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Getting the band back together

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Description: Post Session 54

Westra Goldbrook

Getting the band back together
« on: March 02, 2019, 03:11:59 PM »
The world lurched around her, and Westra's stomach flipped. She groaned softly, but as quickly as it'd started, all the strange chaos ceased. In the blink of an eye they'd shifted planes again, it seemed, though she couldn't see a great deal of what this new place entailed. Lava and caverns, the Lady of Loss had said. Westra wasn't sure she would have committed to this task without further research, but she could find little excuse to back out, now that the god was healing and restoring the party. Besides, she'd had more of sitting around trying to puzzle things out than she could stand. It was part of what had brought her running into that grove, part of what had returned her to the sides of these adventurers. She looked around at them each while they rested, and found herself mightily relieved to see them each unharmed.

"My friends," she said, the relief in her swelling some as she considered how near she'd come to missing them entirely. Had she been a quarter-hour longer in finding them, they'd have been through the portal with no sure way to follow them. "It is good to see that you are all still well. I am only sorry that I did not join you sooner."



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Re: Getting the band back together
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2019, 12:21:09 PM »
Wolfe was still trying to sort out all of this higher-than-his-paygrade material. Gods, god-devouring entities, crazy cultists, and the Shadowfell. All of it was stuff that was beyond his natural element. Now they were somewhere else he didn't recognize. It felt like everywhere they'd been since his return from Kara Tur was weirder and weirder.

As he got more to his feet it felt odd to him that this Evil Goddess was now their primary benefactor in this whole mess. For the first time in days it felt like he knew what was going on - he understood who and what he had to fight, what their mission was. It was a good feeling to have some understanding and a path to follow, even if it would be difficult.

He took stock of their group. Jinharath was gone - a strange woman he had barely begun to understand. She had seemed brave to the point of foolhardiness; something that Wolfe himself could be described as. So too was Jonias, the Elf that had been with them for months. That loss was sharper, though Wolfe had not spoken to the man as much as he had ought. It was a mistake, he realized that now. Both of them had given their lives in defense of not just Neverwinter, but all of Faerun.

Lost members of the Watch. For the first time, Wolfe was starting to realize how fortunate he was that the ones he was surrounded by had endured and strived together.

Turning to Westra, he was still surprised to see her. Her being here would have been in defiance of any order she had to find that dick Neverember. And more to the point, time away had changed Wolfe too. Returning home and seeing his daughter safely back in the stewardship of his Shogun had healed a great deal of Wolfe's soul. He did not stand now as the husk of a man, but as a samurai returned to his former stature. Older, wiser, and rooted in the moment.

The Half-Orc stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Westra, giving her a warm hug. "It is good to see you." He said honestly, drawing back to place his hands on her shoulders and flashing a wide, tusked smile. "And good to have you fight at my side again.

Can't be having all the glory for myself, after all."
His smile became a full grin, and he turned to regard his other two friends; Euron and Catriona. "Father, Doc, you two alright? We've been through a lot the last day or so." His hands fell to his side as he shifted to be more in the center of their quartet.

Re: Getting the band back together
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2019, 05:23:24 PM »
The pain of Euron's physical wounds was fading but the mental and emotional and emotional wounds remained. He'd failed to heal Jinharath, to keep her the affliction from taking her away to wherever people went when the affliction reached its zenith. Her loss was further evidence of his failure, but he did know if she had any friends or family who would miss her presence now that she was gone. He assumed that she did, but he did not know and Euron missed the lost opportunity to learn about the brave warrior who'd stood on the front lines against their enemies.

But it was Jonias' loss that hit Euron hardest. He'd spent the better part of a year getting to know the Elven bowman, befriending him and sharing details of his own life. He'd met elves from Evereska who Jonias called friends and helped them make inroads with the people of Sunderwood. When the Watch reformed, Jonias had rejoined them at Euron's side. The priest felt a responsibility to ensure that the elf stayed alive and returned to his people, if only to prove that humans were not the faithless and fickle creatures that many of Jonias' companions believed them to be.

When the Shadowfell Affliction first appeared on Jonias, Euron had vowed privately to cure his friend. They had many more adventures to share and drinks to drink. He'd vowed to do the same for Wolfe, who'd rebuilt his life and found new purpose after making amends with his master and his daughter.

The intervention of goddess was the only thing that spared Euron and Wolfe from joining Jinharath and Jonias wherever they'd gone. But that did not change that both of them were gone to a place Euron couldn't follow to fulfill his oath. He did not blame Helm for these setbacks, for Helm had given him the tools. It was on him to use those tools to the best of his ability. He'd failed to do that. Instead, he owed his life to each of the three people who now stood before him. They'd saved him from death more than once. And then he owed his current health to the Goddess of Loss herself.

So when Wolfe asked him how he was doing, Euron could not tell him that his faith had taken a beating these past few days. He couldn't explain that he felt like a failure, a fraud, a liar for not saving their companions, for failing to save their friend.

Instead, he gave his friend the only truth he could give him right now.

"I'll make it through, my friends. I'm just glad that we're all here." Euron said, forcing a smile onto his face. It didn't reach his blue eyes the way most of his smiles did, even when times had been rougher for the Watch.

"Westra, it's good to see you again. Helm smiles upon us by bringing you back to us at this hour." he said.                                                   


Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: Getting the band back together
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2019, 01:14:45 AM »
The doctor had been somewhat mentally removed from the drastic and pivotal exchange with the goddess and all the pure madness that came with it. It was sort of like an out of body experience, to a degree.  Even though the Captain (if such was still her rank, the doctor hadn’t kept tabs) had earlier attempted to appeal to her ego with her convincing rhetoric, she was still apprehensive.  People were dying, included their travelling companions, taken by external planar forces.  Now supposed deities were petitioning them for assistance… a handful of mortals.

The details were insane to her, a woman of science and logic.  Distracted with her own problems as she was, there was also the element of why the Watch, reunited as it was, were simply taking the void goddess of darkness at her word. 

Processing had to take place with these facts, though she still exhibited a mien of someone abstracted, if not a little absent.

Her nose twitched some as it took in the thick and unpleasant air of the magma and angry earth of whatever plane they were on.  It was enough to shake her free of her muddleheaded moment and assess this new situation.

Without the Iron-Doc suit obscuring her form, she was finally able to at least greet Westra, whom she had not seen in well over half a year.  The paladin’s presence made for a slight lift in spirits, if only she always considered Westra to be a lot of the things she wasn’t - a badass iconic lady with unfaltering conviction.  The action figures would sell themselves, she believed.

“Your timing is Impeccable, Captain Goldbrook.” she says with a slight smile.

Adjusting her glasses, she gives Euron a look, considering how in rough shape he was just an instant ago.  It was rather a wild sight to see the man in fighting shape so quickly.

She kind of shrugs at Wolfe’s question and nods timidly. “We can proceed… I can perform.  I think… I lost the Negative Doctors in the Shadowfell conflict with the blackguard."

"It must have been an environment perfect enough for them to escape containment and pursue autonomous drives…Took me a minute to figure it out.”
Somewhat random, yet she seems more frustrated than worried.

“I mean, I am sure it will be fine. Nothing to be done about it now.” She lightly scratches her nose after confessing the matter that probably was distracting her for all this time. 

Well. She wasn’t wrong about the last bit at least.


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