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The Forgotten

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The Forgotten
« on: October 09, 2018, 04:18:41 PM »

The Watch made their way back to Neverwinter, where their adventure began so long ago. The city crept along in the early morning, merchants staking their wares, travelers coming and going from the massive city.  The sun rose from the East, chasing the shadows between buildings away. None seemed to notice the group as they returned, another set of weary travelers moving into a city crowded and busy with their own lives. Yells of vendors hawking their wears and children laughing as they began another day of adventures. The guards barely took notice as they moved through the large gates that opened an hour prior.

The reconstruction from the airships, dragon, beholder, and spell scarred continued at a slow pace, though it was moving. Masons, carpenters, and other workers repaired homes in various states of construction and shouted at one another. As you passed the Blacklake district, the massive manors rose up the hill. The Morganstorm Manor came into view, and Euron and Westra noticed the restored structure in the distance. It was amazing how the structure had been restored after so many years in disrepair, but by who? The names of the new residents seemed to be at the tip of both their tongues, like a thought you just couldn’t quite grasp.

The Watch was as close to home as most of the group could be, all seemingly, without any notice of the deeds they had done. Where would they go next, what would become of the unlikely heros?

(You can close out your characters here or describe what actions they take during the in game break of ~6 months.)


Westra Goldbrook

Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2018, 01:26:15 PM »
Westra Goldbrook wasn't the type of person to dread things. When a problem loomed, she vastly preferred to confront it head on, and wasted as little time as possible worrying over what-ifs and regrets in the process. She considered herself a woman of action, and though she did not see herself as imperfect, she strongly believed in moving forward regardless of one's past failings.

As the skyline of the city of Neverwinter rose in the horizon, she could only hope that Lord Darguth Neverember was of a similar mind. She knew she had an unpleasant conversation coming to her, at the very least. She knew she had strayed from her assigned duty at a critical point in her journey, and that the Lord Protector would undoubtedly be displeased with her. At the same time, however, she could not look back and regret the choices she'd made. The Watch, disparate and strange a group as it was, had successfully rid the world of a formidable evil. One that, had it gone unchecked, might have turned into a matter of much greater concern. As well, even if nothing more than the remnants of the towns of Phandelver and Sunderwood have been saved, those were still a number of lives spared. Had she abandoned the latter for the sake of traveling to Luskan, there were few political niceties she could conceive of that seemed an adequate balance to that.

So, while the Watch returned without the fanfare of a hero's welcome, Westra was nonetheless content with her lot and happy to be home. She accompanied Wolfe to deal with the shady fellow who'd bartered for the scroll that'd saved her life. She'd gone with Dr. Wicker as well, to see the boy from Sunderwood properly entrusted to the clerics at Oghum's temple. Though she'd wished Jonias, Wolfe, Father Sand, and the Doctor safe travels when parting ways with them for these tasks, there wasn't any sort of formal farewell or dispersal. At least, not one that Westra knew of. She returned the Lord Protector to report on her journey, and would from there go where Neverember sent her, even if that was simply back to city patrol.

Heroes, she knew, were built from sacrifice. If her calling was to sacrifice nothing more than glory or renown, then so be it. She would still continue to serve, spreading Helm's judgment and justice to every corner of the city she loved.
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Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2018, 12:24:01 AM »
Euron Sand had not been with the Watch at the beginning, but he felt like a member of the group. They'd seen the dragon and were now headed back to Neverwinter. But Euron's mind kept returning to pain and suffering of the people of Sunderwood. They'd never asked for their home to be targeted by madmen and damaged children trying to reverse the most natural thing of all: death. Euron also thought about Sera's journey and Wolfe's desire to help his daughter. The grizzled warrior never gave up on finding his daughter and saving her from her mistakes.

Euron found himself inspired by their bonds and their courage. He was inspired by Westra's leadership and Jonias's loyalty to the group, despite barely knowing them. And Doctor Wicker's ingenuity and catchphrases brought a smile to his lips. Despite the danger and the tense situations, Euron had good times with the Watch.

For now, though, he felt a higher calling.

He would say his goodbyes to Wolfe, Cat, Sera, and Jonias. He saved Westra for last, because speaking to his sister in the faith was a private and holy thing for the Priest. He would pray with her, if she allowed it, and then set about purchasing enough traveling gear for an overland trip. He also checked in with the High Priest at the Temple of Helm and explained his journey, followed by his desire to return and help the people who truly needed it.

Two days after arriving in Neverwinter, Euron Sand was on his way back to Sunderwood to help those people rebuild their homes and their lives. They might never accept Helm as they'd chosen Torm, but Euron would live his values and dedicate himself to service above all else. He would have other adventures. He would eventually return to the trail to track down his past and determine what happened to his parents. But those adventures would be told another day.

The time of heroes had ended, for now.

Now was the time to rebuild and begin again.

Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2018, 11:17:53 AM »
The journey back to Neverwinter was long, and the usually calm and collected Sun Elf seemed to be bouncing on his feet since he left the silver dragon’s cave with his life. Knowing the name of the original owner of the tome would allow the elf to unlock so much more of it. Jonias just needed to get back to Evereska and start searching the library.


The First Dragonrider! Prince to the ancient court of Tintageer. If this really was the tome of Durothil, the knowledge contained within… Lost to the elves for so long… The elf’s mind raced with possibilities the entire journey to Neverwinter.

Meanwhile, Beryllium’s excitement was muted. As much as the bound dragonling was also excited for the news, her joy was muted. Two of her own kind had shunned her, openly called her “The Betrayer,” and the little dragonling could not understand why. She could not recall any specific details of her life before being awakened by Jonias, only flashes of memories and the knowledge of another kind elf mage who as far as she remembered, treated her well. At no point could she recall a betrayal.  After a few days on the road, Beryllium was comfortable enough to appear more regularly on Jonias’s shoulder. Perhaps buoyed by her mental connection to the elf, Jonias’s excitement and wonder slowly brought Beryl out of her frightened and morose mood.

Nights were eventually spent with the dragonling and the elf pouring over the tome. Now armed with name of the spellbooks true owner, more pages became unlocked to the pair. The two would occasionally check with Dr. Wicker and Euron, see if they could shed some light into the mysteries contained within, but the elf knew he wouldn’t really know more until he could return to Evereska. Upon finally reaching Neverwinter, Jonias’s head was so far in the clouds he barely realized that he would be parting ways with his recent companions.

Before Euron made his return to Sunderwood, Jonias promised to stay in communication with the priest. The elf knew it would be dangerous to leave the planetary magic device in the tiny village. With Euron watching over it, hopefully Jonais will be able to convince his fellows at the Academy of Magic to return to the village and collect the device, and supply the good people with elven goods in exchange. Hopefully with some help and the right tools the people of Sunderwood could begin rebuild their lives.


Once the elf returned to his ancestral home in Evereska, the sun elf wasted no time in working to unlock the Tome. Jonias made no mention to the others at the Academy as to the tome’s true author; the elf wanted to be sure of its authenticity, and more importantly Jonias knew if he revealed that the Tome of Xenemarces was in fact the Tome of Durothil, both it and Beryllium would be taken away. So instead Jonias covered his research by working with his people to help retrieve the planetarium from Sunderwood.

Unlocking the tome however was no easy feat, mostly because the tome seemed to contain both Duothil’s Sylvan writings and Xenemarcses’s notes and expansions on Durothil’s spells and rituals. Oddly enough, Durothil had notes on some of the early styles that would later become the arcane tradition known as Bladesinging among the elves. When unable to decipher more of the tome, Jonias would spend the rest of his time practicing these new spells alongside Beryl.

While it had taken some time to put together a small team of Academy mages to travel to Sunderwood, Beryl never forgot the promise Jonias had made and urged the elf to keep his word. In exchange for allowing them to peaceably remove the planetarium, the elves came with finely crafted elven tools, seeds, textiles, and other goods to help the villagers. Euron had kept Jonias apprised of what the village’s needs were so that when the elves of Evereska appeared in Sunderwood, several nights of festivities were had.

Jonias shared a little of what he had discovered with Euron. While the two barely knew each other during their adventuring time together, working together had formed a friendship between the two vastly different men. Besides, Beryl had taken a liking to the priest. She found him to be a good influence on Jonias. That and the priest didn’t seem to mind as much as the Doctor did when she felt like rummaging for shiny objects.

When their work was complete, the elves of Evereska departed Sunderwood without Jonias. The elves promised they would return each year to explore the sunken city near the town, while Jonias felt the itch to continue his exploration and search for artifacts that Durothil and Xenemarces wrote about in their tome.


Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2018, 01:57:50 PM »
Doctor Wicker, having no attachments or responsibilities to the leadership of Neverwinter or any other government, takes up the opportunity to travel with Wolfe and Sera to Kara Tur.  The opportunity to have some level of a guide to the land could not be understated, even if they parted ways once they arrived.  No other region of Faerun was as advanced in the sciences in comparison to Lantan then some of the cities in the Far East.

She will leave the REX, the Watch’s unfinished battle carriage, with Father Sand in Sunderwood.  She will also leave him an assistant in the way of LEROY, reprogramming the unit to follow the priest’s orders.


Doctor Catriona Wicker

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Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2018, 06:14:44 PM »
The travel to the Far East does not end with her stint with the gracious hospitality of Wolfe’s Shogun.  When she parts ways with them, the Doctor sojourns deep into the country, into the company of remote monks scholars. 

Their knowledge and wisdom of the elements and their benevolence is a true boon for Catriona and her “ailment”.   While she believed initially the struggle with her alien, elemental powers would never end...the tutelage and training she would undergo would change that mindset. 

Wrestling with the affliction wasn’t The Way; flowing with it, directing it, understanding that she was not separate from it, was.

The monk scholars were no strangers to mechanical crafts and invention, and in this, Catriona shared her  with them. It was a fruitful exchange of ideas and concepts (which probably lead to an explosion or two) as well as some wild technological miracles.   The candid specifics of this time in her life were all but surreal and pivotal. 

When a group of mystics were heading out on a multi-stop journey, she would write Wolfe a letter that she would be going with them.  One among them had the ability to travel between planes, and one of the stops would be Neverwinter.

And so she would return to the grand cosmopolitan city a little wiser and more confident in her talents.  Putting her spectacles on, she was now ready for the next chapter.
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Re: The Forgotten
« Reply #6 on: November 01, 2018, 12:13:41 AM »
Time passes different for everyone, and that is no different for the members of the Watch. The strange band of allies that formed by mere proximity had accomplished so much through their struggles, and their time apart proved no less productive. Families reunited, homes rebuilt, friends moving on. Through the winter and spring the Wolfe and Cat explored the treasures of the far East; one discovering the first time and the other a life long forgotten.

Euron's time passed slower than most, though not in a tedious way. The work to restore the town and its people was slow and cold in the North. It required much of the Cleric, but he found his purpose and fulfillment in helping those in need. The priest even found that some remaining members of Sunderwood were not followers of Torm and embraced Helm's grace with a deep zeal.

Jonias barely noticed the passage of months leading up to his return to the small village. The elf's insatiable thirst of knowledge of the tome devoured the time he spent apart from the group. Only when he returned to the small village did time seem to stall, the winter faded and Spring began anew. The small village of humans seemed to have a way to pull a person from their haste and make them truly appreciate the time they had.

After nearly five months Euron found the village of Sunderwood restored, with the help of Jonais and his elven allies. The magical device was still being disassembled, though work was progressing nicely.  As if divine providence, he received a summons back to Neverwinter. The Bishous Draeous Ironheart's signent in the wax seal urging him to return. A threat posed the church, and the Bishous though Euron the best to head the call.

Days after departing, night fell the moon seemed to disappear from the inky sky. The stars were nothing but muted dots that disappeared in the rich blackness. The winds blew as a silent reminder that the world still existed. As the members of the Watch settled down in their various locations to rest for the night their minds resisted the pull of power magics. Though they could not stop the will of its creator, they struggled to retain the memories it attempted to wrest from each of them.

A forlorn druid, green of skin that commanded the power of beasts and nature. A Valkyrie of the heavens above, strong, tall and proud, her massive weapon reaping foes in Neverwinter left and right.  A violet skinned warlock who's powerful blasts felled the strongest foes. A sorcerer who's power was able to bring down a dragon as it fought Tylmadra's lithe form. The memories of each of these Regulators and more were being wrested from the Watch's minds, and through tight struggle they retained most of their recollections, but world had changed, they could feel it.

Left to understand and decipher the mystery of their minds, the Watch began a new day. Euron and Jonias headed towards the Church of Helm. Wolfe and Cat found themselves summoned to see Captain Rutherford, who was out patrolling the streets in the early morning. A young guard cautiously approached the pair requesting them to meet Rutherford near the docks to meet with the Commander.


You are free to do a little DTRP if you want, but this is where we will begin the next session.


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