GM): The zombies make no move from the sudden outburst.

Westra Goldbrook: She pauses, and looks confused. "What in the name of Helm could make them stand there and take death so blithely?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "No sense in fighting them if we don't have to."
"Well, it's not like they have anything to look forward to."

Dr. Catriona: "I am not a kid."

Wolfe: "How old are you?"

Westra Goldbrook: "If these are the creatures abducting people from the ground, then they must be dispatched."

Dr. Catriona: "Old enough to know to be careful with alcohol around fire."

Wolfe: "That's not an answer."

Yvaine Songsteel: "You are accurate, Elf," the grim looking Cleric dressed in black tells him.

Dr. Catriona: "Trust me, I'm a scientist."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine blasts a bolt at one with her hand crossbow.

Wolfe: "....What's a scientist?" He seems perplexed by that self-definition.

Dr. Catriona: She cocks her handcanon, its elements blazing blue with energy.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Wolfe: "Is that some type of magic wand or something?"

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM): "urrrrhhhhh...." They all say as they turn to look a those in the room, spittle flies from their mouths.

Dr. Catriona: "Maybe these undead are controlled by some external force."
"Necromancer aboout, maybe?"

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts as he hears the sound of violence ahead, and Cat's dodging of his questions.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: "Aggressive or not, they are mindless undead," she says, making up her mind. "If there IS a necromancer about, we'd best not leave him ammunition laying about." She tends to the nearest one.

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: "Argh!"

Dr. Catriona: She pushes her glasses up on her face, then aims her gun, leveling it on her forearm to aim.

Levinath (GM):
The zombie catches fire and lights up the room for Westra.

Wolfe: "Neat trick." He acknowledges Cat's method of attack, then moves forward.
Wolfe walks forward, yanking Raithe back by the shoulder. "Outta the way."
He then brings his sword down at the ignited zombie.

Raithe Moonstrike: "What the fu--"

Wolfe: Raithe gunked up his footing.
God damn Elves

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Watch out." she says as the elf backs up past her, not sure if he knew she was standing there.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):
While the zombie looks like it should have died, it survived the arrow shattering its spine.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe moved away from the zombie, not wanting to get hit (as he do), and fired an arrow

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: The pistol vents some steam as she resets her aim once more, squinting one eye.

Levinath (GM):
The zombie will not die.


Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe cuts the head off the ignited, flaming zombie with a grunt.

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "You should start with that, I think."

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "Missed my angle last time."
"Raithe gettin fat off all this gold we're makin."
He smirks back toward the Elf.

Levinath (GM): The flaming zombie falls on some old wood and a small fire burns in the corner for a few moments before going out.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Just workin' my way to retirement." Raithe calls back.

Dr. Catriona: "I could use some polishing to my financial stores. As a tertiary objective, I mean."
She vents her handcannon of steam with a soft hiss and its blueish elements go dim.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc surveys the rest of the group, seeing that they're mostly healthy and seem fine. He nods and turns to Westra. "After you, Princess." He gestures back the way they came.

Raithe Moonstrike: The Elf starts to say something, thinks better of it, remains silent.

Westra Goldbrook: "How unusual," the paladin remarks, as she shakes the zombie-goo off of her blade. The non-fighting monsters is really vexing her.
She walks her torch around the room once, looking for anything of interest, and then retreats back to the main passage.

Levinath (GM): There is nothing of interest in the room, old rotten trash.

Westra Goldbrook: She resumes her careful progression to the east.

Dr. Catriona: "I wonder what they mined down here."

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Umm, should we mark the directions so we do not become lost?"

Levinath (GM): As you follow the tracks you can see a door to the north and one to the south, the tracks continue onward to the east.

Wolfe: "Not been that bad so far."
"It's a straight line from what it looks."

Dr. Catriona: The uncool kid pulls out pink chalk from her satchel and draws a huge arrow.

Yvaine Songsteel: The hooded Cleric is moving a bit slower than the rest of the party, having taken a solid thwack from that undead.

Westra Goldbrook: "We should have brought the animal. He might have been able to sense the halfling.

Dr. Catriona: "Speaking about the Half Orc in such a fashion isnt hel... oh.."

Levinath (GM): The purpose of this room has been long lost, a large portion of the roof having caved in over them. As your approach the rubble a large centipede crawl from the cracks towards you.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks at Cat with a narrowed gaze.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra smash.

Dr. Catriona: "Oh, misheard."

Levinath (GM): It looks to Westra and chitters.

Dr. Catriona: "I don't think you are an animal. You two just seem to have.. I think I will be quiet now."

Westra Goldbrook:


Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine doesn't believe Cat. She's too smart.


Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Wolfe: "You can explain later, kid."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: He then turns towards the sounds of nonsense happening ahead.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine keeps her distance this time, and shoots at one the bugs closest to her.
The bolt clatters against the edge of the wall and misses. "Curses."

Dr. Catriona: "I'm not a kid!" she balls her fists. Then people run. As usual, she realizes too late and then has to catch up like she missed the bus.

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: "Westra!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "By Mask's nose!" he said, seeing as the creatures attack Westra.

Levinath (GM): Westra is swarmed by centipedes.

Dr. Catriona: "Those things are venomous!" she scrambles in her pack and downs an antitoxin.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is suddenly surrounded by giant insects. She swipes angrily at them, but takes a bite on the arm before doing any damage to them. Despite all her fury, poison creeps into her blood and steals her ability to move at all.

Dr. Catriona:
✔ End of Turn ✔

Wolfe: Wolfe growls in annoyance. "I'll get to Westra!"

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr. Catriona: Wolf can sense the air about Caitriona pick up, her normally adorkable features taking on a more tight jawed expression.

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine thwacks the bug away with her shield.

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sees Westra fall and decides not to be next on the list. He moves past the woman whose name he has yet to learn and takes a shot at the one in the hall! It dies, and he is suddenly glad he's not standing in the doorway.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Nuts and bolts, they are trying to swarm."

Wolfe: Wolfe takes in a deep breath and places both hands onto Talon, his eyes for a moment seeming deeply somber.
Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe quickly dispatches one of the centipedes in a quick criss-cross of blades then moves between Cat and the centipedes. "Stay behind me k-- Cat."

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "I'll get to Westra."

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "But.. .I can get Yvaine."

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):


Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: Catriona bleghs and shudders as she gets hit with insect goo.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe dispatches another centipede then moves into melee next to Westra, but not in time as she falls to the ground unconscious.
He frowns as she falls, his focus becoming razor sharp and determined.

Dr. Catriona: Checking Yvaine and finding her stable, she aims and fires her gun.

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: It explodes into legs and chitin after flaming for a moment.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: She cocks her gun, eyes flaring blue.
With bolth hands she aims and fires into the centipede's sight, exploding it's upper half in flaming bits.
"I have only one healing potion."

Wolfe: "Just wait."
Wolfe kneels down next to one of the centipede's corpses.
"Let's get them back into the room where the zombies where. It's easily defended. I'm going to go above ground to look for some plants that might help."

Dr. Catriona: "More of those things could make their way here at any moment."
"Yvaine is a cleric, can't she he resuscitate the Captain?"

Wolfe: "Not with these things -- they're paralyzed."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: "But keep them here, I'm going to see if I can find something above ground."
Wolfe returns after just a few minutes with several herbs and berries. As he comes down and joins them again, he rubs the berries onto both Westra and Yvaine''s lips.

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 2d8+2
(8+7)+2= 17
rolling 2d4+2
(3+1)+2= 6

Wolfe: As they come to, he hands them both a leaf. "Bite on that, it'll help."
"Won't taste good."
"But it'll get you going again."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Wolfe: Wolfe hands out a healing potion to Westra, and then one to Yvaine.

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: "Last of the healing potions I have."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: I have one remaining.
...she says

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 2d4+2
(3+3)+2= 8

Dr. Catriona: Dr. Wicker examines zombie corpses like a creepy CSI person.

Wolfe: "You owe me a healing potion, Princess." He says to Westra, a small smirk playing on his features.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sits quietly for a time, trying to gather her strength through willpower (and healing potions) in the wake of near-death.
"Your assistance is appreciated," she admits quietly, to Wolfe.

Wolfe: "Yeah well."
"Don't get used to it."
He gets up slowly. "I'm gonna go make sure we're not going to get sodomized by a Necromancer. Once everyone's ready come get me up front."

Dr. Catriona: She puts on some gloves and lifts up a disembodied hand, looking over it Qyburn style.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Got it." Raithe said, resting against a wall.

Wolfe: He then moves to the intersection to stand guard and pulls out a flask.

Dr. Catriona: The zombie hand twitches and she yips and drops it, falling on her behind. Then kicks it away.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine was about to thank them when she saw how well received Westra's gratitude was. She nods to Raithe nearby. "I presume you brought me back here..." she said, fumbling to make sure her hood was still down and the strangers didn't peek at her face.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Actually, that was the lady checking out all of the dead people." Raithe said, nodding in Cat's direction.
"By the way, call me Raithe. Nice to meet you."

Dr. Catriona: Catriona is mildly startled by Raithe addressing her, but she



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--Session 9--

Levinath (GM): Dwarfnapped! The caper continues and the plot thickens! Undead Love Manuals, Thayan Necromancers, Giant Centipedes, and a Chronomancer! What has become to Tealina and Hjalkohm?! Will our heroes discover the fate of their allies in the depths?! Find out this week on: The Murder Hobo Club!

Westra Goldbrook: Restored via a moment's rest and a healing potion or two, Westra rises and begins checking her gear in anticipation of continuing the party's exploration of the mine.
"Are we ready to head out?" she asks the others, looking to each in turn.

Wolfe: Wolfe drinks, then grunts in acknowledgement of Westra's question.

Levinath (GM): Raithe and Yvaine both nod.

Dr. Catriona: The half elf nods.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sets out, considering how quiet everyone is. Was it the recent near-death experiences of some? Or the lingering shadow from the loss of the halfing and the dwarf? Perhaps the eerie darkness of the mine was getting to everyone. Ah, well. The sooner they finished, the sooner they'd be above ground again.

Dr. Catriona: ((Was there any journals or records in that fancy room?))

Westra Goldbrook: She proceeds cautiously through the tunnels.

Levinath (GM): There was a journal of sorts written in Thayan. It appears its owner is in this mine searching for the remains and potential artifacts of a chronomancer that was here years earlier.

Dr. Catriona: Doctor Wicker will take those journals.

Wolfe: Wolfe follows after Westra, his eyes scanning over the hallway over the rim of his flask.

Levinath (GM): This large room appears to be a feasting hall for miners long past. Broken and decaying tables and chairs sit askew across the entire area, a small kitchen with rusted pots and pans connects to it from the southwest.

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Looks like a cafeteria..."

Wolfe: "And we're the meal!"

Levinath (GM): Westra sees two slimes moving slowly across the ceiling.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra makes a face, and backs up. "On guard," she warns the others, gesturing to the slime.

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Her gaze follows the direction.

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):


Westra Goldbrook: "Doctor, could I trouble you to shoot those things down, to where they can be dealt with?"


Dr. Catriona: She tries to identify the moving things.

Westra Goldbrook:


Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:
"...assuming they're even alive, that is?"

Wolfe: Wolfe, not even perturbed, just looks up at the Jelly while holding his flask. "Looks like a big pile of snot."

Dr. Catriona: "Wow, a self-locomotive amorphous gelatinous entity!"

Levinath (GM):
The Jelly slides just to the side as the Doc's fire hits the ceiling.

Dr. Catriona: She levels her BOOMER and fires, then backs up between the others as she cocks it. "They are not as slow as they look!"

Westra Goldbrook: The fact that the repulsive blobs somehow dodge the doctor's fire confirms for Westra that they are, in fact, alive. She jumps up onto the nearest table, hops over to the next one, and slashes up at it with her halberd.

Dr. Catriona: "They must have senses that detect subtle shifts in the atmosphere; uncommon in organisms without a central brain. Be careful!" Is she more excited than worried?

Wolfe: Squinting a bit upward, the Half-Orc narrows his eyes as Westra splits the jelly in two and it forms two more moving things.

Levinath (GM): When Westra's halberd strikes the jelly, it splits into two jellies.

Westra Goldbrook: Without breaking her stride, Westra directs a butt of her weapon at one of the smaller beasts. "They are dividing!" she calls, both surprised and annoyed

Levinath (GM):
Yvaine follow's Westra's attacks.

Dr. Catriona: "No, your blade carved it in two."

Wolfe: "Oh good. I thought I was that drunk."
"Glad I'm not the only one seeing this."

Levinath (GM): The slime falls down to Westra on the ground.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks away just long enough to cast the doctor a "Really, bitch?" look.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts and puts away his flask, pulling Talon free from its sheath. He then moves to strike the Jelly that Catarina flambe'd.

Dr. Catriona: (I didnt hit)

Westra Goldbrook: She is distracted enough that she's nearly clobbered by falling jelly! She dodges at the last minute, though not before acquiring a nice coat of slime on one arm.


Dr. Catriona: "Use the butt end of your weapon, Captain."

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: "The blunt force trauma is less likely to cause a division."

Levinath (GM): Raithe's arrow somehow vanquishes a piece of slime.

Wolfe: "Seems your theory's wrong."

Dr. Catriona: She uses both hands to aim her handcannon and it's elements light up once more. Whoom!

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: "Try hitting it with the blunt end of your weapon, doctor," Westra says calmly, before taking another swing at the jelly.

Dr. Catriona: "That would not be ideal."

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): The slime splits at Westra's slash.

Wolfe: "Mm."
"You're fuckin this all up, Princess."

Dr. Catriona: She opens her mouth to say something, but then closes it, rather than get more snark.

Levinath (GM): And squishes one of the pieces.

Wolfe: Wolfe grabs a chair
And throws it at the ceiling.

Dr. Catriona: "I don't think now is the time for a tantrum..."

Wolfe: Crash! the table falls into splinters, and Wolfe just starts laughing.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe hits the ceiling, unfortunately there is not a slime at the point of impact.

Wolfe: "Hahaha, fuck me. I'm drunker than I thought!"

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Westra dodges the thrown chair, but takes a sliming for her distraction. She growls, though it's unclear if it's at the slime or the orc.While she's turning to express her displeasure at the orc, the remaining ceiling-bound slime drops squarely on her head. The pain is severe and sudden enough to knock her the fuck out.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks down at Westra's unconscious body and sighs.
"There's gonna be no living with her after this."

Dr. Catriona: She runs over and slides down and uses her only healing potion, pouring it carefully into the slacked jaw of mighty Westra!
She then lightly whaps Westra's cheek.
"Hey! Get up uh.,.. soldier...!"
✔ End of Turn ✔

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's eyes snap open, blazing with anger.

Wolfe: Wolfe just sighs again.

Dr. Catriona: (half movement)

Westra Goldbrook: Westra climbs to her feel, uncharacteristically and impolitely neglecting to pause to thank the doctor for her help. Instead, she shoots Wolfe a look that could curdle milk, and then wordlessly turns to whack some of her frustration out on the nearest slime thing.

Levinath (GM): Westra splits one of the remaining piece of slime before squishing a piece.

Dr. Catriona: (what in the world)

Levinath (GM): Westra has been slimed yet again.

Westra Goldbrook: Though one of the beasts disintegrates under her attack, one of its halves succeeds in assaulting Westra while she works.
And dooooowwwwn she goes again.

Dr. Catriona: "Tarnation!!!"

Wolfe: "Should probably just let her rest at this point."
"She's had a bad day."

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: "I don't have any more curatives."

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "You should tell her that when she gets back up."
"Remind her that she's not as bad-assed as she thinks."

Dr. Catriona: "I do not think she cares for my words much."

Wolfe: "Yeah well, she doesn't care for most people's words much, except for her own."

Levinath (GM): Yvaine lays a glowing hand on Westra bringing her back from unconsciousness a second time.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra wakes up once more with a groan, successfully slowed down for a moment this time. She sits up and rubs her head, looking around to see the state of things

Dr. Catriona: For whatever reason, Catriona moves some away as the cleric moves in to handle things. The good Doctor moves over and finds herself fascinated by the Jelly remains and collects a sample.

Wolfe: Wolfe looks down at Westra, letting loose a sigh. "You alright, Princess?"

Westra Goldbrook: Seeing the beasts destroyed, Westra grunts a quiet, "My thanks" to the cleric and the doctor (before she moves away), then pulls herself to her feet.

Dr. Catriona: She uses an instrument to lift up the goop and seems properly interested in what makes it tick before storing it in a vial.

Westra Goldbrook: Wolfe gets an unhappy glower in response to his question. She opens her mouth, as though about to reprimand him about the dangers of flinging found objects in the midst of combat, but seems to lose steam for the argument halfway through the thought. She sighs, shakes her head, and turns towards the rest of the room.

Wolfe: "...That a no?"

Levinath (GM): The jelly seems to have lost its locomotive properties, thought it is still slightly acidic.

Wolfe: "You need a break?"

Westra Goldbrook: "That depends. Are you throwing anymore furniture?"

Wolfe: "Not unless it's at you."

Westra Goldbrook: Glowerglower.

Wolfe: Wolfe smirks, sensing Westra's fine, then moves to inspect the ovens.

Dr. Catriona: The doctor ambles over and examines the large ovens, though is careful in her approach.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra yanks a healing potion off of her belt and tips it back.

Wolfe: He opens each one and looks inside.
He obviously doesn't care about Catriona's safe scientific approach.

Dr. Catriona: "Maybe all this was fr the mining crew... when this place was in business."

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 2d4+2
(3+2)+2= 7

Levinath (GM): He finds nothing but ash and ancient grime.

Wolfe: "Not even some jerky."
"Fuck this place."

Dr. Catriona: "It would probably be contaminated anyway."

Levinath (GM): The group can easily see a backpack with apples rolled out of it in the next area. It appears untouched as it lay in the middle of the area.

Westra Goldbrook: "How unfortunate that your appetite cannot be tended while we work," she grumbled, clearly not concerned at all.

Dr. Catriona: She almost bumps into Westra, but catches herself and adjusts her glasses, as not to inspire the captain's ire further.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra approaches the sack and picks it up. "This belonged to Tealina," she tells the others.

Dr. Catriona: "Does it have curative potions inside?"
"I.. I mean oh ...wonderous... a clue!"

Westra Goldbrook: "I would be surprised if there was anything aside from apples inside," Westra says, though she opens it to look.

Wolfe: "Has apples." Wolfe reaches into it, grabs one, and chomps down.

Westra Goldbrook: After another withering glance to the brutish orc, Westra does successfully produce a healing potion from the pack. "We are in luck."

Levinath (GM): Westra finds her daggers and bow laying strewn about in the room and her magic frog along with all her other belongings in the pack.

Westra Goldbrook: "What would have happened that saw her gear strewn this way?"

Wolfe: "That frog shit out magic healing berries too, I think."

Dr. Catriona: "...pardon?"

Wolfe: "You should probably eat one, Westra."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra tosses the frog to Catriona.

Wolfe: "Get yourself a healing shit-berry."

Dr. Catriona: Catriona gets hit in the face.

Westra Goldbrook: "Shut up, Wolfe."

Dr. Catriona: "Ow"

Wolfe: Wolfe laughs aloud.
"She fell through the fuckin' ground, swallowed up by zombie arms. Who knows what fuckin' weird stuff is down here."

Levinath (GM): (Stroke the frog's head and it will come to life (1 hp) and hop into the nearest foliage. After 10 minutes it will return to its owner no matter the distance with 10 Goodberries in it's mouth. (Level 1 goodberry 1/day))

Dr. Catriona: She removes her glasses a moment and rubs her face slightly with a displeased expression, then replaces them. Crouching, she picks up the item and examines it. Still with displeased expression.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra gathers the halfing's belongings and stows them in the backpack, on the chance that they'd find the girl eventually.

Wolfe: He turns to Cat. "Don't mind Princess Westra, Doc."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arches a brow. "Apologies," she says to the doctor after realizing she let herself get hit in the face. "I thought your attention was here."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc shrugs and chomps on his lifted apple.

Dr. Catriona: She shrugs some. "Sometimes I am clumsy." she says, blaming herself.
((Can she figure out how to activate the frog or if it has been activated for the day?))

Wolfe: "You pet its head. It goes into a bush. It finds berries. It spits em into your hand. The berries heal you." He nods toward the frog.
"Don't pet it too much or it'll turn into a Prince and try and marry you."

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's move on," Westra says, holding back a weary sigh. Dying repeatedly really did take a toll on one's vigor.

Dr. Catriona: The doctor blinks, then snorts a little in a laugh.

Wolfe: "Drink your potion?"
He smirks over at Cat and her laugh, and he chomps on his apple as he follows after Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra uncorks the potion, and casts Wolfe a look that said she was doing so already.
rolling 2d4+2
(2+4)+2= 8

Dr. Catriona: Cartiona activates the froggy.

Wolfe: "Uhh..."

Levinath (GM): This large cavern is filled with zombies. They carry stones to a large pile in the northwest from other areas of the room . Several pull stones up from a hole in the center of the southern portion of the room. They seem determined in their tasks and do not notice the group's arrival.

Dr. Catriona: "Oh cogs, we should have taken the cart."

Wolfe: "So..."

Dr. Catriona: "Let me try something."

Wolfe: "The residents here seem focused on their work."

Dr. Catriona: Cartiona walks up and removes her little steampunky projector device and puts in a little card in it's side. She turns a little crank and...
Minor Illusion there
of a static Catriona

Levinath (GM): The zombies seem to take no note of you.
Or your illusion.

Wolfe: Wolfe will look at the ceiling and the walls for any structural differences.

Dr. Catriona: The projector makes soft clicking sounds as it projects the hologram of a Catriona making a goofy face.

Westra Goldbrook: "We cannot leave them here to antagonize any who wander across the ground overhead," she points out, quietly.

Dr. Catriona: "Perhaps they are task oriented."

Wolfe: "Neat trick, doc."
"Yeah I'm looking..." He comments as he looks around the room.

Levinath (GM): The ceiling is higher here, the pathways seeming having lead you further into the earth. The area appears to be the main area for a mining operation long ago.

Westra Goldbrook: She casts a curious glance from the illusion back to the doctor, then makes a "hmm not bad" face.


Westra Goldbrook: Westra also takes stock of the room.

Wolfe: "Well. Let's get started."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: Wolfe draws Talon and moves forward. He doesn't rush forward.

Dr. Catriona: She blinks at Wolfe just moving right on in.

Levinath (GM): The zombie next to Wolfe turns to him with a large rock in his hands.

Westra Goldbrook: Wolfe moves into the room, and Westra just sighs and watches.

Wolfe: The Blademaster doesn't speak as he moves over at first. When the zombie turns, he smiles his big toothy (tusky?) grin. "Hey there?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches the zombies to see if any of them become hostile at Wolfe's approach. He keeps an arrow nocked and ready to fire in case they do.

Dr. Catriona: "Is... is that the plan?"

Wolfe: He then sparta-kicks the Zombie toward the hole.

Levinath (GM): Then he walks around the half-orc and deposits it against a wall.

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm not sure our orc friend knows the meaning of that word, Doctor."


Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: As the zombie goes flying, rock with it, Wolfe turns towards the room, sword in hand. "Alright one and all!"

Dr. Catriona: " it wise to antagonize them?"

Westra Goldbrook: As Wolfe disposes of a zombie, Westra watches the others to see if it will spark aggression in them.

Wolfe: "I got a one-way trip to the fuckin' basement!"

Levinath (GM): All the zombies drop their rocks and move towards Wolfe.

Wolfe: "Yeahhhh that's what I thought you'd do."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rubs her brow. "Mighty Torm why must I be tested with such idiots."


Levinath (GM):

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike: " going to end in a fight, isn't it?"

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr. Catriona: "Step on one snake in the snake pit..."

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike: "Now now, Westra. That's rather unfair." Raithe said, his tone mock-offended.

Dr. Catriona: "Mister Wolfe is terribly over-extended."

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: "I'm exactly where I wanna be! Pick 'em off as they're comin!"
Wolfe grabs at the zombie on the left.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe grabs one zombie by its scrawny neck
Then he throws it down the hole.
"Fuck off."

Levinath (GM): 6

Dr. Catriona: "Botheration..." she says and walks forward and mutters something to herself.
The doctor suddenly begins to have bits of flame spew from her form and she extends her hands forward. Her eyes glow in a fierce blew and she releases a torrent of azure flame that lights up the entire cavern.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's eyes widen in surprise as blue flame lights up the cavern. "Well then..."

Dr. Catriona:
5 fire damage to all
(Also still on fire)

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes widen a touch in surprise at Cat's pryotechnics. "Hey! NICE!"

Dr. Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔
The fire REMAINS

Raithe Moonstrike: "Where does she get those wonderful toys?"

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:
"Got your back, Professor W."

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Cartiona does not look comfortable. and seems like she is herself liable to catch fire. She is reciting a gnomish mantra to herself to keep it steady.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: The Blademaster's deflects the zombie's slam with his magical blade.

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: "Hold on, Doctor!"

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrows her eyes as the creatures remain standing. "What foul magic is this?!"

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: (And fire damage)

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes flash for a moment, the eyes on his necklace likewise sparking to life. He lets out a growl as he brings his sword into both hands, holding it firmly in a 90' angle.
Then, slowly, his lips twist into a small smile. "Just like old times."
Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   
Whirling his blade around, he slashes across the chest of the zombie to his flank.

Dr. Catriona: She will just disengage

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: "Cat!" He calls out over the horde, his eyes focused on the group. "Use that scroll!"

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "You can throw it right on me, I can take it!"

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe gets pummeled by some zombie fists but he still looks like he's in it.

Levinath (GM):

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: "Good job Yvaine!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): 4


Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: 8

Dr. Catriona: She leveles her Boomer and fires at the Zombie attacking Westra.

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:
rolling 2d4
(4+3)= 7


Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: Wolfe beheads the last zombie on his person. "Let's focus fire and clean shop!" He yells out to the others, turning his darkened eyes about the chamber to look for the next target.

Dr. Catriona: (Which one?)

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: (but its at disadvantage)

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr. Catriona: (nm)

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook: Westra hustles to the southern end of the room and helps to cut down the rest of the undead.
rolling 1d4
(3)= 3


Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr. Catriona:

Yvaine Songsteel: "Zombies moving up from the hole!"

Wolfe: "Oh, figures."

Raithe Moonstrike: "You've got to be kidding."

Dr. Catriona: ((They climb out?))

Levinath (GM): They are climbing out, slowly.
The two zombies are still about five feet down.

Dr. Catriona: A backdraft of wind wells around the doctor, blowing her hair about as she thrusts a hand forward.
STR saves for both

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: 5
(the save takes half damage)
(And she uses her bonus to regain 1 HP back)
✔ End of Turn ✔

Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: "Thanks." she says with an exasperated breath as the elven thief comes up and finishes the toughie.

Levinath (GM):

Raithe Moonstrike: "Anytime, Professor." Raithe said, flashing her a smile.

Westra Goldbrook:
rolling 2d4
(3+2)= 5

Levinath (GM):

Quickly Wolfe cuts the zombie in half and then stomps on its skull. With the aid of the others he quickly will dispatch the rest of the zombies.
Then, once he's sure the room is clear, he takes out his flask and has a drink.

Dr. Catriona: She adjusts her glasses and briefly holds her sore arm, about where she took an impact in the bicep.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra helps to cut through the remaining undead, then takes stock of the party members. "Is everyone alright?" she asks, turned towards Cat, Raith, and Yvaine

Dr. Catriona: "I think that could have gone better."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm good." Raithe said.

Dr. Catriona: "I wonder what they were clearing the rocks for."

Westra Goldbrook: "It seemed to me as though they weren't clearing them so much as they were stacking them," she says, pointing to the pile of them in the northwest.

Wolfe: "Could have gone fuckin worse." He takes a long breath and exhales. He caps the flask and stows it to his side.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks over the pile, trying to discern a possible explanation.

Dr. Catriona: "Securing something valuable?"

Levinath (GM): The zombies appeared to be primarily hauling stones from the hole in the ground to the pile of rubble in the northwest. It appears to Westra that even though they were piling rocks at this location, the entrance to this tunnel was already collapsed before they started piling rocks on.

Westra Goldbrook: "Curious."
"Makes one wonder what's on the other side of that collapse."

Dr. Catriona: She assumes the Frog returns.

Wolfe: "Hrm. There a way we can open this up? Doubt whatever they were trying to hide or keep out is bad for us."

Levinath (GM): Indeed it does, with 10 good berries in it's mouth!

Dr. Catriona: "How delightful."

Levinath (GM): Westra can estimate it will take 4-6 hours of hard labor for the group to clear the stones.

Westra Goldbrook: "We can clear it, but it would take hours. It might be best to see if there's another way around, first."

Dr. Catriona: She eats a berry right now! And looks like a kid while doing it, pondering if it is berry delicious.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr. Catriona: "These help if anyone would like some."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I might have a few if it isn't too much trouble."

Dr. Catriona: "Everyone should at least carry one anyway, it could help restore someone who has fallen unconscious."

Wolfe: "Yeah, let's look around the rest and see from there."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nods at Cat's suggestion. "Good idea," she says, walking over to take a berry.
Westra then moved towards the western doorwary to continue exploring.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will also take a berry, just in case.

Dr. Catriona: She gives Yvaine 2 berries

Levinath (GM): This hallway has a light dust on the floor, seemingly has not been traveled in some time.

Dr. Catriona: (He is taking a leak into the hole)

Raithe Moonstrike: (Checking for more zombies.)

Westra Goldbrook:

Levinath (GM): This room appears to be empty as you enter, a large pile of rubble rests against the north wall. A large wooden ladder leans against the west wall.
Raithe noticed a rope tied at the lip of the hole in the main room.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona leans against the wall for a moment while the others investigate.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will leave that rope alone, since there's no telling where it leads.

Westra Goldbrook: "What use would someone have for a ladder in a closed room such as this?" she asks no one in particular as she approaches the ladder
At the chittering sound behind her, Westra grits her teeth and sighs.

Levinath (GM): As you move further into the room, a large scorpion stands, rubble shaking from its back and it runs at you.

Westra Goldbrook:


Raithe Moonstrike:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:
Hearing some chittering. "What is happening?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Holy Gods! That is a huge scorpion!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Mother of Madness." Raithe said, firing an arrow.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: "I've had my fill of insects this day!" Westra growls/shouts, clearly frustrated and angry at being clawed.

Dr. Catriona: "Oh thunderation."
Again she summons the inner fire and balls her fists.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr. Catriona: "No more nice Doctor!" she yells.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Not going to lie. That's hot."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks back at Cat unleashing FIERY FURY with some obvious surprise.
"...Raithe did you seriously make that joke?"

Dr. Catriona: The scorpion catches blue FIRE!

Yvaine Songsteel: The scorpion screams, a sickening sound, as it catches fire....

Wolfe: He grunts and draws Talon as he moves to help Westra.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I wasn't joking. She just happened to use flame!"


Dr. Catriona: "Burn! burn! burn!" she snarls.

Yvaine Songsteel: As Wolfe's blade slices open the beast's carapace, hundreds of small scorpions begin pouring out of the beast.

Dr. Catriona: (btw using my bonus to heal 3)

Yvaine Songsteel:

Wolfe: Wolfe plunges Talon into the sternum(?) of the Scorpion. "...What the fuck!?" He yells out in surprise as a bunch of scorpions crawl out of the earth and run toward him and Westra.

Dr. Catriona: (grapple just limits your movement, nothing else)

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Yvaine Songsteel:


Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr. Catriona: 6 Fire Damage

Wolfe: Wolfe coughs some blood as he gets grabbed by the giant Scorpion and then impaled by its stinger.

Dr. Catriona: She will use energybeam without her gun.

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr. Catriona: (Obviously not)
✔ End of Turn ✔

Yvaine Songsteel: The fire scorpion waves Westra and Wolfe around in its claws.

Wolfe: Wolfe growls and brings his sword down again. "FUCK. OFF."
Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   
Wolfe brings Talon down right into the skull of the scorpion, getting green blood everywhere as the blade crunches through it's black carapace.
He then steps on it and with a heave grabs its stringer and rips it off with a snarl.

Dr. Catriona: The azure flames dissipate both from the carcass and from Catriona herself as it leaves her; she looks briefly winded.

Levinath (GM): Small scorpions continue to crawl all over and attack Wolfe and Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lands heavily on her feet as the scorpion dies and she's released. Without missing a beat she sweeps her halberd at the swarm of smaller insects.

Levinath (GM):
Yvaine's arrow makes a scorpion kabob as it lodges in the far wall.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will also attempt scorpion kabobs.

Dr. Catriona: "Hold still!"

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Whoom! goes the Boomer.

Levinath (GM): Flaming scorpions. Everywhere.

Dr. Catriona: "Insects usually flee from fire. They must really want revenge!"


Dr. Catriona: (He slaps one scorpion right on her breastplate)

Wolfe: Wolfe draws his blade along the ground, scraping away most of the Scorpions. He then reaches out and swats the last of them off of her breastplate.
"Had some on your tits."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra elbows him in the jaw in return. "Likewise."

Wolfe: Wolfe staggers backwards, rubbing at his jaw. "What the fuck!?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks on, eyebrows raised. "Where is the popping corn when you need it?"

Dr. Catriona: Catriona exhales some steam, then walks over to the giant scorpion and collects one of its many eyes and a chip of its chittin. For science.

Wolfe: "Next time you get your ass kicked by a bunch of piss-jelly."
"I am gonna just stand there and laugh."

Westra Goldbrook: "I can't see that I'd notice much difference, save the lack of impotently flying furniture."

Wolfe: He grumbles as he draws a cloth out of his pack and cleans his sword to pristine condition. Once he's satisfied he sheaths it.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe watches the curvy doctor collect an eye from the scorpion.
"Uh, Doc? Is that a good idea?"
"I's evil."

Wolfe: "Fuck this place."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra eyes the doctor."

Levinath (GM): A random baby scorpion crawls out from the husk and chitters away as the Doc picks at it.

Dr. Catriona: She grunts in response to Raithe, uncharacteristically.

Wolfe: He then pulls out his hand-axe and goes to inspect the Scorpion to see if it's edible before he'll butcher it for meat.

Westra Goldbrook: "Doctor?" she prompts. "Is everything well?"


Levinath (GM): might be edible.

Dr. Catriona: "What an odd question."

Wolfe: He cuts off its claws and packs them away. "If any of you type got some healing, now would be a good time."
"We can check out that hole so we have nothing at our back."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe stomps the spider that tries to get away. "No, no you don't."

Dr. Catriona: She stands back up, her gait and posture straighter than before and she seems mildly distracted.

Levinath (GM): The group notices more strange writing on the west wall.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will then hand Westra and Wolf each a healing potion.

Westra Goldbrook: Exhausted for the moment, Westra simply rolls her eyes at the doctor's non-answer, and moves back towards the larger room. En route, she says a quiet litany of prayers that restores her spirit some.

Wolfe: 10

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 2d4+2
(4+1)+2= 7

Wolfe: After downing his healing potion he walks over to Cat and sets a hand on her shoulder. "You did good, Doc."

Dr. Catriona: Wolf feels her shoulder is incredibly hot to touch, even through a glove.

Wolfe: He blinks and pulls his hand back, looking at it and then at her. "Huh."

Dr. Catriona: She nods at him, singularly, without a verbal response, then resumes on her way.

Wolfe: "You get a little into the element when you get mad, eh?"
He clicks his tongue against the back of his teeth, humming to himself in thought as he takes up the rear of their group.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lights a torch and drops it the 20 feet to the pit's bottom to better see its contents.

Raithe Moonstrike: "There's a rope leading down, right over there." Raithe said, pointing at the rope.

Levinath (GM): Westra can see a hallway that leads to the east, and a backpack laying on the ground.

Dr. Catriona: "Not ideally." is what she tells the half orc, in an offhanded manner. There is now a more readable impatience in her movements.

Wolfe: "Hrm."
He grabs the robe and swings down.

Dr. Catriona: "For tarnation's sake."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolls her eyes again as Wolfe tarzan's it down into the hole, then goes back to the other room for the ladder.

Levinath (GM): 7

Wolfe: "Fuuuuuuck!" Wolfe slips as he grabs the rope and trips right down the hole.
He then crashes right onto Hjalkohm's pack.

Westra Goldbrook: She sets the ladder into the pit, leaning against its side, and then proceeds to climb down it.

Dr. Catriona: "Did you break anything?!" she calls down.

Wolfe: "Ow..."
"I think I landed on that fucker's knee-capper."

Levinath (GM): The rest of the group may proceed down the ladder with no issues.

Wolfe: "Sune's ass my back hurts."
He then sits up with a grunt and rubs at his spine and grumbles, leaning against the wall.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will climb down the ladder into the hole.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra collects Hjalkohm's pack, looking sober and grim.

Dr. Catriona: She takes the ladder eventually, as to not flash everyone on her way down.

Levinath (GM): Again the pack seems undisturbed, his hammer and crossbow are laying several feet into the hall.

Wolfe: "See if he's got a fucking healing potion or two in there."

Dr. Catriona: "Curatives?" she asks, about the pack.

Wolfe: "Or if the pudgy fuck had any alcohol."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is careful to collect all of the dwarf's belongings, packing it into his pack and her own.

Levinath (GM): The group locates FOUR healing potions.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra tosses Wolfe a healing potion

Wolfe: 6

Dr. Catriona: (DWARVES)

Westra Goldbrook: "Does anyone else need one at the moment?"

Dr. Catriona: (they are always finding shit)

Wolfe: Wolfe gulps one down like it's a tasty beer. He belches a bit then extends his hand. "Another one, please."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm good." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra obliges him.

Wolfe: 9

Dr. Catriona: "I don't suppose you all have more kidnapped comrades that left their belongings about in this den."

Levinath (GM): The soft sounds of chirping and digging can be heard as you lower yourselves down into the hole.

Raithe Moonstrike: "There's one more, technically."

Dr. Catriona: "I hear something."

Wolfe: Getting up he exhales and tosses the empty bottle over his shoulder -- it crashes softly. "Nope."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs heavily.

Dr. Catriona:

Westra Goldbrook: And briefly considers a new career.
"Be on guard," she advises, steeling herself.

Levinath (GM): The Doc recalls reading about the calls of Rust Monsters.

Westra Goldbrook: "That fireball scroll is at hand, is it not?" she asks, with a glance over her shoulder.

Dr. Catriona: "Wait, wait.. I know that sound."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pauses before advancing and looks back to the Doctor patiently.

Dr. Catriona: "Rust monsters."

Westra Goldbrook:


Westra Goldbrook: "Rust monsters?"

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: "They eat metal."
"Nonmagical weapons, armor, it's all gonna get fucked."

Westra Goldbrook: "Only metal?"

Wolfe: He draws Talon from its sheath. "Get naked, Princess, I'll protect you."

Dr. Catriona: "I can't let them eat my WEENIS."

Wolfe: "...Did you say they were gonna eat your peenis?"

Dr. Catriona: "No, my WEENIS." she says, suddenly apprehensive abut losing whatever that was.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Tactical philosophical question: are they made of metal?" Raithe asks.

Wolfe: "...What?"
"What the fuck is a Weenis?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Tangental philosophical question: are they made of metal?" Raithe asks.

Dr. Catriona: "No, Mister Moonstrike."

Wolfe: "They're like, bugs."

Dr. Catriona: "They are like... insectoid monstrosities."

Raithe Moonstrike: "All good." he said, nocking an arrow.
"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Wolfe: "More fuckin' bugs."
Wolfe moves to the front.

Dr. Catriona: "They can smell metal."

Wolfe: "Stay behind me, Westra, just yell at the things enough and that might kill them."

Westra Goldbrook: "Hasn't worked on you, yet," she mutters.

Wolfe: "Gods know I wanna kill myself when you're talking half the time."

Levinath (GM): Three rust monsters face away from the group.

Dr. Catriona: ((THXGM))
"They better not touch my WEENIS."

Raithe Moonstrike: "She's still talking about her weenis."
"Should I be alarmed?"

Dr. Catriona: "It would set me back months to lose the WEENIS!"
--End Session 9--



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 10--

Levinath (GM): The group has found a new level of the mysterious mine, chittering sounds from further in the room have revealed rust monsters reside within the chamber, though they have not noticed the group yet.

Wolfe: Wolfe whispers to the others. "These things'll fuckin eat your shit. Weapons, armor, all of it."
Sixxy: "That is what I said." she whispers back, somewhat frustratedly.

Wolfe: (Did Sixxy say it or Cat, tho)

Dr. Catriona: "I have iron ball bearings that might distract them."
Mercedes O.: "Not good," Batgirl backs up and plans to go at them indicated by her leveled crossbow.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra narrows her eyes at the monsters ahead, and replies, "Perhaps we should attempt ranged attacks first, then. Whatever damage we can do before engaging them in melee will help, but either way we cannot leave them unmolested."

Levinath (GM): The huge pile of rocks conceal the group presently and the creatures appear distracted.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Anyone have a flamethrower?"

Wolfe: "...What's a... flame-thrower?"
"...Like a catapult?"

Yvaine Songsteel: The dark clad Cleric forms a silent line with her mouth in response to Wolfe, but shifts her face to Cat, as though she might understand.

Wolfe: "Alright, concentrate fire." He pulls out his hand-axe and points at the closest one.

Westra Goldbrook: "Could we possibly draw one towards us without alerting all of them?"

Dr. Catriona: "You likely will not get that back."
"I can try. "

Wolfe: "It's just a hatchet. I can get more."

Dr. Catriona: Catriona removes one of her pouches of iron ball bearings. and they levitate from her hand.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is ready to shoot.

Dr. Catriona: "We can hit them once they are distracted."

Wolfe: "Do your stuff, Doc."

Dr. Catriona: She will mystic hand the iron ball bearings along the air.
She drops them against the wall and have them turn around and proc an ambush.

Levinath (GM): The creatures chitter as the ball bearings fall and they all seem distracted by them quickly run behind the large boulder out of site while the last looks but decides to finish eating the shield that lays bare.

Westra Goldbrook:


Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: (select token)

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:
Catriona moves and readies an Energy beam as soon as the closest Rust Monster becomes alert to the attack.
✔ End of Turn ✔

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM): Raithe's arrow pierces the beast's hide and moments later the empty shaft falls from the beast, the head gone.
It lets out a horrible scream of pain and turns around.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona's BOOMER whoom!s and fires at the beast.

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: "Tarnation!"

Wolfe: Wolfe moves to the side and looses a hand-axe!
"What does Tarnation even mean!?"

Yvaine Songsteel:
"They are from TarNation?" She asks confused, considering she was just told they were rust monsters.

Dr. Catriona: "It means nothing good!" she mutters.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra attempts to allow the ranged fighters to take the lone rust monster down, but eventually exceeds her available patience and moves down to engage it herself. "Despicable creature," she grunts, as she goes.

Dr. Catriona: "One down, two remain."

Levinath (GM): Westra's weapon strikes true, but she finds the steel tinged with brown powder when she pulls it from the beast.

Dr. Catriona: Catriona makes a face of 'yikes' at the rusting erosion of the captain's weapon.

Levinath (GM): The chittering increases from around the boulder.
The two remaining rust monsters star at the Doc as she rounds the corner.

Dr. Catriona:

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: (so 2 damage to the lucky one)

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: Bonus action to heal 1 hit point lol
"They are tenacious!"

Westra Goldbrook:
One of the beasts approaches to follow the doc, and Westra steps in to thwart it.
"Doctor, get back!"

Levinath (GM):

Dr. Catriona: "Oh ew ew ew!~"

Levinath (GM):

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: "Hey, back off the kid you little shit!" Wolfe growls as he pulls Talon free from its sheath and slashes down at the Rust Monster.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh! Off, you!"


Westra Goldbrook: Westa blinks as Wolfe seems to nearly cleave the creature in twain, and then casts a questioning glance to the doctor who was so valiantly protected.

Levinath (GM):

Wolfe: He cuts the rust monster in half then gets assaulted!

Dr. Catriona: "Botheration! Mister Wolfe, watch your katana!" she warns and is hit with rust monster goop in the face in a disturbing fashion to where she spits some of it out.

Wolfe: "Tarnation!"
"....I said it right, right?"

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: The remaining monster lunges at Wolfe, and Westra takes the opportunity to try and cut it down.
It splits in two, its carapace parting with a web of sticky black goo.

Wolfe: Wolfe is slashed past from Westra and he looks over at her, as he's uncertain whether he was the target or not.

Dr. Catriona: Dr. Wicker looks miserable at being splashed in the face with gore.

Wolfe: "Good job, Princess." He takes out a piece of cloth and cleans Talon of Rust-Monster ichor and sheaths it.
He then extends the cloth to Cat.

Dr. Catriona: She removes her glasses and that area around her eyes ends up being the clearest part of her face right now.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is busy making a grim face at the dying beast. She glances to Wolfe at his compliment, and her mouth forms a line. It looks painful, but after a pauses she manages a "You as well."

Dr. Catriona: "Those things have nothing to do with necromancers."

Westra Goldbrook: And then turns away to head further down the tunnel. "Is everyone unharmed?"

Dr. Catriona: She wipes away as much as she could.

Westra Goldbrook: "...except for the weapons," she adds, frowning at the damage to her halberd.

Dr. Catriona: She takes out a funky looking device from her pack and then sighs with relief.

Wolfe: "Yep." Wolfe looks forward, considering things and draws the magical longsword again. "Let's get going."
Once he gets around the rocks he'll see if the Rust Monsters were hiding anything in here.

Levinath (GM): As you round the pile of rocks, the remains of a shattered sheet of stone lay across the ground. Runes still glow weakly on the pieces of rubble as you approach.

Dr. Catriona: "They were coming for the WEENIS. The copper inlays are like sugar to them."


Westra Goldbrook:
Westra eyes the runes on the stone sheet, trying to remember if she's seen them anywhere.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine has no idea what a Weenis is,

Dr Catriona: "Wait wait.."

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr Catriona: "The air is rife with some kind of ..residual magic."
(From Kost): "These mythals seem much more recent, however, I have yet to discern what they are for. Very curious."

Dr Catriona: (Raithe just chillin in the back)

Levinath (GM): Westra knows that the runes that were set in the stone by a high level caster.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra holds up a hand and slows her forward progress. She looks back to the others, and gestures to indicate there are voices ahead. She proceeds slowly, attempting to be as quiet as possible.

Yvaine Songsteel:


Levinath (GM): The sounds of digging echo throughout this chamber. As you enter you see two pillars supporting the high ceiling. A brightly colored human faces away from the party while two hulking ogre zombies flank his rear facing the door. Two normal zombies move rubble away from a pile at the far side of the room. Tealina and Hjakohm can be seen laying in the corner, unconscious not appear unharmed. The two large zombies grunt and slobber as they stare directly at Westra and Wolfe, but do not move.

Wolfe: Wolfe bumps into Westra as she stops, trying to look past her. "Torm's tits can you walk any fuckin' slower?"

Levinath (GM): (and not harmed*)

Wolfe: "Oh, shit!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra grunts and elbows back against Wolfe before jutting a finger towards the room, where a number of adversaries can now be seen.

Levinath (GM): He turns at Wolfe's outburst. "Oh, well met! I was not expecting more company I must admit." He is an older man, standing nearly 6 ft tall and holding a staff wrapped with skeletal hands that has a curved blade several feet long curving off one side. His head is completed shaven and he has a black tattoo on his forehead. "What brings you down to these ancient mines?" He asks pleasantly.

Wolfe: "I heard there were hookers and beer down here."

Dr Catriona: Catriona cannot help but thnk back to that naughty necrophelia book when she sees this old man. The images. Might have to do a will save....

Wolfe: "Just kind of fell in."
He gestures toward Westra. "She's here to audition."

Levinath (GM): His eyebrows raise. "This is no place for brothel activities, I must advise if you are interested in that sort of thing you move towards your nearest village."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh." Westra stands from her crouch at Wolfe's nonsense, and looks to the man addressing them. "We're here seeking our comrades," Westra says, gesturing to the two in the corner. "We bring with us the righteousness of Helm himself!" she says, reaching for her mundane amulet with Helm's sigil on it. She thrusts it towards Kost, a scowl on her face. "Put down your weapons and call off your fiends, and you shall survive this reckoning. Refuse, and fall here today!"

Dr Catriona tries to understand the layout of the room and what the pillars mean if anything.

Dr Catriona: "I don't bring any rightoeousness..."

Levinath (GM): The pillars are just rough stone pillars. She make make a History check if she likes.

Dr Catriona:

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a grunt, as he wanted to say something bad-assed, but Westra had to go and ruin it with her holy shit.


Yvaine Songsteel: At Westra's words, Yvaine's spine stiffens, and she says a small, silent prayer under her breath....even though she can't see much of what's happening.

Kost: The Doc knows that he is a Thayan wizard.
His eyes betray fear but he his voice only waivers for a moment before he steadies it. "I...I was not going to harm them. The traps above, were not to harm people, but to keep them away and safe."

Westra Goldbrook: "Away and safe from what?" Westra demands.

Kost: "Anything we might find down here. You may have noticed those were no apprentice sage runes on the door I opened." He motioned back towards the hall. "I am searching for relics of Labelas Enoreth"

Wolfe: "Whowhat?"

Dr Catriona: ((lol Banebridge knows who that is))


Westra Goldbrook: "You have summoned these monsters to aid you?" Westra asks, looking disgusted by the notion.

Dr Catriona:

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Kost: "They are only vessels for labor...and protection." He looks to one of the zombies by Tealina and it falls in a heap.

Dr Catriona: "You are a long way from Thay, mister."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Who is that up ahead?" Raithe asked.

Westra Goldbrook: "These creatures abducted our fellows from above ground," Westra argues. "What was the meaning of that?"

Dr Catriona: "Your friends and the necromancer." she says to Raithe.

Raithe Moonstrike: "The necromancer, huh? Is there a reason why we're talking to him instead of ending him?"

Dr Catriona: "... I don't know the ins and outs of necromancer diplomacy."

Kost: "Indeed I am, Lassy. Unlike many of my counterparts, I prefer to see and learn from real magic. Tomes and studying will only get you so far." He says to the Doc.

Raithe Moonstrike: "It's pretty simple. Aim for the face."

Kost: "They would have already been returned to the surface had I not had more pressing matters. I do apologize."

Yvaine Songsteel: It's impossible to see because of her cowl, but Raithe's insistence on murder here has the cleric intrigued and a brow raises.

Dr Catriona: She shifts her posture and footing, uncomfortably, then looks to Raithe once more. "He is being quite polite..."

Westra Goldbrook: Westa takes a few steps further into the room to get a better sense of its occupants.

Wolfe: "Like what?"

Dr Catriona: She wonders if we have to return the healing potions to those two adventurers.

Wolfe: "What your zombies are digging for?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "He's also waiting to kill us and raise us into more of slaves. Very little good ever comes of magic." Raithe said.

Westra Goldbrook: She gives an eye to Tealina and Hjalkohm as well, trying to verify that they are unharmed.

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric's lip curls into a bit of a snarl at the mention of more undead. She wished she wasn't already so exhausted at the moment...but 'shoot to the face' is sounding decent.

Kost: Kost closes his eyes for several moments and lets out a sigh before focusing to Wolfe.. "As I said, any ancient artifacts of Labelas Enoreth. Histories of Thay show that this was once some kind of shrine to him."
"You may go check on them if you wish." He notices Westra looking at her fallen companions.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra does indeed go and check on the other two.

Kost: Westra finds that the two are simply unconscious.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine keeps her bow ready to cover her fellow Helm-ite as she approaches the others.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra jostles them each in an attempt to wake them.

Dr Catriona: "Where did you get the subjects for all your undead uh... minions?"

Westra Goldbrook: "And you still haven't explained why they abducted people from the surface to begin with," she muttered, as she worked.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine's face tilts toward Kost at Cat's question, though much of her face is still obscured in shadow.
"He did. It was just a terrible explanation," the Minister observes bluntly.

Kost: Each in turn opens their eyes hazily as she shakes them awake. "Those traps are there to scare people away, even adventurous ones that believe they can slay a few zombies. Anyone captured prior has been released in a matter of hours."

Dr Catriona: "Not to be a stinker, but I mean... the zombies didn't attack us first once we came down here."

Westra Goldbrook: "They seem to be unharmed," she says, looking back to Wolfe for his opinion. (though she'll deny it later)

Dr Catriona: "Haven't you ever heard of Keep Away signs?"

Wolfe: "Where did you get the zombies from?"

Yvaine Songsteel: That meant nothing to Yvaine, but she stayed quiet on the matter.

Wolfe: Wolfe seems grim still, he's not as eased up as the others as Kost seems to be dodging that one.

Kost: "Most of these zombies came from the remains of the village of Conyberry, unfortunately, it did not survive the spellplague. Some I have had longer."


Westra Goldbrook: As they wake, Westra returns to Hjal and Tealina the weapons and bags that belong to them that she's collected on the way here.

Kost: Wolfe senses no deception.

Wolfe: The Half-Orc grunts softly.

Dr Catriona: "I was just in Conyberry. It is indeed ruined."

Raithe Moonstrike: "How far is Conyberry from here?" Raithe asks, looking around to the group.

Wolfe: "Necromancy's a bunch of bullshit, but I'm no saint either. And you didn't hurt our friends."

Dr Catriona: "Not terribly far. "

Wolfe: He nods towards the two that Westra is seeing to.

Yvaine Songsteel: The hooded woman turns her face towards the handsome elf. "Fifteen miles or so," she replies in her low, soft tone.

Wolfe: "You don't cause no problems for the villagers, we'll take our friends and leave you to it."
"You start to hurt anyone around here and you and I are gonna talk again, and it'll end with a sword. Clear?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Wolfe, do you really think this guy is on the level?" Raithe asked.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Coneyberry is a ghost town. Everything there is long forgotten."
"Nothing but ruins."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is eyeing the more ogre-like creatures, uncertain about leaving them alive.

Wolfe: "Yeah, Raithe, I know some wizard types. They care about power and knowledge, and that seems to fit this guy. Like Cat said, the zombies didn't try to murder us -- we attacked them first."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Miss Goldbrook, perhaps you should escort your compatriates this direction," the quiet Cleric suggests.

Kost: Kost blinks a couple times before his eyes narrow. He looks at Westra. "You bitch. You come down here and use your holy magic on me unprovoked?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra... smiles.

Wolfe: "Hey. Buddy."

Dr Catriona: (Thats what paladins do)

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hey! You don't call her that, you necromatic sack of shit."

Westra Goldbrook: And rises from her crouch.

Yvaine Songsteel: "It makes no difference. We should leave none of these undead standing," the calm woman says in an particularly gruff, and severe tone in her low voice.

Wolfe: "Don't talk yourself into a grave."

Dr Catriona: "So close." she says to herself.

Westra Goldbrook: "Are you offended by the righteousness of Helm?" she asks, her voice deceptively calm.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine keeps herself in a position to cover Westra,

Wolfe: Wolfe slowly moves between Raithe, Yvaine, and Kost and his mooks. Westra can handle herself.

Kost: "Don't you worry about that Orc. I am offended by your walking in here and casting spells on me without provication."

Dr Catriona: "Can't we just leave him some scripture and be on our way, though?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "No, Doc. This isn't one of those meetings."

Wolfe: "First of all, buddy, I'm not an Orc."

Raithe Moonstrike: "And he called Wolfe an Orc. That was mistake number three."

Wolfe: "Second of all, buddy, we are halfway about to leave you to your shit, if you don't talk a foot into your ass."

Dr Catriona: "So many misunderstandings resulting in ego-born chaos. " she remarks in an observational fashion.


Yvaine Songsteel: "Tsk," only Yvain's visible lips offer response to Cat.

Westra Goldbrook: "I merely showed you the awesomeness of Helm, nothing more. If you were raptured by it, that perhaps says more about your alignment in this world than anything else. Have you reason to fear Helm?" she asked, taking a step forward.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Let us finish these undead wretches in your midst and we'll leave you unscathed..."

Wolfe: "You can't just murder a guy's sex dolls..."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Wolfe: "Think of the book we found."

Kost: "Then allow me to show you some of my religion."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hey, if you give up now, none of these people will hurt you."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine doesn't acknowledge Wolfe's disgusting commentary.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, I tried."

Dr Catriona: The Doctor makes a disgusted face when Wolfe says that, like Brienne would at a Tormund advance.
"No no, nothing needs be shown."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Please don't."

Kost: Kost's hands glow as the hallway is covered in blackness. "Cover the door you idiots, don't let them through. I'll deal with Miss Righteous myself.""

Westra Goldbrook: Westra waits no longer, and swings her halberd at the wizard.



Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr Catriona:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook:


Dr Catriona: "I've lost visual...!"
(Those NPCs didnt roll!)

Wolfe: "It's fucking dark in here."

Dr Catriona: (OA)

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   
Wolfe moves out of the darkness, then drawing Talon he brings it hard against Humphrey's chest. "Get the fuck outta my way you big motherfucker!"

Dr Catriona: "Is the hallway clear??

Wolfe: "No it's filled with giant fucking zombies!"

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel: "Argh." The broody cleric says in total irritation.

Kost: Westra see two glowing statues, triangular in shape have runes inscribed on them glow on the sides of the rubble the zombies dig at.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr Catriona: "Miss Yvaine, are you okay in there?"

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel: "I'm uncertain."


Westra Goldbrook: "Raithe, try for the triangular statues," she calls over her shoulder. "They may power his control of the beasts."

Kost: Kost swings his weapon at Westra.

Wolfe: "Or they could blow us all the fuck up!"

Westra Goldbrook: As she's doing so, the wizard whacks her with a weapon she hadn't even seen him carrying! She growls as she feels some vitality bleed from her. "Keep your foul magics off of me, fiend!" she shouts, before slashing at him.

Kost: Westra connects the but the vitality he drained on his strike absorbs most of the damage.

After rolling a die roll, roll another die and take the new result.   

Yvaine Songsteel: As Yvaine tries to move out of the darkness and is confronted with the belly of the horrible beast in front of her, the Cleric finally reaches an end to her patience. With a bit of a cat-like yowl of anger, radiant light bursts forth from under Yvaine's hood, and from her back to manifest an enormous pair of golden, feathered wings that thrust her straight up in the air, over the top of Humphrey's head and hopefully just out of reach as she moves up towards the ceiling. Then she unleashes a pillar of radiant golden flame down on Kost!


Yvaine Songsteel:

Kost: Yvaine finds her Sacred Flame fizzles as she attempts to cast it.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Curses!"


Dr Catriona: (Yvaine is at what altitiude)
A mote of blue fire appears in the center of the darkness...

Kost: While the doctor's blue flames appear, they seem weaker than they should.

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a surprised yell as a huge cube of flame goes up. "HOLY SHIT!"

Dr Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔


Dr Catriona: Blue fire POURS from the darkness in a tremendous gout and lights the floor! It keeps burning.
Two blazing blue eyes in the darkness then sink away.

Westra Goldbrook:


Dr Catriona: "Hope I didn't cook anyone friendly!" It doesn't sound sincere.


Wolfe: "Nope!"

Dr Catriona: End of any creatures turn = 7 damage

Westra Goldbrook: Westa staggers backwards as an ogre zombie smacks her with his morningstar!

Dr Catriona: "I smell smoldering necroplasm! hahahahahaha!!!"

Wolfe: "Get. The Fuck. Out. Of. My. Way!" Wolfe snarls as he slashes through Humphrey.

Raithe Moonstrike:


Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fires an arrow, watching it sail directly at the necromancer....and miss.

Kost: Kost growls and a barrier appears a moment before the arrow hits.

Raithe Moonstrike: "All right. Bastard." he said, nocking another arrow.

Kost: "Where is your God now Helmite?" He snarls.

Dr Catriona: `Enemy takes 7 fire damage end of its turn in the Rolling Flame area.``

Yvaine Songsteel: Though her cowl is still drawn low, her eyes were glowing with Celestial, heavenly light that caught the edges of what appeared to be a lovely visage. Her long wings made manifest by Helm's divinity, and the otherwise forboding woman stared down at Zost. "He's here with us, fiend. I assure you!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is struck by a blast of foul energy and collapses to the ground.

Wolfe: "Hjalkhom, Tealina, do something useful for once in your miserable FUCKING lives and give Westra a healing potion!"

Yvaine Songsteel: The wrathful cleric descends over the fallen Paladin and kneels down to touch her hand over Westra's closed eyes. "You will not die today. Helm, nor I will allow it."

Humphry gives Wolfe a hug.

Wolfe: "No!"


Wolfe: "Don't you do it!"

Dr Catriona: `End of Turn, take 7 fire damage if in Rolling Flames

Wolfe: Wolfe shoves it back into the fire.

Dr Catriona:

Dr Catriona: (concentrating on that)
(ice doesnt)


Dr Catriona: (I need to make these squares better)



Dr Catriona: `End of Turn, take 7 fire damage if in Rolling Flames
5 damage

Westra Goldbrook: rolling 1d6+4
(6)+4= 10
rolling 2d4+2
(2+2)+2= 6
rolling 2d4+2
(4+1)+2= 7

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: "Hey, Kost!"
"Stop hiding behind your fucking minions and face me like a man, you Thayan pussy!"

Kost: Kost snarls as he is hit in the shoulder with an arrow. "So you are next then?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Suffer not a witch to live!" Raithe yells

Kost: "Shut the fuck you Orc, I am dealing with the rest of your filthy band!"
"Leave my kill alone!" He swings at Yvaine.

Kost: He ice skates into Westra and swings the weapon back down into her chest.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is out once more.

Yvaine Songsteel: Seeing that Westra is up and Raithe has the Zombie in hand, the Heaven-touched Cleric focuses on Kost. More radiant flame pours down on him in a pillar of hopefully pain. "You will die here," she informs him in a low growl. "Bastard."

Kost: Yvaine once again finds that her cantrip has no effect.

Wolfe: "Ow!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "What fiendishness is this?!" she snarls in annoyance as her light washes over him with no effect.
Her resolve to rend Kost limb from limb is increasing, as is her motivation to make it happen.

Kost: "You come down here. Interrupt my research. AND FOR WHAT? TO DIE?!" He pulls the bloody scythe from Westra's chest.

Dr Catriona: Able to see through the dark, she spots the odd arcane device in the background.. and fires her BOOMER at it!

Kost: Catriona finds her BOOMER's blast fades away as it enters the room.

Wolfe: "Stop using magic, it's not working in here!"


Dr Catriona: "Its some kind of energy nullification field!"

Wolfe: "Gotta fuckin do everything my gods damned self!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "This is tiresome."

Wolfe: Wolfe pulls a hand-axe and throws it at the crystal.

Kost: Wolfe's weapon chips some of the left crystal apart.

Wolfe: "Raithe, shoot the fucking crystals!"

Raithe Moonstrike:
Raithe shoots the crystal that Wolfe just shot!

Kost: Raithe's arrow lodges in the stone and a crack erupts down the length of the stone, but the runes still glow.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Is this worth it?!"

Kost: "A good question to ask yourself....." Kost walks slowly towards Raithe.

Wolfe: "You and Cat are doing jack and dick right now, Yvaine! SHOOT THE FUCKING CRYSTALS!"


Yvaine Songsteel: "Wiping your smug face from the surface of this realm will be more than worth it." Though Wolfe is lucky she wasn't shooting him right now.

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike: "Ugh!"
"What other flavors you got, coward?"

Yvaine Songsteel:

Raithe Moonstrike:


Kost: Yvaine can see the zombies are clearing the rubble away from what appears to be an opening where they are digging.

Dr Catriona: The zombies take some fire damage

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric is torn between helping the paladin, shooting the crystal, and putting a bolt right through Kost's face. "You'd better be right," she retorts with a rather UNholy snarl as she swoops down and pulls out her rapier to attempt a healthy swing at it for some extra oomph.

Kost: Yvaine chops off the top half of the stone pedestal which turns dormant, the bottom half continues to glow, however.

Yvaine Songsteel: As she gets closer, she sees the Zombies have unearthed some new opening. "What is this, now! The Zombies are attempting to dig open another entrance!" she informs the others.
"Infuriating!" she glowers in her best Christian Bale voice.


Dr Catriona: Catriona pulls out a dagger. "Oh, this is not ideal."


Yvaine Songsteel:

Kost: 2
The left mythal explodes in a bright blue light.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Agghhh," the spry high-heeled Celestial-type jumps back from the exploding crystal. Not this time, Gadget!

The two zombies clearing the path push the remaining rubble away and turn towards the group.

Dr Catriona:  Image


Dr Catriona: "SUCCESS!"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Success at what!?"

Kost: "I have no time for these games. There is work to be done."

Wolfe: The Ogre-Zombie smashes Wolfe so hard it causes him to cough blood. As he lurches over, her snarls as he fights back death itself and forces himself to his full height.

Dr Catriona: "Tarnation! Mister Wolfe is in dire straits!" She says, celebrating too soon.


Yvaine Songsteel: "Damnit."

Wolfe: He brings his sword down on Humphry to try and get it out of the god-damned way.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Dr Catriona: (watch the icce)
(just powerslide into it! LOL)

Yvaine Songsteel: "Damnit, I'm sorry, Wolfe, I have no way to aid you!" she says, obviously irritated by the punishment he's being forced to take.

Wolfe: "You can aid me by getting this giant fucking roadbloack out of my way."

Dr Catriona: "Hey necromancer! I am going to shoot into that opening your lackeys just opened up if you don't stop all this!"
"With combustibles!"

Kost: "finishes these fools" He disappears in a wisp of smoke and reappears at the entrance.
Kost disappears into the newly dug room.

Westra Goldbrook:

Kost: The darkness spell dissipates after Kost disappears from sight.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is once again torn between aiding Westra, going after Kost, finishing off the crystal, and making sure Wolfe didn't continue to get slaughtered. They couldn't afford to be down another person so she swaps to her crossbow and fires at Humphrey.

Dr Catriona: "Hey unfortunately faced creature! Look at me! You are the opposite of intelligent and a look like an ingnaramous!" she yells at Humphry

Yvaine Songsteel:

Kost: Humphry's large body sways as the bolt strikes true, but he still stands.

Dr Catriona: "Come and have a delicious half elven meal!" she yells at Humphry, waving her arms.


Dr Catriona: (theres no more darkness?)


Dr Catriona: (it is)

Kost: The fire hits, but Humphrey remains standing against ALL LOGIC!

Dr Catriona: She blows out part of its stomach.
✔ End of Turn ✔

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr Catriona: "Fight me, you goon!" she squeals angrily at Humphry, hoping to draw attention.

Yvaine Songsteel:


Dr Catriona: Bogart takes fire damage

Wolfe: Wolfe draws in a slow, deep breath. Everything hurts at this point. It's hard to focus, it's hard to keep himself centered, but there's a lot of anger boiling inside the Half-Orc at Kost and his actions.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Bastards!"

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a single huff as he leaps through Humphry and Bogart -- an action the Ogre zombies would never expect!
He then power-slides through Ice and Fire and skids along the smooth, burning, icy-hot and steamy surface to skid into Kost's feet

Dr Catriona:  Image

Kost: Kost raises an eyebrow at the slidey orc. "Come to join your girlfriend? I can send you there."

Raithe Moonstrike:

Wolfe: "She's not my gifrlend, you stupid cunt. And she's not dead, either."

Kost: The arrow strikes true, and again to top snaps off, but the runes still glow.

Dr Catriona: (fire damage to the thing)

Kost: Kost leans down and picks up a glowing stone into the palm of his hand. "Get the fuck." His puts a boot at the orc's face. "outta my way, cretin."

Wolfe: Wolfe grabs his boot and pulls hard to trip him.

Kost: "Filthy orc! It does not matter...I have it! The lost stone of....."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr Catriona:



Raithe Moonstrike:

Kost: Time seems to slow as you watch a cloud of smoke emerge from the stone in Kost's hand, it forms into a large woman standing well over six feet tall. As she becomes solid a blade materializes in her outstretch arm. As if already propelled forward the dagger lodges into Kost's chest. While it felt like minutes, it all happened in an instant.

Dr Catriona: "Whaaaaaat isssss going onnnnnnnnn?"

Wolfe: Wolfe blinks, uncertain what is going on. He doesn't feel drunk still.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Mask's beard." Raithe whispers.

Kost: "I...." He coughs before he dies.

Jghara Imustreau: The woman is dressed in a dark, long, flowing, ball gown. Her hair, a dark almond color, is done up in a fancy bone crown. Her eyes narrow as she slides the body off his weapon, she looks around to each person in the room. The woman's eyes fall back to the body on the floor before bending down and picking up the stone and wiping her dagger off on his back. "Treacherous Dog…."
The zombies fall limp at the death of their master.

Raithe Moonstrike: "What is this madness?"
--End Session 10-



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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--Session 11--

Levinath (GM): The Necromancer, Kost has been defeated, and Hjalkohm and Tealina rescued! Though, the necromancer's death was not by the party's hand. Who is this newcomer? Friend or Foe? What has the Thayan discovered?

Westra Goldbrook: Westra remains unconscious on the mine floor.

Wolfe: Wolfe growls, on the last thread of life, as he slowly gets to his feet with ichor-covered blade in hand. "Thanks for the help." He pulls out a healing potion from his belt (two left after this) and walk over toward Westra's limp form.
"I wish I could have someone take a fucking drawing of this for posterity." He mutters as he kneels next to Westra and dips a hand under her head, holding it up while he uncorks the bottle with his teeth. Spitting out the cork, he then pours it down Westra's mouth as he holds her head back.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sputters awake with a start.

Jghara Imustreau: The woman looks at the room, and then to the stone frowning. "Where is that fool Aumar and his lackey?" The dagger is still held in her hand, and glows with a violet light.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine backed away after casting her Spare the Dying cantrip to give Wolfe room to administer his potion.

Dr Catriona: Catriona rests both of her fingers on the corner and peers into the room like a kid looking under the bed for monsters.

Westra Goldbrook: She seems shocked to realize it's Wolfe crouching over her, and makes haste with standing up under her own steam.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Presumably dead," the cloaked woman in black announced.

Jghara Imustreau: She walks around the pillar and looks down the hall, pointedly at the Doc.

Westra Goldbrook: "Gratitude," she murmurs. "Who is this?" she asks, catching sight of the stranger among them.

Wolfe: "Yeah, you owe me 50 gold." Wolfe slowly gets to his feet, slowly being the key term.

Dr Catriona: "I'm ...quite flummoxed as to what is happening."

Wolfe: "Who the fuck is Aumar? Is that that guy you just shenked?" He gestures to Kost.

Jghara Imustreau: "Who am I?" She scoffs, her voice raising. "WHERE IS THE WIZARD AND HIS BODYGUARD?! TELL ME BEFORE YOU SHARE YOUR FRIENDS FATE!" She points to Kost.

Yvaine Songsteel: "No idea," the darkly clad woman says to Westra. Yvaine presumably is looking at Jghara curiously. "Madame, what wizard are you referring to?"

Wolfe: Wolfe blinks at the raised voice. He sighs and, shaking his head, moves to loot Kost's body.

Raithe Moonstrike: "We're not dead. We're actually not dead." Raithe said. "Didn't you just kill the wizard?"

Dr Catriona: "Perhaps the fumes of this mine possesss mind eroding properties."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra just looks confused.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine's hooded head bobs in agreement with what Raithe said. If Westra is not on her feet, Yvaine offers her a gloved hand and attempts to steady her.

Jghara Imustreau: The woman rubs her temples. "Elminster." She sighs out. "......Aumar." With a who doesn't know that look on her face.

Dr Catriona: The half elven doctor ambles over to Kost's body (if it is still about)... and inspects it.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Pardon, Madame," she says to Jghara, "I have no idea who it is you're talking about."

Wolfe: "Elminster's dead. He died in the fuckin' Spellplague."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Like I said, no idea who that person is."

Jghara Imustreau: She eyes the half orc. "This. plague? What year is it Orc?"

Wolfe: Wolfe growls. "I'm not an Orc."

Levinath (GM): Wolfe finds nothing of interest on the Necromancer save his staff.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Oh, dear."

Wolfe: "And I don't know what year it is, I'm drunk half the time."

Jghara Imustreau: "Estimate."

Wolfe: "Uh....73?"

Yvaine Songsteel: While the Not An Orc converses with the woman, Yvaine eyes his injuries, plotting ways to attempt to heal him.

Dr Catriona: "1385 Dale Reckoning."

Wolfe: "That's the one."

Dr Catriona: "A suboptimal calendral dating system, but widely used nonetheless."

Jghara Imustreau: Her eyes narrow. "462, curses." She mutters under her breath. She ssems to ignore more of the groups commentary.

Dr Catriona: Catriona leaves the half orc to his looting then and does not interfere other than observe visually the whole setup of the now defunct room. She gives this Jghara wide berth.

Westra Goldbrook: "How long have you been imprisoned there?" Westra asks, gesturing to the room from which the woman had emerged. "And who are you?"

Wolfe: Sighing, since this piece of shit didn't even have the decency to have coin on him to recoup his losses, Wolfe moves to sit against the wall. Tired and beat up, he pulls out his flask, uncaps it, and drinks.

Jghara Imustreau: She moves with a gliding grace as the woman walks over to the remains of one of the pillars and picks up several pieces, inspecting the runes. Her hands glow for a moment as she casts a spell on a piece.

Dr Catriona: "You seem busy. We could leave you to it, miss..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yeah, this has all gotten way too creepy for me."

Jghara Imustreau: "Far longer than I would have liked. " She responds to Westra. She drops the pieces and cleans off her hands before standing and turning to Westa. She offers a smile to the woman. "I am Jghara Imustreau, my Dear. And I suppose you would like my gratitude for unlocking me?"

Wolfe: "Naw, I know we already got it. You're welcome. Thanks for killing that asshole." He nods towards Kost. "I'd say we're even."

Dr Catriona: "Fascinating. You were trapped in there?" she points.

Wolfe: He then tilts back some more sweet, sweet liquor.

Dr Catriona: "That's not very becoming of the person who did that to .uh.. you."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra casts an unpleasant look at Wolfe for his comment, but then turns a softer glance back to Jghara. "Actually, it was the necromancer here who freed you. We were only here hoping to rescue some friends of ours that he abducted," she admitted, to clarify the situation. "How would this Kost have known to look for you here?" she asked, gesturing to the fallen necromancer.

Jghara Imustreau: "How do you travel with such an uncouth creature?" She asks Westra before turning to the Doctor. "Yes my death, but the wizards trickery. It appears these mythals suppressed me into imprisonment."

Westra Goldbrook: "Upwind, if possible."

Jghara Imustreau: He laughed and looked at Kost. "The Thayans never tired of flamboyant attire. Hundreds of years and they still wear that. At any rate, the wizard of the undead got his reward.I have been delayed for far too long. I will leave you to your friend searching. Miss....?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Westra Goldbrook, of Neverwinter," Westra supplied, with a nod of respect.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine watched the interaction silently.

Wolfe: Wolfe finishes his flask, finding that he's on empty save for one left, and growls as he stows it away to refill later. He doesn't rush to get up though, and just sits there watching Westra and Jghara with narrowed eyes.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will check the remaining bodies, if possible. He doesn't trust this Jghara person, deciding to let Westra handle the civility portion of the discussion.

Westra Goldbrook: "But we have found our friends unharmed," she adds, gesturing to Tealina & Hjal. "We will be leaving this place, now."

Yvaine Songsteel: The dark cleric leaned sideways to Wolfe and said in a low, curious tone. "Do you ever run out?" she asked, wondering about his drinking habit.

Wolfe: "Unfortunately, yes."

Yvaine Songsteel: "At your pace, I imagined you had some magically refilling jug. Perhaps one day."

Wolfe: "Gods, if I could be rewarded with that, I'd become a Priest."

Jghara Imustreau: He eyes narrowed in the instant Westra replied and she studied her further before responding. "Mmmm....what a peculiar group of individuals you are....a half orc, a human, a half elf, an elf, and interesting indeed.."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I doubt it," the Cleric's shapely lips curved into an apparently amused smirk at Wolfe's notion. Yvaine's hooded head canted slightly to one side when Jghara paused, unspeaking of whatever she presumed Yvaine to be.

Jghara Imustreau: "Oh you even a dwarf and a halfling in the rear.....what do you all call your unique group?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arched a brow and followed Jghara's glance to Yvaine.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Trouble?"

Wolfe: "Temporary."

Jghara Imustreau: "Oh not for me dear, I sense you are the one with some trouble." She responds to Yvaine.

Yvaine Songsteel: It was impossible to see, but the woman's comment caused her to lift a brow. The visible lower half of her face remained stoic. "Is that so, Madame?"

Dr Catriona: With interest, Catriona looks into the 'prison', curious as to what kind of amenities it possessed..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "So, what's our next course of action? Seems like we've found everything we can in this place. Unless we want to explore that deep dark hole in the other room. By the way, I'd rather not to do that."

Wolfe: "There's a couple spots -- the zombies were digging through another bit of rubble. Maybe we'll find someone else like Jghara here."

Yvaine Songsteel: "It seems as though it would be best if we left this place, got some rest, healed our wounded."

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed," Westra agreed, after Wolfe's comment. She looked back to Jghara. "We are but a temporary task force assembled by the Flaming Fist of Neverwinter to aid the people of Phandalin."

Wolfe: "Someone with a lot of booze, hopefully."

Levinath (GM): The doctor sees nothing like a prison at all, only a pile of coin and several items laying on the floor in the room. There is intricate, ancient writing along the walls, but the doctor is unable to understand what it all means.

Dr Catriona: "I suppose you are done with this prison then, ma'm? Miss? ... Lady...."

Jghara Imustreau: "Mmmm...oh yes....the dwarves and halfings are destroyed, Phandalin is now a human local."

Wolfe: "Sad the Dwarves are gone -- they make a good brew. Halflings, eh.. never one for smoking."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine tips her head, suddenly taking a single step towards Yghara. Her stare can be fully felt as the Cleric really seems to closely inspect the woman for the first time, trying to decipher if there was something familiar about her, or if she brought on that sense of de ja vu.

Raithe Moonstrike: "What's a Halfling?"

Wolfe: "Little human, hairy feet, eats a lot, smokes good weed."

Jghara Imustreau: "Lady will suffice my dear. That was not the prison, this was the prison." She holds up a glowing stone. "That is a shrine to Labelas Enoreth." She pauses for a minute and inspects Cat a bit more. "You would really fill one of these gowns quite nicely, have you ever tried? She motions towards her flowing, fluffy dress. Though I am sure the boys enjoy that tight thing a bit more, hmmm?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Huh. Sounds like they have it easy."

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts and gets to his feet, bracing his body against the stone wall. He shoots Westra a look for a moment then moves past her into the room that held Jghara's prison.

Westra Goldbrook: "Forgive me, but I'm not familiar with... Labelas Enoreth?" she says, haltingly

Wolfe: He goes to a crouch and starts to collect all the stuff Cat found.

Jghara Imustreau: Yvaine does find a moment after closely inspecting Jghara, that she has seen her before, multiple times, though she cannot place where. The woman looks back to her under the hood, and offers a smile.

Dr Catriona: Catriona blinks twice, then pushes her glasses up on her nose. "I uh... no. Not much one for formal events..."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine seems momentarily unsettled, but it would be hard to read on her obscured face. "Have we met?"

Jghara Imustreau: She sighed and responded to Westra. "Aren't you Goldbrooks supposed to be well educated? When the green elves migrated to the Yuirwood, Chronos became an aspect of Labelas Enoreth. Perhaps that is a name you are more familiar with?"

Wolfe: "No, because we're not fucking four hundred years old!" He calls out from the other room.

Dr Catriona: She raises her eyebrows at the significant lack of chill this Jghara has against Westra.

Jghara Imustreau: She gives Yvaine a coy smile. "Not formally, I do believe."

Westra Goldbrook: "We are extremely well educated, but concern ourselves primarily with the more immediate and relevant concerns of human history.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe locates a pile of coin, a seemingly empty leather sack, a bone scroll case with a scroll inside, and a ring inside the room.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Informally then?" she asks unwavering.

Westra Goldbrook: "I am less familiar with the history of the elves, green or otherwise."

Dr Catriona: ((Now is Westra's chance to seal Wolfe in))

Wolfe: Wolfe stuffs all that shit into the empty leather sack and picks it up.

Jghara Imustreau: The leather sack seems to gain no weight as the items disappear into the bag.

Wolfe: "Huh..., Nice."

Dr Catriona: Again, another beats her to a point of interest. With a slow pace, she moves near Raithe and says... "Would it not be prudent to depart..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "It would be, but we won't be leaving until right about the time she tries to kill us. Then we won't be able to."

Wolfe: "Hey Westra, I found a bag you can fit into." He says as he comes out of the room.

Dr Catriona: "That ... doesn't sound like a good way to do things..." she replies.

Wolfe: "It won't even get heavy stuffing you into it."

Jghara Imustreau: "Perhaps you should spend more time studying and less time being someone else's mercenary, Dear. At any rate, I have tarried far too long and I have much to do. Do have a good life." She turns to walk from the room.

Dr Catriona: She again gives wide berth.

Raithe Moonstrike: "No, it's not a good way to do things. But it's a disturbing habit we've picked up."

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric is fixated on Jghara and as she moves to leave, Yvaine follows. "How do I know you?" she asks again in a low, raspy, but stubborn tone.

Dr Catriona: Catriona tenses as the odd lady whisper-taunts her on her way out.

Jghara Imustreau: "Good things come to those who wait, my Lovely. Keep that hood up." She says as she continues walking.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Or how is it you know me?"

Dr Catriona: "Umm.." she looks after Yvaine's departure. "I .. I don't know if that is wise..."

Yvaine Songsteel: There's a growl on her lips. "You've waited 400 years to be set free. I don't have that time. Please tell me."

Wolfe: "We gonna explore the rest of this place? Might have some more shit down here."

Dr Catriona: "I don't know if she is of sound mind. A reminder, she asked me along because she was subject to visions.... Not normal..." adds Cat, lips forming a line and she looks off to the side.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Definitely not of sound mind. She's probably insane."

Wolfe: "Who the fuck cares if she is? She heals us and shoots shit trying to kill us."

Dr Catriona: "Shouldn't we get your rally quiet friends over there to someplace to recouperate?"

Wolfe: "Fuck them too. They're not my friends."


Wolfe: "I fed him a fucking cow."

Dr Catriona: "I mean, I was just using the term friend in the broader sense of...non-foe."

Tealina Tealeaf: Growls at Wolfe.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, our Lady Gnome is awake."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine returns, a curled lip and obvious expression of frustration on her face. With an angry cry of annoyance, she lets loose a swing of her thigh high booted leg, and kicks a skelly skull across the room.

Wolfe: "He's upstairs, watching the door."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra watches with an uncertain eye while Yvaine harries the retreating chronomancer. She glances to Wolfe, equally skeptical about his plan. "Have we not already ventured down every tunnel we've encountered? I feel like we have exhausted this place. Have we not?"

Tealina Tealeaf: "Halfling! I am gone for one day and you forget what I am? Basic Halfing Rights!"

Wolfe: "Naw we missed two spots."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Wait a second. Wait second. You're a Halfling?" Raithe asks.

Wolfe: "There were all the rocks that the Zombies were trying to excavate and another tunnel we didn't take."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Is this 'Free Apples' thing a Halfling thing?"

Tealina Tealeaf: Humphs. "Everyone is...rude. to. me."

Wolfe: "Just give me an hour to rest up and I'll be good to go again."

Yvaine Songsteel: Her mood, coupled with her strange air makes the short (in spite of her heels) woman seem unnervingly intimidating.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra seems about to respond to Wolfe, when Yvaine returns and kicks a skull about. "Are you unwell?" Westra asked.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I have no magic left," she says in a growl. "If I'm to be any use, I'll need a proper rest." Her head jerked towards Westra, but under her hood it was hard to tell what was going on. "In a manner of speaking, Miss Goldbrook."

Westra Goldbrook: "What's happened?" she prompted, when Yvaine stopped speaking.

Dr Catriona: Catriona muses to herself in a bit of self-talking muttering.. "The bizarreness is at critical mass..."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I know that woman, and she knows me. But she's been imprisoned for hundreds of years. It makes no sense. We should find a place to take a proper rest if we're to continue," the dark Cleric insists.

Westra Goldbrook: "One of your visions, perhaps?" she says, arching a brow.

Wolfe: "Good a place as any." Wolfe says with a yawn and closes his eyes, leaning his head back against the wall.

Raithe Moonstrike: "She's been imprisoned for centuries. I bet she knows the king of Talashar, too."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I don't know who that is," she replies without humor to Raithe.

Dr Catriona: "They actually have a merchant oligarchy, not a monarchy."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Raithe Moonstrike: "My point is, that woman is insane. Whatever she says she knows is suspect. She's probably making it up."

Dr Catriona: "Don't those two need proper medical attention?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "They do." he said.

Tealina Tealeaf: "I'm fine I have.....HEY! WHERE ARE MY APPLES?!"

Dr Catriona: "And the necromancer is dead. Is there a reason we are not returning to the surface?"

Wolfe: ZzzzZZzZzZZ
Wolfe somehow gets intouch with his inner bad-ass, looking right as rain after he takes a little nap against the wall. He hands Westra two more healing potions. "Drink these."

Dr Catriona: Catriona, finding her words fall on deaf ears, moves over by the chamber to the north and sets up her WEENIS to take some readings while she waits.

Wolfe: "Now you owe me a hundred and fifty gold." He smirks and moves to the front. "Let's go, kids!"

Westra Goldbrook: "I'll pay an extra fifty gold if you'll bathe at the first opportunity," she mutters, touching a hand to her nose as Wolfe moves away.

Levinath (GM): This area was recently extremely concentrated with magic, while readings are still much higher compared to any regions the Doctor has investigated, it appears 'The Event' reduced the concentration by 78.71%

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine had herself a proper temper tantrum then spent the hour ignoring everyone until it was time to go.

Wolfe: "I'll take a bath for fifty gold. If you want, you can scrub me down, Princess."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe rested for a moment.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Gross."

Westra Goldbrook: "We can, at the very least, look into that rubble pile on the way out. Let's be done with this place."

Wolfe: Wolfe chuckles to himself, pulling Talon free as he goes.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Agreed."

Raithe Moonstrike: "The sexual tension in this area could be cut with a knife." Raithe murmured, walking along.

Dr Catriona: She packs puts the WEENIS away after it does its job, responsibly.

Wolfe: "Let's circle back on the rocks after."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine managed to stop herself from replying to the male Elf's commentary.

Levinath (GM): Thick webbing covers the room as you round the corner and continues around another corner. You see the bodies of several centipeds and zombies wrapped in webbing and drained dry. One zombie still moans and wiggles loosely in its wrappings.

Yvaine Songsteel: Though she wouldn't mind a little sexual if she knew what to do with it.

Wolfe: "Uh. Why'd it have to be spiders. I hate spiders."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Foul."

Dr Catriona: "Spiders? Why are we disturbing spiders?"

Wolfe: He stows his sword for a moment, then pulls free a torch from his pack.

Westra Goldbrook: "Could some of the doctor's fire effects burn away the webbing, perhaps?" Westra proposed, making a face as she encountered the new room.

Wolfe: He alights the torch and then places the flame against the webs.

Westra Goldbrook: "Or that," she murmured.

Wolfe: Wolfe will then move along the wall, burning away the spider-webs.

Dr Catriona: "What are you two doing?"

Levinath (GM): The ancient webs bursts forth in flames, the oxygen from the hall blowing back into Wolfe's face. He takes 2 fire damage.

Wolfe: "Ow!"

Dr Catriona: She sees the hallway light up briefly.

Levinath (GM): Screeches and screams of the beasts within can be heard by everyone in the hall as the room alights in a blazing inferno.

Wolfe: "There's a bunch of webs in here, and some sort of fucking wind tunnel!...oh and..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "That isn't comforting. Let me guess. It's time to fight again, isn't it?"

Wolfe: "Yup!"

Dr Catriona: "Why must such things be what they strive for?!" she asks no one in particular.

Levinath (GM): A giant flaming spider comes from around the corner, on the wall and charges into Wolfe from above.

Wolfe: "HOLY SHIT!"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nocked an arrow and fired at the spider.

Westra Goldbrook: Startled by the sudden appearance of a flaming spider, Westra slashes at it instinctively ...but she totally doesn't LOOK scared. Totally.

Dr Catriona: The doctor scuttles forward in a rush, yanking at her BOOMER. If you know what I mean.

Wolfe: Wolfe gets tackled by a fuzzy flaming bleeding spider

Dr Catriona: She cocks the weapon and it frosts over with ice energy and she shoots it at the Giant wolf spider in the distance. "I'll try to slow their advance. NERTS!"

Levinath (GM): More flaming spiders surround their brother in name.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine moves around the corner to try to snipe one of the spiders off of the ballsy, loud mouthed, drunken Not An Orc. With the amount he takes, it's no wonder he drinks. Once she shoots, she tucks back behind the corner again.

Levinath (GM): One flaming spider runs around the corner to the juicier targets.

Wolfe: Discarding his torch, Wolfe pulls free his sword and takes on a disciplined stance. "There's only death. Mine..." Slash. The spider falls apart. "Or yours." With a single swing of his sword, Wolfe dispatches three spiders.

Dr Catriona: She spins the BOOMER and it gains its fiery blew glow once more. "Double nerts!"

Wolfe: Wolfe takes a slow, deep breath as he takes his Second Wind

Levinath (GM): As the spiders are dispatched the flames within the room die down and burn out.

Wolfe: "See? Nothing to worry about."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolls her eyes and moves further into the room, waving away some of the foul-smelling smoke with a cough.

Wolfe: He takes out a cloth and cleans off his ichor-covered blade, sporting a few small cuts and burns,

Dr Catriona: "Something really is in the air..."

Wolfe: "Dying's the easy part."

Levinath (GM): Westra finds writing along the Western wall. Their friendly, sleepy Dwarf translates it for the group. "Gorm Gulthyn guide thee North" Other than the writing, Westra finds nothing other than charred spider refuse.

Dr Catriona: She takes a giant spider ichor sample.

Westra Goldbrook: "What in the name of the Light is a Gorm Gulthyn?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "How do we keep getting into these situations?"

Levinath (GM): The Dwarf does not know other than he is a dwaven god. Westra, however knows Gorm Gulthyn was also known as Fire Eyes, Lord of the Bronze Mask and the Eternally Vigilant. He was held as a god of watchfulness and the guardian of all dwarves. The group finds nothing other than spider parts within the room.

Wolfe: "Well, we're in a maze of monsters and dead shit, Raithe. And we keep walking around." Content with his exploration he walks back to the other room.

Westra Goldbrook: "A dwarven mine, actually," Westra corrects. "Jgartha said this area belonged to the dwarves and the halfings, once."

Wolfe: "CAT!" He calls back over his shoulder to the nerdy professional.

Dr Catriona: "Where?!"

Wolfe: "As in you!"

Dr Catriona: "Oh .. me... I am not a.. I understand...

Wolfe: "Do you got something to blow open these rocks?" he gestures toward the pile the zombies were clearing out.

Dr Catriona: "That would require alot of time or something with much more explosive power than anything we carry."

Wolfe: "...Is that a yes?"

Dr Catriona: "No. You can go at it with a pick, if you like, though."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine feels frustration at the fact that she can't heal Wolfe's wounds...again, and quietly broods on it to herself.

Dr Catriona: "It would take several hours, though you seem to enjoy being down here so I assume you are keen on the idea?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra feels zero feels about being unable to heal the assholes wounds, on the other hand.

Wolfe: "Sure. You guys make camp up top. I'm gonna start digging." He goes and finds a rusty pick.

Westra Goldbrook: "That tunnel was collapsed before the zombies were piling rocks onto it. There had to be a reason they were trying to so thoroughly cover it, no?"

Dr Catriona: "That sounds dangerous."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine also wishes she could heal Westra as well. However, when he volunteers to dig, she raises a brow.

Wolfe: "That's what our job is all about, Cat!" He calls over his shoulder as he finds some rusty picks. He then tosses one to Westra. "Come on, Princess, show me what you got."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sheds enough of her armor to have free movement, and finds a pick for herself to use.

Dr Catriona: "Doesnt a job like... involve... payment..."

Wolfe: Wolfe does the same -- which is unfortunate for Westra as it kept the flavor in, as it were.

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric can be seen biting her lip and clenching her fists as though she wished to help. She says nothing, however, knowing she would merely be in the way.

Wolfe: "That's what I'm doin, Cat. About to get paid."

Levinath (GM): After a loooooong hour for Westra and Wolfe, they clear half the rubble, allowing about a four foot opening in the collapsed doorway.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine helps with Westra's armor though.

Dr Catriona: If there is an hour again, she erects her WEENIS.

Wolfe: Grunting, sweating, swearing, annoyed, he tosses the pick aside and redons his armor. He is visibly dirty(er), but seems triumphant and in a good mood about the whole thing.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra murmurs her thanks. She works without complaint (verbal complaints, at least. Facial expressions were something else) until the path is cleared. She then, with Yvaine's help, replaces her armor and proceeds.

Dr Catriona: The WEENIS is indeed fully erect.

Wolfe: Talon drawn, he stands ready to proceed. "Alright, looks like we cleared a path!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Helm preserve us," she prayed, beneath her breath.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine mutters a follow up to Westra's prayer.

Levinath (GM): The WEENIS reveals no inherent magical energy in this area, it can discern that that last two disruptions within this area were several years ago and a second one over 450 years ago. The first disturbance was related to the magical weave and the second was a temporal distortion. This room is thick with dust, the first several people that enter find themselves coughing through the thick dirt that hangs in the air. The doorway having collapsed hundreds of years ago, has seemed to let no air flow into the area as it is stale and dry. Three orbs rest around an alter at the north end of the room on pedestals.

Dr Catriona: She records that in her journal, making a variety of different faces as she considers the findings.

Wolfe: Wolfe coughs and hacks but then finds himself in the room, scanning around it slowly.

Dr Catriona: "Oh hey, they are done."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra waves some of the dust away from her face, coughing as she enters. She, too, takes a careful look around

Wolfe: With his superior breed Darkvision, he looks for anything that someone may not catch in first glance.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe goes to investigate the orbs.

Dr Catriona: She packs up the device once more and stows it.

Yvaine Songsteel: Having learned her lession, Yvaine sticks close to the walls and near the rear of the group.

Yvaine Songsteel: Because she clearly knows and sees nothing.

Dr Catriona: She coughs a little at the air. Allergies and whatnot.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe knows this used to be a forge, storage area, and some kind of worship area for the mine.

Yvaine Songsteel: She watches the crafty elf slink around and inspect things while hanging back with her friend Cat.

Westra Goldbrook: "Take care, Raithe. There is no telling what arcane defenses may be about."

Wolfe: "Only Dwarves would put an anvil in the same place as a temple."

Levinath (GM): The orbs are about a foot in diameter, covered in thick dust.


Westra Goldbrook: "Dr. Wicker, would that device of yours tell us anything about these orbs?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Will do, Westra. These look a little bit like the ones the necromancer had. Hopefully they don't mess with magic like those did."

Dr Catriona: "Not sure, but let me see them." She attempts to discern their nature.

Wolfe: "Hey, who knows when magic-fucking orbs could be of use. If you guys could figure out how to work them, could be handy against the Wizard we're going after."

Levinath (GM): Cat is able to discern these orbs are able to store magical energy for a short time.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Wizard we're going after?"

Dr Catriona: "There was a Weave affecting event here some years ago, that much I detected. " Beat, "These seem to be like... storage units for arcana."

Westra Goldbrook: "He calls himself the Black Spider," Westra said, while she studied the room

Dr Catriona: "Short lived."

Wolfe: "Yeah, Westra, Raithe, and I are going after a Wizard who was fucking up the town. Him and his red bandana goons."

Westra Goldbrook: "Do you think you could charge them?" she asked the doctor.

Yvaine Songsteel: "What is it you are all here to do then?" she asked, realizing she never asked about the aim of the rest of the party before she and Cat joined.

Levinath (GM): The Doc is able to see more writing on the alter, which Hjalk can read as saying. "Abbathor guide your search."

Wolfe: "Kill the undead that were in the area."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Ah," she said to Wolf's answer. "Amenable."

Dr Catriona: "Me? I am not a wizard."

Hjalkohm: "Abbathor is the Great Master of Greed. Those who fallowed him prized gaining wealth above all else."

Dr Catriona: Catriona looks around the room if the orbs have some kind of charging mechanism or somethiing. Like a cell phone cradle.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I would like to hear more about the good lord Abbathor."

Levinath (GM): Cat is not able to find anything to charge the orbs.

Hjalkohm: "Tis an evil diety."

Dr Catriona: "The orbs remain a mystery."

Westra Goldbrook: "They would pray to the god of greed here," she realized, looking at the altar.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine bristles slightly.

Westra Goldbrook: "Fitting, in a mine, perhaps."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh. Well, uh, that's terrible, then."

Dr Catriona: "But why block off the chamber?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "We should go."

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed, it does present a puzzle. Perhaps we should take the orbs with us? They might come in handy later."

Wolfe: "Yeah. I didn't dig for an hour for nothing."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Perhaps you did. If it is as the dwarf says, we should leave it and be done with this place."

Dr Catriona: She gives the orb back to Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: "Do you have any magic you can apply to the orbs?" Westra asks Yvaine, suddenly curious. "Any sort of magic. Just to see the effect."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I told you earlier. I have no useful magic left. I could, after a rest perhaps."

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over and grabs an orb.

Dr Catriona: (thats what she said)

Westra Goldbrook: Westra makes a "hmm" face, and eyes the other orbs.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe jerks the entire pedestal free from the floor, the orb remains snug on the stone beneath.

Dr Catriona: "O....kay..."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts and pulls the orb and pedestal up off the ground. "...What the?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Greed." Yvaine puffs at no one in particular though it seems prompted by Wolfe's shenanigans with the orb. In dismay, she lowers her face and turns to step outside of the room.

Wolfe: "I didn't mean to do that, I swear."

Raithe Moonstrike: ""That'"

Wolfe: He shakes the orb a bit. He tries to dislodge the pedastal

Levinath (GM): The orb will not release.

Yvaine Songsteel: She leans against the wall, and pulls her cowl down. Though unseen, she closes her eyes, and waits for the others to do whatever they are planning to do.

Wolfe: He tries to pry it free.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine has a crowbar. But no one asked.


Dr Catriona: "Botheration."

Westra Goldbrook: "You'll only break the orb."

Wolfe: "Feh. I don't think so." He taps it against the wall to see how resilient it is.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Good lord..." Yvaine sighs, deciding if she wants to volunteer hers for Wolfe's endeavor.

Dr Catriona: Catriona lifts her BOOMER and twists the latch to charge it with lightning.

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel: Suddenly, a crowbar comes whipping through the air towards Wolfe from the doorway.

Wolfe: Wolfe gets hit by the crowbar. "OW! FUCK! WHAT THE FUCK!?"

Dr Catriona: She levels it at the orb in the far back. "I can attempt to infuse it with an charge."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra fails to hide a snicker.

Levinath (GM): While the orb doesn't break by being tapped on the wall, it doesn't sound like it will withstand much more abuse.

Yvaine Songsteel: "You're welcome!" the woman's rough voice rasps back.

Dr Catriona: She looks at the weirdness going on with the crowbar.

Levinath (GM): Westra comes to the realization she saw writing on two other walls in the mines.

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe, wait before you try that."

Wolfe: "...Hrm." He senses that it is a bad idea to use the crowbar on the orb and sets the pedastal down for the moment, bitching about getting hit with a crowbar.

Dr Catriona: "I can fire a current into one."

Westra Goldbrook: "Hjalkohm, come with me, if you would," she says, and gestures back towards the tunnel

Wolfe: "Fucking asshole cocksucking thinks its fucking funny..." Mutter Mutter

Westra Goldbrook: If the dwarf agrees, Westra will lead him to the other walls to have him translate the writing she saw elsewhere

Wolfe: He picks up the crowbar and puts it away in his pack.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Apologies, I haven't much of an arm," she says half-heartedly.

Westra Goldbrook: As she leaves, she asks the doctor to wait before trying her tactic as well.

Wolfe: "I guess fucking handing it to me was too difficult in your temper tantrum!"

Levinath (GM): The Dwarf and Westra find the two other statements say. "Marthammor Duin guide thee east" And "Berronar Truesilver guide thee west"

Yvaine Songsteel: "No tantrum, but yes. I did not feel inclined to walk across the room to hand it to you. I told you, I'm tired," she barbed lightly.

Wolfe: "You're tired."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Perhaps I was depending on your remarkable dexterity fair Half-Orc."

Wolfe: "Sune's fucking cunt. I've been stabbed, mauled, flambe'd, and spent an hour digging fucking rocks while you sat there. Suck it up."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Sat here?" she poised in return, some warning in her tone.

Wolfe: "We're almost done. Then you can go to sleep if what we're doing is too fucking hard."

Dr Catriona: "That is so graphic it almost sounds like a new language..."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Perhaps I could just leave you to it then. See how much nothingness you miss, dear."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra returns a bit frustrated, still having no idea about the orbs.

Wolfe: "Getting hit by crowbars versus not getting hit by crowbars."

Dr Catriona: "Mister Moonstrike, kindly move from the orbs."

Wolfe: "...Hrm let me think."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Next time, duck."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Let's not get too angry people. There's a good chance w'e'll need each other in order to not die."

Westra Goldbrook: "Enough," Westra says, her tone commanding when she returns

Raithe Moonstrike: He steps away from the orbs.

Westra Goldbrook: "Dr. Thank you for waiting. Please proceed."

Wolfe: Wolfe growls, biting his tongue but seems content to let it lay.

Dr Catriona: She levels her boomer at the farthest orb. "Testing in 3, 2...."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine grins to herself at the Orc's frustration. He was losing anyway.

Dr Catriona: Lightning

Wolfe: He takes a single step backward.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine pondered asking for the crowbar back, but figures with his current mood she'd dislike the results. She'll just take it next time he's on the ground.

Dr Catriona: A low yield charge of lightning arcs from the BOOMER towards the far west orb. "One."

Levinath (GM): Lighting shoots into the orb and it accepts the energy, glowing with a soft yellow light.

Wolfe: "Nice!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Good."

Wolfe: "Good thinkin, Doc."

Dr Catriona: "Well we knew it stored energy. The question is, what does it do with it?"

Wolfe: "Hey. Did Jolkhom say what the other statues said?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Try lighting all three. Maybe they accomplish something in sync."

Wolfe: "Or the other Dwarf rooms?"

Dr Catriona: "Perhaps all three form a circuit."

Wolfe: "What if they form a triangle."

Dr Catriona: "3, 2.... 1"

Westra Goldbrook: "They said Marthammor Duin guide thee east and Berronar Truesilver guide thee west, but I'm unfamiliar with those gods."

Levinath (GM): The middle orb glows with the same luminescence as the west orb.

Dr Catriona: Branches of lightning arc over the weapon and her arm as it releases a tesla-coil arc that charges the center orb. "I do not suppose you want to hold onto that while I charge it, Mister Wolfe. Perhaps return it to its fixture?"

Wolfe: Wolfe had already set down the orb. "Yeah, I don't wanna get zapped. Go ahead."

Dr Catriona: "With you, the question probably is best asked...hehe..."

Wolfe: "...."

Dr Catriona: "3, 2, 1....ZZZRRRT"

Westra Goldbrook: "Gorm Gulthyn, 'fire eyes' and lord of the bronze mask was north."

Westra Goldbrook: "If the inscriptions were indeed related to the orbs, it would then make sense that the northernmost orb would require fire of some sort. Though I've no idea what the other two gods represented."

Dr Catriona: "Oh nerts."

Westra Goldbrook: "Hjalkom, do you know?"

Levinath (GM): The third orb accepts the magic from BOOMER as well. The three glow in unison before discharging, each towards the middle of the alter. The lighting energy hits the stone, and dissipates. The three orbs sit dormant again.

Hjalkohm: "Nay, I must have slept through class that day."

Dr Catriona: "So do these gods all have elemental attunements? Or just the Fire Eyes one?"

Westra Goldbrook: "It would make sense if they did, though we've know way of knowing the other elements involved."

Yvaine Songsteel: Only half paying attention to this nonsense, she wracks her brain to see if she can offer insight...which she cannot.

Levinath (GM): The Doctor knows Marthammor Duin is a patron of lightning, and Berronar Truesilver is a patron of healing and holy magic.

Dr Catriona: "Hmm." She fires lightning at the eastern orb. Then she twists the dial on the Boomer so that it gains another setting. at the middle orb

Levinath (GM): The two orbs glow again, the north one glowing a deep ruby color.

Dr Catriona: "Miss Yvaine, can you send some restorative energy into the westmost one? That should complete the circuit."

Wolfe: "Westra can too."

Yvaine Songsteel: "No?"

Westra Goldbrook: "She's said she's unable. But perhaps I can."

Yvaine Songsteel: She tries to shoot some sacred flame at it begrudgingly

Westra Goldbrook: Westra attempts to channel the healing power of her faith into the orb. (Lay on Hands)

Levinath (GM): The orb takes her healing magics and glows with a white light.

Dr Catriona: "It need not be a significant expenditure. Eureka!"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra steps back and looks at the glowing orbs.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Interesting."

Levinath (GM): As the three orbs discharge their magic into the stone, the alter glows with a white light, the wall to the southwest slides apart. The room is covered with small crates of rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones, Silver and gold ore sit in barrels and carts. A rack of spears, swords, and crossbows sits against the north wall. They all appear sized for Dwarves but appear in excellent condition.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra's mouth slowly drops open.

Wolfe: "Hell yeah. That was worth all of this." He pulls out the crowbar and walks over toward Yvaine, handing it to her. "I forgive you."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, then. Let's figure out how to get all of these out of here, then!"

Wolfe: "As it so happens. I found something."

Dr Catriona: Dorky Shameless Celebration activated.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra walks among the crates, and then turns a smirk back towards the doctor. "Well done, doc."

Wolfe: Wolfe walks over and pulls out his new lightweight manpurse (bag)

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine takes the crowbar, but says nothing and her expression is blank.

Wolfe: He starts putting everything into his satchel. "This thing can hold all of it. We get to town and split it up."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will help him load things into the satchel.

Westra Goldbrook: WEstra nods, and begins to help pack things away.

Wolfe: "Or split it up while we make camp, if you'd rather."

Dr Catriona: "Umm... if taking any of the pointy things.... make sure you wrap the blades so it doesnt puncture your container device."

Yvaine Songsteel: She whispers a prayer to herself in a likely unknown language as the others raid the goodies.

Westra Goldbrook: "Likely better to wait until we've reached town, as I believe that bag will be the easiest way to transport all of this for now."

Levinath (GM): There are literally tons of unrefined gold and silver ore, but Wolfe is able to store all the gemstones within the bag, filling it up to near capacity.

Wolfe: "Sounds good." Wolfe agrees with Westra as he binds the weapons that aren't sheathed.

Westra Goldbrook: "But either way, this should buy a few spare healing potions, eh?"she remarks, with a rare grin for the half-orc

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will take a look at the weapons in the rack to see if there's a sword or other weapon that he can use.

Wolfe: "Yeah." He smirks over at Westra, seeming to temporarily share her mirth. "I figure that we can."

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric appears unmoved by the wealth and waits quietly for them to finish.

Dr Catriona: The barrels are all filled with gems?

Wolfe: Wolfe will pull up one of the casks of ale and will fill his flasks.

Levinath (GM): The barrels are filled with ore, the smaller crates HAD gemstones.

Dr Catriona: "Wonderbringer's cogs, I can totally now afford enhancement for the WEENIS." she says in delight.

Wolfe: Wolfe will pop open one flask and then take a deep, hearty swing.

Westra Goldbrook: "Indeed. And there seems to be more gold and silver than we can carry. We should establish some kind of provision to claim what remains."

Dr Catriona: She claps to herself and then recomposes herself.

Wolfe: When he's finished, there's literal tears coming down his cheeks. "Ahh... fuck... that's the good stuff. Yeah, and we can cut the town into it." He exhales slowly.

Dr Catriona: "The bag Mister Wolfe has has an extradimensional pocket within." she explains.

Raithe Moonstrike: "The rest of us can help carry the ore load. As much as possible."

Wolfe: "Can you imagine how better off those fuckers will be with all of this?"

Dr Catriona: "You want to bring the ore to the surface?"
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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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-- Session 11, part 2 --

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine watches the whole thing and mutters to herself, "The only two things you can truly depend upon are gravity and greed."

Dr Catriona: "And a shaft extension for my equipment." she says in response to Yvaine.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, damn. I guess we can go now. Let's go before our good luck runs out and that crazy woman comes back."

Westra Goldbrook: "That's a very charitable thought," she admits, surprised at Wolfe's insight. "This could rightly change their lives."

Wolfe: "There's no need for that, Raithe. The town could use all of that, and as long as we get a cut, we're all rich anyway."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I....don't know what that means," she says to the doctor.

Wolfe: "Besides this bag has made us all rich, too." He pats the satchel.

Westra Goldbrook: "I believe she's hoping to erect a bigger WEENIS," Westra supplies.

Wolfe: "...Heh I bet she is."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Again, I don't know what that means," deadpan.

Wolfe: "Only artificial devices can satisfy our Doctor at this point."

Dr Catriona: '"Actually, my goal is to have it be effected when held in hand."

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's be out of here. I'm itching for some clean air, and I could stand to sleep for a day solid, I think."

Wolfe: Wolfe snerks.

Yvaine Songsteel: "..." sigh.

Wolfe: He then moves for the way out.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will take a sword from the rack and move on.

Wolfe: "By the way, Westra, when you were passed out I may have found some armor beneath zombie guts you may wanna take a look at and check out."

-- End Session 11 --



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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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-- Session 12 --

Levinath (GM): The group has rescued their two allies and braved the mine for both riches and righteousness. After a much needed long rest they find themselves ready to depart the following morning. The sun is shinning and a soft sea breeze blows from the west.

Wolfe: Wolfe is standing fully equipped and ready to roll. Armed with his shiny new ring, his bag of holding full of his gems, and only a minor hangover, the Half-Orc seems in good spirits.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine remained mostly to herself, though when Cat rested, Yvaine kept close by. She (presumably) slept, took her watch as needed while the other "Watch"ers took their rest, and stood, all gear in hand to wordlessly signify she was ready to go when the others got moving.

Levinath (GM): The group finds its way to Cronyberry easily with the help of the two new women having been there the day prior. They easily navigate their way to the area described by the priestess. The forest grows dark and still as the trail winds deeper into the trees on the outskirts of the town ruins. Heavy vines and thick layers of moss drape the branches, and the air is noticeably colder than it was in the ruined village. Rounding a bend in the trail, you see a screen made from the warped branches of trees standing close together, woven into a domelike shelter in the shadows. A low doorway leads inside.

Dr Catriona: Catriona skirts away from the giant dog after having a brief sneezing fit.


Wolfe: Wolfe rubs Rufus's ear, scratching behind it. "That's a good boy."

Tealina Tealeaf: "Don't you touch him! Rufus come over here!"

Wolfe: "What the hell happened here?" He asks of the village.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks around the area, but remains quiet. He'll let the others take up the lead while he brings up the rear.

Yvaine Songsteel: As they approach the ruins, Yvaine finds the ledge of the ruined outcropping of what used to be a wall with a window sill. She hopped up on it, sitting sideways in the space with one long leg draping. She seemed to be taking a long look around, but mostly parking it until the others decided how they wanted to lure out a banshee.

Yvaine Songsteel:
"This place was washed away during the spell-plague," she tells the others in her raspy tone.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rose easily and was ready to go shortly after, slowing only for rations and morning prayers. She spent most of the trip in quiet reflection, considering all they'd experienced so far. When Wolfe asked about the odd ruins of Conyberry, Westra nodded to Yvaine's explanation. "Some sort of explosion, some arcane disaster," she added.

Dr Catriona: "Similar to that happened to my home." she says with a slightly raised eyebrow.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Damn spellplague. Ruining everything." Raithe said. Just more proof that very little good ever came from magic.

Westra Goldbrook: "Did the two of you explore there?" Westra asks Cat and Yvaine, with a gesture towards the strange doorway formed by branches

Dr Catriona: "I did not get far, I only worked at the outskirt."

Levinath (GM): This wooded area is slightly away from the town, for note.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Not particularly. Only enough to ensure it was safe while I waited for the Doctor to arrive."

Wolfe: "So, creepy shit could be all over."
"If there's a banshee, might be more undead, too."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nodded again. "The chill in the air does not bode well. Let us be on guard."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Likely not. But possible, yes...particularly regarding this Banshee."

Westra Goldbrook: Barring any indication that she shouldn't do so, Westra proceeds cautiously towards the doorway.

Dr Catriona: "But is well before sunset."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine continues to chill on her little perch like a graveyard statue.

Dr Catriona: "Don't banshees only come out after sunset?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "I've never met a banshee. I wouldn't know."


Yvaine Songsteel:

Wolfe: "Eh, I can't remember."

Westra Goldbrook:

Wolfe: He pulls out his flask, opens it, and takes a swig.

Westra Goldbrook: "It's possible, but not always," she says.

Levinath (GM): As Westra enters the doorway, she finds a home of sorts is sheltered within the dome of woven branches. It is sparsely furnished with chests, shelves, a table, and a reclined couch, all of it old and of elven craft.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Like most things of that supernatural nature, they can likely appear when they wish, as other ghosts and haunts may."

Westra Goldbrook: "Hello?" Westra called out, not wanting to startle someone if the place was not vacant.

Dr Catriona: "But do they waaaant to..." she muses to herself about Yvaine's response.

Yvaine Songsteel: "That depends on the motives of the creature, Doctor."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks at Cat with a 'Wot' expression, mid-drink.

Westra Goldbrook: She gives an eye to the room, looking for indications about its owner.

Levinath (GM): As far as Westra can tell the 'home' is vacant.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe keeps his eye on the party's rear, making sure that they aren't surprised by...whatever the hell hangs out here.

Dr Catriona: (he likes big butts, that Raithe)
(thats why he wants the view)

Raithe Moonstrike:
(Just Cat's.)

Levinath (GM): Raithe sees nothing but empty village ruins.

Westra Goldbrook: "The Priestess did not indicate any specifics regarding the trade she wished us to make, as far as I recall. Has anyone heard any rumors about where this banshee supposedly accepts offerings?"

Agatha: The air grows cold, and a powerful feeling of dread grips you. A cold, pale light flickers in the air, rapidly taking on the form of a female elf in the dark home. Her hair and robes waving in a spectral wind she looks upon Westra. She might have been beautiful once, but a hateful expression twists her features now. "Foolish mortals," she snarls. "What do you want here? Do you not know it is death to seek me out?"

Dr Catriona: "Oh boy..." says Cat as they amble into the encounter without warning.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, look. Someone else threatening to kill us."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Heavens," the Minister mutters, hopping down from her ledge and moving to peer at the spectre.

Raithe Moonstrike: "She must not have received the message."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks a little surprised, but he seems to calm down (booze gives you courage and warmth) as he regards the banshee, "There's three certainties in life: Death, Honor, and Hangovers."
"Right now I'm dealing with the last one. We're here to help you, maybe, lady."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra takes a step back, eyeing the specter as though it offended her with its existence. "We did not, in fact, know of any promise of death in seeking you. We have heard tell that you are knowledgeable in a great many things, and have been asked to seek your wisdom."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe can agree with Wolfe on two of those three being correct. Not bad.

Westra Goldbrook: She pulls the silver comb from Sister Garaele from her pack to have it in hand.

Dr Catriona: She removes the wax earplugs she made at the camp and rolls them in her fingers, as if expecting less than pleasant words from the Banshee.

Agatha: Her face is still contorted in anger as Westra makes her plea. "I am not here to be a diviner to serve at the pleasure of mortals."

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: "Not at the pleasure of mortals, but at your own pleasure. We would compensate you for your trouble, if you aided us." She held up the silver comb, not handing it over but allowing the woman to see it.

Agatha: "It would not be a pleasure to......wait....what do you have there woman? Bring it forth?"
(That was a command, not a question)

Westra Goldbrook: "A fine comb, offered from the sincere heart of a Phandalin villager seeking answers," she said. She would move nearer at Agatha's prompting, but still not only allowher to look, not take.

Agatha: "Oh it is a beautiful piece." Her scowl softened and he looked back to Westra. "I will answer on question, but think hard on your query for there will be no second." She holds out a translucent white hand towards the solider.

Dr Catriona: Catriona is surprised that work and her face shows it.

Agatha: (one)

Westra Goldbrook: Westra was silent for a beat, considering her words. "A mage named Bowgentle lost a spellbook in this region years ago. We seek to recover it. What can you tell us to aid us in doing so?"
Westra does not quite give the comb over yet. "Help us in good faith, and I give you my oath that you will have the comb."

Agatha: The banshee frowned and inspected Westra. After a minute of awkward silence she replied. "Of all my powers you ask of a silly tome." She lets out a disappointed sigh. "Bowgentle's spellbook was traded nigh one hundred years ago to a man named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor."
"Now pay the price that was promised." She holds out her hand expectantly.

Dr Catriona: "Does anyone else have a comb to trade?" she asks in a whisper to those nearest to her, oblivious to the facts of the current situation. She thinks the Banshee just likes combs... and with that hair, it isn't hard to believe.

Wolfe: "...Does it look like I have a comb to trade?" He looks over at Cat.

Westra Goldbrook: "As promised," Westra says, with a nod of her head. She drops the comb into the woman's hand.
"However, I would caution you that your location is not unknown, obviously. If it is exile you seek, you might relocate to somewhere less well-rumored."

Agatha: The banshee looks at it for a moment with eyes of longing before looking back to the group. Her anger returning, she ignored Westra's suggestion. "Begone from my home, mortals!" And with that, she disappears.

Wolfe: "So glad we went out of our way." /Drink

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, look at the bright side. We lived!"

Westra Goldbrook: "It was a simple enough request, now fulfilled," the Paladin said, turning to usher the others out of the woman's home.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Anticlimactic."

Dr Catriona: "I've no idea what just happened." she remarks just randomly, aiming to leave this Banshee's home as soon as possible.

Wolfe: "We met a restless spirit, and gave it something it wanted."
"And we found out...about some old guy."
He then turns to walk out.

Dr Catriona: "It still looked restled to me."

Westra Goldbrook: "You're welcome to go back in and create more of a climax, if you like," she intoned to Yvaine. "I'm going back to Phandalin.

Wolfe: "Shoulda asked where the Black Spider was."

Dr Catriona: "You should have brought another comb."

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm not in the habit of consorting with undead creatures for the sake of personal gain," Westra sniffed. "This was about helping Sister Garaele."

Levinath (GM): As they leave the gloomy woods, the party finds that it is still mid-morning. The trip to the village will take about half a day.

Yvaine Songsteel: She briefly considered going back to chat with the Banshee, and it might have been obvious by the tilt of her hooded head. Instead, she said, "You are my mission, not the Banshee. So I'll follow you to Phandalin. Surely, entertainment to be had by the looks of you."

Westra Goldbrook: "I believe we should stop by and speak with Barthen at the supply store on our way into town," Westra suggests, as they near Phandalin again. "To see if he's heard anything more on the Rockseekers or Aberik. Afterwards, we can give the Priestess news from the banshee. Has anyone given any thought to the matter of the Townmaster and whether we should help replace Harbin Wester?"

Wolfe: "Sure. Fuck the current townsmaster. Your boyfriend can't be much worse."

Dr Catriona: "I really did not sign up to take up civil action."

Wolfe: "I did. Fuck the current Town Master."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Why?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, Wester's clearly a bad idea. Don't know about the other guy, though. Maybe we should let the people decide who gets to run the town after Wester's out of power." he said.

Levinath (GM): The group approaches the village and finds it much as they left it. People move to and from doing everyday activities, and no one seems to bad an eye as they enter the small town.

Westra Goldbrook: "My boyf--? Now, see here, Wolfe. There's no need to be childish about the matter. And the man you insisted on treated so rudely was Daran Edermath. Harbin Wester was the glutton with whom Ser Hallwinter is staying."

Wolfe: "Wester was working with the bandana fuckers."
"He's corrupt piece of human garbage."
"I ain't being childish. It was just clear that he was interested in more than your polearm."

Dr Catriona: "Speaking of that, maybe a first stop would be dropping off your weapon at the smiths for repair?"

Wolfe: "Yeah if we're gonna fuck around here for a bit I'm going to buy a bath and collect my fifty gold from Westra."

Westra Goldbrook: "The Provision store is on the way into town, though I do intend to find the blacksmith as soon as possible afterwards," she says, nodding to Cat's suggestion.
"Ugh. Thank the Watcher," she mumbled.

Wolfe: "Easy money." He chuckles and throws back some booze.

Westra Goldbrook: "Agreed, Raithe," she says. "I suggest we speak to Barthen and offer to support removing Wester from power. I'd like to see how Barthen responds to the idea of a communal choice of the next Townsmaster. If he truly cares for the town over his own gains, he'll agree to it."
If no one objects, she'll lead the party to the Provision shop to do just that.

Wolfe: "Just about anything's better than Wester, so let's do it."

Elmar Barthen: "Ahhh! Prodigal champions of the village return! Successful I hope?!" The man says as Westra walks into the shop.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine has no idea the people their referring to or why, but she follows quietly along.

Wolfe: "...Fuck." Wolfe sighs. "I was so drunk at the time I didn't remember how annoying this guy was."

Dr Catriona: Catriona can only give Yvaine a look of being perplexed, though cant see if the look is returned. Damn that hood!

Elmar Barthen: The old man is balding and in his fifties, his tall lean build shows a man that works hard. "Ahh, I see new recruits!" He gives the Doc a big smile.

Westra Goldbrook: "Good day, Master Barthen," Westra greets the man. "We have dispatched the Redbrands, as well as the orcs at Wyvern Tor, indeed. We have come back to inquire whether you any news of the dwarven brothers?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine tips her face towards Cat, so at least she can presume she was acknowledged!

Elmar Barthen: "Oh, those lads. No they have no returned, and I daresay they would have been out of food for nearly a week." His face saddens. "Does not bode well, I am afraid. There are many dangers outside of town."
(A map, written in Dwarven, that includes locations such as Ironcliff Mine, Phandelver Village, Connyberry, Neverwinter, and roughly 20 different dwarven mines in the area.)
((Ironcliff Castle*))

Dr Catriona: Elmar's big smile was returned was responded with an awkward/confused look and hand-wave..

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks unhappy. "That is disappointing. We seem to be at a bit of am impasse. The source of the troubles with the Redbrands is a mage we believe to be at either Cragmaw Castle or Wave Echo Caverns, and we've no idea where either place are."
"However, we have seen for ourselves that Harbin Wester seems to have been in league with the Ruffians. We will help remove him from power. That said, it would be irresponsible of us to help another ascend to power in his place, considering how unfamiliar we are with the residents of Phandalin. We'd like to see some sort of election to choose the next Townmaster. How would you feel about that, Master Barthen?"

Elmar Barthen: The man scratches the stubble on his chin as he did the last time she asked about this. "Have naught but regulars in since you were last here. Afraid I have no new information, perhaps old man Edermath would be able to help you. He used to be a solider. Soldiers know about castles, right?" He shrugs.

Westra Goldbrook:

Elmar Barthen: He continues to rub his chin, though he pauses for a moment as she switches topics. "Hmmmm....seems fair. But how would we set that up?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe leans against a wall, taking a look around the shop.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine takes a moment to look around.

Elmar Barthen: Yvaine finds a small shop with general provisions, a few weapons, and some standard adventuring gear. A youth in his mid teens sweeps one of the isles.

Westra Goldbrook: "Something to think about, certainly. For the moment, however, we have some errands to see to. Tell me, does Phandalin have a decent blacksmith?" she asks, gesturing to her halberd.

Dr Catriona: With little comprehension of what these new comrades are doing, Catriona meanders about the shop like a kid, finding random things to pick up and examine and then set back down.

Wolfe: "An election isn't hard."
"You get everyone together, ask them to raise hands for one person over the other."
"Count the damn votes. Done with."

Elmar Barthen: "Suppose we could call everyone to the town green and have them nominate someone. Then take votes." He seems lost as Westra changes subjects again. "Oh, yer lookin at him. Though I have naught a forge for years. I have a few of the weapons from the caravan you rescued for me over there." He points to the wall where several swords,shields, bows, and a halberd rest.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm going t see if I can find Sister Garaele. Wouldn't hurt to let her know that we're back."

Elmar Barthen: "Best pickled eggs this side of Cormyr Lass! A steal at 5 silvers, aged at least 90 days." He shouts to cat as she picks up a jar.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs, disappointed, and goes to inspect the halberd. "Very well. I'll take your polearm then," she says. "And any healing potions you have left in stock. Raithe, if you'll wait a moment we can all go."

Elmar Barthen: "You cleaned me out last time, but considering what you did for us with the ruffians. On the house." He motions towards Westra with a smile.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Sure." Raithe said, moving toward the door, but not leaving the shop yet.

Elmar Barthen: "Don't get many with your skills around here, they are better equipped for pitch forks and clubs."

Dr Catriona: She whispers to herself.. "90 days..." and sets it down.

Wolfe: "Yeah well, if you're gonna want to be town master you may want to see about teaching them how to use a sword or two."

Elmar Barthen: "Perhaps we could use a man with good sword arm to teach them, too."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Maybe you can talk the old soldier into helping with that."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra gives him a smile. "Well, that's very kind of you. Thank you, sir." She collects the weapon. "We will spread the word with the others in the town that there will be an election, and to see you for coordination of the event, if that is amenable to you? Since it will be a fair process, I would suggest Westin remain a candidate, so that no one may say he was removed without the town's backing."

Wolfe: "Yeah, get him to do something useful instead of trying to fuck Westra."

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe."

Wolfe: Wolfe looks over at Westra, confused.

Westra Goldbrook: "Kindly withhold such disrespect."

Wolfe: "It ain't disrespect."
"It's just the truth."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Elmar Barthen: "Sounds like a right decent plan, I will make sure that he had a shot, though I can hardly say it will be fair after the past year." The man seemed to not hear, or ignore, Wolfe's outburst.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Wow."

Westra Goldbrook: She looks back to Barthen, waiting for his response so she can get out of this small shop.
"Very good. We will see you soon, sir."
With that she heads for the door.

Elmar Barthen: "Take care heroes!"

Wolfe: "Remember what I said." He points toward Elmar with the free hand.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is visibly smirking as she sways lightly from heeled foot to foot near Raithe while the others interact.

Wolfe: He then goes back to drinking.

Elmar Barthen: He nods to Wolfe.

Wolfe: Following after the others outside he yawns.

Dr Catriona: She misses the departure and startles some to catch up.

Wolfe: "I'm feeling like that bath and a nap."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra leads the group across the street and south a block to the shrine where Garaele might be found.

Elmar Barthen: "You forgot the eggs, Lassy!" He shouts as she hurries out the door.

Wolfe: "I'm going to go hit up Stone Hill and get that started."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks to Yvaine. " come here often?" he asks, giving an exaggerated waggle of his eyebrows.

Wolfe: "Come find me when you guys are done."
He then turns and walks off.

Raithe Moonstrike: "But no, really, ready to help these people elect a new leader?"

Dr Catriona: "That is not required, mister." she says to Elmar.

Yvaine Songsteel: "No?" she said in a low, confused tone to Raithe.

Elmar Barthen: He chuckles and shakes his head as she runs off.

Yvaine Songsteel: Applicable to both comments, truly.

Dr Catriona: "So is this Priestess the one who cursed the banshee?" she asks toward Westra, not knowing the history.

Westra Goldbrook: "Not so far as we know," Westra responds. "I wasn't aware a banshee required a curse."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is slightly torn. A bath and a nap sounded truly sinful, but she wasn't sure following Wolfe was the best idea if the others were going to be out and about.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe laughed. "No worries. 'Twas a joke." he said to Yvaine.

Wolfe: Wolfe will go to the Stonehill Inn, pay for a bath and a nice hot meal, and a room for the night.

Sister Garaele: As the group approaches, the priestess of Tymore can be seen praying at the small shrine in the center of town. She doesn't seem to notice as they draw closer.

Yvaine Songsteel: The edge of Yvaine's mouth turned up in a bit of a smile as she swung her face to Raithe, though that heavy cowl still covered the upper portion of her face, and more specifically, her eyes. "A joke? Ah. Well, what about you? I have little idea what's going on if I'm honest. You were quiet during all of that as well."
"Also, what's wrong with their old leader?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra will make a polite little cough noise from a distance, enough to let the Priestess know she had company, but not enough to truly interrupt if the woman was in deep prayer.

Yvaine Songsteel: She asked, circling back to his previous comment while they walked along behind Westra.

Sister Garaele: The priestess looks up and beams towards Westra. "Tymore be praised you have returned! Were you able to find her?!"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Just letting Boss Lady handle the talking. People take well to Paladins and their bent toward law and justice." Raithe said, shrugging.
"Wester was in league with the criminals holding this town hostage. He let them rob and attack the people until we took them down." Raithe said.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine does pause to look at the Sister, bowing in polite reverence for another sister of faith.

Westra Goldbrook: "We did indeed. She traded us the answer to one question for your comb, though I'm sorry to say I don't know how much help it will be. The tome you seek was traded nearly a hundred years ago, she said. To a man named Tsemoth from the city of Iriaebor."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Do they?" Yvaine asked to follow up to Raithe's assertion about Paladins. "Wester? Is he related to Westra?" she cluelessly asked. "He sounds vicious. Who's running things now that he's dispatched?"

Sister Garaele: The elf's voice is soft and melodical as she speaks. She bows back to Yvaine, her smile never faltering. "Another woman of faith, I am pleased to have you in our town. Welcome."

Yvaine Songsteel: The darkly clad Cleric nodded at Sister Garaele, though her plump lips didn't betray much expression. "Blessings to you, and thank you."

Dr Catriona: She secretly wonders why this Sister Garaele is so hospitable with Half-Face Mcvaine over there.

Sister Garaele: The priestess turned back to Westra and looked at her for a moment before her lips began to move. Westra would soon realize she was repeating the woman's last words to memorize them. "Oh many thanks to you Lady Westra! That information helps more than you know. The Harpers will surely be able to track it down." She seems completely pleased with the information provided.

Raithe Moonstrike: (Oops. Should have been Westin.)
"Most of the time they do. People are quick to trust a paladin. They represent law and order." Raithe said.
"Westin's not related to Westra. He's a coward, getting fat off the work of others. Wolfe wanted to kill him, but he didn't."

Westra Goldbrook: "Good! I'm glad to hear it," she said, relieved to see the Priestess happy with what her comb had bought. "The woman did seem especially taken with that comb, Sister. Was there a special significance to it? Or did you just guess she would find it appealing?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "I suppose. In my experience some distrust a paladin due to their strict mores. But, I'm used to being around very ordinary folk with real problems...if I'm around any one at all," she confessed to Raithe.
"So this Westin is still alive?" she asked with a peculiar tone in her low, measured speech.

Sister Garaele: "It was of elvish make." She frowned for the first time since their arrival. "My father gave it to me nearly four hundred years ago, it was one of the few possessions I still have of my old life." She smiled again. "But...a small price to pay for such invaluable information."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine, only half paying attention to the exchange between Westra and the Sister seemed a bit surprised by Garaele's exuberance over a seemingly useless piece of intel.

Raithe Moonstrike: "He is, but I think that'll change. He'll probably get tossed out of office and then either die because he's useless or die because he knows too much." Raithe said.
"I hope these people pick a leader that isn't terrible this next time around."

Westra Goldbrook: "Well I am glad you are satisfied," Westra said, with a nod. "We should be off, then. But know that we have heard some complaints about your Townmaster's lack of response to the Redbrand threat while it troubled the town. There has been a suggestion made that he be replaced as townmaster. How do you feel about the matter?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine opened her mouth to speak to the Sister, but immediately clamped her mouth closed before she caused a problem by reminding the sister about mortal possessions and all that. Thankfully, while not the most socially adept, she caught herself before speaking out of turn. Perhaps that's one reason Yvaine was often silent.

Sister Garaele: She considered silently for a moment. "It would probably be for the best, Harbin has not done much to put the needs of the town before himself. I would certain trust your judgement in whomever you choose. You all are good folk, I am certain of it."

Yvaine Songsteel: She twisted her head on her long neck towards Raithe again. "To die of uselessness? Seems a fittingly tragic death for someone who seeks to bring ruin on others."
"Tell me then, what exactly is our role in picking this new leader, then?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Why don't you consider taking the job, Sister?" Raithe asked, his tone less cynical than with everyone else.

Westra Goldbrook: "We would not be selecting a new leader for you," Westra corrected, gently. "We have spoken with Barthen from the supply store, who is interested in the role. He has agreed to help facilitate an election of sorts to determine the new leader."
Westra glanced briefly at Raithe, a curious brow raised.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine paused, and tilted her head curiously at Raithe's comment to Sister Gareale.

Sister Garaele: Her eyes lit up. "Oh, well yes, that would be more diplomatic, what a great idea! Though I am sure some of the town may still look to you all for your suggestion. Most are simple people, unfamiliar with such politics as in the big city. I must say Master Raithe, I am ill suited to tending to everything this town needs, especially, its protection."

Yvaine Songsteel: At the term 'protection' Yvaine's spine stiffened and she seemed to be fully focused on the Sister.

Sister Garaele: "Are you all right my dear?" She looks to Yvaine.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, you could probably find someone willing to teach the people how to fight. There's a soldier here that you could make a lawman of some kind. Or you could pay a warrior like the Half-Orc who travels with us. He might find some honor in that." Raithe said, offering a couple of suggestions.

Westra Goldbrook: "Nevertheless, I'm sure Barthen would appreciate your insight in the matter," Westra adds. "If we can be of no more assistance, then we ought to tend to--" she started to say, pausing to look at Yvaine when the Priestess spoke to her.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine tries to get a better sense of the situation, specifically searching her memories for any visions tied to this moment. It seems significant, but she wasn't sure why.

Sister Garaele: Yvaine knows, somehow, that the Sister would never accept leading the group because part of the Harper's beliefs is that too much power leads to corruption.

Yvaine Songsteel: Without a word, a smiles slowly paints itself across her mouth, revealing a rather striking white smile. Her arm shoots out, touching Raithe on the arm to deter him from speaking further, and she says to the Sister, "Yes, I am well, Sister. Do not worry, Helm's will is here to help your city, and it just so happens that protection is one of his specialties. We bid you a good day. Be well."

Sister Garaele: She returns the smile. "Blessings to you all!"

Dr Catriona: Catriona scratches the side of her head some as she looks out of her element in this little intimate meeting.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe was, indeed, going to say something else. Instead, he pauses while looking back at Yvaine.
Seeing that the discussion has ended, Raithe will leave with the party.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra bids the Priestess farewell, and begins to make her way towards the Townmaster's Hall. "We should inform Westin that his tenure may soon be up. But first, perhaps we'll collect the reward for the dispatched Orcs."

Yvaine Songsteel: "We can still speak to this Westin, person?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Why tell the guy he'll be out of a job soon? I think the election will tell him that."

Westra Goldbrook: "Because ideally, he'll be part of the election."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Election? Seems like a waste of time if what Raithe has told me is true of him."

Dr Catriona: "This is less rife with discovery than I imagined."

Westra Goldbrook: "If the villagers are not doomed, then he won't actually be elected," Westra explained. "But allowing him to participate will prevent us from actually removing a party from power. The people will have removed him."
When she reaches the townmaster's hall, Westra pulls the poster advertising the reward for the orcs from the exterior and takes it in with her.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine huffed through her nostrils. "If he is treating the people as his enemy? And given what I've seen of these people? Doubtful."


Westra Goldbrook: "What is doubtful?" Westra asked, pausing to regard Yvaine.

Yvaine Songsteel: "That THESE people, who this man has been pushing around, exploiting and all accounts...will be able to do what it takes while he still stands."

Harbin Wester: An old, skinny gentleman answers the door as Westra knocks. He ushers the group inside, recognizing them from their prior visit. The giant man half the group knows as Harbin, lays sprawled on a couch smoking a pipe next to the fireplace.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra purses her lips at Yvaine's summation of the people of Phandalin, but the door is answered before she speaks again. She shelves the conversation for the moment and goes inside to find Harbin.

Harbin Wester: He looks up to them and a quick scowl appears before he gives Westra a forced smile. "Oh, you lot again. Welcome, please come in." Sildhar cannot be seen in the room this time.

Yvaine Songsteel: She sighs, trying to drain any passion out of her tone and revert to that quiet wall fixture. "I know of bad men. Admittedly, I know little of politics or this place, so...please, do not fret." She quiets down as they move to enter this new place.

Westra Goldbrook: "The orcs have been dispatched," Westra says, to-the-point. She offers the man the poster. "There was a reward promised, and we have come to collect."

Harbin Wester: He sits up, and looks at the poster seemingly quizzically. "The orcs have been dispatched? All of them? Are you sure?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra arched a brow, looking stern. "Would you like a demonstration of how it happened?"

Yvaine Songsteel: For the sake of everyone involved, Yvaine remains at the rear behind Raithe and Cat, her head bent so her face is not visible at all.

Harbin Wester: He legit squeaks. "Very good, let me get you your reward." He takes nearly half a minute to lift himself off the couch and finds himself winded as he waddles across the room to a desk.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks around the room for anything valuable.

Yvaine Songsteel: At this moment, Yvaine would rather being hanging with the half-orc. However, she can't shake the feeling there is something important to discover here.
Yvaine's gloved knuckles crack.

Harbin Wester: He opens a drawer and the sound of coins can be heard as he reaches in and withdraws a small sack.He walks back over to Westra and holds out a bag of coins."Here you are my dear. I believe our little village may finally be safe, thanks to you all!"

Westra Goldbrook: "Thank you. Now. Sit."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine does her best to be unseen and unnoticed in this moment.

Harbin Wester: Raithe finds this is the town hall of the village. There is a massive wooden table with padded chairs, several large extravagant couches and chairs, a fireplace and many matching, high end accessories.
He gulps and sits in a nearby chair.

Westra Goldbrook: "Because I am a woman of principle, I will afford you this one opportunity to be truthful and forthcoming with me. If you elect to not be so, I will leave and send back our greenskinned associate to conduct this conversation instead. You recall him, do you not?"

Harbin Wester: He only nodded as he visibly shook.

Dr Catriona: Catriona whispers to Raithe like a teenager in the back of a classroom who didnt know an question on a test. "Is... this group mobsters?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Were you or were you not complicit in the Redbrands' harassment of the village? Were you paid to do nothing to stop them?"

Dr Catriona: Whisper - "Is this one of those once you join, you cannot quit..."

Raithe Moonstrike: "No, but...between Westra and Wolfe, it can seem that way sometimes. We'll have to guard our virtue."

Dr Catriona: "type... organizations.."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I don't know the answer to that Professor. I've never tried to leave. I think they'd keep you, though."
Raithe waits for Harbin to lie to Westra's face.

Harbin Wester: The Townmaster was now white. "I....I.... couldn't do anything to stop them! We don't have soldiers! What was I supposed to do? I wanted them gone as much as the rest! I never took anything from them!" His hands were clamped in front of him. "Please...please don't kill me!"

Dr Catriona: "I seriously do not know if I am able to walk out prematurely of my own will without repercussions." she whispered back, not sure what to make of the elf's take.

Westra Goldbrook:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Harbin Wester: Harbin seems truthful to everyone.

Dr Catriona: Catriona sees peoples shaking down some random guy.

Raithe Moonstrike: Since Harbin is focused on not wetting himself, Raithe helps himself to the silverware, a few candles, maybe even a candalabra.

Yvaine Songsteel:
Yvaine suddenly appears next to Raithe and puts her hand on his wrist to silently stop him as he picks up the last piece.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sighs. "What? I was just making sure this stuff doesn't get bled on when the beatings start."

Westra Goldbrook: "Continue to be truthful and no one here will harm you. Do you have any idea where to find the man leading the Redbrands? Someone named Glassstaff, or someone named Aberik?"

Raithe Moonstrike: He puts the stuff back.

Dr Catriona: "I'll be at the I will be at the inn. That's where I will be if needed for the rest of the day." She tkes a step back and almost trips on her way out. She goes to the Lionshield Coster, not the Inn. Zomg.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Noble of you," she says quietly to Raithe. "Rest assured, I don't think there will be any beatings." When he starts putting everything back, she stops his hand again with the same gesture, silently instructing him to go ahead and leave that last piece of silverware in his pocket.

Harbin Wester: "I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THAT IS!" He falls to his knees in front of her seemingly unconvinced of her promise.

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."
"Get up."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe smiles, but quickly buttons it up. It's a nice silver tray, shaped like a leaf. Victory!

Dr Catriona: "Cogs and bits." she exclaims as she hears the guy start yelling, increasing her pace.

Harbin Wester: "Please don't hurt me!" He falls to his stomach and legit grovels.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine puts her finger over her lips to gesture secrecy to Raithe, then turns after Cat when she turns to leaves. Westra has this in hand.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hey, Yvaine, level with you think Doctor Professor Nice Legs actually believed that stuff about us being the mob?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Your town has lost faith in your 'leadership', Harbin Wester. There will be an election held soon in which the townspeople will vote on whom they wish to see as Townsmaster. Though you may participate if you like, I expect you to heed the results of that election and step down quietly if someone else is elected. Do you understand?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I was teasing her but...she looked a little pale. I mean, she's a half-elf so pale is a thing for them, but...more pale than she should."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is currently scuttling after Doctor Professor Nice Legs, and when he turns to speak to her, he finds that she is GONE... LIKE BATMAN.

Raithe Moonstrike: "So that's what that feels like."

Harbin Wester: His groveling stopped instantly and he looked up to her. "What? Why would anyone do such a thing. The people love me!"

Westra Goldbrook: "If that is so, then the election will prove as much."

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric, having no interest in politics, stalks protectively after her Doctor.

Westra Goldbrook: "Is Ser Hallwinter no longer staying with you?" she asks, suddenly realizing the old man is absent.

Harbin Wester: He seemed to gain some of his stature back. "Yes, indeed it will." He took some time to find his footing and stand, then straightening himself. "Ser Hallwinter has departed for Neverwinter a day prior."

Dr Catriona: Catriona turns around when she notices she has a stalker. "Miss Yvaine. Fancy .. uh running into you here. How can I be of assistance?"

Harbin Wester: His chubby cheeks were bright red. "And....and...I think...."
"Until the election, I would like to not see your lot again!" He humphed at her.

Yvaine Songsteel: "You merely need to stay safe, Doctor. I'm here to help make sure that is the case."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra snorted softly. "You've no need to worry of that, I assure you. Good evening."
She turns to gather the others and finds only Raithe there. She blinks. "Where are the others?"

Harbin Wester: "GOOD DAY!" He huffs as she leaves.

Raithe Moonstrike: "They were intimidated by your power. They needed a moment."

Dr Catriona: Her walking stops and she pushes up her glasses some and squints in the sun. "That's kind of you but I don't need a bodyguard. I can deal with like... town.."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolled her eyes. "To the inn then, I suppose."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Oh, this ought to be good."
Raithe followed her to the inn.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I'm sure you can. You've proven yourself capable. Yet, here I am. Please, proceed as you wish."

Raithe Moonstrike: "Honestly, though, they think you were shaking that guy down."

Dr Catriona: "This has become a strange conversation. I am... uh... not good with chaperones..."

-- End Session 12 --
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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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Session 13

Levinath (GM): Democracy in action! The Watchers have overthrown? The current town master and an election looms. Where will our heroes venture next? Will they search for the mysterious Cragmaw Castle or go brave the dangers of Thundertree?

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine continues to stalk much as she's allowed?
For her safety and all.

Wolfe: Wolfe is having a hot bathe and a massage.

Dr Catriona: Catriona has a bit of exchange of words with Westra in dtrp.

Westra Goldbrook: Having resolved the matter with Catriona (for the moment), Westra looks to both Catriona and Yvaine, and Raithe, if he's still nearby. "Let us return to the inn, then. We should speak of our next course of action."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine listens to these words?

Dr Catriona: ((What time of day?))

Levinath (GM): (Dusk when you guys had DTRP)

Dr Catriona: ((if he pays extra for the Massage))

Yvaine Songsteel: "Was it the Inn where you were heading?" she asked. "An inn, a bed, and a bath sound amenable."

Dr Catriona: (So when do they meet at the inn?)

Westra Goldbrook: Barring objection, Westa will lead the team back to the inn. After commissioning a solid meal, the Paladin retreats to her room, cycles through her devotions, and then beds down for the night.
The following morning, she's up bright and early, back at the downstairs tavern for breakfast while she waits for the others to wake.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine tries to share a room with Cat if able. Or at least the one nearby.
And if unable, the one nearby Raithe...he needs to be looked after, apparently.

Dr Catriona: Catriona actually has a room with Linene, her cousin, but says she will return to the inn in the morning.

Levinath (GM): The group will find again that there are rooms for all at the inn. Phandalin is not a tourist hot spot it seems.

Wolfe: Wolfe sleeps by himself, seeing as he didn't succeed on his persuasion check on the masseuse. He will enjoy a full meal, his hot bath and massage, his bed and awake fairly early. He pays for his room and enough good liquor to fill his several flasks, and is out and about the town speaking to who's present about what their conditions have been in the last few days, seeing if there's a marked improvement.

Levinath (GM): Tealina and Hjalk stay at the inn with the group but seem uninterested in venturing out with them in the morning.

Yvaine Songsteel: If Cat is VERY insistent on parting ways, Yvaine will find a room, some solitude, a bath, and a deep much as she can muster. Sleep and solitude, two of her favorite things were often harrying, unpredictable, and filled with visions beyond her control.

Levinath (GM): While people seem to hurry from the half-orc as he approaches, those he does manage to stop tell him briefly that the Redbrands appear to be gone and offer him a quick thanks before hurrying off.
Yvaine has found in the two nights with the Watchers, she has slept sounder than in recent history.

Westra Goldbrook: Assuming the orc is going to be reluctant to wake again, Westra pays the same barmaid to go and wake him via a bucket of water once more. She then sets about eating her breakfast and waiting for Yvaine, Raithe, and Catriona to show back up.

Wolfe: Wolfe is up before the bar maid can give him another bad.

Levinath (GM): The maid returns with a disappointed look on her face to inform Westra he appears already departed.

Westra Goldbrook: This confuses Westra. "Are you certain? He did rent a room here last night, did he not?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Having slept as sound as she has in some time, the irritable black-clad cleric of Helm is up early, waiting quietly at the bar. Though much of her expression, as always, is obfuscated, there's less tension in her frame and seems quite charming and even graceful in her interactions with the staff as she waits on the others to come together.

Levinath (GM): "Oh yes he did Ma'am, but it seems he had breakfast and left earlier this morning."

Dr Catriona: Linene thinks Catriona is a dork and generally seems to just put up with her. The doctor herself tends to a very routine grooming regimen before bed. Before she leaves to the inn, she spends an hour toying with some gadgets to better prepare them for travel.

Westra Goldbrook: "How odd," Westra murmurs. She then notices Yvaine's inexplicable presence at the bar, somehow having overlooked her before now. "Lady Songsteel. Join me, if you will," she invites, gesturing to the table before her.

Levinath (GM):

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine lifts herself up off of her stool, hoisting from the heel of her boot hooked on the rung. She lowers herself to the floor with a cat-like elegance and moves wordlessly towards Westra and takes a seat. She takes the warm drink in her hands with her, setting it down in front of her. "Good day," she speaks softly.

Westra Goldbrook: "To you as well. Did you rest well?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Remarkably," she says plainly. "Yourself?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Sounds as ever," she affirms with a nod. "You have been quiet during much of the recent happenings, Lady. What do you think of the townmaster and the elections to replace him?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe gets a room, but only needs it for half of the evening. After his Trance, he's awake fairly early but spends time checking his gear and making sure that he's ready to move on the following day.

Linene: When Cat was finding her way out, her Aunt stopped her sternly and pointed to several parts and tools laying on the counter. "Catriona Wicker, gods be good. How many times must I tell you to you stop leaving your tools on my shop counter? I swear if you weren't my sister's daughter......" She disappeared back into the back as her voice trailed off.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I find myself not having an educated opinion. From what I see of the man, he is no shepherd and his flock is in peril. At best he is a farm hand. I know nothing about politics, but I can see a weak man as easily as the next. Did you not feel...powerful when you questioned him?" the cloaked woman asked the Paladin.

Raithe Moonstrike: He will arrive downstairs after he's collected all of his gear and comes downstairs to join the others.

Westra Goldbrook: "I feel powerful always," Westra replied, plainly. "Faith provides an armor no weapon can tarnish, do you not think? If the mighty Watcher is beside us, who can truly be against us?"
"Hail, Raithe," Westra greets the elf, lifting her coffee in a mock-salute.

Dr Catriona: Rather than reply, Catriona had already resolved to move to the inn now that she had plenty of cash money to do so, gained from before. But that could be handled upon her return. As it was now, she traversed across the town square, finding the inn soon enough. The half elf looked fresh-faced and rejuvenated, dressed in a dark anachronistic-like garment as was the usual.

Yvaine Songsteel: The left corner of Yvaine's full lips twitched into an immediate, but temporary grin at Westra's confident response. "Indeed."
Raithe arrived, and the visible portion of her features remained more neutral, but she found herself raking her attention over his frame in case she perceived any new "belongings" he might be carrying between the last time she's seen him and the current moment.
24   26

Westra Goldbrook: "Dr. Wicker. Good day. Come and join us, won't you?" she greets the half-elf when she arrives

Raithe Moonstrike: "Good morning, Westra. Good to see you alive."
"Same to you, Yvaine."

Westra Goldbrook: This confuses Westra. "Did you doubt this?" she asked Raithe.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Such a charming greeting," she said in a neutral tone that was hard to discern.
Yvaine's hooded noggin turned towards Cat as she entered the building, her eyes (though unseen) were clearly tracking the girl's presence. There was a deep breath, and a slight slump of her pauldron-laden shoulders signifying silent relief at the sight of the girl.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Not really. But then, you and Wolfe always seem a few seconds from a scrap so..." Raithe shrugged his shoulders.

Yvaine Songsteel: "And me?" she asked, some playful lilt to her dark tone after he explained how his comment applied to Westra.

Dr Catriona: The bosomy scientist adjusts her glasses and walks over when called, no style whatsoever in her strut.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra quirked a brow. "That you're so certain it would be I who did not survive that bout is reassuring, Master Moonstrike," she says dryly

Dr Catriona: She did look around as she walked, obviously never having been within the establishment before.

Daran Edermath: "Excuse me..." Wolfe hears from behind him. The older gentleman from the orchard carries a large duffel of apples as he approaches. "I don't believe I caught your name several days ago. You were with that lovely Lass from Neverwinter, no?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine chortled through her nose at Westra's comment, and it's laden sarcasm.

Raithe Moonstrike: He looked to Cat. "Mornin', Professor Doc."
Raithe turned his grin on Yvaine. "You, I was pretty sure about."
"Personally, I think you and Wofe should should just hug it out and call it even, but I don't see it happening."

Westra Goldbrook: "Ugh."

Wolfe: Wolfe turns toward Daran as he is doing his rounds around the town. "I didn't give it." He says with a bit of a gruff tone. "Something you want?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Sure that I would be alive, or not alive?" she asked Raithe, her mouth curling up slightly.
She did seem to actually give a soundless, breathy chuckle at both Raithe's antagonizing and Westra's irritated response. She said nothing though.

Dr Catriona: She was about to say a greeting but this Daran person cut in. She tries her hand at an Elvish greeting towards Raithe, though it is evident that the language is a bit uncomfortable for her to say, but she gave it a shot.

Westra Goldbrook: As the others come to the table, Westra finishes her breakfast and then sits back more comfortably. "While we're all here, we should speak of what our plans are for proceeding. By my count, I've no further leads for finding Glassstaff, the Black Spider, or this Cragmaw Castle."

Daran Edermath: He chuckled lightly, ignoring the hostility from the half-orc. "I see why she does the talking. I heard you lot have been quite busy, slew some orcs, arranged an election to rid us of the half-wit Hardin."

Dr Catriona: (Oh, oopz)

Wolfe: "She's prettier than me. People like to talk to boobs." He says with no humor in his tone or in his face.

Dr Catriona: "Salutations...." she says to those at the table then.

Wolfe: "She's sittin around at the inn, I think. You want to ask her out a second time. I hear she's looking for a husband."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I was sure you'd be here, Yvaine. I'll just leave it at that."
He grinned at Cat's greeting in Elvish. She sounded like a foreigner but it was still a correct greeting. Raithe responded with an approving nod.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Hello," she says in what could be considered a cinnamon tone -- warm, spicy, and as sweet as it is possible for it to be.

Daran Edermath: "I certainly don't mind having a conversation with a pair." He let out another chuckle. "Too bad they are hiding behind that chain mail." A moment of awkward silence permeated between the two before Daran cleared his throat. "At any rate, were you able to make it to the Well?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Moonstrike."

Dr Catriona: "I... must ask... do you sleep with the hood up? I have physics questions.." she says to Yvaine, almost earnestly.

Wolfe: "You'll have to forgive, buddy. I'm drunk half the time and barely know where I'm going. Well?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Depends on who is in the room, Doctor. It was unfortunate you were not inclined to find out first hand."

Westra Goldbrook: "If we could focus, for a moment...":
"The map we recovered does make mention of a castle in the area, though it's listed by another name."

Dr Catriona: "I am good with mysteries. I will suss it out soon enough." she replied... then perked up like a student caught talking in class when Westra speaks.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Perhaps," she replies to Cat. Yvaine seems uninterested in the map though, and just leans back, not paying particular attention. She does sip her warm drink with both hands around the cup now and then

Westra Goldbrook: Westra leans back from the table and tries to flag down Trilena's attention. "Miss, tell me, have you ever heard of an Ironcliff Castle?"

Daran Edermath: He raised his eyebrows. "I wager there are younger soldiers that would interest her more than an old washed up fool.It was nice to pretend I had a shot." He looked to the flask on Wolfe's person. "Known soldiers with that same...uhhh....issue. Old Owl Well, you soldier friend seemed pretty keen on checking out the rumored undead in the area."

Wolfe: "Wait..."
"Are you calling me an old washed up fool, or you?"

Dr Catriona: "May I have some room temperature unsweetened applesauce, please." she asks the barmaid as she passes by.

Trilena: "Ahh! Got some new faces round here this mornin!" She says as she wanders over to Westra. "Hrmmm...can't say that I have. No castles that I have heard bout round these parts save Neverwinter Castle."

Daran Edermath: "I would never presume to insult such a fine acquaintance." He said with a soft smile.

Dr Catriona: "Cragmaw Castle does not sound like a friendly destination."

Trilena: "We ain't got no applesauce, but I can have Timmy go squish some apples in the wine tub if ye like, Missy."

Wolfe: Wolfe's eyes narrow, just a touch, indicating he doesn't believe this fucker. "Yeah we killed some undead."

Dr Catriona: "...does this process involve him...uh..squishing apples... with his bare feet?"
"Because I will have to decline."

Daran Edermath: "Good Lad! Did you find the cause of them? Eliminate it? What was down there?"

Wolfe: "Zombies."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine covers her mouth with gloved fingers to hide a hint of amusement on her lips.

Wolfe: "There was a big fat pregnant bitch giving birth to zombies."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra nods, though she looks disappointed. "Thank you," she said, to the barkeep. She turned her attention back to the others in time to hear Catriona's lamentation about Cragmaw. "Indeed. All the more reason that we need to find it. If the Commander's dwarven associate is there, he is probably not enjoying himself."

Trilena: "How else would you smush them?" She is clearly confused.

Wolfe: "So I stabbed her in the face. She died."

Dr Catriona: "I will have to see to your establishment having an... apple squisher that does not involve feet."

Daran Edermath: He frowned, confusion on his face, he looked at the half orc in silence for a few seconds.

Wolfe: Wolfe seems confused for a moment.
"Wait that might have been the last time."

Trilena: " that still a no one the apple sauce?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine shifts her attention to Raithe, but the only way he can tell is that her face shifted directions.

Westra Goldbrook: "As such," Westra says, raising her voice just a tiny bit to try and draw attention away from apple squishers and coffee and back to the conversation at hand.

Wolfe: He rubs at his head, absently.

Dr Catriona: "No thank you, just some bananas then."

Westra Goldbrook: "I propose we investigate the castle detailed on the map. It and Cragmaw may be one and the same."

Wolfe: "Yeah, it was definitely zombies."
"I remember the zombies."

Dr Catriona: "What is special about Cragmaw?"

Daran Edermath: "You have a good day buddy. Don't drink too much of Trilena's swill, it will addle your brain." He pats Wolfe on the shoulder and continues up towards Barthen's provisions.

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out a half laugh. That sort of laugh you give when you don't really think something's funny.

Yvaine Songsteel: "As you wish, Westra," Yvaine says, not shifting her hooded face in her direction just yet. Clearly, Yvaine has accepted that the fellow Helmite was in charge of this safari

Dr Catriona: "I would... uh.. think if someone has a fearsomely named castle, they would want it shown on all maps."

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh! Of course. Forgive me, you ladies were not here for our original commission," Westra realizes aloud.

Wolfe: Once Daran's out of earshot he mutters under his breath. "Asshole." Then he heads off toward Stonehill.

Dr Catriona: "If I owned a castle McGrimDark, I would for sure send word to all cartographers in the realm."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I agree with Westra. The only way we'll figure out if they're the same place is going. If the Black Spider's there', we'll deal with him."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Black spider," she asked in a somewhat surprised, husky tone?
"Yes, yes you would," the young (?) Cleric says reassuringly to the doctor.

Wolfe: Wolfe returns to the inn at this point, his hair has been cleaned and shampooed, drawn back into a pony tail that reveals several sets of scars on the back of his neck that look like clawmarks. His clothes are also neatly pressed and clean, and his armor is polished and looking quite well-maintained. He approaches the others and pulls up a seat next to Catriona, setting his large bracer-covered forearms on the table.

Trilena: "Here you are Love." Trilena sits a pint down in front of Wolfe nearly the instant his ass hits the wood.

Dr Catriona: "Salutations, Mister Wolfe." she says after a brief bit of being startled at his sudden pulling up a chair by her.

Yvaine Songsteel: Though no one will see it, the Minister raises an impressed much as one can with someone who's really good at taking crow bars to the face. Her face turns towards Wolfe when he walks in none the less.

Westra Goldbrook: "We were originally sent to Phandalin on the order of Commander Rutherford of the Flaming Fist in Neverwinter. He had some concerns about a shipment of goods that had been sent from Neverwinter to Phandalin but never made it. It had been escorted by some Flaming Fist soldiers and a dwarf named Rockseeker. We investigated, and found the shipment's cart hijacked near up near the triboar trail. We encountered some of the goblins responsible, as well as one of the soldiers. The dwarf and many of the weapons in the shipment, we found, had been taken to a place called Cragmaw Castle at the behest of someone calling themselves the Black Spider."

Rufus: "Ruff!" The shaggy dog sits down between Wolfe the the Doc.

Dr Catriona: "Ah!"

Wolfe: "Thanks, Trilena." He says with a smile up at the barmaid, cupping his hand around the base. He nods to Cat as well while he reaches down to pet at the top of Rufus's head.
"Hey there, buddy."
"Trilena, can I get some bacon for the pooch?"

Dr Catriona: Catriona is unsettled by sudden big dogs. A common trait, certainly.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pauses her retelling to greet the orc. "Wolfe," she says simply, with a nod. She struggles, but resists the urge to comment on his appearance, knowing that it would not lead into any conversation she wanted to be part of.

Trilena: She nods and hurries off..

Wolfe: "You owe me 50 gold." He says in return to Westra's greeting.

Dr Catriona: "But how do you know about C...C...Cragmaw Castle at all but not where it is?" she asks, allergies creeping up.

Yvaine Songsteel: The impassive brick wall of the lower half of the Cleric's face remains.

Wolfe: "Was mentioned to us by a goblin we rescued." He says to Cat as he rubs the back of Rufus's head.

Westra Goldbrook: "We spoke with some of the goblins' prisoners in the cave near tribaor, where we recovered the Flaming Fist soldier - one Ser Hallwinter "
"We then escorted Ser Hallwinter to his destination here in Phandalin, where we encountered a gang of thugs calling themselves Redbrands. They were terrorizing the people here, causing real harm. Speaking to the townmaster about it accomplished nothing; he was content to let them run amok."
"So we took it upon ourselves to track them down and dispel them."

Yvaine Songsteel: "And you got rid of these 'Redbrands'?"

Westra Goldbrook: "We did," Westra nodded. "And in doing so, uncovered letters indicating that the mage leading them - someone calling himself Glassstaff - was also in league with this Black Spider fellow."

Rufus: Rufus nudged his big head under the Doc's right arm in an attempt to get some affection from her.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Who you suspect is at this castle?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Unfortunately, Glassstaff escaped his lair before we were able to reach him."

Dr Catriona: "Dardation..." she mutters with a stuffy sounding nose.

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes. What we know so far is that the dwarf allegedly knows the way to some mystical location, a place called Wave Echo Cavern, and that Black Spider wishes to reach this place. Hence his dwarf-napping."

Wolfe: Wolfe watches Cat for the first time. "You getting sick?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Rockseeker has two brothers who were supposed to be in Phandalin or nearby, and we were sticking close to the town in hopes of encountering them. They've apparently gone missing as well now, however."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Dardation?"
"He's kidnapping dwarves to get to Echo Cavern?"

Levinath (GM): Trilena returns with bacon and Rufus's interest in the Doc is quashed as he moves over by Wolfe.

Dr Catriona: Dardation is Tarnation, but with a stuffy nose.

Yvaine Songsteel: Clearly, there was much she was missing out on.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe has never had allergies. It sounds like hell.
Raithe orders eggs and bacon. Food is good.

Dr Catriona: Wolfe sees one of the bacon strips float off his plate and float around Rufus then moves towards the door.

Westra Goldbrook: "One specific dwarf, that we know of, who knows the location of the cavern. But yes."

Wolfe: Wolfe sets the plate of bacon down by his feet so Rufus could eat.
He then watches the bacon float away.
Turning toward Cat he raises both eyebrows. "You tryin' to get rid of my dog?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Watching Dr. Cat with a cloaked but curious expression, the small woman in her tight black armor stands and walks behind Cat, visibly offering to trade places near the dog. Okay, 'offering' is a kind word for the gesture.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra pauses her story with a small huff. "Obviously, she's allergic," she says, to Wolfe.

Levinath (GM): Rufus chases after magic flying bacon.

Dr Catriona: "Its not perso-CHOO" the now red-eyed half elf tries to speak before sneezing like a mouse or something, twice, in quick succession.

Wolfe: "Huh."
"That's new."
"You're allergic to dogs?"

Levinath (GM): As she sneezes, the dog lunges and snatches the bacon from the air.

Yvaine Songsteel: If Cat fails to see the gesture, two gloved hands will wind up on the outsides of Cat's shoulders, attempting to lift her from her seat.

Wolfe: Getting up, Wolfe takes his plate with him, going outside. "Come on, Rufus."

Dr Catriona: The beleaguered doctor waves her hand at Westra. "C-continue."

Wolfe: "Let's get you fat somewhere else."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Hmph." she comments, as Wolfe stands to leave.

Dr Catriona: She looks to Yvaine and..

Rufus: "Ruff!"

Dr Catriona: Wolfe leaves anyway. "Thanks, Miss Yvaine."

Westra Goldbrook: While eyeing the map and considering the matter, Westra's attention is snagged by a place marked Phandelver Vilage.
"Didn't Hallwinter say of the places the Cavern allegedly contained was a Phandelver mine?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "It's nice of him to take care of Rufus for Tealina." Raithe said.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I'm not sure who you're asking," the low-toned woman says, taking a seat in Wolfe's now vacant seat next to Cat.

Levinath (GM): Westra would realize their current location is Phandelver Village by the looks of the map.

Westra Goldbrook: "That animal is nothing but a filthy distraction," she murmurs, unhappily.

Yvaine Songsteel: Her comment was for Westra.
"So what is the question here? Are we going after a mythical castle that may or may not exist, or this cavern?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra looks up at Yvaine's comment, and only then realizes Wolfe is gone. "Raithe, I suppose," she says, turning to see where the orc went.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Well," she says before quieting herself, clasping her gloved fingers in front of her, sitting with perfect posture and remaining eerily silent after that.

Westra Goldbrook: She shakes her head, mildly frustrated, and looks back to the map. Then to Yvaine, when she poses her next question. "The cavern, if we could. But we don't know where it is. In the meantime, I suggest we look into this castle, to see if it is perhaps Cragmaw Castle under an older name."

Yvaine Songsteel: "I will follow," she says without reservation to Westra.

Dr Catriona: The doctor seems to be faring better and nods at Westra, thinking the same thing.

Raithe Moonstrike: "I think he said something like that. I think we should investigate it. If nothing else, we'll be able to take it off the list of places we need to check."

Yvaine Songsteel: Perhaps creepy level of 'no reservation.'

Raithe Moonstrike: "But if we get there and find it under heavy guard, we'll at least know that we're on to something."

Westra Goldbrook: "Very well, then. Is everyone ready to go? Someone suggested we stop by the orchard on the way out and ask the owner if he's heard of Cragmaw or Ironcliff castles, though I don't know how much that would yield."
"Good point, Raithe."

Wolfe: Wolfe comes back after a minute, having fed Rufus. He sits down next to Yvaine, not caring that Yvaine had taken his original spot. He reaches past her to grab his ale and brings it to himself. He then drinks.
"By the way, your boyfriend was looking for you, Westra."

Westra Goldbrook: "I'm sorry?"

Wolfe: "He was asking if we went to the Well and killed all the undead."
"The old guy."
"The one that was hitting on you."

Westra Goldbrook: "Daran Edermath?"

Wolfe: "Yeah whateverthefuckhisnameis."

Westra Goldbrook: "And did you tell him that we did?"

Wolfe: "I said we killed some undead."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is unshaken, or unsurprised by Wolfes actions... though what can NOT be seen is a slight bit of amusement. Secrets!

Wolfe: "He asked about some more and I told him to fuck off."

Westra Goldbrook: "Good enough, thrn."

Wolfe: "Until we get this place cleared out of trouble the less people who know about the mine, the better."

Westra Goldbrook: "He asked about what more? And why? He's not been unkind so far as I know?" she asks, looking skeptical.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine's cloaked stare appraises Wolfe to see if he is being honest or dishonest with Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: "Is everyone ready to move out to check on this castle?" she asks, pointing to the place on the map.

Yvaine Songsteel:
13   21

Wolfe: "Yeah, let me finish my beer."
4   4

Dr Catriona: "What of your weapons and armor? Were those repaired?"

Westra Goldbrook: "My armor is unscathed. I acquired a new halberd already. I'm content to leave."

Wolfe: "Mine are good."
He chugs his ale
Then he belches loudly.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I'm ready."

Dr Catriona: "I packed properly this time and made some modifications to my equipment to be more suitable for field operations."

Wolfe: "Time for the WEENIS?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Let's be off, then."

Wolfe: Wolfe lets out an uproarious laugh. It's actually kind of scary.

Dr Catriona: It startles Cat.

Yvaine Songsteel: "What on Earth is a Weenis?" she asks cluelessly.

Dr Catriona: "The device I was using when we first met, Miss Yvaine."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs and shakes her head, wondering how someone manages to be repulsive even in laughter.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Ugh." The Minister visibly shirks a bit from the scary laughter from the green guy next to her.
"Why do you call it that?"

Westra Goldbrook: The paladin stands, pays for her meal, and then gathers her belongings and stands ready outside the door.

Dr Catriona: She still is somewhat unsettled by the sudden barking laughter of the half orc as she answers Yvaine. "Because using its full name every time I refer to it would be inefficient."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Also, why is he laughing like that?" her lip curled and her face panned the party for input.

Dr Catriona: "I do not know, that is what makes it partially disturbing."

Yvaine Songsteel: "It seems to be used to scan for something...why such a complicated title?"

Wolfe: Wolfe settles into some chuckles, stands, and orders another mug of ale for the road.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe asks for his meal to be wrapped up and pays for, then gets ready to leave. He hopes they find Glassstaff or the Black Spider. It would be nice to put all of this to and end.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Helm help us...." she muttered under her breath.

Dr Catriona: If others starts to stand, she does as well and packs those bananas she didn't get around to for later.

Wolfe: "I laughed cause it's called a WEENIS."
"Get it?"

Dr Catriona: Catriona does not get it.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Small penis?"

Wolfe: "YES!"

Yvaine Songsteel: The holy woman asks.

Dr Catriona: "This is a very... confusing morning."

Wolfe: "Doc do you even know what a penis is?"
"You ever seen a man's pecker?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "Who would want anything named with such power by such a perfectly fallible...title?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe wonders if this thing is part of Cat's magic. He'll have to ask her soon.
And then Wolfe asks his question and even Raithe raises his eyebrows. "Bit forward there, eh?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Immediately Yvaine stood, putting her arm between Cat and Wolfe's line of sight in a protective manner. "Watch your tongue, brute."

Wolfe: "What? I'm just asking if she's seen a man's cock!"

Dr Catriona: Catriona does not seem to be socially equipped to process and deal with whatever kind of practical joke Wolfe is pulling on her.

Wolfe: "I'm not making fun, I'm just asking!"
"What fun is the joke if she doesn't get it?!"

Dr Catriona: "I should research half-orc colloquialisms and humor to properly grasp whatever this odd ..uh.. moment is."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Leave. You first," the dark lady commands at the Drunken orc.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe decides he's not the morality police (or police of any kind, because that's against his religion) and excuses himself from the discussion to step outside.

Yvaine Songsteel: Sorry, HALF ORC

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sticks her head back inside. "Are we leaving?"

Dr Catriona: "I will do so when we return!" she quips and then moves to the door.

Yvaine Songsteel: Batman has issued a command.

Wolfe: "...What?"
Wolfe shrugs and carries his tankard of ale outside.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine then turns to Robin with a WTF look, sighs, and stomps out after Wolfe.

Wolfe: He looks over to Cat as they make it out the door. "Doc, do you not know what a man's 'pecker' is?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra heads north towards the edge of town, leading the others if they get around to following.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine raises her crossbow to Wolfe's chest. "That's enough. Move on."

Wolfe: The Half-Orc, still carrying his tankard, looks to Yvaine as she points the crossbow at his chest.

Dr Catriona: "Man's Pecker? Is that some sort of brothel name or alcoholic beverage?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Whoa, now. Yvaine. Is that really necessary?"

Westra Goldbrook: She pauses, though, and turns back to face the group at the altercation. "What in the name of..." she starts, but stops.

Wolfe: "It's a term for a man's penis!"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine is like a creepy cemetery statue in spite of Raithe's compaint, still, waiting impassively for Wolfe to move along.

Westra Goldbrook: "Does your crassness know no limits?" she snaps at Wolfe. "Leave the poor woman alone and drink your ale, you brute."

Dr Catriona: Cat makes a wtf face as stuff begins to unravel. She is lost AF.

Wolfe: "Humans."

Westra Goldbrook: She. Almost. Says it.

Wolfe: He rolls his eyes and starts walking ahead.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Orc," quips the strangely formidable creepy lady.

Wolfe: He stops.

Dr Catriona: "Umm.. we can all be polite, no?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Now you've done it."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs.

Wolfe: He turns to Yvaine slowly.

Yvaine Songsteel: She stays still...slowly.

Wolfe: "What did you call me?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "I'm going to take five steps back, because I don't like blood on my gear."

Westra Goldbrook: "MAY I REMIND YOU," Westra calls, moving back towards the two in contention

Yvaine Songsteel: "What did you call me?" she parrots without waver.

Dr Catriona: "This is a series of instances of confusion."

Westra Goldbrook: "That people are likely dying right now?"

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe does, in fact, take SIX steps back.

Westra Goldbrook: "CAn we please have this argument AFTER we've dispatched the mad wizard who's en route to a cave that will give him magic weapons?"

Wolfe: "I didn't call you anything." He says with a snarl, ignoring Westra and moving closer toward Yvaine.
"But you called me something."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe looks at the buxom...scientist. "Uh, next time just laugh nervously and depart the scene. It usually works a lot better." he whispers to her.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine remains still. as though made of stone. She says nothing further. She does not move.

Westra Goldbrook: "Enough," Westra says, pushing forward to insert herself between Wolfe and Yvaine.

Wolfe: "You've hit me with a fucking crowbar. You've called me an Orc." He is visibly getting angrier. "You point a weapon at me?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "..." Nothingingess.

Wolfe: He lets Westra insert herself but doesn't take his eyes off of Yvaine. "You owe me a GODS DAMNED Sorry."

Dr Catriona: Her shoulders rise and fall in a sheepish expression towards Raithe.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Sorry?"
The tone was as neutral as air.

Daran Edermath: People area the square start looking at the group, pointedly, the shouting HALF-orc.

Wolfe: He growls slowly in visible anger, but he lowers his mug at Yvaine's neutral-sounding comment. He then takes a step back and shrugs. "Good enough."
"I don't want to spill my beer." He forces a fake smile.

Yvaine Songsteel: "That was a question," she clarifies.

Westra Goldbrook: "Enough," Westra hisses, to both Yvaine and Wolfe. "We have somewhere to be. We have work to do."

Wolfe: Lifting his mug in mock salute, he turns to Westra. "After you, Princess."

Raithe Moonstrike: "We're usually not this...excitable. There's just a lot of clashing personalities among the group.
So...are there a lot of Elves where you're from?"

Wolfe: "Yeah, I'm gonna take it as an apology, for the good of everyone here."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine, for her diminutive stature -- even in her heels -- appears impassive either way. Apology? for what?

Dr Catriona: "Me?" she says to Raithe.
"No, none."

Yvaine Songsteel: After everyone moves on, her goal is accomplished and the focus is no longer on Cat. Once they're moving, she'll follow.

Levinath (GM): As you leave town, you quickly find your way to the Triboar trail. Here the path towards the castle heads deep into Neverwinter Wood, there are no trails and little marking.

Wolfe: Wolfe will follow after Westra, but takes his time about it, drinking his ale as he goes.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine lingers near the rear of the party so as to carefully watch.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nodded at Cat. "Hm." she said, shrugging.
"Just wondered how Elves lived in other parts of the world. I don't see many outside of certain places. Just making conversation. Looks like we're moving again."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra offers the map to the others in the group, hoping one of them is a better survivalist than she.

Dr Catriona: "If it would not be a bother, could I practice my Elvish with you? I learned it when I was a child and never used it after. But it looks like it would be a benefit to pick it up again in this part of the world."

Yvaine Songsteel: #notasurvivalist

Wolfe: Wolfe dropped off his mug on some random person's porch before they left town. He doesn't want to litter.
21   12
He then picks up the map and looks over it.

Yvaine Songsteel: Though she makes sure others survive. Though she does pick up the mug and puts in a primitive recycle bin without others noticing.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe nodded. "Yeah, I'll help with that. You'll want to work on your accent, in case you meet one of those hoity-toity types that want to correct your grammar or pretend they don[t understand you because you're half-Elf."

Levinath (GM): Wolfe is able to guide the group through Neverwinter Wood based on the map and his uncanny knowledge. After several hours the heat of the day begins to warm the cool wood, a stone spire can be seen in the distance between trees.

Wolfe: "Looks like we found our place." He hands the map back toward Westra.

Westra Goldbrook: "Keep eyes sharp," she warns, primarily to Raithe, the resident scout. "Even if this isn't Cragmaw, it may well be occupied by unfriendly creatures."

Dr Catriona: (in elvish) ">Much thanks.<"she says to Raithe. She sounds like the equivalent of someone who learned Spanish in high school at some point and never used it.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine peels her unseen eyes!
22   25
14   17

Raithe Moonstrike: (Elvish)" Any time. Gotta go. Here's hoping that I don't fall in hole. Usually, we reserve that for fearless leader."
Raithe will scout a little bit ahead to make sure they don't get jumped.

Wolfe: Exhaling slowly, he pulls out one of his flasks. Turning to Cat, he speaks in a lower tone as Raithe gets in front. "Hey. Doc. If I embarrassed you or somethin', I'm sorry, alright?"

Yvaine Songsteel: He can't see it, but behind the hood Wolfe's getting a leery, possibly judgmental stare. Still she says nothing
Yvaine stiffens, holding her fist in the air. "STOP" she tells the others.

Dr Catriona: "..ooh.. okay. I wasn't embarrassed. I'm just not used to mainland humor so much." she resolves and shrugs, seemingly not too worked up about it. That altercation definitely took the matter in a different direction so she didnt dwell too much.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra stops her forward progress, and looks back towards YVaine, waiting.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Hobgoblins are heading toward us from the tower," she says in her usual raspy tone.

Dr Catriona: "They see us?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "I am not certain, but it is likely. They are moving toward us.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will hide and

Westra Goldbrook: "Can you tell how many?"

Raithe Moonstrike: ready himself to deal with these Hobgoblins.

Dr Catriona: "Maybe they are friendly hobgoblins?" See, she can joke.

Yvaine Songsteel: "..." she responds wordlessly to Cat.

Levinath (GM): (5 Mercedes)

Wolfe: Wolfe draws Talon and moves to hide as well.
18   15

Raithe Moonstrike:
14   25

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine steps back and readies her rapier and shield.

Dr Catriona:
14   21

Yvaine Songsteel:
4   11

Westra Goldbrook: ((Does Yvaine answer Westra?))

Yvaine Songsteel: "No, not that I can see!" her words give her away!
"Wait...looks like Five? I'm not sure."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra watches the others dash for cover, but does not move to follow them.
"I will engage them to try and judge their intent," she says, while waiting. "Hold your positions until most advantageous," she suggests.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Helm bless you," the Minister prays for the paladin.

Dr Catriona: "I can make a distraction if it helps."
she whispers.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe wonders, idly, how Yvaine can see so much while wearing such a cool hood. Raithe considers a hood.

Wolfe: "...What?" He asks as Westra says she will try to judge their intent.

Yvaine Songsteel: #hoods are the new cool

Hobgoblin: One that walks in the center of the group barks commands. "There were here." He looks around and easily spots the hooded woman standing behind a bush far too short to conceal her and Westra standing in the middle of the clearing.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine a statue. Mostly because Yvaine.

Westra Goldbrook: "Halt, there!" Westa calls, with her commanding tone. "Who goes?" As if she has every right to be there and the hg's are trespassing
Cause, reasons.

Hobgoblin: "They have no dwarf, kill them all." He draws his blade, ignoring Westra.
Initiative: 7
Initiative: 19
Initiative: 20
Initiative: 4

Raithe Moonstrike:


Initiative: 21

Westra Goldbrook:

Dr Catriona:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Westra Goldbrook: "I said HALT!" Westra shouts, angered at being ignored.

Hobgoblin: "Two on our flank." The middle HG points to Wolfe and the Doc.

Westra Goldbrook:
5   19

Dr Catriona: (Wait I am hiding)

Yvaine Songsteel: The Cleric is not having it. She moves immediately into action. She draws her crossbow with her opposite hand and shoots at one
12   13
25   11
26   27

Westra Goldbrook:
22   7
Halberd Slash (+6)
As the first of the hobgoblins rushes forward, Westra swings her halberd around in an attempt to dissuade him.
"Be gone, vile creature!"

11   24
Hand Axe (+7)
Wolfe hurls a hand-axe at the Hobgoblin that ratted him out

Hobgoblin: The leader of the group shouts a war cry as he rushes towards the Doc. "To me!"
He hefts his great sword.

Dr Catriona: (I speak Goblin)

Great Sword
Attack: 20 | 16
Damage: 7

Dr Catriona: "Botheration!" she exclaims as the larger assailant bears down on her.

Attack: 10 | 6
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 3 slashing + 4 slashing

Dr Catriona: (yup)

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine visibly bristles.

Dr Catriona: She staggers about and lets out a low, cold growl.
illusion 1
Casting Time: One action
Range: 60 ft
Components: M (Mastery of Light/Dark)
Duration: Concentration 1 minute
As an action, you create an area of magical darkness, which foils darkvision. Choose a spot you can see within 60 feet of you. Magical darkness radiates from that point in a sphere with a 10-foot radius per psi point spent on this ability. The light produced by spells of 2nd level or less is suppressed in this area.

1 psi points spent, 3 max.
She uses her bonus action to regain 1 Hp.
✔ End of Turn ✔

Raithe Moonstrike: "Hands off my....student." Raithe said, readying an arrow to fire when the darkness springs up around Cat and her attackers.

Dr Catriona: Her pupils widen enough so the blue in her eyes is gone and the area immediately around her darkens.

Raithe Moonstrike: "Well, that was unexpected." he said.
He fires at the one on Westra.
18   27
Shortbow (+7)
Dr Catriona: ░▒▓Telepathy with Hobgoblin Boss:▓▒░ « You have made a grave mistake. »

Hobgoblin: "Out of my head, WITCH!"

Dr Catriona: She fucks with with the Hobgoblin boss before her with words in his goddamn head.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fires his arrow and takes the Hobgoblin right through the throat, a quick spray of blood his last words...along with a gurgle.

Attack: 17 | 6
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 6 slashing + 7 slashing

Westra Goldbrook:
8   11
Halberd Slash (+6)
19   25
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Attack: 12 | 4
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 7 slashing + 7 slashing

Westra Goldbrook: Surprised by the nimbleness of the unsightly hobgoblins, Westra hits nothing but air with the first swing of her halberd. The butt end delivers a more certain strike, however, and she growls as it connects.

12   8

16   26
Daito Katana (+7)

Hobgoblin: "Filthy witch!" He grunts before backing out of the spell and taking his anger out on the nearest target
Great Sword
Attack: 24 | 22
Damage: 10
Attack: 12 | 20
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 9 slashing + 11 slashing

Dr Catriona: (Are they all looking fresh?)
Readying a power for right before Wolfe attacks.
Focus: Mastery of Light/Dark
Transmutation cantrip
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Components: V, S, M
Now focused on Mastery of Light & Darkness: While focused on this discipline, natural and magical darkness within 30 feet of you has no effect on your vision.

Psychic Focus can be changed as a bonus action.
✔ End of Turn ✔
Will trigger BEFORE Wolfe's action.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fires another arrow at the Hobgoblin Boss.
17   13
Shortbow (+7)
Dr Catriona: (yes)

Raithe Moonstrike: (He can take his a Boss.)

Hobgoblin: The boss takes an arrow to the shoulder, but seems little worse for the wear.
Attack: 19 | 7
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 6 slashing + 4 slashing

Westra Goldbrook:
8   21
Halberd Slash (+6)
22   8
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)
rolling 1d6
(6)= 6
Westra swings viciously at the hobgoblin in front of her, in an arc wide enough to clip his neighbor as well.

Attack: 20 | 11
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 5 slashing + 6 slashing
Sacred Flame
Ability: 7 | 8
Sacred Flame
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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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((pt 2))

Dr Catriona: Trigger
Wind Stream
evocation 1
Casting Time: One action
Range: 30 x 5 ft
Target: Each creature in range
Components: M (Mastery of Air)
Duration: Instantaneous
You create a line of focused air that is 30 feet long and 5 feet wide. Each creature in that area must make a STR saving throw DC14, taking 1d6 bludgeoning damage per psi point spent and being knocked prone on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

1 psi points spent, 3 max.
A torrent of wind roars out from the darkness, scattering leaves and rustling tree branches. The focused gust stops INCHES from Raithe, as if intentionally, after it buffets the Hobgoblins.

Ability: 3 | 7

Dr Catriona: 3

Wolfe: Wolfe closes his eyes and focuses -- he takes a single, deep breath. As he does there is the slightest shift in the air around him and when he re-opens his eyes it is with a deathly serious focus. He then swings at the boss who is vulnerable to his attack.
9   25
Daito Katana (+7)
17   24
Daito Katana (+7)

Dr Catriona: "TAKE THEM TO THE TOWN OF PAIN!" she yells with annoyance from a pitch black... area.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe blinks. "The town of pain?"

Westra Goldbrook: Even Westra pauses in her assault to give an uncertain glance to the patch of darkness from which the doctor shouted.

Wolfe: Catriona's murderous urging seems to have had its effect. While the boss is thrown into the air, Wolfe leaps up, kicking him higher into the sky. He delivers a single slash up through his midsection and then brings the blade down through his chest. "ASAKI!!!!!"
When he comes down with his blade, parts of hobgoblin come down with him.

Dr Catriona: (that juggle)

Hobgoblin: The other goblin stands and assaults the foe that just murdered his leader.
Attack: 20 | 11
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 9 slashing + 9 slashing

Dr Catriona: (Did he get up?)
(my sheet is buggin out 1 sec)
(... okay DC14 dex save please)
for energy beam lightning

Ability: 16 | 21

Dr Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Raithe Moonstrike:
17   16
Shortbow (+7)

Hobgoblin: The hobgoblin brings his shield up at the last moment to block Raithe's arrow.

Westra Goldbrook:
13   19
Halberd Slash (+6)
20   12
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Ability: 7 | 6

Westra Goldbrook: Westra slaps the goblin's shield aside while he's distracted by Raithe's shot. She then puts the butt of her halberd through his face with a sickeningly wet crunch.

Dr Catriona: "Should we take him as a prisoner?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Wolfe!"
"He may know something about the castle that could help us."

Wolfe: "Eh."
8   22
Daito Katana (+7)

Dr Catriona: ░▒▓Telepathy with Hobgoblin:▓▒░ « Surrender and live! »

Wolfe: Wolfe half-heartedly tries to hit the hobgoblin with the butt of his sword.

Hobgoblin: The hobgoblin whole heatedly tries to hit Wolfe.
Attack: 17 | 5
or 6 (1d10 + 1) slashing damage if used with two hands.
Damage: 5 slashing + 2 slashing
He seems to ignore the Doc's telepathy.

Wolfe: Wolfe grunts

Dr Catriona: ((DC14 Dex))
25   6
4 + 1

Raithe Moonstrike: (LOL)
(Cat is frontline from now on.)

Dr Catriona: She draws a screwdriver and shivs him in the side, her eyes dark. "Sit, down."
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Re: Roll20 Session Logs
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Session 14

Levinath (GM): It appears the Watchers have discovered the elusive Cragmaw Castle. Their prisoner confirmed the tower in the distance is none other, and it is swarming with goblins and hobgoblins, led by the great King Grol! They may perhaps find the missing dwarf, Gundren Rockseeker and his map to wave echo cavern.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra takes the parchment Cat recovered from the Hobgoblin's belongings, and after she looks at it, she passes it to the others to see. "What do you know of this Black Spider fellow?" she asked the goblin, eyes narrowing. "Is he one of your goblin horde?"

Wolfe: Wolfe is drinking while the goth Doctor whispers math mentally and the Paladin does Mob-Boss stuff.

Hobgoblin: "King Grol does the bidding of the Spider. He never comes to our castle. He sends emissaries." He grunts.

Westra Goldbrook: "If King Grol is as fearsome as you say, why does he take orders from someone who does not respect him enough to even see him face to face? Where is this Black Spider hiding, that he cannot be bothered to speak to his men in person?"

Hobgoblin: The goblin just stares blankly at Westra. Either he will not be bothered or is unable to involve himself in philosophical debate.

Wolfe: "This shitbag doesn't know." Wolfe grumbles from behind his flask.

Westra Goldbrook: "Mm. It makes sense they wouldn't entrust a mere grunt with such details."
"He probably doesn't even know the second way into the castle," she scoffs, hoping this turns into a looney toon skit and he coughs up some info.
24   13

Hobgoblin: "Yes I do! Stupid woman! The side door by the kitchen on the south side of the castle! HA!"

Dr Catriona: Catriona's eyebrows push together the dullard's falling for that bait. Unexpected, for certain.

Westra Goldbrook: "Well then I stand corrected," Westra says, a little surprised herself at him having fallen for it.

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs and drinks some more; possibly to numb the pain brought on by greatswords.

Westra Goldbrook: "Grol send you to take us on, specifically, or were you merely patrolling?" she asks, crouching down nearby the Goblin. "Would you like a chance to finish the job?" she asked, with a grin.

Wolfe: Wolfe raises an eyebrow at Westra's offer

Hobgoblin: "We were on patrol, saw movement." He bites at her and shakes his head to and fro as she nears him, the stench of strong filth hits Westra's nostrils.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lifts a hand to delicately cover her nose, and rises to her feet to turn away.
"Anyone else have questions for him?"

Wolfe: "You guys got any decent booze in Cragmaw?"

Hobgoblin: "Not for orc filth!"

Dr Catriona: All she offers is a shake of her head to Westra, in the negative.

Wolfe: Wolfe sighs.
He puts his flask away then looks over to Cat. "Can you undo whatever thing you did to him?" He tilts his head to the Hobgoblin.

Dr Catriona: "I can do much in the name of science, Mister Wolfe. Unfortunately, I cannot un-stab someone."
"I imagine the condition will wear off soon, depending on the victim';s body mass, resilience and constitution." She did not do anything magically crazy to him, it was just a nerve pinch type thing to disable. But with a stabby.

Wolfe: Wolfe will unsling his pack and set it on the ground, rummaging through it for his medicine kit. Once he finds it he will carry it with him over to the Hobgoblin.

Westra Goldbrook: "What are you doing?"

Wolfe: "Stay still while I patch you up or I'm going to clock you in the fucking jaw."

Westra Goldbrook: "Oh, for the love of all..." she sighs, but does not interfere.

Wolfe: He ignores Westra, and will then try to stabilize the Hobgoblin.

Dr Catriona: "I .. do not believe that is a prudent use of supplies."

15   11

Hobgoblin: Wolfe is able stablize the hobgoblin, but the dude is still paralyzed.

Dr Catriona: "Is this road frequently used?"

Wolfe: "You fucked him up good, Cat."
The Half-Orc grumbles and sighs to himself in dismay.

Dr Catriona: "What is done with criminals and dangerous elements here found outside of cities?"

Wolfe: He then pulls out a healing potion and uncorks it. He grabs the Hobgoblin by the back of the head and pulls it back so he can't evade swallowing it.

Westra Goldbrook: "Are you seriously--!" she complains, but the potion is already pouring

Wolfe: "Drink this, you little shit."

Dr Catriona: "...I could have just given him a berry."

Westra Goldbrook: "Just end him and be done with this. We are wasting time."

Wolfe: 5

Hobgoblin: The hobgoblin drinks the potions and his hands begin to move and then he wiggles his toes. He confused as Westra and the Doc.

Wolfe: Wolfe tosses the spent bottle over his shoulder, looking into his beady little orange eyes. "You have a choice."

Dr Catriona: While Catriona can see where this is going, she puts the magic frog away.

Wolfe: "You can get up and pick up that sword." He nods to the Hobgoblin's weapon. "And die on your feet."
"Or you can start your own life and not go try to murder and pillage the people that live out here."
"There's no option three."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs impatiently.

Hobgoblin: He sits up and looks to Wolfe. Then looks at the sword. Then looks to Westra. Then looks at the Doc with a growl and looks to the sword again.

Wolfe: Wolfe shrugs and gets to his feet.
"Your choice, bub."

Dr Catriona: The doctor just remains and holds her side some while this continues.

Hobgoblin: The goblin follows suit, he takes one more look at his weapon before slowing backing away ten paces, watching the group.

Wolfe: Wolfe nods slowly. He seems neither pleased nor disappointed.

Westra Goldbrook: "You're suggesting we release him?" Westra asks, watching the goings-on

Wolfe: "If you go to Cragmaw and I see you again, I'm going to kill you."
"Understand that." His words are slow and to the point. "And no-one is going to stop me."

Westra Goldbrook: "If he goes to Cragmaw he'll alert the entire castle to our arrival," she counters, annoyed.

Hobgoblin: He just looks at the three, then disappears around a bush, into the underbrush.

Westra Goldbrook: "Stop him!"

Wolfe: Wolfe makes no motion to stop him. "He ain't armed." He says flatly.

Westra Goldbrook: "He doesn't need to be armed to give away our surprise."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine pops out of a bush to see a running hobgoblin and Westra shouting to stop him. Yvaine moves to intercept said hobgoblin. "STOP."

Wolfe: "Like they'd give a shit."
"Hobgoblins are proud warriors; they think they're the best of the best. They're not stupid."

Yvaine Songsteel:
20   4

Ability: 15 | 18
The goblin halts about as quick as he began moving. He snarls at her with his fists clenched.

Wolfe: "They aren't gonna be shook by a group of five people coming to their castle."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine tries to stop the gobby while she waits for Westra to tell her what to do. "What is going on? What are we doing with him?"

Wolfe: "Letting him go." The Half-Orc says flatly.
"Less you wanna drag him around."

Westra Goldbrook: "Kill him, Yvaine. He attacked us and will do so again to the next party he encounters. Who knows what lives he'll take."

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine's lips curl up in confusion and her face swivels towards Westra, waiting for a concensus.

Wolfe: "What?" Wolfe looks to Westra with a sign of surprise, anger clear on his face. "He is fucking unarmed."

Dr Catriona: Catriona blinks,

Yvaine Songsteel: "Oh, great. This again." It was impossible to see, but one could palpably sense the eyeroll.
Yvaine still does not let him pass just yet.

Dr Catriona: "Not that I have any real experience with this sort of matter but isn't that execution?"

Yvaine Songsteel:
6   1

Hobgoblin: 8

Westra Goldbrook: "He won't be for long, if we release him!"

Hobgoblin: Upon Westra instructing Yvaine to kill the Hobgoblin, he pushes her to the ground and runs into the underbrush.

Wolfe: "You can't judge a man for what he might do."

Yvaine Songsteel: "You guys, seriously? If you want him dead, now's the....OOF!!"

Westra Goldbrook: "I judge him by what he HAS done!"
The hobgoblin shoves off, and Westra growls in annoyance.

Yvaine Songsteel: She falls to the ground, and just looks to her dirty palms and sighs. "Called it." With annoyance, she gets to her feet and brushes herself off.

Dr Catriona: "And now he is gone, the last memory of us is now likely to inspire some wrath."

Wolfe: "No wonder your boss picked you for this mission."

Hobgoblin: 12

Dr Catriona: "I may be overly practical, but why did we not just tie him to a tree by the nearest road."

Wolfe: "You don't have any sort of honor." the Half-Orc sneers at Westra.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine points a long gloved finger at Cat, then puts that index finger to the tip of her nose. Ding, ding.

Westra Goldbrook: "Do not speak to me of honor, you drunken lout. When we approach the castle, will you stop to offer healing potions to every mongrel creature we encounter?"

Wolfe: He then turns and walks toward the north. "I'm going to check the perimiter and set up a temp camp. We'll need a breather before we go."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Wait, did the half-orc just tell the paladin she has no honor? Wow. This must be a vision."

Dr Catriona: "Oh, speaking of that." she uses the magic frog to have some berries.

Westra Goldbrook: "That would have sufficed," Westra pointed out, in response to Cat. "Anything but releasing him entirely."

19   22

Yvaine Songsteel: "Well, either way, for the record, I tried!" she says waving her finger in the air as she moves closer to Cat. She was the only one that Yvaine wasn't confused by. Imagine that.

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, your efforts are appreciated, Lady Songsteel," Westra admits.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe is able to discern from the worn paths in the underbrush, patrols circle the castle around four times a day. It appears groups of five or six, though they often travel in two lines to hide their numbers.

Yvaine Songsteel: "We'll be all right. What is the plan from here? Sorry, I disappeared for a moment."

Wolfe: Wolfe returns after doing some scouting. "Hey, follow me. I've figured out where their patrols are moving around and we can find a temporary place to rest up before we move on."

Dr Catriona: "Will they not miss these.. uh.. guys?"

Yvaine Songsteel: "If we're going to rest, I may try to help some of you with your injuries."

Wolfe: "Probably."

Westra Goldbrook: Though Westra is reluctant to admit that any idea of Wolfe's is useful, she is still feeling the sting from the last bout, and doesn't object to a short breather.

Wolfe: "Maybe not."
"There's four patrols a day."

Westra Goldbrook:
HIT DICE (D10+2)
HIT DICE (D10+2)
HIT DICE (D10+2)

Dr Catriona:
And she eats a Goodberry. Then she gives every party member 2x Goodberries. from the frog item.

Wolfe: Wolfe, being quite rested, is ready to go after catching a breather (and maybe drinking half a flask of booze). "Alright. You got the map, Princess. Let's do this thing."

Westra Goldbrook: "Thank you," she says to Cat. To Yvaine's offer of mending, she shakes her head. "It is appreciated. But I will be fine after a breather, myself, and since we're now out of healing potions," she says, pausing to cast a disdainful look at Wolfe, "you might want to save your magics for the coming fight."

Yvaine Songsteel: "It could just be me, but I find it highly amusing when he refers to her as Princess," Yvaine leans over to whisper to Dr. Wicker.

Wolfe: "Maybe you should have bought some back in town."

Yvaine Songsteel: "Of course," the smirky Cleric says to Westra's advice.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra sighs, and heads north once the others are ready to move.

Wolfe: He seems completely unbothered by Westra's angry assertion and glances.

Levinath (GM): Wolfe's scouting also reveals they can approach the castle directly from the West, or come up a steep narrow path from the northwest.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine looks Wolfe over from under her hood...

Levinath (GM): The sun is high in sky as the group approaches the castle from the west. The castle consists of seven crumbling towers of different sizes and heights, but the upper stories are all in varying states of collapse. A short flight of steps leads up to a terrace in front of the main entryway. Past the wreckage of a pair of sundered doors lies a shadowed hall. Round towers loom over the entranceway, with dark arrow slits looking down on the terrace.

Dr Catriona: The cleric's amusement at the nicknames doesn't draw much of a reaction from the doctor, who doesn't really even get it.

Wolfe: "So we goin straight in or gonna try and stealth our way in?"
"Wasn't there a side entrance or something your buddy referred to?"

Westra Goldbrook: "Probably wisest to try and slip in quietly, to better gauge what we're dealing with."

Wolfe: He nods to the castle. "Is this the side entrance?"

Westra Goldbrook: "He claimed it twas to the south."
Westra proceeds to try and be vewy vewy qwiet.

Wolfe: "Well... it's not exactly north but not exactly south."
He will get low and try to stealth as well.
13   4

Westra Goldbrook:
18   15

Yvaine Songsteel: Vewy quiet in plate sounds hard. She tries to do so as well...
23   19

Dr Catriona:
10   19

Levinath (GM):
21   28
Ability: 8 | 6

Dr Catriona: SOmeone use a Help action lol

Yvaine Songsteel: YVAINE HELPS?

Levinath (GM): On the south side of the old castle, an overgrown path leads to a passage that climbs up into the wall. A large iron door stands here, sheltered from direct outside attack. Arrow slits ten feet above the ground overlook the path.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra approaches the southern entrance cautiously, trying to keep an eye out for any unexpected dangers.
20   21

Levinath (GM): Westra is able to hear familiar sounds from the overhead windows. The laughs, shouts, and dishes remind her of a solider's mess hall.

Westra Goldbrook: She turns and whispers to the others. "It sounds as though the kitchen is full. Stealth won't last past opening the door, I'd wager. Be ready to move."

Wolfe: "Good."
"I hate all this sneakin around anyway."
The Half-Orc takes one more drink, then draws Talon.

Dr Catriona: "But how many do you hear?"

Levinath (GM): Westra finds a iron branded oak door that is...locked.

Westra Goldbrook: "Dozens," she responds, in a whisper. She looks back towards the others. "Should we look for another way in, less near the horde?"
"Or wait until nightfall, perhaps..."

Dr Catriona: "What about the patrols?"

Wolfe: "Raithe."
"Can you open this sucker up quietly?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "One sec."
22   18
Thieves Tools (7)

Levinath (GM): Click The door swings slightly opened with a soft creek.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe steps back. "After you."
He will nock an arrow and get ready to provide ranged support.

Wolfe: Wolfe nods slowly. He then smirks a little at Westra. "You want me to go first, Princess?"

Westra Goldbrook: Westra rolls her eyes and presses carefully forward

Levinath (GM): Westra enters a small foyer that has a few rotten barrels and moldy crates laying around. A wooden door to the north and a second one can be seen to the west.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra explores the hall to the north, gesturing for Raithe to join her at the front in order to inspect the door.

Levinath (GM): She finds a simple latched wooden door, there appears to be no lock or other restraining device, at least from this side.

Westra Goldbrook: She looks back towards the rest of the party, Cat in particular, as she seems to be the one with particular ingenuity. "Any way we can bar that door?" she asks, pointing back towards the door to the west, beyond which she is guessing the horde of goblins is eating.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe joins her at the front, inspecting the door in question.

Levinath (GM): Both doors are simple wooden doors that have a latch in the middle used to open and close the door.

Dr Catriona: "I do not think there is anything at hand that will stop a group of brawny hobgoblins from crashing through a simple door., unfortunately."
"I do have nuts and bolts which can serve as caltrops, however."

Wolfe: "It'd be good just to delay them for a few moments."

Raithe Moonstrike: "I have actual caltrops, too."

Dr Catriona: "We can cover double the area, then."

Westra Goldbrook: "Caltrops in front of that door would likely be helpful, if there's no way to disable that latch."

Levinath (GM): A shriek followed by a crash and then a cacophony of goblin laughs ring out from the door to the West.

Dr Catriona: "That sounds like a disturbing celebration."

Westra Goldbrook: After whatever measures that could be taken were taken, Westra will return to the northern door and carefully push it open.

Raithe Moonstrike: "All right."
Raithe lays down caltrops in front of the door where the goblins are celebrating.

Dr Catriona: (As an action, you can spread a single bag of caltrops to cover a 5-foot-square area. Any creature that enters the area must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or stop moving and take 1 piercing damage. Until the creature regains at least 1 hit point, its walking speed is reduced by 10 feet. A creature moving through the area at half speed doesn't need to make the saving throw. )

Westra Goldbrook:
22   13

Dr Catriona: "~Elvish~That looks like good coverage to me." she says to Raithe with a nod.
(I dont even see Wolfe)

Raithe Moonstrike: "~Elvish~ I hope so. As long as it slows them down, we should be all right."

Levinath (GM): Westra sees six hobgoblins hiding against the walls nearest her, including one in the back stilly bloody from a fight about an hour ago. He sneers at her. "Its them!"

Initiative: 13
Initiative: 9


Initiative: 20
Initiative: 4
Initiative: 17
Initiative: 20

Dr Catriona:

Westra Goldbrook: "Enemies!" she calls back to the others, trying to whisper despite her surprise.

Raithe Moonstrike:

Westra Goldbrook:

Raithe Moonstrike:

Yvaine Songsteel:

Dr Catriona:
Ice Sheet
evocation 1
Casting Time: One action
Range: 20' radius within 60'
Components: M (Mastery of Ice)
Duration: 10 minutes
Choose a point on the ground you can see within 60 feet of you. The ground in a 20-foot radius centered on that point becomes covered in ice for 10 minutes. It is difficult terrain, and any creature that moves more than 10 feet on it must succeed on a DEX saving throw DC14 or fall prone. If the surface is sloped, a creature that falls prone in the area immediately slides to the bottom of the slope.

2 psi points spent.
(Its diff terrain so they are all at half movement)
Focus: Mastery of Fire
Transmutation cantrip
Casting Time: 1 bonus action
Now focused on Mastery of Light & Fire: While focused on this discipline, you gain resistance to fire damage, and you gain a +2 bonus to rolls for fire damage.

Psychic Focus can be changed as a bonus action.
✔ End of Turn ✔

Hobgoblin: The goblin back by the door shoots an arrow at Westra.
Attack: 13 | 12
Damage: 5 piercing

Westra Goldbrook: Westra bats the arrow away with a snarl.
19   16
Halberd Slash (+6)

Dr Catriona: The Doctor holds out her hand and frost forms on her nose and cheeks as coats the floor in the distance with ice.

Westra Goldbrook: Another goblin moves into Westra's range, and her fury at seeing the wounded goblin again translates into PAIN for his cohorts. She cuts the advancing goblin in half, and looks towards the remaining foes.

Hobgoblin: Another comes from Westra's left and attacks.
Attack: 10 | 5
Damage: 7 slashing + 9 slashing

Westra Goldbrook: She bashes away the oncoming sword strike with the bar of her halberd, and then answers the attack with one of her own.
25   16
Halberd Slash (+6)
17   9
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)
Westra slices through a second hobgoblin with a grunt and then diverts the butt end of her weapon into the nearest standing goblin.

Hobgoblin: "Idiots, I have to do everything myself" He hefts his great sword at the woman.
Great Sword
Attack: 14 | 12
Damage: 4 slashing + 11 slashing

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe shoots at the hobgoblin engaging Westra!

Westra Goldbrook: Once more, Westra's fury and her halberd successfully parry the oncoming attack.

Raithe Moonstrike:
14   23
Shortbow (+7)

Hobgoblin: The leader of the group raises his bracer and deflects Raithe's arrow.

Raithe Moonstrike: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Wolfe: Wolfe takes in a slow deep breath. His eyes close for a moment and when they open again there is a deep and intent focus to them.
Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   
12   19
Talon (+8)
He then quickly leaps forward and slashes across the Hobgoblin's chest and lands next to Westra, focusing ahead toward the boss -- but looks past him toward the one who he'd freed.
"I warned you."

Hobgoblin: He snarls at Wolfe. "I was told what you did green skin. Kill the woman and join us."
Attack: 5 | 6
Damage: 9 slashing + 7 slashing

Wolfe: Wolfe doesn't even respond.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra snarls and shoves away the oncoming swing with the bar of her halberd.

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine calls upon the divine light to engulf the Boss in Sacred Flame.
Sacred Flame

Ability: 7 | 2
The hobgoblin from earlier aims at Westra, looking for vengeance.
Attack: 9 | 7
Damage: 2 piercing

Westra Goldbrook: Westra notices the injured goblin taking aim, and moves aside to let the arrow pass without issue

Dr Catriona: Pulling her BOOMER from its holster, she levels the weapon at the Boss. Its bluish fire ejects from it, streaking through the hallway.

Hobgoblin: 19

Dr Catriona: No go then!

Ability: 17 | 8

Dr Catriona: It hits the wall behind him and disapates.
✔ End of Turn ✔

Hobgoblin: The archer in the back kicks the door opened behind him before firing an arrow at Westra.
Attack: 21 | 14
Damage: 9 piercing
Initiative: 18

Westra Goldbrook: Distracted by the door she hadn't noticed before, Westra takes an arrow to the shoulder. "Nngh!" she grunts, staggering a step.

Initiative: 13

Dr Catriona: "Take cover!"

Hobgoblin: Two more Hobgoblins charge into the room.
Ability: 19 | 2
Attack: 19 | 21
Damage: 6 piercing

Wolfe: The arrow hits Wolfe's shoulder and he doesn't even register it.

Westra Goldbrook:
22   11
Halberd Slash (+6)

Hobgoblin: The boss swings at Westra again.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is unfazed by the appearance of new targets, and lashes out towards one of the newcomers, cutting his attack on Wolfe short.

Great Sword
Attack: 23 | 18
Damage: 7 slashing + 9 slashing

Westra Goldbrook: While she's doing so, however, she leaves herself open to a blow from the boss.
"Foul creatures!" she snarls

Hobgoblin: He slices into her and yells. "Quit slacking and end these fools! There are more in the hallway!"

Westra Goldbrook:
25   16
Halberd Slash (+6)
rolling 1d6
(5)= 5
16   9
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)
Westra swings in a wide arc, cutting deep into one gobln and nicking the boss

Hobgoblin: The second new goblin pulls a bow and shoots at Wolfe.
Attack: 5 | 12
Damage: 2 piercing

26   13
Talon (+8)

Yvaine Songsteel:
21   21

Wolfe: Wolfe swings his blade in three quick, lightning-fast slashes. When he finishes the maneuver a single line of draining blood to the ground.

Dr Catriona:
15   5

Wolfe: "Shouldn't have come back." He said sharply, his eyes focused on the former prisoner.

Hobgoblin: Yvaine and the Doc can hear tables and chairs being overturned, with shouting and clammering moving closer to the door to the West of them.

Raithe Moonstrike:
24   18
Shortbow (+7)

Hobgoblin: Only hate shines in the Hobgoblin's eyes, he ignores Wolfe.

Yvaine Songsteel: "I think we've got company coming."

Westra Goldbrook: "Yvaine, Doctor, come away from that door!" Westra calls in response to Yvaine's warning.

Dr Catriona: "It sounds like fortification, furniture being moved into position to repel."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe sprints forward and nocks an arrow, firing as he comes to a dead stop.
The hobgoblin just becomes dead as the arrow strikes his heart!

Attack: 23 | 19
Damage: 7 slashing + 4 slashing
The hobgoblin sees his commander fall and growls in rage as he brings his sword across her mid section.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is caught up in calling to the others and misses the oncoming blow from the hobgoblin. She takes a nasty strike across her middle, one that doubles her over and leaves her staggering backwards.

Wolfe: "Fall back and heal up." He snarls toward Westra as he sees her stagger backward.

Westra Goldbrook: "With what?" she growls back, reminding him that they're out of potions. Desperate to not be taken out of the fight so soon, she looks towards the hall to see how far away Yvaine was.

Yvaine Songsteel: Immediately seeing Westra's difficulty, Yvaine closes the distance and moves behind Wolfe and touches Westra.
Cure Wounds
Then she ducks behind Raithe. Tee hee.

Westra Goldbrook: Yvaine's help is enough to allow Westra to breathe again. "My thanks."

Hobgoblin: The group's friend sees the fight is not going as well as anticipated...again. and Takes off down the hallway in the back room.

Dr Catriona: "Tarnation."

Initiative: 18
Initiative: 22
Initiative: 7
Initiative: 21
Initiative: 5
Initiative: 15

Initiative: 12
The door next to the Doc flies opened and a goblin begins shouting at her.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Fortification indeed."

Ability: 20 | 17
Attack: 13 | 9
Damage: 5 slashing
Scimitar Offhand
Attack: 11 | 23
Damage: 1 slashing

Dr Catriona: ~Goblin~ "Dec tuun ghaac?" (why so mean?)
Goblin: "

Wolfe: "What's goin on back there!?"

Raithe Moonstrike: "Yvaine, get into the main room with Wolfe and Westra. Gonna have to pull out another trick to slow these guys down.
Goblin: "Ghu Jaak Uhh Fraggit" (You're not my supervisor!

Raithe Moonstrike: " Raithe said.

Yvaine Songsteel: "You don't need to tell me twice!"

Dr Catriona:
Rolling Flame
evocation 2
Casting Time: One action
Range: 20'x20' cube in 5'
Components: M (Mastery of Fire)
Duration: Concentration 1 minute
You create fire in a 20-foot-by-20-foot cube within 5 feet of you. The fire lasts until your concentration ends. Any creature in that area when you use this ability and any creature that ends its turn there takes 2 fire damage.

3 psi points spent.
(7 damage)
(All in square take 7 fire damage)
Ability: 22 | 10
Ability: 10 | 18
Ability: 13 | 15
Ability: 3 | 6

Dr Catriona: (There is no save)
(5 damage + 2 for being psychic focused on fire)
(because I wanted to add 2)
She uses her bonus action to regain 2 HP from discipline use.
✔ End of Turn ✔
Attack: 20 | 20
Damage: 7 piercing

Westra Goldbrook:
25   25
Halberd Slash (+6)
14   8
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Dr Catriona: "Fine! Find accellerant. Much alcohol in there, I see!" she calls out, and her firey personality takes over as she concentrates like a child hanving a tantrum and BOOOMBOOOMBOOM* the room engulfs in flames and explosions as the rum catches.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Doctor, are you okay?!"

Raithe Moonstrike:
10   12
Shortbow (+7)
✔ End of Turn ✔
Goblin: The room does indeed whoosh into flames far past the normal effects of her spell. Tables and chairs catch flame.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra slashes impatiently at the goblin before her, ending his time alive. As she's making her way towards the other to finish him as well, the nearby dining hall rumbles in exploding fire, and she misses her second swing

Dr Catriona: (unfortunately Ice persists. DC 14)

12   19
Hand Axe (+7)

Dr Catriona: ~Goblin~" I AM YOUR SUPERVISOR!"
Goblin: "You are not Snot! You are too tall!"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine moves opposite of Raithe and faces a choice between healing Westra, or sniping the Gobby in front of Cat. When the Doc shouts at him though, she decides to lend Westra a hand. She moves over and touches her with the light of Helm once again!
Cure Wounds

Dr Catriona: ~goblin~ "A al or tokhaageruur khruul //Look at me. Look at me. I am your Supervisor now."

Westra Goldbrook: Westra feels a hand at her back and the healing light of Helm washing over her. "Lady Songsteel, you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people!"

Wolfe: "That's probably a short list, so don't feel too flattered Yvaine."
Yagg: -Goblin- "Who the fuck set my kitchen on fire?! I am gonna chop you up and eat you!"

Dr Catriona: "Snot did it!"
Ability: 20 | 4

Yvaine Songsteel: A broad grin spread on the Cleric's face. "The shorter the list, the more favored I should feel, Wolfe."
Yagg: -Goblin- "And who the fuck is leaving caltrops all over the floor?!"

Dr Catriona: (Yagg takes 7 damage)
(he started his turn in there)
Yagg: He grabs a hunk of flaming chicken leg (or something) and throws it at Cat.
18   11
30 ft
Dr Catriona: The doctor is hit with meat product.
Attack: 7 | 20
Damage: 3 slashing
Scimitar Offhand
Attack: 5 | 17
Damage: 2 slashing

Yvaine Songsteel: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not appropriate!" The protective cleric calls out at the Goblin's in a deep, threatening tone as they whack her buddy with meat.

Dr Catriona: (Can I go around one?)
She will fully disengage.
✔ End of Turn ✔
"Hot stuff, coming through!"
Attack: 12 | 22
Damage: 7 piercing

Dr Catriona: "Hot pursuit, too!"

Westra Goldbrook:
15   13
Halberd Slash (+6)
9   13
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)
Addled by the icy lack of footing, Westra's normally smooth pair of strikes fail to land. She growls and backs off of the slick surface and heads towards the hall to make sure the others are alright.

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe will shoot at the Weapon Master.
25   18
Shortbow (+7)
Raithe nocks an arrow and shoots right over Westra's shoulders.

16   15
Talon (+8)
Wolfe swings his blade at the Hobgoblin but his swing goes wide.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Excellent," Yvaine's mouth sneers in a shockingly malicious tone as she just lifts her crossbow and shoots at the Hobgoblin remaining.
8   22
Yagg: -Goblin- "Come here hot stuff, I got some meat for ya."

Yvaine Songsteel: But her crossbow misfires causing her to curse under her breath.

Dr Catriona: Yvaine can see Catriona make face of grossed outededness.

Yvaine Songsteel: "Are you all right?" she whispers to the blonde.
Yagg: He reaches into the flaming room and tosses a steak flambe at Westra.
19   24
30 ft
Dr Catriona: "That goblin sapper. Saying some rather disturbing nonsense towards the Captain."
Attack: 18 | 14
Damage: 7 piercing

Westra Goldbrook: Westra bats away the oncoming flaming meat, though it breaks apart and singes her some about the face and neck. Her look of disgust quickly dissolves to a murderous glare.

Yvaine Songsteel: "He won't live long enough to regret it, by the looks of things."

Dr Catriona: (Cant use my attacks for whatever reason)
(DC 14)
23   9

Dr Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Westra Goldbrook: Westra surges forward and swings at the meat-flinging creature.
16   14
Halberd Slash (+6)
12   23
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Raithe Moonstrike:
23   17
Shortbow (+7)
Wolfe: 13
28   14
Talon (+8)
Wolfe explodes the guy who was in front of him. It's a cautionary tale for random encounters.

Yvaine Songsteel:
Sacred Flame
9   21

Yvaine Songsteel: rolling 1d8
= 3

Dr Catriona: The Doctor looks surprised at that unmitigated display of violence and gore.
(it happens to me too)
Yagg: Cookie grabs a bottle from h is waist and holds his hand to the fire before twirling it and tossing it at Westra.

Dr Catriona: (I think the tokens arent connected to the sheets or something? I also dont hvave my blue bar)
DC 15 Dex Save for half damage.Take 1d6 at the start of every turn until you spend an action to douse the flames.
Special Sauce

Westra Goldbrook:
22   5
Westra bats at the flames about herself with a few unladylike curses spewed between gritted teeth.

Dr Catriona: DC14 Reflex
19   7

Dr Catriona: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Westra Goldbrook: Westra is busy enough patting out the flames on her armor that she is momentarily prevented from attacking.
- end turn -
Yagg: Several explosions can be heard from the kitchen.

Dr Catriona: "Oh oops." She stops concentrating on the Rolling Flames.

Raithe Moonstrike:
19   12
Yagg: The door does not appear trapped.

Dr Catriona: "What about the culinary goblin?"
Yagg: Wolfe finds a small hallway with a door to the west and one to t he east.

Dr Catriona: "They just left?"

Wolfe: Wolfe kicks the door open, expecting foes and reinforcements. "Huh."
"Well. Fuck. Let's go clean up."

Raithe Moonstrike: "There's nobody in there, right?"

Wolfe: "Yeah it's a hall."

Yvaine Songsteel:
12   23
Yagg: -Goblin- You fitly human! Eat meat!"
9   15
30 ft

Dr Catriona: DC14
21   9

Westra Goldbrook:
19   21
Halberd Slash (+6)
Westra steps forward and attempts to put a violent end to the meat-slinging

Dr Catriona: She fires and it again goes awry.

Westra Goldbrook: As the last goblin slides to pieces, Westra turns to see how the others in the party are faring

Dr Catriona: (I am not concentrating on it)
(Yeah, just saying, for status sake. Not conc on it no more)

Westra Goldbrook: Seeing all the present goblins dispatched, Westra leans on a hand against the wall, catches her breath, and inspects the gash across her middle.

Wolfe: "Good shooting Raithe." Wolfe looks down at the Hobgoblin with an arrow through his throat that Wolfe had released. He frowns as he considers the man, now dead, and shakes his head in dismay.

Raithe Moonstrike: "You all right, Westra?" Raithe asked.

Dr Catriona: thxgm
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Raithe Moonstrike
Dr. Wicker
Yvaine Songsteel
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Westra Goldbrook
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Raithe Moonstrike
Dr. Wicker
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Raithe Moonstrike
Dr. Wicker

Levinath (GM):
Hold Person
enchantment 2
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 ft
Components: V, S, M (A small, straight piece of iron)
Duration: Concentration Up to 1 minute
Choose a humanoid that you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed for the duration. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the spell ends on the target.
At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can target on additional humanoid for each slot level above 2nd. The humanoids must be within 30 feet of each other when you target them.
Westra Goldbrook
Yvaine Songsteel
Raithe Moonstrike
Doctor Wicker
Session 15

Levinath (GM): After an attempt to sneak into a side entrance to Cragmaw Castle, the Watchers have turned their subterfuge into an all-out assault. Gore and bodyparts lay strewn across the hallways they currently reside, and the sick smell of charred goblin flesh wafts into the hall from the dining area to the south.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra leans on a hand against the wall, her spare hand wrapped at her middle to keep pressure on a large gash at her waist. She eyes the others in turn. "Is everyone alright?"

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine gave a nod without a word in typical Yvaine fashion.
Sixxy: "Umm, Mister Wolfe ran off." she says.

Wolfe: "Wut?" Wolfe comes from around the corner, drinking his flask.

Sixxy gave everyone two berries earlier, by the way.

Levinath (GM):
Cure Wounds

Yvaine Songsteel: Yvaine lays a hand on Westra's side wound and it seals shut.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra draws a fuller, easier breath. She sighs and nods towards Yvaine. "Truly, your talents are much appreciated."
Doctor Wicker:
24   24

Westra Goldbrook: "Was there anything of interest in that room?" she asked Wolfe, nodding to the room behind him from which he'd just emerged.

Levinath (GM): The Doctor sees more goblins running into the southern entrance to the castle. She recognizes several from the far end of the kitchen previously.
Doctor Wicker: "Company!"
Doctor Wicker: She closes the door?
(Is it Raithe's turn?)
She does.

Levinath (GM): The Doctor closes the door, but there is no lock, it simply rests in the frame.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra shoots the doctor an odd look when the woman closes the lock-less door, clearly confused at the urge to hide instead of attack. She moves forward and reaches to open it back up in the process of moving through it. "Stay out of range, doctor," she advises. "Wolfe! There are enemies!" she shouts, over her other shoulder. She then advances into the hallway and slashes at the foremost goblin.
25   10
Halberd Slash (+6)
8   10
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Wolfe: A grunt is all she gets in response.
Doctor Wicker: (Raithe go)

Raithe Moonstrike:
24   20
Shortbow (+7)
The door opens and Raithe's arrow sails out immediately, finding a home between the eyes of a goblin down the hall.

Levinath (GM): As his allies fall the goblin lets out a high pitched scream and charges at Westra.
Attack: 9 | 14
Damage: 7 slashing

Westra Goldbrook: Westra lifts her weapon to knock back the attack with a growl
Doctor Wicker: (I wish I knew why my sheet cnt roll stuff)
(yeah my cantrips)
DC 14

Levinath (GM):
Ability: 21 | 14
Doctor Wicker: ✔ End of Turn ✔

Levinath (GM):
Attack: 14 | 7
Damage: 8 piercing

Westra Goldbrook:
18   12
Halberd Slash (+6)

Levinath (GM):
25   17
Attack: 12 | 20
Damage: 7 piercing

Westra Goldbrook: "Come and meet your fate!" she roars a challenge to the remaining goblins
Doctor Wicker: (Yeah unless 10 minutes have passed)

Levinath (GM):
19   4
24   9
Hand Axe (+7)

Raithe Moonstrike:
18   24
Shortbow (+7)
 Doctor Wicker: "That hallway has become incredibly messy."

Raithe Moonstrike: Raithe fired an arrow at the final goblin, striking it's tiny, black heart and ending its life.
RakFu: "Like Westra's personal life." He says and then drinks some more.

Westra Goldbrook: "That seems to be all of them, for the moment," Westra says, looking towards the others.
"Was there anything in the side room you explored?" she asked Wolfe again

Wolfe: "Two doors."
"Some sounds like there were more of these fuckers."
"Place is probably swarming with them."

Westra Goldbrook: "Then let's head that way. We might as well do some housekeeping while we're here."

Raithe Moonstrike: "If that's the case, we're in for a long fight."

Wolfe: Wolfe sniffs at the air.
"...Is someone cooking?"

Westra Goldbrook: She paused, while turning. "Wait. Where did those last four come from? Through the fire in the kitchen?"

Wolfe: "...There's a kitchen?"
"...that's on fire?"
Doctor Wicker: "Correct. And correct."

Raithe Moonstrike: "They got past the caltrops?"
Doctor Wicker: "Those that survived, yes."

Westra Goldbrook: "Yes, there's quite the blaze going," she says, edging down towards the kitchen

Wolfe: "Huh."
"...They got any meat in there?"
Doctor Wicker: "But the reinforcements entered from that southern door."

Wolfe: Wolfe walks down to inspect.
Doctor Wicker: "The one we entered from."

Westra Goldbrook: "Would you put off your lust for food and drink long enough to attend matters like a grown man?" she griped at Wolfe

Levinath (GM): As Westra inspects the kitchen the door behind Yvaine and the Doc flies opened to the shouting of more goblins.
Doctor Wicker: "Don't trip on the bodies."

Levinath (GM):
Ability: 12 | 11
And more goblins come from the room to the East.
Doctor Wicker: "Nerts! Back here!"

Levinath (GM): 1
Attack: 19 | 19
Damage: 4 piercing
A goblin charges in and attacks Raithe.
Attack: 21 | 23
Damage: 3 slashing
Attack: 18 | 20
Damage: 5 slashing

Raithe Moonstrike: ~Elvish~ "Bright Lady's Tits, where did these bastards come from!"

Westra Goldbrook: At the doctor's alarm, Westra begins to move back through the corpse-strewn hallway, trying to reach the enemies advancing.
Doctor Wicker: She will provoke an attack by the prone goblin as she moves away
Well.. she will shoot first.

Levinath (GM):
Attack: 16 | 14
Damage: 6 slashing
Doctor Wicker: (No disadvantage)

Levinath (GM):
Ability: 22 | 15
Doctor Wicker: ✔ End of Turn ✔
"Mister Wolfe, one is a sitting goose out there on the ice." she advises.
Because there are no ducks on Lantan.

Levinath (GM):
Poison Spray
You extend your hand toward a creature you can see within range and project a puff of noxious gas from your palm. The creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 1d12 poison damage.

This spell's damage increases by 1d12 when you reach 5th level (2d12), 11th level (3d12), and 17th level (4d12).
Damage: 10 Poison

Raithe Moonstrike:
6   6

Levinath (GM):
Attack: 7 | 13
Damage: 5 slashing
Attack: 23 | 18
Damage: 5 piercing
Ability: 19 | 20

Way of the Blade
Bonus Action: Until the end of Wolfe's next turn he gains resistance to slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing damage. He also gains advantage to all attack rolls.   
19   15
Talon (+8)

Raithe Moonstrike:
23   23
Rapier (+7)
Wolfe: Wolfe drops the empty flask (don't worry he'll be back for it), drawing Talon cleanly from its sheath. He then bursts forward in speed, cutting a goblin in half with deadly precision before he steps into melee with the two goblins. He stomps on the prone one for good measure. "Come get some, boys."
Doctor Wicker: Catriona almost trips as she positions herself, because one of Westra's amputations are in her footpath.

Westra Goldbrook: Westra surges forward into the room from the hall, halberd flashing in the dim light. "FIENDS!"
16   17
Halberd Slash (+6)
25   10
10 ft
Polearm Master (+6)

Levinath (GM):
Attack: 9 | 7
Damage: 8 piercing
Attack: 17 | 14
Damage: 3 slashing
Ability: 9 | 14
Doctor Wicker:
Dexterity Save
90 ft
Energy Beam (Fire)

Levinath (GM):
Poison Spray
You extend your hand toward a creature you can see within range and project a puff of noxious gas from your palm. The creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or take 1d12 poison damage.

This spell's damage increases by 1d12 when you reach 5th level (2d12), 11th level (3d12), and 17th level (4d12).
Damage: 8 Poison
Doctor Wicker:
19   20

Levinath (GM):
10   20
Attack: 24 | 19
Damage: 4 piercing

21   28
Talon (+8)
11   5
Wolfe swings really hard and then falls down on his face.

Westra Goldbrook: "Now's no time for laying down!" Westra shouts as Wolfe goes prone.

Raithe Moonstrike:
13   8
Rapier (+7)
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Westra Goldbrook:
20   12