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Title: Alone in the Dark
Post by: Levinath on February 14, 2019, 07:56:26 PM

The last mage fell in a bloody heap and the area grew silent. The blacksmith’s hammer had ceased in the distance, though due to your doing or not, it was unclear. Where, moments ago the massive, twenty-foot-tall mythal glowed with a deep green power, now only a remnant of energy pulsed in and out at the very center of the crystal. The mysterious armored woman was nowhere to be found, and the “corpse” of the dragon disintegrated as quickly as it had come into existence.

Rifling through the bodies the group finds a number of items that they determine to be magical along with a small assortment of gold. The darkness seems unaffected by your efforts, though seemingly centered in the area.

Staff of Night: Staff - Very Rare (requires attunement)
You have Resistance to cold damage while you hold this staff and add +1 to spell saves and spell attacks.

The staff has 10 Charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its Charges to cast one of the following Spells from it, using your spell save DC: Cone of Cold(5 charges), Darkness (2 charges), Evard's Black Tentacles (4 charges), or Wall of Ice (4 charges).

The staff regains 1d6 + 4 expended Charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1. the staff turns to black mist and is destroyed.
Title: Re: Alone in the Dark
Post by: Doctor Catriona Wicker on February 15, 2019, 02:32:52 PM
( took a moment realize that the colossal entity that was shredding them apart was actually some kind of shadow dragon.  Even now as it’s corpse disintegrated into immateriality before their eyes, the wounds it inflicted remained as evidence that it was, indeed, here.  Their limited visibility looked to remain, the gloom and silence providing the most eerie of ambiance.

“That really was a Shadowfell dragon.  Summoning an entity such as that isn’t a minor feat.  We must be dealing with some force with extensive and impressive resources.” surmised the scientist as she the group collected themselves and went over the evidence. 

“I will try to get some readings on the this,  But that angry woman, the Helmite Hater… she’s still unaccounted for so, I would advise we be on guard.”  She pushes her thumbs through her glasses, ejecting the cracked lenses and takes a few moments to replace them.

Catriona then ambles towards the Mythal and holds out her portable W.E.E.N.I.S. to see if she can learn anything from it. Any facts to give them some orientation would likely be a help at this point.
Title: Re: Alone in the Dark
Post by: Jinharath on February 17, 2019, 08:48:23 PM
Jinharath approached the mythal warily, blind to any but its mundane properties but aware all the same that it was a thing of power and, potentially, danger. She glanced at the doctor and nodded at the assertion of the power required to summon a creature of shadow.

"And they seem not yet depleted," she added, looking down at her still-afflicted flesh and then around at the persisting darkness around them all. While the doctor went about collecting information somehow with the strange device she produced, Jinharath concentrated on the primeval feel of the land around herself. She'd noticed the pause in the anvil's cadence, and took a moment to see if the population she'd sensed earlier had changed or moved.

"I am not well versed in matters such as these," she said, after, gesturing to the mythal. "Might it be the anchor that remains for this dark magic? Ought we try to destroy it, or might it be salvaged if the mind behind these feats is silenced?"
Title: Re: Alone in the Dark
Post by: Levinath on February 18, 2019, 09:43:03 PM
The W.E.E.N.I.S whirled for minutes as the silence continued across the dark land. Only the sounds of the group’s breathing and movement broke the steady whirl and whine of the strange mechanical instrument. While the doctor read output that, at first, made no sense, soon she was able to identify a triangulation pattern of magical ley-lines. Dark energies continued to eb into the Mythal, though at a much slower rate thanks to the destruction of the cultists.

From the swamp to the south, energies flowed into the mythal giving it the low steady pulse of color. From the North, another invisible tendril of power pulled an almost indiscernible amount of power back from the mythal.

As Catriona performed some additional adjustments and readings on the device based on this new information, it let out a loud fog horn alert. It startled the young scientist for a moment before she could silence it. The device continued to flash a deep red as it displayed the output of massive conjuration saturation spread across the entire area on which the Watch sat. It found even more focus magic to the North.
Title: Re: Alone in the Dark
Post by: Doctor Catriona Wicker on February 20, 2019, 01:56:30 PM
( pearl-blonde doctor nodded in a half committed fashion to Jinharath, not exactly certain of what was going on before her with this Mythal.  “Certainly it is still operational, but without these ..umm.. Arcanists, it isn’t exhibiting as much power output.”  She twisted some knobs to continuously calibrate the odd device, attempting to gain more insight.

Miss Jinharath, I think I can...safely say that no one of decent repute is well versed in these matters.” While they had encountered these mythals before, incursions of a sort from the Shadowfell or some other dark demi-plane was incredibly unusual.  “Best as I can tell, this is some kind of node that is interacting not only with the area to the south of us at the swamp, but also to the north.  Likely where you mentioned the lives you detected earlier.”

With the alarming readings, Catriona’s youthful features exhibited a perplexed expression. “Whatever it is conducting seems to concentrate further in…" she takes a beat, as if examining the readout.  Then, she points North.  “That direction.”

“What I can’t say for certain is what the effects would be to interrupt this node.”  Beat.  “I mean.. Uh.. destroy it. “

“Have you detected a change in the life forms you mentioned earlier? In number perhaps?” she asked the wildswoman.
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