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Yvaine Songsteel

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Yvaine Songsteel

Yvaine Songsteel
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:30:23 PM »
Yvaine Songsteel
"We are all a little bit Halleluja and Heathen."
Mysterious Minister

Fighter 1 (Protector) / Cleric 2 (Life Domain)
Race: Aasimar
Background: Acolyte of Helm
Alignment: CG

Worn Armor: Breastplate, Shield
Weapons: Hand Cross bow, Rapier

Personality Traits:
♢ I am guided by visions and dreams. The Heaven's are watching me, and I am an instrument of their will -- sometimes to my dismay.
♢ I work for a better life and a better world, but struggle to reconcile the brutality I've faced. I hide my face and avoid others to obfuscate my true nature.

Change and protection. We must help bring about the changes the gods are constantly working in the world, and protect those who can not protect themselves.

I owe my life to the priest who rescued me from slavery, took me in, trained me, and became my surrogate father.

I am suspicious of strangers and expect the worst of them.

Yvaine Songsteel was the raven-haired child of two do-gooder, righteous parents. They fought evil at every turn, and interfered with the plans of one nefarious devil a few times too many. Though this Devil did not take the lives of Yvaine's parents personally, over the course of six  years, he machinated the suffering, ruin and destruction of their worlds, the things they cared about most, and the Songsteel name. Yvaine's mother and father died within six months of each other, and the Devil's final cruelty was that their small daughter would witness both gruesome ends and live to carry the pain.

Yvaine was picked up and sold into slavery, where she eventually ended up in fighting pits. Treated and abused as a beast, Yvaine began her first Gladitorial combat at the age of 8. Though she wasn't particularly strong, she was fleet and agile. Watching others, she gained insights that allowed her to exploit her foes, making her a real 'earner' in addition to keeping her inches from death. She survived for two years, but the longer she spent fighting, the more vicious and feral she became.

Eventually, Yvaine was sold to a man who happened to win a great deal of money having bet on her, only to use the money to free her. This man was a Priest named Torvin Lightguard. Torvin was a cleric of Helm who took her in with two other children from the pits. Those children were rehabilitated and eventually adopted to other families associated with the temple.

However, Yvaine was a difficult case. Nearly stripped of her humanity, she refused to speak a single word for two years. Torvin took to the mute girl's care with a personal interest that she never understood. Yvaine was reclusive child, avoided people, and per her surrogate Father's advice, always hid her face. At first, hiding her face made her feel safe around others, and it became a source of protection and power for her.

Over time, he was able to coax words from her mouth, and began to educate her in the worship of Helm, the virtues of faith, and helped nurture her abilities as a healer and cleric. He was able to harness the good rooted in her, and he began to fancy her as a prodigy of worship.

As she grew, with his guidance and her genetic zeal, Yvaine found herself naturally developing a passion for the underdog. When the two Clerics left the temple, they always traveled together. However, she proved herself an excellent bodyguard, and at his urging, joined a few groups to help protect their temple in Waterdeep from trouble. Still, she leashed herself to Torvin and the temple, and rarely left if she could help it, and never left alone.

Within the last year, shortly after her 18th birthday, Yvaine began having visions. She would hear things and feel things that others could not. She had persistent dreams in her sleep. Though she tried to hide her distress, just as she began to wonder if she was losing her mind, Torvin finally told her the truth.

The visions were part of her nature, her true nature, he said. He said Yvaine was Heaven-touched. She was unlike any other human -- and so where her parents. He insisted that her parents were truly killed because those with the Celestial blessing drew evil to them, which is why he chose to protect Yvaine all this time. He insisted that was the real reason he told her to hide her appearance -- especially, now that she was capable of exhibiting otherworldly traits.

Though he meant to inspire her with his professed truth about who and what she is, it caused a swell of rage and resentment that she has been unable to master. To make it worse, as of late, the visions have grown more and more relentless. The voices grow louder.

The only man who had ever shown her kindness...the only one she ever trusted...had the following riveting words of wisdom...

"Follow your dreams."

Cue teenage angst.

Character Sheet:
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